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April Kiss

Title: 4월 키스 / Sa-wol-ui Ki-seu / April Kiss
Chinese Title : 四月之吻
Also known as: Kiss of April
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Apr-21 to 2004-Jul-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:50


Caiyuan was graduated from a fine arts college and she teaches grade 3 students of senior high school in a cramming class. When working she looks like a boy but she’s fresh and charming. She misses her beautiful puppy. She fell in love with Zhengyou when they were in high school. But mow she has a boyfriend called Jiang Zishuo. Jiang Zishuo comes from a poor family but he’s young and very smart. He’s a high ranking manager with a promising company. Caiyuan thinks Zaishuo’s could be a reliable person for her whole life. One day Zhengyou appears in front of her and their love rekindale and Caiyuan wondersif the love that she had with Zhengyou was meant to be. So their love story goes on to the point were they figure out which is real.


Park Soo Ae as Song Chae Won
Shin Choong Sik as Song Young Man (father)

Kang family

Jo Han Sun as Kang Jae Sup
Kim In Moon as Kang Woon Bong (father)
Goo Joon Yup as Kang Jae Dong (brother)
Kim Ji Yoo as Kang Jae Hee (sister)

Han family

Lee Jung Jin as Han Jung Woo
Kim Ki Bum as young Jung Woo
Lee Jung Gil as Dr. Han Tae Joon (father)
Park Soon Chun as Suh In Sook (mother)
Song Yoon Kyung as Han Jung Yun (sister)

Other people

So Yi Hyun as Jang Jin Ah
Han In Soo as Chairman Jang Kap Sool
Lee Yoon Sung as Shim Soon Young
Lee Hye Sook as Oh Sin Ja (bar owner)
Kwon Kwi Ok as Hong Mi Ryun (Chae Won’s friend)
Jang Tae Sung as No Kong Tak (Jung Woo’s friend)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Eung Jin, Choi Ji Young
Screenwriter: Park Bum Soo

Official Site



  1. 1 : K-Drama Deprived Says:

    Hey everyone! I’ve been looking for the title of a movie with the same girl in this movie. I don’t know her real name but she’s the one with the short curly hair in this movie. In the movie that I’m looking for, she plays the younger sister who their mother committed suicide while leaving them at a amusement park when they were young and later on, their father was killed by a driver while going to see the older sister take her exams. If anyone knows the name of this movie, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. 2 : cherryline Says:

    hey everyone..i just want you to know that i have seen this series…and its really good..its so touching…nice story…nice casts…..

  3. 3 : Stacey Says:

    ooh its asad movie….it makes me want to cry…

  4. 4 : Xee Says:

    this is a nice movie. but very predictable.

  5. 5 : Kristal Says:

    Hey K-drama deprived the drama you were talking about is called Love Letter. And the girl’s name is Soo Ae. Hope that helps, it just so happens that I like love letter to and i also like the girl.

  6. 6 : I love Jo Han Sun! Says:

    Hey I really love the face of Jo han sun It made me feel in love with him!!!!

  7. 7 : Tjay Says:

    whats the title of the song?

  8. 8 : ASLI Says:


  9. 9 : deishi Says:

    K-Drama Deprived, would that be Wooden Carousel you’re looking for? i saw the trailer of that one from youtube and i think the story fits the description of the movie that you’ve been looking for.

  10. 10 : fe sinfuego Says:

    hi !!! can you tell me where can I get a copy of this movie? I didnt finished yet watching and I really want the story and love the cats.. I want to have a copy of it.

  11. 11 : fe Says:

    hi !!! can you tell me where can I get a copy of this movie? I didnt finished yet watching and I really want the story and love the casts.. I want to have a copy of it.

  12. 12 : jell Says:


    I like the actress who is called So Yi Hyun.She is really good at acting in carzy for love.I also envy them.And i like the song.Besides,it is the best movie for me

  13. 13 : merryberry Says:

    where can i get a copy of this drama w/ eng subs??? i can’t even watch it anywhere w/ eng subs. can someone please let me know….thanks.

  14. 14 : donna Says:

    i love this series…. i love it!!! good drama and good cast.. they are all good at this series… esp. the girl named Soo Ae… she’s so beautiful and very diligent actress….. 2 thumbs up…. more power!!

  15. 15 : C_slim Says:

    I also like this series but it would have more nice if soo ae and lee jung jin end up together. But it’s ok coz the two of them had a new series entitled “9 ends 2 outs” and believe me they look good together.

  16. 16 : cicci Says:


    i think you mean this girl?

    you can check there if you can find the drama you are looking for.

  17. 17 : VU MANH GIOI Says:

    I love Chang China, Che-Yong…

    I’m fan of Korean Film !


  18. 18 : VU MANH GIOI Says:

    April Kiss- NU HON THANG TU is being published in HANOI TV, a chanel of VIETNAMESE Television!

    EveryBody need one time try to watch and feel it!

  19. 19 : kimmy Says:

    Hello =)

    Can you please upload the episodes please? Thank You!

  20. 20 : kimmy Says:

    Hello =)

    Can you please upload the episodes? Thank You!

  21. 21 : preetygurl123 Says:

    hi everyone!!!!!!!
    does anyone knows the story of 2 pilot who fall in love with each other
    im not sure if it is korean drama or movies
    but please if they know what drama it is can you please tell me
    i saw in a television on 2006
    and i’ve watched it halfway on QTV Channel in philippines
    nut i havent finish it yet and i forgot the title

  22. 22 : deannadsc Says:

    i’m desperately looking for this “april kiss” video? where can i watch it with english subtitles please? HELP!! love their tandem & the MV!!

  23. 23 : Masria Says:

    guys, if u love soo ae, u shud check out “9 end 2 outs”. also lee jung jin who plays han jung woo in april kiss, is her love interest in “9 end 2 outs”.

  24. 24 : Aleee Says:

    Where can I watch this online?
    I’ve been really really wanting to watch it.

  25. 25 : sang Says:

    i think this is a good drama, youtube has it but no subs & i think you can watch on veoh but am not sure if there’s subs. i bought the dvd even though there’s no subs cause i wanted so much to see this & just started watching but i’m desperately trying to figure out some of the things they’re saying although i know just a wee bit of Korean.

  26. 26 : tuswit Says:

    to some of you who have been asking where to obtain a copy of dvd, you shld try yesasia or malkee dot com. i bought mine from a local store & that’s the only copy believe out of the thousands of titles.

  27. 27 : endless_love Says:

    this drama….i super duper love it…the first impression when opening drama with high school affair with triangle love….so sad..and the ending…you’ll never see so sadly and tragically accident…..

  28. 28 : marcy Says:

    Since Emperor of the Sea (devouted watched the drama series on TV), I am dying to see more of Soo Ae. She’s a great actress and beautiful too. I saw 9 Innings and 2 Outs, too. Like Emperor of the Sea, I am so ooh devastated with the ending of April Kiss. More power to you Soo Ae.

  29. 29 : linus vill Says:

    that was chinese tele novela… the mother who committed suicide.

  30. 30 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  31. 31 : korean artist lover Says:

    it was nice drama

  32. 32 : diefan Says:

    hmmm I’m very much interested.. where can I watch this series..

  33. 33 : mel Says:

    sound like romantic drama… want to watch this..

  34. 34 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  35. 35 : badar Says:

    i love korean drama plz send video plz aprail kiss

  36. 36 : saraya Says:

    anyone knows how to watch this drama online with English subtitles?or how to download it? plzzz
    here is my e-mail in case you can help : [email protected]

  37. 37 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    hmmm I’m very much interested.. where can I watch this series..

  38. 38 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

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  39. 39 : Anna Says:

    If you don’t mind watching the raws you can watch it here: http://viki.com/channels/5725-april-kiss

  40. 40 : chindro ^^ Says:

    i love thiss Movie ^^ i<3

  41. 41 : reny Says:

    park soo ae.. she’s so talented actress and i agree with mercy.. .. she’s good when cried and she’s good when being cheerful girl … i love 9 ends 2 outs .. and love letter..

  42. 42 : Doreen Wightman Says:

    Oh no, not Soo Ae again. I wanted to see this drama because of the main lead man Jo Han Sun and then I find out that my least favorite actress is in this drama as well. I totally dislike her in any film or drama that I have seen

  43. 43 : Doreen Wightman Says:

    Soo Ae is not a great actress and she is not beautiful. She is average looking and she always plays these bitchy parts. I cannot stand that woman!!!!!

  44. 44 : Raymond Says:

    One of the love & drama series I ever scene….super like

  45. 45 : Raymond Says:

    One of the most beatiful movie I ever scene….super lyk..

  46. 46 : billy Says:

    where can i watch this with english sub?

  47. 47 : Yeon Says:

    omg!! i love this one…this is one of my favorite k-drama <3 xx

  48. 48 : Yeon Says:

    i love this one..yeeaahh !!!! good one

  49. 49 : Oreanna Says:

    dear ms Doreen Whightman….what has So Ae ever done to you to make you dislike her so much. You know, you shouldn’t be dissing my favorite actress like that. I just feel she might have stolen your boyfriend’s heart while the both of you were watching her dramas. Chill up and stop making other people’s favorite people into horrible people.

  50. 50 : LONG NGUYEN Says:


  51. 51 : 四月之吻 | kpopn Says:

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  52. 52 : Park Eun Bin face abuz de putere pentru razbunare in “Nothing to Lose” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Star (MBC, 2017), dar ati mai putu-o vedea si in drame precum: “Sharp 1” (KBS2, 2003), “April Kiss” (KBS2, 2004), “Nine: Time Travel Nine Times” (tvN, 2013), “Oh Man Bok is Pretty” (KBS2, 2014), “High […]

  53. 53 : Ô Tô Says:

    Very good article post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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