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Angel’s Revenge

Angel's Revenge 04

Title: 천상여자 / Angel’s Revenge
Chinese Title: 天上女人
Also Known as: Heavenly Woman
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 103
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-06 to 2014-June-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


A drama about the love and revenge of a woman.

Lee Sun Yoo (Yoon So Yi) is training to become a nun. Right before she fulfill her wish, she know that her older sister has passed away. She decided to take revenge on the man who should responsible for her sister’s death, she gives up her dream of becoming a nun. She then meets Seo Ji Suk (Kwon se In) who is an immature man from a rich family. However, He changes his personality because of his love towards her.


Main Cast

Yoon So Yi as Lee Sun Yoo
Park Jung Chul as Jang Tae Jung
Moon Bo Ryung as Seo Ji Hee
Kwon Se In as Seo Ji Suk

People around Lee Sun Yoo

Lee Se Eun as Lee Jin Yoo
Lee Dal Hyung as Heo Poong Ho
Choi Wan Jung as Bong Hwang
Lee Hye Eun as Bong Chang
Kim Min Soo as Heo Ki Jin

Na Dal Nyeo’s family

Lee Eung Kyung as Na Dal Nyeo
Jung Yi Yun as Jang Tae Mi

Seo Ji Hee’s family

Jung Young Sook as Gong Jung Soon
Kim Chung as Woo Ah Ran
Choi Jae Won as Seo Woo Hyun


Choi Dong Yub as Section Chief Kim
Go Do Young as Secretary Yoon
Goo Eun Ae as Park Chae Rin
Yoon Seo Jin (윤서진) as Jung Hee Joo (L Food planning staff)
Bae Geun Hwan (배근환) as Deputy Ji
Go Bo Kyul as Jung In (Sun Yoo’s friend)
Kim Hae Rim as Anna (Sun Yoo’s friend)
Kim Dae Jung (김대정) as Gyu Ri
Park Jung Yoon
Bang Soo Jin
Jang In Sub
Seo Dong Gab as Kang Hyun Soo
Kang Hyun Jung as Hyun Soo’s wife
Kim Tae Joon as Shin Bang Tong

Production Credits

Production Company: SDD, Free Will Company
Chief Producer: Lee Jae Young
Producer: Kim Shin Il
Director: Uh Soo Sun
Screenwriter: Lee Hye Sun, Ahn So Min


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  1. 1 : SALi Says:

    the stroy sound good

  2. 2 : Nudge Says:

    I should like to hear the sound of a “stroy”. 🙂

  3. 3 : mml Says:

    Another revenge drama, Lee Sun Yoo did she get any happiness with her love relationships for the sake of revenge and did she entangle herself with the love relationships during the process of her plot revenge plan ?

  4. 4 : dramaraw.com Says:

    watch this at dramaraw.com

  5. 5 : [email protected] Says:

    good story, but ….oh no, 100 episods? i don’t think can watch it

  6. 6 : val1969 Says:

    Is this drama showing know what time do it air and where can I watch.

    Happy New Years Everyone.

  7. 7 : Anita Says:

    Very good story (the best). I don’t know why, but I love nun or revenge themes:) I will begin to watch. But 100 part? I hope it will be interesting and not give up after 20 episode

  8. 8 : moko-chan Says:

    The stories of these long-episodes drama are really interesting, but, unfortunately, i always stop watching them after 30-35 episodes, cause they r really too much to stand sometimes…. xD
    i will never forget “sincerity moves heaven” cause it really suck xD
    most of the times these long drama become riduculus /:
    i’ll try to watch it though 🙂

  9. 9 : isha Says:

    to true the good ones finish fast and the ridiculous ones go on and on

  10. 10 : Nudge Says:

    So any nuns about, to tell us that “revenge” is not sanctioned in the Christian faith?

    @moko-chan. I liked the title “Sincerity Moves Heaven” and what that conjured up. But there was so many negative comments about the drama I decided not to watch. “Eunhui”, however turned out to be okay, though I have yet to see the final eps, airs this week.

    I would question why a person would even arrive at the stage of entering the nunnery ( if I may put it like that) and not have embraced the fundamentals of that faith. Namely “revenge” is considered sinful I believe. Rightfully so. For it presumes there’s no higher authority to deliver the appropriate punishment. And presumes that others won’t be harmed by ones anger.

    But no doubt the writer(s) will address the issue. I will give this a go but not expecting much.

  11. 11 : say Says:

    a nun taking a revenge does it make sense,it could have been better if she never knew God,being a nun seeking a revenge that make you and the person you are after to punish as equal sinner,a person who truly know God will never seek revenge,so she herself is not considered a good person.The title makes the drama worthless before starting

  12. 12 : Charmaine Says:

    The concept that a nun contemplates revenge is seen or considered as sinful, but I feel the writer(s) are trying to convey that we are all human beings and as people we are not perfect, the fact that her dream was to be a nun is only the initial background story, which will only represent 0.1% of this drama. I’m looking forward to see how this drama unfolds.

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 to episode 5 from Taiwan website, i’m very curious on how Lee Sun Yoo can start her revenge on the man who’s responsible for her sister’s death ?

    Maybe, in time to come Seo Ji Suk will fall in love with Lee Sun Yoo . Can Seo Ji Suk’s romance with Lee Sun Yoo be a happy and fruitful one, it’s still a mystery as Lee Sun Yoo wanted to take revenge on the man who’s responsible for her sister’s death ?

    Sometimes, i may give up in watching revenge drama after watching a few episodes. I’m not sure whether will i like this drama, but, i will try watching episode 6 to 10 and see it go goes.

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    How it goes for episode 6 to episode 10 will make me understand better for this drama. And how can Seo Ji Suk help Lee Sun Yoo, i’m not sure on this area as Seo Ji Suk is a immature guy.

    It will be a long process when Lee Sun Yoo wants to take revenge. And during the process of revenge, will Seo Ji Suk also secretly helped her to fullfill her wish ?

    I just hope that the writer will pair up a happy romance for Seo Ji Suk ?

  15. 15 : Anita Says:

    I can’t watch about lack of my korean language knowledge:( I’m looking forward next monday, because it will be on youtube with english subtitle (on KBS World’s channel).
    mml: I read somewhere that Sun Yoo will get married with JiSuk (because of revenge), so she will become TaeJung’s sister in law. JiSuk has problems with TaeJung and his sister. So Jisuk maybe helps her in revenge. But not sure,I hope next week I will know more detail… If this is true I hope later this marriage will become “real”. I saw some details, scenes, and JiSuk already fell in love Sun Yoo:D

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    @15 Anita,
    thank you very much for giving me this information that Sun Yoo will get married wih Ji Suk, if, you know more details about this drama, please let me know, as currenly, am not sure whether will i like to watch this drama ? Therefore, it’s important to let me know, so that i can decide whether should i like continue to watch this drama ?

  17. 17 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 6 to episode 10 ,it’s really very sad when Sun Yoo’s sister passed away.

    I will continue to watch episode 11 to episode 15 to find out how Sun Yoo wants to end her dream and not to continue to become a nun and how Sun Yoo being able to re-meet Ji Suk and when did Ji Suk discover himself that he actually loves in fall with Sun Yoo ?

  18. 18 : Logan1707 Says:

    @ 17 mml
    Hi I like your update, please keep telling us what is the latest story for this drama. I just watched episode 1 on KBS world and it looks like a great storyline. I will keep watching this…..

  19. 19 : Anita Says:

    Finally I watched first two episodes completely with eng sub, so I understand details:) I like this story, I hope my interest keep on for 100 episodes:) JiSuk- SunYoo have good chemistry, their arguments are funny:) I like the uncle, he is nice, but I wonder what’s his disease exactly. Birth problem or something accident???
    I hate JiSuk’s stepmother, but his half-blood sister (TaeJung’s lover) seems nice and normal (but I suspect she will change as bad). TaeJung seems enough coward (he don’t confess his new relationships or breaking up…) and greedy…

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    @19 Anita,
    you will soon understand that Ji Suk falls in love with Sun Yoo and he will protect Sun Yoo when he discovers the ugly sight of Tae Jung. Very soon Sun Yoo will give up her dream of being a nun and join in her revenge plot.

    Am not sure how Sun Yoo can manage to get all the supports in order to take on revenge and get all evidence to put Tae Jung to jail ?

    I will continue to watch episode 11 to episode 15 and hopefully Ji Suk will help Sun Yoo and support her revenge so that all evidence can be found to prove that Tae Jung should be responsible for severe punishment in jail.

  21. 21 : Anita Says:

    mml: now I saw 3-4. episode:) I wonder how will happen this marriage:D It will be fake or real, because yet Jisuk has a crush on her:D Slow-motion falling love:D When fell off nun “cap”:D
    Tae Jung is so hateful, I wonder when and why he changed so coward evil (he reminds me Secret’s SooBin’s character.), because he was nice from ‘past scene’…
    Uncle is so funny:) And JiSuk’s stepmother is so cruel. I saw Jisuk’s ‘dog scene’:(…

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    @21 Anita,
    it’s real that Sun Yoo will marry to Ji Suk and from there Sun Yoo can have the chance to source evidence of Tae Jung. I think Sun Yoo should marry to Ji Suk so that she can interfere and help Ji Suk’s family business, if not, Tae Jung will soon overtake Ji Suk and Ji Suk’s stepmother doesn’t like Ji Suk trying to chase him out from the family,it may be dangerous for Ji Suk facing the threaten by his stepmother.

    Ji Suk should have Sun Yoo as his wife , so that Sun Yoo can have the power on behalf of Ji Suk to control Ji Suk’s stepmother on planning evil plot on Ji Suk and at the same time to guard Tae Jung on all his daily lifestyle and activities.

    The interesting thing is how can Sun Yoo being able to manage to marry Ji Suk ?

    How can Ji Suk to be able to convince his grandmother to accept Sun Yoo to marry into this rich family as Sun Yoo’s family background doesn’t really match with them ?

  23. 23 : Big fan Says:

    Where can you watch this? I would like to see this drama.

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    @23 Big fan,
    you can watch at youtube with English sub-title, is call Angel’s Revenge and is found at youtube.

  25. 25 : Big fan Says:

    @mmi 24
    Thank you.

  26. 26 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 11 to episode 15 at Taiwan website , it’s a very sad drama at this point of time and maybe ,if, there is some sweet romance for Ji Suk and Sun Yoo then at least the drama may draw my attention to love watching it and hopefully a good ending for Ji Suk and Sun Yoo to be together and have their happy family.

    Sun Yoo’s sister died in such a tragic way, actually, am very very sad upon watching how upset Sun Yoo’s felt and her eagerness to source out all evidence to put Tae Jung to jail.

    On the other way, at episode 14, i have realised that Ji Suk’s his real mother still exist in this world, at least, still it’s a blessing whereby Sun Yoo it’s different she doesn’t have parents, her parents died at her young age and her sister also died because of wicked Tae Jung, Sun Yoo now only have his uncle and aunt to be by her side. And hopefully in the later part of the episodes, Sun Yoo can meet Ji Suk to love her unconditionally, although, after discovering Sun Yoo will be evil towards Tae Jung for the sake of her revenge .

    Episode 15, will make me understand that Ji Suk wanted to re-in-state his position in his company for the sake of his real mother.

    And something am very curious to find out how Sun Yoo can meet Ji Suk since they never contact with each other ?

    And how did Ji Suk get hook into loving Sun Yoo so deeply ?

    And how can Sun Yoo being able to catch hold of a man’s heart to make Ji Suk’s love and being devoted to her ? Is it because of Sun Yoo’s sexy figure and also her intelligence that can capture the love heart of Ji Suk ?

    I am not sure whether do i like this drama at this point of time, but, I will continue to watch episode 16 to episode 20 to find out how Sun Yoo can meet Ji Suk and how can they get together ? And how can Sun Yoo being able to influence Ji Suk to show concern on his own company business ?

  27. 27 : Nudge Says:

    I came to see if the drama got interesting having had difficulty with episode one. The directing or the script did nothing to hold my interest. It was quite drab.

    But I thought it might improve further on. Judging by your comment @mml it is probably not worth the time for me. Thanks.

  28. 28 : mml Says:

    @27 Nudge,
    well, different people have different opinion, so far it’s too early to stop and hold your interest on this drama. This drama there’s still something that can draw my interest is the handsome actor Kwon Se In (Kwon Yool ) and lovely actress Yoon So Yi and am hoping to see their romance in this drama, maybe, this can help to push up to a very good rating, in view of their romance in the later part of the episodes.

  29. 29 : Lia Says:

    where can i watch or download this film? i want too watch it too

  30. 30 : Anita Says:

    Wow, JiSuk so cute with those puppy looks:D When he asked where she was last evening and why decide to be nun?And when he saw her kneeling… Totally “crush”:D
    I watch raw version too (in fast mode, not completely), and 17 precious episode, revenge begins. In the end TaeJung’s face seeing Sun Yoo is priceless.
    So strange seeing TaeJung’s mom as “cheap” and frivolous woman, because in you’re the best series she was rich and serious.

    LIA: on Youtube KBS World channel they upload every day Angel’s revenge episodes. I hope I can link here (I try) the channel:
    It’s difficult here to look for one-one episode, because they upload a lot of videos (daily about 5), but these episodes are in playing list:

  31. 31 : Nkolika -Nigerian Says:

    I am at episode 9 where Tejung killed Sun yoo’s sister. It is a very tragic episode. I can not wait to see what happens when the revenge starts. I hope Nemesis catches up with the bad guy.

  32. 32 : cupcake Says:

    not good,boring,and classic story.it is not worth to watch

  33. 33 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 16 to episode 20 and quite interesting to see Ji Suk saving Sun Yoo’s uncle at episode 18 and surprised to know that the writer had linked and make up this drama in this interesting way. Sun Yoo’s aunt was impressed by Ji Suk’s kind , helpful character and handsome appearance.

    Now am looking forward to watch episode 21 to episode 25 and to find out that can Ji Suk be able to meet Sun Yoo in the hospital and looks like in episode 21 preview, Ji Suk went to visit Sun Yoo’s uncle and accidentally saw Sun Yoo back view inside the hospital . And am not sure will they be able to meet each other again ?

  34. 34 : Bellatrix Says:

    I like this drama as I watch this on KBS world tv and I find Ji Suk is soooo cute and looks so handsome then I like him so much. I hope he will end up with Sun Yoo at the end.

  35. 35 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 23 preview at Taiwan website, Ji Suk finally managed to meet Sun Yoo and i believed that he’s very happy that Sun Yoo did not continue to be a nun and he even told Sun Yoo to always keep in touch with him. I guess Ji Suk had already fell in love with Sun Yoo , it’s just that he himself did not realise that he’s in love with Sun Yoo.

    Let’s see what can the writer do to make Ji Suk full of determination to win Sun Yoo’s heart ? And how did Ji Suk bring Sun Yoo to work in his company ? And what makes Ji Suk to strongly trust and love Sun Yoo and will give Sun Yoo his power and authority to safeguard his company ? All these mystery will make me want to continue to watch this drama.

  36. 36 : Big fan Says:

    @ mmi. Where is this Taiwan website that you can watch this show? Can you send a link? Thanks.

  37. 37 : mml Says:

    導 演: 魚秀善
    主 演: 尹素怡 / 朴正哲 / 權律 / 李世恩 / 李惠恩

    @36 Big fan,
    我现在发现在 http://www.maplestage.com/drama/天上女子   

  38. 38 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 21 to episode 25 at Taiwan website. Sun Yoo met Ji Suk at episode 23 and in episode 24 Ji Suk wanted to go back to America and when i continued to watch episode 25, Sun Yoo’s money was robbed by a gang of bad guys who accused Sun Yoo’s aunt resulted them to suffer from food poison.

    I’m not sure did Ji Suk really go back to America ? By watching episode 26 preview, am very sure that Ji Suk helped Sun Yoo to pay her uncle’s hospital bills and Sun Yoo was also desperate to get a job .

    I will continue to watch episode 26 to episode 30 to find out that did Ji Suk really go back to America or did he change his plan and continue to stay at Korea for the sake of Sun Yoo ?
    Will Ji Suk pick up his courage to re-state his position this time for the sake of Sun Yoo so that with his power and authority,he can hire Sun Yoo as his assistant ? And when did Ji Suk realise that his love for Sun Yoo ? And when can Sun Yoo being able to understand that Ji Suk is the only person who can help her to carry on her life and also assist her revenge plot ?

  39. 39 : Big Fan Says:

    At mmi. Thank you for the link.

  40. 40 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    MML. pls tell us, did Ju suk resign? or just planned to resign before meeting SUN YOO. I want to know what happened after Sun yoo decided to ditch nunhood and commence with revenging the sister’s death. We have just been shown episode 16 by KBS World internationa. l

  41. 41 : mml Says:

    @40 Nkolika, Nigeria,
    in episode 25 Ji Suk submitted his resign letter to his gandma and was on his way to airport to depart and leave Korea and he called Sun Yoo, who knows Sun Yoo’s money was robbed by the bad guys, while Sun Yoo was answering the phone call called by Ji Suk, sad things had happened to Sun Yoo and Ji Suk made a U turn of his car and went back to rescue Sun Yoo. And am not sure is it because of this reason that Ji Suk did not go to America for the sake of Sun Yoo ?

    I have to continue watching episode 26 to episode 30 so that i can know the answer.

  42. 42 : hansel Says:

    mml can keep updating what happened next in this page!!
    i wanna watch the mandarin but i cant understand mandarin

  43. 43 : mml Says:

    @42 hansel,
    i have finished watching episode 26 to episode 28 at Taiwan website, episode 26 will show me that Ji Suk was desperate to make a U turn of his car to meet Sun Yoo and to see whether can he rescue her in certain ways and therefore he did not go to America.

    Episode 27 will make me understand that Ji Suk realised his love towards Sun Yoo and more interesting at episode 28 when Ji Suk was really influenced by Sun Yoo, he’s willing to listen to Sun Yoo’s advice and he changes his personality towards the decision of going back to his home and even re-instate his position in his company. He’s willing to give Sun Yoo with more time and very patient to wait for Sun Yoo to accept his love. The sad thing was Sun Yoo was full of hatred towards Tae Jung and therefore she can’t accept anyone including the true and real love of Ji Suk.

    I hope that the writer will arrange Sun Yoo to really love and accept Ji Suk and at the same time to carry out her duty to continue her revenge on Tae Jung. Sun Yoo suffered badly all because of Tae Jung, i hope that, she can win her romance and also to really love Ji Suk as Ji Suk has a handsome and sunshine appearance, he also has the power and authority in his company, with his ability, most probably Sun Yoo will be able to find another alternative way to deal and tackle her problem with Tae Jung.

    If, Sun Yoo can be the Angel Wife of Ji Suk and the Angel Of The Devil towards Tae Jung, i don’t think this is evil, as Ji Suk is also at high risk to loose his company with such an evil stepmother. With Sun Yoo by his side, Ji Suk can be a better and more mature person with better analytical skill to see the true evil sight of a stepmother and also an evil Tae Jung. It will be anecdote for Sun Yoo to be Ji Suk’s wife and helped him to war and punished Tae Jung and also Ji Suk his evil stepmother.

    I will continue to watch episode 29 to episode 33 next week to find out whether is there any interesting thing for me to catch and watch ?

  44. 44 : siwonest Says:

    I really like this drama ! I never waited so badly the others drama like this . Really like this story, and all of the cast. Hopefully sooyun and jiseok can be together in this drama^^. Really excited for each episodes 🙂

  45. 45 : mml Says:

    @42 hansel,
    i have finished watching episode 29 to episode 33 at Taiwan website, something that strike my curious when we have seen episode 31 and episode 32 ,that Tae Jung’s mother hide Sun Yoo’s nephew and put the kid at orphanage. This is a mystery to me that, how can Sun Yoo being able to find out this secret that her nephew was brought to the orphanage ?

    And at episode 33 when Ji Suk was smart enough to check the CCTV video camera and proven that Sun Yoo was not the thief. Something that makes me quite worry is, little possibility that Sun Yoo is able to marry to Ji Suk as Ji Suk’s second mother is too evil towards Ji Suk and wicked Tae Jung always plot dangerous trap for Ji Suk to fall into the dangerous trap. And another problem is, Ji Hee doesn’t like Sun Yoo, looking at all these problems, the romance for Sun Yoo and Ji Suk cannot move on smoothly.

    It’s a mystery that how can Ji Suk being able to convince his grandmother and also the family to accept Sun Yoo ?

    I hope, that Sun Yoo will really love Ji Suk and hopefully she can marry to Ji Suk to give him moral support in every aspect.

    Something surprises me at episode 29 to episode 33 was, i have realised that Ji Suk’s temper can change to very nice whenever he sees Sun Yoo, he’s more mature and pay more attention to stay focus on his career. Ji Suk has simiiarity character as Sun Yoo, Ji Suk can change to two types of characters. And i also hope that in time to come Sun Yoo will love Ji Suk so that both of them can combine forces and ability to challenge Tae Jung and i also hope that Ji Suk will protect Sun Yoo under all circumstances, even if, one day Sun Yoo takes revenge on Tae Jung with drastic actions with wicked ways, Ji Suk will still continue to love and believe that Sun Yoo has her reasons for her revenge.

    I will continue to watch episode 34 to episode 38 to find out more about this drama .

  46. 46 : mml Says:

    The following mystery that made me mystify that how did writer manage to make Sun Yoo to be successful in her revenge ?

    1) How did Sun Yoo manage to find out that she had a nephew and being sent to orphanage ?

    2) How to overcome and control Ji Hee since from the beginning she doesn’t like Sun Yoo and how to form and become their family member ?

    3) Sun Yoo does not come from a rich family and how to match Ji Suk as family background cannot match ?

    4) How did Ji Suk understand and to discover the truth that Tae Jung was the one who caused all hurts in Sun Yoo’s heart ?

    5) How did Ji Suk find out that the complicated relationships between Tae Jung and Sun Yoo ?

    6) How did Ji Suk find out that what are the reasons that causes Sun Yoo to give up to be a nun ?

    7) How did Sun Yoo get hold of the evidence to prove that the kid is actually her nephew ?

    8) How did Sun Yoo’s uncle re-start his business having a pizza restaurant to be successful and can be become rich in his business ?

    9) How did Sun Yoo find out that Tae Jung asked his mother to switch over the watch evidence ?

    10) Will Ji Suk’s uncle help Sun Yoo to be a spy of Sun Yoo and get more evidence, although, he’s a little weak at speech and behaviour, but, sometimes, he’s smart to identify that Ji Hee’s mother is a evil person ?

    11) Does Ji Suk can sympathize Sun Yoo after knowing that the sister died in such a tragic way because of loving a bad guy Tae Jung and helped Sun Yoo to believe that there’s true and kind love existing in this world ?

    12) How can Ji Suk and Sun Yoo are able to help one another when two persons are facing different obstacles in life and touches the heart of viewers ?

    Now, i really like Kwon Se In and Yoon So Yi. Kwon Se In is handsome and Yoon So Yi looks sweet and beautiful. I hope that the writer can make this drama with beautiful romance for me to watch.

  47. 47 : Anita Says:

    mml: Thank you, I always wait your writings, because I can’t understand korean language. I watch english version, but I look in raw episodes too:)
    When I watched theft case, I was afraid, that JiSuk would be against SunYoo, but he is smart fortunately and he caught TaeYung. Whatever happens, I hope JinSuk always believe in SunYoo and support each other.

    I think this marriage-“ceremony” will be secretly in office:) I can imagine JinSuk will do despite his family’s objection. He is not interested in opinion of his family he is enough stubborn. It would be funny JinSuk bring her home as his wife. I would see TaeYung’s face:)

    There are a lot of secret. For example JinSuk’s mom, it’s the biggest and serious thing… And I’m not interested in past, but I’m curious about JinSuk’s former lover. in previous episodes evil stepmother mentioned (when she wanted to send off Taeyung) that grandmother thrown out JinSuk’s girlfriend. It’s difficult to believe, that JinSuk allowed this, because now he is enough definite. I have feeling that woman will turn up.

    now in every episode I wait JinSuk SunYoo scenes:) They were so cute, when after “long” (for me) time they met again. JinSuk was so excited, he asked immediately for her phone number

  48. 48 : Anita Says:

    Sorry, JiSuk (not JiSuk). I love JiSuk’s uncle, so nice, cheerful and smart (against childishness). Sorry, but SunYoo’s uncle is too much (those grimaces – actor’s play could be softer…). TaeJung’s actor is good, I didn’t think I would hate character so much… TaeJung will have to pay big prize in the end.

  49. 49 : ren Says:

    I love this drama, so touching…

  50. 50 : sammi Says:

    Just saw episode 35 in Chinese subs. The rest of what I’ll write are spoilers.

    So Ji Hee just found out about Jinyoo and the baby, but she doesn’t know that she’s dead, Tae Jung’s mom gave the baby away, and that Tae Jung had anything to do with it. Now’s she’s all up in his mom’s coffee shop demanding answers and this is where the episode ended.

    Ji Hee is really stupid. If she knew that both Tae Jung and his mom lied to her in the first place, why the heck should she believe anything they say?? Why would she go back to the liars and ask them to tell the truth?? No wonder this drama can drag on for 70 more episode. This woman and her rich family are too naive and stupid.

    Now that she finds out that everything Seon Yoo has said is true, and everything that TJ and his mom were lies, she could’ve at least stayed calm and ask the uncle for the truth. Nope, she went back to them for more lies.

    Obviously, TJ’s mother is going to lie about Jinyoo and switch it around. She’s going to tell Ji Hee that Jinyoo is the one who abandoned TJ and the kid, and Ji Hee’s going to believe her. Because at this point she’s so desperate to keep her marriage together that she wouldn’t believe her baby daddy is capable of doing anything wrong.

    I really hope the revenge starts soon. Because Seon Yoo has been tricked by Tae Jung since the first episode… I thought it’s a drama about revenge, not some weak chick being played by the world’s most incompetent criminal.

  51. 51 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 34 to episode 38, by now, i will understand why Sun Yoo needs to win the love from Ji Suk ? Sun Yoo’s aunt is in favour of Ji Suk, a good impression of Ji Suk. Sun Yoo’s aunt is hoping that Sun Yoo can find a man that loves her so that Sun Yoo is able to marry a good husband and so that history should not repeat as her sister Lee Se Eun’s death had caused nightmare to Sun Yoo in believing that there’s true and kind love of a man.

    Watching at episode 38, we do understand that Sun Yoo actually wanted to tell the truth to Ji Suk about her complicated relationship with Tae Jung, but, an accident occurred before Sun Yoo can even speak out the truth.

    What happened to the love destiny of the two women Sun Yoo and Ji Hee ? Especially, Ji Hee got her miscarriage at episode 38, with hatred of Sun Yoo and blinded by the tricks of Tae Jung, she will blame Sun Yoo for the cause of her miscarriage.

    Looking at episode 39 Preview, we will see the romance of Ji Suk and Sun Yoo, whereby, there will kissing scene that means Sun Yoo is willing to acknowledge and accept Ji Suk as her boyfriend ? And Ji Hee who’s trying to stop Sun Yoo to have a closer and firm relationship with Ji Suk. Will Ji Suk give up the love of Sun Yoo is still a mystery at a moment upon the family objection ?

    Earlier on, there’s a family mutual agreement that, if, Ji Suk is able to increase the sales and profit of the restaurant business within a month, he will not need to go back to America and he can even re-instate his authority as the CEO and work at his headquarter’s company. That means the position of Tae Jung in the company will have to return back to Ji Suk and who knows Sun Yoo can even follow Ji Suk to work at the headquarters to oversee is any loopholes of Tae Jung when all along he’s helping the headquarter’s business ?

    The beginning of the revenge at episode 38 will make viewers like me to curious to find out who can help Sun Yoo to move on to a successful revenge and put Tae Jung to jail ?

    Is it Ji Suk’s grandmother and Ji Suk’s uncle who are the people who help Sun Yoo ? Ji Suk’s uncle likes Sun Yoo’s relative whereby the lady with a son. Quite interesting to see Ji Suk’s uncle being able to find his romance.

    Looking forward to next week to watch episode 39 to episode 43.

  52. 52 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 39 and episode 40. A sweet kiss started at episode 39 for Sun Yoo and Ji Suk. The revenge started in episode 40 for Ji Hee. Ji Hee went to Ji Suk’s room to steal Sun Yoo’s wallet and went to put a photo to set a revenge plot for Sun Yoo.

    What happened at episode 41 preview ? Ji Suk mistaken Sun Yoo as accepting his love in view of his family’s wealth.

    Did Sun Yoo resign and join his uncle’s pizza restaurant after being questioned by Ji Suk for this mistaken issue ?

    Will Sun Yoo speak out the truth to Ji Suk that Tae Jung’s complicated relationships with her ? The problem is will Ji Suk trust and love Sun Yoo upon the sudden blow that he had to encounter upon his sister’s Ji Hee instigate ?

    Let’s hope that Ji Suk will not give up his love towards Sun Yoo , not sure with Ji Suk’s decision as Ji Suk used to be a playboy before knowing Sun Yoo.

  53. 53 : mml Says:

    @52 mml,
    there’s a typing error i accidentally made was Ji Hee went to Ji Suk’s room to steal his car key and went to steal Sun Yoo’s pocket diary and also looked like a wallet.

    More about episode 40 was while having dinner Ji Suk’s stepmother also did mention about Ji Suk’s ex-girlfriend who got hurt and left .

    I personal opinion was Sun Yoo should not accept Ji Suk as Ji Suk used to be a playboy, this kind of man is not suitable for Sun Yoo. What if, Ji Suk also the same as the HEARTLESS MAN Tae Jung , that means, Sun Yoo will be at high risk to want to marry Ji Suk ?

    I wonder what’s the writer’s arrangement for Sun Yoo’s love romance ? Is it Sun Yoo will run away and escaped from Ji Suk, resign and avoid him ????

  54. 54 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 41, looks scary when the way Ji Suk treated Sun Yoo. I wonder will Sun Yoo tell Ji Suk the truth that she wanted to revenge Tae Jung through Ji Suk’s help and by getting near Ji Suk, it means that this is the only way ?

    But, looking at Ji Suk got hurt and mistaken Sun Yoo, it’s even more dangerous to marry Ji Suk. I really pity Sun Yoo more instead of Ji Suk. It’s very sad to see, what if, Sun Yoo can really marry Ji Suk and did not get happiness and love from Ji Suk ?

    And what if, after marriage, all of them gang up to torture Sun Yoo ?

    I think, Sun Yoo better don’t get married with Ji Suk and find other alternatives, escape, change the handphone number and even quit the current job and work for the relative instead.

  55. 55 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    I am getting disappointed with what I read from those who watched up to episode 40. It appears TJ is the one carrying out a revenge and not Sun yoo. She does not seem to have a plan. Once beaten twice shy, yet she lets herself loose unsuspecting of TJ who is out to destroy her. See episode 32 where the customer claims she stole a ring on her first day at work, could n’t she put two and two together. I hate lead characters being made to look like idiots. We watch and see.

  56. 56 : siwonestELF Says:

    you can wacth @ kbs official you tube with English subtitle

  57. 57 : hansel Says:


    can watch here online with english subs

  58. 58 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 42 and episode 43.
    I am surprised to see and got a new discovery for me at episode 42 that Ji Suk’s grandmother secretly arranged the assistant to investigate about Tae Jung and the good thing about Sun Yoo was, Sun Yoo decided to resign and quit her job in order to escape from Ji Suk so that she will not need to face misery treatment and questioning from Ji Suk.

    Episode 43 was a mystery to me about Ji Suk’s ex-fiancee Chae Rin who was staying at Paris ? What causes Ji Suk to leave his ex-fiancee ? Ji Suk already got engaged and got a fiancee then why is it he always wanted Sun Yoo to be by his side ? Something wrong with Ji Suk’s romance ?

    Episode 42 and episode 43 will provide me stronger confidence into watching this drama, very impressed by Sun Yoo’s determination to carry on her responsibility to challenge with Tae Jung and know that when the right time comes, Tae Jung will need to go to jail.

    And episode 44 preview showed me that Ji Suk discovered the truth that his sister stole his car key through his uncle’s words.

    I think, i will like this drama looking that Sun Yoo’s determination and believing that there should be justice and as for Ji Suk’s romance i am still not sure, most probably the ex-fiancee Chae Rin will come back to Korea and wanted to re-unite with Ji Suk ?

  59. 59 : ATP Says:

    Haaa…i’m so jealous to those who have watched up to episode 43!!!
    Is there any link to watch angel’s revenge up to eps. 43??
    I really can’t wait to watch this drama.

  60. 60 : sammi Says:

    @ATP, I watch the Chinese subs here: kr.vslovetv.com/2014/01/angels-revenge-list.html

    I don’t actually watch it, but skip around. Because it’s basically the same tricks. But it’s fun to see Sun Yoo making Tae Jung mad. Right now she’s blackmailing him, and it’s hilarious to see him crawling around and being scared.

    I don’t think this will last because TJ is always trying to get the upper hand and will probably team up with Chae Rin against SY.

  61. 61 : ATP Says:

    @sammi : thank you for your information..

  62. 62 : mml Says:

    @60 sammi,
    you are precisely correct as episode 45 preview will show us that Ji Suk’s fiancee will come back to korea.

    After watching episode 44, i have realised that Ji Suk,maybe, really fallen in love with Sun Yoo. And it’s very fun watching Sun Yoo to be able to show her tricks to control and made Tae Jung frightened of her.

    Now, the biggest problem is Ji Suk got a fiancee. Of course, his fiancee will stand a higher chance to be together with Ji Suk. The person i pity and worry most is Sun Yoo as Ji Suk’s grandmother may not want to accept her.

    Anyway, i really like to watch this drama, looking at Sun Yoo being so clever to be able to handle this bad guy Tae Jung.

  63. 63 : jj Says:

    Can someone plz tel me what happened at the end of 45? Watched it without the sub and dying to know what was going on in the preview for ep 46

  64. 64 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    At the end of ep 45, Ji Suk ex-fiancce met him in front of his house.. And it turned into ugly..Apparently as I watched the preview ep 46..JH met Ji Suk fiancce and I guess she will pushed her to be together with Ji Suk. As for Sun Yoo, Ji Suk grandma went to meet her. I guess Sun Yoo won’t stand any chance to gain trust from Ji Suk grandma. I feel heartbreak as I watched the preview..

  65. 65 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I really hope that Ji Suk biological mom will appear….

  66. 66 : jj Says:

    WOW! thanks for the summary… i don’t know what the grandmother is up to, but i hope Sun Yoo is clever enough to beat JH at her game

  67. 67 : karen Says:

    @63 jj Says,
    towards the end of episode 45, Ji Suk’s fiancee went to Ji Suk’s house to meet and visit him. When Ji Suk reached home and saw his fiancee Park Chae Rin came back to Korea to meet him and wanted to re-unite with him, Ji Suk was shocked and surprised with his relationship.

    Episode 46 preview will show us that Ji Hee went to instigate her grandmother and the grandmother made an arrangement to see Sun Yoo to have a face to face conversations and to stop Sun Yoo to further her relationships with Ji Suk. Sun Yoo then took up her courage to tell the grandmother that she wanted to stay and be together with Ji Suk.

    How can Sun Yoo to be able to convince and win the heart of the grandmother that i really don’t know, then i must continue to watch this drama then i can know the answer ?

  68. 68 : jj Says:

    i know she will win the grandmother over, but it is about time Sun Yoo either leave Ji Suk and just deal with JH and TJ. I am surprised that after all JH learned about TJ she is still on his side and getting dirty like her mom.

  69. 69 : jj Says:

    Thanks Karen

  70. 70 : Jewles Says:

    She is not JS’s fiance. They were in love 6 years ago and grandma broke them up. She was the daughter of the driver (caretaker?) for the house. She left JS to go out of the country – my guess is grandma paid her off. This is why JS left the family too and not wanted to come back to the family for so long — until he found SY.

    Since JS was so much in love with her before, the sister and TJ think this will breakup JS and SY.

    I think the character list is wrong. The name of the old girlfriend from Paris in the series is Eun Soo not Che Rin, played by Goo Eun Ae.

  71. 71 : sammi Says:

    Yeah, I think the ex-girlfriend ploy is just another way to stretch the drama. We all know that JS isn’t going to get back with her. I’m just curious to see how SY will handle her once she finds out JH and TY are behind the trick. Also, the grandmother will be another hurdle, but I think SY will have an easier time to get on her side.

    JH’s mother isn’t even in play yet, but once she finds out that JH screwed up by choosing TY, she’ definitely going to help them cover up because if the grandma knows the truth, she’s going to loose her trust in JH and give the company over to JS.

  72. 72 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    As I watched ep 46, it made me feel hurt watching SY being question by JS grandma. I’m looking forward to see SY tell the truth about TY to JS. But now JH and TY teamed up to get even with SY. While SY left alone with no one to trust except her family. Other than that I think JS character is so weak and always being fooled around. Isn’t it better if the plot of JS tragic past got anything to do with his stepmother who trying keep him away from the company. I wonder who will teamed up with SY in her revenge? JS is not mean enough.

    And when will the writer appear JS mom, who still missing???? IF JS mom is still out there somewhere…I really hope that she will help SY to get revenge on TY. This drama will looked interesting if the plot like that…

    As for JH, I really wished that she will regret soon enough knowing TY agenda…I guess JS uncle must know something about JS mom…There’s a saying….I know JH is not to be blamed for all of this but she totally deserved it bcause…”Once you married to the enemy…,You also became the enemy..”
    I hated JH character now that she believe that scum TY…

    As for SY, whatever her plan up next, I’m always be on her side to punish the three people…JH, JH meanie mom and TY. Hope they both get hell….
    Poor SY has to suffer all this alone. But I believe she will get much stronger and regain power to destroyed devilish TY very soon….

  73. 73 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 46 made me felt very sad for Sun Yoo.
    I think, Sun Yoo will not trust anyone anymore and continued moving on to her revenge. And with so much obstacles that she will need to go through, she will leave the restaurant upon completing the one month’s project and mission.

    I guess the grandmother may dislike Sun Yoo at this point of time, but, who knows the person who team up with Sun Yoo, maybe, is the grandmother and as a condition or a deal with the grandmother that Sun Yoo will have to leave Ji Suk.

    Something , i really don’t understand about this drama, from episode 1 to episode 46 i have never seen Sun Yoo wearing any dress, i think, if, Sun Yoo wears dress and also keep her hair long, dress up herself, maybe, she can look even more pretty. Why did the writer make Sun Yoo look a little dull and not lady like to attract other guys ?

  74. 74 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I felt nerve-wrecking watching this drama, TY always trying to torture SY…JS is powerless against his evil stepmother…JS grandma maybe possess power as she is the chairman, who knows what happen to her once TY eliminate her…I guess SY may have to leave JS if there is no option for her. I think the writer should write a new male guy for SY character…who knows someone from her dark past maybe…SY better find another guy who has power to destroyed TY…JS should keep up his work and quickly restore his company if he doesn’t want to lose SY…SY may look like angel outside but she hold grudge against TY…I really hope the writer knows what she’ll write about for SY revenge plot…otherwise the story will be worsen…

  75. 75 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Does anyone love to watch Revenge drama? starring Emily Vancamp who play double character in the story…as Amanda Clark…and her new identity Emily Thorne. In the drama she hold grudge against Grayson family as she witness her father being sabotage by Grayson. I can see Emily character in SY character…Both of them wear their mask in front their enemy. We have come so far watching angel’s revenge and hopefully we’ll not give up halfway as the drama will become hurt….

  76. 76 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 47 and understood that Sun Yoo will have difficulty and more challenges to face as the evil plot was done by Tae Jung.

    Episode 48 preview will make me understand that Sun Yoo discovered that Tae Jung was the culprit that made Ji Suk’s restaurant business affected.

    Looking at this evil Tae Jung made me very angry, I hope that Sun Yoo will be able to find a tactful way to deal with this bad guy Tae Jung.

    Ji Suk’s loveline seems to be always tough and I hope that Sun Yoo and Ji Suk will stay strong and help one another to pull through all these hardships.

    I have watched Ugly Alert this fantastic drama, although, in the beginning it was really very very sad and eventually the whole drama forms a very touching sweet happy romance.

    Angel’s Revenge is a drama about Sun Yoo’s revenge, it’s indeed a sad drama and hopefully the writer can arrange Ji Suk to love Sun Yoo and also condone her evil revenge and hopefully towards the end episode, Ji Suk will understand and forgive Sun Yoo for approaching him to be his wife mainly for her revenge plot towards Tae Jung . Both of them will love one another and their love will continue to stay stronger than expected and no one can separate them under all circumstances then Angel’s revenge will become a very touching sweet romance drama. They may feel hurt during the process of obstacles , but, their true love to pull through the hardships will really impress all viewers.

  77. 77 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I really can’t wait to see TJ being punished by SY…he deserve it. Although i don’t know what the outcome punishment he will get…anyway I hope he suffered the most. In a meantime I think JS will accept SY and her revengenda eventually cause he truly in love with SY…Owh…now as I watch this drama, I began to like SY together with JS…and became perfect team and couple…

  78. 78 : Jewles Says:

    @75 Avenge_Girl;
    Name like Avenge_girl, I wouldn’t expect anything else but you loving the revenge dramas!! :)) There are no shortages in revenge plots in K-drama land.

  79. 79 : jj Says:

    Sy got TJ is in his pants. What is up with that Ex thou, talk about annoying.

  80. 80 : jj Says:

    Lol I meant Sy has TJ shaking in his pants.

  81. 81 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I believe in Justice. The truth will come to light and TJ will get his punishment, who knows what will the writer write for his ending…SY did a great job actually, she try to lure TJ out from commiting his sin. I hope she continue luring him out…Although my name is Avenge_Girl, well it’s just a name. Who cares anyway…just a name made by me…Whatever, I just wish SY will make TJ kneeled in front her sister grave..∩__∩

  82. 82 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    It’s fun to watched TJ fall of his face each time SY faced him all the time. Now I’m so in love with SY character in this drama. Fighting…!!! In K-drama world, Revenge is good!! I’m so looking forward to SY revenge plans…I felt so excited…I love watching Revenge Eng drama, but season 3 make me feel hurt to watch Emily Thorne suffer instead of that evil Graysons. Now all she need is stand up and punish them severely. The first and second season is good…but season 3 is so heartbreaking…Back to K-drama Angel’s Revenge…JS were so cute..…I’m fell for him already. If he mature a bit…this drama plot will go smoothly…:-)

  83. 83 : reindeer song Says:

    Hello MML ! SY did not approach JS he fell for her from the get go at the club when she high kicked hin in the chest, making him loose his compass, he hunted her down that is when his love began, he respected the fact she was a nun but still had feelings for her.I’m Catholic, she can return to the convent but as a lay person, she would not be able to take her vows, she will be in penence for a very long time. SY feeling for JS is gradually growing, she has empathy for him due to his MIL. Eventually she will marry him but her revenge has to play out comfortable, it will take a few more episodes when the attraction will burst.The ex is just fodder, JS is not stupid and spineless, he just need to be informed. Granny need to tell him or just inform hin little by little.

  84. 84 : mml Says:

    @83 reindeer song ,
    you are also correct in your judgement and when you have finished watching episode 48, you will also agree to what i say.

    Episode 48, you will clearly understand that Sun Yoo really loves Ji Suk very much. In view of her revenge plot against Tae Jung, therefore, Sun Yoo cannot quit her job, she must work at Ji Suk’s restaurant. That means Sun Yoo truly loves Ji Suk and at the same time she must carry her responsibility to find out the true evidence in order to put Tae Jung to jail.

    Ji Suk and Sun Yoo will suffer acute hardship at this point of time. True love will strengthen their confidence to trust and have faith . Ji Suk had already carried out his secret investigations in episode 48 for the copyright menu problem. And i guess Ji Suk is a clever guy, it’s just that he will not show it on his face. Soon, Ji Suk will discover more bad things about Tae Jung, maybe, he will team up with Sun Yoo in another tactful way.

    I guess, Ji Suk will tell his grandmother about the bad things of Tae Jung, in the family the only person that can help Ji Suk will be his grandmother. And i guess, once, Ji Suk discovered the dark sight of Tae Jung, he will even love Sun Yoo wholeheartedly, as he realised that Sun Yoo is not a person greedy for money , Sun Yoo is a good girl for justice and equality.

  85. 85 : sammi Says:

    TJ seems to forget that SY has a recording of his confession, let’s see how he’s going to squirm out of this one. JH continues to be stupid. I’m glad she got slapped twice by SY. She’s no longer a victim but TJ’s accomplice. I think the ex will find out how TJ’s been using her and maybe even turn her back on their ploys. But she does seems set on winning JS back. This type of woman is kind of pitiful.

  86. 86 : reindeer song Says:

    Another thing the company and the house belongs to JS, granny stole or abscounded with JS Mum’s money, or she wanted out of her marriage due to her husband infidility and decided to give it all to granny, upon running away she got into a car crash, she was convalesceing at a convent, but has since left and watching JS, I feel she will appear soon, not infront of JS but we will see her. She may be doing business with the company who knows, no one knows what she looks like except granny and uncle.

  87. 87 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Can someone tell me what happened at ep 49? And review ep 50? My server is busy..so I can’t watch online..

  88. 88 : mml Says:

    @87 Avenge_Girl.
    I have finished watching episode 49, Ji Suk tricked by his sister,grandmother and also his ex-girlfriend and therefore, he will still love his ex-girlfriend.

    Sad, looks like Sun Yoo has little chance to win Ji Suk’s heart. I think, I will temporary stop watching this drama until some improvement has been done as Sun Yoo cannot catch hold of Ji Suk’s heart. Ji Suk also cannot make up his mind who to love and therefore I also cannot make up my mind to like or not to like this drama.

    I the person I really hope to see is , I really hope that Sun Yoo can get happiness, my confidence shaken towards this drama when Ji Suk cannot be firm and trust Sun Yoo and Ji Hee a stupid woman being fooled by Tae Jung. All people are fooled by Tae Jung and it seems that Sun Yoo cannot get someone who can support and encourage her. Maybe , the best way for Sun Yoo is to quit her job , works at her uncle’s restaurant. Change her hairstyle , wears dress, looks as pretty as possible and moves on to her other plans. Meanwhile, just give up her love with Ji Suk. Disappear for sometime for cooling period and hopefully another guy appears to help Sun Yoo.

  89. 89 : jj Says:

    so didnt SY have a recording of TJ or did he get a hold of it like the watch?

  90. 90 : shell_vie Says:

    I think the plot story goes very slowly..I don’t know if I still want to
    watch this drama..

  91. 91 : jj Says:

    Yea it’s a bit too roundabout kind of annoying

  92. 92 : mml Says:

    The writer is trying to trick and confuse me at episode 49, making me to believe that Ji Suk will love his ex-girlfriend again and also wanted to cling on Sun Yoo. It’s nothing wrong to have a long episodes drama, most importantly, the writer must make me understand that how can Sun Yoo being able to find back her nephew.

    Ji Suk’s grandmother is a person who always wanted to love and protect her grandson thus resulted him to be immature.

    And why did the writer make Sun Yoo looks dull and looks old ? For those who have ever watched colours of woman this drama will realised that Yoon So Yi looks cute, funny, pretty, cheerful and comedy in this drama.

    Actually, the writer should change Sun Yoo’s hairstyle by now, if, this drama same as Ugly Alert got 133 episodes, that means I can have more episodes to watch and how can the writer make Sun Yoo with this hairstyle and never dress herself to be nice and pretty. When we are young, we all love to dress nice and look pretty. Yoon So Yi should be given a wider opportunity to outshine herself in this drama, men will never be attracted by too ugly women.

    In order to continue to make me like this drama, the writer must change Sun Yoo to re-dress herself, change herself back to long hair and must look pretty and much younger than Ji Suk not only to attract Ji Suk and also to attract viewers.

    The next thing is , the writer did not make Ji Suk real mother to appear at this point of time. The writer should make Ji Suk’s real mother to appear and see Sun Yoo and who knows she may like and feel safe when her son Ji Suk can get together with Sun Yoo ?

    The writer spent too much time on making Ji Hee continued to be stupid and ignorant and therefore, slow down my interest to this drama. Ji Suk ex-girlfriend also no medicine for her, she only likes Ji Suk’s wealth.

    Now, I’m just hoping to see Ji Suk’s grandmother can help Sun Yoo and Ji Suk’s uncle can help Sun Yoo too.

    For those who have watched a well grown daughter Hana this drama will understand that why I like this drama, it may be rowdy,but, at least, Hana is pretty and supported by handsome guys to protect her.

    This drama, Ji Suk is handsome and therefore, please make Sun Yoo to continue to look pretty and attractive and hopefully in time to come I will continue to love this drama.

  93. 93 : jj Says:

    Thank You mml ! i have no idea why they cut her hair in the first place. Even then, she looks nothing like the front cover picture. I also don’t think that JS will like the ex but he continuously lets TJ get away with trying to damage him and letting him get away for JH which wants the company just TJ and her mom at this point. The writer is being slow to actually start the revenge, the whole essence of the drama. I also think they need to throw a good looking guy in there to challenge JH love for SY and get the grandmother liking SY after she realizes the good impact she has on JH. If it wasn’t for SY he wouldn’t even be managing the restaurant.

  94. 94 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the review ep 49. As I read through the review you write, I also felt sad to see SY as she may not stand any chance to be with JS as now he probably will get back to his ex. I supported your opinion that the writer should write a male character for SY. Love rival to JS. There’s always another way to get revenge, SY should just leave JS and quit her job. JS real mother will appear soon. This drama is getting hurt every single episode. It hurts me to watched TJ and JH torturing SY.. TJ willing to go as far as he can to eliminate SY forever even in guy and who knows that guy may help her get revenge.I really can’t stand to watch this drama, but I want to know what will happen to SY and hopefully she being reborn to another character.

  95. 95 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the review ep 49. As I read through the review you write, I also felt sad to see SY as she may not stand any chance to be with JS as now he probably will get back to his ex. I supported your opinion that the writer should write a male character for SY. Love rival to JS. There’s always another way to get revenge, SY should just leave JS and quit her job. JS real mother will appear soon. This drama is getting hurt every single episode. It hurts me to watched TJ and JH torturing SY.. TJ is the devil in this drama. He will eventually kill SY, who knows SY character will be reborn. Fate will brought SY to meet JS real mother. I can’t wait to see this episode to be happen.

  96. 96 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I love to watch JS uncle with SY relatives. I think JS uncle will know the truth about JY death got anything to do with TJ that way, I hope he will tell JS how wicked is that maniac TJ…I’m not so sure whether JS will get back to SY or not. If only SY character dies shortly and perhaps the writer will re-appear JS real mother. Then the writer will re-emerge SY evil character to punish all the people who make her suffer. I like that plot. But it I think the writer will write different story for SY. JS real mother must be a good person who will accept SY. Unlike JS grandma who always treat SY coldly. I wished this drama will have a happy and great ending for SY.

  97. 97 : mml Says:

    Ha Ha i’m back again for discussion, i have just finished watching episode 50 looks like there’s room for further improvement in this drama . Ji Suk discovered the evil plot of his ex-girlfriend and Sun Yoo got angry with Tae Jung as he did not honour his word.

    I’m glad that Sun Yoo saw and witness on how evil Ji Suk’s stepmother treated Ji Suk and without further delay to deal with this bad guy Tae Jung, Sun Yoo went to approach help from Ji Suk’s grandmother. Thank god that Ji Suk’s grandmother finally willing to try to believe what Sun Yoo told her and Ji Suk’s grandmother continued and carried out her investigations.

    I will continue to watch episode 51 to find out more, maybe, Ji Suk’s grandmother can change the destiny of Sun Yoo ?????

  98. 98 : sammi Says:

    I fear for the grandma’s life now that she’s been pulled into this, really, and won’t be surprised if TY and JH’s mom will ploy for her murder when she finds out the true. Also SY is stupid… what makes her think that a MURDERER will keep his promise??? Is she trying to get revenge or keep serving herself to his schemes??? She needs to hurry up and close the deal with JS, get her evidence and call the cops on TY. I’m pretty sure he’s knee deep in white collar crime, even if she doesn’t have evidence on murder charges. Her appearance is fine, it’s her brain that seriously needs an upgrade. I keep waiting for the revenge and nothing happens and we’re already halfway through the drama. Even though I know they’re going to drag it out, it’s still frustrating to see it unfold. Yeah, the ex is basically just a sideline character here to drag out the drama for 10 more episodes. JS’s feelings are clearly dead for her, the only thing left for her to do is provide SY with more ammunition that TY and JH are out to ruin JS’s life.

  99. 99 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the review ep 50, looks like I can’t miss this episode…but still I worried for JS grandma safety…who knows what might happen to her. TJ willing to go as far to eliminate JS grandma to get her position as chairman, before that happen…I certainly hope the writer re-appear JS mother so that SY had her chances to get revenge on TJ, JH mother and JH…Learning the truth of his ex, he will eventually teamed up with SY to punished his evil stepmother and TJ…I can’t wait for that episode to happen…This is so cool!!!! Yay…!!!!

  100. 100 : lily Says:

    Is anybody what’s to tell. me were can I watch this drama with eng sub plaza!plzzzzz

  101. 101 : Felix Says:

    @lily go this site https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMf7VY8La5RFZZqTVc0U-zLC7mG6TLBLu

  102. 102 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 51 and have decided to love and like this drama very much. Looking at Sun Yoo being brave enough to have the courage to meet Ji Suk’s grandmother to tell and convince her.

    Ji Suk was disheartened to find out that his ex-girlfriend team and gang up with Tae Jung for the sake of a deal in exchange for money. Although, when Ji Suk wanted to find out further informations from Sun Yoo, but, Sun Yoo did not tell him the truth in details, this doesn’t really matter as it’s even better for Ji Suk to see and witness himself knowing that his ex-girlfriend was only greedy for money and bad guy Tae Jung was the main culprit.

    I really like Ji Suk’s grandmother to give Sun Yoo a chance to believe and trust Sun Yoo. Ji Suk’s grandmother may not be able to accept Sun Yoo as family background does not match. And who knows, time will prove that one day she will accept Sun Yoo due to Sun Yoo’s amazing talent to help Ji Suk in every aspect.

    Episode 51, will make me feel that Ji Suk is actualy a clever and intelligent guy, it’s just that he’s lack of a warm family to give him moral support and courage. I think Sun Yoo should love Ji Suk, should protect him. Sun Yoo should find a way to punish Ji Suk’s stepmother since she team up with Tae Jung for doing evil things to hurt Ji Suk.

    Okay, i will continue to love this drama.

  103. 103 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Wow! Thanks mml for reviewing ep 51, this drama do really began to improve. I’m looking forward for your review on ep 52. And hopefully everything went well for JS and SY romance. Can’t wait to see TJ shocking face when SY became his sister in-law.

  104. 104 : sammi Says:


    You’re a lot more optimistic about this than I am, so it’s always nice to see your reviews about the latest episode. I think things are looking up, but I wonder why the grandmother still kept TJ in the family after this lie. I’m afraid that she may have kept him because of JH. But I hope that SY will gain the grandmother’s trust after this. Can’t wait to see how SY basically throw TJ’s words back into his face. Finally, we have a little bit of revenge!

  105. 105 : mml Says:

    @104 sammi,
    i know the answer that ,why the grandmother will still keep Tae Jung in the family after this lie. This is one of the ways to save Ji Hee’s marriage. The grandmother may like Sun Yoo after knowing that Sun Yoo is a person who is NOT greedy for money or NOT greedy for someone’s wealth. The grandmother may be impressed by Sun Yoo on how hard she has been trying to protect Ji Suk from being hurt and protect him from being chased out from the house. The grandmother may feel ashamed that Ji Suk’s stepmother did not love and protect Ji Suk. The grandmother may realised that the best medicine for Ji Suk and the best love for her grandson is, to try to accept Sun Yoo and will appoint her to be working in another position in the company and will not force her to resign as she has the talent to deal with Ji Suk’s stepmother.

    The interesting thing about this drama is, if, Sun Yoo can really marry to Ji Suk. Staying together with Ji Hee, Tae Jung and the stepmother in law and how to deal with these 3 cunning and evil persons ?

    Will Ji Suk find it very interesting to have a wife Sun Yoo who can handle and deal with his stepmother and ended up his stepmother become obedient and frightened of Sun Yoo ?

    Exciting, interesting, funny and very comedy when Ji Suk cannot manage the stepmother and ended up Sun Yoo can love and also can protect her husband Ji Suk ???

    I really love to see Ji Suk so determined to win Sun Yoo’s love and will no regrets under all circumstances and l love to see Sun Yoo’s dual faces, a sweet angel wife and also a devil daughter in law for the sake of true love towards Ji Suk.

    A good to watch drama, 사랑해요.

  106. 106 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 52, the grandmother was extremely disappointed with Tae Jung’s evil behaviour and was furious to take drastic actions on all of them. Tae Jung will loose his powerful title and his position in the company.

    The grandmother felt guilty and sorrow for her negligence to care and protect Ji Suk, thus leading him suffered in silent.
    All of them needed to be punished and must be punished.
    Tae Jung was demanded to leave the house and in view of this hatred, Tae Jung went to Sun Yoo’s house. While Sun Yoo was on her way home, Tae Jung planned and used his car to act and hit Sun Yoo.

    I wonder and am not sure whether did Sun Yoo meet the car accident ? I will continue to watch episode 53 on tomorrow to have a clearer and better picture on this evil Tae Jung as he had intention to kill Sun Yoo using his car ??????

  107. 107 : Wowwww Says:

    Tj will commit the same crime against the other sister…how clever of him

  108. 108 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml…for the review ep 52, TJ is so damned evil. Now he wants to kill SY. I hope there will be someone to jump over and save SY well who knows. TJ shouldn’t go to prison instead he should get into tragic accident with horrible ways. Poor SY, i really hope that she live..OMG…! Now I’m dying to know what will happen to her at ep 53…

  109. 109 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    If the writer write SY got hit by TJ car, this drama will become lot more tragic than other drama that I’ve watched. JH still fools as always…If all this being written like SY get hit by TJ car, who knows JS somehow will find out on his own regarding on SY past related on TJ past. Because now JS uncle like BC, and eventually he will knows SY past…I guess that will help JS to get closer to the truth about that damned wicked TJ. This drama will be awesome for that to be happened. Now that JS grandma knows how evilish is that TJ, she will come into liking SY eventually as she will know how much JS loves SY.

    As for SY, whatever happens to her. I hope she will be success on taking down that scarecrow JS stepmother and evil TJ. If she did marry JS, she will take off her mask and will tortures them harshly. And for that to be happened, SY need to become much more evil and wicked than them. I hope SY will not dies, well maybe she will get into coma. Well whatever happens, I wished the best for SY and JS as well…

  110. 110 : jj Says:

    He was trying to not only hit her with his car, but put her in his car prob to go kill her…wow.. that aunt is funny oh gosh can’t stop laughing.

  111. 111 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 53, Tae Jung did not use his car to hit Sun Yoo, but, instead, he wanted to force and some sort of trying to kidnap Sun Yoo into his car. Luckily, Sun Yoo’s uncle and the aunt saw this and put a stop on this thing to be happened.

    Tae Jung lost his job and also went back to his own home. Ji Hee’s grandmother not only chased Tae Jung out of the house and also chased Ji Hee to divorce and to leave the house for her shameful behaviour towards treating her brother Ji Suk in such a wicked plot.

    Ji Suk now become a more mature guy and with a positive move towards saving and must secure his authority and power in his company. His love towards Sun Yoo seems to be even stronger upon realising Sun Yoo is a nice lady who wanted to protect him from hurt as the grandmother told him the truth during episode 52. Ji Suk being more calm to see a very different angle in life even though Tae Jung and Ji Hee left the house, he respected all decisions decided by his grandmother.

    Towards the end of episode 53, Ji Hee went to Ji Suk’s office to confront him and had all disagreements against Sun Yoo. Luckily, Ji Suk remained calm and firmed that his love towards Sun Yoo will not be changed or affected by anyone who’s trying instigate negative remarks on Sun Yoo.

    The leading actor Kwon Se In so devoted to love Yoon So Yi (Sun Yoo) that makes me like this drama very much. And what happened in the later episodes when he found out that Sun Yoo falls in love with him and at the same time to carry out her revenge with Tae Jung, will he still continue to love Sun Yoo ? There will be a day that he will find out, maybe, when he secretly followed Sun Yoo to the place where Lee Jin Yoo
    being cremated or the crematorium seeing Sun Yoo crying there. And will he be able to understand Sun Yoo suffered pain in her heart and this hurt can never be removed from Sun Yoo’s heart for her rest of her life ???

    I really hope that Ji Suk can accept Sun Yoo after knowing that Sun Yoo is a lost shepherd, fear to love as the sister’s death will impact and even affect Sun Yoo to have great impair to love any guy.

  112. 112 : Wowwww Says:

    I wonder what the ex was saying ti Ji Hee? Right now I really wish the subs come out in English quicker….

  113. 113 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the review. I feel so relieve to find out that SY did not get into the kidnapping incident that damned TJ plan. JS starting to believe in SY and hopefully he will not reject her once he find out the hidden truth behind SY revenge on TJ. Now JS grandma began to believe in SY. Who knows maybe she will gradually accept her…be together with JS. Omo!! I can’t wait to watch JS and SY happily marriage… JS will eventually accept SY when he find out the truth of SY agenda on taking down TJ.

    In my opinion, JS and SY is the victim actually.. Because they both has common in tragic past. For instant, JS has to bear every hardship in his life under the care of his vicious stepmother while SY lead painful lives since she was a child. I think SY will help out JS now that she knows how wicked is JS stepmother. She wlll do anything to protect JS from his stepmother. In this case, they both should help one another to get their revenge on their enemy.

    What I’m scared the most was TJ and JH will not just stand back now that JS back at the company. Who knows what TJ will up to. Hopefully when that happened, SY will gradually married to JS. Then JS will secure his position in the company. SY will began to plot her revenge against the people who hurt JS and her. This drama will getting much more interesting to watch as SY character will changed soon.

    I feel great now that TJ lose his job. But we don’t know what will happen right? This drama is 100 plus. So maybe TJ have his plan to get his position back. But I hope not for long as SY will not just watched him doing horrible thing to JS. I salute JS for being such smart guy and hopefully he used his smart brain to eliminate his enemies.

    I’m so into this drama. I look forward on what will happened in upcoming episodes for JS and SY love story…

  114. 114 : mml Says:

    @112 Wowwww ,
    i will tell you what did Ji Suk’s ex-girlfriend told Ji Hee in episode 53 ? Ji Suk’s ex-girlfriend scolded Ji Hee for making use of her to challenge with Sun Yoo. She even scolded Ji Hee for being a hypocrite person, in front of all people, she will pretend to be a smiley person and behind the scene, she’s attacking her brother Ji Suk together with Tae Jung. Ji Hee will be as evil as her husband Tae Jung. Husband and wife are equally evil as birds of a feather flock together. And scolding Ji Hee, Ji Suk’s ex-girlfrend will still hope that Ji Hee will pay her the money before she flys back to United States.

    When we watch the drama film on the same day, we cannot expect to have any sub-title, anyway, i will still enjoy and love watching this drama filmed on the same day, although, i do understand a little or a bit of Korean language, it will not affect me, as after one of two days, the China and Taiwan website will still update the episode with Sub-title. It will be even more fun, if, you can understand some korean language so that all people will not try to depend on Sub-title. It can faster your chance to know what’s happening to every episode of the drama.

  115. 115 : reindeer song Says:

    This drama is still in it’s early stages. The viper will try anything to get back his job and his silly wife will be the one to assist in his evil deeds. JS has to be smarter he has been dealing with that household since he was a child, he already scoped out his step mum from hell mentality and he knows her greed. He is placating her, when he start to strike watch out and with SY help they will be a force to reccond but they have to be a step ahead, That I wish but Kdrama eeeh well you know.

  116. 116 : mml Says:

    @113 Avenge_Girl ,
    i think, i will agree to your opinion too that Ji Suk and Sun Yoo, both of them are victims. They should get together and be united to team up their revenge on their enemy.

    This drama will be more interesting, if, the writer can arrange and transform Sun Yoo to wear dress and becomes very pretty when she gets back to work at headquarters as a different role in her job position. Sun Yoo becomes pretty and smart to work together with Ji Suk. And Ji Suk will be impressed by her beauty and her intelligence.

    Do you still remember episode 4 ? When Sun Yoo was a trainee as a nun, she was helping to hang the clothes and when the wind blows, her long hair and pretty look made Ji Suk hooked and cling on to her.

    It’s very sweet to see Sun Yoo wearing nice dress or mini skirt at work and comedy comes in when we see Ji Hee getting furious and cannot do anything and can’t even chased Sun Yoo out from the company.

    It’s so romantic to see Ji Suk wanted to kiss Sun Yoo when the right timing comes. Maybe, it will be even fun when Ji Suk brings Sun Yoo to his house and they do cooking delicious food together and Ji Suk’s uncle like and praised Sun Yoo.

    So far, from episode 1 to episode 53 , i really have No ideal that whether can Sun Yoo be able to cook nice food ? It will be good for Ji Suk to accept Sun Yoo dual face character for the sake of true love and it will be even good for Sun Yoo to love Ji Suk and both found happiness.

    I am looking forward to watch this drama and hoping that the writer can change Sun Yoo to be a very sweet pretty lady so that Ji Suk will not change his love towards her.

  117. 117 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Yeah you right mml…that scene still in my mind, so sweet to see JS became attracted to SY…I guess that was the scene where he falls for SY for the first time. JS ex maybe his first love…but SY is his last love and true love at the same time. I like the scene where she high kick JS…where she thought JS is a pervert..That scene was quite funny to me…I’m looking forward for your review ep 54…Hopefully there will be improvement for JS and SY relationship…

  118. 118 : Wowwww Says:

    Thanks mml I was really getting curious about that conversation….haha I know that they can’t put the subs out on the same day….it’s just a wish of mine…lol

  119. 119 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 54, at least, by now Ji Suk has a sense of direction in life, between his sister Ji Hee and Sun Yoo, if, he’s being forced to choose either one of them, he will rather choose to love and trust Sun Yoo instead of his sister Ji Hee. Ji Hee became furious and worried and went to stir up a quarrel with Sun Yoo and Sun Yoo was determined to prove and will not let the matter rest between her and Tae Jung.

    Tae Jung also went missing in action, making his mother worried and plead Ji Hee’s mother for help and eventually the grandmother informed her assistant to find and search for Tae Jung. On the other hand, it seems that Sun Yoo’s cousin came to know Tae Jung for a very long time. As Sun Yoo doesn’t want Ji Suk to know about Tae Jung, she even signal to her cousin not to reveal their family issue. One good thing about Ji Suk’s decision, he’s able to understand that Sun Yoo has been trying to help and protect him and therefore, if anyone tries to harm Sun Yoo, he will sit in to interfere and must protect Sun Yoo. Looks like Ji Hee is forever stupid and her brother Ji Suk is getting more and more clever, there will be a day that Ji Suk will find out that Tae Jung ever kidnapped Sun Yoo ??

    There will be a day that Tae Jung will kill Sun Yoo and i really hope that Ji Suk can find some bodyguards to protect Sun Yoo. I will continue to watch episode 55 to find out what happened to Sun Yoo ???

  120. 120 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    wow…thanks mml for the reviews, looks like JH now all by herself now that JS no longer believe her. I hope both SY and JS will stay strong against their enemy. I’m so in love with their character. I really wish JH will being framed by TJ once he has used her for his evil plan. That way, JH will repent later on. JH is so dumbest to trust TJ, I can’t wait to see JH being swindled by that wicked TJ. I can’t wait to watch JS and SY married each other. That way, no one can stand in between her and JS. TJ should be tortured til death. His sins are too many that I think he deserve much more punishment. Thinking back of how he abandoned JY makes me feel extremely disgusts of him.

  121. 121 : sammi Says:

    So it looks like TJ is now working at a construction site to show his “sincerity.” But in the preview, SY went over there to confront him saying he’s not fooling anybody. And she’s right, he’s still putting up a facade trying to win sympathy from the grandmother. TJ is like the cockroach that just won’t die or go away. I also fear for SY’s life, it looks like TJ is looking for every chance to kill him. What a psycho. SY should gather what evidence she has now and report it to the police, the man is mentally unstable.

  122. 122 : reindeer song Says:

    Police ha! In Kdrama there are no such thing as police does not exist. Kneeling and saying I’m sorry and forgiveness. That’s kdrama policing. Wifey will take the luny back because he shows sincerety.

  123. 123 : jessecastro Says:

    Is Angel’s Revenge number 1 to their slot..Can anybody help me where i can find the ratings of this drama..

    This Drama is sooo Addicting to Watch 🙂

  124. 124 : Nkolika -Nigerian Says:

    I glad to read all the recaps. The drama is very interesting. We are still at episode 45. The drama is well written but I hope the writer does not mess it up at the end by giving the evil ones the upper hand. Evil must never be encouraged. I like the drama a lot, different from other Korean dramas I have watched. The story line is balanced.

  125. 125 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 55, very impressed by Ji Suk’s grandmother being assertive, decisive and even a very far sighted person, she can see through the greed from Tae Jung’s eyes. Looks like Ji Hee and her mother have not awakened their thoughts that the grandmother understood that Tae Jung’s greedy will soon put Ji Suk in big danger soon.
    Ji Hee gang up with Tae Jung and accused Sun Yoo for causing them into trouble.

    The writer needs to quickly put Sun Yoo into their family and hopefully will marry Ji Suk. As the grandmother is getting old and have high blood pressure and Ji Suk, sometimes,looks helpless when he encounters problem. Ji Suk’s uncle will also falls into the danger, if, his mother falls sick at this old age.
    I believe that Sun Yoo has the ability to secure Ji Suk’s company, as all along the grandmother wishes her grandson Ji Suk to continue the family business in good hands. I will encourage the writer to quickly let Sun Yoo get married to Ji Suk so that Sun Yoo becomes the wife of the CEO. At least, Sun Yoo can be powerful to tackle and deal with the situation, just in the event that the grandmother falls ill. Sun Yoo can hold up the responsibility as the wife of Ji Suk to protect Ji Suk. The writer should also make Sun Yoo to find her true love and will definitely loves Ji Suk so that Ji Suk can get the love from Sun Yoo, although, he has a broken heart being tortured by his stepmother all these years.

    Maybe, this can be a very touching drama, but,it all depends on how the writer will arrange the love path of Ji Suk and Sun Yoo ??????

  126. 126 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the reviews, I also believe that day will soon come for SY being JS wife. In a meantime, I really hope JS grandma will be able to accept SY as her granddaughter in-law to be. So that she can relies on SY to protect JS from TJ and JS evil stepmother. That way, SY would be able to carrying on her plan to eliminate their enemies. TJ is a wicked human being who willing to go far for his greedy personality. Like some people’s said..`If we’re being too greedy for money and power, soon they will eat you up’. JH I think she will know how horrible her life can be. I actually didn’t want JH being abandoned by TJ once he has used her. Her life will be such a waste. What can we says, we all wanted this drama to be interesting right? . JS did a fine job actually by choosing SY over his sister, JH.

  127. 127 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    We never know which path will take us…Life is like drama. I’m addicted to revenge dramas, be it English nor Korean. TJ is a greedy guy who will eventually dies in a horrible ways because of his greedyness…In life, we must not be too greedy. We must balanced our lives, that way we can regain something that we longed to have. I think JH is also the victim also who was being blinded by her love towards TJ but I don’t pity her at all. Cause she is so stupid and blinded. Although I believe in justice, sometimes justice just not enough…revenge on the other side, is also being considered as justice because, in K-dramas…police and lawyer does not play a good role. They both being blinded by rich peoples money. Apparently to me, revenge is the only way for those who want to suppressed their miserable lives against their enemy. SY did a great job on taking the revenge path. I can’t wait to see her rise from the bottom.

  128. 128 : reindeer song Says:

    Avenge_Girl, I would agree with the path SYtook, but in the end no restitution will begotten, they all will be forgiven and they live happily ever after, this does not sit well with a lot of the viewers. Punishment should be given to the person who caused the damage. With this family diametics, if SY marry into that family they will force her to forgive TJ, with mother green eye and even Uncle will convince SY to forgive that snake, think about the family friendship, this is what will happen , to see that TJ smile will churn my stomach.He did bad deeds and will be compensated with a pat on the back and right into the Corporate Office.

  129. 129 : sammi Says:

    The bad guys in kdrama loves blaming other people for the problems they create. It makes me laugh that no one wants to take responsibility for what they sow.

    In the preview for 56, we see Ji Hee’s mother blames JS for destroying her family, TJ getting on his knees begging JS to forgive him. Then, Ji Hee proclaiming that she hates her grandmother for sending her and TJ away, and later in rage she decided to tell her side of the truth (including TJ’s lies about SY’s sister) to her grandmother and JS. IDK why SY called TJ to try to stop her. I guess she really doesn’t want JS to be hurt by them, and her lies included.

    Here’s the thing, I get that TJ is supposed to be just evil. But JH is even worse. On the surface, she’s looks like the perfect daughter who can do no wrong. But in fact, she’s a spoiled brat who only wants to get her way. Even Chae Rin who’s practically a stranger saw through her fake side and knew she’s as horrible as her husband.

    I have to say, both the actor and actress who play TJ and JH are very good at their outrage/mad faces. TJ’s gritting his teeth together when he’s threatening SY, and JH’s voice when she goes on a screaming rampage are both extremely annoying. It really gets under my skin whenever I have to see both of them on screen. Is it just me or is JH getting more and more obnoxious every episode? It’s like TJ has corrupted her even more now.

  130. 130 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Even if JH do tell JS about TJ lies and SY dead sister, he will not shocked. He will eventually love SY even more. JS is not as stupid as JH who knows nothing about SY. Even if JH did not go to prison, she will become insane in the end I wish! SY must not forgive TJ even this drama end. I feel like JH is much more pathetic than TJ character. If JS find out later on that about SY true agenda on her revenge towards TJ, he will support her till the end. Even if SY turned into Angel of Death, he will loves her wholeheartedly knowing TJ horrible sins. I love this drama a lot…

  131. 131 : Wowwww Says:

    There is no forgiveness that will take place….remember he is a murderer and therefore the only end result I can see would be him paying for his crimes against the sister and the driver of the truck……I a now wondering when the writer will bring up the missing baby in the orphanage and also when will SY and JS marry so that her position in the family is stable…..in the end I am also hoping JH going to jail along with TJ or going to a mental asylum.

  132. 132 : mml Says:

    @130 Avenge_Girl ,
    i agree with your opinion, let’s hope that Ji Suk will continue to love Sun Yoo upon realising and discovered that Sun Yoo is at risk to gamble her love marriage for the sake of her revenge towards Tae Jung. On the other hand, it may be a great blessing for Ji Suk to marry Sun Yoo as he does not how to live his life and can’t handle his stepmother. He may ended up going to night club drinking beer to drunk himself and can never solve his problem.

    One thing i can never be able to understand is, if,Sun Yoo does not love Ji Suk that means is fake love. How to have sex life after marriage, if, Sun Yoo becomes the wife of Ji Suk ? That means the writer needs to quickly change Sun Yoo from fake love into true love then it can help Ji Suk to protect Sun Yoo as a role of a husband of Sun Yoo. Maybe, Ji Suk will be obedient towards Sun Yoo after having a good sex life marriage and wanted to protect his marriage, he will pretend and will not interfere Sun Yoo for her revenge against Tae Jung then it’s very interesting to see Tae Jung being punished by Sun Yoo ????

  133. 133 : mml Says:

    @131 Wowwww ,
    in kdrama, it’s always the way, some will die and some of survive and police for justice seldom appear. Usually is the person who revenge for the sake of justice and then finally the
    police will appear in the drama.

    Let’s hope that Ji Suk and Sun Yoo will survive and the die team will be Ji Hee and Tae Jung. The writer did not mention about the baby at the orphanage yet, if the writer mention about the baby at orphanage, i think that’s the time when Ji Hee regretted to love and believed in Tae Jung.

    Maybe, the writer will mention about the baby at the orphanage only after Sun Yoo married to Ji Suk and that’s the time when Ji Suk discovered that Sun Yoo’s pitiful sight of her, desperate for love in order to get Ji Suk to rescue her and helped her for her revenge. Ji Suk is the man that Sun Yoo is forever needed most, a man that Sun Yoo will be gratefu and will love him forever and also a very good reason for Ji Suk to support her revenge. This is my imagination, maybe correct, or maybe wrong ???????

  134. 134 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I really hope it’s gonna be true, mml. Just like what you imagine…I think SY do really love JS despite his tragic past. When do you think? The writer will reappear JS mother…It’s so frustrating to watch the sight of his vicious stepmother who tries to take him down. I just wish that AR will just disappear somewhere far from JS lives. In order to secure JS position in the company, he should hurriedly married SY. That way, they both will regained power to destroyed TJ and AR.

  135. 135 : ATP Says:

    Dear mml, i’m looking forward for your review about the latest episodes aired in your country. Because here in my country the last episode aired was eps. 46… :((
    I really like reading your review, and it made me want to keep watching this drama.

  136. 136 : Wowwww Says:

    I hope that’s the case…things need to come out that way

  137. 137 : mml Says:

    @135 ATP and 136 Wowwww,
    so happy to know that you all like my review, actually every day, i watch the latest episode from a united states website call dramastyle which is without sub-title then one or two days later, i will go the Taiwan website to watch the episode with chinese sub-title. My korean language is not as good as the real korean people, the fun thing is i understand a little bit of Korean language and therefore i will try to find out what’s going on with the episode.

    Episode 56 was about the misunderstandings between Ji Suk’s stepmother and Ji Suk. Ji Hee was forced to leave the house as demanded by the grandmother. Ji Hee’s mother was too upset that it was too harsh and drastic to let her daughter to be separated with her. The stepmother blamed and full of hatred towards Ji Suk as she lost her dignity and ego in front of the family. Ji Suk did not expect that the situation turned out to be sour and no harmony in the family. He seems to panic and frightened of his stepmother, mind a little unstable to handle this outcome.

    On the other hand, Ji Hee went to confront Sun Yoo and told her that she will reveal the secrets to her brother Ji Suk. Sun Yoo wanted to protect Ji Suk from being hurt in knowing her plot, she quickly informed Tae Jung that his wife Ji Hee will be going to reveal the matter to the grandmother and also Ji Suk.
    Sun Yoo also rushed to the headquarter office to meet Ji Suk in order to stop the problem. Ji Suk suspected the complications between Sun Yoo and Tae Jung through Sun Yoo’s worried face, but, looking at his sister Ji Hee was trying to attack Sun Yoo, he will try to protect Sun Yoo for the sake of love. While, Ji Hee wanted to tell her grandmother about the dishonest sight of Sun Yoo, her husband Tae Jung managed to reach the office on time to stop her and Ji Suk also stopped her from further talking about negative things on Sun Yoo. She was angry with disappointment.

    Ji Suk wanted Sun Yoo to follow him to head office to assist him and seek the approval from his grandmother. His grandmother was reluctant to accept his suggestions, but, did not immediately rejected his suggestions. While, Sun Yoo was having her meal with her family, she then received a call from the grandmother. She went to her office and at the same time, she met Ji Suk at his grandmother’s office. The purpose of seeing Sun Yoo was to inform her that she will NOT agree to Ji Suk’s ideal of putting her at head office. In this episode , we can see that Ji Suk felt hurt badly for having a bad stepmother that’s why he even lean at Sun Yoo’s shoulder, some sort like a shoulder to cry on. And since the grandmother does not like Sun Yoo that means Sun Yoo will need to struggle even more. The road to success is always under construction and not so easy to let Ji Suk’s stepmother and grandmother to accept her.

    I will continue to watch episode 57 tomorrow and see what’s more to fight. Maybe, is Ji Suk’s trying to fight for his love ?????

  138. 138 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the reviews, I really hope both SY and JS will get through this in meantime. I certainly hope that JS will not give up on SY I believe JS grandma will eventually accept SY sooner. I hope JS will hang in there to face his vicious stepmother. I think JH already insane, she looks like lunatic to me, looking at her behavior getting a lot worse. If she ended up in mental hospital…I will be more agree. I know it will became much difficult to get JS grandma to like SY, well who knows what the writer will wrote for JS grandma to be able to accept SY to be together with JS. I can’t wait to see JS and SY to get married. Their marriage will be lovely…I’m looking forward for your review on ep 57…

  139. 139 : reindeer song Says:

    Why do we all think SY does nor ove JS. I think she does, remember their meeting, though she was still a nun there was some moments of understanding and care for him and family. The arrogence of TJ and others propelled her to escalate the timeframe, but she does love him, even the two orphan girls saw it with both parties. She just feel sorry for JS because they all will say that was SY ulterior reason for approaching JS, to get her revenge on TJ. They became one before the death of her sister. No one is speaking so there is a mountain of misunderstanding. Granny need to open her eyes wide, to DIL and TJ accept SY before she looses everything.Oh, plus granny’s big secret.

  140. 140 : Wowwww Says:

    Thanks mml for the review…I think that the grandma will eventually see that the only way for JS to be happy and to succeed will be for SY to be with him….another thing is that the grandma may not agree now but with that evil stepmother in the equation she will soon come to realize that only SY can take care of them…it is already evident maybe even to the grandma that JH TJ and the stepmom is all afraid of what SY can do and that is what she needs to help JS

  141. 141 : Wowwww Says:

    I really hope he will fight for his love to show his grandma not to interfere…it really surprises me that the grandma wants to control every part of his life with no consideration for him after all he has been through already…..you would think she is more understanding of him after what she did to his mom.

  142. 142 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Apparently I think JS grandma will eventually accept as she will realised that SY is the only person who capable on dealing JS vicious stepmother. And the person who can protect JS…I really wanted to find out more about JS mother who will appear sooner. Can someone send that lunatic JH to Asylum or some place far? She is obviously has gone nuts. It’s pretty sad to see her behave like insanity woman. But she deserve it for trusting too much at TJ…

  143. 143 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 57, actually, the grandmother wanted to tell Sun Yoo to leave this job,but, the problem was Ji Suk went to her office at the right timing to see Sun Yoo and he thought that his grandmother will agree to his suggestions, but,the grandmother’s intention was to chase Sun Yoo out from the company. The grandmother wanted to control her grandson Ji Suk and it seems that she can’t do it so obviously and if she insisted to chase Sun Yoo out from the company who knows Ji Suk will be upset and more misunderstandings arises.

    Therefore, the grandmother agreed to keep Sun Yoo and worked as Chairman’s secretary that means Sun Yoo will be the secretary of this grandmother. Why did the grandmother wanted to do it in this way ? That’s because the grandmother can torture Sun Yoo everyday. The purpose is to torture Sun Yoo until she can’t accept pressure anymore, then she will resign and leave Ji Suk. Can we understand that how wicked is Ji Suk’s grandmother ?

    Sun Yoo was glad to accept this opportunity as her mind was thinking that this can be her opportunity to be closer towards her revenge plot towards Tae Jung. This episode will not show Ji Suk quarrelled with anyone, he became more calm in understanding his problem , but, instead, the continuous fight between Tae Jung and Sun Yoo. Sun Yoo was looking forward to challenge with Tae Jung. Ji Suk’s stepmother was a greedy and ambitious person. She continued to find ways for her revenge towards Ji Suk and continued her evil plan with Tae Jung.

    Tae Jung’s sister, a lovely girl, she wanted to make her breast becomes big by doing gym exercise in episode 53 and now in episode 57, she’s trying her ways to hook and capture the attention of Sun Yoo’s cousin. Looks like she secretly fell in love and more complications maybe will appear in future episodes that Sun Yoo’s aunt and uncle may not be able to accept Tae Jung’s sister.

    And back to Sun Yoo, now she is able to work as a Secretary, she will need to struggle as the grandmother forced her to read more books to widen her horizon and knowledge. The good thing about Sun Yoo, now, she becomes more cheerful and more pretty, at least, better dressing and pretty hairstyle.
    But, the sad thing was can Sun Yoo be able to finish reading all the books at the given time ?? Poor thing how can she be able to please this heartless grandmother ??? Not only that, Sun Yoo’s uncle looking worried for Sun Yoo as he had realised that Sun Yoo will have more challenges to face. To quit the job , that means she got zero chance for revenge and if she doesn’t quit, she will get torture by the grandmother.
    Like that how ?????

  144. 144 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml wow grandma is the biggest bitch….I hope SY will show her whats she’s made of…she saw that SY came dresses up nice in her suit and she took her hiking in her heels…..I am happy SY did not show any weakness then…so proud of her…

  145. 145 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the review….SY will overcome hardship and hopefully JS grandma will see her in different view…SY is not like any other woman who wants to take advantage on JS. She is an extraordinary woman who wants nothing but revenge..towards TJ…I believe in SY that she will regain trust and power from JS grandma. Then she will have her revenge. SY is a strong woman who will get what she wants. Nothing or no one will stopped her nor blocked her. That’s the character that I see through her…Oh…I love Yoon So Yi…She is an awesome actress…Can’t wait to see her turned into her evil side..

  146. 146 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I think I know why the grandma wants to make SY her secretary…Firstly, yes you right mml…she wanted to tortures SY..secondly, is that she wants to see whether SY can handle the hardest situation or not. Lastly, she wanted to test SY whether she can be trusted enough or not. Well for now that’s what I think. But we all know that SY is not the kind of woman who do work halfway…she will complete her tasks on time. That way, no one can defeat her not even TJ…or that vicious AR…SY have been through many hardship since she was a child. She will become much more stronger than anyone.

  147. 147 : reindeer song Says:

    Well, why do you think she drove JS Mum away controll over her womanizing son. SY will teach Granny a thing or two. Becoming secretary was the perfect spot for her. All will regret that decision. Another thing I do think JS mum will allign herself with SY, she is watching, she sees. Granny stole JS Mum’s money, that is why she is protecting the company for him.

  148. 148 : reindeer song Says:

    Question? OFF TOPIC! In all these kdrama, why do they put such importance on who their family is? Who really cares. It’s like they are god’s, so what your parents have some money and live in a fairly nice homes with maids, again so what? Other who are less fortunate lives life like that too, but they care for others not obnoxious and rude.
    Why do they think that their Sh**t does not stink, this annoys me. The arrogence the projects, bothers me when it not there money, they have not earned their keep. They structs around like peacocks, even in Korean you see that quite a lot, especially in clubs. Also, why do men in Korea wear soooo much makeup, I was shock to see young men and grown men wearing makeup.These scenario are constantly in K Dramas it does not bode well.
    JS is angry at SY because he thinks SY approach him for who he is, why should that matter? Is he a prince?The importance they attach to themselves is just STUPID. Or are they waiting for the shock and awer when they find out. CRAP!!! Delusions of grandieur won’t you say!!!

  149. 149 : mml Says:

    @147 reindeer song ,
    you think Ji Suk’s mum wil align with Sun Yoo, but, the strange thing was, from episode 1 to episode 57, i have no ideal, where is Ji Suk’s mum, is she still alive or is she dead ? Totally, i have no ideal. I think is Sun Yoo , she herself overcome all her obstacles for the sake of living on her life for her revenge.

    It seems that the day that she has given up to be a nun, she does not know how to live her life. All she knows is to go after this bad guy Tae Jung and wanting to put him in jail. And on the other hand , Ji Suk doesn’t know how to live his life, it was only when he met Sun Yoo that was his turning point in life.

    And more to find out from this drama and i just hope that Ji Suk will still love Sun Yoo after all the hardships they have to go through. And am not sure whether can i be correct with this imagination ?????

  150. 150 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I think JS mom will appear real soon…when that happens, JS grandma will not be able to control JS…Only then JS will get together and married SY…This drama is daebak… 😉

  151. 151 : Anita Says:

    Like this series yet:) I love JS-SY lovey-dovey scenes:) For example yesterday’s sub episode, when JS got jealous first SY’s cousin, was so funny. I watch new episodes and TJ’s sister – SY’s cousin are cute, lovely together:) TJ’s sister is nice and don’t know nothing what happened around her. I think JS grandmother likes SY a little, just she tries her tolerance:)
    I’m a little afraid. I think JS will know the truth before wedding ceremony (from his sister in her own version), and will torture SY after marrying… But I hope I’m not right. It would be good if JS would know the truth from SY.

  152. 152 : mml Says:

    What’s the real intention of the grandmother ? Episode 58, it may be a blessing that Sun Yoo was a given this opportunity to work as Chairman’s Secretary, but, looks like Sun Yoo may still have to resign. Although, she’s able to remember and memorize well from the books of people that the grandmother wanted her to do so. And at the event, Sun Yoo was able to help and impressed the Chairman by telling the grandmother who are the people at the event and what’s their role. And this seems to never make the grandmother glad that Sun Yoo had been trying her best at her work.

    Ji Suk seems to worry for Sun Yoo for accepting this job. And understood that Sun Yoo was weak in certain areas. Therefore, he was the one who’s helping and teaching Sun Yoo on how to remember and recognise things in a more simple way. Their relationships seems to draw closer in making Sun Yoo to like him as day by day goes by.

    A problem that can never be solved between the hatred of Ji Suk’s stepmother and Ji Suk. Ji Suk’s stepmother was always waiting for chance to punish and chase Ji Suk out of the house. As Tae Jung’s friend all along having dishonest business deal with Tae Jung, he became frightened to see Sun Yoo working as Chairman’s Secretary and who knows Sun Yoo may be the one who’s obstructing this guy to continue having dirty dishonest business tricks with Tae Jung.

    On the other hand, Tae Jung’s sister always day dreaming , dreaming for the guy she wants and trying to follow Sun Yoo’s cousin where ever he wants to go and what’s her loveline in the near future which will be connected with Sun Yoo ?

    The wicked grandmother removed her necklace and put it inside her jacket. But, when she has reached home, she then instructed Sun Yoo to go back to the event place to find her necklace as maybe she carelessly dropped and lost her necklace at that place. Sun Yoo with a kind and innocent heart, thought the grandmother really lost her necklace and hurriedly went back to the event place to search for the necklace. The grandmother was aware that the necklace was actually inside her jacket and she gave the jacket to her daughter in law for laundry services and Ji Hee’s mother found the necklace inside the jacket and greedy to keep and hide it.

    When Ji Suk came home and quite curious that Sun Yoo left her phone in the office,before, he can even get a concrete answer, his uncle was smart enough to quickly informed Ji Suk that Sun Yoo went to search for the necklace. The next thing was Ji Suk was shocked to hear mocking and insulting words from his stepmother.

    Can anyone being able to understand what’s the motive of the grandmother at episode 58 trying to make Sun Yoo to search the necklace at such a late hour ? Was she trying to set traps for Sun Yoo or was she trying to kill the two birds with one stone ? And also trying to set traps for Ji Hee’s mother at the same time ? I think Ji Suk is a really pitiful guy, he can never be able to choose to like any girl, as long as the grandmother does not like, Ji Suk can’t do anything. The grandmother is trying to frame and plot something that until now, i still don’t understand what’s her motive of doing it ?????

  153. 153 : jj Says:

    I hope people who have money in Korea ain’t really act like this. To have a sincere person working more than they already are and setting them up is so cruel. I don’t think even if i lived there i would aspire to marry a rich guy.
    Thanks mml for the review, very informative for us english viewers

  154. 154 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks again mml for the review ep 58. Yeah, what does JS grandma motive actually by doing that to SY? Why can’t she just accept SY already…? I’m wondering whether she was trying to test SY or torturing her…Poor SY, I just hope she will make it through hardship that being tasked by JS grandma. Gosh…! I think it will be difficult for SY to get married to JS, now that JS grandma did not accept her. Why huh? Most of the K-Dramas that I’ve watched, the rich family couldn’t accept the poor woman to be their daughter in -law? It does not make any sense. Just because her background is poor. Rich people really is a fussy. The only person who can fight against JS grandma is JS mother whose character did not yet emerge. Oh no …when will JS grandma will be able to accept SY. I feel so angry towards that damn grandma for treating SY that kind of manners. Why did JS did not take any action? Can’t he see that his damn grandma treating SY horribly? He should do something already. I don’t know what will happen to SY on the upcoming episode 59…Hopefully everything went well. I think that damn grandma is up for something bad towards SY. But SY still stay strong despite what damn grandma did to her. She stays strong because of her love towards JS…Love conquer all…I’m so looking forward for your review ep 59…Thanks again, mml… 😀

  155. 155 : reindeer song Says:

    Granny can’t help it , she want to controll JS, anyone who she thinks will challenge her or open JS eyes granny feel threatened.

    JJ to your statement, they do. Several years ago I watched a sshow where Kwon Sang woo stated he wanted to find a woman who will treat his mother well, he said being young and seeing how his mother had to cowdown to her employer and their family made him sick. Another instance I was in Korea when this happen, a mail order bride was brought to Korea marry and had a child but her husband and family abused her so much, she worked from night to day, she had enough of the beatings and abuse, she fought the hell back in the process the husband was killed, it goes on believe me its rampant.I will refrain from going further just to let you know they have a sense of superiority.

  156. 156 : mml Says:

    @154 Avenge_Girl ,
    am curious that how do you get the information about Ji Suk’s mother whose character not yet emerge ? I have been trying to find out about the information on Ji Suk’s mother at China Website and it seems that it did not mention any actress that’s acting as Ji Suk’s mother. I am still not sure whether will Ji Suk’s mother will appear to help Sun Yoo ?

    Looking at the way the grandmother analysing all people and the way she handle problems, am very sure that Ji Suk’s mother was being chased out from the house by the grandmother and Ji Suk’s ex-girlfriend left Ji Suk was also partially the grandmother used her cunning way in sending her to United States to study by using money to bribe Ji Suk’s ex-girlfriend. And the way, she set traps to Sun Yoo, most probably was to accuse Sun Yoo as the thief in order to get rid of Sun Yoo ? And now, another problem comes in is, the stepmother with mockery that Ji Suk has a new girlfriend Sun Yoo which is a dishonest person, maybe, accused Sun Yoo for stealing the necklace and this made Ji Suk wanted to be the bodyguard of Sun Yoo to find out the truth. And am looking forward to watch episde 59 to see how can Ji Suk stand up to find out the truth or how can Sun Yoo being able to find a way to solve this problem ?

  157. 157 : mml Says:

    @155 reindeer song ,
    in my country, there’s a law to protect all women from being bitten or threatened by their husband. This law is call Women’s Charter and all women can go to any police station and file a record and immediately get PPO that is personal protection order.

    The law of Korea maybe different from other country and Korea dramas usually formed to get viewers open their eyes and learnt to be have a better judgement. Any way is it is it a man or a woman, all people should be respected and there’s no such thing to make them to work day and night. If the employer is this type of person, that means this employer is an errant employer who treat employees worst than a dog.

  158. 158 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Dear mml…
    Actually I didn’t get any information on JS mother’s character, it’s just my assumption that JS mom will appear. Based on my analysis regarding on JS mom…she might appear. The actress that will played the role JS mother remain unknown which means the writer will probably write her role in the drama. Do you remember JS grandma told JS that his mother still missing after that accident? Anyway, this drama still new. Some other characters did not mention as the writer wanted the audience to figure it out or under process. Now the writer just write the main and minor characters in the drama. Right now we can see that SY character in grave danger as now JS grandma and AR wanted to harm her. Regardless on the situation that SY will be facing, JS mother might played supporting role to support SY character into becoming her evil side. That way, SY will have her revenge on those who make her suffer. That’s just my opinion based on K-drama experience that I’ve watched. Even though, JS still on SY side. He still defenseless and powerless to protect SY from his grandma and those people who tried to put SY in danger. When that times come, the writer will eventually re-emerge JS mother character. And when that happens, SY will become much stronger with the help of JS mother. JS mother might be waiting to the right time to take revenge on JS grandma. That’s was just my assumption only. Anyway, I will wait for your review on ep 59…thanks.. 😀

  159. 159 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    On top of that mml…, the writer would want JS to be reunited with his mother. JS probably still searching for his mother whereabouts…JS is such a poor guy, being raised by his stepmother who did not love and cares for him might effects his life as he longed for his mother loves and to appear soon…many of us viewers wanted JS mother to emerge not only for the sake of revenge but for JS whom still missing his mother until now. I think the compass which JS held with him will led the way for him to unite with his mother.

  160. 160 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    If the writer wrote the storyline of this drama like that, I’m going to rate this drama 5 stars. Although, the writer did not mention any characters yet. But we can figure it out what will happen to SY…She may stepped into dangerous path, but she is a strong woman and she will eventually success in the end. Her road maybe dangerous but in order to avenge her sister’s death, she will have to faced the the situation alone. Revenge is so sweet. I have a good feelings for this drama.

  161. 161 : mml Says:

    @160 Avenge_Girl,
    am glad that you enjoy watching this drama, actually, I do agree with your imagination and hopefully Ji Suk’s mother will appear. Revenge is not sweet, as evil is formed. But under such circumstances, Sun Yoo is right to revenge.

  162. 162 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thank mml for agreeing on my imagination. But that’s what I really hope for. I just simply said revenge is sweet. Even though it’s not sweet at all. I’m just wondering what will happen to SY now that JS grandma is up for something bad for SY. JS grandma might want to eliminate SY considering her as threat. I think if JS being given a choice between wealth and SY. He rather choose SY than his wealth. Because that’s the kind of guy JS is. He will not just simply sit back and do nothing after he find out what happen to SY. He will fight against his grandma in order to protect SY. As I have watched, ep 1-58, JS seems to me does not interested in the company. Am I right ? SY will resign in the meantime after she realised how wicked is JS grandma. SY lives are in a grave danger now everyone wanted to harm her badly. I feel so happy to know that JS seems to care more about SY safety than the company. The company is not that important…it can be built but the lives of the woman he loves are much precious. That’s what I considered. Can’t wait to find out what will happen to JS and SY. Now JS learned that his grandma is up for something bad for SY. Who knows what that grandma will planned for SY?.:D

  163. 163 : reindeer song Says:

    Response: mml 157. Yes all over Europe and even America there are laws that protect women from abusive husbands, but I have to say this sorry foldks. Koreans treat foreigners worst than dogs, they all think they are better than foreigners, they police will not help they have to go to their organized sponsors for help then the police interceeds, a woman spat in the face of a person and the police did nothing, it in court as we speak that is the sort of civil liberties foreigners face in Korea. Japan use to be worst, but has calm down tremendously.

  164. 164 : Wowwww Says:

    Thanks mml for all the reviews….I really hope that what u and avenge girl imagine is what’s going to happen because i am sick of the grandma at this point and want someone to tone her down a notch

  165. 165 : billy Says:

    I was hooked in this drama. Trust Korean drama to always come out with the worst character and the most nightmarish plot that could ever happen to a clueless person. Why are the good people become easy victims by these baddies…baddies should fight baddies to make this world a better place to live. Live the good ones untouched with divine protection. I just watched ep 48 and hope it doesnt take much time for the next episode to come out with eng sub. How is SY going to fix her situation? she is already falling for Ji Suk and wants to protect him, but the revenge thing is also eating her up! I think that she is in too deep to keep the truth from Ji Suk, she needs to confide now before things explode on her face. Ji Suk must start to see the real picture, because they are both falling for each other and that requires trust and commitment to each other. Just how SY going to do this? its really up to her…if Im in her shoes, I would start by telling him her sister’s story and how she died! She doesnt have to be too frank as to tell the name of the man (who is TJ), but JS will start to see the picture…but please, dont keep on putting JiSuk in the dark…its the worst case you can do to someone who loves you a lot, like he do to SY.

  166. 166 : Wowwww Says:

    Billy ep 49 is up on youtube

  167. 167 : Wowwww Says:

    What the hell just happened at the end of ep 59… It seems as if JS and SY relashonship is about to reach the ultimate marriage stage….but what the hell did the grandma say to SY to make her look so apprehensive at the end of the ep…can’t wait for tommorow ep..I don’t know a thing they are saying but I can feel the progress through the images….lol

  168. 168 : sml Says:

    what’s grandma saying to SY when they have lunch together ? Please translate… Hope eng sub faster so can catch up until ep 55… chebal…

  169. 169 : Wowwww Says:

    Avenge girl and mml should be happy SY is starting to look like a lady

  170. 170 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Oh my! Finally some good news, what makes the grandma finally approve SY? Did something happened at ep 59? Can someone tell me the details, please? Wow…!! Why I feel extremely happy now? But somehow, JS grandma will sooner realised that SY is different from any other woman who after JS wealth. I feel so happy to know that the grandma finally accepted SY anyway. I can’t wait to watch SY wearing wedding dress. She must be awesome in that dress. And I really can’t wait for SY to get revenge on that damn TJ and vicious AR. JS must be very happy to know that his grandma has accept SY to be with him…Thank you everyone for the reviews. What I don’t understand right now is why the grandma suddenly agree on letting SY be together with JS? Did she planned something bad for SY? This is so strange…Anyway…I feel so delightful knowing this day will come. It’s like dreams come true. I’m so happy for both SY and JS. Chu-ka hae…Congrats!!! 😀

  171. 171 : Wowwww Says:

    I don’t know what’s going on but SY was diligently searching for the necklace until she got sick and then the grandma and her secretary was watching her search for it the next morning after SY got sick by being in the rain searching for the necklace the night before…she said something to the secretary and the secretary said something to SY ….SY went home and was lying in bed sick and the grandma called her and met her for dinner….. SY looked very cute In her ladylike clothing…..she said something to SY and she looked apprehensive at the end of the ep …so now I am really wondering what was said…..hopefully mml comes on and gives us some insight……looool

  172. 172 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    That day will come, where JH will realised TJ true colours behind his fake mask…and lol it’s gonna be too late to regret of marrying that damned guy. Can’t wait to see her shocked face…After SY married JS, she will make JH, AR and that damn TJ lives in Hell. Marrying JS is a good opportunity for SY to carrying on her planned to eliminate TJ and AR…however I really do hope that SY will find out about JY baby before JH does. At least once SY marry JS, JS will not be alone to faced his vicious stepmother. He will get stronger to protect SY…JS is such a devoted husband to-be towards SY. He seems to cares more about SY than anyone in his lives. I’m so loving towards JS love for SY…and hopefully she will tell JS the truth about her past and that damned TJ. In that way, JS will forgive and protect SY from TJ and AR. Yeah …!! This is so amazing…some improvement..Finally!! Kyaa…

  173. 173 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks Wowwww for the short review…I guess the grandma is not so wicked woman after all. She do have good heart. I think all this time, she wears her fake masks all this time in front SY just to proved whether SY is tough and reliable or not of the situation. I get it now, it’s all a test to prove SY is worthy for his grandson or not. Making SY suffer meant to test her only. I think SY made it through and gain trust from JS grandma. So relieve now SY be able to take revenge on TJ. Woohoo…

  174. 174 : Wowwww Says:

    Hopefully we can get some subs in America early…because this drama is getting too spicy

  175. 175 : jj Says:

    Why does SY seem so out of it at the end of the episode? She seemed like the grandmother said something bad to her.

  176. 176 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thinking back twicely, JS grandma might tell SY something at the end of ep 59. I went looking for some information on that episode, I search throughout other blogs. Some said that JS grandma told SY to be matchmaker to JS and the woman which JS grandma recommended to go blind date. I’m not sure whether the info is true or not. It might be wrong..If it is true, which means SY have to leave JS and the company. Oh My God! This should not be happening. That’s why the writer should re-emerge JS mom immediately to help SY get her revenge. Now, I totally felt sad for SY. That grandma so wicked. I thought she is nice person…which turned out she is indeed evil. If this all happened to be true, I don’t think JS will tolerate with his grandma knowing her evil plan to break them up. I found all this info from Current Drama Heavenly Woman blog. If you search on google, just type angel’s revenge. Then the name of this blog will appear. Anyway for now, I don’t intend to believe their info, not until mml post the reviews. I do really hope what I just find out will not happened. If not this drama will be intense. Oh please…I don’t want JS and SY to break up. I hate this feelings.. 🙁

  177. 177 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Please do let JS find out his grandma evil plan….that way, JS have no choice but to fight…against that grandma. I really thought there will be a wedding on ep 60-63…Don’t you guys feels so strange? If that grandma really blessed their marriage, she should just tell JS directly not SY. Right? Thinking thrice, it might be true…We all know how dislikes that grandma to SY. I really can’t watch those episodes. Really makes me boiled with anger now… Then SY will be all alone in this chaotic world. Anyway whatever the outcomes gonna be, I just hope JS find out about his grandma plans. SY should just stay focused on her revenge now. As for her and JS romance, let the writer decide.

  178. 178 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I feel heartbreak and totally upsets with their info..gosh…please don’t let this matter to be true. If not the upcoming episodes will be suicide..tragic…Oh my… :'(

  179. 179 : Wowwww Says:

    I really hope that is not true and I hope that JS will find out immediately…but avenge girl rest assured hopefully SY is not a idiot and will teach that granny bitch a lesson

  180. 180 : Wowwww Says:

    I went on the blog and everyone seems to be saying that the situation is as u said avenge girl…although I am still banking on the synopsis that says that they will be married…hopefully this will are JS completely get mad at his grandma and stand up to her so that she can see that she needs to leave JS and SY alone and accept things as they are

  181. 181 : jj Says:

    Oh gosh!!! The writer just seems to be dragging the drama out. I’m going to be really pissed if SY does what the grandmother tells her. But I think this would be a good time to focus on her revenge. Maybe if she starts giving aJS some space he will get upset with the grandmother and the wicked old woman has to come and beg SY for forgiveness. At least i wish the writer would do that for the viewers..lol… Soooo worried right now ;(

  182. 182 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 59 and found out what’s happening to the problem. Ji Suk realised his grandma’s evil tricks through the words from his stepmother. His stepmother told Ji Suk that grandma wanted Sun Yoo to search for the necklace which actually can be never found. After hearing it, he went to the riverside to look for Sun Yoo although, it was still raining heavily. Ji Suk found Sun Yoo and even realised that Sun Yoo was ill, he quickly stopped her to continue her searching. Sun Yoo was determined and stubborn to continue and eventually she stopped her searching as she was having bad cough and fever. Sun Yoo followed Ji Suk to a house for a night shelter and she forgot where did she misplace her phone?
    Caring Ji Suk returned her the phone and told her that she left it in the office. Sun Yoo began to call her uncle to inform them that she will not be coming home in view of work reasons. Her aunt mistaken her as going out to play or dating with Ji Suk.
    On the other hand , the family gossip until Sun Yoo’s cousin came back and went to room to look for something and accidentally discovered that Sun Yoo is currently working L food company which Tae Jung actually also working in this company. Doubtful and surprised to Sun Yoo’s plan.

    Sun Yoo was ill and Ji Suk wanted to get medicine for her. He went to his car and search. Meanwhile, his grandma called him, he was disappointed and frustrated to talk to her as the grandma checked on this movement schedule on where he goes. When he went back to the room, wanted to give the medicine to Sun Yoo, Sun Yoo had already fell asleep. With a caring face, loving heart, he fell deeply in love with Sun Yoo for her innocent trust on his evil grandma. The next day, Ji Suk found Sun Yoo missing in action. He desperately went to the riverside to look for Sun Yoo. He saw Sun Yoo patiently searching for the missing the necklace and recalled those days when Sun Yoo was a trainee nun, her sincere thought and attitude in helping him to find the compass.

    Later on Ji Suk went home to have his meal and the grandma wanted to talk to him in the discussion room, while Ji Hee already came back, Ji Hee’s mother knew that her mother in law wanted to chase Sun Yoo’s away and told everything to Ji Hee and she even wanted Ji Suk to marry Sun Yoo as Sun Yoo is not a very capable girl and family background unmatch. It will be of greater advantage to continue to revenge for wealth and power.

    Towards the end of the episode 59 was the grandma allowed Sun Yoo to continue her work but, she’s not allowed to carry on her relationships with Ji Suk as the grandma wanted Ji Suk to marry a lady who is the CEO’s daughter of another company, by getting married to that lady, both companies will merge to strengthen their business and Ji Suk will be even safer to secure his status and Sun Yoo was really to hear it. This is because Sun Yoo has already fell in love with Ji Suk.

  183. 183 : Wowwww Says:

    I am so glad for your review @mml ………..I have been wondering about the situation …that evil bitch…we will see what will happen.hopefully SY is not an idiot and will not let JS down by following the grandmother…….I am so upset

  184. 184 : jj Says:

    Thank you mml!!!! Thanks for breaking it down. That grandma has another thing coming if she thinks SY is a stupid welcome home mat to step on like Eunsu

  185. 185 : mml Says:

    @183 and @ 184 jj,
    to be continued for what i want to say for what’s happening at episode 59 as i haven’t finished the whole episode 59 and refer to @182 mml .

    Ji Hee although, disliked Sun Yoo, but with her mother’s suggestions and ideals, therefore, she did not object and to go against it. As Ji Suk’s stepmother changed her mind, she’s trying and hoping that Sun Yoo will successfully get married to the family. Grandma after hearing the good sight of Sun Yoo through Ji Suk’s detail explainations. The grandma was thinking that actually Sun Yoo is a sincere and kind lady, but, family background not match and therefore she wanted to see and witness Sun Yoo. The grandma secretly went to the riverside and saw Sun Yoo continued her searching. She informed her assistant to tell Sun Yoo that she does not need to continue her searching, but instead, Sun Yoo will need to go home and a good rest. Sun Yoo complied and went home to rest.

    On the other hand, Sun Yoo’s cousin was on his way to Ji Suk’s office and who knows he accidentally met Tae Jung and discovered Sun Yoo’s motive of working at L food company and perhaps revenge planning towards Tae Jung, but, he kept it inside his heart after the quarrelled with Tae Jung. He went into Ji Suk’s office and managed to meet and chatting with Ji Suk. Sun Yoo’s cousin even out of curiosity wanted to know how Ji Suk met Sun Yoo. And Ji Suk told him that he met Sun Yoo while, she was a trainee nun. Sun Yoo’s cousin continued asking Ji Suk, does he know anything happened and the cause of Jin Yoo’s death ? Ji Suk replied him that he felt sorry , it’s because of him that Sun Yoo missed her chance to see her sister and to avoid the accident happened. After hearing it, Sun Yoo’s cousin did not mention anything about the bad guy Tae Jung.

    And after several hours, the grandma called and wanted to meet Sun Yoo . When Sun Yoo arrived at the meeting place, the grandma apologised to her for her intentions to test Sun Yoo with regards to the missing necklace. The grandma told Sun Yoo directly straight to the point. She told Sun Yoo that she can continue to work as her secretary, but, in terms of capabillity, Sun Yoo is not suitable for Ji Suk as Sun Yoo does not have the power, energy and ability to outshine and helped Ji Suk. And therefore, she wanted Sun Yoo to help for the arrangement and co-ordinator for this occasion whereby Ji Suk will meet his future wife which is the CEO’s daughter of another company. Both companies will merge together, once Ji Suk will get married with the CEO’s daughter .The grandma will decide for Ji Suk’s marriage and if, Sun Yoo were to let Ji Suk find out that he has to marry the CEO’s daughter and got angry to the matter, Ji Suk will be chased out from the house.
    After hearing this, Sun Yoo became tremendously upset and apprehensive as the current situation is Sun Yoo has already fell in love with Ji Suk. She doesn’t how to handle and convince the grandma.

    Episode 59 made me understand that the grandma not only evil and greedy. She wanted to make use of Sun Yoo as Skateboard to fullfill Ji Suk to get married to a lady of even better family background and can control Ji Suk as long as she’s alive. Ji Suk is now a grown up man, he wants to marry the girl that he loves and have his happy marriage sex life and how can the grandma choose and decide for his marriage ? Can you imagine, how can a man and a woman get to be married all because of family background that can match and without love. And how to make love and have sex life, if Ji Suk doesn’t love or like that girl and the grandma forced him into marriage ?? Like that how ?? Ji Suk better run away missing in action and hide at Sun Yoo’s uncle house.

    Okay, am looking forward to watch episode 60. My review episode 59 was a little late as last night my computer was down. And hopefully tonight i can continue episode 60 review smoothly.

  186. 186 : sml Says:

    @mml : thank you f0r 59 review. Waiting for your ep 60 review. Hope Sy tell Js about grandma.and tell her real feeling If she really doesn’t want to hurt Js. Just quit working for grandma but still have relationship with Js.

  187. 187 : Wowwww Says:

    ThaAaaaAANK YOU @ mml ….I can’t stand that bitch of a grandmother

  188. 188 : jj Says:

    I totally agree @ sml. I am looking forward to your review @ mml bcuz i want to know how SY retaliates

  189. 189 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks a lot mml for the review on episode 59…We’ll be looking forward for your review ep 60… it’s okay we all understand your problem, my line internet is slow until now. Anyway now I’m online at my mobile internet pass. I feel so upset knowing that grandma wanting to break SY and JS apart. Just because her background doesn’t match with JS, so she can treat SY horribly huh…What the heck, until now I feel extremely sad for SY…that grandma should just die…or disappear. I don’t think JS will agree with his grandma’s decision on matching him with other woman. Cause we all know that JS heart with SY only. I hate that grandma. She’s so evil like TJ … No …even worse I think.

  190. 190 : sml Says:

    I think SY must tell JS the truth since JS told SY why he broke up with Eunsu : because Eunse lying to him. So don’t repeat that mistake SY… Don’t make JS knows your revenge from others… Tell it yourself to JS, he will understand and help….

  191. 191 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    That grandma…who does she think she is? Just because she is the chairman, she can simply treat SY like that huh? Now I’m so mad at that grandma…Just wait and see JS mom will appear really soon and just ripped her skeleton out of her body. I think this is the right time the writer re-emerge JS mom…only to her SY can regain power. I think it’s better SY just quit the company, rather than she do what that grandma told her to do. I really can’t bear to watch SY become the matchmaker between JS and other woman. SY is clever and has a bright future ahead of her. I believe many other company wanted to hired her. She’s not only a beauty but intelligence.

  192. 192 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Who knows she might get hired by a generous woman who turned out to be JS mom…That’s what I wished for to be happened. When that happen, I’ll be the one who says Yahooo…!!! SY then can complete trust JS mom…JS mom should be played an important role in SY revenge plan. Then JS will leave the company and joined his mom company. Then TJ will takeover the company and drive JH to asylum. While that AR get killed by TJ…SY will make comeback to punished TJ…Well that’s just my imagination only. But it’ll be great story if that really happen. Haha…I think JS will not stayed on the company if he happened to find out his grandma true intention. At that time, SY will get closer to her revenge.

  193. 193 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    JS is such a nice man, and he could be helpful in SY revenge plan. He got brain. And I do hope that SY will tell JS everything about her past including that damn TJ…And I hoped, JS will accept SY apology and her revengenda…It’ll be great to see both JS and SY cooperate on revenge plot. I understand now why SY cannot tell JS about her past because she didn’t want to burden him. She had rather suffer alone than letting JS share her suffering. She is definitely an Angel. No wonder JS falls for her deeply. SY character do really makes me understand her more. Her painful lives. Anyway, she deserve a nice man like JS. I believe she will tell JS about her past that include damn TJ…I do really falls for this drama deeply. No matter how painful is this drama, I’m going to watched till end.

  194. 194 : Wowwww Says:

    Avenge girl I hope that everything u said is what happens…I am also pissed and I can’t even watch 60 raw because the dailymotion link is not up…I don’t understand korean but I want to at least see what happens…..I hope this show doesn’t go downhill

  195. 195 : mml Says:

    @ 194 Wowwww,
    thanks that you like my review and thanks to all those who enjoy reading my review for the latest episode. Do not feel dishearten when you don’t understand Korea language, if fact, i do understand Korea language but it’s not as good as the real Korean. It’s common to most viewers, this show will not go downhill, as the revenge will be a successful one, in fact,the rating at China website is considered good rating for this drama.

    I will continue my review and who knows you will like this drama beyond your expectations.

  196. 196 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml hopefully thank you for ur reviews u save my days

  197. 197 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 60 , Sun Yoo was worried to face Ji Suk, she wanted to tell the truth and hesitated to do it. If she were to tell Ji Suk that grandma wanted him to marry the selected woman, he will hate and angry with his grandma. And the grandma earlier on did threaten Sun Yoo not to reveal this secret mission otherwise Ji Suk will be chased out from his family and even lost his status. Sun Yoo did tell Ji Suk that oneday at the right timing she will tell him something. And Ji Suk with a radiant happy face, he even invited Sun Yoo for the party. While walking to another office, Tae Jung accidentally saw both of them will a closer relationships, he began to worry that who knows oneday , they will get married and Sun Yoo will become his sister in law.

    Ji Hee discovered that Sun Yoo was attending the party invitation and began to get angry. And who knows she then received a call from her mother in law informing Ji Hee for medical checkup appointment. Later on, her mother in law brought her to hospital on how to conceive and quickly get pregnant.

    Next, Ji Suk accompanied Sun Yoo to reach home safely. And he even shared the positive and goods things about his grandma, but, Sun Yoo was too upset to speak out the truth.
    Meanwhile, Sun Yoo’s aunt and uncle was on their way home and happened to meet both of them and happily invited Ji Suk to the house for chatting. After their long conversations, the family realised that Ji Suk was really serious in his relationships and got planning to marry Sun Yoo. The family was glad to hear this news, while Sun Yoo was upset and hurried Ji Suk to quickly go home. While, Sun Yoo’s cousin was curious and doubtful in certain things and therefore, he brought Sun Yoo to have a drink. By questioning Sun Yoo about the complicated relationships between Tae Jung and Ji Suk. Sun Yoo was forced to tell her relationships and true feelings to her cousin. She told her cousin that her feelings and love towards Ji Suk was real and was upset that she fell in love with Ji Suk .

    On the other hand, Ji Hee was forced to drink the medicine as her mother in law wanted her to conceive a child soon. Her hypocrite mother in law on one hand, trying and wanting to make Ji Hee quickly get pregant and on the other side of her, she missed her grandchild which was thrown at the orphanage.

    In their room, Tae Jung was curious about his mother’s conversations with his wife. And Ji Hee told Tae Jung what’s the conversations about and Tae Jung was unhappy that his mother was doing things unnecessarily.

    When Ji Suk reached home, he went to thank his grandma for keeping Sun Yoo with the job. And after that, Ji Suk’s stepmother came out from her room and be a great pretender. His stepmother encouraged his love relationships with Sun Yoo can be a fruitful one and Ji Suk happily thank his stepmother for the positive encouragement.

    While, Sun Yoo was in her room, Sun Yoo recalled the threatening words from the grandma and she began to worry and suddenly Ji Suk called to de-stress her. But, Sun Yoo continued to worry and trying her best to find a solution to solve this tedious problem.

    The next day,while at work, Ji Suk’s stepmother was walking and discussing matters to Tae Jung and she accidentally saw Sun Yoo and pretended to be nice to her. Later on, she told Tae Jung that she’s hoping that Ji Suk will marry with Sun Yoo
    as Sun Yoo is not that intelligent and may not be capable to help Ji Suk in terms of family background not match. And who knows Sun Yoo was hiding at a corner and heard their conversations, Sun Yoo was furious to discover that Ji Suk’s stepmother was evil and a leopard will never change it’s spots.

    Sun Yoo carried the vase to the chairman’s room and the grandma continued to remind and forced Sun Yoo to comply to her instructions and Sun Yoo was too upset and has no other choice and will obediently comply.

    Ji Suk’s uncle went to the pizza restaurant to re-instate his position. All of them welcome him back to work except that the naughty kid Pantong trying to bully him. While, they were on their way to deliver the pizza, the kid Pantong saw other kids with their father at the playground and began to feel upset and moody.

    The assistant went to feedback to the Chairman that her son , currently working at the pizza restaurant and she went to look for her son. The grandma took this opportunity to meet Sun Yoo’s uncle and also her main objective was to go against her grandson Ji Suk in loving Sun Yoo. The grandma even told Sun Yoo’s uncle that Ji Suk was actually the CEO of L food company. Sun Yoo’s uncle was shocked to hear this, as the bad guy Tae Jung was the brother in law of Ji Suk. The grandma was surprised to see him being shocked to hear this.

    Okay, now,i am looking forward to watch episode 61, most probably, Sun Yoo’s uncle will fear that Tae Jung will harm Sun Yoo.

  198. 198 : jj Says:

    I really hope SY does not become stupid in the show..she does not have to be obedient she can just quit n tell the granny to piss off

  199. 199 : Wowwww Says:

    Thannkkkk you mml at least now I know that there is still times for JS to find out and put the grandma in her place …..I am happy that SY is taking her time thinking about it and not blindly bending to the will of the bitch grandma…hopefully tommorow this show will turn around with JS finding out and the the bitch in her place and out his life

  200. 200 : sml Says:

    Hope JS’ uncle will tell JS that grandma come to SY’s uncle… Also grandma asks mr.Kim to do investigation if there is relationship between SY’s uncle and TJ. Hope also GJ tells JS that’s his nuna love him…. Can’t wait to see ep 61… Thanks mml for review….

  201. 201 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thank you mml for the review.. I also hoped that SY will not follow that grandma instructions… I feel pitied for SY as shecouldn’t tell JS about his grandma evil plan on breaking them apart. I just hope that she will stay strong and not give up JS. Even if SY just silence herself by not telling JS the truth, JS will find out himself about that grandma plans on separated them. Hope the writer will keep up a good story for this drama.This drama could be amazing if the writer add other characters that involved in SY revenge plot. 😀

  202. 202 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    SY is reliable to JS not only for the sake of revenge but as lawful wife who will control that vicious AR…So sweet to see them spend time together…I think SY uncle will not let TJ harm SY. He will ask SY to quit and work at the pizza instead. It is a torturing moment seeing SY being threatened by that grandma. SY should just resign from the company. JS won’t let anyone harm SY including his grandma. JS and SY are meant to be together as they both were fated for each other. Oh my…it’s painful to see SY kept everything on her own while JS think his grandma finally accepted SY.

  203. 203 : Wowwww Says:

    So true avenge girl

  204. 204 : mml Says:

    @ 202 Avenge_Girl ,
    I agree with avenge girl that Sun Yoo’s uncle will protect her and their family’s love will be different from the grandma. Although, they are not rich, but, they have a warm and loving family which Ji Suk totally doesn’t have.
    Grandma will soon discover, on the second interview that Sun Yoo was absent and missing in action was due to bad guy kidnap her.

  205. 205 : mml Says:

    @ 201 Avenge_Girl ,
    episode 60 already told us that Sun Yoo followed the grandma’s instructions and will resign and breakup with Ji Suk . I hope the writer can arrange Ji Suk to deal with this critical situation. The writer still did cover on areas that how to let the grandma find out that Tae Jung actually got a child being thrown at the orphanage ? Episode 60 already told us that the grandma will not be living long in this world and therefore the character of Ji Suk’s mother should appear in the drama.

    To separate the love of Ji Suk with Sun Yoo is actually something that’s very cruel and in episode 60 Ji Suk’s stepmother instructed Tae Jung to buy over the shares of L Food company for her greedy evil plot and that means we must hope that Ji Suk’s real mother must appear in this drama to buy over the shares of L food company instead and Ji Suk’s real mother will re-appoint and hire Sun Yoo for the job instead.

    I really wonder how can Ji Suk win for his love and to be able to marry Sun Yoo ?

  206. 206 : Wowwww Says:

    The grandma is dying….????

  207. 207 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Dear mml..
    Well I basically hope that JS mom will appear. And she maybe the person who can help SY to regain power and her revenge. That will happen in the meantime. I actually doubt that JS grandma doesn’t cared for JS as she did not agree to let SY be together JS because her background is poor. I think the accident and JS mom disappearance have got something to do with JS grandma. Because we all know that woman is secretive. Nowadays it’s so hard on finding the woman like SY. Who wants nothing but revenge.

    I think SY uncle did fine job on raising SY to become a useful person not like that greedy TJ. Even SY did not raised with family fortune but she have family love which JS should have in his life. I bet JS mom will appear in no time to unite with her son. SY and JS needs each other not just for the sake of revenge but their future happiness. If only SY tell JS the truth about her past and TJ, JS will forgive her and will protect her against their enemies. If I were SY, I would rather resign than become JS grandma’s puppet. I think JS grandma is no different like AR. They both evil and likes to interfere with JS lives. This drama is quite different than any revenge dramas that I used to watch. But this drama is much better.

  208. 208 : jj Says:

    Sometimes I really hate that JS is so weak because he knows how his grandmother is and he doesn’t realize that SY is being bullied by her seriously JS it is not hard to notice.

  209. 209 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Rated 5 * * * * * for this drama… 😀

  210. 210 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I think JS will have a chance to win SY love because if he happened to find out SY agenda, he will learned to accept and eventually win SY over. Now we all know SY loves JS too. It’s not that difficult actually to win SY love..just that SY wants to focus on her revenge more than anything. As long as JS can be a bit patience, SY will eventually accept JS love towards her.

  211. 211 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Love the characters, love the drama… Hopefully this drama end happily ever after for SY and JS. As for AR, JH and that damn TJ will have a tragic ending.. Haha…that will be great.. 🙂

  212. 212 : ATP Says:

    Can’t agree more with Avenge_Girl..!!!
    I also hope that TJ have a tragic ending such as a death sentence by court or by God.. 😀
    And for JH i hope she’ll finally realize that all those times she was blindfolded by her Love to TJ, and finally know that TJ is just a gold digger not truly in love with her.

  213. 213 : sml Says:

    I can’t find ep 61. Anybody can help ? The one I find, is the same ep 60 but under title ep 61.

  214. 214 : Wowwww Says:

    I have been searching and cannot find it either

  215. 215 : mml Says:

    @ 206 Wowwww,
    episode 60, Ji Suk’s stepmother told Tae Jung that the grandma will not be living long in this world and therefore i know the answer. I never say grandma is dying, she’s rich maybe, will not die so fast, maybe can recover from her sickness, it all depends on writer’s arrangements.

  216. 216 : Wowwww Says:

    Ohhhh okkk I thought she was dying…

  217. 217 : sml Says:

    wowwww try this : http://www.jinua.com/drama/Women-By-Nature-Korean-Drama–2014//#.Uzw9Jc0nSeY
    mml, I’m waiting your review for ep 61. Thanks before….

  218. 218 : Wowwww Says:

    Thanks a million sml…. This episode is upsetting as a matter of fact things needs to start to turn around with JS acting like a man and not bending to the grandma will ….now I really wish that bitch will die

  219. 219 : mml Says:

    @213 sml and @ 214 Wowwww,
    no need to search, episode 61 is out today and no sub-title.
    I will tell all of you what’s happening at episode 61 and based on my standard of korean language and it is NOT based on real translator.

    I have just finished watching Episode 61, Sun Yoo’s uncle was furious to realise that Ji Suk came from affluent family. Ji Suk will be appointed to be the CEO of L food company and therefore Tae Jung was actually the brother in law of Ji Suk. After realising this, his agony and was against Sun Yoo to further this relationship and wanted to protect his niece from getting hurt. He scolded the grandma and angrily left. On the other hand, Sun Yoo received a call and went to meet her uncle and argument arises as the uncle wanted to stop Sun Yoo from continuing the relationships as his hatred towards Tae Jung and therefore there’s no way that they can continue their relationships. And Sun Yoo told her uncle that she has to honour her word and as promised to the grandma.

    Sun Yoo went back to office and met Ji Suk. Ji Suk was curious on where has she gone to ? And he told her she looked pretty with the dress code and also he had an appointment and then he left.

    Ji Suk’s uncle was upset and was complaining that his mum disallowed him to work at the pizza restaurant. He quarrelled with his mum and lodge a complaint to Ji Suk’s stepmother too.
    J Suk’s stepmother was curious and thinking of ways to solve and deal with the stubborn mother in law for the sake of her greedy plot.

    Sun Yoo’s aunt was glad that Sun Yoo has found a nice guy to marry. She then went to boast or show off to Tae Jung’s mother that Sun Yoo will soon marry to good family. And both of them started to argue and after the quarrel, Sun Yoo’s aunt walked away.

    Tae Jung found out that Ji Suk will marry the woman that’s the CEO’s daughter of another company. Once Ji Suk get married to this woman, both companies will merge to strengthen their business. He also discovered that Sun Yoo was making the appointment arrangement for this occasion. With the fear that Ji Suk will marry this selected lady by the grandma, he became worried that this will be a disadvantage to him for his greedy plot.

    Ji Hee reached home and happily brought a gift for her grandma. The grandma thank her reluctantly. Followed by Ji Hee’s mother suggestions, the grandma was angry to listen and walked off. While, they were eating for dinner, they chat about Ji Suk’s uncle working at pizza restaurant and grandma was angry to continue the conversations.

    Sun Yoo went back to office and received a call from Ji Suk. Sun Yoo sincerely invited him to have a meal, she even bought a necktie gift for Ji Suk. Sun Yoo went to the restaurant’s kitchen and specially cook a delicious meal for him.
    When Ji Suk reached his restaurant, he was surprised to see Sun Yoo had already prepared the meal. Touched by her approached in cooking for him and he happily enjoying the meal. While, Sun Yoo was upset in her heart and trying to hide her sorrow and Ji Suk did not suspect that it’s actually a farewell meal.

    When Tae Jung and Ji Hee reached home, Tae Jung’s mother complaint to both of them that Sun Yoo will marry Ji Suk. But, her son told them that is was impossible as the Chairman has selected another woman for Ji Suk. They then went back to the room, Tae Jung told Ji Hee that the grandma’s plan and even assigned Sun Yoo to arrange this occasion whereby Ji Suk will meet his future wife and Ji Hee came to realise that her brother Ji Suk was not aware on grandma’s matchmake arrangement.

    Sun Yoo’s cousin came home and saw his father drinking with moody face. They chat and his son told him that Sun Yoo fell in love with Ji Suk and while chatting , his mother came back and found that the grandma was against their marriage and was angry about it.

    Next, Ji Suk happily accompanied Sun Yoo home. Sun Yoo was trying to hint to him something,but, Ji Suk did not notice it and did not get the message across. Sun Yoo then grave the necktie gift to him as he was happy in this romantic dating and he totally did not suspect that Sun Yoo will be leaving him, it’s a farewell dating. Sun yoo fell in love with Ji Suk and was upset to leave him. She went home and continued her crying inside her room, but, her uncle saw her so upset and also can’t help and thus did not interrupt her.

    Ji Suk reached home and tried the necktie and happily accepted the necktie. He even sent an sms to thank Sun Yoo and said goodnight, resulting to Sun Yoo even more upset.

    The next day, Sun Yoo went to memorial to visit her sister Jin Yoo to repent and with apology. And on the other hand, Ji Suk happily getting ready for the appointment and Ji Suk did not suspect something to happen,although the stepmother wanted to tell him. The next thing before Sun Yoo leaves the company as her last day of service with L Food Company, Sun Yoo went to thank the Chairman while she was during her employment and obediently left the company.

    Ji Hee and Tae Jung, both of them get ready to be present for this important occasion and neglected their mother and hurriedly went out. Later on, all of them reachedand gathered at the function room, Ji Suk’s stepmother started asking some questions and the granda admitted the truth that Ji Suk will get married to this selected lady as her granddaughter in law and Ji Suk was shocked, surprised and furious to know this news that his grandma decided for his marriage.

  220. 220 : mml Says:

    I have a careless typing error at @219,
    at last paragraph, it should be grandma but i carelessly type as granda.

    Now, i am looking forward to watch episode 62. Will Ji Suk become missing in action after hearing this news ?

    Or, will Ji Suk continue to meet his future wife and forget about Sun Yoo and since Sun Yoo will leave him and the same as his ex-girlfriend who left him and went to United States ?

    Or will Ji Suk gives up everything including his position in family and only choose to love Sun Yoo and his uncle will support him in this way so that the uncle can also go back to pizza restaurant to visit Pantong’s mother ???

  221. 221 : sml Says:

    mml, kumawo for review. I’m really sad also for SY and hope JS leaves the room and looks for SY. Hope SY doesn’t go somewhere in order not to see JS anymore. Hope they meet and decide to keep together no matter what….

  222. 222 : LuLu Says:

    Thank you, mml. You are our angel! I hope you can keep us informed; we appreciate you so much.

  223. 223 : jj Says:

    Thanks mml for the review. @sml I want the JS to do that also, but TJ would win and get the business. I would hate for him to become successful, after doing so much evil things.

  224. 224 : Wowwww Says:

    Thanks mml ….I am upset at the situation will look forward to ur review tommorow because today is a sad day for SY fans….smh

  225. 225 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml…I’m upset too now the situation happened to be sour…I do really hope JS will just find SY who might not be far. JS is really a poor guy to have that kind of family. I just can’t imagine how cruel is his life can be. I think it’s better he leave the company knowing how evil is his grandma. Who would want to have a family like that. SY did fine job actually by resign from the company. Well to her, it might be painful to leave JS forever. I believe the writer won’t let SY character to be more mature after that break up.Now I wonder what will happen to SY after that break up. Hopefully she will still continue her revenge plans which I wished that JS mother will appear really soon. Anyway I can’t stand JS grandma who might be happy to know SY has just resign. That grandma must be on cloud nine now. Oh I hate that grandma. Now if JS happen to find out the truth about SY past from GJ who will not let SY get hurt by JS grandma, gosh I can’t even imagine that situation. JS might be shocked and felt pity for SY. I think he will find ways to help SY. Remember that scene where JS think that JY death was his fault, I think he will furthering his investigation on TJ and prevent bad things that will happened to SY. Now I understand that TJ weakness is his past that only SY knows. This drama is so amazing. The writer did a fine storyline. Right now, it might be hard for JS to be together with SY. Because both families doesn’t agree on letting JS and SY seeing each other nor keep in touch. I just hope JS will not give up on SY. And he will fight against his grandma’s decision on marrying him with another woman which she selected. I think JS will not let that to be happen as he will made up his mind on marrying SY. When that happens no one will prevent his decision not even that grandma who will feel shocked with JS sudden reaction. Can’t wait for that to be happening. I also looked forward on your review ep 62, mml… 🙂

  226. 226 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    sorry there’s a mistaken on some words that I wrote..won’t let…I mean will let. Sorry…

  227. 227 : mml Says:

    @225 Avenge_Girl ,
    do you still remember, what did Ji Suk tell his grandma when he has found out that the grandma bribe his ex-girlfriend and forced her ex-girlfriend to leave him and went to United States to study ? Ji Suk was so upset , angry and quarrelled with the grandma , he scolded the grandma in doing evil to his ex-girlfriend and even warned his grandma and told the grandma that he does not hope that it will re-occur or happened it again otherwise he will not forgive the grandma, if this happen again ?

    Now, just just look at how grandma trick Ji Suk to be present for the appointment at episode 61 ? The grandma will be in trouble for doing this to Ji Suk. The grandma was trying to change Ji Suk’s expected future wife to grandma selected daughter in law. I think Ji Suk will make the grandma to apologise to Sun Yoo and forced her to accept Sun Yoo. The same method as he treated his sister Ji Hee , earlier on Ji Hee refused to agree her brother Ji Suk to love Sun Yoo just because of family background not match, Ji Suk scolded her and warned her. Now, am getting very excited to see how Ji Suk will throw out his frustrations after knowing that grandma by force to force Sun Yoo to leave him. I think Ji Suk will revenge in another way ?????

  228. 228 : mml Says:

    sorry my typing error, should be type as Grand daughter in law.

  229. 229 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Yeah..it’s kind of relieve knowing that JS will not just stand back and do nothing. He should just teamed up with SY. That will be splendid way for both of them. Do you think that JS will leave the company? I mean we all know what happened to JS at episode 61…But I think SY should just find job somewhere else. Who knows maybe she might ran into JS mom…Well that would be too early for them to meet. JY baby also not yet appear. So maybe JS mom will appear after the writer mentioned JY baby..

    Now I feel quite mystery regarding on JS mom disappearance. Maybe JS uncle might know something…It’s just he promised JS grandma to keep hidden from JS. What do you think mml, JS grandma hold what other secrets..? It’s frustrated to see the storyline like this. The writer should just write JS mom whereabout already. I feel really bad for SY. Just because she doesn’t want to hurt JS by not telling him the truth about her past…She let herself getting hurt over and over. Shouldn’t she just think about herself for just a while. Not for JS sake. Now I think JS should protect SY instead not SY protect JS. Come on! I want SY to be protected by JS. This drama will end tragic if the writer didn’t save SY character, instead the writer kept torturing SY character. Oh my…I just hope JS will do something at ep 62…

  230. 230 : reindeer song Says:

    Listen up! They all will seek revenge upon SY, but who will get the last laugh. Also, JH speaking of background, she forgot who she married? A barmaid son! Their comuppance will be classic, yes SY will get a few bruises and scars but in the end she will get the tummy roaring last laugh. Granny is a controll freak, we are seeing into granny psyche and it not pretty, JS need to see her evolvement to understand why his Mum left him. Let hope she does not croak until JS sees her true color. DIL, just paper waste, she will crumple like cheap crystal, why? because she will loose everything. JH&TJ Mum will end up as roomie in the nut house/lunny bin/house of horrors. (I WISH)!!!

  231. 231 : mml Says:

    @220 Avenge_Girl .
    actually Sun Yoo finally agree to leave Ji Suk, one of the reasons will be grandma used to threaten her and secondly was Sun Yoo’s uncle was right to stop his niece to continue her relationships with Ji Suk. The Chairman of the L food company has already came down personally to meet him at his pizza restaurant and informed him that his niece will breakup with Ji Suk and will also resign her job, what for let his niece Sun Yoo to suffer in this way ???

    Wowwww, jj and the rest of you, please continue to discuss with me on this drama as I think Avenge_Girl you are right, this will be a mystery drama to me as the writer did not cover up on areas that Ji Suk finally discovered that Tae Jung’s child is actually the nephew of Sun Yoo ? The drama is becoming more and more complicated and more mystery for me to find out ????

    And back to @230 reindeer song ,
    if, all of them will revenge to Sun Yoo , that cannot be, they cannot revenge to Sun Yoo as Sun Yoo already resign and leave Ji Suk. I think, is Ji Suk will be the one to revenge to them for changing his future wife to a specially selected woman whereby he does not love the person and haven’t seen her face yet ?????

  232. 232 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I think in no time, TJ will take his opportunity on taking down SY because now he’s back at the company. He will destroyed SY. I just hope that damn guy will not going to planned on getting SY dies like her sister JY. Well now we all know how evilish is TJ who is so greedy and furthermore will not let SY live…although now SY has leave the company. What I’m scared the most is SY safety. If that scene really happen, I just hope the writer will write a Savior who might be JS mom…

  233. 233 : jj Says:

    I just think that SY needs to work with a strong competitor of L Foods and show AR and that old bat just how strong and smart she is. Or she could try to do something and get money and buy out a lot of shares in L Foods making her part owner. Now that will make all of them boil.

  234. 234 : Wowwww Says:

    Hopefully things work out and the writer make things right because we cannot have SY being pitiful for too long….that is not her character….hopefully this situation will be the turning point for JS to stand up against his grandma and be a man SY can depend on instead SY always having to protect him

  235. 235 : Wowwww Says:

    Although this crap on todou is freezing like crazy I just watches 2 minutes for like 30 minutes to report that JS told that bitch of a grandma some words and walked out…that’s all I wanted to see JS standing up to that bitch….I don’t know what will happen after these 2 minutes and will wait for @mml review but……..guys this is a an obstacle that has just been passed let’s see what this bitch will do next

  236. 236 : reindeer song Says:

    Sorry folks but granny and the lot need to be “Bitched Slap Into Opening Up Their Eyes and See SY is only helping JS. Granny cannot give up the control, bring in a rich gal to help her company then steal her money,drive her out, then all is good. Hope JS ghet hip to granny underhandedness real soon.

  237. 237 : Wowwww Says:

    Totally agree reindeer song

  238. 238 : sml Says:

    Wowwww, you can try this : http://www.dramastyle.com/drama/Women-By-Nature-Korean-Drama–2014/EP-62/#.Uz2kQs2v2PV
    mml, I’m waiting for your eps 62 review…

  239. 239 : Wowwww Says:

    Sml I found it on the link u gave me yesterday…it just came up on it…….thank you

  240. 240 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww, you’re welcome… Now we’re waiting for mml’s review…. So disappointed for today ep. Hope JS can find SY in tomorrow ep…

  241. 241 : jj Says:

    Im kind of undecided on whether or not i want him to find her. I believe with her gone he will become a little stronger against the old hag..but she should’nt be gone for two long either for real sml

  242. 242 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Even though JS grandma dislikes SY, I don’t think SY deserve to be treated like that. Now all I wanted is SY to find other job as she got bright future ahead of her, it’s better than she become that grandma’s puppet. Despite of her poor background, she can go far with her intelligence…I’m not sure whether JS will find out the truth about SY past himself or GJ will tell him. I like the way SY uncle’s family trying to protect SY from that grandma by resigning her job. I guess family love is the best medicine for SY right now. In that way, SY will not think that she’s all alone…

  243. 243 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Now I do really wonder what exactly happen at ep 62…can anyone tell me? Short review also can. It’s just I want to know how is SY doing and what’s JS plans against his grandma…?

  244. 244 : LuLu Says:

    I only watched 62 without subtitles, but when JS found out what was happening at the dinner meeting, he had choice words for Granny, stormed out and tore his tie off, and left. SY was packing her boxes at the office, then went into TJ’s office and found documents and reports in his desk. She copied some by photo, and took some, I think. Anyway, she has a lot of evidence against TJ. She moved into the room that her sister had, and is living alone. JH has tried to call her, but she won’t receive his calls. There was something in the newspaper that really made JS mad (maybe something about the arranged marriage??) SY talked to TJ on the phone, and he knows she has the documents and she’s out to destroy him. SY left the poster of her sister in his desk drawer.

  245. 245 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    wow…thanks Lulu…I appreciate it…hopefully JS will not tolerate with his grandma now he feel mad about his arrange marriage…I like this feelings. This aura is good…JS will do something after this.

  246. 246 : mml Says:

    Dear all,
    based on my understanding after watching episode 62 and I welcome everyone come into this website to discuss as I got doubt on more curious things to happen soon.

    Episode 62, all of them were already present for this matchmake occasion for Ji Suk and grandma stepped into the room. Ji Suk’s stepmother asked her mother in law the purpose of this occasion. And grandma replied and announced to them that it’s an occasion whereby Ji Suk will get married in next month with CEO’ daughter Park Chae Rin of J food company. Ji Suk was angry with this matchmake marriage and grandma even told him this setting matchmake occasion arrangement was also prepared by Sun and Ji Suk was extremely disappointed with his grandma and his grandma also threatened him to leave. He was brave and lots of courage to leave the place, but, evil grandma continued to meet the selected granddaughter in law Park chae Rin’s family members. Sun Yoo packed her things in the officeget ready to leave the company. Before she leaves, she secretly stepped in Tae Jung’s office to check on Tae Jung’s evil plot. Sun Yoo then discovered Tae Jung’s evil plot on trying to buy all shares of L food company. She quickly used her phone to take photo on evidence to deal with Tae Jung.

    While Ji Suk was driving, he made an attempt to contact Sun Yoo. But, Sun Yoo’s phone was not contactable. He became impatient and worried. And on the other hand, Sun Yoo met her uncle and told him that Ji Suk will be getting married soon through matchmake marriage arrangement by his grandma. In order to avoid Ji Suk and their family, Sun Yoo can’t go home and she needs to stay at another place to hide herself. Although, she’s very sad , but, she can face with reality to overcome her sorrow.

    Ji Suk went to look for Sun Yoo, he met Sun Yoo’s uncle and was trying to get informations on where did Sun Yoo go to ? But, the uncle refused to tall Ji Suk, he became desperate, worried and upset that Sun Yoo was missing in action . The grandma went to office and wanted to find Ji Suk and asked her assistant. The assistant told the grandma where did Sun Yoo hiding at ? The heartless grandma can’t be bothered about as she understood that Ji Suk must marry the selected woman soon. Ji Suk’s stepmother gossip about the problem on this by force matchmake marriage and Ji Suk’s uncle knew some informations on what’s going on and told them. The stepmother was strongly against the by force matchmake marriage as it will be a danger towards her greedy plot. The stepmother wanted Ji Suk to marry Sun Yoo instead. But, Ji Hee was unhappy on her mother’s suggestions.

    Pitiful Sun Yoo went to a place to hide herself. While, Ji Hee was trying to call Sun Yoo, Sun Yoo was too upset to answer any call and even disconnect her phone. Ji Hee was curious and wonder how to deal with the problem and began to discuss with Tae Jung. Next, Sun Yoo managed to rent back the house whereby she used to stay with her sister Jin Yoo. And she began to plan and think on how to revenge towards Tae Jung and trying to control Tae Jung.

    While, Ji Suk was hiding inside his car, worried ,helpless and restless on how to contact to find Sun Yoo ? And followed by Tae Jung’s sister accidentally met Sun Yoo’s aunt. She behaved politely and nice to Sun Yoo’s aunt and trying to impress her. Tae Jung’s sister went back to the café and continued her gossip with her mother and she started to realise things that’s concerning with Sun Yoo. And Tae Jung’s sister was surprised to know about it.

    Tae Jung’s mother went to the pizza restaurant to stir up a quarrel with Sun Yoo’s aunt. And she accidentally spoke out about Ji Suk’s position at L food company thus she realised that Tae Jung was the brother in law of Ji Suk. And Sun Yoo’s aunt became worried and hurriedly went home to confirm about the problem. Sun Yoo’s uncle told the truth to his wife and sad that Sun Yoo was in love with Ji Suk, but, Ji Suk will be getting married to the matchmake selected woman soon.

    Sun Yoo missed the happy times when she was working with Ji Suk. On the other hand, Ji Suk was even upset and realised that, earlier on when he was having the meal with Sun Yoo, it was actually a farewell meal. While engrossed in thinking in his car, he finally seen Sun Yoo’s cousin coming home. With a positive approached towards Sun Yoo’s cousin, Ji Suk asked the Sun Yoo’s cousin on whether does he know where’s Sun Yoo ? He then answered Ji Suk that as instructed by Sun Yoo not to reveal on where’s she staying ? And Ji Suk almost wanted to cry after hearing this answer, while Tae Jung was hiding at a corner listening to their conversations.

    Sun Yoo’s aunt was upset and her son stepped into the house, he joined in the chatting . Sun Yoo’s aunt even found came to realise that how much sufferings that Sun Yoo had gone through as Tae Jung trying to kidnap her niece and also bullied her and Sun Yoo’s cousin was furious to hear that too.

    Ji Suk reached home, while the stepmother was chatting with the grandma, he accidentally discovered his grandma’s evil plot. He was disappointed that his grandma hurt Sun Yoo’s feelings and the grandma even argued and quarrelled back with him. Ji Suk’s defensive sight of him, strongly rejected to comply to grandma’s instructions to marry the lady that he does not love.

    Ji Hee was forced to drink the medicine and while her mother in law saw her inside the kitchen, she quickly went to discuss with Tae Jung on Sun Yoo’s problems and worried that maybe Sun Yoo will marry to Ji Suk and become Tae Jung’s sister in law.

    Ji Suk read the news, he was extremely disappointed that matters and rumours about him getting married with J food company’s CEO’s daughter. He looked upset and disheartened towards his love path and seems to be blank in his mind on what to do ?

    Later on, Tae Jung received a call from Sun Yoo. Sun Yoo challenged him and told him that she has all the evidence on his evil plot. After hearing it, he went back to check his office drawer and started to panic and he even discovered Jin Yoo’s poster inside the drawer.

    And now, am looking forward to watch episode 63. And how can Ji Suk find Sun Yoo ? Ha Ha, Tae Jung will be controlled by Sun Yoo and Sun Yoo’s safety will be in trouble.

  247. 247 : ummi Says:

    Dear mml, thank you very much for your review. I am looking forward impatiently for your next review. Love very much with this Angel’s Revange.

  248. 248 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I just hope SY managed to handle that damn TJ. And if the writer keeps writing the drama plot like this SY will have her revenge plans goes smoothly…and hopefully JS will find SY. Anyway thanks mml for the review ep 62…I hoped SY will not being tricked by TJ because now she’s gonna make a deal with him. But I’m still worried of SY safety. Who knows what might that damn TJ will plotted against her. The writer should just emerge new characters already by now. Am looked forward on your review ep 63… 😀

  249. 249 : Wowwww Says:

    Thank you mml…hopefully things work out and JS is not just upset that she hurt SY feelings and actually do something about it

  250. 250 : sml Says:

    Thanks mml for ep 62 review. You’re helpful so we understand what’s going on while we are impatient waiting for eng sub… hopefully in ep 63 JS can find SY, at least know where she is. I
    can’t wait they meet again and continue their relationship

  251. 251 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    AR is one stupid woman, she thought SY is brainless woman. But it’s a good idea anyway that she wants SY to married JS which she have no idea that SY know their evil plans on buying shares company. Well that AR is gonna regret her entire lives when she find out later that SY is not what she seems to be. When that happens, I will get to see that AR get control by SY. If SY can keep her eyes on AR, TJ and JH…I believe JS can work peacefully at the company. But to have that kind of situation to be happening is now SY need to find job at other company. Boost up her knowledge…I really can’t wait for that to be happened.

  252. 252 : jj Says:

    That’s Exactly what i was saying avenge girl…i think she should try to get help maybe from the missing mother to buy up shares of L foods. JS granny have another thing coming if she thinks she can control JS. And AR is going to be disappointed. When she sees that SY has brains and can help JS and does’nt have to do underhanded things like TJ does in order to succeed. Thanks mml for the review, i live for those reviews

  253. 253 : LuLu Says:

    That’s a great thought, jj. I’m hoping JS’s mother is a powerhouse herself, and she’ll be the thorn in TJ’s side. SY and TJ need a strong, powerful, wealthy person on their side.

  254. 254 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Yeah jj…I also hope JS mom will appear very soon…that will be great…Only then JS can be together with SY. JS grandma have no choice but to let SY married JS. I wonder who is the actress that will played the role JS mom? The writer did not leak any information regarding JS mom…it is really quite mystery actually.

  255. 255 : jj Says:

    I know guys. I think its about time we see some unrelenting revenge

  256. 256 : Wowwww Says:

    From some other blogs I see that everyone is saying that the blind date that the bitch want JS to marry said something feisty to Ar…….but I will wait for mml review to see what is actually going on because they are not talking about what actually happened but just that something happened

  257. 257 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Can anyone do me a favor? I want to know what exactly happen on ep 63? Can some of you give me short review for that episode? Thanks…

  258. 258 : Wowwww Says:

    Do u mean u want to know what was being said?…we would have to wait for mml for that …or do u want to know what went on without what was being said?

  259. 259 : Wowwww Says:

    I will just tell u what happened.I am not sure if this is what you wanted….ANYWAY….the show started with TJ looking at the picture of SY sister that she left in his drawer after she took out some documents and took pictures of them.He got angry an put the picture on the desk and JH came in and said something about the picture and the two of them of course started to say something about SY.

    AR was talking to her secretary ….looks like she was upset about JS new marriage prospect …because of course this would mess up her plans for JH to take over the business.

    It moves on to JS having a dinner with this new girl and some words were said …….(I am really waiting to see what was said from mml…..this part looked interesting..)..AR walked in on the dinner and the girl looked like she said something feisty to AR..

    SY starts to follow the man that gave TY is alibi in her sister murder and the one that tried to kidnap her……I feel so said for JS he looks like a lost puppy soo said..SY see JS And hides but while she was walking away AR saw her and told her secretary to folow follow her…

    JS see the aunt and GJ and he said something to them and the aunt was saying something and seemed she was crying when she was saying it…..(I am so worried because i don’t know what was said here and somehow I think that JS is not holding out on the bitch of grandma too well..)JS said something and left and that is when GJ went to visit SY at the old house where the sister use to be…

    GJ looked like he told her something about JS and SY looked sad…..it was at this point it looked like SY AND GJ started to make some plans to destroy TJ…….it all started with GJ dressing up real professionally and going to the man that gave TJ the alibi ..he said something and the man got frantic went to TJ …..THE NEXT THING I SEE IS TJ AND the man in a restaurant…..

    another scene at the same time is JH getting the information about SY whereabouts from her mom secretary and I don’t know how she did this but she got into the apartment and found SY sister pic with her and SY and she also found along with that another document that I have no idea what it is….

    we go back to the scene with SY AND GJ and we see TJ and the man in the restaurant with SY AND GJ in other room with listening devices in their ear and they looked shocked about what the two was discussing….

    I am really hoping @mml can give some insight as to what is really going on because at this point I am confused as to where this show will go…..on one hand the revenge seems to be going well….but according to the synopsis she is suppose to be in the family for the good revenge to take place…….JS ALSO SAID SOMETHING TO HIS GRANDMA AND I am dying to know what it was …i just hope it was not him agreeing to anything about the marriage……I also may be confused about the show because I do not know what is being said,,,,,lol,,,but we will wait for @mml for the final say….so we can see what is really going on.

  260. 260 : mml Says:

    @259 Wowwww,
    Dear @259 Wowwww, am so happy to ready your episode 63 review and glad that you like to watch this drama, i love you so much. Actually i am lazy to do the review as i thought nobody’s interested in my review. After reading your review, i have been laughing all the way, i am not laughing at what you have typed, in fact, i love the way you like reading my episode review and therefore, i am on the way preparing for episode 63 review and it will be updated one or two hours later.

    Don’t be panic, if you do not understand what they are saying, episode 63 was about Ji Suk has found his ways to threaten and can make a deal with his grandma . Sun Yoo team up with her cousin to continue to move on to her revenge towards Tae Jung. And Ji Hee discovered Tae Jung’s ugly dirty tricks in doing business.

    I love you very much that you like to read my review and therefore i cannot be lazy. Episode 63 review is coming soon.

  261. 261 : mml Says:

    Dear @ 259 Wowwww,
    thank you so much for sharing your interest towards Angel’s revenge this drama. It makes me laugh after reading your review, i laugh it’s not because of what you have typed, it’s because of what you have appreciated and likes to read my review, actually i thought nobody is interested in my review and therefore, i wanted to be lazy. Now, i have realised that you enjoy reading my review and i love you very much. I will update episode 63 review for a better understanding on what’s happening ? Don’t be panic, if, you do not understand what they were fighting for.

    Episode 63 was about, Ji Suk was smart to find a way to make a deal with his gandma, while Sun Yoo and her cousin team up to revenge against Tae Jung. And as for Ji Hee, she has discovered Tae Jung’s ugly dirty tricks in making a business.

    I am on the way preparing episode 63 review and it will be uploaded one or maybe two hours later. Epsiode 63 review is coming soon.

  262. 262 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml everyone one on this blog loves when you give review….i know we all sit and wait for a message to come from @mml because that is when we really see what the hell this show is going on with..I know that I sit all day and night refreshing my ipad to see if there is any message that says mml…..I am so glad for your review because I was really getting worried that JS might cave in and I did not want that ….I have been waiting for your review because I wanted to make sure he was staying strong and not giving in to the bitch.

    Thanks a mill @mml…:)…:)

  263. 263 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks Wowww and mml…you guys did a brilliant work on the review. But what I worried now is SY safety. Now that AR and JH knows where SY hideout, I just hope SY will be alert on the upcoming dangerous trap from AR and JH against her. Just hope that JS will not give up on SY…Perhaps JS mom will appear soon now that JH and AR up to something bad and dangerous towards SY. And mml, I will looked forward for your full review on ep 63…Thanks once again Wowww…I loves reading your reviews mml…and I hope and wished that you will still carrying on writing the reviews till the drama end. I’m sorry because I couldn’t be much help on this discussion. If I have some opinions about this drama, I will continue on sharing this with you guys. I really appreciate everything that you guys had done… 😀 Gomawo…

  264. 264 : LuLu Says:

    Yes, mml, we are counting on you! You give the most accurate summaries of the current episode, since many of us watching on the KBS site are 2 weeks behind. Please, please continue for the big fans of Angel’s Revenge that read this site. Thanks so much for giving of your time and talent.

  265. 265 : jj Says:

    Thanks woww now mml can really explain the parts veiwers are unsure about and dying to get clarified. I have been worried about JS and SY relationship but mml u have cleared that up a bit, ill have to read the rest of your reviews to see where this show is going. Avenge girl i am worried for her safety too, and i hope JH does not steal those Documents, because that seems to be a running trend with SY and those wicked ppl. But with GJ teamed up with SY i think she will be a little safer that by herself. Mml please continue writing these reviews that’s the only way english viewers can keep up to date with the drama.

  266. 266 : jj Says:

    Mml please continue writing these reviews that’s the only way english viewers can keep up to date with the drama.

  267. 267 : Wowwww Says:

    I don’t think that anything will happen even if she steals the documents because remember they are on SY phone.I am also worried about SY safety …we just have to hope that SY is two steps ahead of them so that they are not able to do anything to her.

  268. 268 : sml Says:

    Mml, pls always give review because I’m always waiting for yr review. I always open this link many times to look if your review already available. Pls continue give us review until the end. I really love this drama. But I have to be patient waiting for your review since I’m aware you are busy too. I do not like weekend since it means no episode for this drama. Also eng sub left behind 10 eps from the latest eps. You are taebak mml with your review.

  269. 269 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I still believe JS will not let his arranged marriage to worked out, he will do anything to prevent it to be happen. As we know deep down, JS still loves SY and will not give up her easily. I think this drama is like the remake of English Revenge drama. Except their storyline is way too different from Angel’s Revenge. SY is one smart woman who will blinded those wicked peoples that included AR, JH and that damn TJ…SY will not let her guards down. She will find out more of TJ evil plans and won’t let that damn guy go easily. I think SY should gather as many evidence that she could find against TJ. Wait for the right timing to punished the two brats and that damn guy. I’m so waiting for SY plans went smoothly as she planned. Yey, just punished them once and for all. You can do it, Lee SeonYu…don’t let fear controlled you…Go for it…!!! Make them pays for their sins and crimes. Now I am so excited to find out SY plans. I thinked the evil side of SY character will become like Emily Thorne…except Emily Thorne is too much cruel than SY character…All I ever wants is to watch AR either get killed by TJ nor go to prison like TJ…secondly JH will turned into maniac and TJ will have no choice send her to asylum which I think is a great and awesome plan. Finally, TJ will get tragic accident, have his brain damaged completely, or go to prison and spend his entire lives there. This drama ratings will go up eventually I think…Woohoo…who doesn’t want that kind of ending??

  270. 270 : mml Says:

    @259 Wowwww,
    I have finished watching episode 63, now am back for full review for episode 63.

    Episode 63,
    Tae Jung saw Jin Yoo’s poster and was furious to understand that Sun Yoo was trying to find witness for the car accident that caused Jin Yoo’s death. And was extremely angry that some of his evidence documents were also missing, while searching high and low for the documents, Ji Hee stepped into the office and was curious on what’s happening? She saw Jin Yoo’s poster and was surprised about it. While, Tae Jung answered her that, Sun Yoo was the one who went to put the poster into his drawer and no matter how, he must find Sun Yoo. And Ji Hee told him that it will be useless to plead Sun Yoo to stop her tricks to challenge with them and no matter how, she must find and to know where’s Sun Yoo in order to solve the problem. She asked Tae Jung was there anything missing? But, Tae Jung was frightened to let his wife to know that his evidence documents were missing and remained silent after hearing what the wife was asking. While, Sun Yoo secretly followed and investigated the suspicious suspected guy who was Tae Jung’s friend and also got dishonest business tricks with Tae Jung and the bad guy did not notice and see Sun Yoo.

    Ji Suk’s stepmother was scolding her secretary for not doing a good job. She’s not interested in knowing the results of the report. She wanted and demanded the secretary to find out on whether were there any loop holes and weak areas with regards to Park Chae Rin. With disappointment on her performance, and after that she allowed the secretary to take a rest or offday after working hard for her during her weekend. The secretary told her that, she secretly continued her investigations, she managed to find out on the lifestyle of Park Chae Rin when Park Chae Rin pursue her overseas study. Park Chae Rin even had a affair with her ex-boyfriend and therefore, it will be useful for Ji Suk’s stepmother to stop or go against this by force matchmake marriage.

    Ji Suk met Park Chae Rin and honestly told her that he was not interested to marry her. As he has a lover, someone he loves very much. Who knows, Park Chae Rin replied to Ji Suk, she will marry him. Although, this marriage arrangement doesn’t require the existence of true love, the purpose of this arranged marriage was mainly due to family background seems to be compatible and also in a form of business deal. And based on Ji Suk’s facial expression, he remained very calm to deal with the situation after hearing the answer. And Ji Suk’s stepmother arrived and continued her discussion. She questioned Park Chae Rin on rumours about her affair when she pursue her overseas studies and also photographs as evidence of her affair with other men. And Park Chae Rin confidently told her that this will not affect their marriage as this by force matchmake marriage had already been accepted by both families. And therefore, she will comply to this arrangement. After talking, Chae Rin politely left the place and Ji Suk’s stepmother was angry with Chae Rin and began to instigate Ji Suk. The strange thing was, Ji Suk remained calm and did not make his comment.

    Whie, Sun Yoo was following the bad guy, she accidentally saw Ji Suk and Sun Yoo was sad to miss him. Ji Suk did not notice Sun Yoo and he went back to office to continue his investigations, as he suspected that J Food Company was facing financial problem, while, during the period when Ji Suk was in United States. Next, while Sun yoo was walking, engrossed in thinking, Ji Suk’s stepmother saw Sun Yoo bypass her. She wanted to stop her car to follow Sun Yoo and who knows she decided to change her mind and appointed her secretary to follow Sun Yoo instead.

    Tae Jung’s friend went to visit Tae Jung . Tae Jung told his friend that Sun Yoo caused problems to him. His friend told Tae Jung that he did not speak the truth to Sun Yoo. And it seems that Tae Jung was even more worried on the quality control of those damaged equipments, a report that proved that his friend did not pass the quality control of those damaged equipments used for food processing. But, instead Tae Jung went to amend the report. He made a fake report, changing it from Fail to Pass so that L food company thought that the damaged equipments still can be used to process food. But, his friend neglected on this important issue. Although, his friend does not worry, but Tae Jung continued to take precautions on Sun Yoo. His friend was glad that Sun Yoo resigned so that she will not audit on them.

    Ji Suk missed Sun Yoo badly and even went to Sun Yoo’s aunt house. Sun Yoo’s cousin and aunt happened to step out from the house and was surprised to see Ji Suk. Ji Suk was a caring and kind guy, although, he did not manage to find Sun Yoo, but, at least, he will visit them to find out on whether are they currently having a better life so that Sun Yoo will not need to worry for her family. Touched by his sincerity, the aunt was even more upset crying badly that her niece suffered alot in life and was a lonely and pitiful person and she’s hoping that oneday, she will marry a nice guy. And something comforting was, Ji Suk told them that he won’t be getting married with this by force matchmake marriage. After hearing the answer from Ji Suk, the aunt was surprised that Ji Suk will not be getting married . And Ji Suk told them that ,tomorrow, he will come to visit them again ? Sun Yoo’s cousin told his mother that, he will visit Sun Yoo. Next, Tae Jung’s mother went to pizza restaurant to meet Sun Yoo’s uncle. And trying to find out on where did Sun Yoo hide herself ? Secondly, she mentioned about the past that Tae Jung almost divorce all because of an issue stirred up by Sun Yoo. Sun Yoo’s uncle was furious and angry that Tae Jung’s mother put the blame on Sun Yoo. More and more misunderstandings and end up Tae Jung’s mother was chased out by them.

    Sun Yoo’s cousin went to visit Sun Yoo. The cunning secretary of Ji Suk’s stepmother followed and found her hiding place. Both of them did not notice this and went into the house for chatting. Her cousin told Sun Yoo that Ji Suk did not give up in searching for her. Sun Yoo replied to him, she will meet Ji Suk only until he has already got married and never let Ji Suk being able to find out on where’s she hiding at ? the cousin told Sun Yoo that Ji Suk will not be getting married. With amazement and curious on why did Ji Suk reject the marriage? The cousin then continued to ask Sun Yoo, do you wish that your beloved guy will get married with another woman ? Sun Yoo looked upset after hearing this. The cousin was doubtful to know that Sun Yoo left Ji Suk all because of Tae Jung, but the real answer was, Sun Yoo felt guilty to cheat Ji Suk’s feelings and also because of Ji Suk was upset with the relationships towards his family. Sun Yoo hoped that Ji Suk will marry a more compatible lady to be his wife in order to secure his status.

    Lonely Ji Suk was walking home and suddenly it rained and he recalled the promise that Sun Yoo promised him. Ji Suk seems to be saint of love already, he missed Sun Yoo very much.

    Ji Hee and her mother were discussing on Ji Suk’s marriage. And Ji Hee was hoping that her brother will marry with Chae Rin and therefore lading her mother got angry, shouted and scolded Ji Hee. Tae Jung came into the office to report on his investigations that he had found out on J Food Company will merge with grandma’s L Food Company to strengthen their business. The merger date will be with effect only, after Ji Suk’s completed his wedding ceremony. And Ji Suk’s stepmother was furious and realised that grandma wanted to help Ji Suk to secure his position. In view of jealousy and unfair treatment, the stepmother will revenge, to stop this by force matchmake marriage and she will find her ways to find Sun Yoo. Ji Hee was cunning enough, to find out on how her mother being able to find Sun Yoo ? Surprisingly, her mother told her that she accidentally saw Sun Yoo standing outside the company’s door entrance today. And with the help of her secretary, very soon, she will be able to know where’s Sun Yoo hiding at ? Ji Hee was curious on why did Sun Yoo come to the company ? Her mother doesn’t have any ideal on why did Sun Yoo come to the company ? And no matter how, she’s determined to find Sun Yoo and she will personally meet Sun Yoo and at the same time, she will also let Ji Suk meet Sun Yoo. The stepmother was surprised that she will help Ji Suk to marry the woman, he truly loves. And after the discussion, Ji Hee went back to her office. She secretly told Tae Jung that she will prevent Sun Yoo from getting married into the family.

    On the other hand, caring cousin was worried about Sun Yoo staying at the place. And according the words from his father, that Sun Yoo can come home only until Ji Suk got married. But, it looks as if, Ji Suk will go against this by force matchmake marriage and wonder when can Sun Yoo come home ? Sun Yoo replied to him that she has her own commitment for not going home. Her cousin was curious, was it related to her revenge towards Tae Jung ? Her cousin believed that Sun yoo will not give up to continue to proceed on her revenge. He will not pretend , as if, nothing has happened, as his father fainted incident case, closure of their food business and all because of Tae Jung’s evil plot. He scolded and said, actually, he should thank Tae Jung for all these happenings when he was not in Korea, if he were to be in Korea and things happened in this way, Tae Jung will be in big trouble, he will not let the matter rest on it’s own. He then continued asking, what’s Sun Yoo’s planning ? And he will help to keep secrets for Sun Yoo. Hence, Sun Yoo told her cousin that she must find all evidence that’s related to Jin Yoo’s death. Curious on how to get evidence ? He cousin continued to say that even the police will not believe that Tae Jung’s friend helped to cover up the evidence and therefore, the missing evidence, most probably with Tae Jung’s friend as the CCTV video captured the movementof Tae Jung and his friend. And it seems that someone deleted the CCTV video evidence. A further suspect on Tae Jung, as Sun Yoo managed to get the two sets of suspected documents from his office drawer.

    Sun Yoo showed the suspected documents to her cousin. One set of documents proved that factory equipments Fail to passand did not meet the quality control standards, this factory belongs to Tae Jung’s friend, it’s Ya Mei Food Factory did not pass this requirement and it was also under the list of rejected factories. While, another set of documents, showing the list of factories that Passed and meet the quality control standards, but the date of acceptance seems to look weird and strange, it only takes 3 days to access the results of quality control. Now, looking at the two sets of documents, one set of documents was showing those factories that Passed and meet the standards, while, another set of documents showing those list of factories that Failed their standards. And it’s incredible to believe and not possible that factory equipments problems can be examined and access within 3 days. Consequently, Tae Jung must be the suspicious suspected person who amended the results of the report documents. Tae Jung’s friend must be the suspected person who has Jin Yoo’s death evidence in order to control Tae Jung.
    So that he can even demand things from Tae Jung. Tae Jung’s friend ever threatened Sun Yoo, plot and made her uncle closed his food business, kidnap her on the second day of interview and that means Tae Jung’s friend a devil person whose working for Tae Jung to do all evil things. The cousin seek her opinion on her planning and Sun Yoo plead her cousin to sit in and team up with her revenge. Without further hesitation, Sun Yoo’s cousin will try his best to help Sun Yoo.

    When Ji Suk reached home and grandma asked about the marriage and Ji Suk replied to her, he will not be getting married . And grandma forced Ji Suk to proceed for the wedding ceremony and Ji Suk was overwhelmed by sorrow, angry with disappointment on grandma’s decision. And the stepmother helped Ji Suk, by suggesting to the grandma to re-consider and to give Ji Suk sufficient time to decide on his own marriage. And selfish grandma insisted and forced Ji Suk to comply. The grandma even scolded her daughter in law for being a busybody to bother things. Ji Suk’s stepmother pretended with a thoughtful heart and making Ji Suk’s uncle laughed at her. Comedy come in, Ji Suk’s uncle was wondering on, how come the stepmother suddenly changed to be an obedient daughter in law and acting liked a loving stepmother ?
    It’s interesting, that’s why Ji Suk’s uncle was laughing all his way.

    Eventually, Ji Suk agreed to this by force marriage. And he made a deal with his grandma, if the by force marriage, it’s beneficial to him, he will get married. And what if, it is not beneficial to him, the grandma will have no right to interfere and force him into his decision of his marriage. After voice out what he wanted to say, Ji Suk was disheartened and angrily walked back to his room. The stepmother was wondering what was Ji Suk trying to imply ? Grandma was also confused and puzzled.

    The kid Pantong wanted to go home with his mother and Ji Suk’s uncle called her mother. Naughty Pantong was rude and angry to hear him calling. But, Ji Suk’s uncle wanted to find out where’s Sun Yoo ? He’s hoping that Sun Yoo will return call to Ji Suk to cheer him up. And he even informed Pantong’s mother to convey his message when she happens to see Sun Yoo.

    Sun Yoo’s cousin disguised himself as the employee of L Food Company and went to look for Tae Jung’s friend at Ya Mei Food Factory. The purpose of the visit was to check their equipments on whether were they still under warranty and in good conditions ? Sun Yoo’s cousin was trying to confuse him and who knows he’s trying to bribe Sun Yoo’s cousin. And Sun Yoo’s cosuin did not accept the bribe. He even mentioned that Tae Jung was his friend and how can Tae Jung will accept disqualified quality control for all damaged equipments ? And therefore, save the trouble for coming down to audit and examined.

    Tae Jung and his friend were tircked by Sun Yoo’s plot. Tae Jung was angry and impatient, but, did not discover that Sun Yoo together with her cousin set traps for them to fall in.

    Ji Hee desperately went to look for the secretary and was trying to trick the secretary to speak out. The secretary told Ji Hee on Sun Yoo’s address. The strange thing was, Tae Jung had ever gone to that house sometime ago, when Ji Hee’s mother instructed the secretary to investigate that suspected house. And now, the suspected house becomes Sun Yoo’s staying place. Ji Hee was surprised to hear this answer and plead the secretary not to reveal on where’s Sun Yoo hiding place ?

    Tae Jung began to worry on his plots, maybe, someone secretly investigated on him. And maybe, Sun Yoo was the one investigated and checked on him. Tae Jung quickly informed his friend to contact the staff on audit check to turn up for the appointment. And Sun Yoo’s cousin tricked on them.

    When both of them arrived at the meeting place, Sun Yoo and her cousin were hiding at next door. Followed by, Ji Hee went to Sun Yoo’s house and discovered the teoset of report documents. She looked through the documents and discovered that Tae Jung was having ugly dirty tricks in doing business. While. Tae Jung and his friend waited for almost 2 hours in the room for the appointment and no one turned up for the appointment. Tae Jung was tricked by Sun Yoo. Leading to a series of misunderstandings, between him and his friend. They quarrelled and blamed one another.

    And what happened was Sun Yoo together with her cousin who were hiding at next door and secretly using the ear piece listening their conversations and both of them discovered and found the truth that was related to Jin Yoo’s death and also Tae Jung’s friend was another culprit.

  271. 271 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I recommended you guys to watched english Revenge drama if you like genre drama revenge…season one, will tell you that the story is about a young girl, Amanda Clarke whose life turned upside down when high-society family which known as Graysons family accused her father of committing vicious crime which he did not commit. Her poor mother being send to asylum and instantly became crazy due to Graysons doing. Amanda Clarke being send to orphanage after that tragedy. 20 years later, she vow to take revenge on the graysons. She changed and consumed the identity of Emily Thorne who is the victim of Graysons. She regained her new status as the heiress through her father’s connection, Nolan Ross who eventually become her partner to get revenge on Graysons…season two is about her dark and evil plots against Graysons and her ex boyfriend returned and helped her out on carrying her next plans. Season three not yet finished watching…but so far season one and two is the best…not so cruel. But the third season is too tragic to watched. Because the Graysons trying to trapped her. But to me, the Korean version of Angel’s Revenge drama is much better. You can watched if you like. If you googled…just type Revenge abc..on Google search….. 🙂

  272. 272 : jj Says:

    OMG @ mml this is one of your best review. Felt like i was watching the episode.. sooooo many things cleared up now i am happy to watch the ep 64. I really happy that SY decided not to cheat JS love being that he is so sincere. I really wasted to know what was on those papers and what JS said to CR and i sure did learn of it. THANK YOU…waiting for 64 review.

  273. 273 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks a bunch mml…for the review….I’m so feel great with SY plans on finding evidence against TJ…good to go…Yey…!! I will patiencely wait for your next review…and hope everything went well for SY…

  274. 274 : Wowwww Says:

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy @mml …can you believe I fell asleep and woke up and refreshed my ipad to find this amazing review..it was like I was reading an interesting book.I know that I have become obsessed with the show and will watch for any improvements on the plot…I really hope that JS will uncover something good and leave that force marriage…i loved your review..it was full of information that I was dying to know from yesterday ….it has been confusing my mind…

    Thankkkkkkkkk yooooouuuuu

  275. 275 : mml Says:

    @271 Avenge_Girl , @272 jj Says , @273 Avenge_Girl and @274 Wowwww ,

    Dear all, when i have finished typing the full review of episode 63 , although,i did not mentioned anything about episode 64. In fact, i am looking forward to watch episode 64. And thanks to @274 Wowwww too, as sometimes, i wonder when i typed the review and what if , nobody likes it, then how ? And now, it seems that every episode you watched and maybe a little weak in understanding what’s the korean language talking about ? And the fun and cute part of you that, you have contributed some interesting reviews of episode 63 to catch my attention to continue my own review.

    I guess, when you watched every episode, @274 Wowwww , you enjoyed looking at what’s all the those reactions from Sun Yoo, Ji Suk, Tae Jung, Ji Hee and so on and by looking at their face, reactions and pictures of them and you are trying to complete to form your own review and tend to get frustrated for watching every latest episode at dramastyle, tudou, youku or some more other websites whereby, that they did not provide sub-title on the same day and you joined in the fun of typing a review with some blank conversations and don’t know what’s they talking about ? I ended up felt guilty for being lazy for not typing the review . I will continue my review because i want to talk Avenge_Girl ,Wowwww , jj and the rest of you to discuss the mystery of this drama, this drama is becoming more and more interesting than A well grown daughter Hana, if fact, also better than Shining Romance. Do you know why i comment on this ?

    Melodrama drama, romance and family romance, sometimes, i will give up in watching after watching some episodes. And as for Angel’s Revenge this drama , I don’t think i will give up in watching. Do you know why again ? In episode 63, Ji Suk’s already discovered Park Chae Rin’s plot of her insistence to marry Ji Suk ? Maybe, Park Chae Rin’s parents going to bankrupt or financial status seems to weak or got financial problem and therefore, Park Chae Rin was making use of Ji Suk to quickly married Ji Suk and in order to cover her parents’ business problem. Or maybe Chae Rin ex-boyfriend , the man she had an affair , cheated her parent’s money and affected their business financial status that’s why this by force marriage for Ji Suk’s comes in . Ha Ha Ha , i am going to laugh loudly towards the grandma, maybe because of that, Ji Suk can demand and fight to win for his love, maybe, the last minute, the married lady changed to Sun Yoo. I am looking forward to watch Sun Yoo to watch her nice pretty wedding gown.

    The next thing, i love to watch and catch this drama, now Sun Yoo’s playing a hide and seek game with Ji Suk. Ji Suk cannot scold or quarrel with Sun Yoo and therefore, he will find his ways to investigate where’s Sun Yoo hiding at ?

    Maybe, Ji Hee will forgive Sun Yoo in time to come for regrettng not to believe her words. And Sun Yoo’s cousin joined in the revenge plot, fun fun to see these changes.
    Now, we are in a hide and seek revenge drama, a hide and seek romance drama and soon Ji Suk’s stepmother will truly love Sun Yoo for helping her to understand, the importance of harmony, the importance of being a good and responsible stepmother.

  276. 276 : mml Says:

    @229 Avenge_Girl ,
    i need some help from you, you have been talking about the character of Ji Suk’s mother , maybe, will appear in the drama. I don’t think that Ji Suk’s mother will appear, i think it was grandma who made a deal with Ji Suk’s real mother to chase her out of the house. Looking at the way Ji Suk’s uncle reacted at episode 63, if, Ji Suk’s uncle were to know where’s Ji Suk’s mother hiding at ? Most probably, the uncle will accidentally speak out, the funny cute uncle, he’s able to analyse things. Maybe, Ji Suk’s uncle managed to find Sun Yoo and knew where’s Sun Yoo hiding at ?

    The interesting part of this drama, from episode 1 to episode 63, i never see Ji Suk scolding or getting angry with his uncle.
    Ji Suk’s uncle seems to be weak in mentality, but, towards the care and love to Ji Suk’s really true and impressive. If, Ji Suk’s real mother will appear in the drama, it will appear before episode 63 and looks like, she maybe not appear in the drama.

    I went to check KBS TV website and found the preview of episode 64 and preview of episode 65. Preview of episode 64 was Ji Suk’s stepmother discovered and got angry of something ? And preview of episode 65 was, Sun Yoo hug a guy ? Whose that guy ? Is it Ji Suk or is it a guy that’s related to Sun Yoo ? Can anyone help me to read all those Korea words ? I know how to read a little bit of Korea words, but, not very good in reading all those Korea words ?

    I got frustrated and curious to know what’s happening at episode 65 ? How come Sun Yoo looked so emotional with that hug ? I can only watch episode 64 on Monday and i can only watch episode 65 and Tuesday. Now, my heart keeping jumping and getting very curious on Sun Yoo’s love on episode 65 .

    Avenge_Girl , please me to go to http://www.kbs.co.kr to read all those korea words and help me to read the preview of 65 and help me to explain the coming Tuesday for preview of 65 ?
    사랑해요for your help and 재미있어요to watch 천상여자.

    천상여자, 재미있어요! 재미있어요!!

  277. 277 : jj Says:

    I truly hope so mml, but I really wonder if their past sins can really be forgiven. As for JH I have this strong desire to see her really suffer because of her stupidity. The mother’ s bitter attitude toward JS even though she admits he has a soft heart is unforgivable. But who knows maybe with the progress of the drama I might change my mind. I really do not trust that girl the grandmother wants JS to marry with her past and baggage, and I am glad JS is being smart and digging up her secrets. Imagine how the grandmother is going to feel like shit when she realizes that she almost gave away the business to TJ an JH with her busybody attitude and greed. Also, JS can’t really be mad at SY for leaving because he should know the grandmother would stop at nothing to get rid of SY and that might include ruining her uncles business. As for TJ partner in crime I want him to fall soo deep into the depths of hell along with TJ.

    But now that SY and her cousin are very serious in their revenge plot I have a hopeful feeling that the baby might soon appear. I think this would be the turning point in JH sane life. As for TJ mother she should receive jail time for delivering that baby on the road and calling for no help for SY sister. She seems like she is doing this all for TJ but she has a hand in the death also. It still grieves me how they allowed her in the house to steal the watch evidence. She is wicked just as her son is.

    The writer seems to be trying something with GH and TJ’s sister but I am just not seeing it. Even though she did not take part in the bad deeds her mom an TJ did she is not completely unaware of all the bad things done to SY her sister and their family, so GH needs to send her away. This is another feeling that might change based on the progression of the drama. Right now I want the people that surrounds TJ to fall slowly leaving TJ’ s head spinning waiting and not knowing what SY might pull next.

    I love seeing his angry face when SY gets the best of him, PRICELESS!! But I believe that coming back in the relationship SY should just tell JS the truth, and TJ would no longer have anything over her.

  278. 278 : Happy Says:

    Thank you so very much #270 mml /# 275 mml, Fighting!
    Thank U so much for the Up-date……………..etc………
    I just enjoy this drama, but so much turbulence with how all characterized taking side for Tae Jung and his wife(Ji hee) always listening believing in him is just amazing that he gets away with all the evil things his doing.
    mml, keep posting, as you know this drama is 100 + episode, which those evil Tae jung is making me go bananas.

  279. 279 : sml Says:

    Mml thank you lot for ep 63 review. You make us understand the drama well. Can’t wait until tomorrow for ep 64. Hope you don’t mind to give 64 review as soon as ep 64 aired. Fighting SY and be truthful with JS… @Avange girl : I hv watched Revenge till season 3.. The story has not finished yet. May e will continue to season 4…

  280. 280 : jj Says:

    Has anyone actually found out the exact number of episodes?

  281. 281 : Wowwww Says:

    after all the searching and running every word on the kbs website through my translator that I downloaded on my ipad I finally found episode 65 preview with SY hugging a man..but the man that she was hugging in the green jacket was JS and it seems that JS packed his bags in the preview and went to SY place where she is hiding out….the grandma looks like she even had someone to take pictures of them….in this preview JS looks soo happy..in all the pic that the grandma has he is smiling like a puppy that found a new home…lol….lol

  282. 282 : Wowwww Says:

    I ran the words under the preview in my translator and got some sentence that is hard to understand..I guess the translator can only be pushed soo far..

    However,I do know that somehow JS will find SY AND will make it a point to leave the house..we will have to wait for the actual show on Monday and Tuesday but I think that something will be figured out or JS will just fight for his love by getting out the house…..

    Guys I can FEEL that things are going to start to turn around ….lets stay tuned…..:)))))))))))

  283. 283 : Wowwww Says:


    I know that not everyone has time to waste like me putting things word for word in a translator so here is something for all….I think this is ep 65 full 41 seconds of things turning around…yayyyyyyyyy

  284. 284 : Wowwww Says:

    Thankkk you @mml for making me aware of this preview…because this preview made my day….yeeeeeeeesssssssssss….

  285. 285 : mml Says:

    @ 281 to 284 Wowwww,
    i love you so much for helping me to copy and paste the korea words, into getting a correct translation, don’t laugh at me. I am a stupid girl who only knows very little knowledge in korea words. I never get upset when i don’t know anything. I am a funny laughing girl who looks presentable and therefore no need to be too upset when i don’t know something. And thanks for helping me and now, we can help one another to share our discussion in this drama. Ha Ha, i am so happy…….

  286. 286 : sml Says:

    Thanks to wowwww & mml. Both of you make me happy. Yes the story line become exciting. .. how about preview ep 64 ? What’s it about ? I think at the end of drama JH will leave or divorce TJ. SY will find JY’s son & take care of him with JS.

  287. 287 : Wowwww Says:

    @ mml…. do not know how you came upon those previews but I am happy you did…it seems like they are not showing English viewers previews anymore…I saw that you asked avenge girl to translate the words on the preview but I am going to show you what it gave to me…….

    ;;;;;;;a notice to the news to Ji-seok (Book rate) with the oil price, who lived in the cottages (Yoon Soy) and Joe. The fact that some people are waiting for Tae Jung Eun-sun at a distance he watched a ~ ~ ~::::::

    as you can see this would confuse us more……lol

  288. 288 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml I was searching but only found the 65 maybe @mml knows where 64 review is????

  289. 289 : mml Says:

    @288 Wowwww,
    you are very clever , you can know that, I can know the preview of episode 64.

    The preview of episode 64 is here . http://kdramalist.tistory.com/1393

    [천상 여자 / 64회] 예고,영상

  290. 290 : Wowwww Says:

    lol lol @mml you are too funny

  291. 291 : Wowwww Says:

    I love this preview THANK YOU @MML …..this is really the turning point in this show…Look at JS looking like a private investigator….So romantic JS is doing everything to fight for his love SY …..LOOOOOOVEEEEE IT

  292. 292 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww, what is the preview ep 64 about ? You make me curious he he he.
    @Mml, In ep 63, who is the person JS met at his office after SY saw JS went outside his car ? Is he private detective ?

  293. 293 : Wowwww Says:

    in the episode 64 preview we first see TJ found the bug in the restaurant where he was in and of course got mad at SY ….hehe….then we see that the same man the JS met before gave JS some information and JS looked very interested in the information…we then see AR saying something to JS and he also looked interested in the information..(Hopefully it is something about SY whereabouts…) then we see the Grandma and JS meeting the president of J Foods…(that is the man that the grandma is trying to get JS to marry his daughter) and he passes him some letter looking confident…(i am guessing these letters prove that his company is not doing so well…and that means that this marriage might not be so beneficial to him)…(remember in @mml review she said that JS said to the grandma that his will marry the girl if the union is beneficial….we will see about that)…the granny seemed upset about something when he did that but who cares what the bitch thinks….the last thing that we see is TJ going to house where SY is staying and we see her taking out the garbage…(Hopefully he does not try anything tricky …)…in this preview we also see that TJ and the man that gave him the alibi for the day of SY sister murder is having an argument and the man just laughs in his face…..

    We are in for a ride next week….it seems it will be an exciting week….

    @mml gave the link in comment 289 you can click on it if you want to see the facial expressions and scenes that are going on…hehe

  294. 294 : sml Says:

    It’s dengerous for SY that TJ come to the place she stay. Hope Gj is there or the owner of that house is around so TJ can’t harm SY…
    Perhaps mml can tell us what the man inform JS and what AR told JS ?
    Many thank to wowwww & mml….

  295. 295 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Dear mml,
    I appologised on my late reply on this discussion…actually it’s just my own opinion only that JS mom will appear, because some of the revenge dramas that I’ve watched. The storyline somehow looks the same. I think JS mom will appear but I’m not sure when she will showed up. But in the meantime, I do hope that she will appear in this drama. Because that way, she might be helpful in SY revenge plot. I am glad to know that JS and SY romance still on. And I hope too that SY will married to JS and fasten her revengenda against TJ. Thanks everyone for the short preview of ep 64…I also don’t know much about Korean language as I’m also a beginner in understanding Korean words.

    I’m so relieve to know that the arrangement marriage does not worked out. Good to know that. And I hope TJ will get the punishments for every crimes that he commit. Well that might be great and awesome…I hope JH will regret and began to believe in SY words, in that way she will be on her side instead of TJ. Let’s hope that JH will just repent, admit that she misunderstand and everything… 😀

  296. 296 : mml Says:

    @293 Wowwww,
    thank you very much for your interest to do episode 64 review, your review is faster than me. I will go on more about it, the guy was not a private investigator, when you refer back to episode 63, it’s a guy working for L food company, this guy was actually the employee of Ji Suk and Ji Suk told the guy to help him to secretly investigate as a special favour of helping Ji Suk to know better in hands of the financial status of J Food Company, the CEO’s daughter of J Food Company was Park Chae Rin.

    It’s fun to read your review episode 64, you have been trying your best to let us know something. Anyway, do not be disheartened, if you do not know all the something that they were talking about.

    I will just come in to assist the short preview of episode 64. Preview episode 64 was about Ji Suk discovered and managed to source out all the details with proper documentations to prove that whether J Food Company financial status was it reliable to trust in dealing business with his grandma’s L Food Company? A misunderstanding between Tae Jung and his friend, a back fire friendship worsen and also the discovery of Sun Yoo played tricks to Tae Jung.

    More to add on, wait until I can watch episode 64 then I will tell you some detailed informations. Although, I am not as good as translator, but, at least can help a little bit in understanding on those talking, whereby they have been talking something and some of us may not let understand it on what’s the something that they have been fighting for ?

  297. 297 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Sorry guys for not being useful this time. I’m quite busy today…so can’t do much helping…I’m more worried that SY will not tell JS later after her marriage to him about her revenge, past and TJ. I feel scared that JS might feel that SY didn’t love him instead he will think SY uses him…If that really happened, I will feel miserable…But in that case JS will somehow find out about SY past and about TJ related to SY sister himself. I just hope that he will be able to accept her later on after their marriage. Hopefully it will not become ugly. I do hope that SY will come forward to tell JS about her past, her revenge plot and TJ sins. In that way, JS will eventually forgive her.

  298. 298 : mml Says:

    @295 & 297 Avenge_Girl,
    it’s okay,not all people can be good in reading Korea words.
    We are already inside this hide and seek drama. The writer is making Sun Yoo playing the role of hide and seek romance with Ji Suk. The cousin of Sun Yoo will be playing a hide and seek game to trick Tae Jung and his friend.

    While, Ji Suk will be playing a hide and seek game with his grandma. And finally the writer is making viewers into a hide and seek guess, for Ji Suk’s decision in his loveline after his marriage ??

  299. 299 : Wowwww Says:

    Thank You @mml looking forward to your episode 64 review……I am so glad JS is doing something to make that granny shut up……….I can wait to see what happens in episode 64 and I know @mml reviews will enlighten us all…..::::::::::::)))))))))))

  300. 300 : mml Says:

    @299 Wowwww ,
    my apology to you and refer to @296 mml, after watching episode 63 With Chinese Sub-title provided at Taiwan website last night, the guy was not an employee of L Food Company, the guy was working at an investigator. The writer did not mention whether is government investigator or is it private investigato ? Anyway , i know he’s working as investigator and Ji Suk was asking a special favour from this guy to carry out the necessary investigations.

    I am not very good in Korea language and understand a little bit. And therefore, is sharing what I can understand towards my best ability. And I have already read through the synopsis of this drama, it’s a really nice drama, is A Love And Revenge Drama. Sun Yoo will win revenge and Ji Suk will win his love. Ji Suk only discovered Sun Yoo’s revenge plot against Tae Jung only after getting married with Sun Yoo. He will condone Sun Yoo for getting on her revenge and Ji Suk embraces Sun Yoo’s evilly sight of her.

    Sun Yoo will love Ji Suk wholeheartedly and at the same time , she will also want to continue her revenge against Tae Jung. The writer made Sun Yoo falls in love truly and it’s just that Sun Yoo did not realise her true feelings towards Ji Suk and she herself, confused herself with an equivocate answer.

    Ji Suk was once upon a time used to play a playboy and the writer made Sun Yoo to be able to titillate Ji Suk to be keen to marry her and get settled down his love romance. A romanticize love for Sun Yoo . It’s very interesting to watch their romance, is a loving drama.

  301. 301 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml thank you for that …..i cant wait to see the revenge get into a full blown revenge…….the episodes ahead is going to be romantic and full of revenge….i cant wait

  302. 302 : jj Says:

    Wow @mml 300 you made my day. I did not know that they had these info lying around. Good that we have you to tell us. I was very apprehensive of the time JS will find out that SY wants revenge.

  303. 303 : sml Says:

    @mml 300. Kumawo… you make me happy with your preview. I look forward tonight ep 64… Also impatient for your review ep64 afterwards. ..

  304. 304 : Wowwww Says:

    After watching episode 64 I can’t wait for @mml review.this episode was packed with many story turn around scenes that shows us that the goal we are all looking for is about to come which is JS and SY marriage so that she can get the ultimate revenge while being TJ sister in law…hehe

  305. 305 : sml Says:

    @mml, I’ve watch ep 64 and am touched when JS called SY in front of her uncle’s house. What did he say to SY on the phone ? Also when JS hugged SY at the end of the episode, what did JS say to SY ? Also when JS drinked with GJ, what did they say ? I’m so curious… Chebal mml, pali-pali give us review… Kumawooo….

  306. 306 : jj Says:

    lol sml we are all excited for this review…ahhhhhh

  307. 307 : mml Says:

    @304 Wowwww , @305 sml and @ 306 jj,
    I have just finished watching episode 64 at dramastyle website as no sub-title provided.

    Let me do a short review of episode 64 , I will cover the important areas first.
    Ji Suk managed to win to cancel his by force marriage arrangement with the help of the investigator guy, as J food Company was already facing financial difficulty during the period when Ji Suk was in United States. The second thing was Tae Jung wanted to harm to destroy Sun and who knows Ji Suk managed to find Sun yoo on time.

    @305 sml,
    Ji Suk left a voice mail to inform Sun Yoo saying something to Sun yoo, most probably was a good news to inform her that he had managed to cancel and called off the by force marriage.

    And when Ji Suk was drinking with JI KIN , he told JI KIN that he’s willing to wait for Sun Yoo. And towards the ending part of the episode when Ji Suk desperately hug Sun Yoo and he told Sun Yoo, that’s something got to do with his romance and he also thank Sun Yoo.

    I will continue to update a full review of episode 64 and it takes sometime for me to figure out on what’s their talking, as some of the talking, I may not understand well.

  308. 308 : Wowwww Says:

    @307 mml thank you so much for this ..you dont have to understand everything well..you still give us the important information we need by giving us a good idea of whats going on

  309. 309 : jj Says:

    we understand @mml 307 we appreciate you making the effort for us even if your grasp of the Korean language is limited. 🙂

  310. 310 : sammi Says:

    Ok, I wasn’t going to keep watching until all the episodes aired, but curiosity got the best of me.

    I’m once again quite disappointed where they revealed the cliffhanger in the latest episode… JH found the documents but didn’t understand what they meant. So she took the papers, called TJ and basically told him SY has the papers and where she’s currently hiding out. So now TJ knows where SY is and that he knows he’s being bugged. What’s even more frustrating, SY doesn’t realized that the papers were even missing, so TJ has the upper hand now. Even GJ the cousin told her it’s unsafe to stay there now that they know TJ is onto her. It’s always going to be one step forward and two step back for SY, I’m afraid. Sometimes she’s clever and witty, other times she’s super naive and isn’t being cautious at all. If I have a murderer coming after me, I’d cover up all my tracks and keep all the evidence I have on him LOCKED UP. People are just coming in and out of her house and room ALL the time.

  311. 311 : Wowwww Says:

    hey @sammi it was not really a big cliff hanger because in the end JS cam and hug SY so that means that TJ has no means to get to her now.I was also mad that none of them realized that there is a empty table in the room now and when we left it had three pieces of paper on it….it all seems stupid to me…on the other hand the other day @mml made us aware of the episode 65 preview and that is one to put a smile on your face and show you that SY will b alright and JS AND her relationship seems to be getting better.

  312. 312 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for written short review of ep 64…I will wait for your full review patiencely and hope that SY will get her ultimate revenge later after she married JS. I’m more excited to see the looks of TJ and JH faces. Haha…this is getting more excited and interesting… I like the scene on episode 54, where SY tell GJ that JS is genuinely a good person. While she is the evil one. That scene really makes me feel pity towards SY. To me, SY is forever good person, it’s just that she couldn’t accept the fact that TJ murdered JY, that’s when she decide to take the evil path to get her revenge on TJ…I think if we were in the same situation as SY…we will also take that path to get our revenge. It’s understandable to know SY feelings. Based on my method of this drama, TJ shouldn’t get SY forgiveness. Because he is the type of person who will do more evil feeds even after he get his forgiveness from SY. It’s better that he end up in tragic punishment…from God maybe… 😀

  313. 313 : Wowwww Says:

    Guys ep 65 was amazing…we can see that this episode is the stepping stone for the goal that we are looking for…after watching the preview for 66 we see that things are going to start to get good…….:)))))))

  314. 314 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww, I agree with you… I love ep 64… I watch many times especially for JS & SY moments… But still waiting mml’s review for ep 64 & 65… Chebaaal mml….
    Wowwww, where you find preview ep 66 ?

  315. 315 : Wowwww Says:

    On the korean kbs website…i will put the link up in about a hour I save it on my laptop but I am not at home right now…..but I am sure all will loveeeeeee this preview it has been what we have all been waiting for.;))))))

  316. 316 : Wowwww Says:

    When you guys watch the preview you are going to see what a wicked son of a bitch TJ is but don’t worry this event will bring about change…….I can’t wait

  317. 317 : jj Says:

    OMG… I NEED TO SEE THAT PREVIEW. i was kind of pissed off they didn’t show it along with the episode

  318. 318 : Wowwww Says:

    This is for you guys my JS AND SY fans..this preview will make your day and also give you something to show that things in this show is turning around as we saw in episode 65…..this week it is our show…and thankfully the bitch grandma is not making herself seem like a crazy bitch this week.


  319. 319 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 318, I can’t see the preview….

  320. 320 : LuLu Says:

    In the preview JS gives SY a ring, and she accepts it. TJ is seen chasing her and trying to run her down, but JS is nearby.

  321. 321 : sml Says:

    @Lulu : oh my God, omo…cincha ? Great….that’s we are looking for… Wedding is coming ha ha ha… I’m happy for them…
    Kumawo Lulu & wowww…

  322. 322 : sml Says:

    @mml, where are you ? I miss your preview…

  323. 323 : sml Says:

    I mean your review…

  324. 324 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    wow…finally some achievement we’ve been waiting for, SY and JS marriage…I love it…Can’t wait to watch SY move on with her plan to get rid of TJ…it’s good to know everything worked out especially SY and JS relationship are moving towards marriage stage. Yeay…!!! 🙂

  325. 325 : Wowwww Says:

    yea guys this is the achievement we were waiting for and hopefully better things will come along with this development

  326. 326 : Happy Says:

    To All Of U, thank You for all the Update.
    Wowwww, mml, Avenge,and the rest, it is good to hear U all are enjoying this drama! I really LV this drama!
    Episode 65, bring so much HOPE! But understand this is a 100 + episode, and the writer may turn and over age her writing, as most writers do, and we get disappointed on last episode.
    Hope this drama story line will be more interested and more enjoyable to watch with this many episode.
    Again please keep us posted and thank you!

  327. 327 : jj Says:

    That’s soooo true @Happy 326, but I hope the writer does not disappoint the viewers. I am still unsure of how much episodes there are, some websites say 100 and some say 100+.i wonder when KBS will announce the exact amount

  328. 328 : mml Says:

    @322 and 323 sml,
    dear all ,a full preview of re-cap episode 64 will be updated by me tonight. As it, involves the accuracy of their conversations of the episode. And thanks to like my review.

  329. 329 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml…Can’t wait to read your full review ep 64 tonight.… 😀

  330. 330 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    MML, thanks for all your recap. though we are still faraway at episode 56, I am encouraged to watch the dram thru your previews and recap. I hope as many have said in this blog that the writer does not mess up the script towards the end by giving unsatisfactory ending like the The Prime Minister and I. For a movie to be good by my standard, the bad guys must pay while the good guys must be rewarded, otherwise no moral lesson will be learnt. As for Korean parents , especially the rich ones. the rule for their children is”Do not fall in love with a poor person”. It has been portrayed severally in all their movies, that I was forced to ask” What do Koreans value most, Riches or Character? Thanking all those who contributed to this discussion board and made watching this drama exciting.

  331. 331 : sml Says:

    @Mml 328, kumawo… I’m waiting for full recap ep 64 & perhaps 65 too ? He he…. I look forward for ep 66 tonight. I hope the writer keep good storyline until the end of the drama. I hope the writer will give us information or make JY’s son appeared.

  332. 332 : Wowwww Says:

    wow that son of a bitch TJ almost killed my baby

  333. 333 : Wowwww Says:

    now JS is in the hospital ….episode 66 was a whirlwind

  334. 334 : Wowwww Says:


    this shows that all will be well and it looks like new evidence against TJ…..thank god

  335. 335 : jj Says:

    Mml I am dying to know what SY said to JH at the hospital about TJ in ep 67 preview.

  336. 336 : jj Says:

    Can’t wait for ep 64 review too avenge girl..excited!! 🙂

  337. 337 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 334, still can not see preview 67. How to see it ? Pls help. Also can’t wait for review 64,65,66….

  338. 338 : Wowwww Says:

    when you click on the link on the KBS website you have to wait a little while and then it will start…I will tell you about just in case it doesn’t work…

    THE PREVIEW shows JS AND SY in the hospital with JS on and IV…then it moves on to JH going to the hospital cursing at SY acting like SY is the one that did something to JS…SY looked like she told her something about TJ because i heard her call his name but i do not know what they are saying..JH then went into her office looking scared…TJ came in the with a angry look on his face..he must be angry because he was not able to kill y girl..JS put the ring back on SY that she took off in 66….GJ was saying something to SY and the last thing we see is SY looking at the button that she popped of TJ jacket when they were struggling….

    Tomorrow we are going to need review so we can see whats going on…we will have to depend on @mm because tomorrows ep will be crazy…

    in regards to the video ….. you have to stay on the web for a while and it will eventually starts playing.

  339. 339 : sml Says:

    Kumawo Wowwww… So many questions I want to ask… What did JS say to SY that made SY release their hold hands (before JS took out the ring from his jacket… What the owner of the house told JH when she came to see JS & SY… What SY prayer when JS unconscious at the hospital…

  340. 340 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Now I’m getting more curious to find out why did JS ended up in hospital…but I have to wait for mml reviews only then I can understand why on earth he ended up there. Do you guys think something bad happened to JS at episode 66? Now I became much worried… 🙁

  341. 341 : sml Says:

    @Avenge_Girl : SY wrote a letter to JS & gave back ring from JS. JS still slept. Outside the house, TJ waited SY and pulled SY to go inside his car, but SY didn’t want & fight him. SY run away but TJ follow with his car and wanted to hit SY. JS woke up and saw the letter & ring. He went outside to look for SY and finally saw Sy run with the car chased her at the back. He called SY but SY didn’t hear. He saw there was another car run towards SY,then JS run to avoid SY from being hit by the car/truck….. They both fall, JS’ head hit the ground and became unconscious. That’s why he ended up in hospital…

  342. 342 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    OK now I understand…Thank you sml…gomawo… Oh my! TJ is so damn cruel. I hate it now that JH put the blame on SY for what happen to JS. I hope JS will regained his conscious on the next episode. SY must feel guilty herself for what happened to JS. I’m scared of what danger might befall on SY? I don’t think TJ will stopped doing horrible things to SY. I hope SY will always be alert of TJ evilish plans to eliminate her. I can’t wait to see SY next move on attack TJ. I think the writer should just write an accomplice character for SY to get her revenge. I’m looking forward what the writer has stored for SY characters… 😀

  343. 343 : Wowwww Says:

    @avenge girl …he did gain consciousness in the preview and he put the ring back on SY finger and it does not look like she will take it off again…
    FROM ANOTHER BLOG someone said what TJ told SY when he was pulling her into his car…..

    he told her that he will kill her, and that her sister’s incident was an accident, but her death wouldn’t be an accident …..

    can you believe the gall of this idiot ….

    we will see what happens tomorrow…hopefully JS gets some sense and force SY to tell him whats going on.

  344. 344 : mml Says:

    @ 322 sml and refer to @307mml,
    A full review of re-cap episode 64.

    Episode 64,
    His friend threatened Tae Jung about the evidence of Jin Yoo’s death that had kept it with him, for the sake of survuval, his friend can used this as an important prove to attack Tae Jung. While, Sun Yoo and Ji Kin were hiding at next door and secretly listening their conversations. Both of them were shocked and amazed to discover this/ On the other hand, Tae Jung was extremely angry with his friend for keeping and hiding the evidence. But, his friend told Tae Jung that he can’t guarantee that Tae Jung will not change his mind and neither can he give himself any assurance of betrayer by friends. Therefore, by keeping the evidence will be the safest way to protect him. After hearing this, Tae Jung was annoyed and
    shouting for the prove evidence that his friend was hiding ? And who knows, Tae Jung’s phone was ringing. However, his friend told Tae Jung to calm down and to answer the call, while, furious by his friend used this to threaten him.

    Tae Jung managed to calm down and answered the call. Ji Hee called her husband to inform him that, she was inside Sun Yoo’s house. Something that strike her curosity was, Sun Yoo ever went into Tae Jung’s office and Ji Hee was not sure on whether did Sun Yoo steal some documents ? Ji Hee then continued to tell her husband that she had documents regarding informations on Ya Mei Food Factory. After
    hearing this, Tae Jung was even more angry. Ji Hee even asked Tae Jung on whether Ya Mei Food Factory was belonging to his friend. She found photocopies’ documents including certifications of quality control. Ji Hee was surprised and curious on why Sun Yoo wanted to know all these informations. And suddenly, Tae Jung realised that he was tricked by Sun Yoo. While, Ji Kin and Sun Yoo were surprised that Tae Jung’s conversations stopped suddenly. With agony of being a fool that, Sun Yoo tricked him. He became speechless and quickly took a pen and written some words to alert his friend. The words written on the paper was, Keep Quiet And There’s A Trap. His friend read those words and became panic. Tae Jung continued to write some words,those words written was to tell his friend not to panic. Tae Jung was alert and he was aware that a listen device was hidden somewhere inside the room. While, he was searching for the listening device, his friend changed his words ny saying that he does not have any hidden evidence. Words spoken by him earlier on, was to use it to frighten Tae Jung.

    After a detailed searching, Tae Jung found the listening device was hidden at the back of the wall, covered by the poster. He quickly ran into the next room to check and discovered that Sun Yoo set traps for him to fall into it. Both of them, realised that they have underestimated the intelligence of Sun Yoo. His friend was being sarcastic to Tae Jung, he was glad that luckily, it’s a blessing that he did not reveal on where did he hide the evidence ?

    Moving on, to a narrow escape by Ji Kin and Sun Yoo. Ji Kin was curious in how Sun Yoo knew this and quickly wanted to escape ? Sun Yoo told Ji Kin that, while Tae Jung was talking with Ji Hee over the phone and suddenly the converations’ topic, seems to sound strange. And therefore, Sun Yoo realised that Tae Jung discovered that someone was hiding to listen to their conversations. Due to an incoming call,
    interrupted by Ji Hee, Ji Kin became disappointed that they missed the opportunity to find out on where’s the evidence hiding at ? And no matter how, Sun Yoo was determined to source out the evidence.

    Tae Jung brought his friend to a place to continue their secretive conversations. Although, Tae Jung had managed to dig out the hidden listening device and glad that nothing have happened to both of them, but, his friend continued to threaten him by using the evidence of Jin Yoo’s death and warned him, if not because of his helped, Tae Jung would have already gone to jail. Speaking the truth to claim this as
    a credit for helping Tae Jung to cover up all these secrets and without letting Ji Hee to further suspect on this , when Tae Jung was fainted and hospitalised. And therefore,Tae Jung owed him a favour in life. Tae Jung must help him for his Ya Mei Food Factory issue. Otherwise, his friend will be upset with disappointment. By using, the hidden evidence as an exchange deal, to seek and plead Tae Jung to save his
    factory’s business. Tae Jung was extremely angry upon receiving the threatening. As long as Tae Jung sit in to save his Ya Mei Food Factory, he will not reveal the evidence issue. Tae Jung became speechless and worried about this unstoppable problem.

    Tae Jungwent back to office. Furious by being trapped and tricked by Sun Yoo. And his friend even back stepped and controlled him. While, troubled by all these problems, Ji Hee came in to discuss their problems. And Ji Hee had no ideal on when will Sun Yoo come back ? But, at least, she has found Sun Yoo’s hiding place. And Tae Jung told her not to go and meet Sun Yoo and he will meet Sun Yoo personally.
    And Ji Hee doesn’t want him to meet Sun Yoo. And Tae Jung even asked for Sun Yoo’s address. Stupid Ji Hee told Tae Jung that Sun Yoo was staying at the house, whereby, Jin Yoo used to stay there. Stupid Ji Hee was surprised that her husband knew this place and who knows, he lied to Ji Hee again. He lied to Ji Hee that , after he breakoff with Jin Yoo, he did not continue to keep in touch with her anymore. His last
    visit to Jin Yoo was dued to Jin Yoo informed him on the news of her pregnant. Stupid Ji Hee, was again tricked by her husband and even apologised to him sincerely, for suspecting him. And eventually, Ji Hee agreed to allow him to meet Sun Yoo. Tae Jung continued by asking her, besides those documents were there any other things inside the house ?

    Ji Suk’s stepmother came to office to visit Ji Suk and Ji Suk was surprised to see her. Ji Suk was even surprised that his stepmother was willing to accept, with love and care towards Ji Suk. The purpose of visiting Ji Suk, was to find out from Ji Suk on whether did he manage to meet up[ with Sun Yoo ? And she feedback to Ji Suk that a few days ago, she accidentally saw Sun Yoo, standing at the office entrance.
    Ji Suk was surprised to hear this. Since, Ji Suk did not manage to see Sun Yoo, then most probably was, Sun Yoo missed him dearly and secretly came to see him with a sad haggard face. And Ji Suk began to realise that Sun Yoo loves him and perhaps, due to some unexplained reasons, therefore, Sun Yoo went to hide herself. Ji Suk’s stepmother felt guilty, if, she did not feedback to him on this.

    Ji Kin accompanied Sun Yoo home. Ji Kin was worried about the safety of Sun Yoo and what happened, if, Tae Jung discovered their tricks ? And who knows, Sun Yoo confidentally replied to Ji Kin, that, although, Tae Jung may soon discovered their tricks, but, at leasr he doesn’t know
    where’s she hiding at ? Jin Kin continued to worry and made suggestions to Sun Yoo that he will move in, to stay with her. Sun Yoo hesitated and worried that her aunt and uncle will be even more worried, if, Ji Kin joined in, to stay with her. And shw told Ji Kin to keep this as a secret. Sun Yoo continued telling him not to worry, as the house owner will also be staying with her. Being concern, Ji Kin reminded Sun Yoo not to
    personally carry out the investigations by herself, it’s too dangerous to it alone. While, Ji Kin was engrossed in concentrating his chatting to Sun Yoo, Ji Kin suddenly received a call from Ji Suk. In view of Ji Suk’s coming to their house to look for Sun Yoo and eventually, he has given
    Ji Suk his contact number. Ji Suk also called Ji Kin, trying to get tips on how to find Sun Yoo ? By callimg Ji Kin to inform him that, someone saw Sun Yoo coming to office ? Sun Yoolooked upset with glum face after knowing, that Ji Suk did not give up and continued his finding on Sun her. And Sun Yoo quickly walked away to hide her feelings towards her sorrow. Ji Suk was nice and polite towards Ji Kin. And informed
    Ji Kin to keep in touch with him, in regardless of whether, can they find Sun Yoo. After their conversations end, Ji Suk was curious and wondered, why ? Sun Yoo did not come to visit him ?

    The investigator came to report on the outcome of his investigations. J Food Company was facing financial problems as they have over invested some of the properties in America. J Food financial report will show all the details of the informations that Ji Suk wanted to know. And Ji Suk checked and looked through all the reports and documents carefully. And one of the document showing , CEO of J Food wanted to sell all his shares. He continued asking the investigator amd curious on why CEO of J Food wanted to sell his shares. And the investigator had no idea on why, he wanted to sell his shares ? With the announcement of news on Chae Rin’s marriage, the share prices have gone up tremendously and curious to find out on, what’s the reason of selling his shares ? And Ji Suk discovered the plot of a by force marriage.

    Ji Suk’s uncle was upset having love sick and Ji Suk’s stepmother came home punctually. Curious to find out and chat with him, he told her that Pantong’s mother will return his call and getting worried that his mother disallowed him to go out. With fear that, Ji Suk getting upset with no appetite will also affect his mood. And Ji Suk’s stepmother pretended to be nice and trying to make use of him to find out on where’s Sun Yoo’s hiding place ? By thinking, with the ability of finding Sun Yoo can also help to cheer up Ji Suk. Yes, it’s indeed a good idea to make Ji Suk happy. And therefore, the uncle happily went to visit Pantong’s mother. But, the problem was Sun Yoo’s uncle doesn’t welcome him and wanted to chase him out of the restaurant. Ji Suk’s uncle was crying as no one likes him . Pantong’s mother console him, he felt comfort and even thank her. He even showed interest to Pantong’s mother. With a kind and helpful approach, Pantong’s mother brought him to café. The café looks familiar to him. He’s able to recognise, that café belongs to Tae Jung’s mother. Pantong’s mother realised that Tae Jung’s mother was a relative of him. And Pantong’s mother was angry with this cunning, wicked woman. Tae Jung’s surprised to meet both of them. They began to tease one another, their sarcastic remarks confused Ji Suk’s uncle on, what’s going on with the two of them ? And anyway, Ji Suk’s uncle was happy to go dating with Pantong’s mother.

    Ji Suk seems to look happy with a radiant face, when meeting the CEO of J Food. His grandma was curious to be present for this appointment and began to ask Ji Suk, what’s the purpose of meeting CEO of J Food? And Ji Suk answered his grandma, he will tell her later. The grandma continued to ask Ji Suk, was it because, he doesn’t want to get married ? If, it’s because of this, then it will defeat the purpose of sharing this
    conversations, as the wedding will proceed as usual. Humorous Ji Suk, joke with his grandma and making fun of this marriage arrangement. Next, CEO of J Food was glad to meet Ji Suk, but, Ji Suk met him was to prove to him that his dishonesty ,trying to trick his grandma. And moreover, this marriage was not beneficial to him. Ji Suk quickly showed him the evidence of the financial reports to prove to him that
    J Food was facing financial difficulty as J Food invested some properties in America, leading to financial difficulty. Desperate to quickly sell his shares, when the shares prices went up at prime time. With all the concrete evidence from United States and therefore, it’s useless to further their argument. And grandma was shocked to realise that, she got tricked by J Food. Consequently, Ji Suk won to cancel the wedding.
    And grandma was guilty of her wrong judgement and remained silent and did not force to disagree on Ji Suk’s decisions.

    Ji Suk’s uncle was having love sick, while Ji Suk’s stepmother was trying to dig and find some useful informations from him. The problem was, he forgot about the matter and Ji Suk’s stepmother was frustrated that cannot remember anything, While, Park Chae Rin’s mother called to inform that the marriage will be cancelled and Ji Suk’s stepmother was surprised to hear this news. Grandma was inside her room, repent and guilty and because of her negligence, she almost caused her grandson into great trouble. Ji Suk’s stepmother went into her room, to confirm and curious about the cancellation of Ji Suk’s wedding. Grandma was angry that J Food tricked her into getting to agree the marriage. Ji Suk’s
    mother finally realised that the motive of the merger in their business, was to make grandma’s L Food Company became the skateboard to bear all consequences. J Food wanted to sell the shares and run away, it’s a trick by force matchmake marriage. Ji Suk’s stepmother was glad that they did not fall into this trap , being thankful that the marriage finally can cancel. Grandma’s negligence will affect the destiny of Ji Suk.
    And the stepmother wanted to matchmake Sun Yoo to be married into their family and helping to influence to change grandma’s decision. By saying to the her mother in law, the best marriage will be, to be able to marry someone, you truly love. And she doesn’t know, what to do, after hearing all these words.

    Ji Suk went to look for Sun Yoo, although, Sun Yoo was not contactable, but, he left a voice mail message informing Sun Yoo, that he’s waiting for her and has no idea on when is she coming back ? And hopefully, tomorrow Sun Yoo will come home. While Ji Kin was on his way home, he met Ji Suk. He even invited Ji Suk to a drink and went chatting with him. Ji Suk told Ji Kin that Sun Yoo’s uncle scolded and chased him away, but, was surprised that Ji Kin invited him to have a drink. While, chatting , Jin Kin came to realise that Ji Suk was
    controlled by his grandma. Ji Kin even felt guilty for not telling him on where’s Sun Yoo’s hiding at ? He apologised to Ji Suk and this reminded him that Sun Yoo was also treating him in this way. A little strange to him, but, did not suspect. And Ji Kin was trying to hint to Ji Suk, that due to, unexplained reasons and therefore Sun Yoo got no choice , but to leave him. And nevertheless, Ji Suk was determined to wait for
    Sun Yoo.

    Sun Yoo went to listen to the voicemail message. After listening, she was even more upset as Ji Suk got not idea on when will she be coming home ? And he’s praying that hopefully, tomorrow Sun Yoo will come home. And on the other hand, Ji Hee reached home and her mother in law started to stress her on quickly get pregnant. This stress caused her into lots of misery.

    Tae Jung wanted to revenge on Sun Yoo, he went to look for Sun Yoo. While, he was trying and planning to harm to destroy Sun Yoo. And Ji Suk arrived on time with a taxi. Ji Suk’s managed to know Sun Yoo’s address was most probably, he made Ji Kin got drunk and Ji Kin accidentally spoke to Ji Suk regards to Sun Yoo’s hiding place. And Tae Jung hide himself when he saw Ji Suk. And Sun Yoo was surprised with fear to see Ji Suk. Running desperating towards Sun Yoo, he hug Sun Yoo with a loving sincere heart and told Sun Yoo, be quiet , don’t say anything and don’t move and continued saying that, when he was on his way here, he was extremely angry. But, when he finally found and seen her, all his anger, frustrations, disappeared instantly and he even thank Sun Yoo for
    being safe and sound. After hearing all these words, Sun Yoo was full of tears and touched by Ji Suk’s sincerity in his true love.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 65.

  345. 345 : Wowwww Says:

    wow @mml super super review …..love it thank you

  346. 346 : mml Says:

    Dear all, i haven’t finished in watching episode 65 and episode 66. I will continue to do the review, if, only you all like to read my review. It’s actually 109 episodes. As some of you are interested in knowing the total number of episodes.

    Actually, i am hoping that it is 120 episodes or 130 episodes ,as this drama still not yet cover this missing baby being thrown to orphanage. Hopefully, you all like my review as i have spent time into typing it and it’s not so easy when my korea language is not very good. Typing spelling mistakes , sometimes are inevitable as the paragraphs are long.

  347. 347 : jj Says:

    Really appreciated reading the entire review.. wonderful wonderful..i loved it cant wait for the other review . Thank you so much if u are willing to write these awesome reviews i am more than willing to wait

  348. 348 : wowww Says:

    Love it @ mml ….u are awesome. ..ur reviews are so informative

  349. 349 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml…I’ve been dying to know what happen at this episode… Now I’m glad that JS reunite once again with SY. Isn’t they so lovely together. 🙂 Hopefully their marriage will came around the corner. I just hope the writer did not mention that there will be an accident which SY will be the victim while TJ ran away just like that. If that happens to be true, SY will end up in coma. JS will probably find out SY past and about TJ. I don’t think upon learning the truth about how wicked and cruel is TJ. JS will do anything to protect SY.. But hopefully the writer did not write like that..If not the drama will become too tragic. We will look forward on your review on episode 65…Thank you mml…kamsahamnida… :D…am still in progress on learning korean language…Haha…

  350. 350 : tt Says:

    Hi All,

    This is my first time posting here. Needless to say that despite its flaws and nonsensical moments, I really really like this drama and especially the OTP. Kwon Yool and Yoon So Yi are funny, full of charisma and good match. They are really what really drawn me to the drama although I can never before stand 100 episodes long drama. Saying that, I am now hooked to watch this one and Mother’s Garden but that drama has no english subs so I have to content with watching them and play the guessing game. I don’t miss any minutes of SY-JS screen times but skipped quite a bit of TJ-JH scenes. I will really miss SY-JS (alias YSY and KY) once this drama finishes since there aren’t a lof of news about them on the net.
    I like YSY from watching Shadowless Sword and am currently watching Color of a Woman but her fashion in there is quite a sight for sore eyes, so I am not sure if I can keep it up to the end.
    Thanks @ mml for providing us with wonderful and very informative reviews since episodes with english subtitles are quite behind. It is frustrating sometimes not to understand what was being said at crucial screens so your reviews provide us with some understanding and I am quite grateful for it. I am so glad to have found this site and please keep up with the good work as I look forward to reading more of your reviews.
    As we down to only 43 episodes left, I like to see SY walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown and more interactions from SY-JS in their marriage life, with plenty of sweet moments of course and also for the avenge plot picking up a notch.
    Also I want to thank @ wowww for the preview links, sometimes I go to kbs website and still can’t find them. Can you keep please keep posting the links as you find them? Thanks in advance.

  351. 351 : mml Says:

    refer to @344 mml,
    there’s a typing mistake that I made, the person quarrelled with Pantong’s mother was actually TJ’s mother instead of TJ. TJ does not appear in that scene. Is my typing word mistake.

  352. 352 : sml Says:

    @Mml 344 : chongmal kumawo for your review. You are taebak. I’m happy to read your review. One thing I can’t understand why SY always lied to JS. Hope she told JS the truth/everything. I wait your
    65 & 66 review.

  353. 353 : sml Says:

    I hv watched ep 67 and love it… At the end episode, JS looked at TJ with strange look. I think he knew or sensed that it was TJ who wanted to run over SY on ep 66…. Can’t wait until tomorrow for ep 68…

  354. 354 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Dear sml, I think I get it why SY didn’t want JS to know the truth about her past…it is because SY didn’t want to burden JS with her problem. If JS know the truth now, this will effect him and his company will be in danger. If the truth is out, JS will do anything to get rid of TJ as we all know how schemeful is he can be. At the right time, SY will tell JS the truth about her past, her revenge and about TJ. SY won’t let TJ harm JS. Well it’s just a matter of time that I hope that JS will forgive and understand why SY lies to him. Anyway that’s just my opinion only… 🙂

  355. 355 : mml Says:

    @352 sml , @353 sml ,@354 Avenge_Girl and Wwwww,jj and also to those who started to like this drama.

    I am lazy to do preview and since you all like it, i will continue to prepare a full preview of episode 65 to episode 67 and i am still preparing it and will update all of you soonest possible.

    Meanwhile, i will discuss with @354 Avenge_Girl on why Sun Yoo did not tell Ji Suk the truth ? In the beginning, Sun Yoo get close to Ji Suk was towards revenge on Tae Jung. And as time goes by, Sun Yoo gradually falls in love with Ji Suk and it’s very difficult to explain to Ji Suk on this. If, rather painful to mention about Jin Yoo tragic’s death. It will be better for Ji Suk to gradually find out on much pain that Sun Yoo has been keeping inside her heart.

    Just, like me, when i do a full preview, although, it may not be very well written, but, at least can make us have better understanding on what’s going on with the episode, rather than to struggle to see them talking, shouting and argue and in the end,some talking understand and some talking don’t know what are they saying ?

    Therefore, Sun Yoo will not tell on how much sufferings, that she has gone through ? Oneday, Ji Suk will know the truth, and let him decide on how to condone Sun Yoo as Sun Yoo already falls in love with Ji Suk, then it is not considered as wanting to cheat Ji Suk’s feelings and i strongly agree with you, that i hope Ji Suk will forgive Sun Yoo.

  356. 356 : sml Says:

    @Avenge_Girl 354, Mml 355 : I am just worried even afraid, when the time come for SY to tell JS, TJ & AR had already bought enough share to become majority to vote & take the company from JS… Hope this will not happen…

  357. 357 : jj Says:

    Well if TJ did that it would be entirely JS fault because he is the one that brought him into the company. And I wouldn’t really say that SY approached JS because he was practically stalking her. Even when she left him in previous episodes he kept on trying to find her. So JS approached her she did not approach him. I am still puzzled why in gods name JS brought TJ back when JH was blaming JS for TJ’s wrongdoings. They didn’t learn their lesson so he should not have been lenient. That is why TJ and AR take him for a softie. He just brings all these problems on himself. And SY is left to fix them.

  358. 358 : jj Says:

    @ mml 355 thank you

  359. 359 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml u are amazing I can’t wait for ur review TJ and JH looked so scared too funny

  360. 360 : sml Says:

    Anyone knows what is about for preview ep 68 ?

  361. 361 : LuLu Says:

    Preview to ep 68 has Granny telling JS and SY to get married. And SY gives the button from TJ’s coat to JH and she finds that sure enough, the button came from TJ’s jacket. JH is in denial right now, but I think eventually she’ll be very suspicious of TJ, and he’ll start lashing out at her and everyone else.

  362. 362 : tt Says:

    In preview ep 68, it looks like JS’s grandma agrees to JS-SY marriage at the family gathering and SY gave the button to JH which she tore off from TJ’s jacket in the scuffle when TJ tried to kidnap SY as proof that TJ was trying to kidnap her and JS got hurt instead. The last scene showed JH matched up the missing button SY gave her to the ones on TS’s jacket..
    So did JS asked why she was chased by a car when he woke up? Because he did see her being chased by a car before the accident happened and I wonder how SY explained it? Did she make up some lies to tell him? Need to wait for @mml reviews. Look like we won’t see the wedding episode until next week 🙁

  363. 363 : Wowwww Says:

    guys i ant wait for ep 68 this preview is too muchhh..love it..do u know how long i have been waiting for these event to happen and the time is finally here.

  364. 364 : jj Says:

    I am wondering the same thing @tt 362, I don’t like how they just drop things off in the middle, like what happened to the papers in SY house…thanks for the preview update @Lulu 361 and tt 362

  365. 365 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks LuLu and tt for your short preview ep 68. And I hope that JH will realized that TJ is a damn wicked guy who married to her not for love but for her money… This drama is amazing, packed with mysteries, romance, family and revengenda. Hope the writer did not make the ending looking dull and disappointment for us, viewers. As time goes by, SY will explain the truth about her past and JS will be able to accept her explaination. Guys, let’s hope the writer gives us more challenging episodes…and hopefully JS will be with SY till this drama end. As for JH, hope that she will just repent her mistakes for believing TJ and finally divorce him. TJ will have a tragic ending like either he went to prison or get into car accident. That will be great and awesome ending for him..HEEHEEHEE… 😀

  366. 366 : Wowwww Says:

    u are too funny @Avenge girl….lol lol

  367. 367 : tt Says:

    @jj 364 that’s my sentiment exactly. This is a great drama but sometimes things have been left off which did not add up but then I am here till the end.
    Preview for episode 69 which I think won’t be airing until next Monday is up!! and I am bit confused. The first scene showed that JS came to see SY’s uncle and I assume asking for SY’s hand in marriage. I don’t think SY’s uncle and definitely TJ are very happy about SY-JS marriage.
    Then it showed SY all dressed up (I’m glad she is not wearing shabby clothes any more) but then the last scene showed SY is alarmed after receiving a phone call which I don’t know what it is about. The google translator does not make sense but it seems things start to heat up. I hope the wedding will be shown next week.
    Does anyone know if this drama has finished filming?

  368. 368 : sml Says:

    @tt 367 ; I have watched ep 68 and preview 69… I am afraid SY’s uncle disagreed with the marriage. What did the uncle say ? I am curious what the phone call SY received at the end of preview 69 was about… Anyone can tell ? Also what was JH saying to TJ when she threw his jacket to him ?
    I think the film has not been finished yet because still more than 31 episodes…
    I really hope mml can give review today for ep 65-67, even 68…cross my finger.

  369. 369 : jj Says:

    When the uncle disagreed how was JS and TJ reaction.

  370. 370 : sml Says:

    Well, I’ll miss this drama on the weekend… I hope there is someone at KBS can sub eps 59-68 faster, not only one episode per day…so we will not bother mml to give us reviews all the time… When I saw drama You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, the sub already available within 1-2 days… But when I watch Firstborn, the eng sub was too long. Now, the drama was over almost 1 month (until ep 54) but the eng sub until now only up to ep 49…

  371. 371 : sml Says:

    @JJ 369 : of course, both JH & TJ happy if JS & SY didn’t marry, but that will not happen he he he. Surely, JS & SY will get marry.

  372. 372 : Wowwww Says:

    Ohh my thanks for the information…I have not been able to get to watch it as yet…I hope the uncle does not cause problems

  373. 373 : Wowwww Says:

    I watched the episodes and the preview but I don’t think that uncle P would do that to SY.another thing is that JS is so nice to the family and knows nothing of what the grandmother did so i do not think that he has to treat JS that way…

    In the preview we see Uncle P does not look like he agrees with the marriage but at the end at the marriage meeting i have something to suggest from deductive reasoning…..lol

    I am saying that if JS went to the house and Uncle P was acting like that…..why would SY go to the marriage meeting dressed so sexily and smiling if the uncle had not agreed…..I think that something happened to the uncle or TJ did something to him to stop the marriage….

    This is just what I think…what do you guys think…?

  374. 374 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Well I might have to agree with you, Wowwww! TJ might do something bad to SY uncle as he did not want SY and JS marriage to go on as planned. Well that could be happen…TJ is at the staged where he will do anything to prevent SY married JS. But we all know that would not happen. SY will still get married to JS sooner or later. Haha…I can’t wait for SY to punished TJ after she became his sister in-law. Fighting!!!! Yey…I’m so excited… 😀

  375. 375 : Wowwww Says:

    I cannot wait either ..it has been what we have all been waiting for and the time is near…..;)

  376. 376 : reindeer song Says:

    Question! Why ALL kdrams alway has the matriach or the patriach always has a falal illness? Why can’t the give us a strong healthy elder without all these problems? They get angered right away they hold the back of their heads/neck, even the younger sects, or the hold their chest, must they all have an illness with all that money you will think they take care of their health.Very few dramas i have seen a healthy head of household they all die or sick or something stupid. Look at granny, blood pressure will not have anyone act that way. Raise you voice and she is down for the count. She get angered and out like a light. What do you think?

  377. 377 : reindeer song Says:

    **********Question! Why ALL kdrams alway has the matriach or the patriach always has a falal illness? Why can’t the give us a strong healthy elder without all these problems? They get angered right away they hold the back of their heads/neck, even the younger sects, or the hold their chest, must they all have an illness with all that money you will think they take care of their health.Very few dramas i have seen a healthy head of household they all die or sick or something stupid. Look at granny, blood pressure will not have anyone act that way. Raise you voice and she is down for the count. She get angered and out like a light. What do you think?

  378. 378 : Wowwww Says:

    I agree with u but I think that they all do this for sympathy and of course another thing and that is Korean people in kdrama is extra dramatic

  379. 379 : tt Says:

    @Wowww 373 hmm.. your explanation to what happened to ep 69 preview is very logic. Something must have happened to Uncle P, that’s why SY’s side did not show up at the marriage meeting. I hope nothing bad. It would be tragic if SY would loose her uncle too but then I doubt if SY would push on with the marriage so cross fingers that nothing too bad happened to Uncle P. It’s going to be a long weekend… I can’t wait for next week’s episodes and we better have a wedding by the end of the week!
    If you look at the situation, I can understand why Uncle P is hesitating and disagreeing with SY-JS’s pending marriage. He knows that JS is a great guy but knowing fully SY entering into a marriage, although it is partly out of love but also for revenge purpose which is not disclosed to her husband at the beginning, so the marriage is heading for disaster and SY will end up heartbroken later. We know how Uncle P loves and wants the best for her so it is understandable the conflict he must have felt towards their marriage.
    By the way, isn’t true that today the actor Park Jung Chul (TJ) is getting married? If it is , congratulation to the bride and groom and wish them all the best. In the middle of filming so it is most likely the couple have to postpone their honeymoon. PJC was very apologetic at the press conference to his bride-to-be knowing that they get married during a very hectic filming schedule. I am sure he would have invited some of the AR casts, hopefully there will be some news or pics coming out later. It must be a good day for marriage since another actor Oh Ji Ho is also getting married today.

  380. 380 : RONLIM Says:

    May I congratulate the producer of Angel’s Revenge for a good viewable Tv fare as compared with many of the so predictable and lame fare often churned out by KBS. “Predictable” in many mediocre plots which usually has the hero’s/heroine’s nemesis scheming to undo him/her with uncharacteristic actions which any normal warm-blooded (even scheming) Korean would not even contemplate, that’s how I would describe it.
    One recent Tv drama which comes to mind is “Tales of Two Sisters” which proved to be so ridiculous, story-wise, that numerous times I had to switch channel out of frustration! The storyline managed to bring about many unbelievable acts which a normally successful and confident TV broadcaster would not commit against a young inexperienced rival to bring her down, even if jealousy were the main motivational force!
    Also common to most, if not all, TV dramas are plots relating to:
    a) child abandonment;
    b) orphaned child gaining fame and later, marriage to a rich family only to realise later how poor the biological parent(s) is/are;
    c) a doting mother caring for an adopted child who only realises his/her adoption when older;
    d) said adopted child finds biological mother and further complications arises.
    Finally, in all these plots about loving married couples there must be the evil mother-in-law to spoil their married bliss.
    See how easy it is to spoil a good TV drama? Got my drift?

  381. 381 : Wowwww Says:

    Kdramas most times are really good or far off so I agree that what ur saying is true

  382. 382 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Guys, who agree with me that SY is more pitiful than JS?
    In my opinion, SY is more pitiful because she is indeed an orphan. Although she have distance relatives who live with her, but the fact is they are not their parents. Now her sister, JY is dead. SY felt her world has crumble to the ground. Other than that SY suffered the most painful lives than JS.Actually JS is a lucky person, he is not yet an orphan like SY. Even though his mom still missing at least he has a chance to meet his mom. JS has his grandma love and supports while SY has no one in her lives except her uncle and aunt. But I still think SY deserve to be with JS. Even after SY married JS and JS learn that SY married him of her revenge. He have to forgive her and accept her revenge eventually if he still cares and loves her. JS has everything except love. While SY has nothing except her uncle and aunt love. Both JS and SY should just relies on each other. For a second thought, I think SY do the right thing on taking revenge on the people who makes her and JY suffers.

  383. 383 : reindeer song Says:

    382, I agree with your rational, JS & SY are both pitiful, tho JS has grandma’s love he is stil suffering to find out who he is and why so many of his so call family hates him. I think he is slowly finding out about SY, he will understand, but I think before she marries him he will find out most of what she is doing.
    SY, has love, knew love of parents, she is not as pitiful but sad, the most important person died at the hands of an unscrupulous louse, who has nothing to offer the world. She will be killing two birds with one stone getting rid of Aran, TJ for JS and still getting her revenge on the person who broughr harm to her sister.

  384. 384 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Yeah you are absolutely right, reindeer song. Well let’s just hope that JS will realise how bad is that TJ…then only he can understand why SY need to get her revenge. That way, JS can took part on teaming up with SY against TJ and AR. They both somehow makes a compatible couple on taking down their enemies. JS got brain, he will eventually help SY on gathering evidence against TJ. Now all we have been waiting for is their wedding. And I hope it will go as they planned. I just can’t wait any longer on seeing SY getting rid of TJ and AR…Brace yourselves, guy!!! Here we come. The revenge will begin real soon now… 😀 Hahaha…

  385. 385 : mml Says:

    Recap for full review of episode 65 .

    Episode 65,

    While Ji Suk arrived on time and Tae Jung was hiding at a place. Sun Yoo was shocked and surprised to see Ji Suk came to look for her. Ji Suk desperately rushed to hug Sun Yoo and told Sun Yoo to stand still without moving and be quiet not to speak. With a sincere loving hug, Ji Suk genially spoke to Sun Yoo, while, he was on his way coming to find her, he was frustrated and angry, but, when he saw Sun Yoo, his anger, frustrations and unhappiness disappeared instantly. And he even thank Sun Yoo for being safe and sound. After hearing all these sincere words from him, Sun Yoo emotionally shed with tears for missing him badly. And Tae Jung saw both of them were so loving and romantic, he became extremely furious and disappointed that he can’t harm to destroy Sun Yoo at this

    Sun Yoo invited Ji Suk to her house. Ji Suk began to look around and wondered what’s Sun Yoo doing inside this lonely house ? And Sun Yoo told him ,anyway, it’s quite convenient for her to stay here. Sun Yoo was curious and surprised that Ji Suk managed to find her hiding place. Ji Suk continued to answer her questions, he told Sun Yoo that her cousin Ki Jin told him her address. And Sun Yoo was disappointed at Ki Jin promised her not to tell anyone on where she’s hiding at ? And who knows, Ji Suk was quite angry with Sun Yoo that Sun Yoo did not honour her words and even forgot her promise. By saying to ,Sun Yoo ever promised him that, as long as whenever he needs help or miss her, Sun Yoo will definitely stay by his side to comfort him. The problem was Sun Yoo was missing in action without saying anything to him. A little disappointed with her, as she hasn’t got any sense of responsibility. While, Sun Yoo was trying to deny her promise by saying that she’s not suitable to be the one to stay by his side to console and comfort him. And therefore, Ji Suk needs
    to comply and listened to grandma’s instructions to quickly get married. Meanwhile, Ji Suk refused to obey his grandma’s arrangements. He was reluctant to get married unless it’s the person, he truly loves. And how can a marriage to be able to continue, if there’s no love in the relationship ? And what if, the person is not capable to sustain to maintain this relationships ? And it does not serve the real meaning and purpose of a marriage. A marriage, should be decided by him and no one has the right to interfere on his decisions. A marriage is not an exchange deal, for the greed of gaining of something and therefore, grandma should be aware to understand this difficulty. By telling Sun Yoo, in future do not mention on this anymore. The only person he’s fond of , will be Sun Yoo. And no matter how, Sun Yoo trying to hide to avoid him, with determination, he will definitely to be able to find her, hence, do not try to be missing again. And Sun Yoo became speechless after hearing his reason.

    Tae Jung’s sister was looking for Ki Jin, while, he was walking home, she saw and found Ki Jin was drunk. Being helpful, she accompanied Ki Jin home. And on the other hand, Sun Yoo’s uncle was worried about his niece, staying alone and wondered, what was she doing during her spare time ? While, Sun Yoo’s aunt also worried for Ji Suk, she was trying to persuade her husband not to be too nasty towards Ji Suk.
    She was guilty and embarrassed when treating badly towards a nice guy liked Ji Suk. And they continued their chatting by sharing their opinion with Pantong’s mother. And the rude, naughty kid also interrupted their conversations and giving his opinion. While, engrossed in their chatting, Tae Jung’s sister helped to press the door bell and quickly ran away. While Ki Jin was drunk, lying on the floor and his parents helped to carry
    him to the house. After seeing, Ki Jin went into the house safely, Tae Jung’s sister happily went home with a cheerful face.

    While, Ji Hee was worrying about her husband for coming home late. And Tae Jung stepped into the house with a glum face.And Ji Hee started to query him for coming back late. And Tae Jung was disappointed about his plan and therefore not interested to answer her questions. And Ji Hee continued to pester and followed him into their room. And Tae Jung told her, although, he went to look for Sun Yoo, but, did not manage to speak to her. Tae Jung also saw Ji Suk went to look for Sun Yoo, by trying to instigate about Sun Yoo, Ji Hee began to hate Sun Yoo and misjudge her. Ji Hee even replied to her husband that, tomorrow, she will quickly go home to inform grandma to arrange the by force wedding ceremony as soon as possible.

    Ji Suk was inside Sun Yoo’s house chatting with her. And Sun Yoo told him that, now, you have seen me safely in this place. And therefore, you may go home. Caring Ji Suk told her, what if, you went to another place and hide ? And got missing in action again ? Who knows, Sun Yoo tactfully chased him to go home . But, it seems that Ji Suk preferred to stay with her. And being curious about why Sun Yoo was staying at this place ? This place was located too far away from Seoul, it’s liked a remote mountain village. Could it be the birth place of
    of Sun Yoo ? And Sun Yoo told him that, it’s the place whereby, her sister used to stay here. And Ji Suk started to realise that , by talking about the past will only upset Sun Yoo. Who knows, Sun Yoo told him that, she doesn’t want to forget about the past. With a grateful and thankful heart that, she used to receive the greatest love from her sister Jin Yoo. And Jin Yoo suffered with lots of grievance and therefore, she
    has chosen to come to this place to stay with cherished memories. Sun Yoo doesn’t want him to feel sorry for her. And actually Ji Suk wanted to convince her to leave this house, but, Sun Yoo was determined to stay here. In regardless of, whether will he get marry with Chae Rin ? And Sun Yoo was reluctant to stay by his side. Being very understanding towards Sun Yoo’s feelings, he did not force her to comply. He even requested for another cup of coffee by finding this excuse in order to stay inside the house for a little longer . And Sun Yoo obediently went to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee for him. And Ji Suk began to worry and in doubt on how to change Sun Yoo’s decisions ?

    The next day, Ji Hee was in a hurry to go out and her mother, stressed her and reminded her to take her medicine. Ji Hee then left the house with a worried face. Tae Jung’s mother was curious about what’s going on and continued her chatting with Tae Jung ? While, chatting with her son, she lodge a complaint about spending a very long time to cook soup for Ji Hee to drink. And who knows, her daughter in law, did not
    drink the soup, just because of Ji Hee doesn’t like to drink it. She became dissatisfied and disliked Ji Hee for having attitude problem. And Tae Jung’s mother began to miss Jin Yoo. And Tae Jung’s sister continued to remind them on not to mention anything in front of Ji Hee. And Tae Jung’s mother continued to nag at her son and remind him to, always take care of his health.

    Ji Suk reached home with a happy, radiant face. He rushed back to his room and quickly packed his luggage. Ji Suk will be staying with Sun Yoo and got no idea on, when will he be coming back ? He had already applied leave to spend time with Sun Yoo and trying to persuade and to convince Sun Yoo. Ji Suk continued to tell his grandma, all along he has been working very hard and trying his best and even hoping to
    find his mother. And eventually things did not reach his expectations. Where else, Sun Yoo was different from his past incidents, it’s the lady that he’s deeply in love and in need of her. And with lots of hardwork and determinations, finally he managed to find Sun Yoo and by all means, he will cherish and wished that Sun Yoo will be his beloved woman that always stays by his side. Ji Suk was hoping that his grandma will be
    understanding enough, respect and accept his decisions. His grandma was furious and therefore, threatened her grandson. By telling him that, if, Sun Yoo does not leave him, Ji Suk will be chased out from his house to leave his family. The grandma continued to threaten Ji Suk, by telling him that, if, he dares to leave the house and looked for Sun Yoo, that means, it’s considered as a breakoff relationships with his grandma. Being disappointed and disheartened by grandma’s threatening words, Ji Suk did not quarrel with his grandma, but, instead, he’s trying to convince his grandma, to love him and respect his decision.

    Ji Suk’s stepmother told Ji Hee that, J food was facing financial difficulty and hence the marriage was cancelled. And therefore, Ji Hee was furious that grandma will disagree the by force marriage to be continued. While, engrossed in chatting, Ji Suk’s uncle was looking for his mother and they saw Ji Suk was rushing , carrying his luggage to leave the house. Ji Suk happily told his family members that he had managed
    to find Sun Yoo and therefore, he will be moving to Sun Yoo’s house to stay with her. His stepmother was glad to hear this news and grandma was upset and did not say anything to Ji Suk. And Ji Suk happily left the house, while his stepmother was surprised that her mother in law did not go against Ji Suk’s decisions.

    Ji Hee quickly hastily rushed out from the house to stop her brother Ji Suk from leaving the place. As Ji Suk was determined to win back the love heart of Sun Yoo and was extremely angry with his sister for her harassment and even threatened him. And with a positive mind, Ji Suk will definitely come home, when he has finished and winning his plan.

    While, Sun Yoo began to worry that, Ji Suk has found her hiding place and what should she do on it ? While, engrossed in thinking, Ji Suk came to her house. Sun Yoo was frightened and surprised on how to handle the situation ? And with a sincere and loving heart, Ji Suk managed to calm down her
    worry and with a gracious hug to strengthen her confidence, to stop her fear and to put her trust on him under all difficult circumstances. They can pull through all hardships together.

    Silly Ji Hee went to inform her husband, that Ji Suk has gone to stay with Sun Yoo and the by force marriage was already cancelled. Furious by the changes, Tae Jung continued to discuss with his wife on how to punish and deal with Sun Yoo ? And he will help to solve this critical problem.

    Ki Jin was having a stomach pain and Tae Jung’s sister accidentally met him. And they started to be friends with each other. They chat about Ki Jin got drunk and how they helped one another, when they needed helped. And Ki Jin forgotten the incident and angrily walked away. Ki Jin then happily reached home, he chat about how he met Ji Suk and accidentally revealed Sun Yoo’s hiding place to Ji Suk.

    While, Ji Suk was cheerful and happy going out with Sun Yoo to buy household needs. And grandma’s assistant secretly investigated and took some photos on them, to show and prove it to the Chairman. And grandma was curious to see all those photographs, showing Ji Suk with a very cheerful face that grandma, suddenly realised that Ji Suk seldom smile , when he was at home.

    A very romantic scene, when Ji Suk was inside the kitchen with Sun Yoo. And Sun Yoo even tried to hide her feelings and gave excuse to quickly walked away , by telling Ji Suk that she will need to go and collect some vegetables from the owner. Sun Yoo came out from the house and saw her uncle coming to catch and force her to go home. Her uncle was frustrated and worried that Ji Suk was staying with his niece. Her uncle wanted Sun Yoo to leave Ji Suk and hide to another place so that Ji Suk couldn’t find her again ? And as time goes by, Ji Suk will eventually give up in this relationship. Sun Yoo became upset and reluctant to leave Ji Suk immediately. She cried and plead her uncle not to chase Ji Suk out from the house. And promised to her uncle , that tomorrow, she will leave Ji Suk.

    Sun Yoo cooked some delicious food for Ji Suk for their dinner. While, Ji Suk was happily enjoying the food and Sun Yoo was dreaming and thinking that, all these happy moments, it’s just a dream. But, she will treasure all these wonderful and meaningful dream with lots of sorrow in her heart.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 66 .

  386. 386 : reindeer song Says:

    Ah, I feel this drama is going to end with TJ not being punished, if TJ sister and KJ sister hook up the uncle and aunt is going to pester SY to forgive and forget. Do not like what developing with TJ sister and KJ.This will be all for naught. The sister’s death will be a death of convience for TJ. let hope not.

  387. 387 : sml Says:

    @Mml 385 : Kumawo… It ssems I have waited very long day for your review. I am very happy finally the review is here. I hope tomorrow is here faster he he he. I hope ep 69 will be happier , not sad as it looks like at the end of preview when SY received phone call with surprised look.

  388. 388 : jj Says:

    Thanks mml worth the wait!!!!!! Good to know exactly what they are saying I don’t agree with KJ and TJ sister either @reindeer. SY uncle needs to go sit down and stop bothering SY and JS he is getting on my last nerve trying to drag out the show when the baby haven’t appeared in the show as yet. Come on veiwers are getting annoyed, we still have so many loose ends and only 30 something more episodes. We need to get them married and start the real revenge.

  389. 389 : Wowwww Says:

    The uncle is acting up too much..I can understand that he is concerned but SY should be able to make her own decisions …she does not have parents so the uncle should just back off and let her do what she is happy with….even in the preview he is acting like that to JS and JS is the nicest person to the family……….even is wife is saying that they should not be the one to act like that to JS because he is really a nice person and was the one to help them in their time of need……thank you so much @mml it was because of this review that I realized that Uncle P is really too much….

    Thankkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuu @mml;)

  390. 390 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    WOW…Finally some improvement of SY and JS relationship..I love their scenes.. Hahaha now that JS grandma have no other choice but to accept JS decision on marrying SY. Kyaa….Thanks mml for this review…I hope their marriage will go as planned… Now all SY need now is carrying on with her revenge plans on the next stage…final stage…Hahaha… 😀 I am so, so, so happy with this drama improvement on their storyline especially when SY become TJ’s sister in-law.. He will be doomed… REVENGE!!

  391. 391 : Wowwww Says:

    guys i have not been able to watch ep 69 as yet but i did watch the preview for ep 70 and it seems we will get the wedding we want in the very near future…….yesssssssssss………..man this is getting too good TJ is shaking in his boots,,:))))


  392. 392 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww, the same with me. I can’t watch ep 69… Anyone can tell me the link ? Thanks.

  393. 393 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks Wowwww for the info on preview ep 70…Can’t wait to watched TJ being torture by SY. I’m glad that the wedding will go as they planned. The writer did a very good job on this drama storyline…especially the SY upcoming wedding with JS. 🙂

  394. 394 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww, try this http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/RfaJImpZZ5k/

  395. 395 : sml Says:

    Almost at the end of ep 69, SY’s uncle said something to JS. Did he want to reveal about TJ, JY & SY ? I’m really curious…. Pls mml or anyone help….

  396. 396 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml that is what i want to know tooo…….

  397. 397 : mml Says:

    @395 sml,
    a short preview of ep 69, SY’s uncle refused to accept and allow his niece to marry Ji Suk. SY’s uncle wanted Sun Yoo to tell the truth about the death of Jin Yoo. Towards the ending episode, when Ji Suk went to the pizza restaurant to visit SY’s uncle, most probably SY’s uncle will tell Ji Suk personally about the truth of Jin Yoo’s death and he doesn’t want Sun Yoo to cheat Ji Suk’s feelings and the uncle will tell everything to Ji Suk. And Ji Suk will re-access or decide whether does he still want to continue his wedding ceremony with Sun Yoo.

    I still owe you a full re-cap review of ep66 to ep69. I am still preparing it and therefore, did not join in to discuss with you all on this drama. It’s really very interesting to watch this drama.

    @391 Wowwww,
    I can help you on this, you can go to http://www.freshdrama.com to watch Angel’s revenge episode 69. I want to tell you something, dramastyle website , sometimes not yet upload latest episode , Taiwan Tudou website, also got this problem, they did not upload the latest episode and China Youku website,oh my god, they don’t allow me to watch, because streaming only allow within Mainland China.

    You can watch the latest episode at freshdrama.com without any sub-title . Anyway, if you all like my re-cap full review, then you read it as a form of guideline to help you to understand better on what’s happening at every episode. It takes time for me to prepare it, well, if you all like the re-cap full review, then I still continue to do it.

  398. 398 : sml Says:

    @Mml 397 : chongmal kumawo…. You are really helpful. I am really hope SY’s uncle told JS the truth because for me, it’s better SJ knew everything before marriage so he decided to continue the wedding or not since it”s not good to begin the marriage life with lie or secret…. Also it needs for SY to confess about it to JS. I hope SY didn’t forbid her uncle to tell the truth… Omo… I can’t wait for tomorrow ep 70… Mml, chebal to continue giving us full review… and again kumawo for the link of freshdrama….

  399. 399 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks a lot guys for revealing on the preview ep 69…especially mml…although I’m still far behind ep 69…now I’m quite curious and wondering whether SY uncle revealed the truth about JY death and about TJ sins…to JS. Now it’s all up to JS whether to accept the truth or not. If JS know the truth and he still married to SY that means one thing, he can forgive SY. I really hope JS still want to be with SY despite knowing the truth about SY past and TJ crime…That way, JS can help SY get her revenge eventually. I hope everything went well on the upcoming episodes. ^_^

  400. 400 : Wowwww Says:

    thank You @mml i will do that…i always use ur previews as a guide to the RAW ep because i am always curious about what happened….thank you for that short preview……i completely agree with the uncle SY should just tell JS instead of trying to deceive him…..it is time for him to know

  401. 401 : mml Says:

    sml, Wowwww , Avenge_Girl, jj and also to those who likes to know the re-cap full review of episode 66.

    Episode 66.
    Ji Sik was happy and contented to see all the delicious food prepared by Sun Yoo. His expectations of happiness seems to be simple and easy to achieve. He wanted to have a mundane happy life, with simple happy family meal with his family, that’s also a form of greatest happiness. While,happily enjoying his dinner, Sun Yoo was day dreaming, as, dreaming was also a form of happiness.

    Sun Yoo’s uncle went back to his pizza restaurant with a moody face. As he only managed to meet his niece and angry that his niece was reluctant to come home. Sun Yoo will only come back on tomorrow. While, Ki Jin was hoping that Sun Yoo can find her true love. And SY’s aunt was also hoping that her niece can find a nice guy to marry and settle down to have her family. But, Sun Yoo’s uncle found their opinion and
    words don’t seem to sound logic and also confused by his niece. He’s not sure of Sun Yoo’s love path and suspected that Sun Yoo was planning her revenge towards Tae Jung. He was in doubt to believe Sun Yoo, but with trust on her. As Sun Yoo was emotionally unwell and therefore, he did not force his niece to immediately come home.

    The grandma was looking at all those photos and realised that Ji Suk was cheerful to be together with Sun Yoo. And her son, prepared dinner for her. Although, grandma doesn’t have appetite to eat, but, when a person is hungry, the person must eat something to fill up the stomach. And must be healthy at all times. Hence, her son was trying to persuade her, to eat the food. While, chatting, Ji Suk’s uncle saw those photos placed on the table. Looking at those impressive photographs of Ji Suk and Sun Yoo, he became fascinated by the scenery and wanted to go to the place of interest. He even realised that, Ji Suk looked cheerful when, he’s with Sun Yoo. He continued to cheer , console , comfort his mother with positive words. Meanwhile, Ji Suk’s stepmother was curious about her mother in law, hiding inside her room for the whole day. She continued to ask Ji Suk’s uncle and to find out more about her. And Ji Suk’s uncle was unhappy with her for being a busybody person. And therefore, suggested to her that, if, she wanted to know more about her, then, she should go into her room to find out, instead of asking him. Ji Suk’s stepmother continued to show her curosity about Ji Suk and she continued to ask more questions about Ji Suk. And JS’s uncle told her that, he saw some nice photos and hoping that oneday, he can bring Pantong’s mother to the place of nterest. The place where Sun Yoo and Ji Suk used to go and enjoy. Angry that Ji Suk did not bring him to that place, he angrily walked back to his room. Ji Suk’s stepmother was glad that, at least, she managed to get some informations.

    Ji Hee came home with an exhausted face. Worried for her brother, and curious that, did her brother return call from home ? And her mum was pleased to tell her that, Ji Suk and Sun Yoo were staying together. She then drag Ji Hee to her room, and continued to ask her that, most probably, grandma knew the hiding place of Sun Yoo and Ji Suk. Consequently, Ji Hee was shocked to hear this and began to get frighten that,
    her mother will soon discovered something . And both of them also continued their guessing on grandma’s decisions ? Will grandma accept Ji Suk wilth grace or will she abandon Ji Suk ? There may be a possibility that, grandma will accept Sun Yoo to marry Ji Suk. Doubtful , about her mother in law’s decisions and therefore, JS’s stepmother will have to go and visit Ji Suk. And Ji Hee was furious and frightened that, her mother wanted
    to go to the place, whereby, Jin Yoo used to stay there. And there’s a need to visit Ji Suk, in order to show concern towards him. And this can prevent Sun Yoo from trying to escape and run away or missing in action. And Ji Hee began to worry that, what if, grandma discovered all these, she will be even more angry and upset. Since, grandma was moody, Ji Hee will visit and comfort her. They continued to argue on their opinions. And meanwhile, Ji Hee was trying to prevent her mum from visiting Ji Suk and trying hard to convince her mother.

    Tae Jung was inside his office, thinking seriously on how to deal and destroy Sun Yoo. As Sun Yoo will be a dangerous person that, will affect his destiny of greed to be rich and powerful. And it’s compulsory to eliminate or destroy Sun Yoo. While ,thinking abour this, Ji Hee came in, to infrom her husband that, grandma found out the hiding place of Sun Yoo and Ji Suk. And frightened that her mother will visit them and
    will matchmake their marriage. What if, her mother also visits Sun Yoo ? She will discover the real identity of Sun Yoo and knew that Jin Yoo was the sister of Sun Yoo. And Tae Jung suggested to Ji Hee to visit Sun Yoo instead, as he’s very busy with his work commitment. And Ji Hee was upset that, she cheated and lied to hide the truth. While, Tae Jung with a wicked face, pretended to be nice and caring to Ji Hee.

    Ji Suk was happy to have a stroll and chat with Sun Yoo. Ji Suk wanted to settle down with a family with Sun Yoo, leading a mundane happy life. He even propose to Sun Yoo. And Sun Yoo showed him with a stringent face, after hearing those words. And Ji Suk took out the ring from the box and sincerely propose to Sun Yoo. While, Sun Yoo was puzzled by this sudden propose to her. Stressed and fearful to accept his love.
    And meanwhile, Ji Suk was trying to convince her, by giving her ample time to consider, to accept his proposal. He will not force her and was willing to wait for her final decision. And also glad that, the ring looks pretty fit on Sun Yoo’s finger. As Sun Yoo hides the truth and reasons of getting near him, she was facing in a difficult situation on, how to tell Ji Suk about Jin Yoo’s death and explained to him on her motive of moving on, towards a closer relationships with him. Hence, she was speechless during the stroll with Ji Suk.

    Tae Jung secretly went to visit Sun Yoo with a revenge mind. And on the other hand, after working for the whole day, Pantong’s mother brought her kid home. But, the naughty kid, started to gossip and made his comment by sharing his opinion on, how angry he felt when he saw JS’s uncle and he disliked to see him coming to the pizza restaurant. And Ki Jin began to tease and trick him. His joke was with a sense of humour,
    but, naughty Pantong became rude and angry. Naughty Pantong followed his mother home and Ki Jin continued to do the housekeeping work. Tae Jung’s sister came to visit Ki Jin . Ki Jin was curious by her approached and therefore, Ki Jin wanted to know her name. Cunning TJ’s sister gave him, her nickname.to address her. She brought drinking medicine to help him on his stomach gastric problem. He thank her and continued to chat with her about Sun Yoo’s romance with Ji Suk. And in view of family objections, their loveline will be full of obstacles.

    Tae Jung’s sister discovered this news and quickly went home to gossip and informed her mother. She told her mother that, right now, Sun Yoo staying together with Ji Suk. Although, family objections, but, it will affect their relationships, as they have been staying together foe quite sometime already. Her mother was surprised and confused. And Ji Hee came home on time as her mother in law wanted to ask her regarding
    those rumours spreading around her ears. But, Ji Hee was too tired and was not interested to chat with her mother in law. Who knows, her mother in law went to her room to harass her. By informing her rumours that she heard and blamed her for not informing her on all these happenings. And Ji Hee started to throw her frustrations to her mother in law. Although, TJ’s mother made an attempt to apologise to her, she also grab hold of this opportunity to lecture her, on how to behave herself with manners and how to respect the elderly ? After all her talking, she continued to stress Ji Hee to take the medicine. As Ji Hee doesn’t like to drink and got upset that it’s not effective in the medicine. And until now, she still did not get pregnant.

    Sun Yoo wrote a letter to thank Ji Suk. Words written on the letter as, thank you for coming to visit her . And thank you for making her cheerful for the whole day and all these happiness were, as if, it was like a dream. And all these ,have awaken her thoughts that, it was just a sweet dream. And it’s time for her to wake up, to face the reality of life. Feeling apologetic for leaving Ji Suk and therefore she even apologized to him.

    The next day, Sun Yoo returned the ring together with the apology letter and placed it on the table. She quietly sneak out from the house. Although, it’s very painful to depart, but, she has already promised her uncle and therefore, Sun Yoo got no choice and it’s better for her to quietly leave Ji Suk.

    While, Sun Yoo was walking and trying to escape from the house and suddenly Tae Jung appeared in front of her. A dispute and loggerheads between both of them. Tae Jung was trying to eliminate and confine her to escape. He wanted to kidnap her. He even drag Sun Yoo to his car. While, Sun Yoo struggled to free herself, she even hit Tae Jung and his clothes’ button dropped . While, Sun Yoo hasty running to escape.

    Ji Suk woke up and did not see Sun Yoo. While, he was looking for Sun Yoo, he discovered the ring and the letter left on the table. Surprised and upset after reading the letter, and hasty rushed out from the house to look for Sun Yoo. Simultaneously, Sun Yoo was running to escape, as Tae Jung was using his car, trying to hit her. Meanwhile, Ji Suk was desperately looking for Sun Yoo. He then discovered and saw Sun Yoo, running speedy to escape when a car was behind following her, trying to knock her down. And before the accident occurred, Ji Suk quickly rescued her and Ji Suk waa knocked unconscious and fainted after the accident. And Tae Jung witness this accident and saw Ji Suk was unconscious of his danger. Hence, Sun Yoo was extremely upset,overwhelmed by sorrow and even can’t control her emotions and fearful
    for one’s life. She became panic and helpless on this situation.

    Tae Jung’s mother got a bad dream. And her daughter was irritated by her behaviour, as it may affect her mood to continue her sleep. She got frustrated and ended up can’t be bothered about her mother and continued to sleep. TJ’s mother woke up by the bad dream and cannot fall back to sleep. And therefore, she went to the living room to have a walk. While, waiting for her son to come home. And she saw Ji Hee woke up to get ready to go out. Curious by something, she asked Ji Hee , did Tae Jung come back ? And after that, TJ’s mother walked away and started to mumble to herself.

    Meanwhile, Tae Jung was furious that Ji Suk rescued Sun Yoo, shrewd and worried that his evil plot will soon be discovered. And on the other hand, Ji Suk was unconscious , hospitalize for several days. And Sun Yoo began to pray fervently to holy god, hoping that miracle will appear to answer her prayer.

    Ji Hee went to visit Ji Suk and also Sun Yoo. As nobody answered her, she stepped into the house. While, looking around, she saw the letter. After reading the letter, she was angry with a sneaking suspicion that, Sun Yoo was playing a hide and seek game with Ji Suk.. And wondered what more tricks can Sun Yoo play ? Since, she has already left her brother through missing in action ? In the meantime, the owner came to look for Sun Yoo. After spoken to the owner, Ji Hee discovered that her brother Ji Suk met an accident. With amazement to this sad news, Ji Hee was full of animosity that the accident occurred.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 67 .

  402. 402 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for this wonderful ep 66 recap. I’m looking forward to read your next review on episode 67…I think SY should just tell JS already about her past and TJ crimes. Now I feel terribly worried of SY safety. If SY did married to JS, somehow TJ will find some opportunity to destroyed and harm SY. I think it’s better for SY to tell the truth instead of keep lying about her past. I seriously think that if TJ character still not repent on his sins…it’ll be better for him to dies in the end of this drama.

  403. 403 : sml Says:

    @Mml, Thanks for your great recap. I hope tonight ep 70 JS found out the truth from SY’s uncle and decided to keep marrying SY. I wait your recap for ep 67. As long as TJ stayed at his mom’s house, I think SY will be safed. Hope TJ & JH did not move back to grandma’s house.

  404. 404 : Wowwww Says:

    everyone i just watched something…..ep 73 preview…it seems they skipped 71 and 72 preview and went right to 73…..from 73 we see SY and JS married…and it also seems like TJ is up to some funny businesses in the company…..but GJ and SY Is following him and keeping a eye on him….it looks like JH is coming to her senses…all she is doing in the preview is crying like a idiot……………and it may be the time for the baby to come in beause TJ mom is hugging on the baby clothes again…hopefully it is time for the baby……..:)))))))))………..things are looking promising.

  405. 405 : Wowwww Says:


  406. 406 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thank you Wowwww for the preview ep 73… I hope GJ and SY managed to find out what TJ up to…it will be much interesting to watch TJ get caught red handed by them. That way, he cannot escape from them. TJ greedy character is becoming much worst than I thought. Now am glad that JS and SY finally married to each other…Just hope JH will snapped out from her blinded love for TJ. Then only she can realised how idiot she is on believing TJ lies. I’m wondering when will the writer emerge JY baby…??

  407. 407 : Wowwww Says:

    i hope everyone watched today’s episode because this day is our day…SY AND JS is finally married…i am so happy. …this made my day…even though uncle P made a mess of himself and had SY sad throughout the proceedings..the bitch grandma even looked like she apologized to him because she called him to sit down with her…….in the end he got his head and came to the wedding to walk SY……in all today was an amazing ep…and there is more to come…it also seems like maybe the mom will be coming up soon because the grandma was looking at a pic of JS with his mom when he was younger and she was crying….lets hope the revenge gets intense and everything is revealed.

  408. 408 : Wowwww Says:

    can you believe i just saw ep 66 recap……..i lovvvveeedddd it……..thank you @mml …….looking forward to ep 67 preview……that preview was like me watching the ep all over again …but this time i understand whats going on…..lol…..

    @mml …..YOU ARE THE BEST :))))))

  409. 409 : jj Says:

    thanks @mml loved the review. i was on edge wanting to know what was on that note and what was running through TJ’s head when he realized that he might have been seen. Cant wait for 67. i too hope pungo told JS but i don’t really want him to know just yet. If everyone knows what TJ did it would be too premature for the drama, and i do love seeing TJ’s scared face. The recap was great, felt like i was watching the ep with eng subs..lol

  410. 410 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 407, I hv just finished watching ep 70… Omo… Yes,you’re right I’m so touched & happy too for our lovely couple (SY & JS)… I’ll rewatch again… I am curious what did uncle P said to JS before his wife & SY. It seems uncle P didn’t have time to tell JS the truth. Also what JH said to TJ when TJ & his mom in the bed room… What did JS say to SY when JS come to the room SY waiting before the wedding reception ? I’m so happy when finally uncle P came to the wedding…

  411. 411 : Wowwww Says:

    just found ep 71 preview///////..:)

  412. 412 : mml Says:

    @411 Wowwww,
    I will continue to do my full re-cap of ep 67 to ep 69 and meanwhile, it’s takes time for me to prepare as Korean speaking and English language, sometimes will be a little different , when we want to relate into correct communications.

    What, makes the drama interesting will be, we must continue to discuss on what’s our expectations of the writer ?

    In episode 69, we understood that Sun Yoo married to Ji Suk and I will jump to the preview of episode 73 and discuss about the short preview of episode 73. By watching , the preview of episode 73, we will understand that Ki Jin helps Sun Yoo to carry out the investigations of Tae Jung. The interesting plot about this drama, Sun Yoo wanted to win her marriage to love Ji Suk wholeheartedly and at the same time, she wanted to win her revenge . to revenge towards Tae Jung.

    Now, I am expecting and hoping that Sun Yoo can win the heart of her mother in law. And hope that, her mother in law will love Sun Yoo instead of Ji Hee. And I am hoping the KBS2 can increase the number of episodes of this drama and I am hoping that the drama is 120 or 135 episodes as my personal opinion is, this drama is better than A Well Grown Daughter, Hana this drama. Ji Suk’s stepmother wanted to be greedy for everything, and I hope that she can learn a lesson in life that, to be able to comprehend with the presence of a step daughter in law Sun Yoo that, actually can be better than her real daughter Ji Hee. Life is, do not condemn anyone, do not be evil for the sake of being greedy. With kind love, is the foundation of happiness.

    I hope, Sun Yoo can play a vital role to influence her mother in law to be kind and loving towards Ji Suk. And I hope Ji Hee will regret for not listening to Sun Yoo’s kind advice. And i will continue to love this drama ,as i am hook into the mystery of how Sun Yoo can change to influence her mother in law ???

  413. 413 : sml Says:

    @Mml 412 : kumawo for preview ep 73… I’m still waiting for full recap ep 67-69 patiently… @Wowwww 411 : Thanks for the link. I’ve already watched preview 71… Can’t wait to see the full ep tonight for their honeymoon….

  414. 414 : Carmen Says:

    I am only on episode 11, and like this drama OMG OMG

  415. 415 : Wowwww Says:


    @mml 412…thank you so much for the preview…i also want everyone to favor SY and i also want it to be more ep so that the story is fully complete and makes it the best drama of 2014..:)

  416. 416 : jj Says:

    JS saying I do in his wedding so CUTE, talk about the perfect couple. JS is soo happy this was what I have been waiting for….ahhhhhhhhh can’t wait for coming ep with them as a married couple.

  417. 417 : jj Says:

    Bantong’s mom is hilarious lol 😉

  418. 418 : Wowwww Says:

    today’s ep was amazing ….of course JS was absolutely romantic….bongtong’s mom was hilarious.GJ has dirt on TJ from following him…..JH got some news ..don’t know what….and my babies JS AND SY had their honeymoon….lovved it 🙂

  419. 419 : sml Says:

    Omo…. I’m very happy for the wedding & honeymoon, but why there’s was not any kiss from our couple, wae… too embarassed ?
    I’m curious what JS said to SY in hotel room before calling SY’s uncle. And what JS told SY before he sang ? Maybe mml or anyone can tell us ?
    Also Wowwww has preview ep 72 available yet ?

  420. 420 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml…it is not available as yet ..but I will continue to look throughout the day for updates 🙂

  421. 421 : Wowwww Says:

    wow the website was down for such a long time 🙁
    this is 72 preview

  422. 422 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 421 : kumawo… Yes, I can’t open this website since yesterday night and wonder what’s wrong. But fortunately I also read chatting from soompi for this drama… he he he

  423. 423 : LuLu Says:

    Help! Translators! What bombshell was dropped at the end of ep. 72?

  424. 424 : Wowwww Says:

    I also want to know what happened at the end too…loveddd todays episode…the one thing is that we saw too much of TJ AND JH in the episode 🙁

  425. 425 : LuLu Says:

    Actually I think the reason for that is to establish that they can’t have kids, whereby TJ’s mother will advocate adoption, and direct them to TJ’s child in the orphanage. She won’t admit to him being the parent, but I think that will come out later secretly.

  426. 426 : sml Says:

    @Wowww & Lulu : yes, I want to know also what did SY say at the end of ep 72 that made TJ’s face like that… Perhaps mml can help ? I also agree too much scene of JH,TJ and TJ’s mom than our lovely couple… I’m also curious what SY & TJ said each other when SY went down stair to bring something for JS…

  427. 427 : sml Says:

    For today, is it holiday in Korea ? In Indonesia, today is holiday : Good Friday…
    I hope in Korea isn’t holiday so I can watch ep 73 & ep 63 eng sub…. he he he…
    Btw, may I know what’s country you stay wowwww, lulu, mml and others ?

  428. 428 : jj Says:

    United States @sml

  429. 429 : Wowwww Says:

    United States @sml….. 🙂

  430. 430 : jj Says:

    i am curious about sooo much things in this episode. What was AR saying to TJ, i have a feeling she is talking about the shares in the company. SY looks like she said JH should come back, i think she wants to keep them close but seeing TJ’s face was priceless. its so funny how they blame SY for everything. JH is such a fool, cant stand her.. but JA & SY are soo cute together.

  431. 431 : LuLu Says:

    @sml… United States for me, too. @jj.. I was guessing that, too, that maybe SY suggested they come back, and for the same reasons as you. So the ball would be back in Grandma’s court, let’s see what happens.

  432. 432 : tt Says:

    I agree that there are too many scenes of JH, TJ and TJ’s mom in ep 72 and not enough scenes of our cute OTP. Look like we won’t have ep 73 today in light of the ferry disaster but it’s alright, we can wait.
    It is out of topic but my heart is so heavy and full of sorrow right now. So many teenagers might or if not already lost their lives due to an act of negligence of person or persons who held their lives in their hands. How could a captain still lives when so many of his passengers might /could have perished in the ship? how can one live with one’s conscience for the rest of one’s life? It is so sad, so tragic … that in this modern time, we are yet able to have the ability to raise a large ship quickly enough after it having been capsized to save lives. Can you imagine if somehow the ferry could be raised or tilted enough for divers and rescuers to climb on board to rescue passengers within hours and not days after the accident? We could make atomic bomb to kill lives but couldn’t engineer something to save lives 🙁

  433. 433 : sml Says:

    @tt 432 : Are you korean ? I have went to Jeju 2 times, the last in Sept 2013 but we went by plane… Yes you are true, in this modern area, the ship accident like that is unbelievable, especially for Korea which is developed country like Japan. So many people die because of late rescue…. My deepest condolences for the families whose their member of the family die in that accident… How is about Avenge_Girl, Carmen, reindeer song, RONLIM, which country are you staying ?

  434. 434 : mml Says:

    @426 sml,
    sorry, i will update my re-cap a full episode 67, these few days, i have been lazy and watching Korean news, a south Korea ferry ship ,sinks at Jeju Island, i am very upset by this news. And back to this drama, every episode of this drama is half an hour,but, when i relate it into English,plus typing all paragraphs, it takes 2 or 3 hours. I will try to update the re-cap ep67 by today.

    Am currently, staying in another country and this country is having a public holiday today, is a good friday. My mum came from HongKong and my dad came from China. My parents migrated to the current country which, i am staying right now.

    Please continue to watch the drama, and i will continue to update you the re-cap.

  435. 435 : sml Says:

    @Mml 434, so now you are staying in what country ? Anyone knows today is holiday or not in Korea ? I don’t think so isn’t it…qsince ep 63 eng sub already available.

  436. 436 : Wowwww Says:

    I have not been able to watch ep 73 as yet but from the other blogs ..it seems like JH cant carry a baby and TJ bitch mother went to find the baby just to be told that the baby was not recorded to be in that orphanage where she left the baby…
    That is good for JH AND DN because she took a man that abandoned his child and killed his mom..she knew about it and instead of doing the right thing she became just as evil as TJ….this is some payment for her and I for one don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for her.

  437. 437 : Wowwww Says:

    I just finished watching it and i will have to say that this was a good episode..they still showed too much of JH but this time it was okay because we see that she is getting what she deserved.

    we can all remember that SY told her that she warned her and anything that happens after the warning is her fault…now she is having so much problems and going around crying but no one should care…she worked hard for this…

    my favorite couple JS AND SY was too amazing and romantic…we can see that SY is still getting evidence against TJ and she and GJ is working towards that.GJ got pics of TJ and his friend exchanging briefcase..this might help them in the long run…

    SY said some things to JH and JH looked upset…it may seems like she is gaining a little sense because she actually goes home and think about it because she gets upset at TJ…

    I also want to complain about JS lack of reading facial expressions and weird movements…I swear that when JS came into the room when SY was looking at the pics he would have saw that her facial expression showed that she was hiding something..another things was that she was making it so obvious by trying so many times to stick the phone in her pocket…poor JS i guess it is not time for him to find out a yet…..we still need him unaware so that SY can make it squirm in fear of being found out…he he he he

    overall amazing ep…loved my babies SY AND JS …looking forward to more excitement and revenge 🙂

  438. 438 : jj Says:

    @ wowwww i agree i feel no sympathy for her because she is evil and uncaring about others. she only cares for herself and this is why we see this divine intervention. I know i say this all the time, but i am sick of hearing SY being blamed for everything that goes wrong in their life. In episode 74 preview it seems as if JH is cursing SY for her infertility, what a stupid bitch. Right now based on her attitude, i really hope that she gets harsh punishment just like TJ should get just because of the stupidity. Grandma is crying because JH cant have a baby, oh plz. As far as i can see TJ is getting punished for his bad deeds and since JH chose to take his side wholeheartedly, then she suffers along with him.

    But back to a good note, who didn’t think that our favorite couple wasn’t cute in ep 73? :0

  439. 439 : Wowwww Says:


    ep 74 preview is up…i am telling you JH is a big idiot..it looks like she will try to blame SY for her infertility problems…DN looks like she is sad that she cannot find the baby and regret what she did…good for her ..i do not want her to find the baby ..SY should be the only one that finds that baby…
    I also see the grandma crying…i really do not know why…maybe she is crying because JH is infertile….JH really needs to be pushed down a couple more notches so that she will stay out of SY face…doesn’t she realize that this is what she asked for and brought upon herself.

  440. 440 : sml Says:

    I have not watched yet since I hang out with my family. I will watch afterwards. Jj & wowwww kumawo for ep 73 information. Also for link of preview ep 74.

  441. 441 : tt Says:

    @sml 433, No I am not Korean, I live in Australia. The Sewol disaster is so tragic and the saddest part is that it was avoidable. What makes me angry is the latest news come to light about the callousness of the captain and some of crew members of the ferry. It was pale in comparison to the heroism of the Captain and his crew and the men on board when the Titanic went down. According to the accounts of the survivors, the Titanic crew showed remarkable discipline and they died honorable sailor-deaths. They did their jobs to the last minutes e.g. the engineers manned the engine room to provide the lights for passengers and thus perished to rescue women and children. Not just the captain and crew of Sewol but all in the cruise industry should be taught a lesson or two about the Titanic’s stories. When you think what happened back then in 1912 and what happened in this modern time, we are a society seem to have been fully driven by greed and selfishness.

    Oops… sorry I think I have gone too far out of topic. Back to our main storyline. The last two episodes are all about Jh’s and although I agree it is necessary, to be quite honest, I found it a bit boring. May be because it is a daily drama and considering its broadcasting time that the romance side of it has been below standard compared to other dramas. Having watched 70+ episodes, now I resign to the facts that there will be mainly pecks and hugs from our OTP. Then at least I hope the writer shows us more cute scenes of our OTP in the last leg of the series. Look like the next few episodes will be full of Jh, TJ and TJ’s mum since there is not even a JS-SY scene in ep 74 preview. From what I watched so far, I agree with JS’s descriptive character in sypnosis as immature pale in comparison to SY. I have my doubt of his capability as his lack of shrewdness required as CEO of a large enterprise. Since this drama is leaning more towards SY, JH, TJ and revenge, I don’t think we will see the writer gives more depth to his character which is a shame. Now what I hope to see soon will be some development in the storyline so JS gets to know the full story and then he can stand alongside and work with SY in her quest for justice.

  442. 442 : sml Says:

    @tt : where’s part of Australia, I mean what city ? Lets we pray for the family whose member died in that ship accident, God give them comfort & His care so they can accept the lost & move on… I’ve watched ep 73 and I’m a little bit disappointed that scenes of our OTP are less comparing to JH,TJ, AR & even TJ’s mom… Also up to now, SY didn’t tell anything to JS, even she persuaded grandma to let JH & TJ back to that house although I can understand her reason behind. Otoke… Because the drama have more than 100 eps, the storyline seems slow. If there isn’t much scene of our OTP, yes it becomes boring he he he…. I’m curious what did SY said to JH outside the house. Anyone can help ?

  443. 443 : reindeer song Says:

    RIP! My prayers goes out to the families who have lost loved ones in this tragic event. Where were the life preservers? why was the student not given vest to wear, a boat is capsizing and the elder told then to stay there, what kind of crap is that. They lead those children to their death. Hearing one student say he just wanted to live so he tried to find his way out. When will people stop following those dimwitted elder willy nilly, their lives could of been spared. God Bless them all. I am angry and saddened for so many live lost needlessly. They told the kids to STAY PUT with no lives vest, no rescue boat to lower them to safely, just stay put! That meant going down with the ship. That was wreckless and careless. GOD BLESS THEM ALLL! REST IN PEACE!!!

  444. 444 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Hello guys, sorry for not introducing myself in earlier discussion about this drama. I’m from Malaysia. My both parents are chinese muslims. In Malaysia, we still far behind episode 70…although I’m lack information on this drama. But I love to watch this drama especially when SY wanting to take revenge on TJ…I love Korean drama genre Revenge. I’m looking forward for SY to get revenge towards TJ. And hopefully, SY will not kept JS in the dark for too long. I hope JS still want to take SY side after he find out the truth…

  445. 445 : jj Says:

    @ Avenge Girl, i know JS will take SY side, but he may be angry at first, but he will get over it.

  446. 446 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Dear jj…am glad you say like that…JS may feel angry but he will support SY to get her revenge. Now I’m hoping that JS mom will appear in the upcoming episodes…and am glad too that TJ mom did not find the baby…If SY find the baby before TJ mom, she will keep hidden the baby and eventually JS will help save the baby too. Now is a war between the Good and the Bad. But we all know in the end of this drama, the Good will always win while the Bad will lose. I love so much Revenge dramas especially this drama..Yeah…!!! 😀

  447. 447 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Hello guys, I like this drama a lot. Especially JS and SY scenes. I even make MV for their scenes. Does anyone of you have Wechat app on your handphone? If you have, please do add me…This are my ID wechat: Yakeru. I will send directly to you the MV which I’ve already make. I’m so addicted to this drama. Love and Revenge. Some MV still in the process…but others have already finished making…※ 🙂

  448. 448 : Wowwww Says:


    if you guys want to know a little about what is going on in some of the episodes….this person on soompi called gerrytan8063 transalated ep 74 preview and pices of ep 73 and 70……:) 🙂

  449. 449 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 448 : Yes, I always see soompi also for this drama so I can have updated information faster he he he…. It seems our weekend lonely without any episode of it…. Have to be patient waiting until Monday….

  450. 450 : mml Says:

    A full re-cap of episode 67

    Episode 67,
    The owner told Ji Hee that Ji Suk met an accident and shocked to hear this sad news. And the owner told Ji Hee to quickly go to the hospital to visit her brother as, Ji Suk was severely injured and was unconscious. After hearing this, Ji Hee became panic and speechless.

    In the meantime, Sun Yoo was praying fervently to holy god. The holy god answered to her prayer and miracles happened to Ji Suk. And Ji Suk managed to revitalize and woke up. He saw Sun Yoo, being caring and concerned towards Sun Yoo that, was there any injury that caused to her ? Meanwhile, Sun Yoo was worried on Ji Suk’s injury and Ji Suk began to joke to her by saying to her that, she looks as pretty as before. And his mentality and eye sight all seems to be normal and healthy. Although, his bone fracture at his right hand, but it seems that he was more anxious when, the awful accident occurred. While, Sun Yoo was almost knocked down by the car, petrify and fearful that tragic accident may occur. Ji Suk was curious and surprised that Sun Yoo was reckless for not being observant to notice the car, which was beside her. Hence, Ji Suk told Sun Yoo, to revoke her attitude of being doubtful about his sincerity and do not be in doubt to escape. To have faith and to trust his love and thank god for helping him to be able to meet Sun Yoo again.

    After hearing this, Sun Yoo was remorsed by her behaviour, felt guilty and even apologize to Ji Suk. Meanwhile, Ji Suk also wanted to reconcile his relationships with Sun Yoo and will also condone her. By giving, a kind gentle reminder to remind Sun Yoo, do not do anything that will disappoint him again.

    Wicked Tae Jung was hiding in his car and began to recall the accident that occurred. And was trying to find ways to tackle and hide his evil plot and to defraud Ji Hee from discovering and knowing the truth.

    Next, Ji Hee met Sun Yoo in the hospital , curious and furious to query her. Her animosity approached towards Sun Yoo made Sun Yoo not only upset with sorrow to tell naïve Ji Hee that, Tae Jung waited outside her house for the whole night and trying to eliminate her. Tae Jun even drag her to his car, trying to kidnap her. Ji Suk rescued her, while she was hastily running to escape, when the accident occurred. With
    prejudice on Sun Yoo and therefore, Ji Hee continued her deliberate insult towards Sun Yoo. An argumentative dispute on, who is right and who is wrong ? As,Sun Yoo out of good intention and was trying her best to awaken the mind of Ji Hee, to let her understand, the evil sight of Tae Jung. With disappointment towards Ji Hee’s ignorance on Tae Jung. Hence, Sun Yoo was unable to convey and relate all matters that can help to bring into her mind. And Sun Yoo, eventually stopped her conversations and informed Ji Hee to go into the room to visit Ji Suk.

    Ji Hee went into the room to visit and chat with Ji Suk. To instigate about Sun Yoo and to interfere her brother’s decisions. A conflict, argument concerning Sun Yoo was the one who caused the accident to happen. Ji Hee became unreasonable and accused Sun Yoo for being the culprit. Consequently, Ji Suk was extremely angry to listen to her comment. As Ji Suk was a very sensible and understanding person, as he witness on how the accident occurred and realised that Sun Yoo was not at fault, her reckless action, almost caught her into the accident. Being disappointed by Ji Hee’s ridiculous debate about Sun Yoo and suddenly Ji Suk, turned hostile and outbreak to chase Ji Hee to go home.
    Outright and warned Ji Hee, in future, do not complaint or comment anything about Sun Yoo.

    While having dinner, grandma was moody to talk. And Ji Suk’s stepmother suggested to her, to visit her grandson, as grandma was aware of the hiding place of Ji Suk. JS’s uncle also agreed to the suggestions and who knows, grandma became angry and went back to her room. JS’s uncle began to feel upset, as he can’t go out with his mother to visit Ji Suk. While, JS’s stepmother was in doubt, on what’s the decision of
    her mother in law ?

    Grandma called her assistant to help her to investigate about the movement and activities of her grandson Ji Suk. While, Ji Hee reached office angrily and refused to believe her brother’s advice. She called Tae Jung to check on his daily work schedule. Tae Jung answered her call and they continued their chatting. He even discovered that,Ji Suk got bone fracture. While, foolish Ji Hee also revealed to him that Sun Yoo spoke
    something that sound strange, with an equivocate answer to judge ? And cunning Tae Jung lied and tricked her. Tae Jung was over confident that his wife will not believe what Sun Yoo told her.

    JS’s uncle went dating with Pantong’s mother. A fun and enjoyable picnic and in the meantime, grandma discovered that, Ji Suk met an awful accident, her assistant told the chairman that, Ji Suk was hospitalize. And grandma became panic and frightened and even hasten her footstep to rush to the hospital.

    Ji Suk was happy , enjoying his meal in the hospital. And glad that, he can spend more time with Sun Yoo. He wanted Sun Yoo to take care of him. And Sun Yoo has given him the assurance that she will promise Ji Suk that, whatever he request, she will try to comply and grant his wish to come true. And therefore, Ji Suk must take care of himself, do not get injured and do not be ill. With a sincere face, Ji Suk was
    expecting that, Sun Yoo will grant his wish to come true . And Sun Yoo showed her sincereity with a sincere heart towards Ji Suk that, during the accident occurred, she had made a vow. As long as, Ji Suk can re-gain back his consciousness, she will truly love him and will not abandon him.

    While, grandma arrived and overheard their conversations.And grandma realised that, Ji Suk was in saint of love. She walked into the room, showing her concern towards Ji Suk. Grandma confronted Sun Yoo and blamed her for being problematic. Meanwhile, Ji Suk was trying to persuade , to calm down grandma. Sun Yoo even apologize to grandma , as she did not honour her and promise. With disappointment, grandma became speechless and angrily gone home.

    The naughty kid Pantong was throwing his temper as he couldn’t find his mother. The uncle was trying to calm down his temper. Luckily, his mother came back and naughty Pantong questioned his mother on where has she gone to ? Pantong doesn’t like JS’s uncle and therefore, his mother was not allowed to mingle with him. While, his mother was surprised to hear this comment. Sun Yoo’s aunt continued to chat with them. And Ki Jin came back and his mother began to ask him, on where’s Sun Yoo ? And Sun Yoo’s uncle told them that, Sun Yoo will be coming back today. And Sun Yoo’s aunt continued to worry for her niece. And SY’s uncle was confident that his niece will promise and honour her words.

    Meanwhile, Ki Jin was in doubt, he also quickly called Sun Yoo and feedback to her. After hearing, what Sun Yoo told him, he was surprised that Sun Yoo was in the hospital and was amazed at the news that, Ji Suk was hospitalize.

    Ji hee was trying to analyse words spoken by Sun Yoo and also her brother. She began to suspect and to find out with her secretary on, who was the last person, who left office on yesterday. The secretary told Ji Hee that, Tae Jung was the last person who left the office, as he needed to review all the documents for the preparation of his next meeting. While, engrossed in the discussion, Tae Jung came back and therefore, she did not continue to check further on it.

    Tae Jung was alert to discover that, his wife was suspecting him. Furious and confronted her and also blamed Ji Hee to believe and listened to Sun Yoo. Ji Hee continued to be foolish, although ,feeling uneasy and stranged that her brother Ji Suk had spoken to her strangely. In the meantime, foolish Ji Hee told Tae Jung that, Ji Suk scolded and told her that, Sun Yoo was chased by someone and was reckless to notice the
    car was actually besides her and was almost caught in the awful accident. Cunning Tae Jung continued to deny and Ji Hee was confused and even apologize to him.

    Sun Yoo was in the hospital to accompany and take care of Ji Suk. While, resting, she began to recall and to analyse, what Tae Jung told and warned her. And Sun Yoo quickly went back to search for her missing bag. She wanted to find something that can prove, as an evidence against Tae Jung. While, thinking seriously, she accidentally found the missing button , while Ki Jin arrived. They began to discuss on how to
    handle and gathered evidence to punish Tae Jung. And luckily, Sun Yoo found the missing button as, one of the evidence.

    Grandma came home with an angry face. JS’s stepmother asked the assistant on what had happened ? The assistant told her that the Chairman went to the hospital to visit Ji Suk. JS’s stepmother went into her room and pretended to be nice and caring towards her mother in law. Ji Hee received a call from her mum and on the other hand ,Tae Jung’s mother continued to gossip , chat with Tae Jung and at the same time, she was worried for Tae Jung.

    Tae Jung went to chat with Ji Hee to get more informations. And was furious and thinking hard on, how to eliminate Sun Yoo ?

    Ji Suk was trying to trick Sun Yoo to wear back thr ring . And Sun Yoo was obedient to wear it. And suddenly, the assistant came to hospital, to inform them that, grandma wanted to meet Sun Yoo. While, JS’s stepmother was curious on her mother in law’s decisions ? And on the other hand, Sun Yoo followed Ji Suk back to his house . When they arrived , with coincidence, they met Ji Hee and Tae Jung outside the house.
    And Ji Hee and Tae Jung was full of hatred , stared at Sun Yoo and shocked to see her.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 68 .

  451. 451 : mml Says:

    sml, Wwwwww,
    towards the ending episode 72, when Sun Yoo was talking , while having dinner, actually Sun yoo spoke to the grandma, to plead and beg her to allow Ji Hee to come back to the house to stay with them and grandma was reluctant to allow Ji Hee to come back.

    And towards the ending episode 73 was Tae Jung’s mother wanted to find back the child that’s belonging to Jin Yoo, but, someone, stole and took the child. And somewhere, at episode 73 whereby, viewers saw Ji Hee went to hospital, the doctor told Ji Hee that after her miscarriage, she cannot conceive any child anymore. The scene whereby Sun Yoo scolded Ji Hee was things that concerned Ji Hee’s miscarriage and Sun Yoo told Ji Hee, do not put the blame on her, Ji Hee should blame Tae Jung for the cause of it. And towards, the ending episode 73, who stole the baby, i don’t know who stole the baby, anyway Tae Jung’s mother wanted back the baby, because she knew Ji Hee no longer can conceive any child.

    Who stole the baby, is it Tae Jung ? Or is it Tae Jung’s friend ?
    The baby is it still alive or murdered by Tae Jung ?

  452. 452 : sml Says:

    @Mml 450 & 451 : chongmal kumawo for all recap… I think the baby was taken by JS’ mom but without knowing whose the parents is or taken by someone else. I’m sure it wasn’t TJ… I believeiIt will be revealed and hope that SY is the one who knows first. Btw, what did SY said to JS when she woke up JS before she left the bedroom in ep 73 ?

  453. 453 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml…after reading the preview i can see that with all this going on JH should have realized that TJ is a evil bastard….she just does not want to admit that what SY told her before she was married was all right and she is the biggest idiot in the world…..now as the ep go on she is making a bigger mess of herself/..,……

    loved the preview…. 🙂

  454. 454 : mml Says:

    @452 sml,
    at ep73,Sun Yoo pester Ji Suk to wake up as Ji Suk needed to go back to office and Sun Yoo told Ji Suk nicely and sweetly not to be childish to stick at the bed to sleep for long hours. While, Ji Suk wanted Sun yoo to kiss his cheek to cheer up the day for him. As they are just married , so they needed to have sweet behaviour and be romantic during honeymoon period and be romantic at all times.

    A short preview of episode 74 , to be filmed on 21 April 2014.
    Grandma was overwhelmed by sorrow after realising that her granddaughter cannot conceive any child and no longer can give birth after the miscarriage incident. Ji Hee blamed Sun Yoo was the one who caused her miscarriage, while Sun Yoo insisted that it’s not her fault, Ji Hee should blame Tae Jung
    for creating her misery. And Tae Jung’s mother also still searching for the missing baby.

  455. 455 : jj Says:

    OMG @mml you are making my Saturday, great previews of ep 67, and the snippets of 73 and 74. they are much appreciated because of the time and effort you put into it.
    Thanks, cant wait for the next one 🙂

  456. 456 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml 451….I do not think that the baby was murdered or that TJ OR his friend found the baby…remember the ep when TJ mom was leaving the baby on the front step with the ring and the note …the reason why she ran away was because someone was coming up the hill and she did not want anyone to see her…i am thinking that that person took the baby..

    I am happy that the evil witch will not be able to get JY baby because she knew what happened to her and is keeping it a secret because she wants TJ to be in a rich family and have money…now when JH cant have a baby she wants JY baby that her son killed his mom….DN wants to act like she does not know that TJ killed JY when she saw him leave the scene of the crime….if he was not the killer why would TJ want her to steal the watch that will prove that he is the killer and was at the scene…

    I am glad that JH cannot have a baby because it is what they all deserve for their wickedness..JH is learning her lesson for pushing SY story about her sister aside and becoming wicked like TJ…WICKED to the point that she is blaming SY for her miscarriage when she was the one behind the wheel of the car and it was she that was arguing with TJ.all SY did was show that TJ was lying and she is saying that it was because of SY causing problems why she ended up having the miscarriage.JH has gone off the deep end and she needs to be set straight ..for that to happen more bad things need to happen to her so she can come to her senses…

    Now another matter that we all need to talk about is what i see that is circulating on the soompi blog….according to the blog the ep when the grandma was looking at a pic of JS AND HIS MOM she called the lady a name that you would call a lady from a prominent household and she also called JS ANOTHER NAME THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM THEIR LAST NAME……now I am thinking that the grandmas perhaps worked in JS MOM household …did something to his mom and keep JS so that they can use JS FORTUNE….rem JS uncle told AR that it is JS house…and rem in the first ep when the man that worked the grounds of the convent that JS was at told the grandma if she is not afraid of what the gods would do and that she is a wicked woman….

    Now this is what I am thinking…JS mom was the rich woman..her son the poor man and grandma caused some accident because of greediness and used JS so that they could all enjoy a easy life with money…JH And AR is not entitled to anything because it was not halmoni son that had the money therefore JH CANT INHERIT ANYTHING….I also think that AR AND TJ think that they can get shareholders and take over the businesses but that will be hard seeing that they are not entitled to anything……from the other blogs i am hearing about this secret shareholder that hold a good amount of shares…i am thinking that might be JS MOM ….knowing this i hope SY WILL teach them a lesson so that they fear her and will be afraid to do anything to steal from JS


  457. 457 : jj Says:

    @ mml i don’t believe that it is TJ or his friend that has the baby because he feels so safe that the baby is no longer in the picture and cannot hurt his future with JH. I too believe it is JS’s mother but i am also thinking that might be be too good to true.

    There is one thing i know though, and that is i don’t want the grandmother or TJ to find the baby because TJ might try to kill him, and the grandmother threw him away into the cold, but now her rich granddaughter cannot have a baby she wants him back, hell no!!!! TJ is getting all he deserves because of his callous behavior towards JY and his baby.

  458. 458 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml u are amazing ..that scene is my favorite in ep 73 and I have been wanting to know what was said….he he he he ….love it ::::)

  459. 459 : sml Says:

    @Mml 454 : kumawo for translation… I’m still waiting your full recap ep 68 and on… @Wowww 456 : You’re taebak… I agree with your scenario that JS’mom was the one who was rich and not JS’ dad so all belongings or assets should be inheritted to JS. AR & JH didn’t have the right… Grandma did something bad in the past and only the old man (who JS was looking for at the beginning of the drama) knew the history, that’s why grandma didn’t want JS to find the old man and asked the old man to go awan & never appeared again…

  460. 460 : sml Says:

    I mean :….to go away & never appeared again… I think this old man finally will tell JS the truth about his mother and what had happened… That’s why JS was sent to school abroad so he didn’t know everything including the bad things grandma did…

  461. 461 : jj Says:

    @ sml it even makes more sense when if you remember when that old man had talked to her in that manner. It seems as if her position did not phase him probably because he know the truth. I remember when he called JS young master granny got angry. So there definitely more drama to come and i really believe the uncle is smarter than he looks because he knows the truth also but he wont say a thing.

  462. 462 : LuLu Says:

    The only person who knows about the baby is TJ’s mother; no one else knows. I’m hoping someone took the baby to another orphanage, and that somehow SY discovers him. And wouldn’t it be funny if JS’s uncle is the one to spill the beans to JS as to who his mother is? Ha! Yes, maybe she’s a major shareholder and it would be funny if TJ tries to bully her without knowing who she is. Just my thoughts.

  463. 463 : reindeer song Says:

    Come on people, JS granny stole and drove the mother away. As stated before the husband was a skank womanizer and the wife wanted to leave, she gave everything to be able to take JS but granny double crossed.In comes Aran, boy she has something coming to her, she will be knocked down many, many PEGS.

    A name on the list of shareholder will be JS mum, and TJ will try and get her stock or try to convince her to support Aran and himself or just him.

    The baby, SY sister has him, I think she is still alive, remember we only saw her hand JS mum put the rosary on another persons’arm. JS Mum rescued her, and took the baby from the orphanage. Soon we will see lurkers following JS & SY discreetly.

  464. 464 : sml Says:

    @JJ, lulu, reindeer song : ha ha ha we can be writer team also for this drama. It comes to my mind also that JY didn’t die but uncle P saw JY’s face at mortuary. It will be revealed for sure soon about who took the baby.

  465. 465 : sml Says:

    I read @ soompi, one of the chatter said that orphanage staff/owner lied to TJ’s mom & hid document of the baby. It seems make sense to me. But must be someone giving that instruction. The baby still there. What do you think about this possibility chingu ?

  466. 466 : jj Says:

    wow all these are real good plots. You may be right @ sml about the orphanage hiding the baby. And i cant quitw remember if the uncle had seen JY face i may have to watch the episode again. Lulu if thats the case you may also be right. Man i dont know where this is headed but i am excited. I also have a strong beleif also @ Lulu, sml, reeindeer that JS’s mom is the shareholder they are bound to approach. Cant wait to see…hehe

  467. 467 : jj Says:

    lol sorry about my spelling errors

  468. 468 : sml Says:

    @JJ : it’s exciting when TJ approached JS’ mom to buy her shares without knowing she was JS’ s mom so it became trap for himself. But if JS’ s mom was one of the shareholders, AR should notice & didn’t ask TJ to buy her shares except TJ wanted to double cross his MIL, buying the shares for himself. Omo it’s gonna more exciting. Ha ha ha can’t wait until ep 74 tomorrow.

  469. 469 : mml Says:

    @sml, Wowwww. jj,
    if , JS’s mom were to be the biggest shareholder, that means she’s still alive, if, she’s alive, how come she did not turn up for Ji Suk’s wedding ceremony ?

    Who’s the thief, who stole the baby ? The baby will be the biggest evidence to prove that Ji Hee was a foolish person. Ji Hee was a victim too, due to her ignorance , she made herself a fool and I hope that, she will team up with Sun Yoo to gather more evidence and target to catch Tae Jung to jail

    If, we flash back to episode 4, the old man that greeted Ji Suk, as young master, he’s the person who knew the details of Ji Suk’s mum. If, the person who rescued the baby was Ji Suk’s mum , it will be very interesting to watch.

    This drama should have extended episodes, as I am in doubt of, who stole the baby ? Ji Suk’s mom is it alive or is it dead ? How does Ji Hee going to face the cruelty of marrying a wicked husband ? Maybe, Ki Jin will be the best person to investigate and can find out the truth and explode Tae Jung’s evil plot ? It’s good that Ji Suk will listen to Sun Yoo, maybe, Ji Suk will soon join into Sun Yoo’s team for a secret investigations on Tae Jung’s friend and soon discovered, that how pitiful and how much his wife Sun Yoo had suffered ? And Ji Suk will revenge to punish Tae Jung and it’s very interesting to watch Ji Suk finding a wife Sun Yoo and treasured his wife Sun Yoo . While, his sister Ji Hee will go the opposite way, finding a heartless and wicked Tae Jung.

    I guess Ji Suk is a clever guy, he will soon understand what’s the mind of Sun Yoo ? He will love Sun Yoo and at the same time , he will punish Tae Jung, because without the help of Sun Yoo, I think, long long ago, Ji Suk would have been sent to United States to stay and cannot come back.

    I think the writer has already hook me into this interesting melo, revenge with love, comedy,mystery drama.

  470. 470 : sml Says:

    @Mml : I remember grandma told JS the word used was missing not died and shw promised JS to tell him about his mom. That’s why I assume JS’ mom still alive.

  471. 471 : mml Says:

    I think, grandma lied to Ji Suk, i think grandma cheated the wealth of Ji Suk’s mother. Look at how grandma, wanted to control Ji Suk, more or less viewers will understand that,grandma was trying to hide thr truth. Looks liked Sun Yoo will be a very important person, to dig the truth. It’s good that Sun Yoo married to Ji Suk, this can bring hope to Ji Suk. I think, grandma hides Ji Suk’s mother at somewhere. Grandma is a greedy and wicked woman too.

  472. 472 : jj Says:

    @ mml you may be right we have to now wonder if the mom was a shareholder y wouldn’t she turn up at JS’s wedding. But maybe she has an ulterior motive and is hiding herself for the right time for JS’s sake. Grandma said the mother was missing, but shes a lying old woman so it might be that she is dead too. When she was looking at the picture wit JS and the mom she was crying, so maybe the mother is no longer in the world, or it could be just guilt, which we will see. SY will definitely bring out the truth mml because she is already there protecting JS because he is too soft. Marrying SY was the best thing that happened to him in all aspects.

    The baby being missing is really puzzling me because that is yet another mystery that needs to be revealed and i am starting to think more episodes will be needed if the viewers don’t want the usual hasty wrap ups of the show.

  473. 473 : sml Says:

    @MML, what did grandma talked by herself when she saw photo JS with his mom?
    I’ve just rewatched ep 35 eng sub. At the end of episode, JH came to TJ’s mom and asked about pregnant relative. But finally she said that she knew that JY is SY’s sister and that JY was TJ’s woman, being pregnant his child…. so JH knew it her husband’s evil. Hope at the end JH came to her sense and divorce him & help SY to get justice…

  474. 474 : Wowwww Says:

    all these ideas seem possible and I am hoping that things come out in our favor….he he he …looking forward for more advancements…lol

  475. 475 : reindeer song Says:

    JH should suffer along with TJ, she was warned given ample amount of facts, but to lazy to look into and just believed what TJ fed her. She will fight to the end to protect him, tho she is not in love, they will make an arrangement or partnership.

    It is tooo early for JS Mum to make an apperance, the wedding she did not show, but who knows maybe she was watching from afar. JS will forgive SY whne he hears the story, but he will question if she truly loves him. Uncle did not see JY face, he could not recognize her, JY face was badly burn.

    Another thought, would SY be upset if she finds out that JY is still alive? How would she feel? Betrayed, due to her act for revenge and her elaborate plot to get TJ. Uncle seems to be the oil in the vinegar, he is too quiet on the TJ revenge.

  476. 476 : reindeer song Says:

    #####JH should suffer along with TJ, she was warned given ample amount of facts, but to lazy to look into and just believed what TJ fed her. She will fight to the end to protect him, tho she is not in love, they will make an arrangement or partnership.

    It is tooo early for JS Mum to make an apperance, the wedding she did not show, but who knows maybe she was watching from afar. JS will forgive SY whne he hears the story, but he will question if she truly loves him. Uncle did not see JY face, he could not recognize her, JY face was badly burn.

    Another thought, would SY be upset if she finds out that JY is still alive? How would she feel? Betrayed, due to her act for revenge and her elaborate plot to get TJ. Uncle seems to be the oil in the vinegar, he is too quiet on the TJ revenge.

  477. 477 : Wowwww Says:

    First of all today’s ep was an amazing romantic episode..this episode was so amazing i need to know what was being said so bad..it seems TJ caught his mother talking about the baby so now it looks like he knows that the baby is alive…another thing i want to know was what JH and SY was talking about and what was said…The other thing I want to know is what was said overall…..he he he he…loved the episode…it is getting exciting …. 🙂

  478. 478 : jj Says:

    Ok now it seems TJ is aware of the baby. But the preview looks as if SY overheard about the baby being alive, and SY aunt might be the one that has the baby in a stroller. I don’t know what the hell is happening, i just know its getting dam good.

    Look for yourself and tell me what u think!!!!!! 🙂


  479. 479 : Wowwww Says:


    This preview is very interesting too for tomorrow ..i also want to know what is going on in this preview…lol..

  480. 480 : sml Says:

    @JJ : kumawo for link of preview ep 75. @Wowwww : I am also curious what did JH & SY talk about in front of the house, what did JS & SY talk at the restaurant and what did TJ’s mom talk on the phone.. Just also watch preview ep 75 and curious what TJ’s mom said to TJ, what did JS talk at the office and was that really JY’s child in the stroller ? omo so many questions need explanation. Maybe MML can help ?

  481. 481 : mml Says:

    @480 sml,
    I will tell you on those things that I knew at episode 74, when Tae Jung went to Ji Suk’s office, TJ told JS that, Ji Hee after her miscarriage incident, she will never be able to conceive any child at all, that means , Ji Hee no longer can give birth and be a mother.

    JS and SY were talking at the restaurant was concerning to Ji Hee, no longer can give birth to be a mother after the miscarriage incident. While, in the restaurant when Sun yoo was engrossed in thinking, actually, she was thinking about, what if, oneday Ji Suk were to discover that Ji Hee met the accident that caused her miscarriage was Sun Yoo and Tae Jung, both of them, because of their dispute and challenged that caused Ji Hee to be, not able to give birth to any child anymore, will Ji Suk condone her that causes Ji Hee to be like that ?

    TJ’s mum was talking over the phone with someone, she was asking the caller to help her to find her grandson , by requesting the caller to trace past records of CCTV video on who stole her grandson ? While, the caller told TJ’s mum that all records from CCTV video were deleted and cannot trace to find the evidence of the thief.

    Something, I don’t understand at episode 74 was, when grandma was overwhelmed by sorrow to realise that JI Hee no longer can give birth to any child after the miscarriage, grandma cried and was guilty that earlier on, there’s a child past away and left her and now Ji Hee also another problem that is cannot give birth. The past away child is it referring to Ji Suk actually got a real brother , but, already past away ?

    The writer made me in doubt at episode 74 when grandma started to be extremely guilty of a child past away because of grandma’s fault, who’s that child ?? Is it Ji Suk becomes a substitute or to be replace as the past away kid ?

    Can you all still remember one incident, when grandma was looking at the photo of a child together with Ji Suk’s real mother, during the day when Ji Suk was about to get married with Sun Yoo and grandma was calling the child with another name instead of Ji Suk’s name ? Strange is it Ji Suk’s brother who past away ?? Grandma looks like the suspected murderer and a very suspicious person ???

  482. 482 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml….I think maybe the past away child might be her son…I also think that she might have done some bad things to JS mom..might have done something to cause her child to die and now she is crying because karma is coming for her…..i am glad that this person erased the CCTV ..this plot is getting thicker and i am loving it…i do not want any of them to find the baby….

    what if someone saw what happened and followed DN thought she was the bad guy and waited for her to leave the baby ..pick it up and erase the CCTV……I am telling you this plot is getting interesting…right now i don’t know where to turn…but why should SY think she is responsible for JH miscarriage….she is the one who decided to go fight behind the car wheel saying she is confronting TJ……all SY did was tell her the truth and she caused the miscarriage…..the writer better stop with this foolishness of SY feeling guilt…does he want people to feel sympathy for JH………WELL WE DON’T….

  483. 483 : jj Says:

    Ok.. so i watched ep 9 again to see if they really viewed JY body. Well first of all the man in the truck that was struggling to get out may have saved JY in time and she could be alive. I don’t know where they would find a body to switch but its just a rolling idea in my head. Second, the man was not able to talk so he couldn’t tell SY that he saved JY. all the police said was that her fingerprints matched and her ID was on the see. Uncle P looked at her face but he said her beautiful face was ruined, he didnt state whether or not she could be recognized. Who knows mayb it was a plot the police staged in order to protect JY. As you know these are all conspiracies. I think it might be a couple that took up the baby because if you watch ep 9 u hear a woman calling honey and the man answered. So maybe the baby in the stroller in ep 74 was JY baby and the woman pushing the stroller picked him up. I am not sure if missed certain details.

    These are just my guesses, im over here trying to figure out the writers next move…lol 🙂

  484. 484 : jj Says:

    @ mml i really cant figure out y SY would feel bad about JY and her thin uterus when JH didn’t give a rats ass about the fact that JY actually died and was pregnant. All i can say is sweet retribution.

  485. 485 : Wowwww Says:

    This ep was not as exciting but at the end it seems like SY figured out that the baby might be alive..thank god for that..the next thing is that JH moved in and is now acting like she will be the one to get under SY skin instead of the other way around..oh please….I don’t know what is in store next ..but I cant wait for @mml review of this ep because there is a lot of conversations that I am curious about.

  486. 486 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 485 : yes, I’m curious also for many conversations ; what TJ said to his mom, what he said himself when he entered his office room, what did he talk on the phone when SY heard his phone call… Also waht SY said to TJ’s mom about the paper in her hands, what did TJ’s mom say about it, what did AR say to TJ’s mom afterwards, what JS said to SY when SY brought juice for JS…. so many questions, …..and only a little scene of our OTP… Have you seen ep 76 preview ?

  487. 487 : Wowwww Says:

    the preview is not up as yet but i am looking out for it…… 🙂
    those are the same questions that I am asking..I also want to know what JH was saying to SY when she drank some of the juice SY was taking to JS ..THAT BITCH

  488. 488 : jj Says:

    JY thinks she’s all bad now.. Lmao can’t wait for her complete and embarrassing breakdown.

  489. 489 : mml Says:

    @ 485 Wowwww and 486 sml,
    okay, not to worry , a lot of conversations being said at ep75 and i will tell you a short important areas of preview of episode 75.

    TJ’s mother told Tae Jung that he has a son belonging to Jin Yoo . And Tae Jung realised that he has a son. Tae Jung started to get nervous and frightened on how to find his missing son ? He must find the missing child before Sun Yoo discovers it. He even hire private investigate to help him on finding the child.

    As, Ji Hee moved back to the house to stay with them, she will try to torture Sun Yoo . And on the other hand, when Sun Yoo went to TJ’s mother’s house, she accidentally discovered the application form to adopt a child from orphanage, Sun Yoo began to suspect something.

    Sun Yoo accidentally heard the conversations between Tae Jung and his mother, she began to realise and suspected that she has a missing nephew.

    TJ’s sister Tae Mei accidentally reveal her secrets that Sun Yoo’s aunt accidentally heard and witness it, Tae Mei was looking for her nephew and SY’s aunt went to tell Sun Yoo about it , when towards the end of episode 75, when Sun Yoo went to pizza restaurant to visit her uncle and aunt and from her aunt’s words, she discovered and confirmed that a missing child belonging to Jin Yoo was currently hiding at somewhere.

    The writer made Ji Hee a foolish woman and it seems that Sun Yoo is very hopeful after knowing that she has a nephew. And who knows, Sun Yoo will quickly find back the missing nephew and adopt it as her own child instead. And what if, Ji Suk discovered that Sun Yoo lied to him and cannot forgive Sun Yoo. The worst scenario will be Sun Yoo will live on her life together with her nephew as her own kid. I can’t imagine, what if , Sun Yoo brings the nephew into the family as her own kid and how will foolish Ji Hee react after knowing that the kid belongs to Jin Yoo ?

    It seems that in episode 75, Ji Suk doesn’t like Sun Yoo to know about his company matters and right now, Sun Yoo is a housewife, why not bring her nephew into the family and adopt it as her own child instead ? Spend more time with her nephew, since Ji Suk looks like taking precaution on Sun Yoo at ep 75 when he doesn’t like her to know about company matters.

    I am getting very curious on how Sun Yoo can bring her nephew into the family ? This is a very complicated revenge, but, I will need to watch the subsequent episodes, then I can know the answer.

  490. 490 : jj Says:

    Well maybe he is a bit apprehensive, I saw that too @mml.

  491. 491 : jj Says:

    Thanks for that quick review it was good to know. Although if what JH thinks she is doing is torture then she is stupid she just looked like a stupid immature teenager….lol in other words she just looked like a fool

  492. 492 : jj Says:

    I don’t really like them being married… They seem so much more distant than when they were dating

  493. 493 : sml Says:

    @MML 489 : What was the reason SY would givie to grandma & JS if she wanted adopt her nephew ? They must object her intention since JS for sure wanted to have his own child.

  494. 494 : Wowwww Says:

    Thank you @mml that was a good little preview..i actually like them being married..we cant have romance in every ep and this is the time for the other obstacle to come into place and be resolved and that is the baby..plus these ep have been filled with TJ AND JH and not much of our couple…another thing is that JH thinks she can get under SY skin but she is just acting like an idiot and no one really cares about her.

    I also do not think that JS does not want SY

  495. 495 : Wowwww Says:

    in the businesses matters..to me it looked like she was stacking the papers together and he did not want the papers put away…we will see the events that happen after this and hopefully it works in our favor and not a bad ending that will make me hate this show for life.

  496. 496 : sml Says:

    I’m also curious when did JS know everything ? Did SY tell him herself or he found out himself and got angry to SY and caused conflict in their marriage ? Or JH finally told him ? What do you think chingu (mml, JJ, wowwww etc) ?

  497. 497 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml JS does not know anything as yet…

  498. 498 : Wowwww Says:



  499. 499 : mml Says:

    @498 Wowwww,
    the preview that you have given for episode 76 preview was Sun Yoo was upset, questioning TJ’s mother on where’s Jin Yoo’s baby ? where’s her hidden missing nephew ? Sun Yoo managed to know the truth with the help of her aunt. Ji Hee asked her brother Ji Suk, does he feel happy and has already seek and found happiness after his marriage ? Something went upside down with TJ’s friend factory, somewhere gone wrong for Ya Mei factory ? Ki Jin took photo of the evidence. These informations that I got it from looking at the preview ep76 that you have given us.

  500. 500 : LuLu Says:

    Thanks, mml, and everybody else for the input. This is getting intense! This is an exciting week!

  501. 501 : jj Says:

    Yaaaayyyyyy mml to the rescue….lol I really wanted to know what the hell JH was saying to JS

  502. 502 : Wowwww Says:

    I love you @mml…….I really wanted to know what happened……….lol he he he …this is getting too exciting …I love it … 🙂

  503. 503 : mml Says:

    @501 jj and @502 Wowwww,
    episode 76, Ji Hee told Ji Suk that do you feel that you have found the real happiness after getting married with Sun Yoo and whether did Ji Hee tell Ji Suk about Sun Yoo, was the one who caused and resulted her miscarriage ? That want ,i am not sure ? I need to watch the complete episode 76 tonight, then i can know the answer……

  504. 504 : Wowwww Says:

    Ok good ..we will all be waiting to see tommorow episode unfold

  505. 505 : jj Says:

    @mml this is getting me real curious…. I kinda want her to tel JS I am tired of seeing SY standing behind JS talking in her head about how guilty she feels, or her with that annoying depressed look she seems to have acquired since dating JS

  506. 506 : mml Says:

    Recap a full episode 68

    Episode 68,

    Ji Hee was amazed to see Sun Yoo and Ji Suk. By asking, what’s the reason that both of them were here. And Ji Suk told her that, grandma wanted Sun Yoo and him , to come together for a family discussion. After hearing this, Ji Hee was in doubt, on why did grandma want Sun Yoo to be present for a family discussions ? And Ji Suk replied to her that he has no ideal on what’s the reason for asking Sun Yoo to come ? They
    needed to go in and meet grandma, in order to know the answer. And Sun Yoo obediently holding Ji Suk’s hand and followed him into the house. Ji Hee was wondering on, why was it, that Sun Yoo was permitted to enter the house ? Ji Hee asked Tae Jung about this, while, Tae Jung was
    too shocked to analyse about the situation and became quiet and speechless.

    Ji Suk happily brought Sun Yoo into the house. While, Ji Suk’s uncle was gld to see Ji Suk coming home with pretty Sun Yoo. JS’s stepmother came forward and spoke to Ji Suk. Being curious on why did Sun Yoo come to their house ? Pretended to be nice and caring towards Ji Suk and began to ask Ji Suk on, how come did not follow grandma to come home instead ? And Ji Hee and Tae Jung stepped into the house. As the stepmother was not aware on, what was it regarding to hold a family discussion ? In the meantime, Sun Yoo, Ji Hee and Tae Jung, the three of them looked nervous ,angry and puzzled on the situation. While, grandma was in her room, engrossed in her thinking, her son went into the room to inform her that, Ji Hee and Tae Jung came back to meet the family discussion.

    Grandma quickly went to the living room to meet all of them. Meanwhile, JS’s stepmother was anxious and excited to know, what’s the reason of a family discussion ? Grandma officially announced to everyone that, she agreed to accept Sun Yoo to marry Ji Suk. While, Ji Suk was surprised and glad to hear this arrangement. And Tae Jung was furious to hear this. With curosity, JS’s stepmother was curious on why did her mother in law can so fast to change her decision ? And grandma told everyone that, during the period when Ji Suk left the house, with her prudent considerations, she has finally awakened her thoughts on, what’s the most important thing that,her grandson wanted and needed most? And how to help Ji Suk to achieve his happiness ? And therefore, one should not be greedy to control everything. And grandma was willing to
    compromise, be contented to achieve a different angle of happiness. And she was glad that Sun Yoo was a considerate and thoughtful person. To be able to pull through and endure hardships with Ji Suk. And grandma realised that, she should accept Sun Yoo instead of separating both of them. True love should not be separated, she should accept with good grace. And JS’s uncle was excited that, Sun Yoo will soon become
    their family member. Grandma continued to speak and focus on the importance of having harmonious family relationships. Hence, Ji Suk was grateful that, grandma had finally changed her mindset. Grandma even apologize to Sun Yoo for making her suffered and endured all hardships. With a praise of Sun Yoo’s capability to help Ji Suk. After hearing this compliment, Sun Yoo looked blurred, upset and worried. Sun Yoo became speechless. While, Ji Suk was responsive to prompt Sun Yoo to reply, to respond to grandma. Sun Yoo pause for a while, stare at Ji Hee and Tae Jung and after that, she replied to all of them that, okay good, she will comply. Ji Hee and Tae Jung looked shocked and weird. While, JS’s stepmother was happy of this arrangement. And grandma showed her sincerity and love towards Sun Yoo, by informing them that, as Sun Yoo was an orphan and therefore, must treat Sun Yoo better and be fair to Sun Yoo. Thus JS’s stepmothrt complied to this special request.

    TJ’s mother gossip with her daughter. While, they were having their meal. And Tae Jung’s sister was angry and disliked her brother Tae Jung. As, Tae Jung will affect her love path. Who knows her brother became curious and excited about her loveline. TJ’s sister was frightened and worried that, her mother may soon dig more informations from her and she quickly went to her room to hide.

    Ji Suk went to thank his grandma with his cheerful face. Benign grandma told him that, it’s not easy to make such decision. And therefore, Ji Suk promised his grandma that, he will not disappoint her in every aspect. He will definitely have a blissful marriage. Hw will work hard to secure and safeguard his company. And grandma wa happy to hear this comforting and promising words.

    With a beneath contempt, Ji Hee went to confront and questioned Sun Yoo, on why did she agree to the marriage ? Begrudge that Sun Yoo can succeed in winning Ji Suk’s love. And angry that grandma was perplexed by Sun Yoo’s behaviour. And accused Sun Yoo for setting a love plot
    for her brother Ji Suk to fall into the trap ? Being defensive and smart to argue with Ji Hee, Sun Yoo told Ji Hee that the culprit for causing Ji Suk to meet the accident,but, foolish Ji Hee refused to believe what Sun Yoo told her. Being disappointed by Ji Hee’s foolishness, Sun Yoo had decided not to continue to waste her energy and time talking to a ludicrous foolish person. Hence, Ji Hee with an animosity expression stare at Sun Yoo and meanwhile, JH’s mother joined in their conversations and Ji Hee was angry to see Sun Yoo, hence, she wanted to leave the house and Sun Yoo began to tease Ji Hee. Ji Hee and Tae Jung, both of them were furious, but, do not know, how to react when JH’s mother was in front of them. And both of them angrily left the house.

    When they were in the office, they continued their argument over Sun Yoo. But, did not manage to find a solution on how to tackle the problem.

    Before, Sun Yoo leaves the house, Ji Suk console Sun Yoo and he wanted to receive a french kiss from Sun Yoo. Instead of kissing Ji Suk, and Sun Yoo went to pinch his face, as Ji Suk was a childish guy. And therefore, Sun Yoo wanted to make fun of him. As Sun Yoo wanted to pack her luggage, she got to rush back to the house and Ji Suk wanted to accompany her, but, Sun Yoo refused to allow him to follow her. Sun Yoo
    borrowed Ji Suk’s car , to save time and it’s very convenient. As, she wanted Ji Suk to have more time to rest at home. She also convey a message to Ji Suk that, the chauffeur will help to bring back Ji Suk’s luggage. And Ji Suk happliy told her to remember to bring back all those kitchen utensils bought by both of them with romance values on it. And Sun Yoo happily agreed and comply.

    Tae Jung went to the pizza restaurant to harass SY’s uncle and SY’s aunt was nervous and worried concerning Sun Yoo’s marriage. His objective and purpose of visiting them was to threaten SY’s uncle, to stop Sun Yoo from marrying into Ji Suk’s family. Ki Jin was angry to hear his threatening and furious by Tae Jung, a violent fight and hit at Tae Jung’s face and who knows Tae Jung continued to threaten them. In the
    meanwhile, Ki Jin was determined that, he will definitely find the necessary evidence of Jin Yoo’s death. Ki Jin’s family members were frustrated and disliked this harrassment and began to chase him.

    Ji Hee went to discuss with grandma and was unhappy with grandma’s decision. And nevertheless, grandma was glad that she made a right decision. Grandma asked Ji Hee, was there any special reason that, she was against having prejudice on Sun Yoo ? As Ji Hee’s reason was not justifiable to convince and changed grandma’s decisions ? It seems that, grandma changed ro be understanding by telling Ji Hee that, in this world, no one is perfect. Everyone has dual face, a good and evil character. And no one cam judge a person by it’s cover. When Sun Yoo is married into the family, by getting along together will gradually reveals, the true colours of a person. For the sake of Ji Suk, gandma wanted to stop Ji Hee from going against Ji Suk’s marriage. Grandma wanted to educate Ji Hee, on the importance of love and harmony. To accept with
    good grace, for the sake of Ji Suk’s happiness. And although, Ji Hee was reluctant to accept the fact, but, she had no choice and ultimately need to obey this request from grandma.

    Ji Suk’s stepmother was busy , making preparation for for Ji Suk’s wedding ceremony. And Ji Suk’s uncle began to wonder, how nice and happy, if, Ji Suk’s mother will be able to know that, her son is getting married ? While, Ji Suk’s stepmother was curious to hear this and wanted to dig more informations from the uncle, but, the uncle was reluctant to tell her.

    Ji Suk came down from upstairs and went to the kitchen. Although, still not yet fully recovered from his injury and also feeling bored at home, therefore, he had decided to go out for a short while. His stepmother approached him & congratulated him that, it’s a blessing in disguise, although, he got mild injury, at least no life threatening against him and glad that, he will be getting married with Sun Yoo. And Ji Suk thank her, for treating Sun Yoo in a warm and lovely manner. And the stepmother cpntinued to discuss with him, on a date to fix and confirm for the wedding ceremony. In order to avoid rumours spreading around her ears, she will arrange a grand wedding ceremony for him And Ji Suk was in doubt and surprised that his stepmother changed her attitude towards him.

    Sun Yoo received a from Ki Jin and he told her that, heartless Tae Jung went to harass and threatened them. And SY’s uncle got a mild heart attack because of this harassment.
    Meanwhile, Sun Yoo was worried about, the health of her uncle. And Ki told her not to worry too much. And Ki Jin wanted to meet up with Sun Yoo to discuss with her on something urgently.

    Sun Yoo went to look for Tae Jung, a dispute concerning the unhappiness of Sun Yoo getting married with Ji Suk. Sun Yoo told Tae Jung that, she will not leave Ji Suk and will continue her revenge against him, by giving, severe warning to Tae Jung, do not harass and threaten her uncle.

    Ji Hee was surprised to meet Sun Yoo in the office. She continued to accuse Sun Yoo for getting married with Ji Suk was to make use of him and towards her own motive. And Sun Yoo continued to teach her on mutual respect. As, mutual respect is the basic manners for everyone. And Ji Hee scolded Sun Yoo was a witch woman.While, Sun Yoo was disheartened that, foolish Ji Hee was naïve and ignorant to be fool by her wrong decision and resulted to ruin her happiness. Ji Hee refused to believe to trust Sun Yoo. Consequently, Sun Yoo had decided not to argue with Ji Hee. While, Sun Yoo was determined and confident that, she will have a blissful marriage , but, stubborn foolish Ji Hee insisted that she will find her way to eliminate Sun Yoo.

    Ji Suk was glad that, he rescued Sun Yoo and meanwhile, he was trying to recall on what had happened during the accident occurred. In the meantime, Ji Hee blamed herself for not telling the truth. Ji Hee came to look for her brother and wanted to speak the truth to Ji Suk and who knows Ji Suk told his sister Ji Hee that, if it’s not that urgent then, they will discuss on a later date. As he’s rushing back to office to settle more urgent and important work. And Ji Hee wanted to prevent Ji Suk from going to office and insisted tot talk to him. Suddenly, Ji Suk remembered, when the accident occurred, during the timing, when he found Sun Yoo and he saw Tae Jung’s car. Feeling strange and suspicious, he continued asking Ji Hee and Ji Hee was nervous and told her brother that Tae jung went for a meeting during the accident occurred. But, the problem was, Ji Suk remembered very well that, he saw Tae Jung’s car.

    Sun Yoo arrived to confirm with Ji Suk on whether, did he receive his luggage ? And Ji Suk joke to her that, most probably was, Sun Yoo missed him badly, that’s why finding an excuse to visit him ? And Sun Yoo told Ji Suk that, she has found the missing button and wanted to confirm with him that, whether does the missing button belongs to Ji Suk ? After hearing this, Ji Hee was nervous and frightened. Ji Hee
    quickly took the button and wanted to leave the place. As, Ji Suk was rushing back to office, he wanted Sun yoo to drive him back to his company.

    Sun Yoo told Ji Hee to check Tae Jung’s jacket, to confirm the found button, on whether does it belongs to Tae Jung ? Ji Hee looked blurred and became speechless.

    Ji Hee reached home to check and searched , she finally found some useful evidence. When Tae Jung saw Ji Hee hiding inside the car and approached Ji Hee and wanted to talk to her. Ji Hee being apprehensive and started to ask Tae Jung on all the suspected things that resulted Ji Suk to meet the accident.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 69 .

  507. 507 : Wowwww Says:

    So true at jj but the time will soon be here hopefully

  508. 508 : sml Says:

    @JJ, mml : yes, I’m also starting to be tired with SY keeping the secret and her agenda to revenge alone and not telling JS…. When she decided to marry JS, she should think to be honest to her husband, JS. I can’t tolerate the secret whatever the reason is. That’s why I’m worried if JS knew the secret (everything) from others, especially from JH.

  509. 509 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml ..when I was reading ur review I was laughing…u correctly labeled that crazy ass JH as foolish..this was an amazing review,…I can seriously say I was watching the ep over again and seeing the look on JH face when SY showed JS the button…that bitch thought she had the upper hand and things just blew up in her face yet again…,,.lol lol I love it…..I wonder when she will follow SY advice to stay put if she can’t come up with something better than what SY can do…….. Amazing review 🙂

  510. 510 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml…I think everyone is tired of JS not knowing …,it is about time he knows something so that they can work together to get rid of those bitches……another thing I wonder is wether JS will be able to hide the truth form halmoni and AR……the only way to keep TJ in fair and to destroy him slowly is for him to be in fear of being kicked out the family…..also JS forgives too easily and might want SY to forgive…….I am not sure what is the right choice at this point…..

    What do you guys think?

  511. 511 : jj Says:

    @mml that is what I don’t like also….that review was perfect and detailed I might add.. Everything I want to know was said in this review. Your recap just makes me hate JH even more than I already do because of her stupidity. And TJ really has the gall to be stepping up in the pizza restaurant threatening ppl. Thanks GJ for punching him in the face.

    Who is with me being annoyed with uncle P’s overacting and his sporadic and unnecessary heart attacks. I have to say I am tired of it. He has heart attacks like normal people sneezing.

    I really just want JH to go down the depths of hell with TJ because during this whole drama SY has given her exhibit A-Z of evidence and she still believes that bad liar TJ. His lies don’t even make sense most times and she ends up apologizing every time she confronts him. Wow what a dumb girl. I really can’t see a sensible woman buying those lies back to back.

    Thanks so much mml for the by recap, can’t wait for the others. 🙂

  512. 512 : jj Says:

    @wowwww I do think that JS is too forgiving at the point of being considered soft (AR words), but SY does not have to listen to him, but at least the whole situation would not be a secret. And who would JS be to tell SY to forget about the man responsible for he sister’s death, her attempted murder, kidnapping, etc.

  513. 513 : sml Says:

    @mml 506 : chongmal kumawo for full recap ep 68. I hope we canl get ep 69 recap faster, he he he. I can’t open the link for ep 76 preview. I will try again.

  514. 514 : mml Says:

    @511 & 512 jj and Wowwww,
    actually, i also wonder what Ji Hee going to say to Ji Suk at episode 76 and i am waiting for tonight episode 76 to come out. Since Ji Hee already moved back to the house at episode 75 and she’s going to torture Sun Yoo and i guess Ji Hee is trying to split Ji Suk and Sun Yoo at episode 76.

    Something, i feel sad for Sun Yoo, she wanted to lie to Ji Suk and wanted to keep this secret to herself. I guess Ji Hee will be the one who let her brother Ji Suk discovers that Sun Yoo is keeping a secret. I really don’t know what is the response from Ji Suk when he discovers the wife Sun Yoo is going on a revenge towards Tae Jung ? I guess the most pitiful person is Sun Yoo, do you know why ? She suffered being kidnap, being mistaken by Ji Hee as a witch mad woman and give up being a nun and the worst thing is Tae Jung has been trying to eliminate her. The writer should make Ji Suk to condone Sun Yoo and what if, Ji Suk quarrelled with Sun Yoo and refused to forgive her lie ?? I have no ideal yet, maybe, the missing nephew will turn Sun Yoo’s hope to live on her life ?

    I think, Sun Yoo should adopt her missing nephew as her own kid and Sun Yoo should go to orphanage for her own activity work rather than staying at home and be a housewife. Ji Hee is waiting for chance to torture Sun Yoo and the best way for Sun Yoo, is to bring the nephew into the family to create my fun to attack Ji Hee. Maybe, Ji Suk will change his loving heart after realised that Sun Yoo did not tell the truth to him ? Man can change their heart easily and therefore Sun Yoo should not put too much hope, to think that Ji Suk will forgive her.

    Whereelse, if the missing nephew can be found, at least, Sun Yoo will feel better, at least, she can nuture, to bring up the kid and to help to replace Jin Yoo’s responsibility as a mother to look after the child.

  515. 515 : tt Says:

    I don’t know what to make of the scene in ep 75 where JS seems a lit apprehensive or uneasy when SY was trying to help tidying up the company papers on the table. Is it a sign of distrust? Did I miss something? I thought he is in love and thought the world of her, that’s why he wanted to marry her. A loving husband wouldn’t act that way with his wife and SY just let that go? tsk tsk I am really confused…

  516. 516 : sml Says:

    @tt 515 : well everything can happen in kdrama right ? But I have positive thinking about that : JS didn’t want to bother SY with the messy of his desk. I also didn’t notice about it when I watched the episode yesterday.
    @mml 514, wowwww, jj : I think it’s better JS knew the secret now when he wa still deep in love with SY or still at the beginning of their marriage because he will have forgiveness for SY. The sooner the better.

  517. 517 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml I too think you are right… but let me talk about how amazing ep 76 was first.

    ep 76 was amazing and JS did not find out about what SY did…what did happen was even better SY figured out the baby and caught DN at the orphanage and she was begging saying she is sorry..i have no idea what she told them but SY ran off crying went to the office ..followed TJ and confronted him…TJ also walked right into JS office and took away a document and put it in his pocket…i am surprised the Secretary just let someone else in the manager office…i hope someone tells him something so that TJ can get into the deep shit he deserves when his friend back-stabs him…
    there was also many scenes that I want to know what was going on …
    what did JH say to JS at dinner?
    what did DN and TJ talk about?
    what was DN saying when she got caught at the orphanage?
    what did the private investigator tell TJ?
    what was the person on the phone saying when SY answered TJ phone?
    Who were the men that went to Yami Foods?
    What did SY say to JS at the end of the episode?

    on another note BT finally got the whupping he deserved… he was getting too mean to JS uncle when all he wanted was to be BT friend..the mom finally treated him like a kid and put him in his place by whipping him..i made sure i watched that scene fully because he completely deserved it on all counts….

    in all loved this ep and cant wait for tomorrow because again they left us with the cliff hanger of will SY OR JS figure out that he took the papers from the office….and what will he taunt SY about the baby now…..I guess we will have to stay in tuned and see…. 🙂

    I also watched episode 75 again and SY was not looking at the papers but stoking them in a pile and he put them back on the table like he was telling her not to worry about it he will clean it up..because he was discussing something about the papers after….so @sml I think that you are right that he did not want to bother her.Remember JS sees no wrong in SY and so far he has not seen anything to prove otherwise.

  518. 518 : Wowwww Says:

    Just thinking about It I REALLY hope that JS finds out about that paper that TJ took …it is too stupid to take one step forward and with this event ..two steps back

  519. 519 : sml Says:

    @wowww 517,518 : I have not seen ep 76 yet. I’ve not went home yet. Kumawo for review ep 76 and I’m sure the secretary would tell JS about document TJ took from his room. Or other of his staffs reported to JS. Omo I can’t wait to watch the episode soon.

  520. 520 : jj Says:

    @ sml the thing is the secretary left him like a dumbass, so he took those papers in closed doors, but I know that SY knows he was in there… And a good lol moment when TJ friend was introduced to JS u can know JS was the one that ordered the investigation. JS is a nice man, that reception the man got was I am on to you. And I think JS suspects TJ behind the friend being passed so the papers going missing is TJ once again putting himself into deep shit.

  521. 521 : jj Says:

    @mml I have no doubt JS will forgive her. He saw how her sisters death affected her and he even blamed himself for a time. Also she tried to avoid for the reason that she has a vendetta against TJ and he would not leave her alone. As long as SY states these things to JS he will realize that he was just not paying attention

  522. 522 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 517 : I’ve just watched ep 76 and agree with you, I need information for : what did TJ & his mom talk at the restaurant/cafe, what did conversation between JH & JS, what TJ’s mom said in front of the orphanage when SY, uncle P & aunt confront her. what did the private investigator say to TJ, what message in TJ’s handphone was about, what did TJ talk to hisself… so many questions need to be clarified… Chebaal mml, need your help…. Kumawo
    @JJ 520 : I think JS would find out document missing & asked the report to the person he assigned the task…

  523. 523 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 517 : at the end of episode 76, it was SY talking with TJ, not SY with JS. Yes I am eager to know that also….

  524. 524 : Wowwww Says:

    yes @sml a lot of things needs to be clarified….hopefully he knows that the document is missing.

  525. 525 : jj Says:

    I really believe he will

  526. 526 : reindeer song Says:

    JJ I’m with you, SY need to spill. He will not forgive her or will be disappointed that she did not trust him enough to tell. Plus, he cannot say she approached him, he did that all on his own, plus she was still a nun. His anger will be her not trusting him. But, in the end he will understand and join forces to bring down TJ, but his sister will play a role, he will feel badly for her.

  527. 527 : Wowwww Says:

    That is one thing that I don’t want JS should not feel bad for JH because her mom has been doing so many things to JS since he was young and she never stood up for him or told the grandma that JS was going through these problems..she is a evil bitch..she might feel bad for JS but she has not once did anything about it..it went to the point that he ran away to America because he could not handle the mistreatment anymore……I think JS feeling bad for JH will be a obstacle for SY if JS finds out and I do not want that to happen..

  528. 528 : Wowwww Says:

    You can see that JH cannot live without her riches which is a sad thing and that also means that she does not really love TJ ..the reason why she chooses to believe everything that TJ tells her is because she refuses to say that she made the wrong choice and does not want everyone in the family to know that she knew about all his lies and still chose to marry him..she is just thinking about herself..look at her now..i really cant stand to see her face.all she wants to do is blame everyone for what she did to herself ..she is despicable…

    When she and TJ and her mom tried to bring down JS and the granny kicked them out she blamed JS AND THE GRANNY…
    When she crashed the car after the argument,she blamed SY for TJ coma and for her miscarriage and thin uterus…

    the writer better make SY do something to shut this girl up once and for all because quite frankly I am getting tired of her..

  529. 529 : mml Says:

    @517 Wowwww, @523 sml, @521 jj,
    I will provide you a short detailed preview of episode 76,
    the scene that you saw Tae Jung and his mother talking at the café was, TJ’s mother chased her son to quickly find the missing grandson and TJ also mentioned about, when he was a child, his father abandoned him and felt hurt and therefore, he will definitely find the missing child.

    The scene that you saw Ji Suk having lunch with Ji Hee at the restaurant was,
    Ji Suk told his sister, it’s because of him being naughty and not obedient and therefore his real mother doesn’t want him and he told Ji Hee that by getting married to Sun Yoo, he has actually found his happiness in life. And Ji Suk requested his sister to try to get along with Sun Yoo and actually Sun Yoo is a nice person .And Ji Hee did not reveal to him that Sun Yoo lied to Ji Suk. She only try to hint to Ji Suk, do not judge Sun Yoo by it’s cover and so on.

    The scene that you saw a group of men went to YaMei Food Factory to carry out their investigations were appointed by Ji Suk. Ji Suk was the one who assigned his staffs to carry out the investigations.

    The scene that you saw Ki Jin took photo as evidence and mumbled to himself was, Ki Jin found out that ,the money in the document bag that, Tae Jung gave to his friend, his friend took the money and did not put to good use , his friend did not spend it on repairing the damaged factory equipments, but instead, his bad friend gambled and lost all the money that Tae Jung gave it to him.

    The scene that you saw, when Sun Yoo went to read Tae Jung’s sms, that was the time , Sun Yoo discovered evil Tae Jung hired a private investigator to find the missing child. And from there, Sun Yoo analyse and tackle the problem and she discovered the child, most probably belonging to Jin Yoo.

    The scene that you saw Pantong crying was, he felt disgrace and ashamed when the uncle went to his school, being rude and naughty , he was punished and bitten by his mother.

    The scene that you saw TJ’s mother crying to plead their forgiveness in front of SY’s aunt, SY’s uncle and Sun Yoo was, TJ’s mother speak the truth , that the missing child was Jin Yoo’s son.

    The scene that you saw JS’s stepmother talking to JS’s grandma was, JS’s stepmother wanted to adopt a child at orphanage for Ji Hee.

    The scene that you saw Tae Jung was talking to the private investigator was someone with their own car took the missing child and it’s impossible to find the child .

    The scene that you saw Tae Jung stealing the document, that document was actually a report stated clearly that, YaMei Food Factory will not pass to meet the standards to be required by L Food Company.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo rushing to the office to question Tae Jung was, Sun Yoo wanted to know where’s her missing nephew ?

    Okay, I have covered almost all the important scenes at episode 76 and I believe that, very soon, Ji Suk will discover that Sun Yoo was the sister of Jin Yoo and Jin Yoo’s lover was Tae Jung. Will Ji Suk help Sun Yoo or will Ji Suk let Sun Yoo to continue to suffer in silent on her own ???

  530. 530 : jj Says:

    Loved it @ mml great recap. I really hate to see JS put so much trust in her when she doesn’t trust him enough to tell him the thruth

  531. 531 : jj Says:

    And I still don’t understand why SY always chooses to rush to TJ for everything. She should really start trying the element of surprise.

  532. 532 : Wowwww Says:

    I loved that little review @mml u answered all that I wanted to know…i also don’t think that JS will allow SY to suffer silently because SY is the only one that he loves in the world and he will not do anything to make her sad,,he will be angry for a little while but support her after that.

  533. 533 : LuLu Says:

    Thanks a bunch, mml, that really is a great summary and fills in the gaps for a lot of us. I’m ready for some real kick in the stomach revenge, so I hope it heats up even more!

  534. 534 : Wowwww Says:

    ep 77 preview guys…it looks good…things are getting heated

  535. 535 : sml Says:

    @mml 529 : really appreciate your review ep 76. Make me understand what’s going on.
    @ wowwww : thanks a lot for the link. Will see it soon. I look forward to watching the time JS know everything : about TJ & JY, their son, TJ kidnapped SY when interview time, TJ chased SY with his car, Ya Mei fake approval report & now missing report of Ya Mei factory…. all of the truth….

  536. 536 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml 535 ….I am anticipating the reveal too.. 🙂

  537. 537 : sml Says:

    @mml : I’ve watch preview ep 77 but do not understand. Can you explain ? Kumawoo…

  538. 538 : mml Says:

    @537 sml,
    you wait until I watch ep77 then I give you a short detailed preview. It seems that, by looking at preview ep77, I believe that Ji Suk discovered the missing report and realised that Tae Jung and his friend team up to cheat L Food Company and as to the missing money that Tae Jung misappropriated the funds from L Food that one, am not sure whether did Ji Suk also discover. You all patiently wait and watch.

    Am not sure, how Ji Suk is going to punish Tae Jung ? And I guess Ji Suk is going to punish him with drastic actions . Something strange, how come Ji Suk did not discover his wife Sun Yoo suffered in silent ? And every time, Sun Yoo will wake up in the middle of the night to look at Jin Yoo’s photo and how come Ji Suk did not realise that his wife Sun Yoo looks upset with a mystery face ???? Strange, really very very strange ???

  539. 539 : Wowwww Says:

    This ep had too much crying and begging…in all we see that it is a episode that will transition into something god anytime soon..many things that I want to know..
    what was SY and TJ talking about when the ep started..?
    What did JS say when he saw SY and was chasing after her?
    What did the uncle say to TJ on the phone?
    what did AR say to TJ?
    what did JH say to SY when she saw TJ and SY talking?
    what did JS say to SY when he caught her and she hid her sister photo?
    what did TJ say to SY when he was waiting for her outside?
    what did the inspector say to JS?
    what did SY said to TJ friend when she showed him the pictures of him and TJ passes of the bag with money?

    Hopefully the preview will come up soon so we can get an idea of what the hell we are in store for tomorrow.

  540. 540 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 539 : Yes I have the same questions like yours. Also what did SY say to JH before she entering her bedroom ? What was the talking between JS and SY when he checked documents ? I can’t understand TJ & SY quarrelled with high voice inside the house gate, without worrying somebody hearing their voice…
    I think someday, JS would overhear…. I can imagine that house became war zone and someday will explode….

  541. 541 : sml Says:

    I think photos & SY’s confrontation to HS worked and made him confessed about his alibi for TJ at the time JY died. I also hope more scenes of our OTP together… Why did after marriage, there was not romantic scene of them…

  542. 542 : jj Says:

    Lol at JS sneaking a look in the drawer. This is giving me hope than he will be nothing but understanding of SY revenge plot and relieved to a point seeing that he partly blames himself. TJ on the other hand seems to love digging his own grave feet by feet in this drama. Seriously TJ if you weren’t so concerned about trying to steal JS birth right, maybe you would start actually thinking. You can’t take the one paper out, and that person happens to be your best friend dumbass. BT was so happy today with the bike, looks like he just needs some attention. JH her regular dumb self still acting up, can’t wait for her to get even more stressed when she hears of the latest news. Maybe we will get to see her uterus fall out.. Lol 🙂

    Things are heating up guys, SY laying on the heat

  543. 543 : jj Says:

    @ sml I have said the same thing. With marriage they became distant, there is hardly any scenes with them, much less some contact 🙁

  544. 544 : jj Says:

    One thing that really puzzles me…u telling me that SY was so loud in the office and at the house and no one ears… I guess people have hearing and sight issues in this drama.

  545. 545 : sml Says:

    @JJ 542 : you say …can’t wait for her to get even more stressed when she hears of the latest news… What did the latest news mean ?
    Also when TJ, JH & SY were upstair, they talked without worrying somebody hear, especially JS who was inside his bedroom… really strange.

  546. 546 : Wowwww Says:

    I think the news is that JY baby is still alive and TJ and his mother and them knew about it.That is why TJ mom was suggesting adoption because it is TJ child anyway….

    It is kind of a omen that while she cant have children JY baby is alive..that will make her feel like shit because she disregarded JY and her baby and forgave TJ turning against SY and making a mess of herself…..She should actually see it as divine retribution.

  547. 547 : LuLu Says:

    I’m sure mml will enlighten us with episode 77, but I’m wondering if SY’s conversation with her nun friend is an appeal to find the baby. Maybe there are more resources through her.

    I’m thinking that SY is keeping her cards close to the vest and not telling JS because she needs the crucial evidence from the food factory guy. The last thing she needs is for him to run away, or be bribed again by TJ, or claim that he has nothing. She’s getting pretty close to getting what she needs, so everybody needs to keep their mouths shut and not blow the case.

  548. 548 : jj Says:

    Exactly @Lulu especially uncle P and is overacting

  549. 549 : jj Says:

    @sml yes as wowww said I meant that JY baby is alive and she can’t have any… Not to mention that is something that TJ can’t really say SY made up where there is a living body to prove it

  550. 550 : jj Says:

    Reading another blog @Lulu I found out that SY was asking them for help with searching for Sarang. I also learned that TJ was threatening SY even though she didn’t lose her cool. He prob said he was gonna tell JS who knows. One thing I do know is that he has the nerve to be threatening anybody in his current situation. Such a fool.

  551. 551 : jj Says:


    eP 78 PREVIEW !!!!!! Guys i dont think its gonna be longer before JS finds out

  552. 552 : Wowwww Says:

    ep 78 looks amazing ,,it also look like we will have a cliff hanger to ponder over till Monday.

  553. 553 : jj Says:

    Ep 78 plays tomm

  554. 554 : KIM Says:

    Where can i find ep 70 and up with english sub

  555. 555 : reindeer song Says:

    Hello guys, have you seen the wedding? What the heck is happening to SY & JS great love? They seems rather distant and pizazz. Dull as dishwater. SY sister and JS mother are together, that is who has the baby. JS mum nursed her back to health.

  556. 556 : LuLu Says:

    @KIM… you can’t. Youtube has through 68 with English subs, but they (KBS) put up only one per day.

  557. 557 : mm Says:

    mml, could you provide what has been said in ep 77? Also what is to happen in ep 78.

  558. 558 : Wowwww Says:

    @reindeer song is that your hypothesis or something that was said happened in the show…I want to know because I thought uncle P saw the body..

  559. 559 : Wowwww Says:

    I also agree with you reindeer song their romance is a little dull in the last 4 ep …but i think that it is because it is a time when another thing is going to be relieved and also because she still feel guilty about her sister and something needs to be done.I also think it is because there is so much more they have to cover about the story in the 30 minutes why they are not putting as much romance.
    What I want to wonder about is why TJ MOM,TJ,JH,and BT and Uncle P is getting so much air time..SMH

    I guess we have to wait for more romance and excitement 🙂

  560. 560 : mml Says:

    @539 Wowwww, @540 sml, @544 jj , @ 547 Lulu , @557 mm

    I will just provide a short detailed explainations on what’s happening at episode 77 ? And hopefully, i can clear your doubt and be patient to watch episode 78.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo was questioning Tae Jung in the office, Sun Yoo was crying and shouting for her missing nephew and questioned Tae Jung on where has the missing child gone to ? Tae Jung denied to Sun Yoo that the things that he had done wrongly and even said to Sun Yoo that, the missing child cannot be found.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo’s aunt , uncle and TJ’s mother were outside the police station. A dispute regards to the missing child and TJ’s mother plead for forgiveness and even told them that, one of the ways to indentify her missing grandson was she put Jin Yoo’s ring at her grandson for easy to indentify the child and SY’s uncle making noise and rowdy was, he wanted to drag TJ’s mother to police station and wanted to put TJ and also TJ’s mother to jail , to arrest them for the murderer plot and also lost SY’s nephew.

    The scene that you saw Tae Jung mumbled inside his office was ,in order to cover his evil plot before Ji Hee discovers the truth, one of the ways will be, he will need to buy over all the shares of L Food Company and make himself as the boss of L Food Company.

    The scene that you saw Ji Suk running after Sun Yoo was, he was curious on why did Sun Yoo come to the company ? And what’s the reason that Sun Yoo cried ?

    The scene that you saw Ji Suk was asking TJ inside his office was, Ji Suk asked Tae Jung on whether did he see Sun Yoo ? And Ji Suk told TJ that, he will only sign those documents only upon after the board meeting.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo was having a family meeting was about the missing child couldn’t be found. Sun Yoo was guilty of little help given to Jin Yoo and was crying because of the missing nephew.

    The scene that you saw grandma told her son that, Pantong only temporarily cannot accept him.

    The scene that you saw Pantong happily accepted and liked the bicycle as he understood that the uncle wanted to favour and bribe his heart.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo was with the nun at the cafe, was Sun Yoo beg the help fro the nun to help and find her missing nephew, to check the namelist of those being adopted children and their foster parent’s record.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo was crying and screaming outside the house was, TJ was the root cause of making her nephew get missing and TJ was the murderer of Jin Yoo’s death.

    The scene that you saw TJ and his mother in law were discussing about to adopt a child.

    The scene that you saw Ji Hee was angry about Sun Yoo interfered TJ’s decision on adopting the child.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo mumbled to the photo was she told Jin Yoo that the child still alive and she will definitely help to find her missing nephew.

    The scene that you saw Ji Suk opened the drawer was, he suspected something that lead to Sun Yoo being over upset. And later on, when Ji Suk told Sun Yoo that Sun Yoo was his wife and under all circumstances they are husband and wife relationships, Sun Yoo should speak her problem to him to share her fear and burden and so on.

    The scene that Sun Yoo was talking over the phone with Ki Jin was, Ki Jin told Sun Yoo that YaMei Food Factory those damaged equipments still not yet repair or new equipments for replacements.

    The scene that you saw Ji Suk was talking to his employee was, his staff told Ji Suk that he did produce a set of report showing that YaMei Food Factory did not pass the quality control and also did not meet the standards required by L Food. And the staff wondered, how come the report was missing? The staff had no ideal on why and how come the report can get missing ? And Ji Suk requested his staff to re-submit a duplicate set of the report.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo went to make an exchange deal with TJ’s friend, she has all photographs of all the evidence showing Tae Jung and his friend were on corruption and embezzling of funds in their business deal. Sun Yoo will only condone him, if, he can produce and surrender the evidence of Jin Yoo’s death to Sun Yoo.

    Bingo, i have completed almost most of your doubts at episode 77 and you can enjoy watching episode 78.

  561. 561 : jj Says:

    he he he things are really on the up and up. that means that JS suspects that she is hiding something… GOOD. thanks a lot @ mml now in can at least watch ep 78 with a bit of background on whats going on. JS is getting on the ball with dealing with TJ. Really he wants to buy shares of L foods and become the boss, such a low down dog.

  562. 562 : Wowwww Says:

    I love u @ mml …I am sitting here laughing like crazy now…..things are going to get heated because now TJ ass got caught and his friend will turn on him when he can’t keep the contract with L foods….can’t wait for ep 78 ……u are amazing mml

  563. 563 : mml Says:

    @ 562 Wowwww,
    i will love you too and glad that you laughing at episode 77, in fact, i missed out something at episode 77. Okay, i will tell what’s the thing i missed out. At episode 77, when Sun Yoo shouting and screaming outside the house desperately hunting for her missing nephew and do you know what did Tae Jung tell Sun Yoo ? Tae Jung threatened Sun Yoo that what if, Ji Suk discovered the missing kid’s father was actually the father and the missing kid’s aunt with Sun Yoo and both of them will be chased out from the house by Ji Suk. Brave Sun Yoo told Tae Jung that she’s not afraid of the matter will let Ji Suk to discover and Sun Yoo will use her greatest ability to protect , to love and bring up her nephew. And Tae Jung threatened Sun Yoo that, he can win the custody of the child as Tae Jung was the real father instead of Sun Yoo winning the custody of the child. And brave Sun Yoo warned Tae Jung, what if, Ji Hee realised the truth, Tae Jung will eventually have to be chased out of the house by Ji Hee.

    Guess, what’s going to happen ? Maybe, when Ji Suk discovered the truth, he will not chase Sun Yoo out from the house, maybe , Ji Suk will chase Tae Jung out from the house.
    Do you know why ? It’s because, very soon, Ji Suk will discover the misappropriated funds stolen by Tae Jung. This is what i guess an i am not sure what’s the writer’s arrangements ???

  564. 564 : mml Says:

    @562 Wowwww,
    do you know what’s the thing that Ji Suk hated the most ? I think, Ji Suk is a person who hates someone being over greedy because of money. His ex-girlfriend Eun Su betrayal of his love, also because of greed on money. And Tae Jung is another person, also greedy on money. I think, Ji Suk is going to show his true colours to Tae Jung and as to how Ji Suk will treat Sun Yoo after discovering the truth, currently, it’s still a mystery ????$$$$?????

  565. 565 : sml Says:

    @MML 560,563 : chongmal kumawo for review ep 77… Can’t wait to watch the ep 78 tonight… I really hope also scene of our OTP will be more than the other especially than DN, uncle P, TJ, JH… Cross my finger that SY found JY’s son from information through her nun friend. @JJ 561 : I don’t think TJ had fund to buy shares of LFood because money his MIL gave him already given to HS and HS had already given to his gambler friend. So the money was not longer exist.

  566. 566 : Wowwww Says:

    okkk so today episode JS was cute when he forced SY to put on his necktie.I also thought that he was so manly when he walked in TJ office with the pictures and TJ tried to lie and JS showed him the pictures afterwards..

    I am absolutely angry that SY and GJ made TJ get men to get the CD from his friend when GJ should have just grabbed it when he saw it in his hand…this means that we are now one step back again because TJ now has the evidence that would disprove his alibi.I am so pissed right now.

    I also think that baby in the end that SY picked up calling Sarang is not the baby.Instead the baby that the girl brought in and was unfolding something in the cloth that looked like the ring is the baby…this is just what I think but I hope that it is not true.

    I am sick and tired of the opportunities that TJ gets to be smug…the writer needs to know that it is about time for SY to have the upper hand almost all the time.The revenge needs to be intense in SY favor all the time.

    things that I want to know:
    What did JS say when the show started?
    what did JS say to TJ when he confronted him in the office?
    what did JS say to TJ when his friend walked in on him and JS?
    what did granny say to SY for her to tear up?
    what did JS ask SY the next day when he saw her crying?
    what did the nun say to SY when they were in the orphanage?
    what was the girl saying when she unfolded the cloth?
    what did the men that took ways HS was saying?
    what was DN saying to uncle P?

    for the last and final question which is the cute scene with JS AND SY …..what did JS say to SY?
    I am telling you things are getting good…hopefully SY found the right baby because now she will have the upper hand and slap the smug look off TJ face…

    when you guys watch the ep tell me if you think SY got the right baby….all the nun showed was the letter but she did not show the ring..what do you guys think?

  567. 567 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml 563 & 564
    Thank you for that information ..when I was watching it I figured that TJ would be up to his old nasty tricks again..I also do not think that JS will throw SY out.One reason is because JS AND SY genuinely loves each other.He can see JH throwing him out because really and truly they don’t love one another.The fact still remains that JS loves SY to death and SY also loves JS to death ….if the writer is to be as bold as to let them not have a happy ending with babies and success ……i will certainly have a couple words for him in that regard…. 🙂

  568. 568 : jj Says:

    Thanks @ mml TJ getting ballsy for no dam reason… GJ so sexy in ep 78 yea get them SY and GJ even though it might make up some lie and get off…my boy JS immediate confrontation to TJ was very manly might I add. TJ lying through his teeth, he doesn’t realize JH is the only one that believes those horrible lies.

    TJ mother so annoying, leave JY baby alone and go back to your rich D-law and her flimsy uterus. If uncle P do t start getting some sense he might let TJ get away again.

    TJ got his friend either kidnapped, beaten, or killed and got the evidence. If he didn’t run from GJ that wouldn’t have happened to HS. Hopefully he knew what is friend was like and had measures put in place. I swear TJ believes he some mob boss or something. SY needs to come up with heavy retaliation .

    Guys I think SY found the baby!!!!!!! Aaaaahhh so happy right now. SY found that baby in two days, if my timing is right. They should have probably payed SY instead of a private investigator to look for Sarang…lol I guess it’s good to be a nun in training at some point in your life….

    I am really not sure y JH was shocked when she was holding the baby, is the show trying to give us two possible children? Help me out mml !!!!!!! Dying of curiosity

  569. 569 : jj Says:

    I really worried that SY might not have found the right baby… But hopefully she did because didn’t the other baby have a parent. Is the lady not the mother of the baby JH was holding, or does she just work at the orphanage

  570. 570 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww : again you have the same questions with me chingu… Besides, I want to know the conversation between TJ & SY in front of coffee shop. About uncle P, why didn’t he ignore DN but always spoke to her… Now, I wait for mml to help us to understand the episode better. I’m looking forward for SY telling JS everything, chebal writer nim, make this happens Monday or Tuesday next week…. Well again weekend without this drama… Btw what other drama worthed to be watched wowwww, jj, tt, reindeer song, mml ? I hear Angel’s eye also great but I don’t want to watch now since like this drama, perhaps have to wait eng sub (10 eps left behind). It’s better for me to wait until the drama finished he he he.

  571. 571 : sml Says:

    I think JS started thinking connection between TJ & SY because many times when he hadn’t married, he found TJ & SY “coincident” talked including the car chased SY that he thought like TJ’s. After JH & TJ came back to the house, he saw SY like had hard time (including at the office at yesterday ep/77). Also he saw SY sad sitting in front of bedroom. Something he could feel it by seeing his expression, but he waited SY to tell him herself ? I think JS asked about that the next morning before he asked SY to wore his tie and SY said meeting friend ? Am I correct ?

  572. 572 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml this is the only drama I am watching right now ….that is because this one is already giving me minor Heart attacks with its ups and downs …all these up and downs that are seriously unnecessary.

  573. 573 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww : Ha ha ha… I agree with you with the ups and downs…
    Sometimes I am happy with our couple, JS & SY… but sometimes, I also being bothered with SY keeping secret fm JS, can’t stand it… Also when uncle P yelled with hand on his chest… I am upset with TJ who always got away from his evils, also with unbelievable stupidity of JH who blindly trusted TJ… Because it’s drama which more than 100 eps, the writer nim should make everything slowly he he he.
    If you want to see another, I recommend “You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin”, 50 eps and all already eng sub, so you don’t need to wait like now he he he…

  574. 574 : reindeer song Says:

    Wowwww, not, Uncle P saw a body but the face was burnt very badly, did he not ask for the baby? SY recognition was the rosary. My perception that she wil rise again with the baby and JS mum. SY just have to do a DNA test, will solve her immediate problem. Could it be???? Nah, too easy. Yes, I think there may be two possible children trying to confuse, SY could not of found that baby soo soon.
    Could TJ friend did counter measures to protect himself by sending SY all his information on TJ? But, if so SY will run to TJ and tell him and get them taken away. Why does she feel the need to tell him everything. Why does anyone, in all the dramas they outright tell of their plan and then get screwed.

  575. 575 : Wowwww Says:

    @sml I am going to look into that drama…. Lol 🙂
    @reindeer song ..li also believe that it is not the right baby and hopefully JS mom comes in soon and things get better

  576. 576 : jewles Says:

    @566 Wowwwwww

    The answers to your inquiries…

    What did JS say when the show started?
    >>You mean when the photos were delivered? He asked the sec what is it and where it come from since there are no return address or addressee

    what did JS say to TJ when he confronted him in the office?
    >>When TJ asked why didn’t JS call him to his office instead of coming down to his office, JS says “why? is there anything else you want to take from my office?” JS told him that he knows TJ took the report from his office. Of course TJ denise and says that there are no proof of him taking the report or the photo indicates that his taking money. It was some document his friend wanted.

    what did JS say to TJ when his friend walked in on him and JS?
    >>Take care of the business with your friend’s company so that I don’t hear anything more about it.

    what did granny say to SY for her to tear up?
    >>If there is anything I can help you with just ask. Think of me as your real family and don’t hesitate.

    what did JS ask SY the next day when he saw her crying?
    >> you came in pretty late. Was anything wrong? SY said that a friend called a sudden so she met up with the friend. JS says ” is that so? Let me meet your friend when time permits.”

    what did the nun say to SY when they were in the orphanage?
    >>this is the letter that was with the baby.

    what was the girl saying when she unfolded the cloth?
    >> she just said what could this be? and JH said, ‘wait a minute’

    what did the men that took ways HS was saying?
    >>after his handed over the CD to TJ, he said, there won’t be any aftermath.

    what was DN saying to uncle P?
    >>DN is TJ’s mother? if so, she asked uncle P to find the baby together. where uncle said that you don’t deserve to see the baby since you threw the baby away.
    for the last and final question which is the cute scene with JS AND SY …..what did JS say to SY?
    >> JS asked SY to put the tie on and she said that you do it well on your own.
    >>JS: Wife supposed to do these things every morning to declare that “your are mine, if you behave badly, I won’t leave you alone”, like that. Since I am your ???? body, if you have anything to order me around.
    >>SY: I understand, sir (using formal words)
    >>JS: oh, you are being formal
    >>SY: stop kidding around and get to breakfast

  577. 577 : Wowwww Says:

    @576 Jewles…thank you so much for answering my questions 🙂 …Since I watched the ep I have been wondering what the hell was going on …lol
    ..also welcome to the blog..i think this is the first time I see you..:)….
    this show is making a turn around..now the writer has us on a line wondering which baby is the right one..smh…

    I have to say that @mml and you are lifesavers because only then would the rest of us know what is going on.

  578. 578 : jj Says:

    @ Jewles welcome to the blog. Thanks for letting us know the nitty gritty for the ep. TJ is such a liar, and JS was a little weak with his response to TJ.
    Do you guys think that HS is dead?
    Thanks for letting us know that cute scene word by word, really made me happy.

    @wowww you are right they mml and Jewles are our lifesavers 🙂

  579. 579 : sml Says:

    @Jewles 576 : kumawo.. anyong… I am happy to have new member who understands korean.. so you and mml can help us to understand each episode better he he. Btw are you korean ? After rewatching ep 78, it’s strange that SY didn’t hear JS open their bedroom door because the sound was obviously heard. Yes like you said SY as an orphan was touched by grandma sincerity and care. Do you think HS wa killed by TJ’s people ? Or just tortured ?

  580. 580 : weng Says:

    i really like this drama so much….i can’t wait for the next episode….question, can you tell me where can i watch episode 69 onwards?
    thank you very much. more power and good drama.

  581. 581 : sml Says:

    @Weng 580 : welcome to this chat…. for eng sub only up till 68. But without eng sub or raw you can see this link http://www.kpopforlove.net/2014/02/angels-revenge-english-subs.html?m=1

  582. 582 : sml Says:

    @Jewles 576 : you say : …JS told him that he knows TJ took the report from his office. Of course TJ denise and says that there are no proof of him taking the report… Usually in the company, there is CCTV, so JS could see TJ came to his room, but also after that SY came… He could investigate, unless the writer nim doesn’t want to use that way… Dear All, this chat is so quiet and I miss this drama so much…

  583. 583 : Wowwww Says:

    I know ….it is quiet today…..they did not even upload the ep 79 preview as yet so that we have something to Look forward to…maybe they will put it up Sunday night…

  584. 584 : reindeer song Says:

    Wowwww says: What I want to wonder about is why TJ MOM,TJ,JH,and BT and Uncle P is getting so much air time..SMH?

    An important arc is coming up with them, I think it has to do with Mum and niece. Uncle P sometimes annoy the picking out of me.

  585. 585 : Wowwww Says:

    I agree @reindeer song…I understand that Uncle P and SY is close but it always seems that anything is going to give him a heart attack and he just goes on too much..he needs to calm down and leave SY alone…that is just what I think…hehe 🙂

  586. 586 : vareena Says:

    Hi everyone here seem not to be disturbed by the fact that SY kept the secret from JS, I was pulling my hair out about this issue, why she has to lie that is not realistic, the writer is damn stupid about this plot, she is honest but kept lied about TJ, that make no sense, she didn’t marry him because of TJ but she loved him, so why can’t she be honest to JS. Everyone think this make sense, tell me if only me crazy, I wanted to quit watching many time. One thing is so bad about daily dramas, it is over 100 eps and sometime the writers just have to come up with stupid idea to finish the drama, that is why all obnoxious stories is invented. that is all the nonsense plots, just like crazy love, sincerely move heaven and including this crazy drama.

  587. 587 : reindeer song Says:

    vareena, I am soo with you, I cannot see the need for her to lie to JS, both of them can fulfill there task quite easily. This will not shine a good light on her when the truth does come out, she will be accused of marrying jS for vengenca and not love, even though he fell for her long before this catastrophe happen. In the begining yes, but now he has so much trust in her she is now blatantly deceifing him.

    Wowwww, only TJ gives him palpatation. I sometimes do not understand his logic.

  588. 588 : Wowwww Says:

    @Vareena ,i always say to myself that it is about time that SY told JS because the back and forth threats to tell him id getting on my nerves…

    On the other hand I do not think JS is strong enough to support SY on her revenge…this is why i say this

    After all JS knows that JH did to SY with the picture and the slap in the face and the constant bad talk against SY …he tells SY in ep 68 that JH will soon come around and to understand JH.

    the other thing is that ….how many times have we seen JS know that TJ is out for him and in each time he has gone back and talked to him …..ON GOOD TERMS…

    I understand SY to some point because JS might want her to forgive him because they are in a family and that is not something that I want…AR even mentioned that it is the grandma they need to worry about because she knows JS will easily forgive them…

    Another case is when TJ sold the menu and JH was also a part of it..of course TJ and JH blamed him…..AND HE FELT BAD…….. HE WAS THE ONE THAT MADE THEM STAY……..HE ONCE AGAIN FORGAVE THEM….

    On one hand I think it is time for JS to know….on the other hand I do not want him trying to convince her to give on her revenge because I want to see TJ suffer..

  589. 589 : Wowwww Says:

    @Reindeer song…I totally agree…when Uncle P acts like that I just want him to leave the show…he is so annoying…I would love if the writer gives him less air time, because the whole point is, that he is insignificant in the show and I cannot be bothered with him.

  590. 590 : Wowwww Says:


    another thing is in episode 68 ,JS got the pictures of him and HS trading bags….He went in there manly as hell 🙂 and told TJ what he knows…of course TJ tells some lie….the friend walks in …..what does JS say….. fix this problem with ur friend so I hear nothing more about it…. I was upset at JS for that…Once again TJ tried to get u in trouble and he gets ANOTHER PASS…..this is what he should have done….

    Made it public that he came into his office…..stole a document…passed off money in pictures…fired him shamelessly…..

    I am sick and tired of JS forgiving people..it is about time he started to act like a man that takes no bullshit and maybe then SY might think he strong enough to stick up to his family and TJ ….

    As of now the Jury is still out….

    Sometimes however I also want to rip put my hair because SY is deceiving him…anyways we will see what this writer will do to make the fans day and a happy ending…

    Welcome to the blog 🙂

  591. 591 : Wowwww Says:


  592. 592 : sml Says:

    Hi everybody, I read from other chat (soompi), one of the chatters said :

    This drama will go 120 episode these are the story lines I got..

    Jy baby.. JS finding out SY revenge which he’s starting to watch her very careful, also I noticed that JS is really aware of TJ trying to hurt SY ,,, Then JS mom’s issues..

    AR trying to steal the company and TJ stealing the company from her…

    So it will be heated…. Frankly speeking, I believe also that JS finally could figure out SY’s revenge because maybe he overheard or GJ spilled it out. He some times found SY cried and must try to find out himself the reason because SY would not tell him the real why… Remember at ep 78 when SY came home after she confronted TJ in front of coffee cafe, she cried in front of her bedroom with JS seeing it from their bedroom’s door. We can see his expression. The next morning, when he asked SY, she just answered something to do with her friend & SJ said he wanted to see her friend when time permit (according to translation from Jewles 576).

  593. 593 : sml Says:

    Can somebody explain preview ep 79 ?

  594. 594 : jj Says:

    @vareena its not that i am not bothered but i do understand where she is coming from with her need to keep it a secret. If you watch some of the previous episodes she has tried to tell him and he interrupted her. She even told him that she is not what she seems and there is a lot he does not know about her. Whatever she was intialy doing was kept from her aunt and uncle in the first stage, GJ was the one that looked at her papers in her room and found out.

    I pull my hair out all the time because i am worried JS will over hear them, or stupid JH will tell JS, but we have to understand where SY was coming from. She gave up her commitment to god, and went to seek revenge. She admits that she is sinning,but she cannot allow someone that took the best care of her to die with such an unjust death.

    She did not want her aunt, uncle, or JS to become involved because she believes what she is doing is wrong and does not want anyone doing the things she is doing. If you remember throughout the show she tried to distance herself from JS because she did not want to deceive him, plus she had made that oath to never love anyone.

    Now that she has kept that secret for so long, it is going to be hard for her to tell him, especially when the two spinners JH and TJ come into play.

    I get angry every episode that she makes these stupid compromises with TJ so that JS does not find out. It also just seems to me that TJ is winning and we are almost at 80 episodes. And i believe i get that from the show because of her secret. But if you really analyze SY’s character she likes to do things by herself and doesn’t want anyone else involved.

    @wowwww i completely agree when you say JS might want her to forgive TJ and that is just not acceptable. Also, SY has to protect JS meanwhile she is on the verge of trying to get her revenge, i really don’t think JS is the right person to be her partner in the revenge @ reindeer because JS will think about his sister the stupid JH although she doesn’t care about him one lick.

    I think JS should learn when he finally leaves his naive immaturity and become a dependable man. He is all for SY i can not deny that, but he allows too much things to slip by without no repercussions. @ wowww when you said JH slapped SY in the face, and he is then telling her that JH will come around and she will be an older sister. I think he takes things too lightly, and i don’t want him pressuring SY to stop with the revenge. Until he becomes unyielding on some level i don’t mind as yet whether she tells him.

    JS does not really get things quick though because even that time when SY was kidnapped and ragged walking home… do you realize that JS was never like what happened to you? how did your cloths get so torn, why are you crying, who did this to you? so i don’t know if he would be able to handle it. We have to also understand that JS’s sister is in the equation, so if she sees that JS is putting so much trust in her, its kinda hard to say me and your sister have a rivalry, and blah blah

    I am all over the place with my opinions and that is because i have mixed feelings about the whole situation. But i just wanted to say i do have a problem, but the synopsis said she’s and angel in front of the family and devil to TJ so i guess that is what’s happening even though its frustrating the viewers, and the writer needs to start letting SY win for a change, because right now she is behind. I am not seeing the revenge i’m sure all the viewers are looking for

  595. 595 : jj Says:

    I have no idea @sml but i am flippin out right now

  596. 596 : mml Says:

    Dear all,
    do you know why , suddenly i have been very quiet about this drama ? The reason is, i feel very upset to see Ji Hee being so childish, naive and foolish. I have stopped doing a full re-cap of episode 69 to episode 78 and onwards for the subsequent episodes and the reason behind is, i did not see Ji Hee becoming smarter to realise things and it’s really wasting my precious time to do a full re-cap when i see Ji Hee is not getting more and more clever, Ji Hee is beoming more and more stupid.

    For those who have watched episode 78 will realise that Ji Suk has already discovered Sun Yoo’s hiding a secret from him. Ji Suk is becoming smarter and how can Ji Hee is like forever a stupid lady.

    I will still continue to watch and support this drama is, am waiting for Sun Yoo to tell the truth. In episode 78, when Ji Suk was asking why Sun Yoo recently goes out and not staying at home ? Sun Yoo told Ji Suk, she’s meeting a friend, actually Sun Yoo was meeting the nun. And Ji Suk told her, in that case find a right time to introduce this friend to him. And Sun Yoo just smile to Ji Suk. Sun Yoo was hiding this secret and lied to Ji Suk and how long can this lie can last ??

    The only way is let Ji Suk, he himself to be able to find out the truth and let him access or determine to help Sun Yoo.

    The writer is too slow to make Ji Hee to become a smart lady. JI Hee being stupid and foolish , it will only reduce viewers to continue to like or favour this drama. Since the writer already made Ji Suk discovered some weird emotional unwell symptoms of Sun Yoo and therefore, the writer should make Ji Suk to help or heal Sun Yoo to overcome her fear and worry. Sun Yoo is a sick person, she looks well on surface, but, she’s a ill person who hides secret and fear that Ji Suk will discover. This is an unhealthy sign of Sun Yoo, she’s a pitiful person than Ji Suk. Maybe, oneday she got nightmare or bad dream and dreaming of her sister JIn Yoo and accidentally speaks out when she was in her dream and Ji Suk heard and understands her fear and try to heal Sun Yoo and forgives her evil sight.

    It’s really not logic for the writer to make Ji Hee , to keep her in the dark for so long and this will only make her as a mad woman.

    Recently, because of the Korea sunken ferry news, i became very upset and not in a good mood to join for more discussion, anyway, i will continue to watch episode 79 to see what’s happening with this drama ???

  597. 597 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml ..I completely understand what you are saying….at this point I do not see JH as a character in the show anymore but and idiot nuisance….it must be annoying to write about the same stupid things that is happening over and over again… they need to make it a 100 ep and wrap up the show…because at this point they will loose viewers if we don’t see SY winning the battle,JH becoming smarter….gods willing….,and finally everything wrapping up to get resolved…..we are just sick of the back and forth foolishness.

  598. 598 : sml Says:

    @JJ 594 mml 596 : Actually, I’m also upset with JH’s stupidity, and SY for keeping the secret and not winning up till now. I look forward for JS confronting to SY that he knew her revenge but didn’t do anything because giving her chance to be honest first to him as her hubby.

  599. 599 : weng Says:

    thank you very much @sml 581…..i am wishing that JS will protect SY from TJ

  600. 600 : jj Says:

    @mml completely understand your issue.

  601. 601 : jj Says:

    GUYS ep 79 seems like JS is getting the deal even though i dont understand whats being said 🙂

  602. 602 : jj Says:

    JH looks like shes getting smarter to but wont hold my breath until i actually see it myself, cuz you know she stupid. Seems like SY got rid of another chance to tell JS but i think he is finding out piece by piece. I think its better he finds out slowly. But i have to admit @Vareena i’m getting fed up.

  603. 603 : sml Says:

    @Vareena 586 : Yes I agree with you. I begin to be bored seeing SY kept secret from JS… in Today ep I think she told JS about JY’s son but when JS asked the father, she didn’t tell him. (Am I right about this ?). Yes I think JS began suspicous and would find out himself step by step. I think he questioned himself or thought why he many times got SY talking with TJ. Also He overheard talking between GJ with Bang Tong’s mom. Somebody could tell what they were talking about ? Also what did JS talk on the phone with SY, what did he talked himself after that. What did SY talk JS in his office ? What JS said in front of grandma, AR, uncle W ? What did JH say to TJ at the end of episode ?

  604. 604 : sml Says:

    I hv rewatched ep 79, and have different perspective… JS knew about JY’s son perhaps because he overheard GJ & BC, also perhaps overheard conversation between TJ & SY @ the office. He asked SY about it in his office room, he asked also about the father of the baby and surprised that the father didn’t want the baby & married to another woman (am I right ?). JS agreed to adopt JY’s son and made SY touched. JS also said that what made SY happy, he would be happy too (am I right ?)… If I am right, I am happy for their moment of their talk. That’s what husband & wife should be…. I’m curious what JS said to TJ before JS went downstair ? Also what AR said before JH came home.

  605. 605 : jj Says:

    @ sml i hope so too. Did you realize how upset AR was when Js mentioned getting a baby. i still think their marriage is a bit premature to adopt a baby. what do u guys think?

  606. 606 : sml Says:

    @JJ 605 : Yes, you are right JJ. They’ve just got married not long ago but I think JS could feel and understand SY’s feeling as an orphan. He knew that SY didn’t want JY’s son didn’t have somebody to take care of him. JS knew it was SY’s duty to raise the baby since her onni were not around (died). Uncle P had ever said also how miserable and lonely SY when she was young because SY’s parents died.

  607. 607 : sml Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this ep with eng sub….

  608. 608 : Wowwww Says:

    I will soon give my input as soon as Todou can let me finish watching this show..it is taking forever..Dailymotion and the website @sml gave me before both said their is no content due to breach of use…so I am sitting at my laptop waiting patiently for this website to shape up..

  609. 609 : Wowwww Says:

    For anyone who could waste some of their time today …i have a couple of questions about this revealing ep… 🙂

    What Js say to SY on the phone?
    why did SY want to leave the baby in the orphanage?
    what did JS say to himself?
    What did JS hear outside the pizza shop?
    what did JS ask GJ?
    What did the lady on the phone said to JH when she picked up DN phone?
    What did GJ tell SY about JS?
    what was the conversation between GJ and SY when he pulled her aside at the pizza shop?
    what was AR and TJ talking about in the office?
    What did SY and TJ talk about in the corridor at the office?
    What did JS say to SY in the corridor when he caught SY and JS talking?
    What did SY say loud for TJ to hear and made him stop in his tracks?
    What did JS say to SY in the office..?
    what was JH asking that girl in the cafe?
    what was crazy JH saying to herself again in her office?
    what did JS say to TJ?


    I know this is a lot of questions but this episode proves that the show is getting smarter and this is why I think these questions are important so that the non-korean speakers can really understand where the show is headed..From the raw we can already see that things are changing and that is what the viewers have been waiting for all this time.

    In this episode,it starts with SY and the family in the orphanage..at this point I think that she has the right baby.JS looks like he is suspicious of something because after he talked to SY on the phone he goes to the restaurant…At the restaurant he overhears GJ and BC talking about the baby..He goes and says something to them..We see her go to the office and talking to TJ..TJ is so smug thinking he got the upper hand because he got rid of HS and the evidence that would disprove his alibi.JS then came in and said something.At that point SY said something loud so that TJ could hear..It was soooo funny to see TJ jump from smug to worried ..I loved it.

    The next thing is that SY told JS about the baby and I was happy for that.Maybe if GJ had not told her that JS overheard something she would not have told him.So now I glad that JS is a nosy man and stayed at the pizza door and listened.

    In the office SY looked like she told JS about the baby and he agreed to adopt the baby.Wow my boy JS is so considerate and manly to do that..i love him…..anyways…At this point I think It would be better that JS find out about the situation a little at a time by himself so that it will not bee this big information at one time that will make him mad..

    JS is too funny looks like he told the family that he and SY was having a baby..OF course AR looked worried because she did not want that and the uncle and halmoni was happy..SY had to set them straight… :0
    AR then said something about JH like anybody gives a shit….then the uncle said something…

    Stupid ass JH walks in and walks into the room to confront TJ and be lied to again..I don’t know why she is always confronting him when she knows that she is not hearing anything but lies…what an idiot.
    It also looks like JS is being manly and giving TJ the cold shoulder..as he should….It looks like he is not being entirely forgiving ..but the jury is still out..

    Now this is for @mml…it seems like JH is getting smarter and doing some investigations..hopefully she keeps up this level head and not go back to listening to TJ and act a complete idiot..

    I cant wait for tomorrow and I also thank anyone who waste time and answer my inquires. 🙂

  610. 610 : mml Says:

    @601 jj , @604 sml, @608 Wowwww,

    episode 79, it’s back to interesting again, Ji Suk suspected Sun Yoo busy hiding from him something, when Ji Suk called Sun Yoo and wanted to have lunch with her, Sun Yoo was busy with her aunt and uncle regarding Jin Yoo’s child’s issue and Sun Yoo did not join Ji Suk for lunch. Ji Suk was furious that how come Sun Yoo everyday goes out and doesn’t know what’s she has been busy about leading to his curiosity and suspected something that he wanted to know further that resulted Sun Yoo to be recently so upset
    ? Ji Suk then went to the pizza restaurant and accidentally heard Ki Jin and the aunt talking about the child. Although, he got disappointed with Ki Jin and the aunt refused to let him know their family matter, Ji Suk reacted with a disappointed face.

    The scene that we saw Sun Yoo, her aunt and uncle together with the nun was, they have found Jin Yoo’s baby. With the help of the nun, the nun was able to make sure and confident that the child was Jin Yoo’s son. And for safety assurance , Sun Yoo wanted to have a DNA test for the child and to confirm that the child was actually her nephew.

    The scene that we saw Sun Yoo, her aunt and her uncle was about to leave the orphanage and Ji Suk called Sun Yoo and upon her conversations ended with Ji Suk. Sun Yoo’s aunt and uncle told Sun Yoo to tell Ji Suk the truth before he discovers and continued his suspect towards Sun Yoo.

    The scene that we saw Sun Yoo and Tae Jung quarrelled at Ji Suk’s company was dispute or something got to do the custody of the Jin Yoo’s child and threatening words . I guess Ji Suk’s company got install a CCTV video camera, that’s why Ji Suk was able to see and realised that Sun Yoo came to his company. Ji Suk was surprised that Sun Yoo came to his office and a good news to share was Sun Yoo told Ji Suk that she has found Jin Yoo’s child and Sun Yoo did mention to Ji Suk that the heartless man who abandoned Jin Yoo and also her nephew. But, Sun Yoo did not speak out the truth that her nephew as Tae Jung’s son. Am glad that at least, Sun Yoo did not totally hide all secrets from Ji Suk. Ji Suk was kind and accepted the child, he wanted to adopt the child and he told Sun Yoo that, since it’s Sun Yoo’s nephew that it’s also considered as his nephew. With this open heart with good grace, with the love of Sun Yoo, he’s willing to accept and love the child. This made Sun Yoo was grateful and touched by Ji Suk sincere love towards her.

    The scene that we saw Ji Hee starring and reading the list of papers and also answered a caller actually looking for her mother in law was , Ji Hee discovered that her mother in law was looking for the grandson . Ji Hee suddenly became smart and with better ability to identify the situation.

    The scene that we saw Ji Hee was talking to a lady, actually, the lady told her that she had adopted Jin Yoo’s child through TJ’s mother. As she divorce with her husband and therefore no longer can afford to care of Jin Yoo’s child. The lady even explained to Ji Hee with details on how she met TJ’s mother.

    The scene that we saw Ki Jin told Sun Yoo that TJ’s friend was heavily in debt and lost a lot of money in gambling. He even divorce with his wife and rented to a small room at somewhere to stay and hide himself and son on.

    The scene that we saw Ji Suk’s stepmother looked weird and uneasy was she knew that, Ji Hee no longer can conceive any child and therefore, do not wish that Sun yoo will be so fast get pregnant and add stressed to her daughter Ji Hee.

    The scene that Ji Suk looked angry and scolded Tae Jung was, he was totally disappointed and felt disgusted on Tae Jung’s cunning dishonest tricks, but Tae Jung was confused with Ji Suk. He thought Ji Suk already knew the child through Sun Yoo’s words.

    Towards the end of episode 79, Ji Hee confronted Tae Jung on Jin Yoo’s child and where’s Jin Yoo’s son hiding at or at where ?

    Episode 79 will make Ji Hee discovered the ugly sight of her mother in law and dishonest tricks on Tae Jung. And Ji Suk was pleased that Sun yoo speaks out and share her fear and burden with him. Sun Yoo did tell the truth, but, she’s still hiding and refused to speak out that her nephew’s real father was Tae Jung. I guess along the way, Ji Suk will understand the difficulty of Sun Yoo for not telling him, and by looking at his company CCTV video camera, he will notice Sun Yoo used to quarrel with Tae Jung and maybe, over a period Ji Suk will know that Tae Jung was the one who threatened and trying to murder his wife Sun Yoo and Ji Suk will protect Sun Yoo in getting hurt in another way.

  611. 611 : mml Says:

    @609 Wowwww,
    What did JS say to SY in the corridor when he caught SY and JS talking?
    JS was asking SY on what’s the reason that SY coming to the company and SY was angrily starring at TJ and she told JS that she has found the child and things like that and JS was glad that SY got some secrets wanted to share with JS and JS told SY, in that case please come to my office to talk and discuss about the matter.

    what was crazy JH saying to herself again in her office?
    JH mumbled to herself after recalling what the lady told her, JH began to realise that the place the lady mentioned was Jin Yoo used to stay at that place and discovered her mother in law wanted to claim back her grandson upon knowing that Ji Hee no long can give birth. And she also discovered her mother in law lied to her and thus leading a further suspect on Tae Jung also lied to her.

    What did JS hear outside the pizza shop?
    This one was a little not clear, according to Ki Jin told his aunt , both of were looking at the photos at the handphone, Ki Jin did tell his aunt that the baby looks like Jin Yoo or looks like Tae Jung, when Ki Jin mention the name of Tae Jung , I’m not sure whether did Ji Suk hear the name of Tae Jung ? Something, am sure is Ji Suk did hear that they found the missing child and Ji Suk did understand the found child got something related to Sun Yoo, this is only what I know .

    what did JS ask GJ?
    Ji Suk was asking about Sun Yoo’s uncle , the purpose of coming to the pizza restaurant was to look for Sun Yoo’s uncle and I think Ki Jin told him that SY’s uncle went out Sun Yoo for personal matter and Ji Suk wanted to know more and meanwhile Ki Jin and his relative refused to tell Ji Suk and claimed that they don’t have any problem and currently they are living a happy contented life, I think is what they were talking about.

    I only know some of tbeir talking and for details you will have to wait for the sub-title and as for me ,even no sub-title I will still watch as I only understand a little bit of Korean.

  612. 612 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml I looooooooooveeeeeeee you…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    it is really getting better..the idiot is starting to learn her lesson…I am so glad that SY gave him so information because he is her husband…
    JS just wants to be need and SY need to involve him sometimes…..
    It is getting good and I am hoping that things continue in this respect.

  613. 613 : jj Says:

    Yes u are right @mml it is back to interesting. And i Loooovee you for this recap. Wow i felt so good reading this because i was anxious all day wanting to know what was being said. I really appreciate the time you wasted doing this awesome review.

    JH is definitely getting smarter and i am glad she is because maybe we wouldn’t get av review out of you…lol. I think she is a little late in the game and as SY said she will be deep in despair.

    I think JS learning all the secrets one by one is a little better than throwing it all at him at once. I am so happy right now, the writer needs to continue invoking some more of this response from his viewers and give us what we want.

  614. 614 : Weng Says:

    I just watched ep 79 and am so anxious with their conversations…..I don’t understand Korean language but watching these episodes somewhat makes me understand a little bit and with your help guys you translated it here. Correct me if I am wrong – I think JH found the real baby of JY because of the ring found beside the baby and SY, aunt and uncle found the wrong one….can someone help me relate the story again? Is JS really getting to realize the situations that bothers SY?
    Wow….the story is getting nicer.

  615. 615 : jj Says:

    @ weng i understand your confusion. SY found the real baby. As i recall they said that the baby look likes SY’s sister. SY said that she will get a DNA test to make sure. The baby that JH had was turned in that day, and i am guessing the ring got misplaced.

    So for now based on what i read from mml and another blog, the baby SY has is the right one.

  616. 616 : Wowwww Says:

    @weng they said that they girl had two bags and she was the volunteer that worked at the place.I also found from another blog that the girl said that the baby JH was holding was a baby that was delivered this morning.and the nun told SY that the baby that she has was born January 14 which was the day that her sister died.

  617. 617 : Wowwww Says:


    hey guys look like JH is gaining some sense…this girl is acting like Sherlock….taking hair samples…following TJ and she keeps on visiting the baby she thinks is Sarang and playing with it..She needs to go somewhere from that baby.when she thought that she would have her child she pushed JY and Sarang out of her mind like yesterday garbage..At the end of the day we wont be happy until TJ is in jail and rotting.

  618. 618 : vareena Says:

    I think it is time to quit this nonsense drama, I can’t stand how SY keep lying to JS and that idiot JH still act crazy knowing how vicious her husband is and still be with him, I don’t want to end up in the mental hospital b/c of this drama. There is one good drama that good to watch BRIDE OF THE CUNTURY The lead actress if awesome, she is lovely so everybody hope you enjoy what you are watching.

  619. 619 : Wowwww Says:

    @vareena I know that SY is so annoying at times…on the other hand Bride of the century the girl will make u angrier at her than at SY a million times over..the only good thing is that you wont have to endure the stupidity because it is only 16 episode….lol 🙂

  620. 620 : jj Says:

    lol @ vareena. But i have to let you know if you want a strong independent no nonsense female actress SY takes the medal because i found bride of the century to be a big flop. Her lie lasted until the episode before the last, and it wasn’t just her personality was fake, it was her whole identity. But that’s my opinion you can see for yourself.

  621. 621 : mml Says:

    @615 and @616 Wowwww,
    both are precisely correct on saying about the ring, as I did not read from another blog and hence I don’t know what’s talking about at another blog.

    Anyway, both of you are correct in understanding the case of the misplaced ring and another thing I wanted to add on on it was, Ji Hee because of this issued that resulted her to recall the incident when she met Jin Yoo was together with TJ’s mother ,TJ’s mother lied to Ji Hee , by telling JH that Jin Yoo was her niece. A lie that cannot cover Ji Hee’s ability to remember well on certain incidents that she came across. Rightfully the ring and the letter were together and Sun Yoo only manage to have the letter and did not manage to find the ring. The ring was inside the bag with another lady who was holding the ring, Ji Hee accidentally saw the ring and started to recall back for the things. SY’s aunt and uncle told SY, it doesn’t matter if, the ring cannot be found, the most important and comforting thing was, they have found Jin Yoo’s baby. And as to why Sun Yoo still keeping her nephew at the orphanage with the nun, I guess this nun was in good relationships with Sun Yoo and Jin Yoo and Sun Yoo lays her trust on this nun, so that this nun friend of Sun Yoo will keep the baby in a safe place that Tae Jung cannot find the baby and until Sun Yoo and Ji Suk get the custody of Jin Yoo’s baby, the baby will follow Ji Suk to come home. And Sun Yoo’s nephew will have a foster father, this foster father will be Ji Suk. And I think JS’s stepmother will have a heart pain who she discovers the truth. And I think Ji Suk will love Sun Yoo as Ji Suk will gradually understands why Sun Yoo did not tell the truth all at a time, I guess Sun Yoo is telling Ji Suk the truth, little by little to sum up the whole picture and Ji Suk maybe, will be accept it and rather than to tell Ji Suk all at a time, he may not be able anyone who lies to him. By telling him little by little, he can have more time to analyse the situation and love to accept Jin Yoo’s son.

  622. 622 : Wowwww Says:

    @ mml thank youuu for that..When I was watching ep 70 sub tonight…JS told SY that she would not break his heart because she told him that one day she would break his heart….JS said when that day comes I just want u to know that I will never leave u first….I just love JS he is too romantic…u are soo right that he is gradually starting to know and I think that is better than planting all the secrets at once.

  623. 623 : weng Says:

    wow…there are so many secrets in this drama. in ep 70 – grandma spoke to herself while looking at the picture of JS and his mom. she called JS his real name of JW – any clues?

  624. 624 : sml Says:

    @Mml 611,621 : chongmal2 kumawo…. I am really appreciated your effort and time to give us detailed review ep 79. I think JS wanted to visit uncle P to find out what uncle wanted to tell him before family meeting for the wedding, also what bothering SY since she didn’t tell him. Also uncle had said when he refused SY to marry JS that he would agree if SY did as uncle said.
    @Wowwww : I hv watched preview ep 80. So interesting that JH took TJ’s hair to be tested. But the result would be negative because real JY’s son was the one at SY’s nun friend. Hope JH would do something this time after she found out TJ’s crime.
    I am curious with whom was SY talking about TJ at preview 80 ? Hope it was JS…

  625. 625 : jj Says:

    @sml that’s wishful thinking on our part I doubt she is talking to JS

  626. 626 : mml Says:

    @623 weng,
    from episode 70 to episode 79, I did not see any clue on why grandma was calling Ji Suk as another name instead at episode 70 ? Maybe, the writer will reveal in much later episodes.

    And I got some clue for preview ep80 instead. Tae Jung was hunting for his missing son and Ji Hee discovered that Tae Jung lied to her in certain things. And Sun Yoo was desperatecalling for help to protect her nephew as she knew that Tae Jung wanted his son desperately. And I think, maybe, Sun Yoo will approach help from Ji Suk as the preview for ep80 was too short, I only can see a little clue and Ji Hee also knew that her brother was going to adopt Jin Yoo’s son as his own child. Ji Hee going to hide the truth from her brother Ji Suk and for Sun Yoo, she was much better, she at least tells the truth to Ji Suk, little by little and as for Ji Hee she dares not dare to tell her brother, wait until Ji Suk realised that Ji Hee hides things from him , I guess Ji Suk will protect Sun Yoo instead of protecting Ji Hee. Just wait and watch ,Tae Jung wickedness cannot go , far more from that. Ji Suk will become a man that Sun Yoo needed most and Ji Suk will help Sun Yoo in certain ways, I guess maybe, Sun Yoo married the right man Ji Suk and Ji Hee married the wrong bad guy Tae Jung. Going to become an interesting fight at ep80.

  627. 627 : Wowwww Says:

    I know @mml this is a fight that has been long in the making …it is really getting good.

  628. 628 : sml Says:

    @MML 626 : kumawo for information of preview ep 80… I look forward to watching it tonight…. I hope JS soon would find out about TJ’s evils in Ya Mei missing report, fake Ya Mei report, share buy for him and his MIL and kicked him out the company… Also I hope AR found out that the money she gave him to buy LFood shares gone… But if it is true this drama has 120 eps, so we can’t hope we’ll see all of above soon…

  629. 629 : weng Says:

    thank you very much for the caption on episode 80. wow…getting better and better

  630. 630 : Anita Says:

    I watch raw episodes, and I see two children are. Unfortunately TJ found out SunYoo’s child, but if well interpreted he don’t know about JiHee’s child, so I hope JH’s child is real nephew and JH doesn’t say anything, so she can protect him. TJ yet shamelessly took up and hugged the baby:(:(:( I don’t want anything physical or emotional contact between them, he doesn’t deserve his son… But if they will fight for this child, TJ will win, because he is his father:(:(:( In the beginning he gave up on paternal rights, that paper isn’t?:( But with that paper SunYoo can win… I didn’t want yet to find out the child, just after TJ will be in prison

  631. 631 : Wowwww Says:

    Guys this is just amazing JH is becoming a real sleuth..it seems she has quit her job and became a follower of JT permanently….lol too good.

    SY pulled out the recording maybe wanting TJ to sign over paternal rights and he gets the recording..one thing I don’t know is why she brought the recording so that TJ once again could attack her.I could see it from a mile away that he would try to attack her and take away the recording..The amazing twist is that when SY was fighting for the recording because she would not let him get it…it dropped and guess who picked it it…..JH…..lol lol lol …this is getting interesting.

    It is that aunt fault that TJ knew about the baby and I don’t know why she did not just leave things alone and wait for SY to do the DNA test…SMH …from the start she and uncle P have been making a mess of the things that SY have against TJ.SY needs to stop telling them things.

    JS went to look at the baby with SY and of course TJ followed and even had the nerves as @Anita said to hold the baby..the only good part about this is that JH was behind the wall when they were in the room ,just has how TJ was behind the wall when JS AND SY was in the room.

    JH is learning her lesson to not confront TJ with her findings all the time because he is a liar.She has not told him about the baby that she knows about and in a way that is progress for the infamously stupid JH.

    what did JH say to TJ when the show started?
    What was JH saying in her head when she picked up his hair off the pillow?
    what was SY and TJ saying in the space between their bedrooms that JH was hiding behind the wall and overheard?
    what was JH saying to the baby at the orphanage..once again in her head?
    what was TJ and his mom talking about in the orphanage in the baby room?
    What was SY and JS saying in the baby room?
    what was being said at the end between SY AND TJ?

    WHEN YOU GUYS WATCH I am sure it will be interesting…enjoy 🙂

    loved this ep

  632. 632 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 631, I’ve just finished watching ep 80 and again I hv same questions like yours. Also what did SY say to TJ before TJ tried to grab the recorder ? Perhaps SY bargained the recorder with JY’s son in order her to have him ?
    Yeaaah, I’m glad that GJ now knew that TM is TJ’s sister… Hope there won’t be romantic relationship between them… Btw, I think SY’s aunt gave the orphanage’s name/address unintentionally to DN ? It becomes more interesting for tomorrow ep 81… Hope mml has time to give information for ep 80. I enjoy also watch ep 70 eng sub. SY tried give hint to JS without telling the truth.Perhaps someday she gave him scars and JS would be disappointed with her and if he left, she would understand… And how wise JS said he would never first leave SY as long as SY’s love to him was true….kyaaa how romantic… Hope this is true, they never left each other when the truth was revealed, even their relationship became stronger and united… I hope writer nim made them having their own son or daughter….

  633. 633 : jj Says:


    here is ep 81 preview, looks like JH may bust out SY, but that’s SY own fault so lets see where it goes from here.

  634. 634 : sml Says:

    @JJ 633, kumawo… I’ve seen ep 81 preview. I’m curious about what’s going on, especially when SY & JS visited to orphanage again. What sister Emma, SY’s nun friend said on the phone to Sy @ep 80 ? Now, JH knew TJ’s fake coma @the hospital after the accident which cause JH’s miscarriage. I think JH now hated TJ. About the babies, I think either JH or SY, they should have DNA test so the mistaken could be avoided.

  635. 635 : Wowwww Says:

    I don’t think that she told on her …there was no indication of it

  636. 636 : Anita Says:

    Wow, I watched 82:) Now be sure to JH’s child is real nephew:) But I don’t know what she will do, I don’t understand what she says… I wish she would not adopt him with TJ. Just gives the baby to SY in revenge, but she hates her:(.

  637. 637 : Wowwww Says:

    @anita u watched ep 82…ep 81 is still not out yet in the US….. smh

  638. 638 : mml Says:

    @631 Wowwww, @632 sml , @633 jj,
    Episode 80 will base on what i know,

    Ji Hee was asking Tae Jung with regards to Jin Yoo’s child on where’s the child ? Tae Jung lied to her that the child was dead together with Jin Yoo and even instigated that, most probably was ,Ji Hee when staying together with Sun Yoo and heard those rumours from Sun Yoo . And Ji Hee replied to Tae Jung that, she did not hear any rumours and Ji Hee was disappointed after hearing TJ’s explainations, she discovered that Tae Jung lied to her.

    TJ’s mother worried and told Tae Mei that she’s worried that Ji Hee will suspect her and in the meantime, Tae Jung called his mother. Tae Jung told his mother that how he lied to Ji Hee and TJ’s mother was aware on what’s going on ? So that, she will not get panic and just in case JI Hee asked her about it.

    At the living room, Tae Jung saw Sun Yoo and he questioned Sun Yoo that, did she tell everything to Ji Suk ? Tae Jung also threatened Sun Yoo, don’t think that she married to Ji Suk and therefore everything will be fine and smooth. Hence, Sun Yoo also challenged him back that , she demanded Tae Jung to shut up his mouth, as she has a recorder evidence and once she gives it to Ji Suk and when Ji Suk finds out his evil plot, he will definitely chased Tae Jung out from the house. And smart Ji Hee was hiding behind the door to hear and witness it.

    Ji Hee mumbled to herself inside the room, she was extremely disappointed and disheartened that Tae Jung fool and lied to her. She also pick Tae Jung’s hair at the bed area for a DNA test check. She was even more angry that, Tae Jung gave a ridiculous lie by saying that the unborn child was dead when the accident occurred. Knowing that, Sun Yoo was searching for her nephew and even wondered what’s the conversations and proved being recorded at the recorder ? Furious by these fellows, got full of lies to cheat her. And therefore, Ji Hee will never forgive Tae Jung anymore.

    Ji Hee went to visit the kid and mumbled to the kid by saying, maybe or perhaps the kid belongs to Tae Jung and Jin Yoo. And from now on, she will not trust anyone anymore, she will do a DNA test to check and confirmed everything.

    Ji Hee’s mother was looking for her daughter and continued her chat with her mother in law and Sun Yoo happily wanted to go to orphanage to visit her nephew.

    Pantong was excited when the child will soon come back to the family. And SY’s aunt was anxious to confirm that, whether
    does the child really a nephew of Sun Yoo ? And she wanted to confirm the ring and the letter’s issue too.

    SY’s aunt went to trick TJ’s mother as she wanted to confirm her handwritting and ended up a chase to fight and lead to Ki Jin discovered that Tae Mei was TJ’s sister.

    TJ’s mother informed her son that Sun Yoo found her nephew and no matter how, they must find the missing child.

    Tae Mei was crying about her love path as Ki Jin already knew her real identity.

    While, SY’s aunt was frightened and worried that TJ’s mother will find the child and SY’s uncle was anxious and worried too and hoping that TJ and his mother will not be able to find the child.

    Tae Jung mumbled to himself inside the office, he analysed the problem and thinking or assumed that, Sun Yoo will seek and get help from Ji Suk and Ji Suk may know where’s the missing child ?

    Ji Suk happily visited the child. As he has seem the photo of Jin Yoo and also understood that, why Sun Yoo was upset and worried. And in the meantime, Sun Yoo was grateful to hear Ji Suk saying that he’s determined to convince the family and to adopt the child.

    Pantong chat with JS’s uncle. Pantong told the uncle that his mother married twice and therefore, his mother was not suitable for JS’s uncle.

    Ji Hee was in her office talking over the phone, she wanted to know, how fast and how soon can she have the DNA result of the child ? And Ji Hee plead the caller to help her on hasten to check on knowing the result.

    Ji Suk came to inform Ji Hee that he will adopt Jin Yoo’s child. And Ji Hee was asking him on where’s the child and currently at which orphanage ? Ji Suk was surprised to hear her asking all these questions and was kind enough to continue the conversations, by telling her that, the child looks liked Jin Yoo.
    And who knows Jin Yoo was furious that, the child she adopted, most probably doesn’t belong to Tae Jung.

    Tae Jung and his mother went to the orphanage and Ji Hee accidentally discovered that Tae Jung and her mother in law also came to the orphanage. They visited the child. The kid looks liked Jin Yoo. TJ’s mother was glad that she has found her grandson and Ji Hee overheard their conversations and was overwhelmed by sorrow.

    Sun Yoo told her aunt that Ji Suk will adopt the child. Her aunt
    was grateful to Ji Suk. And the nun friend called Sun Yoo to inform Sun Yoo that, someone found where’s Sun Yoo’s nephew hiding at and visited the child. And Sun Yoo began to realise that Tae Jung and his mother went to visit her nephew. She plead her nun friend not to let TJ bring away the child and also thank her for the quick informed.

    Sun Yoo told her aunt that, her nun friend told her that Tae Jung found his son and she was getting worried about it. Sun Yoo also found it strange that someone followed her to the orphanage when she was visiting her nephew.

    TJ and his mother, their movement of directions were already caught Ji Hee’s attention. Tae Jung told his mother that he must get back his son when the right time comes and when he is more powerful enough , he will not be controlled by Ji Hee and who knows Ji Hee heard all his talking to his mother and was disheartened towards Tae Jung.

    And towards the end of episode 80 , Sun Yoo met Tae Jung and he told Tae Jung that she has a recorder evidence. The recorder will prove that Tae Jung pretended to be unconscious when he was hospitalize and the recorder will also prove that what causes Ji Hee to have her miscarriage ? And meanwhile, Tae Jung threatened Sun Yoo that, when Ji Suk knows the truth, Ji Suk will not forgive Sun Yoo snd Sun Yoo was determined to face the outcome, even if, she will loose everything, she will not give up her love towards her nephew, she will definitely hold her responsibility to bring up the child. And she will face with reality when Ji Suk knows the truth. And eventually, she has no choice , even if, Ji Suk cannot forgive her and the scenario will be different, if Ji Hee heard the recorder ? Ji Hee will chase Tae Jung out from the house. A dispute and fight over the pen recorder and who knows the pen recorder dropped and surprisingly Ji Hee came in and picked the pen recorder.

  639. 639 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml thanks a million for that review…..

    on the other hand did you guys watch ep 81 …this ep needs to come out quick because it is just too interesting….JH has the right baby and now she is set on taking revenge on SY and TJ …crazy bitch acting like SY did not tell her about TJ.I though SY was the one that was suppose to be getting revenge not JH that was also wicked.hopefully it does not take SY long to find out and JH get found out for the looney that she is..She is not going to adopt the baby…what an idiot..SY needs to up the smarts on her part and lets get this show rolling.

  640. 640 : sml Says:

    @MML638, Thanks a lot for ep 80 review. I really appreciate your kindness to spare your time to give us translation that means a lot for us. I hope to see everything was revealed for JS sooner and that was from SY. I don’t like everything ran slowly. If there would be conflict between JS and SY, it was okay. Because after that I’m sure there would be solution and consolation. I’m sure it would be happy ending and SY got pregnant or even had a daughter or son…

  641. 641 : Anita Says:

    Sorry, 81:) I didn’t pay attention for episode number. in 82 preview it seems JH will adopt the baby:( I hope not

  642. 642 : jj Says:

    im starting to get annoyed and confused. who is the one taking revenge, cuz it sure aint SY. She beggin JH like a weakling. i am still not seeing the strong vengeful woman we were promised, and its pissing me off.

    Thanks a whole bunch @mml really clarified the entire episode. 🙂

  643. 643 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 639 & JJ 642 : I’ve just finished watching ep 81 and don’t like it. It seems JH took part like SY, planned revenge to both SY & TJ… Also SY said sorry & begged JH for something… I’m curious what JH & SY were talking about in front of their bedroom. They talked with loud voice, especially JH, without bothering their voice would be heard by JS who was inside his bedroom. Also what they were talking about when JH gave back the recorder.
    I see JS’ expression at the orphanage didnot look good. I’m disappointed too that as a newlywed, JS & SY didnot have enough time to be together, doing things together, had scenes being romantic or taking care each other… so different from when they hadn’t married…

  644. 644 : tt Says:

    @sml643: I couldn’t agree more. The idiocy of this drama is driving round the bend and I am so annoyed that I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes. I can’t say I like the writer very much at the moment. I shall just go back and watch the beginning episodes since they were a lot more fun, romantic to watch. The romance has long gone, out of the window 🙁 I will wait until the story makes more sense or more scenes of the OTP then I may want to come back.

  645. 645 : jj Says:

    same here @tt. @sml the diminished romance and SY’s weak behavior is going to make me give this show a break

  646. 646 : sml Says:

    @TT 644, JJ 645 : That’s the problem with long episode drama… Everything goes slowly, never ending/continuous problems appeared, the main characters seem defeated many times before drama reaching ending episodes… Do you know how we can give input or feedback to writer nim ?

  647. 647 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks guys for all your reviews and discussion for this drama. I think SY should just take off her mask and revealed the truth about TJ crimes. Including AR schemes on taking over the company. Up till now, I still don’t get it why SY wants to keep the truth from JS. I don’t think TJ will give up on his own desires on taking over the company. He cannot be saved anymore. He already in the depth of greedyness. Although now JH find out about TJ lies, she still so dumb. SY is not to be blamed for what happened to JH lives. Well that woman really deserves every bitterness of her life includes marrying that greedy man. SY should have a backup plan. I think if JS did find out SY revenge, he may still wanted to be with her despite every suffering she has faced. I just hope the writer will not taking too long on writing this drama. I wanted a happy ending for JS and SY couple. As for TJ, JH and AR should just go to hell. When will the writer re-emerge JS mom…? SY finale card should be none other than JS mom. This drama will be much interesting if JS mom appear. 😀

  648. 648 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I miss mml recaps. Hope mml will tell us the reviews. 🙂

  649. 649 : mml Says:

    @648 Avenge_Girl,
    thank you very much that you also like my review, sometimes, I will be lazy to do re-cap as some of you from this website ever told me that, they can read it from another blog and get informations and that means, even if, I do not do the review of each episode, they will still get an answer from another blog.

    Anyway, I guess, I can forsee something from what the writer was trying to tell me, looking at Ji Hee’s hatred, Ji Hee’s trying to revenge towards Sun Yoo by gaining the custody of the child so that Sun Yoo cannot have back her nephew. This is something that Ji Hee is doing in the wrong in the first place, this drama started with a very sweet face of Sun Yoo when she was a trainee nun, that was when Sun Yoo who was full of love and hope in life. And when Ji Suk met Sun Yoo when she a trainee nun, Ji Suk was like a lost puppy and was just like a kite flying to an unknown direction and just let the wind blows, the wind blows to which direction and he will be at which direction. At means, at that time, Ji Suk was a guy with no sense of directions, he doesn’t know where he wants to go and he does not know where’s he belonging to ? As Ji Suk does not get any love from his family.
    By knowing Sun Yoo, he gets peace and that peace was a stage where he can find a way to calm down himself.

    Now, with his evi sister Ji Hee trying to revenge on Sun Yoo, I believe that Ji Suk will find a way to stop his sister. The only person that can help Sun Yoo to re-gain her sweet face look will be Ji Suk. Ji Suk must help Sun Yoo to get back her nephew. Now Sun Yoo is a ill person, she blamed herself and not meeting her sister Jin Yoo and therefore, Sun Yoo did not manage to prevent Jin Yoo’s accident occurred and she’s been guilty for life. Ji Suk should be the best person to help Sun Yoo.

    Another person who can help Sun Yoo will be Tae Mei. Tae Mei is a nice kind hearted girl, she knows better than anyone, the real character of Jin Yoo, by telling Ji Hee about it, may more or less can help a little.

    I guess Avenge-Girl is always hoping that Ji Suk’s mum will appear and I don’t think his real mum will ever appear in this drama. One thing am curious about Ji Suk to be address as another name. The writer still did not reveal that why Ji Suk got another name ? Is it Ji Suk is someone even powerful ,while grandma hides Ji Suk real identity ?

  650. 650 : mm Says:

    mml, thanks a lot for the recap for ep81. But your recap did not cover the whole episode. What did JH talk with SY outside their bedroom with JH talking very loud. When Jh discover the monies in TJ’s briefcase, what did TJ told JH? What did the nun told SY & JS in the nursery?…….and so on…….

  651. 651 : mml Says:

    @650 mm,
    actually I did not do recap for ep81. Oh I see, you want to do what’s happening at episode 81 ? okay, I go and watch ep81 , I watched already then I tell you can.

  652. 652 : sml Says:

    @MML 649 : I don’t know if TM knew JY character because there isn’t any scene or conversation about that. Perhaps you can tell me in which episode I can find about it. I watch ep 72 with eng sub and find that SY overheard conversation between Aran & TJ about buying LFood shares from other shareholders. So SY knew that her MIL’s plan to take the company through TJ. What Aran didn’t know was TJ would buy the shares for himself with Aran’s money and took the company, so he double crossed his MIL… Knowing that, SY should inform JS before it was too late. I have watched ep 82 preview, it seems JS found out something on the report (may be financial report about the money or shares ?). I do hope JS did something to prevent shares bought by TJ, by contacting major shareholders. In doing this he would know also about Aran’s dirty plan since TJ also mentioned to shareholder on behalf of his MIL…
    @MM 650 : Yes, I have the same curiosity like yours. And am sure mml can help us… Thanks before mml, we are waiting your explanation.

  653. 653 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks a lot mml…we will look forward for your recap on ep 82…I do hope that SY find other ways to defeat TJ. I’m not feel any sympathy towards JH…She deserve everything that happened to her. That’s what we called Karma…I think it’s better SY teamed up with GJ in order to punished TJ. But I would rather wanted JS and SY instead. We’ll have to see what’s the writer wrote for SY revenge plans. Yoon So Yi good at playing her role as dual characters. I just hope that she can be more reliable to JS. I love their honeymoon scene. Haha…If JS do find out SY agenda, I hope he will never leave her and support her revenge. That would be awesome…

  654. 654 : mm Says:

    @653 Avenge_Girl : ep 82 is not out yet isn”t it? Do you mean the recap on ep 81. Why SY is not doing anything about TJ and her mother in law intention to buy over the other shareholders shares on LFoods Co. which SY heard over their conversation. Why she did not tell JS about it before it is too late?. SY should at least mention this to JH and let her know further another bad thing that her husband is doing also.

  655. 655 : mm Says:

    @653 Avenge_Girl : Do you mean the recap on ep 81. Why SY is not doing anything about TJ and her mother in law intention to buy over the other shareholders shares on LFoods Co. which SY heard over their conversation. Why she did not tell JS about it before it is too late?. SY should at least mention this to JH and let her know another bad thing that her husband is doing also.

  656. 656 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Guys, do any of you think that compass is sacred? Because of that compass, JS meet SY. Well that’s just my thought only. It might be sacred if SY meant to meet JS mom. That way, JS can restore his company and SY will gain power through JS mom to defeat @ punished TJ. Now I got bad feelings about TJ plans on taking over the company. If JS grandma dies, both JS and SY will be in trouble. I think SY should learned one or two about company. That way she can help JS even though she is just housewife. If JY baby has already appeared, real soon I think JS mom will probably appear too.

  657. 657 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Dear mm…I don’t think JH will believe SY even if she mentioned it to JH…She will think that SY wants to influence her instead. That’s what JH will think. She never wanted to see SY good intention. If TJ did managed to take over the company then it’s JH fault for not trusting SY. Guys, this drama complete episodes are 103 isn’t it? JH is completely stupid plus idiot. I hope she ended up in asylum. I prefer SY tell JS about TJ evil motive rather than letting TJ win. JH is so useless than her brother JS who is much genius. All SY wants is revenge. She is much different than any woman JS met.

  658. 658 : mml Says:

    @652 sml,
    i am in the midst of preparing the review of ep 81 and do understands that alot of spoken words by Ji Hee at ep81 and nobody does any re-cap for ep81 for me to read and temporary do not guess what’s happening at ep82 tonight ?

    @657 Avenge_Girl,
    this drama is 103 episodes, you are precisely correct in knowing the total number of episodes at this drama.

    sml, Wowwww,jj, Avenge_Girl and also to the rest who supported this drama. Looking at episode 81, when Ji Hee misunderstood Sun Yoo will bring greater sufferings to Ji Hee in the future. Later, i will upload a full review of ep81 and you all continue to watch tonight ep82 for a better understandings as ep81 and ep82, the storyline it’s almost link and related.

    Today, my country is having a public holiday as labour day and therefore, i can squeeze out a little time to prepare review of ep81. Do not be angry with Sun Yoo, as Sun Yoo’s nature is sweet and timid, her nature is not originally like Ji Hee so arrogant and foolish. Sun Yoo has a reason not to tell Ji Suk the truth all at a time as Ji Suk’s character it’s immature yet, by telling him all at a time, he may not be able understand and be able to solve. Maybe, the writer will make Ji Suk to be a mature person as time goes by, the writer will make Ji Suk to protect and help Sun Yoo to oversee and break through the law of justice and help to put Tae Jung to jail. Ji Suk is the policeman to catch Tae Jung, since the real policemen cannot catch Tae Jung to jail and therefore, Ji Suk will be the policeman to fight for justice for the vulnerable ones. Tae Jung a vulture wicked man will need to accept all retributions for his evil deeds.

  659. 659 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the preview ep 81…I will look forward for your next review. Yeah you absolutely right about the reasons why SY not telling JS regarding on her past relationship with TJ. For now, it’s better for SY not tell JS the truth yet. Now I’m more worried of TJ evil plans. Please don’t let TJ takeover the company, if not disaster will befall. I wondered what will the writer write for SY revenge plot. JS will become more mature in time. I’m so curious to find out what the writer store for SY… 🙂

  660. 660 : sml Says:

    @MML 658 : Kumawo, by reading your review above, I feel relief about relationships of our lovely couple. Up till now I’m worried they would separate even though for temporary if JS knew the truth. Now after reading your opinion, My worries disappeared. Now I’m optimistic that JS would protect and give defense his lovely wife, SY and for sure would bring justice.

  661. 661 : sml Says:

    Chingu, I’ve just finished watched ep 82 and curious for some conversations :
    1. JS to SY when he hugged her in front of orphanage
    2. JS to grandma at grandma’s office
    3. Grandma to SY at grandma’s office
    4. JH to SY at office’s alley
    5. JS to mr.Kim at the restaurant
    6. JH to SY when SY said thank you about something to JH
    7. JS talked to himself when he saw document in his room
    8. JH to SY when SY wanted to help giving milk to Sarang. Did she not want SY to touch Sarang ?
    Mml, I need your help please…. Thank you in advance…

  662. 662 : jj Says:

    watched ep 83 preview, does it look like SY bout to get some spunk?

  663. 663 : mml Says:

    @660 sml, Avenge_Girl, Wowww, jj,
    here’s the full recap of ep81 and i have not yet watched episode 82

    Episode 81,
    Ji Hee came in and picked the pen recorder, while Tae Jung was surprised on why she was here ? Ji Hee questioned on what was it about at the pen recorder that resulted their dispute ? And Sun Yoo eventually speak out that, the recorder has some proved that, Ji Hee doesn’t hope to hear it and containing true facts and evidence. And Ji Hee wentto turn on the pen recorder and heard the conversations, she then discovered that, Tae Jung for the sake of his greed, he pretended to be unconscious when Ji Hee met the accident and got her miscarriage. And Sun Yoo told her that, this can be a prove that, she did not lie to her. While, Tae Jung was even more furious and defensive, he shouted and scolded
    Sun Yoo and accused her of telling lies. Ji Hee was extremely upset and disappointed by being fooled by Tae Jung, she walked off and drived away with her car.

    At the carpark, Tae Jung blamed Sun Yoo and the dispute continued and Tae Jung continued to threaten her, if his evil plot will be revealed and discovered by them. He will punish Sun Yoo, while Sun Yoo answered him back that, she has already mentally prepared on it. And she wanted to have the custody of her nephew, a letter that Tae Jung will need to sign to acknowledge that he’s willing to give up the custody of his son. And if, he has already complied to her request, then perhaps, Ji Hee may not get the chance to hear this recorder and Tae Jung continued to accuse Sun Yoo for keeping another backup recorder, to play tricks with him. After hearing it, Sun Yoo was disappointed with Tae Jung and Sun Yoo continued to say , most probably, Ji Hee secretly followed them, that’s why, Ji Hee can discover the truth. Tae Jung continued to threaten Sun Yoo, but, it’s no use in doing it to her anymore . As Sun Yoo was mentally prepared to face all situations.

    Ji Hee angrily driving to place and ignored the call from Tae Jung. She stopped her car at a riverside and re-played the recorder. Ji Hee was extremely upset, overwhelmed by sorrow on the sad and hurtful incidents that, she met and she will never forgive Sun Yoo and Tae Jung.

    Tae Hung went back to his office and wanted to steal the money that , he hides it inside the document bag which was locked at his office cabinet. He mumbled to himself by saying that, since Ji Hee discovered the truth, Ji Hee will not trust him anymore and therefore, he must safeguard this bag of money for his own planning and he put all blame to Sun Yoo for causing him to suffer on getting all these humiliation.

    Sun Yoo’s aunt told her husband that, Tae Jung and his mother went to visit the child, she got this news from Sun Yoo’s nun friend. As the nun friend called to inform Sun Yoo about it. After hearing this, SY’s uncle took a frying pan and rushed out and wanted to go and hit them . And SY’s aunt got worried and quickly ran to follow her husband.

    Pantong discovered his mother was telling a lie to JS’s uncle about the abandoned child. And naughty Pantong continued to interrupt and scolded the uncle. And this made JS’s uncle did not notice that the abandoned child was referring to Tae Jung’s son.

    Tae Jung’s mother mumbled to herself, while starring at her grandson’s clothing. Actually, the cloths that she was starring at, was made by Jin Yoo. Jin Yoo handmake the cloths for the child, it looked nice and she also missed her grandson badly.

    While, SY’s uncle rushed to TJ’s mother house with a frying pan together with SY’s aunt. SY’s uncle wanted to hit TJ’s mother with the frying pan. And luckily, he managed to control his temper. He questioned her , on why did she and Tae Jung go to visit the child ? While, TJ’s mother pretended not to understand on what’s the questioned that he was asking about ? And SY’s aunt continued to question her on why, she went to visit the child ? And what’s her motive of doing this ? And who knows, TJ’s mother accused them back, by saying to them, since you all have found Jin Yoo’s son, then you all should inform and let her know about it. After all, they were relatives relationships, two families visiting the child, it’s a fun and nice thing in the visiting. And SY’s aunt was angry that, Tae Jung’s mother was a thick skin person. And scolded her by
    saying to her, thick skin person was another form of sickness and SY’s uncle continued to add on, by using his frying pan, pointing towards TJ’s mother and demanded her to sit down and be quiet. SY’s uncle quickly took out a piece of paper and wanted TJ’s mother to write and acknowlege that, from now on, she will never want to meet her grandson. While cunning TJ’s mother questioned him back and said, why must she write such an agreement letter ? TJ’s mother refused to comply. And SY’s uncle was frustrated that,all because of her and Tae Jung and resulted that the child was being abandoned and also caused Jin Yoo to death. And now, Tae Jung still got the cheek to want to be the father of the abandoned child. While, cunning TJ’s mother told SY’s uncle that, it’s an misunderstanding and accident just happened liked that, no one should blame her and if, she continued to bear this accused, she will engage a lawyer to sue them for the accused. And SY’s uncle was extremely furious to hear this and insisted that, it’s a matter of time that, Tae Jung’s evil plot will soon be revealed. This argument continued to
    be very long and SY’s uncle was disappointed to further his argument. And he will let Ji Suk to know the truth. He will tell Ji Suk on how and why Tae Jung abandoned his son and what causes Jin Yoo to death ? And who knows, TJ’s mother threatened him back by saying to them that, she will reveal on Sun Yoo’s motive of getting married to Ji Suk instead. And SY’s aunt and uncle were frightened by her threatening, angry
    and disappointed and left her house.

    At the riverside area, Ji Hee analysed the words spoken by Sun Yoo and was thinking about the incident when she quarrelled with Sun Yoo. And she even mistaken Sun Yoo as, to hold the evidence on the pen recorder to fool her and also cheated Ji Suk’s feelings. With all these misunderstandings, she was full of hatred towards Sun Yoo and wanted to have a revenge on Sun Yoo.

    Meanwhile, Ji Hee received a call from Sun Yoo. She then met Sun Yoo and Sun Yoo apologized to her. While, Ji Hee refused to accept Sun Yoo’s apology. Sun Yoo explained to Ji Hee that, from the beginning, Ji Hee did not trust to believe her words. And Ji Hee also discovered that Sun Yoo made a deal with Tae Jung for the sake of wanting back her nephew. And what happened was, Ji Hee mistaken Sun Yoo as, to cheat her and also to cheat her brother Ji Suk’s feelings. Furious by Tae Jung wanted to hide his past and furious by Sun Yoo wanted to revenge for Jin Yoo’s death and caused her miscarriage. And also in regardless of what other reasons that Sun Yoo was having, she will not forgive Sun Yoo and Tae Jung . As, both of them caused her into misery into her miscarriage. Ji Hee continued to warn Sun Yoo, by telling Sun Yoo’s evil plot will be the same as bad as Tae Jung. And after that, Ji Hee angrily left the place.

    Tae Jung went back to his office and stole the important document and also the money and trying to escape. While, Ji Hee came to the office and discovered his evil dishonesty. He lied to Ji Hee that the money he took was, to use it to buy shares. And Ji Hee was full of hatred towards Tae Jung for the caused of her miscarriage and also because of the existence of Jin Yoo’s son. With Ji Hee idiocy, she made a deal with Tae Jung. In order for her to trust and believed him, Tae Jung must promised her , not to escape and run away. And Ji Hee was amazed that, Tae Jung complied to her request and Tae Jung even thank Ji Hee , to believe and trust him.

    Ji Hee went back to her office and mumbled to herself. Furious by Tae Jung lied to her, by telling her that, the unborn child was dead during the accident and Ji Hee witness herself at the orphanage and saw Tae Jung hug and carried his son. And in view of this, she will never forgive Tae Jung and Sun Yoo. And she will punish both of them, for the price of making her to be unable to conceive any child.

    Ki Jin was on his way home. And Tae Mei approached him and wanted to talk to him. While, Ki Jin was angry to discover her real identity that, she was Tae Jung’s sister and mistaken that Tae Mei was a spy of Tae Jung. And Tae Mei was upset that, she has fallen in love with Ki Jin. Although, Tae Mei told Ki Jin that, it happened coincidental that, only after falling in love with him then she discovered that Ki Jin couldn’t accept her, because she’s the sister of Tae Jung. After hearing her explainations, Ki Jin wanted a breakoff relationships woth Tae Mei and they must treat one another, as if, they were liked a stranger to one another. And after finishing what Ki Jin wanted to say, Ki Jin hurriedly walked away. While, Tae Mei continued to cry and blamed her brother Tae Jung for making a mess for her love path and she was helpless to change
    and helped herself.

    While, Sun Yoo began to worry that, since Ji Hee already knew the truth. And she made a guess that, Ji Hee will tell this to her brother Ji Suk. Ultimately, Sun Yoo mumbled to herself that, even if, Ji Suk knew this, she had no choice, but, she must get back the custody of her nephew. When Sun Yoo was engrossed in her worry, the servant stepped into the room to inform her that, Ji Suk has just reached home. And Sun Yoo thank the servant for informing her.

    Ji Hee and Ji Suk, both of them came home together. While, grandma showed her concerned towards Ji Hee. Grandma was asking her , does she have any interest to adopt the child after visiting the orphanage ? And Sun Yoo came down from upstairs and heard their conversations. And Ji Hee replied to her grandma that, she has not yet finalize her decisions on whether to adopt the child or to bring back the child ?

    Ji Suk told his wife that Ji Hee may consider to adopt the child. And he met his sister when he was outside the house. And curious on what’s the problem that, Ji Hee was facing ? As, he saw her sitting inside her car, engrossed in her thinking. And therefore, Ji Suk did not interrupt her and even wondered, was it related to adopt the child that, made Ji Hee to worry ? While, Sun Yoo was even more interested to know, whether did Ji Hee tell him anything ? And Ji Suk told her that, Ji Hee did not tell him anything. And Sun Yoo began to smile and looked happy. And later on, Sun Yoo told Ji Suk to get ready to have his dinner.

    When Sun Yoo came out from her room, Ji Hee was waiting to quarrel with her. And Sun Yoo even plead her, not to let Tae Jung gets the custody of the child. While, Ji Hee wanted Jin Yoo’s son to have his own father Tae Jung to look after him. And Sun Yoo was trying to persuade Ji Hee to change her mind so that, she can have the custody of her nephew. And the problem was, Ji Hee was full of hatred towards Sun Yoo.
    Whatever, Sun Yoo told and suggested ti Ji Hee and Ji Hee will think in a negative way. Ji Hee even warned and scolded Sun Yoo. She will not forgive her and because of the accident, she will never be able to conceive any child. And furious by Sun Yoo, using her nephew to make a deal with Tae Jung. And Sun Yoo was upset and panic on, how to deal with this critical problem ?

    Tae Jung came home and was in doubt, on whether did Ji Hee tell the truth to her family ? While, the family was having dinner and chatting about the adopting child, JS’s uncle came out from the kitchen and was curious, when he saw Tae Jung was standing at the living room.

    JS’s uncle went to have his dinner. The family continued to discuss and Ji Suk announced to everyone that, he wanted to adopt Jin Yoo’s son. And grandma was surprised to hear that Sun Yoo got a nephew. Being curious, grandma wanted to know whose the real father of Sun Yoo’s nephew ? And Ji Suk quickly stopped grandma from asking more questions. And who knows, Ji Hee mad a hint to all of them that, Sun Yoo was hiding a secret from all of them.

    Ji Hee went to the room and Tae Jung continued to ask her, on her decision on bringing back Jin Yoo’s son to the family. He even quickly thank Ji Hee for wanting to accept Jin Yoo’s son. And Ji Hee told Tae Jung that, she has not make up her mind on, whether does she want to bring Jin Yoo’s son to the family ? And in the meantime, Ji Hee tricked Tae Jung to believe her. She will keep Tae Jung by her side, while she will
    continue her investigations and she will continue her revenge plot to torture Tae Jung and will eliminate him.

    The next day, Sun Yoo received a call from her nun friend. The nun friend informed her that, she has the DNA result. While, Sun Yoo was happily asking to know the DNA result of her nephew, the nun friend told Sun Yoo that, the DNA result showed that, the child was not the nephew of Sun Yoo. And Sun Yoo was shocked and amazed to hear this news.

    Sun Yoo rushed to the orphanage to confirm the DNA result. With disappointment after hearing that, the child was not her nephew. Sun Yoo was extremely upset and Ji Suk was a little impatient and worried that, his wife was ill and emotionally unwell person.

    On the other hand, Ji Hee received and read the DNA result. She was glad that the found and wanting to adopt child, was the real son of Tae Jung. That means , the child that Ji Hee at first wanted to adopt was actually Jin Yoo’s son. She mumbled to herself that, she will never let Tae Jung and Sun Yoo to get back Jin Yoo’s son.

  664. 664 : mml Says:

    @661 sml,
    thanks for your interest for ep82. I will watch ep82 and when i have finished watching ep82, i will do ep82 review can. I know you all are faster than in watching this drama. And when i do review only when, there’s a demand to read the review then i will do the review.

  665. 665 : jj Says:

    OMG thanks @mml. Only the writer thinks that SY begging JH is entertaining because the viewers sure don’t. JS is one dense man im sure most of us can admit. SY living in her lie is what is impeding all progress, an the worst part is that she is not smart enough to realize this.

  666. 666 : jewles Says:

    Hi All,

    Thank you for welcoming me to the blog. I am here, there, everywhere on the board of Koreandrama.org.

    I am re-learning Korean via K-drama. I haven’t used Korean in many many years and you do loose capacity of speaking and understanding the language. Now I don’t need subtitles anymore, but still look up words in the online dictionary. Or else, I swing and sometimes miss. 🙂 Also a lot of idioms are lost in translation. When I read some translations, it makes me laugh since the translation and the idioms are completely off -true in any language.

    mml is doing a super job for everyone. Thanks!! I will wait for mml’s recaps also. If there is something others are curious about specifically, I may chime in.

    Enjoying everyone’s comments. Talk to you soon.

  667. 667 : mml Says:

    @665 jj,
    I haven’t watch ep82 and looks liked ep83 preview was Tae Jung became the thief and stole JS document. I wonder is there any CCTV video camera at JS study room ? And whose the policeman to catch Tae Jung, is it Ji Suk or is it Sun Yoo or is it both of them will catch Tae Jung ?

    SY may not be smart and maybe she will become smart when she realised that Tae Jung was the thief ? They fight until, one of them will die and until now, I don’t know how the writer can put Tae Jung to jail ? And where’s TJ’s bad friend ? Is it kidnap by Tae Jung and his friend was frightened by TJ and hide himself ?

    Writer, please help Sun Yoo to find a way for herself. I think, Sun Yoo suffered in silent, that’s not the right way and why did grandma did not discover that Tae Jung is having his evil plot. I thought grandma used to be a very smart grandma and how come she did not notice it ? Strange ??

  668. 668 : jj Says:

    @mml it seems that all intelligence has died in this drama at this point. JS knows what TJ is capable of so he should be more cautious and have him followed and watched. The grandmother have gotten real comfortable and therefore not fulfilling her part as a chairman. Writer, there are just too many things wrong at this point.

  669. 669 : Wowwww Says:

    @mml you are amazing your recap was exactly what I wanted..I have not been watching the ep ..i am waiting until things turn around and stop being stupid and SY having the upper hand..The place where TJ was searching I think is in the grandmothers desk..I a just on the blogs to see what is going on but I cannot take the constant back and forth and SY losing the revenge..Hopefully tomorrow ep is better so I can start watching again.he he he

  670. 670 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I really don’t understand why JH still blaming SY upon her misscarriage. That woman is really a pain in the neck. I don’t feel pitiful towards her. Her suffering not that serious. SY suffers the most. I hate JH always thinking negatively about SY. That woman should be placed at mental hospital instead. Ugh…I feel disheartened at JH…why she becoming more stupid and worst. The person who cause her life into disaster was none other than TJ. Not SY. I think it’s better SY not in good terms with that psycho woman. She is not in the right mind. I love ep 73…JS and SY scene. Where SY went to wake up JS. Love that scene.. 😀 ♡

  671. 671 : mm Says:

    I had just finished watching ep82. Don’t you guys think that JH is very stupid as to adopt TJ’s son?. So TJ would be the foster father to his own son as what he thinks but actual son. When TJ eventually find out, he would be very happy for him to know the adopted son is his own. Why does the writer wants us as viewers to be disappointed. Why is JH holding the adopted son so nicely knowing very well that he is TJ’s son. At the ending of the show, by not allowing SY to feed the baby, wouldn’t SY suspect anything about the baby. When TJ’s mum holds the baby, what did she says to JH? Does she know it is TJ’s son?.

    Doesn’t AR suspect anything on the shareholders’s list that TJ show her.
    TJ is buying for himself, isn’t it?

    @mml, we really need you to do a recap for this ep82 quickly.

  672. 672 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    yeah you right mm…JH is indeed very stupid. Just wait until JS find out what JH had done. When that day comes, JH will lose her brother forever. I think it’s too late for JH to repent and ask forgiveness from SY. Haha…serve her right for not trusting SY completely.

  673. 673 : mml Says:

    @671 mm,
    by reading at what you have been trying to tell us, actually you have already done the re-cap of ep 82. Actually, now I know that you have the ability to do the re-cap and maybe, you can do the full re-cap ep82 for us to read , also quite good and interesting.

  674. 674 : sml Says:

    @MML 663 : you are taebak mml, by giving us detailed ep 81 preview… I’m upset with JH, always blamed SY for her own faults, married the wrong guy, didn’t want to listen to SY who actually wanted to avoid JH from the wrong decision… @Jewless 666 ; I am happy if you can help mml also to give us ep 82 recap. You can be great team with mml… Please refer to my curiosity at 661…
    Also please give us explanation on ep 83 preview. It seems to me that JS had meeting with shareholders & mr. Kim gave him important information. Also TJ entered grandma’s room to steal document or find important information… Can’t wait to see tonight episode 83.

  675. 675 : sml Says:

    Also, SY looked into JS’ drawer, the document he was hiding when yesterday SY saw he was reading & asked him but JS didn’t tell her. I think SY also found out what bothering JS regarding the company, the shares…

  676. 676 : mml Says:

    @674 and 675 sml,
    yes, you are precisely correct, I haven’t watch ep82 and ep83. Tonight, will watch ep82 and since you like to read the full re-cap ep82 , I will try to upload it and not so fast, it takes maybe a few hours, cos I need to put do the typing. Actually , Jewels also very good in doing the re-cap and Wowwww also at times quite good in doing the re-cap review, is just that, Wowwww his re-cap can have some comedy effect and it makes me laugh and enjoy it.

  677. 677 : sml Says:

    Chingu, I have watched ep 83 and have questions bellow. Please Jewless,MML or anybody to help… For me this ep interesting especially the end part….
    1.What TJ said to SY in front of the house, what SY talked herself afterward ?
    2.What SY & JS discussed inside bedroom ? Was it regarding shares, restaurant?
    3.What did SY’s aunt say when she visited SY ?
    4.What did JS & SY talk after JS came home from work in their bedroom ?
    5.Did grandma ask mr.Kim to find out about baby’s father ?
    6.What did TJ say inside car after coming out from grandma’s room ?
    7.What did guy talk about on the phone with TJ ?
    Yeah, I like the end of tonight ep… It seems SY & GJ set trap for TJ. I’m sure both of them tried to protect JS & the company from TJ & Aran’s dirty plan….
    Omo…I’ve to wait until Monday….Ottoke….

  678. 678 : Wowwww Says:

    I promised myself that I would not watch until things turn around but I have broken my promise and watched episode 83 and I will ask some questions about it..I have not completly gave up on myself but I do see that there is a potential turning around even if SY is too stupid to catch on to JH.

    FIRST OF ALL I will just give a little review of the going on of the show without actually telling what they said……

    first of all when the show started the crazy bitch JH pushed SY away from the baby like she is not the only crazy lunatic in the family.She does not know anything about a baby so I do not know why they allowedher to adopt a baby like that.

    I know people felt sorry for TJ sister but she is not completly innocent because she kinda knew what was going on.She was the same one that was running up and down the street looking for the baby and did not tell anyone.it seems in the ep she got of GJ because she is not crying like a useless idiot saying she did not come onto him on purpose.

    I want all of you to watch this ep.JH has finally gone bonkers.Her mom said something and she was laughing …with this laugh I can see all types of mental psychological problems that is going to have to be dealth with.I am a biology major and have studied some psychology and this girl is one person that we will have to put in a room and analyze..that laughed scared the hell out of me.the mom was looking at her like what the hell is wrong with JH .the mom was soo puzzled.

    why the hell does not TJ leave SY alone…….what did he say to her when she walked in the gate with the groceries.

    what was TJ saying to the skinny man that was walking down the street that he was waylaying?

    what did JS and SY talk about in the room..JS looks like he is getting worried.It is about time that he is getting smarter.thank the gods

    JS showed her the paper .what was he saying to SY regrading the shares paper?

    ha ha ha ha ….did you guys sees TJ sitting in the couch going over the shares document while the baby is in the crib crying like it is going to die.Crazy bitch JH comes in and sees him and realizes that he is sitting right there and did not even hear the baby…lol lol

    how about SY searching through JS desk and he is in the bed..wow SY how stealthy?

    what was crazy bitch JH saying to herslef when the baby was crying and SY had him?

    what was JS and the secretary talking about?

    what did the auntie say to SY?

    what was the aunt saying in the baby room?

    what was JH saying to SY aunt?

    what did the aunt say outside after JH acted like a maniac and kicked them out?

    what did JS AND SY talk about when he came home ?

    oh my gosh this is too funny…..TJ goes in the grandma office searching through the lady things and he sees JS AND HIS MOM PIC.then he hears that the grandma is in the house and he climbs in the closet to hide…this is tooo funny..

    what was the granny and the mr kim talking about?

    what was granny saying to herself?

    what was TJ saying to himself in the car?

    what did the person say to TJ on the phone?

    this is what I like to see TJ defeated.he is now in a panic…this is getting good again so people can start to watch.the end was epic.GJ and SY has now started to make sense.Hopefully TJ gets in deep shit this time and does not find out like the last time..This is the time we have been waiting for and hopefully the writer does not become and idiot and switch up the show again.

    The time will soon come for JH to face punishment and TJ to face jail.I wonder what he heard when he was hiding in the granny closet.anyways the preview show good things to come……we have SY and GJ becoming a spy and getting some evidence.it is what we all have been waiting for………

    loved todays eppp..

  679. 679 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 678 : I’m glad you break your promise by watching again this drama.
    I agree with you that this is the turning point moment for SY to win.. Fighting SY, JS… About the thin man, I think he was one of the shareholders too but it seemed he didn’t want to sell his shares eventhough maybe TJ try to force him… Yeah… money is not everything… I Also think that the man GJ & SY used to call TJ at the end of ep was one of the shareholders.

  680. 680 : sml Says:

    because SY took picture of shares document with her handphone camera so SY knew which one would be the target to be approached by TJ to sell his shares, don’t you think so Wowwww ?

  681. 681 : sml Says:

    I’ve just finished seen ep 84 preview and can’t wait until Monday…so interesting..
    SY saw TJ entering Aran’s room. TJ met the man SY & Gj used… It seems in ep 84 JS also confronted Aran in front of SY… Also there was recorder… Can MML, Jewless explain ep 84 preview ? Please…

  682. 682 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    wow…finally the drama plot became much interesting…TJ go ing to jail soon…yey…I’m so happy….thanks sml for preview ep 84…

  683. 683 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I mean short preview. Can’t wait to watch TJ getting his punishment. Love this drama…now I can continue watching this drama with peace and calm. Thanks again guys for contribution on all the reviews and full recap. Let’s hope SY road of her revenge will go smoothly. Gomawo, everyone… 😀

  684. 684 : jj Says:

    I have to say i Broke my promise not to watch AR. Reading u guys comment was tempting

  685. 685 : wowww Says:

    Hopefully these shareholders get in their asses and put them down

  686. 686 : sml Says:

    We have silent weekend chingu… As I watched again ep 84 preview yesterday, the man used by SY and GJ was from Sèed Financial co. It comes to my mind perhaps they would make TJ to invest money to this company with promising great return investment but would make TJ losing the money became his greed. Or he is one of the shareholders who had investment co.

  687. 687 : sml Says:

    I mean …because of his greed. ..

  688. 688 : wowww Says:

    That is exactly what they should do that would make the snow Much better…lol

  689. 689 : jj Says:

    Lol TJ has gone bonkers…at the end of the ep he was having a breakdown.. and at the start of the ep JH lost her bloody mind too..lol thats what they get

  690. 690 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    I have read some of you guys short review on what happened at ep 84…Although TJ has loss everything due to his greed. Well, I fear TJ will out to killed SY. I just hope there will be no accident scene for SY. This drama still have more episodes to go. Did JS find out yet about SY revenge? Can someone tell me? The victory may goes to SY and GJ. Can’t wait for everyone’s review for ep 84…Please do tell me what exactly happen at ep 84…if some of you have watched ep 84…I really want to know…

  691. 691 : jj Says:

    No JS did not find out as yet But i av a feeling he suspects somethings up

  692. 692 : Weng Says:

    For the past days i cant open the episodes of drama at you tube…..was there something wrong?

  693. 693 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    thanks jj…

  694. 694 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Guys, let’s picture this although JH may not be able to have children on her own, there must be ways right for her to get treatment. Unlike SY, her scars will be like entire lives. I’ve watched this drama from the beginning. SY suffers greatness. Let’s compare SY lives with JH lives, SY is an orphan. JH is not orphan, she even lead luxurious life unlike SY who lead difficult and poor lives since she was a child. I really can’t imagine how SY able to lead her lives all alone now that her sister, JY had passed away. SY is indeed a brave woman who can endure every hardship on her own. Even when TJ tries to take her down. Making her lives miserable. I admire SY character. Strong and tough woman. If JS find out the truth later on, he might not leave her. He may be able to understand how she feels. JH will never understand that kind of feelings because she is a selfish woman like her mother, AR. Even if the writer wrote her ending to be tragic like end up in asylum. That will be pleasant ending for her. I really had a bad feelings about TJ. Who knows what will he might do to SY…

  695. 695 : mm Says:

    Guys, don’t you think JH is so stupid to name her adoped son by the name of Sarang which was want SY’s sister wanted. Definitely SY’s aunt would suspect something about the baby when she visited to see the baby. From what SY’s aunt said, why didn’t SY suspect the baby is her sister’s son. Why SY is only interested in the shareholders shares and not interested in her sister’s son anymore. Another thing is TJ’s mom. Once she said when she look at TJ’s son, she would know instantly whether it is her grandson. But when she saw the baby, she did not say anything at all. JS is slow in handling all matters /problems. Maybe he still does not know the full details yet, isn’t it?. Why isn’t he approaching and asking all the shareholders about their holdings since he is holding the shareholders’ listing.

  696. 696 : jj Says:

    @ Avenge girl and mm i completely agree. JH did have a privileged life and is selfish. I don’t think JS will leave her either because he knows what she went through and how much her sister meant to her. As for JH naming the baby Sarang she was just expressing her stupidity as usual. She somehow thought that it would crawl under SY skin but obviously SY does not have anything against the baby. JH and TJ deserve a tragic ending..if there is any forgiveness in the end ill be really pissed.

  697. 697 : jj Says:

    I think SYgave up looking for the baby at this point because focusing on the shareholders is a way to get into TJ plans. If TJ goes through with his plan he will become a strong adversary and even if SY found the baby she would have no power and neither would JS. TJ walking out if the house that day was arrogant and threatening SY so she has to put im down a notch. I think the baby being the wrong one kinda drained her emotionally and she is recovering before she starts looking again. I personally saw the baby as a distraction from the revenge so im glad they stopped drawing out the drama. JS is pretty slow in realizing and acting and that really does bother me because i feel He should be realizing SY dealings by now

  698. 698 : wowww Says:

    I was kinda annoyed with All the baby mixup because it Made TJ have the upper hand…also i think she needa to finish off the revenge properly so that TJ cannot say tgat he is going to take the baby .which iS what SY is afraid of.

  699. 699 : sml Says:

    I’ve just finished watched ep 84. It seems the man who helped SY & Gj was GJ’s chingu. He made recording his conversation with TJ and gave it to AR. I’m curious what was recording about. Was it about investment that TJ would place under his name, not AR’s ? I’m glad that TJ was red handed when signed the deal with James (Seed Financial co, GJ’s friend)… But still, I need explanation about below conversations :
    1.What did TJ say inside his car before his phone rang? He was angry about what?
    2.What was their conversation at SF office ?
    3.What was the conversation between AR &TJ inside AR’s room ?
    4.What did JH say herself after TJ left her ?
    5.What was the conversation between JS & grandma ?
    6.Why did AR upset on the phone ?
    7.What was being talked about between AR, JS before grandma came?
    8.What did grandma ask mr.Kim to do ?
    9.What did grandma talk herself inside her room ?
    MML, Jewless chebal help to explain that….

  700. 700 : sml Says:

    I’ve watched ep 85 preview also… Yes, this is what we are waiting for… This ep was regarding TJ’s downfall….
    TJ was kicked out from the house by mr.Kim’s men. Also AR gave back TJ’s clothes to DN… It seems TJ’s money was also taken away by JH (?)
    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode….

  701. 701 : mm Says:

    I loved ep 84 & ep 85 preview also. Yes, this is what we had all been waiting for. The downfall of TJ. Serve him right. Greedy man. JH would not pity her own husband as she hated him so much for all his lying to her. But JH should not hate SY as SY had all along told JH about the bad things TJ did but JH did not believe SY. AR should have TJ put to jail instead of just throwing his things out. JH is still so stupid as caring for the baby and holding the baby so well and pating the baby very nicely also knowing that it is SY’s nephew. Grandma is very slow to respond in the family disputes seeing the argument between JS and AR. All she does is just asking Mr Kim and talking to herself only. I thing at the end of the episode, TJ’s mom could recognize her own grandson at ep 85 preview.

    We really need someone especially mml and jewless to do the translation for ep 84 as this episode is very interesting in seeing TJ got caught by AR.

  702. 702 : mm Says:

    Hi, everyone. Below is an extract from a blog on the recap for ep 84. Hope everyone loves it.

    Here’s basically what went down in episode 84. TJ met with the fake third-party owner of the shares, James (KJ’s friend), and was offered to buy the shares from him. TJ hesitates, but James baited him by saying he’s going to meet with Jiseok next to make the offer. TJ then hastily told him he’s going to buy them up under his name. KJ’s friend feigned surprised and asked him if he has funding to buy it. TJ then confessed that it’s actually AR’s funds, the friend asked him if he should put them under AR’s name then, but TJ reassured him and told him it’ll be under his name. They agreed to make the deal on Saturday. SY then deducts that they must pit AR against TJ, if he doesn’t have her on his side then it’s the end for him.

    Back at the house, TJ told AR about the deal under the guise that he’s still working for her. AR asked him who the seller is and if they can meet in person. TJ lied and said he didn’t meet him because James is actually in England, and that he still doubts whether they can afford the deal so it’ll complicate matters if AR shows up. Also that James made the same offer to Jiseok but they won because their bid was higher. AR trusted his words and told him he did good now that the company will be theirs. SY overhears this, knowing that TJ intends to double-cross AR, she conspires with KJ to trap TJ in his own game.

    TJ meets with JH back in their room, JH kept making jabs at TJ, how her mother trusts and accepts him now because of her. That her mother was against their marriage at first because she thought TJ had a baby with another woman, but gave in bc of JH. TJ asked if she’s going to tell her mother the truth then. JH tells him she’s just stating the facts because AR really relies on him and she thinks her mother will be disappointed if she knows the truth, AR’s already unhappy that he came from such a bad family. TJ then told her he feels sorry towards her and can’t deny that, but thought she decided to cover for him since they decided to raise a baby together. He’s a person too and it hurts his pride when she keeps bringing it up. She then off-handedly told him she’ll be careful, but vengefully thought behind his back that he had the balls to play the victim in front of her face, but without her it’s going to be over for him. (I really like this scene tbh, it’s the pot calling the kettle black, and how JH is passive aggressively degrading him to my delight. But at the same time TJ has already pretty much ruined her life, which she chose for herself, also to my delight.)

    Next day at the company, Jiseok asked grandma if he can inspect the company finance because of his growing concern over AR’s schemes. G-ma agreed and AR basically started freaking out because she’s been embezzling the revenue to buy the stocks from the shareholders. TJ asked if it’s going to affect their deal with James, but she reassured him the funds has already been liquidized as cash and they’ll get it tomorrow. She asked TJ to keep it safe with him while AR tries to cover up her tracks. Back at the house, AR yelled at Jiseok for the sudden inspection as if he’s scheming to ruin her. Jiseok said she shouldn’t worry if she’s hasn’t done anything wrong. G-ma already knows what’s up, and regrets that she didn’t hold onto the company shares, but she still doesn’t know who has the rest of the shares. (Don’t worry G-ma, your girl SY’s got your back.)

    On Sat, AR gets a call from James wanting to confirm whether she has the money for their deal. AR gets suspicious learning that James isn’t in England, and that in fact, has met with TJ a few days ago. The phone call baited her over to meet James where he plays her the recording of TJ telling him to put his name not AR’s on the shares. AR then tells TJ to go ahead with the deal, and later on, caught him red-handed in James’ apartment!

    Check and mate SY! You go girl! Getting ready to see everyone Richard Simmons on TJ tomorrow.

    I still worry for Sarang’s life though. Nobody knows he’s TJ’s child yet, but if crazy JH blurts out the truth, then TJ might grab at the last straw at revenge by kidnapping Sarang to save his own butt. BTW, I thought Sarang was a girl’s name, so was a little confused when they kept saying it’s a boy. This makes more sense now since it’s a known fact that Korean grandparents don’t give a crap about granddaughters because they can’t “carry on the bloodline.”

  703. 703 : mm Says:

    I love the scene where AR slapped TJ. She should slap him the other side of his face also and again and again and again………………..

  704. 704 : Happy Says:

    #701-702-& 703 mm,
    Thank U” for the recap of this drama! this drama is dragging so long and there is so much other drama to watch. S I always come to this section to read to see what is going on w/ this drama.
    Who is Sarang? I know when J gave birth it was a boy? Who has that child now? I’m a bit Confuse on who is raising the baby? Please I’m so Anxious!


  705. 705 : mm Says:

    @704 Happy. Sarang is actual son of TJ and SY’s sister. The baby is abadoned by TJ’s mom when she delivered the baby and was the midwife. In order for TJ to marry JH, TJ’s mom left the baby at the entrance of the orphanage. JH went to search for the baby when she discovered that she cannot have any baby anymore and knew that TJ has a son. Shen then went to adopt the baby and named the baby Sarang.

    Wah, you must have missed a lot of episodes. Now the drama is getting hotter now with TJ getting into troubles for all his misdoings and bad things.

  706. 706 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mml for the full recap of ep 84…am glad to see TJ being caught red handed by AR. That should teach him a lesson on not thinking of taking short cut to climb higher. Although I dislike AR…but on this ep, I’m glad that she caught him and slapped him on the face. Awesome…!!! I love that scene. SY is getting smart on planning everything. That’s why, I never get bored watching this drama. This drama is not like any drama that I’ve watched. This drama is much interesting than Ruby Ring…Now I really can’t wait for their endings. Yey …I’m so thankful to everyone who participate in this discussion for this drama. 😀

  707. 707 : jj Says:

    Oo wow JH is looney, but she keeps taunting TJ She might be the next dead one on the list. SY is on a roll and i hope it last cuz u know how this likes to piss viewers off. As for AR getting mad at JS for investgation is a obvious way to say hey im embezzling..lol

  708. 708 : sml Says:

    I’ve just finished watching ep 85 and enjoy it much especially when TJ was slapped by his MIL, AR. Also when he was thrown out the house…
    Also AR asked JH to get divorce with him… Yessss…. You deserve it TJ but it is not enough with crimes you’ve done…
    I’m glad too there is ep 86 preview… I’m curious to know what JH said in front of SY,JS & uncle at the preview. Also what did SY say herself inside her room and finally what JS said at the end of preview. Anybody can help ?
    I think it is time for SY to tell the truth to JS before JH or TJ blurt it out to JS or grandma…

  709. 709 : Happy Says:

    705 #mm,
    thanks for the info. yap! I miss so much episode, as this drama being drag slowly.
    But, Sarang sound like a girl name.
    I saw JH carrying a baby, but isn’t a bit wired, that the baby is TJ, which I thought so many years went by, that the baby should be older then the baby JH carrying is still a infant type?
    Boy! that kind-off threw me OFF!
    YES! I saw that TJ was slap from AR and was thrown out of the house…….etc, but his so evil, he will do more evil thing as this is a 100 + Episode.
    But Thanks, for all the info, I will now and then check this site.

  710. 710 : reindeer song Says:

    Happy the baby should still be a baby, many years has not past because the drama was not jumped.Remember this is KDrama a week represent a day. When the baby was in the womb, SY sister named him Sarand because the doctor told her it will be a girl, remember when she delivered she asked TJ Mum what was the sex, she said a beautiful little boy, you have a baby boy.

  711. 711 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Guys, I think SY should just tell the truth about TJ and their relationship to JS by now. That way, JS will not be suspect her to hide something from him. Eventually JS will understand why SY wants revenge upon her sister’s death. But even if SY tell JS about TJ murdered her sister, JS don’t have power to give SY. The person who can give SY power is none other than JS mom which I really wish the writer will emerge her character in the next couple of episode. I’m more afraid of TJ next move on killing SY. That means SY might get into accident. And if that episode really happen, I really hope the accident will not become horrible which SY be in coma or lost memory. What I feel is that SY might survived. And the person who treated her is JS mom. She is the right person who can help her get revenge against TJ, AR, JH…and hope after SY revenge end, SY will returned to JS. That might be the last episode. Haha…I wish that will happen. At ep 84, I feel extremely happy on what happen to TJ. But that was just some of my consumption for this drama.Even if the writer write this drama differently, the ending will be the same like we all imagined to be.

  712. 712 : mm Says:

    I had watched ep 85 & preview for ep 86. Why did SY and GJ has to show their faces to TJ when AR left the room after discovering TJ cheated her.? They should not let TJ know it is their plan so that TJ would not revenge on SY. Also at end of ep 85, why did SY came out of the house to speak to TJ?. Wouldn’t people inside the house hear their loud voices? Wouldn’t JS suspect anything about SY going outside talking to TJ?. Why didn’t grandma throw AR out of the house also?. Grandma, JH & JS would know where would TJ got some much monies to buy stocks? They should investigate this matter and know that AR is behind all this buying stocks and throw her out of the house. Shouldn’t they report to the police about the lost of monies to L Food Co.?

  713. 713 : mm Says:

    Hi Guys. Below is review in ep 86.

    Preview to Episode 86

    TJ looking at the house

    TJ: said that I am a dog….a dog that bites the hand of its owner (that feeds him)….I will definitely would not secede

    JH speak to Ji Seok, Uncle & SY

    JH: There is no need to worry about Sa Rang & I…Oppa you may not have any spare time to be worry about me

    TJ walking aimlessly at the street

    SY v/o: Jang Tae Jeong had been driven out…he definitely wouldn’t leave matter standing down towards me

    SY pacing in her room in anxiety

    TJ drags JH

    TJ: Do you really want to divorce from me

    JH: If that is possible….I will like to return to the time before I ever met you

    JH pass something to TJ then drive off in her car

    JH Mother throws papers at TJ Mother

    JH Mother: This is your exemplary son….sent him off to prison..will able to make him come to his senses.

    TJ being drag away by security

    TJ: You have been deceive…you all have been deceived by that woman

    SY looks on

    JS ponders

    JS: Between the both of them….what is that I don’t know about

  714. 714 : mm Says:

    @708sml. Above at @713 is the what has been said in review to episode 86. Hope it helps you.

  715. 715 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks mm for the preview ep 86…Looks like JS was about to find out the hidden ugly truth about TJ and SY relationship. But why JS not asking GJ instead? I’m sure GJ will tell him the whole truth including TJ crimes. Now I’m much worried about SY. TJ being kicked out from the house, I fear he might do something bad and horrible to JS grandma or SY. Gosh this drama will become more intense. More thrill with TJ not give up on his greed.

  716. 716 : sml Says:

    @Avenge_Girl 711 : sorry I don’t agree with you. I don’t think JS’ mom will appear and necessary to appear. The person can help SY should be her hubby, JS. I think JS will ask uncle P or GJ. He would remember uncle P’s rejection of the marriage. Uncle P wanted to tell him why he rejected the marriage, so JS would ask uncle P about that and uncle P would tell him. Or JS would ask GJ again to drink in order to ask the truth when GJ drunk he he he.
    @Mm 713 : kumawo for translation of ep 86 preview. Yes I think JS became curious about the relationship between his wife, SY and TJ. It must be something going on between that 2 persons especially when he was aware JH hated SY so much. It can be mr.Kim who told JS about their connection since grandma told him to find out the father of Sarang.. I can’t wait all secrets were revealed…

  717. 717 : sml Says:

    The ending in my mind is : JH didn’t adopt Sarang since she divorced TJ and let SY got custody for Sarang. They reconciled… TJ was in jail or lost his mind. SY although maybe misunderstood by JS regarding the secret, helped him to save LFood… JS & SY had also their own daughter. JH & AR left the house for good.
    Is it too nice ha….?

  718. 718 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Yeah you probably right, sml… regarding on JS mom might not appear. If she did appear, supposely at the beginning of this drama. Now the drama is about to end. Well I just hope SY will get her revenge and continue on with her lives with JS. I hope that AR will get stroke or something.. It is nice of you to think the ending to be like what you thought. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this drama ending. 🙂

  719. 719 : mm Says:

    @717sml. I like your thoughts for the drama ending. Then everybody would be happy. Thanks everybody for sharing their thoughts for this drama.

  720. 720 : jj Says:

    looks like Granny found about about SY in episode 87 preview, and JS saw SY and TJ talking. All i can say is SY brought all of these problems on herself. Now when she will need JS support and help there is a seed of doubt sewn. Did SY believe that once she takes down TJ he would just hide her secret and go on his merry way, sometimes i have to wonder if she even thinks.

  721. 721 : sml Says:

    @JJ 720 : I’ve just finished with ep 86 & ep 87 preview… shhhhhh (sigh)…. Sometimes I am upset too with SY with her stubborn silence. Why did she not tell JS the truth up till now. JS was suspisious also at the end of ep 86…
    Also Now grandma knew about Sarang’s father : TJ. Did grandma ask her to get divorce with JS ?
    I hope JS overheard conversation between SY & TJ in front of restaurant and knew the truth. I hope JS would not misunderstand SY…chebaaal…. I really can’t wait to see tomorrow episode.

  722. 722 : Weng Says:

    When someone who wants to take revenge he or she would not think of the outcome when the secrets are reveal. If JS found out the secrets of JY I am afraid he will get mad to SY because she kept it to herself like what eunso did to him last time. But I guess LOVE is a strong feelings that conquer all. JS will be able to understand JY.

  723. 723 : Wowwww Says:

    I watched ep 86 and I am just so annoyed.it is about time that SY told JS because if you think about it she already got some good blow to TY from EP 84-86.I think that when he asked she would have told him at that time.I also want him to overhear the conversation so that she is forced to tell him in tomorrow episode because quite frankly I am tired of waiting for her to get with the program.I see other people on other blogs saying that he is looking at her like she is a stranger but I don’t think that that is the case.He was looking at her like he knows something is up that SY refuses to tell him and he want to know badly.She needs to make him know these things so that they can fully destroy TJ and also destroy AR and JH for their wicked ways.
    The writer is maybe going to make some bad event happen for SY in the upcoming episode because when she pledged revenge the priest told her something about suffering for it…….I hope that everything works in our favor in the end and things does not upset me..
    I have not really been keeping up with watching because I want SY to tell him so that we are able to see the show move on to bigger and better things…so I think I will wait for that event to happen

  724. 724 : Avenge_Girl Says:

    Thanks Wowwww for short preview ep 86…I hope the writer did not make the story became more tragic. Until now, I don’t understand why SY not telling the truth to JS. I don’t think SY would want to tell JS just yet. Maybe she’s waiting for her revenge against TJ end, then later she will tell JS. But even if she tell him that will be the climax episode. I began to feel anxious of SY attitude. Now JS might misunderstood of her. I don’t want JS to divorce SY. Gosh…But if indeed JS grandma ask SY to leave JS. SY will not hesistated to leave JS. Because back then, she’s the one who says that…”Even if you end up leaving me, I’ll be fine”. But I don’t think JS grandma should ask SY to divorce JS. Guys, remember that it was SY who help them save the company from TJ. I’m getting more upset if SY did what JS grandma ask her to do. If not for SY help, maybe TJ will become the CEO instead of JS. Why there’s no one in that family appreciate what she has done for their sake.

  725. 725 : sml Says:

    @Avenge_girl 724 : Yes I agree with you, grandma should not ask SY to leave JS. If she did, SY was not necessary to do that. It should be JS leaving her as she said, but it would not happen. Why did grandma so easily ask someone (JH, TJ, and now SY) to divorce, but didn’t do anything to AR ? Why because of TJ was the father of SY’s nephew, grandma forgot about good things SY did to save the restaurant, helped JS to be CEO… I do hope what we are afraid to be happened would not happen. I think JS would be angry but not left or divorced SY…

  726. 726 : Wowwww Says:

    she already said that she would not leave him first so I hope that she remembers her words and do not listen to grandma..Maybe JS will find out and be mad and hopefully we can get over that and go back to the important issues at hands such as crazy JH AND AR

  727. 727 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww : SY had ever once broken her promise to JS, she left JS when grandma didn’t approve their relationship, right ? I hope it would not happen again… unless the writer nim wants that scenario to prolong the drama a little bit since there is still 16 episodes more….he he he

  728. 728 : Wowwww Says:

    I watched ep 87 and it seems that the time will soon be here when SY has to tell JS.SY did tell grandma everything …i think……even though grandma was supposedly telling SY to divorce JS…SY was still in the house and in the family with grandma talking to her after that so I am not sure what was going on..JS did see SY talking to TJ but I don’t know if he heard anything and after that the scene went to TJ and JH …loooked like he signed the divorce papers and that was when she told him that she had the baby…..i think that is what she told him because he eyes got wide and it seemed so surprised.

  729. 729 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww : Yes I have finished watching too. SY & DN were shocked when grandma said she knew that TJ was the father of JY’s son. I think grandma asked SY if TJ knew about JY’s pregnancy and still married with JH and if JH knew about it, and SY said yes. Also grandma asked SY if she married with JS because of her feeling ?
    I think SY asked grandma not to tell JS, but grandma didn’t agree ?
    About JH & TJ, beside signing divorce paper, TJ also signed document to let JH got permission to rise the adopted son. And when the document had been signed by TJ, JH told him that the baby was his ?
    Now I’m curious about the conversation between TJ & SY which was witnessed by JS… Can anyone help to translate that conversation ?

  730. 730 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    I hope the writer ends this drama in the manner that will make the audience happy. Korean drama writers are fond of writing unsatisfactory endings. Hope this drama does not follow that path.

  731. 731 : Anita Says:

    Omo, more and more interesting. It seems (or maybe I misunderstand) that JiSuk’s mom appeared finally (in the end maybe she saved TJ):D And the preview, just wow… I hope Jisuk will beat TJ (and SY will not prevent this)

  732. 732 : Wowwww Says:

    Does it look like JS thinks that SY and TJ are cheating together….he he he I don’t know…next week he punches TJ in his face

  733. 733 : vareena Says:

    I have the feeling that SY felt guilty to JS and will leave him, she should be b/c she keep lying to him, I don’t feel sorry for liar. People should be living with honesty no matter what circumstance is, she was almost become a nun she should know better what morality is all about and why she doing that, I don’t understand the writer in this issue, they’re just loosing reality. the most despicable that I hate is liar, liar, liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  734. 734 : Wowwww Says:

    well what she did I would not consider lying because I think that she has given JS many clues into the matter and JS was maybe a little bit too dense to pick up on it.on the other hand she annoys the shit out of me because she wont tell JS but I think that what she did can be forgiven.Right now she is not thinking about morality because he sister was killed and burned to death and now all she can think about is revenge.

    I do agree with you that she needs to leave this lying thing alone because I am sick of TJ having a hold on her and asking her to give him money from JS?

  735. 735 : Weng Says:

    I just watch the ep 88, do u think the mystery woman will help TJ to revenge grandma family? I hope not… On the next preview, The scene uncle and JS -is the uncle will tell JS the whole truth about JY death caused by TJ ? Hope this will help JS to know the secrets of SY….hoping someone will help me translate some of the scenes….tnx

  736. 736 : sml Says:

    @Weng 735 : I think she was JS’ mom. And I’m sure uncle P told JS everything… That’s why he punched TJ at the end of ep 89 preview. Yes, JS finally knew the secret of SY, TJ…

  737. 737 : weng Says:

    @sml 736 thank you very much for the fast reply. i also saw an episode that SY is packing her bag. is she leaving ? getting better and better…. a scene where JS sat on the floor thinking – what is he thinking about? will JS mom will protect JS from TJ…another revenge episode

  738. 738 : mm Says:

    Guy, below is recap for preview EP 89. Hope everyone enjoy it especially the reason why JS punch TJ.

    Preview to Episode 89

    TJ at the carpark

    TJ: It is noted that she will not let me off the hook…now the people who is going to receive punishment is Seo Ji Hee & Yi Seon Yoo

    JH comes into the room to see SY packing her bags

    JS at the rooftop

    JS: Is it true that it is Jang Tae Jeong’s doing…do you have evidence to proof that

    AR: You don’t know how conniving that person can be

    TJ looking at a car at the car park

    Halmeoni questioning SY

    Halmeoni: Is that why you did this kind of things….

    JS goes to see SY uncle

    JS: Why did Seon Yoo ssi wants to drive Jang tae Jeong out of the house

    SY & TJ at Hangang

    SY: Where is he….(baby?)…did you give it to someone else again

    JH tells off DN at the gate of her house

    JH: If you don’t wish for that woman YI Seon Yoo to snatch away the child….don’t ever come looking for me again

    JS sat down leaning on the wall

    TJ: The person that you should be upset with & take a swing at (punch) is not I but this woman

    JS still punch TJ across the face

    TJ: it is because of revenge against me that she is using (manipulate) you

    JS: I asked you….to Shut your trap…..

    JS takes another swing at TJ


  739. 739 : mm Says:

    Js will forgive sy….remember kdrama rules state that there be no batman without robin to fight the bad guys of gotham.

  740. 740 : sml Says:

    MM 738 : Kumawo chingu for translation ep 89 preview… At the top of his office, JS rememberred some things : Gj said sorry for everything just like SY always said sorry (ep 64) and when JS proposed SY, she said she was not the right person for JS (ep 66). He tried to understand what was going on. That’s must be connected each other… As I rewatched some scenes from ep 64-69, I really missed their intimate relationship… Why after they got married they missed that relationship. They just like ordinary friends, not husband & wife. They were busy by their own self/matter… It breaks my heart seeing JS couldn’t console SY or do something when he found SY crying badly at ep 88… He tried to reveal the mistery and wanted to heal his wife’s pain, but up till now didn’t have any clues…

  741. 741 : mm Says:

    @sml740 : You should by now that once a couple marries in a kdrama all hell breaks loose and stress starts as soon as they return from honeymoon.

    I imagine one reason for the lack of happy SY is JH! That woman has been harping on SY every alone minute she can. The vitriol and hate she spews has been worse than TJ!! How is that possible? SY doesn’t want to hurt JH because of JS but that woman will not leave her alone with her bitter self! I’m so sick of her! Please writer-nim! You disappointed me with SY not being pregnant because that would help with the sting of the viper JH and hopefully bring some happiness back to her life. Even though moving in with the elders was a good idea; moving in with the elders AND the viper husband/wife team just made SY’s life harder.

  742. 742 : sml Says:

    @MM : are you the same person as NewKDramaAddict @soompi ? because your posting is the same….

  743. 743 : Weng Says:

    Can someone help me translate the episode 89? I guess things way out of hand. Things getting worse.

  744. 744 : Weng Says:

    I watch the preview of ep 90…..very sad….it’s TY JS mom vs JS and grandma on ep 91

  745. 745 : vareena Says:

    Do you blame JS how he behave, I don’t, You think that you married to a honest girl and found out that you have been lied all this time. How you feel?? I will be furious too. No excuse for SY at all, Did she think that the truth won’t come out, she is stupid. It is going to be hard for JS to forgive her.. That is the consequence for being a liar. DON’T EVER LIE ALWAYS BE THRUTHFUL NO MATTER WHAT. Then you life will be happy and no worry. That is the philosophy of my life.

  746. 746 : sml Says:

    I can’t watch the ep 89 since electricity in my area is off. so I can’t use internet to watch drama, only can use for chatting.
    Can somebody tell me what’s going on in ep 89 ?
    @Weng : do you mean TJ, JS mom vs JS and grandma on ep 90 or 91 ?
    @Vareena : I don’t like liar also, but for this drama, I’m curious why was real reason SY did not tell the truth up till now eventhough grandma asked her to do so…

  747. 747 : vareena Says:

    I wanted to know too why she keep lying, I am at loss.

  748. 748 : Wowwww Says:

    @Vareena I am not surprised that JS is angry but SY knew that this would blow up in her face and she promised that she would eave when he found out all that had happened and that was what she was trying to do.She also wanted to tell JS AND the grandma told her to keep it a secret from JS .I loved this ep because JS finally knows and now the show can focus on things such has taking down TJ permanently.

    I don’t thin JS would allow SY to leave because as we see on the preview she is still in the house.It also looks like she is working at the office.of course JS still looks mad at SY but that is expected.I actually loved this ep because now this is when things are really starting to begin.

    The preview does show that SY is still in the house and now it seems like TJ is working with the lady that saved him and it seems she is some big chairman.He comes at the end of the preview seemingly representing her and acting like he is on top of the world and very smug.AR is in deep shit because now TJ has the upper hand and she is in trouble.I am not sure what was said in the preview but just from the looks I know that AR is in deep shit and JH met with TJ and threw some water in his face.Things are starting to go downhill for AR and JH …..ABOUT TIME 🙂


    in the ep it started with the lady that saved TJ having some conversation with him about something….i am not sure what was said but it seems like now him and her is in some agreement and it looks like L foods and her will soon have some battle.

    the other highlight is that Uncle P looked like he told JS about everything and JS goes on the roof and flashed back to when SY told him that her sister died and unjust death and also that the dad abandoned the child.SY then calls TJ to meet her at the pier and TJ calls JS and tells him that him and SY will be meeting there.

    TJ and SY was on the pier talking about something and JS shows up and at this point TJ is smug but JS turns on him angry when he said something to SY and then JS punched him in his face.He said something about SY again and JS was about to punch him again and SY held him back..he said some things to TJ and then held SY hand and pulled her away.When they were far away he said something to SY and SY told him something and was crying and then when SY was done JS walked away..

    JS then goes into this corner and was sitting on the ground looking at his compass.SY was at the house packing her bags and the mad bitch JH comes in and was saying something to SY.SY said sorry about something and then JH started screaming something.JH walks out SY bedroom and there is JS at the door and he heard her.She said something and JS says something to her.she looks like she gets mad because JS was not taking her side and did not believe that she should be blaming SY .She looked like she was surprised she knew and did not have the same feeling as her…loved that she was put in her place…JS was not putting up with JH bullshit.

    JS now walks into the room and see the bag that SY was packing with her clothes…looks like he asked her where she was going or why she is packing and then he takes SY bag and threw it against the pillows and everything flowed out.SY was soooo surprised she did not expect JS to act this way….i guess she thought he would be happy she was leaving…JS screamed at her and that is where they left us off for tomm…

    from the preview it seems as if JS did not allow SY to leave because she is still in the house so we will see what happens from here 🙂

    In all I think it was good that the event turned out this way because now JS knows and it is now time for him and SY to work things out and save the businesses from the clutch of TJ and SY and JS can eventually get her nephew and a baby of their own….he he he 🙂

  749. 749 : Wowwww Says:

    I think the reason she lied was because she did not want to burden JS with her problems.When the show started out JS had many family problems and in SY mind she did not want to add her problems on him.The other thing is that she did not want to come between JS AND HIS family….when she went to the house she saw how bad his situation his and I think she thought that it was something that she had to do and not for JS to add to his stress.

  750. 750 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww : chongmal kumawo…. Your explanation makes me relieved and it seems the climax of the secret already done… JS knew everything. I’m sure he didn’t let SY go eventhough he hurt not being told about the truth since the beginning. But I’m sure he understood why after he talked with uncle P…
    Well, my electricity has been on and I’ll watch the ep 89 now, can’t wait until tomorrow. Excuse me for a while….

  751. 751 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww 748 & 749 : It’s interesting ep 89… All the truths were revealed eventhough I don’t know exactly the conversation. I can feel JS’ feeling of anger, frustration, pain with SY’s secret all that long, also with TJ… I feel so sorry for him.
    I am shocked also watching the expression of JS when he was angry with SY with his eyes popping out, and again when he found SY packing. He threw the bag and again got angry with the same expression & eye popping out.
    I need recap for the conversation between JS & uncle P, JS & SY after JS punched TJ & finally between JS & SY at the end of ep 89…. Chebaaal someone help…

  752. 752 : sml Says:

    According to ep 90 preview, it seems there was still tense between our couple. But hopefully it’ll cooling down for next episode. Btw at the end of preview TJ as representative of new company would have to do business with LFood/JS that made JS surprised. AR was in danger because of ffoundation money she took ?

  753. 753 : mml Says:

    Re-cap Episode 82
    Episode 82,

    Ji Hee received the DNA result, she looked at the DNA result and was glad that the child that, she wanted to adopt was Tae Jung’s son. She mumbled to herself that, with her revenge and hence, Tae Jung and Sun Yoo will definitely never to be able to get the child.

    While, Tae Jung was inside his office mumbling to himself that, he’s suspecting that Ji Hee may not forgive his bad deeds as, he was the one who caused Ji Hee to have her miscarriage and moreover Ji Hee also discovered the pen recorder and therefore, it’s impossible that Ji Hee can forgive him so easily. He continued to look and reviewed the record list of shareholders and wondered on, no matter what’s Ji Hee’s planning, it will not affect him as, he has ample time to move onto his objective and target to culminate in success on buying all L Food Shares.

    Next,Ji Hee happily stepped into the office and wanted Tae Jung to accompany her to a place. As she wanted to introduce someone to Tae Jung.

    Tae Mei was stressed and depressed, feeling a little lonely and she non-stop eating to de-stress herself. Her mother began to tease her. Tae Mei was angry that, her mother thought she was sick and needed to take medicine. She angrily answered her mother and although, she was moody, but, when she’s hungry, she will still need to eat. Her mother continued to ask her, was it related to Ki Jin ? Tae Mei blamed her mum,
    while, her mum was angry that SY’s aunt and SY’s uncle threatened her to sign anf wrote an agreement letter, with regards to disregard her grandson and if, she doesn’t want to comply, both of them will reveal the matter to Ji Suk. After hearing this, Tae Mei can’t be bothered, as she was upset and understood , why Ki Jin couldn’t accept her ? He mum continued to talk to her and asked Tae Mei to accompany her to the orphanage to visit the child. Tae Mei was surprised and thought that, the child will not be coming back to their family. While, Tae Mei’s mum missed her grandson, hence, there’s a need to visit the child everyday. Since Tae Mei was feeling moody and it may be a good ideal to accompany her to visit the child. And Tae Mei also did not reject her mum.

    Sun Yoo mumbled to the baby, she was depressed in knowing that, the baby was not her nephew. And was extremely upset as, she couldn’t bring the child home and therefore, she must find her nephew and also felt sorry for the abandoned child. Sun Yoo was full of tears and was guilty for not being able to find her nephew. And meanwhile, Ji Suk was standing outside the room, while, waiting for her to calm down herself. Suddenly, Ji Suk received a call from SY’s uncle and Ji Suk told SY’s uncle that, the DNA result proved that, the child wasn’t the nephew of Sun Yoo. After hearing this news, SY’s uncle was extremely upset and disappointed. He told his wife and Pantong’s mother that, the child wasn’t Jin Yoo’s son. And SY’s aunt couldn’t accept the fact of this DNA result, it’s incredible that the child wasn’t Jin Yoo’s son ? She was curious
    on, whose the father of the abandoned child ? While, SY’s uncle was not interested in knowing it.

    Ki Jin came home getting curious on what’s happening and asked his mother. His mum was crying on what should they do in order to help Sun Yoo to find her nephew and also sympathize Sun Yoo’s sufferings.

    Tae Mei accompanied her mum to the orphanage and both of them accidentally saw Ji Suk and Sun Yoo. They were so frightened and quickly used the umbrella to cover and hide themselves.

    Caring Ji Suk told his wife that, he has already informed the DNA result to SY’s uncle. And Sun Yoo replied to her husband that, they must be very disappointed after knowing the result. While, Ji Suk replied to his wife that SY’s uncle was worried and wanted Ji Suk to comfort and console Sun Yoo. Sun Yoo was emotionally unwell and started to cry and felt sorry for leading the family to disappointment. Loving Ji Suk quickly hug her and console her, by telling her positive words that, she will find her nephew and Ji Suk will definitely help her and do not feel dishearten and do not worry too much about it.

    Tae Mei and her mum overheard their conversations and Tai Mei was smart to analyse the problem, but, her blur mum seems to be ignorant and mistaken that, the abandoned child was her grandson. Ji Hee happily carrying the adopted child who was actually Jin Yoo’s son and glad that she was smart to trick Tae Jung. While, Tae Jung did not even notice or realised it. While, both of them were engrossed in their discussion about adopting the abandoned child or whether should they adopt Jin Yoo’s son instead ? And in the meantime, a call interrupted their discussion, the caller was TJ’s mother calling Tae Jung.

    TJ’s mother called Tae Jung to inform him that, the abandoned child was not Sun Yoo’s nephew and she double confirmed it, by looking at the DNA result from the orphanage. And she also discovered that, Sun Yoo was crying getting very worried on where’s her nephew. TJ’s mother also wondered, where’s her grandson gone to ? While, talking half way through his handphone, Tae Jung quickly stopped and ended their
    conversations, when Ji Hee walked out from the room. Ji Hee quickly asked and wanted to know what’s happening ? And Tae Jung told her that, his mother called him to inform him that, DNA result for Sun Yoo proved that, it wasn’t Jin Yoo’s son. After hearing this, Ji Hee with a cynical face, pretended and she even console Tae Jung.

    Meanwhile, SY’s uncle was hiding in his room, as he was upset that, how come he couldn’t find Jin Yoo’s son ? He continued to pray frevently for miracles to come and hopefully the holy spirit will answered his prayer, to help him to find Jin Yoo’s son.

    Sun Yoo and her aunt were standing outside the room, patiently waiting for SY’s uncle to calm down himself. As, it’s a sad and painful experienced that, they must overcome. At first, they thought that Jin Yoo’s son was dead during the accident and with their discovery in knowing that the
    child was alive, they began to worry as, they couldn’t find Jin Yoo’s son. And it’s very sad to face and to handle the situation. And brave positive Sun Yoo told her aunt that, she will definitely find her nephew and also with the help from Ji Suk.

    Grandma wondered, where did Ji Suk go to ? Ji Suk even absent for his meeting and how come, early in the morning he went out and ended up coming home late ? And Ji Suk explained to his grandma that, he and Sun Yoo, both of them went to the orphanage and grandma continued to discuss with Ji Suk concerning Sun Yoo’s nephew. And Ji Suk told his grandma that, SY’s family doesn’t know that Jin Yoo gave birth to a child when the accident occurred. Jin Yoo was dead during the accident, while the child was alive, but, the child was missing. And grandma was curious about whose the father of Sun Yoo’s nephew ? And Ji Suk told grandma that, the child was abandoned by the father, the child has
    no father as the heartless man left Jin Yoo and also disregard the child. And grandma was shocked to notice that, there’s such a heartless evil man existing. And therefore, Ji Suk must help to find the child. As currently, he and Sun Yoo have found a child that wasn’t Sun Yoo’s nephew ? Ji Suk was worried on how to help Sun Yoo ? And understanding grandma began to sympathize Sun Yoo’s disappointment. With Ji Suk’s
    determination, he will definitely find the child and must adopt to the family.

    While, Grandma was worried that, the stressed and responsibility of Ji Suk becoming a foster father. And Ji Suk was surprised that, his grandma was well experienced in this area, but, he did not suspect anything. Grandma also realised and touched by Ji Suk’s sincere love towards Sun Yoo.

    On the other hand, Tae Mei and her mum wondered, how come so strange that, the child looks liked Jin Yoo, but, the DNA result proved that it wasn’t Jin Yoo’s son ? And Tae Jung came home to join in for the discussion. Tae Jung told his mother that, Ji Hee has already discovered the truth. A little strange that, Ji Hee has accepted it with grace. But, he will try to believe to trust Ji Hee’s words. Meanwhile, TJ’s mother also found it strange that, there’s a sudden changed in Ji Hee’s character ?

    Ji Hee met Sun Yoo in the company. She questioned Sun Yoo, how come she came to office ? Sun Yoo told her that, grandma wanted to meet her. And Ji Hee hint to her and made sarcastic remarks on Sun Yoo that, she hasn’t found her nephew and she told Sun Yoo that she knew it through her mother in law. As, her mother in law called Tae Jung to inform him about the unfound child. Ji Hee was also trying to find fault to upset Sun Yoo. Ji Hee told Sun Yoo, what if, she adopted the child was Jin Yoo’s son ? And Sun Yoo may have wasted her time and effort in looking for it. These words seemed to hurt Sun Yoo’s feelings and made her upset to realise that, Ji Hee wanted to revenge on her.

    Ji Hee mumbled to herself in the office , With a cynical face, laughing at Tae Jung for being stupid and did not recognise his own son. She hides the ring together with the DNA result inside the envelope. And continued to talk to herself that, Tae Jung will never be able to find his son and neither can Sun Yoo to be able to find her nephew ?

    Sun Yoo went to meet grandma and grandma told her that, Ji Suk told him everything about Sun Yoo’s worry on, how to find her nephew ? With a sincere and loving heart, grandma will help Sun Yoo to find her missing nephew. Grandma will use her greatest ability and power to help Sun Yoo . And Sun Yoo thank grandma for being so nice to help her. And grandma promised Sun Yoo, in regardless of whatever fear and problem
    that she’s facing at, grandma will be obliging to sit in to help and do not fear to approach her for help.

    JS’s stepmother was looking at the shareholder’s record list. Although, JS’s stepmother managed to buy back some of the shares from another shareholder, but, Tae Jung told her that the money she had on hand was still insufficient to buy all the shares. And in the meantime, by looking at the shareholder’s
    record list, JS’s stepmother discovered that, someone was holding the highest percentage of L Food Shares ? Whose the unknown person that was holding so much L Food Shares ? This unknown person does not come from their family members. And she wanted Tae Jung to investigate
    the real identity of this unknown person holding the highest percentage of L Food Shares. As JS’s stepmother wanted to control and to buy over L Food Shares. And meanwhile, Tae Jung was still investigating on knowing whose the unknown person who was powerful to have the highest percentage of L Food Shares ? And greedy JS’s stepmother told Tae Jung to use all methods and find ways to buy over the shares.
    And what if, Ji Suk and his grandma buy over from this unknown person and consequently, all her efforts on her plot will be wasted and gone. And Tae Jung continued to voice out, to approach and requested for more money in order to buy the shares. And JS’s stepmother told Tae Jung that, she will find her ways to get ready the money and he must quickly meet up with all the shareholders.

    Ji Hee came into the room and interrupted their discussion. As, Ji Hee wanted to announce something to all of them. And all of them gathered at the living room. Ji Hee also wanted Sun Yoo to be present for her announcement. While, Ji Suk was curious concerning the matter. Ji Hee told everyone that initially she wanted to seek grandma’s opinion and later on, she has decided to change her mind. Hence, she has decided to get opinion from everyone regards to her decision on welcoming her adopted child. After hearing this , no one objected or disliked her decision.

    The next day, Ji Hee went o inform her mother in law about adopting the child. TJ’s mother disliked and disagree her to adopt the child. And Ji Hee discovered that, her mother in law was worried about it . TJ’s mother was cunning and trying to hide the truth. Meanwhile, Ji Hee also wanted her to accompany her to meet the adopted child.

    TJ’s mother followed Ji Hee to the orphanage and Ji Hee carried and introduced the adopted child to them. She wanted her mother in law to carry the child and TJ’s mother was surprised to discover that the child looks exactly liked Tae Jung. But, she did not realise that, it was actually Jin yoo’s son. Later on, she mumbled to herself on why should other people’s kid ended up being her adopted grandson ? And she’s
    hoping that, how nice to be, if, the adopted child was actually were her real grandson.

    The secretary Mr Kim met Ji Suk, as the secretary heard rumours that, Jang Tae Jung recently has been spending more time and frequently meeting all the shareholders. After hearing this, Ji Suk did not suspect anything as he thought that, the arrangement was requested by his stepmother. And Ji Suk told Mr kim that, in the meantime, do not disclose or reveal to the Chairman. And Mr Kim continued to further their discussion. Mr Kim told Ji Suk that, he has found out that, Tae Jung bought over some of the shares from another shareholder and rhere’s a need for Ji Suk to think of better alternatives to tackle the problem. And Ji Suk told Mr Kim that, he will carry out this investigation on it.

    Ji Suk looked through the shareholders’ record list and he continued to analyse on what’s his stepmother’s motive on using Tae Jung to buy over the shares and even discovered that, his stepmother did not giveup and continued to challenge him. He was extremely disappointed towards
    his stepmother. When Sun Yoo came into the room and was curious on, when did he come back ? And Ji Suk quickly put back the document into the drawer. Ji Suk doesn’t want Sun Yoo to know the problem that he’s facing and did not tell Sun Yoo. He continued to ask about his sister and Sun Yoo told him that, they came home together with the adopted child. While, Sun Yoo became a little stress to see Ji Hee.

    All of them were happy to see the baby and Ji Suk came down to take a look at the baby and was surprised that the child looks liked Tae Jung. Ji Hee asked Sun Yoo to help her to get ready a bottle of milk for the baby, as Sun Yoo was experienced in taking care of baby when Sun Yoo was at the orphange, although Sun Yoo was stressed to see Ji Hee, but, surfacely, she will still behave and be obedient. Ji Hee also demanded Sun Yoo to bring the bottle of milk to upstairs when the milk is ready.

    Ji Hee mumbled to the baby, from now on, Ji Hee will be his mother and throughout his life, he will not be able to know , whose his real father and felt sorry for the child.

    When Sun Yoo gave the bottle of milk to Ji Hee and also thank Ji Hee for not fighting for the custody of her nephew. But, Ji Hee was full of hatred towards Sun Yoo and even hint to her that, maybe, she will never be able to find her nephew. And angrily told her, the adopted child will be given a name . Ji Hee will name her as Jang Sarang. And Sun Yoo was surprised to hear this name. Being nice towards the baby, Sun Yoo wanted
    to help to feed the baby, but, Ji Hee was furious and has gone crazy liked a mad woman and was angry to allow Sun Yoo to touch or help to take care the child. Sun Yoo was shocked to see Ji Hee stare at her furiously liked an abnormal or mad woman.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 83.

  754. 754 : melwang Says:

    Nice to watch , however I cannot stand that person Park Jung Chul who plays that evil man Jang Tae-jung. He really as a evil and repulsive look and a face worse than a crook. The others actors and actresses are really good make the show worth watching, it is episodes no 80 now almost reaching the climax and ending at 100 episodes. Another good drama is Wonderful Days with the delicious Kim Hee-seon ( Bichomon and The Myth with the clown Jackie Chan, why can’t Jackie act seriously for once increasing of clowning around like in all his movies.

  755. 755 : sml Says:

    @MML 753 : wooow daebak….chongmal kumawo chingu…. You do the recap in detail… You deserve a clap….. It’s really nice to read your recap, it has been a while I miss it and wonder where you are, missing from this link…
    Yes, I wait for ep 83 recap patiently… kumawoo….

  756. 756 : silent reader Says:

    I’ve been following this thread from the start and I’m only having input now… ^^;;

    Anyways thanks for the recaps everyone, I’ve stopped watching since episode 65 but reading the recaps always had me up to speed and now I’m waiting on kbsworl to upload the next episode..

    In the upcoming episodes I hope there is some drastic change in JS character I still feel that he’s lacking :\

    @Vareena 745 While there are consequences for SY lying to JS she had her reasons just as TJ did to JH (and it keeps the drama going even though one will almost lose their mind watching the drama unfold). But you do have a point on why she keeps on lying to JS especially at this point (personally I though JS would know by around episode 70-). Throughout the series I’ve seen SY as the independent kind of person, prefers working alone and doesn’t like to bother others and only when GJ arrives that she has teamed up with him to bring TJ down. And I don’t think she wants to hurt JS because if he found out (which he should soon) I think that SY will think that it’s not the same person JS fell in love with /que SY hair blowing/.

    Personally I think JS will forgive SY. While I still find him dense at times he has this ‘pureness’ in him if that makes sense and once he does find out I’m sure he’d need time to think this through but only if SY explains so there’s no confusion..

    About the baby, I had a feeling it would land on JH because she’d usually by the sidelines and now this is her ‘moment’. I’m quite scared of what she’s become especially after reading mml’s ep82 recap. I’m secretly hoping she gets locked up in an institution somewhere because the girl is turning crazzyyy @[email protected]

  757. 757 : mml Says:

    @755 sml,
    sorry, i have slow down in my re-cap because i have joined the weekday drama , i have been watching Big Man on Monday and Tuesday and i have also joined into watching Glorious day (心情好的日子) on Saturday and Sunday, and i also watched Angel eyes on Saturday and Sunday and sometimes i also watch Come! Jang Bo Ri.

    Thank you that you like to read my re-cap, i will continue to do ep83 re-cap , maybe am a little bit slow in my re-cap,because i am also watching other dramas. There’s a a drama, quite good to laugh, you can also watch Glorious day it’s sbs drama, the leading actor is Lee Sang Woo and leading actress is Park Se Young, it’s a laughing drama. In episode 5, Lee Sang Woo saw Park Se Young her sexy big breast, ha ha ha isn’t it good to laugh.

    Okay, i will continue to watch angel’s revenge ep83 and once after watching i will do the re-cap. And please continue to support Angel’s revenge this drama.

  758. 758 : Wowwww Says:

    Thank you @ mml loved the review……..I have not seen you in a while 🙂

    I am just sick and tired of JH but from the episodes that are going on now we see that. Things is going to start to change in AR and JH life …..I can’t wait

  759. 759 : jj Says:

    Thanks so much @mml. Very informative and as we can see JH has gone loco. @ silent reader I think everyone shares your hope of JH ending up in an institution or dead by the hands of TJ or her own crazy self.

  760. 760 : weng Says:

    wow….even i can’t understand the language i can feel the tension with all the characters of the story. can’t wait for you guys to help me translate preview 91….

  761. 761 : sml Says:

    @Weng 760 : It seems to me that JS’ anger was cooling down a bit since he looked from opened door SY was working inside. Also DN took Sarang home when JH was not around ? At the end of preview, SY approached JS’ mom & TJ and said something that I don’t know what, but should be important. Yes…SY fighting…
    Yes, I wait mml or someone to explain…

  762. 762 : sml Says:

    Dear All, I just want to know what was the conversation between JS & SY at the beginning of ep 90 that made SY sad ? Anyone can help ?

  763. 763 : Happy Says:

    757 mml
    Yap! I’m also watching those other drama, which so excited and happy or funny. except for Ruby’s Ring, kind-off fustration to see how how the writer can turn about face changes and people can’t even reconize the about faces, voices etc…. event her own mother can’t notice something weird with her own daughters……………the writer who writing that drama, have gone off the Road side.
    But I’m enjoying the other drama, and I just adore Lee Sang Woo, is my type of guy Aigoo!
    Angel Revenge is going soooooooooooooooo slow,and seem’s like TJ, is getting away with all is evil tricks!

  764. 764 : sml Says:

    @Happy 763 : no matter how many times TJ always got away with his crimes, justice would come even though perhaps almost at the end of drama. He would be punished in jail or nut house or even death. His falling down was coming his way for sure.
    For me, my focus is for our couple to be reconciled and happy together even have better relationship than before. I miss their romance as dating couple before they got married. Hope writer nim does as my expectation.

  765. 765 : Wowwww Says:

    Just watched today’s episode….things are about to get good….SY finally found out at JH had her nephew…she told JS something about TJ but I don’t know what……the preview also looks intresting because TJ found out Julia Kim is JS mom and things are starting to be revealed. …I loved it. 🙂

  766. 766 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww : I’ve watched too but I am not anthusiastic since only little scenes for our couple. There was still gap between them, and I hate that… JS still felt pain, he was tired, but lonely & missed his SY… Ottokkee… Please writer nim make them reconciled pali-pali…

  767. 767 : karen Says:

    wow …. everyone like the test of revenge ….
    thank god its 103 .. its better than melody of love….
    because god only know when melody of love end …

  768. 768 : sml Says:

    @Karen : How is about melody of love ? Is it good drama ?

  769. 769 : Wowwww Says:

    Watched today’s episode and a lot of things were revealed…..Ar has the gall to get mad at SY not knowing her daughter is just one crazy mess….I can’t wait for tommorow ep because I need too see what becomes of JS and his mom and halmoni ….also what the hell is going on in the preview …TJ is up to something again…why doesn’t SY just call the police on that crazy Dn and get the baby…why doesn’t she bring her goons to fight off TJ goons and get her nephew…….In tommorow preview Ar and JH is trying to pull SY out the house and JS is going to lay her the riot act……I need someone to tell me what’s going on on these episodes because things are heating up and I don’t know what’s going on 🙂

  770. 770 : jj Says:

    So pissed off, my couple did not see each other once in this whole episode. I kinda wished SY would go to her uncle house or her sisters because that she does not deserve the vibe she is getting from that house. JH still trying to plain ppl for her stupidity and it’s time the writer have SY cursing JH and her mamma out. Tell me why SY stood there and let AR rail at her, she needs to tell that one foot in the jailhouse woman that she needs to get out of her and go find her crazy ass daughter and raise her voice to her.

    Now I have to say that JS mom has to be the most innattentive mother I have ever seen. If you really wanted to find your son y wouldn’t you get investigators like rich ppl do and you would think you would have halmonei investigated to see if she had a boy child she never had before. Now when he is thirty something and married you suddenly care.

    Well in ep 93 preview I see JS watching SY in his car I don’t know where they are, but I think iits about time they joined forces. I don’t want this to be a two episode wrap up so the writer better not try pulling any stupid stunts. Also the ending needs to bad in jail, the crazy in mental institution, and the good having a baby and a happily ever after.

  771. 771 : Weng Says:

    I don’t understand why grandma didn’t recognize JS mom in this episode…..as my understanding next ep JS got mad at Aran and JH for JY to be thrown out of the house so that is why JS went to TJ house where there she is JY is standing in front of TJ house waiting patiently….will this ep for the couple to be reconcile? Can’t wait for the next episode

  772. 772 : Wowwww Says:

    I do not understand how she cannot recognize JS mom because she looks the same..hopefully JS can see that it is his mom and make her aware since she does not know that JS is her son…hopefully tomorrow things get better and does not annoy me that I will have to curse this show for 2 days

  773. 773 : sml Says:

    @JJ 770 : I agree with you. Today ep is not interesting for me since there was any scene of our OTP, not even the single one.. So I don’t want to talk about it.
    Also for me, uncle P’s acting was exaggerate. It was annoying.
    I’m also curious only for ep 93 preview. I’m sure JS knew finally that Sarang was SY’s nephew, that’s why he came to TJ’s house and found out SY was in front of there too. TJ seemed hiring his private investigator to find out about RK because he was curious that RK had the same photo as grandma. He was suspicous something important that he had to know. Wooow, I can’t wait to watch ep 93 tomorrow. It is much more interesting than today episode.
    I do really hope tomorrow will be the time when the relationship between our couple become better…. Please JS helped your beloved wife in getting Sarang.
    JS & SY fighting….

  774. 774 : sml Says:

    @MML : Can you tell me what is ep 93 preview about ?
    Many thanks before.

  775. 775 : mml Says:

    @774 sml,
    ep93 preview was Tae Jung discovered that Rosie Kim was looking for her son and her son was Ji Suk. Ji Suk went home and found out that his wife Sun Yoo was being chased out of the house and was extremely angry that his sister Ji Hee fooled Sun Yoo using the child Sarang to bully Sun Yoo and he was even more worried about Sun Yoo. He quickly drive his car to TJ mother’s house to look for Sun Yoo and he saw Sun Yoo was extremely depressed and upset standing outside TJ mother’s house and was helpless. And although he was angry that Sun Yoo lied to him in certain ways, but looking at Ji Suk’s facial expressions, maybe, he may want to condone Sun Yoo, but, not sure whether does he want to reconcile his marriage as he may not be able to love Sun Yoo anymore as before ? And finally Tae Jung investigated and found out that Ji SuK’s grandma was once upon a time working as a servant for Rosie Kim.

  776. 776 : sml Says:

    @MML 775 : chongmal chongmal kumawo… The episode become more interesting. Yes, I believe this the time JS became SY supporter & helped her to win Sarang & they reconciled. I look forward to watching tonight episode. I think TJ would blackmail grandma about the fact she was only housekeeper. I have confusion, whether AR knew about this. Perhaps she married grandma’s son after grandma took over the company, so she didn’t know if grandma was only housekeeper ? So actually AR married with housekeeper’s son…wooow

  777. 777 : Anita Says:

    I hate so much that the baby is in TJ’s house:(:(:( Please not in the last episode return to SY, because I can not stand this through a lot of episode. He doesn’t deserve to see or touch his child (even for a moment)… Irritating…
    I’m not happy that TJ knew JS’s birth secret. He always find out everything first… I’m curious that what will be happened in plus 10 episode. The story is good and interesting, fortunately TJ had two big fall down (menu-copying and stock) and little fright. It’s funny, because TJ will never win, because he always cling on other’s woman back (first JH, then JH’s mom, and now JS’s mom)… Once he could try to win alone, he is so loser.

  778. 778 : Wowwww Says:

    Watched today’s ep and I neeeddd to know what was said by the man that use to work for JS mom said to TJ …man things are starting to be revealed

  779. 779 : sml Says:

    @Anita 777 : Yes I’m annoyed too for TJ knowing JS & grandma’s past from the old man. Why did the old man tell the important thing & secret to TJ who was stranger to him… I hate to see every of TJ’s expression, so vicious…
    @MML : Could you please help what did SY & AR talk about at 22:40 – 24:20 ? And GJ with SY at SY’s office at 26:47-28:10 ?
    Many thanks before…

  780. 780 : Weng Says:

    Can someone tell us what SY promise to AR?

  781. 781 : mml Says:

    @sml, wowwww, Anita, jj,jewels, Avenge_Girl, Weng,

    I will just have a quick jump to episode 93, so that, more or less we may understand what was Sun Yoo’s mind and as to what’s the ending of this drama, am still not sure and hopefully, Ji Suk will condone Sun Yoo and have a sweet marriage.

    I will just shorten some of the areas to be told at episode 93 and move onto the important areas of episode 93, as am not free to do a full re-cap as it may also eat up my time to watch other dramas.

    In episode 93, we will understand that Sun Yoo was being drag and chased out of the house and with the help of JS’s uncle telling Ji Suk that Sun Yoo was being kick and forced to leave the house, Ji Suk realised that his sister adopted Sun Yoo’s nephew as her own son and furious by Ji Hee in doing such a nasty thing to fool to bully Sun Yoo. And on the other hand, Ji Suk’s stepmother also wanted Ji Suk to divorce with Sun Yoo and that makes Ji Suk even more angry , Ji Suk did not agree to divorce and angrily went out to look for Sun Yoo.

    Ji Suk went to look for Ki Jin and since Sun Yoo’s phone was disconnected and ultimately, he will need to look for Ki Jin to find out on where’s Sun Yoo ? As Ki Jin has no ideal on where did Sun Yoo go to ? But, a bit worried on the safety of Sun Yoo and he gave the address of TJ’s mother to Ji Suk. With the address provided by Ki Jin , ji Suk drives his car to the given address. And Ji Suk managed to find Sun Yoo and apologized to Sun Yoo that Ji Hee tricked her and adopted her nephew. As Sun Yoo’s mind was revenge towards Tae Jung, she then complied and obediently followed Ji Suk to go home.

    Sun Yoo followed Ji Suk home, when they reached home, Ji Suk’s stepmother again reminded Ji Suk and forced Ji Suk to divorce with Sun Yoo, who knows Ji Suk angrily scolded back his stepmother and warned his stepmother,by telling his stepmother that Sun Yoo was his wife and towards whether must he divorce with his wife, it’s all up to his decision and all decision to be finalize and should be decided by himself.

    Sun Yoo was scolded by JS stepmother and she quickly went into her mother in law’s room and made a deal with JS stepmother. Sun Yoo promised JS stepmother that she will give up the current position that she’s holding in the company, actually this position she had was earlier on appointed by grandma. And Sun Yoo agreed and promised that she will leave Ji Suk and will give up to be Ji Suk’s wife and promised her mother in law that she’s willing to give up everything so long as she’s able to get all evidence and put Tae Jung to jail and also upon completing her mission to help Ji Suk. This was the agreement and promised between Sun Yoo and Ji Suk’s stepmother.

    And followed by Tae Jung hired the private investigator and he also managed to get some informations from an old man housekeeper who ever worked for
    Ji Suk’s family. With all these informations, Tae Jung realised that Rosie Julia Kim was looking for her son and the missing son was actually Ji Suk. Grandma was once upon a time the servant of Rosie Julia Kim and grandma changed the name of Ji Suk so that Rosie Julia Kim cannot find her son.

    And we will move on what we guess and expect to see at episode 94 to episode 103. Earlier on, I think maybe, Avenge_Girl told me that JS real mum will appear in the drama, yes Avenge_Girl you are right and I am wrong and I am wrong in my guessing and good that JS real mum will appear in the drama.

    The following questions made me curious and excited to follow this drama.
    Since in episode 93, Sun Yoo promised JS stepmother that she will leave Ji Suk upon completing her mission and I hope that JS real mum can stop Sun Yoo to divorce with Ji Suk and since JS stepmother wanted to kick and chased Sun Yoo out from the house and I hope that, Ji Suk’s real mum will keep Sun Yoo to stay with her instead.

    And what will happen to Sun Yoo , if Sun Yoo really divorce with Ji Suk, is she going to continue to be a nun ?

    Or, will Rosie Julia Kim appoint Sun Yoo to be her secretary after knowing that Sun Yoo is her real daughter in law ?

    Will Rosie Julia Kim come to rescue Sun Yoo to save her marriage after knowing that Ji Hee and JS stepmother wanted to make Ji Suk to divorce with Sun Yoo ?

    Will Ji Suk can condone Sun Yoo and find that he will love Sun Yoo and because of Sun Yoo he can find his real mum ?

    Can the writer arrange Sun Yoo and Ji Suk to stay with Rosie Julia Kim as a family instead. Looks like the family of Ji Hee cannot have peace and sometimes I get very frustrated to see that, no peace in the family ?

    Can the writer quickly arrange Roslie Julia Kim to discover that Sun Yoo was actually her daughter in law, so that she can help her. And sad that Ji Suk is an immature person and cannot understand Sun Yoo and hopefully he will change his character as time goes by. By shouting and screaming to his wife
    Sun Yoo , no wonder Sun Yoo she’s willing to give up her marriage in episode 93 and promised JS stepmother that she will leave Ji Suk upon completing her mission.

    Can you imagine that how Ji Suk shouting and screaming at Sun Yoo, looked at the way Ji Suk shouted and screamed at Sun Yoo , I think it maybe, a right thing that Sun Yoo can give up her marriage, it’s also a kind of torture, staying together and letting Ji Suk to torture her and misunderstanding her ?

    I think Ji Suk don’t love Sun Yoo anymore, it’s very sad to see Sun Yoo staying together with him. Maybe, Sun Yoo should go back to the uncle’s house and stay with the family.

    And maybe, Rosie Julia Kim should keep Sun Yoo by her side to help and make Sun Yoo to become powerful then no one dares to abuse her ??

  782. 782 : sml Says:

    @MML 781 : chongmal kumawo. .. It’s really helpful for me to understand this drama. I will be sad and angry with writer nim if he makes our OTP divorced. It means he doesn’t have family’s values, so easily makes family falling apart. I think this will not happen. As long I watch kdrama the main lead usually had happy ending. Yes it had ever happened the OTP got divorced but at some eps before the drama ended, they reconciled and even had child like My Daughter Seo Young. Chebaal no divorce witer nim if this drama wants to get high rating. I agree with you that JK would help SY to revenge to TJ and made our OTP had happy ending family. They would stay together with JK at the end.

  783. 783 : Anita Says:

    mml: thank, so I understand it:) I hope they will not divorce (just there are 10 episode, so not):D SY just not promise this. Leave is the easiest, but not the best way. Grrr… Why don’t she open her mouth and be definite? She is so weak sometimes. In this case just she and JS can decide, not the foster mom…

  784. 784 : LuLu Says:

    I’m surprised that SY would even suggest to her MIL that she would divorce JS, because of the Catholic overtones from the beginning and her being a nun-in-training. Divorce is a real no-no in the Catholic church, so it’s odd that she would even go there.

  785. 785 : Wowwww Says:

    I love you for this review @mml

    I am so pissed that SY would promise such a stupid thing sometimes I think she just talks all type of shit.why is she not trying to make it work ..she just needs to calm her ass down..if they divorce or things does not start to change this would be the worst series ever and a waste of the viewers time.

  786. 786 : sml Says:

    @Lulu : Yes Lulu, divorced is not allowed in Catholic church. So it’s strange that SY had many times saying about leaving JS… This is writer nim’s fault. He/she should know Catholic’s dogma if wants to write story/drama about a nun.
    So I’m sure divorce won’t happen in this drama…

  787. 787 : Weng Says:

    Divorce won’t happen. I do understand why she wants to leave JS. In order to please everyone in the family of JS. She will do everything for him , her goal right now was to put TJ in jail for what he did to her sister and to JS. But her evidences are all gone so she has no choice to take revenge. That is why JS said in an episode I will be the one to decide if I will divorce SY. Hoping JS will not change his love to SY. Yes maybe they divorce but JS will win her back again. Hope our writer will give us happy ending to our couple

  788. 788 : mml Says:

    @787 Weng,
    hard to predict that, whether will they love again ? You look at the way Ji Suk scolded and shouted Sun Yoo and Ji Suk told grandma that it’s impossible that he will love Sun Yoo again. As I am not free to do the full re-cap for episode 83 to episode 93, I will just jump to discuss with all of you the rest of the episode 94 to episode 103. It’s a melodrama and hopefully Sun Yoo will not be the same as her sister Jin Yoo who choose to love the wrong guy.

    I did not do re-cap mainly due to some other interesting dramas like Big Man, Doctor Stranger, Glorious Day, Angel Eyes etc that I am following and watching. Angel’s Revenge is a drama which makes me feel quite lonely when the drama is almost going to finish. It’s frustrated to see Ji Hee the mad stupid woman and her greedy mother. Since Ji Suk’s stepmother wanted Sun Yoo to divorce with Ji Suk all because of she wanted to kill two birds with one stone. While, the grandma wanted to keep Sun Yoo just because, she wanted her to save and rescue the company.

    Looking at episode 93 when Tae Jung discovered that Ji Suk was the son of Rosie Julia Kim, I think the safety of Sun Yoo will again be in danger. As Tae Jung understands well that Ji Suk all weak areas, but Sun Yoo is the real daughter in law of Rosie Julia Kim and can you imagine that Rosie Julia Kim being separated with her son for so many years and one day suddenly discovered that Ji Suk got a wife that’s Sun Yoo, I don’t know whether will she love Sun Yoo as a daughter in law or will she be the same as JS stepmother who treated Sun Yoo badly ? And therefore, Tae Jung will try to eliminate Sun Yoo so that can keep her mouth shutup to speak the truth.

    Looking at the current situation that Sun Yoo is facing, I don’t know how the writer going to push the rating for the drama? The writer makes Sun Yoo suffered in silent and her marriage turn up to be an immature man Ji Suk, I really don’t know who can help Sun Yoo and luckily Sun Yoo got a good helpful cousin Ki Jin to help her. There’s another way is Sun Yoo can invite Ki Jin into the company to assist her in certain work matters and also on the look out of Tae Jung all his movement of activities and his evil plot. This is one of the way, but, what about Sun Yoo marriage, since Ji Suk now no longer can love Sun Yoo, I think Sun Yoo better divorce without children it’s easier to move this decision and don’t wait until Sun Yoo got her children then divorce it’s too late. Ji Suk may not be the right man for Sun Yoo, it’s dangerous to marry an immature man.

    Either the writer will make Sun Yoo can find her happiness in love and her sister died in tragic terrible way or the writer will make both of them find sad love romance ?

    Or maybe the writer will make Sun Yoo sickness come back upon finishing her mission or the writer will make Ji Hee goes to mental hospital and Ji Hee’s mother will repent regret for being greedy ?

    Or will make Tae Jung and Sun Yoo both of them die together upon fighting for revenge ? Or Sun Yoo will go back to be her nun ?

    I don’t know which way the writer is going to choose and hopefully Sun Yoo will not die and will live on her life to the fullest to bring up her nephew with good care and love.

  789. 789 : sml Says:

    @MML 788 : If the writer nim wants to increase this drama’s rating I think he/she should do :
    1. JS helped SY to punish TJ and made him put into jail
    2.JS & SY reconciled & had their own child, stay with JK instead of grandma
    3.JS & JK reconciled
    4.SY adopted Sarang
    5.JK approved SY as her DIL since she knew SY was good, kind woman & helped, protected JS all the time even though she had to lie to JS.
    6.JK also punished TJ, once for all.
    For sure, writer nim will not made SY become nun again. Also will not die. According to Asian Wiki, JS became mature with his love to SY, because his love towards her, he changed… I have confidence that SY & JS would not divorce because before married, JS had talked to SY, he would not leave first. Besides, JS was the one who loved very much from the beginning.

  790. 790 : weng Says:

    thank you @mml 788 for the recap. what happen to the preview of ep 94? gee….

  791. 791 : mml Says:

    @789 sml,
    not sure whether are you right or wrong ? I remembered when Ji Suk was crying and telling his grandma that in view of Sun Yoo cheated and lied to him to hide the truth, he will not love Sun Yoo anymore and after that when Sun Yoo realised that he hates to see her and therefore Sun Yoo went to the next door room to sleep and now they are separated and Ji Suk also most of the time sleeps in his office and did not go home. I’m a lady and I really don’t know how to figure out this immature man’s thinking. And in true life, even I myself went missing in action on the day I engage because I am frighten to face something that adds pressure to me and maybe, I also feel that the best way for Sun Yoo is, when she completes her mission, she better goes missing in action and don’t let Ji Suk finds her and therefore there will be no answer on whether will they divorce a not ?

    In Kdrama sometimes the writer will give viewers and no answer towards the ending episode, the reason is, the writer does not want to disappoint all viewers. And I am having high expectations on Sun Yoo because, i really pity the sufferings that Sun Yoo has gone through, Sun Yoo does not have parents and even her one and only sister Jin Yoo gone died and left the world. Where else, I am a little bit better than her, I got parents and I am born from an above average family and on the day I went missing in action on the day I engaged and I went to Korea to hide and stay for quite sometimes, my China Aunt and HongKong cousins still likes me and my parents never scold and bit me up. When I have finished spending my money, my parents and China Aunt will remit money for me. And I can be happy go lucky, but what about Sun Yoo, I am very worried about Sun Yoo and I really don’t know will Ji Suk add mental torture to Sun Yoo ?

    I like to watch this drama , because Sun Yoo likes to be missing in action when she’s facing pressure and when she’s in danger. And if this time, she’s going to be missing in action when she completes her mission, then she will never got the chance to be tortured by Ji Hee , the mother in law and also Ji Suk, by hiding herself , she will have the freedom of happiness.

    Sml, thanks for telling me that Asian Wiki gave tips that Ji Suk will change his character, but, maybe Ji Suk will not love Sun Yoo anymore. It’s a sad drama, I guess Sun Yoo will spend her youth to concentrate in taking care of her nephew. Do you still remember in the beginning of this drama at episode one, when Sun Yoo did say that she does not deserve to receive any love from anyone for the caused of Jin Yoo’s death and therefore, it’s a sad drama that she will spend her life with her nephew and cannot choose to love any man.

    And I am going to watch episode 94 and complete the whole drama to see what can the writer surprises me, maybe it is good or maybe I will cry for the drama ??????

  792. 792 : sml Says:

    @MML 791 : Omo… If JS divorces SY, I will hate him & writer nim… Andwee… I never saw kdrama like that in the end… Next time I will watch drama which has finished, so I can see first the ending episode. If it’s different than my expectation, I will quit watching. I don’t want to see drama that makes main leads or our OTP sufferred or died in the end. It waste my time, my energy….
    @Weng 790 : Where do you see ep 94 preview ? I can’t find it. Can you give me the link ? Kumawo…

  793. 793 : mml Says:

    @792 sml,
    I will tell you one stupid Kdrama that I watched ,that drama really made me super stupid to waste my time and thank god it was only 20 episodes and the drama was broadcast in year 2012 that was 2years ago. You know at the ending episodes 20 , what surprises me was the lead actor Yoo In Ah , he committed suicide and the lead actress did not meet the guy that she loved. And the writer told us that it was a melodrama , romance drama and who knows it turns up to be Yoo Ah In committed suicide and was dead in a tragedy manner. I was very sad and disappointed with this writer and from that day onwards, I learnt a lesson that, i will always take note on whose the writer who wrote the drama and I will blacklist the writer. And once, i have found out whose the writer who made me like a stupid fool, I will tell myself that I will never watch other dramas prepared by the same writer who made me a fool.

    I will finish the whole drama for Angel’s Revenge, if , the writer really disappoints me in the ending episode. It’s okay, next time, I will never watch other dramas prepared by this writer. And on the other hand, if, this drama turns up to be a very touching drama, then in future, I will still continue to support actress Yoon So Yi and actor Kwon Se In for other dramas.

    In this world, no one is forever stupid and also no one is forever clever. All viewers will support dramas that make sense and at the end of the day, we must feel that we are clever by watching the right dramas. Since, i have already watched episode 1 to episode 93 and now, I only left the remaining of 10 episodes to watch and how the writer work out a way to attract viewers, simple as that, if, the remaining of the 10 episodes left is a successful one, for those who haven’t watch the drama, they will come to watch and support this drama, but, if, it disappoints viewers and for those viewers who haven’t finished watching the drama, they will quickly stop and jump to support other dramas and this is how all other dramas comes into competition of which drama will be rewarded for highest rating getting from supporting viewers.

    But,sometimes, it may be wrong too. The stupid drama calls the Wang family
    is a lousy drama, but don’t understand why the rating is number one. Maybe, it’s because, viewers watch the drama to support the actor and actress that they in favour of , instead of caring and paying attention on whether is it a good script of the drama ?

  794. 794 : Wowwww Says:

    That is so true @mml I hate dramas without a happy ending and I always stay clear from that writer and actors

  795. 795 : sml Says:

    @MML 793 : Who is the writer’s name that has been already in your blacklist so I can notice too & won’t watch his/her drama ? Even though the storyline is good but if at the end, the main lead sufferred or died, I won’t watch it, sirooo, like Jang Ok Jung… My daughter said it was good drama but, one of the main leads died, so I forgot it to watch.
    @Wowwww : Yes, I am the same with you, only watching the happy ending dramas.

  796. 796 : sml Says:

    @MML & Wowwww : I do hope Angel’s Revenge won’t disappoint us. If I see from the title itself, it is happy ending drama. An angel is our protector right ? So an angel should be good, kind person he he he… I think the writer nim is aware about this, if not, he/she would use another name/title for this drama instead of angel….

  797. 797 : mml Says:

    @794 Wowwww and @795 sml,
    I better don’t tell you the writer’s name @793 mml, the name of the drama is Fashion King this drama broadcoast 2 years ago. But, I will highly recommend you the current nice dramas whereby I am watching.

    Big Man is a good action drama , the lead actor is Kang Ji Hwan, the talkative actor yet sometimes can create comedy effect. I am catching the drama on every Monday and Tuesday.

    Glorious day an sbs drama, am currently catching this drama on every Saturday and Sunday. The lead actor Lee Sang Woo and lead actress is Park Se Young. A very warm nice and loving family drama.

    Doctor Stranger a romance, action drama, this drama sometimes likes scary when all the doctors are doing their surgery at operation theatre, the strange thing is I am curious with the romance of Lee Jong Suk and Kang So Ra and therefore, it’s the reason that I want to watch this drama.

    Come! Jang Bo Ri, sometimes I like to watch and sometimes I slow down the process to watch as it’s also a form of revenge, jealous about status, wealth and fighting to be rich and also includes greedy, also family romance drama.

    By sharing the nice dramas that I am currently watching and maybe you can know how to pick and choose nice dramas to watch. And joined me into those dramas website and share your views and continue to discuss with me.

  798. 798 : sml Says:

    @MML797 : I hv watched Brain & Good Doctor for medical drama. Family drama : You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, My Daughter Seo Young, Firstborn, Baker King. Romance : Boys Before Flowers, Thorn Birds, Secret, Baby-faced Beauty. Also hv watched I Hear Your Voice., Advertising Genius Lee Tae Bak, Jewel In The Palace etc. I’m picky if it’s about drama I want to watch. I’ll stop watching if it is not as my expectation especially for the mean lead. Next drama that I wiĺl watch when episodes finished already : Angel’s Eyes, Endless Love, My Love My Bride. The last two haven’t been aired yet, just read the sinopsis.
    Btw, ep 94 preview for AR has been available. It ssems Sarang had already been back to JS’ house but don’t know how. Maybe JH brought him back ? Also SY teamed up with GJ to do something.
    JS with mr. Kim were going somewhere or to do something ?
    JK found out JS’ compass & suspicious something, but outside the room TJ saw this and planned doing something ? So it will be one step closer to reveal JS’ identify as JK’s son. But again in preview I don’t see our OTP together… How is it difficult to make them reconcile, writer nim ?
    How is your opinion about the preview mml ?

  799. 799 : mml Says:

    @798 sml,
    I have just finished watching preview ep94, yes, you are precisely correct. Ji Suk quarrelled with Rosie Julia Kim for their different concepts and objectives in business. And Sun Yoo with the help from Ki Jin, both of them managed to find Sarang and Sun Yoo brought Sarang back to home and JS stepmother scolded Sun Yoo for bringing Tae Jung’s son home.

    With curiosity, Rosie Julia Kim secretly investigated the background of Ji Suk, she also found the compass and meanwhile, Tae Jung was hiding outside the room to observe what Rosia Julia Kim has been doing with the compass.

    Now, I know what’s the writer’s mind already. Ji Suk will soon team up with Sun Yoo and Ki Jin and stupid Ji Hee, Ji Hee’s mother will gang up with Tae Jung. The reason is, once Rosie Julia Kim re-unite with her son Ji Suk, the business of Rosie Julia kim and L food company will be merge as one as the relationships of Rosie Julia Kim and Ji Suk are mother and son’s relationships. Where else Ji Hee’s mother is not the real mother of Ji Suk and therefore L Food business will have nothing got to do with Grandma, Ji Hee and Ji Hee’s mother. Hence, Ji Hee and her mother will gang up with Tae Jung to fight and get the company. And as to how Tae Jung prevent Rosie Julia Kim to find out the truth, I think Rosie Julia Kim is a smart woman, maybe, she will investigate the background of Tae Jung and from there, she will know the character of Tae Jung.

    The character of Ji Suk will soon change by watching the preview of ep94, as Ji Suk realises who are the sincere and true people and who are his enemies.

    I guess Rosie Julia Kim will help Sun Yoo to strengthen Sun Yoo’s power,when she finds out that Ji Suk is her son, the reason is, Sun Yoo can help to be the middle person to help to reconcile the relationships between Ji Suk and Rosie Julia Kim.

    And another thing is preview 94 when Ji Suk and Mr Kim, both of them walked hurriedly to a place, I guess they are going to attend shareholder’s meeting for a serious issue. I am not sure whether, am I right or wrong ? Maybe, we will have to wait for the whole episode 94 to be ready for us to watch then we will know the answer.

  800. 800 : sml Says:

    @MML799 : chongmal kumawo mml for translation. I can’t wait to see tonight episode. It really gives us hope reconciliation of our OTP and also JS & his real mom, JK. And the beginning of TJ’s falldown. Yes I am happy with GJ’s help. I look forward AR, JH were also kicked out from the house since it belonged to JS. I’m curious what would happen to grandma at the end of the drama? How is your opinion mml ?

  801. 801 : mml Says:

    @800 sml,
    grandma will passed away oneday, she may not be living that long. And the house belongs to Ji Suk and therefore Ji Hee and her mother will be in trouble or or maybe, both of them got no house to stay when Ji Suk re-unite with his real mother.

  802. 802 : sml Says:

    @MML : Have you watched ep 94 tonight ? It seems GJ & SY went to Heonsyu’s (Yami Food) wife to find out where was he but his wife didn’t want to talk as she already divorced with him ?
    I’m glad SY went to TJ’s house and took Sarang home with her….Yeah clap clap for smart SY… I’m curious SY & AR conversation at home after SY brought back Sarang that made AR angry. I think AR reminded SY to her promise to leave JS ?
    Also what was the conversation between SY & JS at the parking lot. I think it was about Sarang, but also about JK. SY told JS about Heonsyu.
    Well, no ep 95 preview yet.

  803. 803 : sml Says:

    Woow, JK also had the same compass as JS. That’s why she was surprised when JS’ compass fell when JS took his coat. Yes….JK was sure would found out about it.

  804. 804 : reindeer song Says:

    The writers are doing injustice to all Catholic, as a nun in training, thought you are no longer you still have instincts to sign yourself, never sit without saying your grace, when entering into a situation you ask for forgiveness and guidance, you are forever in confessions, there is remotely no guidance on the catholic doctrine, why make inference to her as a nun in training and dressing her in the garb when SY is not even practicing..insult to me as a Catholic. When entering marriage, did she go and speak to the priest, the head sister no attempt.

  805. 805 : Happy Says:

    797 mml, great going!
    I’M also watching “Big Man”, yap! Kang Ji hwang is a great Actor………..etc. Glorious Day is another Good Drama, Lee Sang Woo, another great Actor. Also “Gold Crossing”, “Over The RainBow”, so much Good Drama is now showing!
    Did U watch “Ruby’s Ring”, crazy mix up drama,” Melody Of Love”, so much turbulence and problems…etc…..”Two Woman Rooms” stupid drama…. and God’s Gift 14 Days….so mix up action.
    And this drama Angel Revenge, so slow in picking up the evil person, this drama is dragging!
    A nun once a upon a time, still keep secrets and the problems just goes on and on…………….Yes! everyone has a down fall and the innocence seems to be blame all the time, it’s just keep pointing finger who is wrong and who is the evil one, who sure will get away with all is lies!

  806. 806 : mml Says:

    @805 Happy,
    I want to tell you something, please give up in watching Ruby Ring, Ruby Ring this drama I have been watching from episode 1 to episode 37 and after that I gave up and never watch this drama. Two Woman Rooms this drama , I have been watching from episode 1 to episode 67 and I have totally gave up in watching. And please don’t watch Sincerity Moves Heaven, is a sick and stupid drama.

    I will tell you, please continue to watch Big Man and also Glorious Day and it makes us great for the day.

  807. 807 : Wowwww Says:

    I dont know what is going on but I dont know why episode 95 is not up as yet…

    does anyone know where I can watch ep 95

  808. 808 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww : Yes, I can’t find ep 95 too. Can anyone help with the link ? Kumawo

  809. 809 : weng Says:

    while waiting for the ep 95. i just watch the preview ep 95. i really hate TJ he got the compass from JS. so awful SY didn’t notice it. He is really a thief !!!! hay

  810. 810 : sml Says:

    @Weng809 : It doesn’t matter because JS would be aware of it & look for it. Also would know that TJ was in his room. OR he would say it to SY and SY would tell him, that TJ was in his room. so JS would know that TJ stole it. Besides, JK had already seen that compass with JS when he dropped it.
    So TJ’s victory was only until this weekend before his downfall for forever…

  811. 811 : weng Says:

    i already watch the ep 95. although i don’t understand the language, i felt that TJ told JK that his son died long time ago (something like that). in the middle episode JS is so cold with JY (so sad). at the end of the episode grandma went to JK – will grandma tell the truth? or she will get sick and the truth will never reveal. this is very interesting already. hahahaha. can’t wait for tom episode.
    lets get back to what i am watching right now with english translation. i can’t blame JS if he will be fumingly mad at JY. remember the part – where JS asked JY if she really love him? and JY can’t answer?? all JS wanted in the first place for JY to love him, to be honest with her feelings. but unfortunately, JY never reveal to JS that she loves him. all her mind set was to revenge TJ. i guess this is the story what the writer wants us to watch the drama.
    hoping at the end of the drama, there will be a happy ending for both of them JS and JY. please please please mr. writer…..

  812. 812 : sml Says:

    @Weng810 : It is not JY but SY… JY was SY’s sister.
    May I know the link you watch ep 95 please. I can’t find it. Kumawo

  813. 813 : weng Says:

    @sml 812 – oh sorry….i usually watch the episode at kpoplove website. but today there is something wrong with the website. i just watch it at dramastyle – dailymotion. hope you can still watch it now. or else at tudou.

    happy watching guys!!!

  814. 814 : sml Says:

    Grandma knew JK was JS’ mom, that’s why she was shocked & looked for JS. Also at the end of ep, she visited JK to find out. She looked at scar on JK’s hand and became shocked. I’m sure tomorrow grandma would tell JK that JS was her son.
    I’m sad to see JS’ attitude to SY, as if he didn’t care, but after SY went out, to me, he looked suffered. But I still have faith that writer nim will make them reconciled & be happy. Chebal make this happened pali-pali writer nim at least on Friday this week (ep 98)….

  815. 815 : reindeer song Says:

    For a while JS left his compass at home in his drawer, why now is he using it?He deserved to have gotten it stolen. KDrama’s tenants a absent minded, dumb, moronic, never sees what’s right in front of them. TJ’s time is being counted down. They all never accomplish their deeds, so what’s the purpose of trying. He is a Big Fat Loooooser!!!!

  816. 816 : Weng Says:

    @reindeer 815 JS always bring his compass everywhere. At home office and by his side. Evil TJ stole his compass at his office.
    Any translation what TJ told JK how he got the compass. But it’s funny JK remember JK was holding the compass why suddenly she forgot it?
    It’s very funny….they rich businessman in the drama. But the transactions happen inside a room in a hotel. Is it a low budget drama wherein the setting is in a room?

  817. 817 : Happy Says:

    Yes I agree with the other pass Drama is so STUPID, especially Sincerity Moves Heaven, is a sick and stupid drama, worst drama ever shown on TV.
    Two Woman Room, I know the ending and is a dumb drama. For Ruby’s Ring, it so uncall for as the writer has gone OFF the CLIFF and create a stupid face exchange.
    Yes “Big Man”, “Glorious Day ” and this new drama “Doctor Stranger” seems to be Good with my favorite Actor Lee Jung Suk and the actress who acted in Kang So Ra………… Still watching this drama Angel Revenge, taking so much of my delay agenda Thx mml.

  818. 818 : reindeer song Says:

    Do you know how JK will find out JS is his son? The usual easedropping by accident, JS will have an argument with Granny and JK will be going too meet someone and overhears, JK in turn will start using TJ, the tables wil turn drastically on him.

    Two Women Room, tho entertaining, it was the most stupidest drama, no court in the land will have the defendant attact, the witnes, throws tantrum, walk out of the hospital to do evil deeds, where were the cops guarding her room, why not in a prison hospital on and on glad it was over. So the screeming can stop.
    Ruby’s Ring i stopped watching on the 3 episode, the premise is DUMB.

  819. 819 : sml Says:

    Dear All,
    Ep 96 preview has been available. Please watch it pali… Interesting…
    Grandma came to JK & found out that JK was JS’ real mom and begged forgiveness ? and JS overheard outside the room…omo…omo
    Grandma fell sick but I think she told JS ?
    TJ knew Hyeonsu was in hospital and visited him…I’m afraid he would do something bad to HS.
    SY also met JK, but don’t know what they were talking about.
    Can’t wait to see it tonight.
    @MML : We need your help please. Can you help us to translate the preview ? Chongmal kumawo…

  820. 820 : strawberry gals Says:

    Where i can watch this drama?? Because i can’t watch in viki, and in youtube just until 86 episode, i want watch more… Please help… Thanks..

  821. 821 : sml Says:

    @strawberry gals820 : you can try the following links for raw one :
    The english sub is only until ep 86 by today…

  822. 822 : strawberry gals Says:

    @sml : thanks a million…

  823. 823 : sml Says:

    @strawberry gals822 : you’re welcome dear…

  824. 824 : Wowwww Says:

    well today’s episode was interesting….HS looked so scared of TJ I wanted to laugh..i was like to myself I hope that this man does not come and do something to HS like he did to the truck driver that was a witness to JY death…I think that TJ is getting away with too much things that just seems so unrealistic.I mean in KDrama they are always asking about cctv and no one see TJ going into that room that halmoni was in…JK is just as clueless as JS why cant she see that TJ is using her and his stories does not add up…I am telling you now that TJ has pushed down halmoni it is going to be time for things to start to be revealed……

    Well SY and JS is starting to talk and confide in each other and halmoni looked like she told SY to take care of JS…anyways the preview shows that halmoni is in the hospital and JS having a board meeting…I am telling you JK needs to get a life and figure things out for herself.Doesn’t she think that there is a reason that TJ was getting beat up…..

  825. 825 : vareena Says:

    When you watch Kdramas, one thing you have to realize that the writers can create all impossible events and make you crazy. It is unbelievable how they fantastically plot the story that it is not happening in real life, that is Kdramas. As for SY in this drama, if she did not lie to JS and be honest with him from beginning, it won’t come to this bad situation, if JS knew what was happened to her sister, he definitely will help solve the problem b/c he has the power which SY don’t. If SY has the brain she should know what kind of a person TJ is, he can do all dangerous thing even kill people, what if he tried to kill JS??? Wouldn’t it be wise for JS to be aware of the situation so he can protect her and find a way to deal with TJ. If my opinion is wrong, please correct me. This is all the writer’s stupid plot to make SY this stupid.

  826. 826 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww824 &Vareena 825 : I’ve watched ep 96 & ep 97 preview…
    The truth would be revealed. It seems HS wrote down something (I think about the truth that he wasn’t with TJ at the night JY dead & TJ was the person made him like this). SY brought this evidence to the police station together with GJ.
    I’m glad that between JS & SY became better. In the shareholder’s meeting, JK would be appointed as new chairman ?
    @The end of preview, It was at the police station, wasn’t it. I do hope tomorrow episode JK knew about JS and vice versa….
    I agree when we watch Kdramas, we can have control about the storyline we want. That’s in writer nim’s control. He/she can make everything possible, even the impossible things that perhaps can’t be happened in real life.
    What we can do is just stop watching or if we are really curious, we keep watching until the end….

  827. 827 : Weng Says:

    Will grandma die at the story?

  828. 828 : Wowwww Says:

    lol i have no idea if she will die but i dont care…lol

  829. 829 : sml Says:

    @Weng 827 : I don’t know but I don’t think so. I think she would tell JS and JK about their relationship. Or she told SY & SY told JK ?
    One thing I know & I’m glad is realtionship between our OTP would be better & reconciled….he he he

  830. 830 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    After watching the episode in which TJ was kicked out and the professional lier SY has turned into, I was pissed off. What does SY gain by lying at this point to a husband that has been so supportive and loving. Her behavior is not a normal human reaction to events of this nature. She prefers to lie and be kicked out than tell the husband the truth. I think she is as bad as JH who gets angry at the wrong persons and chooses which truth to accept and the ones to reject. The only normal character in this drama is JS. But as someone pointed out, Korean dramas, many things are possible. The more unbelievable the story the higher the ratings. Sad ending s are also a pattern. I will keep watching to see how it will end.

  831. 831 : sml Says:

    @Nkolika,Nigeria 830 : It is writer nim’s mistake making storyline like that, and character of SY who lied to her own hubby…. It’s not use for us to be pissed off. NOthing we can do except hoping writer nim give them happy ending with their own child and not happen this at the last episode (103), but maybe has already happened at ep 100 ? Chebal writer nim….

  832. 832 : reindeer song Says:

    In SY defense, yes she lied too long but in her mind she was protecting her love. yes, it became hair tugging but I still believe in that romantism of protecting your love.
    Give her some credit. JS got everything he set his mind on and that is purely due to SY, so she was their for him but not trusting enough to ask for help. That is her flaw…

  833. 833 : reindeer song Says:

    Oh they should make these dramas “Characters Welcome” maybe we can become part of the ongoing drama to show th writer the ‘assishness’ of what they are doing. Good idea posters!

  834. 834 : weng Says:

    @ reindeer 832 – yes its true. even grandma knows the truth – she even advise SY not to tell JS in order to protect him.
    hope JS will understand SY as soon as possible. can’t wait for the next last coming episodes.

  835. 835 : sml Says:

    Dear All,

    Is true today no episode of this drama ?

  836. 836 : vareena Says:

    @Nkolika….I agreed with you 100% about SY for lying to JS. He is a guy of dignity, how can you trust the person who lied to you over and over. If SY really care about JS she should be honest from the beginning or else she should not marry him, period…I understand the viewers feel sorry for her but when the couple join in married, they should be truthful to each other, no lie no cheat. There is no explanation for her behavior. If I were JS, I can’t forgive her. People should learn the consequent of their wrongdoing.

  837. 837 : jewles Says:

    No ep 97 today it seems….

  838. 838 : reindeer song Says:

    VAREENA! Yes she lied too long but in her mind she was protecting her love. yes, it has become a hair tugging event, but I still believe in that romantism of protecting your love. SY has declined to divulge her secrets, but she is there for her husband, supporting him 100% all the way. If she was void in helping him then I can agree with most, but his accomplishments are all due to SY assistance. We all know she loves him, so that should not be an issue, she wants him to concentrate on his job at hand and leave the bad things to her, she is aware their is a big ANNACONDA slivering around, she is protecting him, little by little it’s coming out, tho we all want full disclosure and sometimes its irretating at this juncture, I will keep being SY supporter.
    Remember she got into this vengance since before they both became an item, she thinks its her problem to solve and do not want to ask for help.

  839. 839 : weng Says:

    wow…i am so lucky to watch the preview 98 – in one part of the episode that the staff of RK is looking for something – hope he tell his boss JS mom that JS is looking for his compass. but anyway, the end part of the preview is SY knows who is JS mom. that is why she went to the airport in a hurry to catch JS mom from leaving.
    i also think that JS loss their shares to TJ and JS mom. that is why JH is so fumingly mad to TJ.
    anyway go go go SY….

  840. 840 : mm Says:

    @839 Weng. Ep 97 is still not out yet and you had watched preview 98. Which link?

  841. 841 : strawberry gals Says:

    Can i know link of episode 89 – 98 ?? I searched but i can’t find…

  842. 842 : sml Says:

    @strawberry gals : you can see raw ones until ep 96 at (eng sub only up to ep 88 today) :
    Tonight will be ep 97

  843. 843 : sml Says:

    @Weng839 : Which link for ep 98 preview please ?

  844. 844 : weng Says:

    @mm 840 i opened their website and watched the preview 98, after watching – after 5 mins the change it to preview 97. its true that yesterday they didnt show the ep 97

  845. 845 : weng Says:


  846. 846 : vareena Says:

    @Reindeer. I am not saying that she is a bad person and I know she loved JS, to my opinion when you loved someone you should trust that person and keeping the secret is really bad. How the hell she can keep the secret when the whole world knew the truth, isn’t that show how stupid she is. I believe the writer create this twist plot just to keep the show going and make it more excitement but I think it look more stupid. I bet at the end they will be together I have no doubt.

  847. 847 : adeline Says:

    I watch the previews raw in youtube. it is under dramakbs

  848. 848 : sml Says:

    @Adeline847 : Could you give us the link for ep 98 preview ? Kumawo..
    Dear All : I’ve just finished watched ep 97. I’m glad relationship between our OTP become better… I don’t see JS’ anger anymore to SY, even he looked being touched when SY said to him after they visited grandma in the hospital. I’m really curious to know about their conversation….
    @Mml : Could you please explain to us ? Kumawoo.
    At the end of episode, it seemed JK would appoint TJ as managing director to substitute JS ? Andwee… I hope SY showed up to the meeting and prevented that by asking JK to talk with her and said about JS as her son ?

  849. 849 : Weng Says:

    Which website dis u watch ep 97?

  850. 850 : sml Says:

    @Weng849 : as your 845 comment : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/skyangel/view/preview/index.html

  851. 851 : Weng Says:

    @sml 850 as in the whole episode 97?

  852. 852 : Weng Says:

    Finally I watch it at dramastyle. JK really support TJ! Hope she will regret what she’s doing to her son. Can’t wait for the next episode

  853. 853 : reindeer song Says:

    PLAGUED QUESTIONS! Why is everything so secretive? I will tell you later. Why is it the a parent cannot recognize their own child? In response to my first part questions, it seemingly happen in real life, because I know of several friend who are Koreans who does that and it drive me batty. This blood crap is also driving me anemic. So what if the child/children are not born to both parents!They are still your children.Both parent blood are in that child not just ONE BOTH!

    On to TJ, is he having fun? Has he taken his wife out on a date, or to dinner nothing since they have been married. What is his purpose, the duration should of been fun but all we see is him wanting more and more, which we know he will not keep for long. Does any of you see TJ enjoying married life, no affection just cold as antartica. I never see young happy families they always want what’s not there’s.

  854. 854 : sml Says:

    @Weng 852 : sorry I read your request at 851 wrongly. I thought you asked me where I saw ep 98 preview which I couldn’t find it.
    For raw episodes you can read my answer to Strawberry gals842.
    @ Reindeer song 853 : I notice marriage life in kdrama is different from in real life he he he. I agree with you that TJ not even once being romantic to JH. Only when he was with JY he ever looked happy & romantic. But dued to his greed, he chose wealth instead of love. Wrong choice can lead to miserable life and even disaster at the end. Repentence is the key, especially for Catholic as us.

  855. 855 : sml Says:

    @Weng : I’ve watched ep 98 preview, so interesting episode I think…
    JK said something that made TJ thinking with question expression…
    SY met the old man who knew grandma’s past and I think SY found out that JK was JS’ mom, that’s why she run to the airport to tell JK about the truth of JS was her son ? I’m sure JK didn’t depart yet, so she knew about JS was her son. She was shocked I think and would change TJ’s promotion promptly. Yeaaahhh can’t wait to watch the ep tonight.

  856. 856 : sml Says:

    Dear All,
    Have you watched ep 98 ? It’s really incredible… I really love this episode….
    I’m touched by SY’s hugging JS & tapping JS’ back to comfort him after his failure at the shareholder meeting. So wonderful the way SY did. This proved her love to JS & she was just there for him, just by his side when needed….Yeeessss.
    I’m really touch by the scene, also JS was sure felt SY’s love to him…
    Also JH changed her attitude to SY. She was not irritable to SY anymore, even perhaps (according to me) she said to SY not to bother to her mom’s harsh words.
    Well, SY found out through the old man that JK was his mom.
    I’m really, really glad finally JK found out about the truth from SY that JS was her long lost son… Also grandma was conscious & told JS about JK was his missing mom…woooowww. Now, I wonder what was JS doing after finding the truth since he was really angry & hated her.
    Yes, this episode was the beginning of JS & SY’s victory…. I can’t wait for ep 90 tomorrow…. I look forward our couple’s reconciliation, JS & JK’s reconciliation tomorrow & beginning of TJ’s downfall yeaaahhh….

  857. 857 : Weng Says:

    @sml 856 I agree with u. Finally I watch ep 98 although I don’t understand their language but stii I feel their emotions – hate anger and love.
    I love that SY supports JS. I also think that JH mom will do something hope not so very bad! I am afraid grandma will die in this drama….hope my thinking is not true. Can’t wait for Tom episode

  858. 858 : Anita Says:

    Yes, the consolation scene was touching:) I’m happy that slowly lead pair go back to each other:) I’m waiting for an child soon:D:D:D I hope good end will be for them:)
    TJ’s winning was very short and ephemeral:) When he sit as “arrogant little king” on chair in the office and talked to JS, I thought to myself:”asshole, just wait a few hours, and you will not smirk and look down”:) He is so loser, miserable and desperate. I can’t hate, just pity him.
    JH became softer (I’m curious what will be her fate). She is very extreme character: very odious, rude, evil or very kind, cute, sweet… She is like her brother: JS too is gentle but he can be evil, creepy (for example he found out the truth). Both of them madness can be found:)
    I can’t watch 99 preview. I’m so curious…:(

  859. 859 : mm Says:

    AR is still arrogant like her oldself without knowing she is going downfall with nothing so great of her position in the family which she is not the mother of Js. I cannot wait for this moment. Serve Jk right for being very very stupid to believe in TJ and hope she get what is coming to her when TJ eats up L Foods left with nothing to her being holding the major shareholdings in the company. Didn’t TJ know by now that he is such a bad loser with losing everything he touches or trying to get. I think TJ would try to kill Sy since Sy is the one spoiling all his plans of getting rich.

    I think

  860. 860 : mm Says:

    I think the drama is about to end in ep 102 only and not 103 as earlier speculated. Now that Jk knew Js is her son and TJ is the eveil one, Jk will work with Js family to put TJ to jail.

  861. 861 : sml Says:

    @Anita858 : You can see ep 99 preview at http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/skyangel/view/preview/index.html

  862. 862 : adeline Says:


    I don’t know which episode is this cause it is all in Korean.

  863. 863 : adeline Says:


    This is the latest that I have seen!!! the last link is the best to me 🙂

  864. 864 : Weng Says:

    No ep 99 yet? Help !!!

  865. 865 : Wowwww Says:

    there is 99 just watched it …was amazing..check again it should be there

  866. 866 : Weng Says:


  867. 867 : Weng Says:

    I can’t find it. Can u help me type the website?

  868. 868 : Weng Says:

    Finally I watched it. Oh my. The story is so amazing

  869. 869 : sml Says:

    But still relationship of our OTP didn’t change much…ottokeeee. This made me unsatisfied… JS shouldn’t be angry anymore to SY, but thankful to her, brought JK back with her. I hope JK would tell JS about SY trying to prevent her leaving Korea and her effort to reunite them. I do hope also SY said her sarang to JS, chebaaal writer nim.

  870. 870 : Anita Says:

    @861 sml: thank:) the video didn’t work at that time, but now it’s good:)

    It seems that will be 103 episode, so we have to wait one weekend for the last part on monday:)
    Now I’m watching the raw part? But WTF I don’t understand anything… Does JY live? or Is she counterpart??? If she lives, how survived the accident (they identified the body). If she is counterpart, how, when did she meet with SY? I hope, they will show and explain details (for example in flashback)…
    I loved SY’s big entry and TJ’s big-big public humiliation and downfall:) I loved:):):) I waited this from beginning and I’m not disappointed. They did very well that scene:) Now everything revealed, so I hope we can give answers about JY and cute scenes from our pair:):):) Just 3 episode are:( I will miss this series…

  871. 871 : Anita Says:

    Sorry for my language… we can get (not give):D

  872. 872 : Wowwww Says:

    ep 100 amaaaaaazing

  873. 873 : Weng Says:

    Wow really amazing……finally SY did it. The mother of TJ should be punish too for her crime. I just hoping that JS and SY will not part ways. So touching that JS comforts SY

  874. 874 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww872 & Weng873 : Yes, ep 100 is chongmal daebak… love it…
    Our OTP reconciled and I think I hear SY said saranghae to JS ? Is that true ?
    @Mml : could you translate the conversation between our OTP when JS waited SY came home and then hugged her ? Please, chebal….
    Well, tomorrow ep will be beginning for their happy together moments…
    It’s really awesome teamwork from SY,GJ,JS & JK to trap and make TJ paying his crimes… I never imagine it will be like that : video of TJ’s confession in such important event among all shareholders’ presence.

  875. 875 : sml Says:

    At ep 101 preview, SY left the house with Sarang and grandma cried… SY talked with JS at the restaurant, so curious about their talking. Please someone help to translate… JS was drinking and ask himself about divorce or wonder was his relationship with SY ending ? Oh noooo, please don’t make it happen writer nim.
    At the end of preview, JS talked with someone. Who was the person & what was it about ? Really curious…

  876. 876 : Weng Says:

    As I watch the preview the danger is not over yet….TJ will still do bad things

  877. 877 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    If it ends on a sad note that will be typical of K dramas that give unsatisfying endings and sad ones for that matter.

  878. 878 : Wowwww Says:

    I hope nothing goes wrong or I will be pissed

  879. 879 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww878: yes, Hope happy ending for our OTP. I do hope finally JS realized that he could not live without SY and still loved her very much and SY was as that too.

  880. 880 : reindeer song Says:

    SY has to leave to return, new beginings. I hope, sorry folks without SY there is no JS, SY completes him. If he lets her go, he will definitely be the BIG LOOSER!!!

  881. 881 : sml Says:

    @reindeer song 880 : I agree with you 100 %.

  882. 882 : weng Says:

    i am wondering who the person whom JS is having conversation with. because i think he is crying while talking to the person…can someone translate it in english?

  883. 883 : sml Says:

    @Weng 882 : yes I am curious too, the person wore glasses. Who was he ? GJ or mr. Kim ? OMG I can’t tell.

  884. 884 : Wowwww Says:

    I watched today’s episode and I did not see JS talking to anyone with glasses on.the person that I saw him talking to in this ep is his mom and SY.

    Today’s episode showed that TJ is crazy and I don’t know why HS did not just leave things alone because TJ is already going to jail..the bastard escaped but now we have more charges to keep him jail….SY did leave but I hope things will turn around

    Watched the preview and that crazy bitch TJ is running down SY again with his car..smh….I also see that he is contemplating jumping off a cliff and that’s is not what I want…I want him to have a car accident and burn on the same spot that JY died……Now that would be a death worth seeing of JT.I also hope that his mom dies ,go mad or to prison…..

    TM needs to go somewhere and stop talking to GJ i cant stand her acting all innocent like an idiot…she needs to move far away from GJ before I wish her dead too…lol

  885. 885 : Weng Says:

    @wowwww 884 I was wrong misinterpretation. So sad that they have to part ways between JS and SY. I cried even I don’t understand what they are saying….TJ really gone mad….will JS will protect and sacrifice himself for SY? Two more last episode. Hoping a happy ending for both of them. JS and SY

  886. 886 : sml Says:

    @Wowwww884 & Weng 885 : I am really sad & broken heart watching ep 101 & ep 102 preview…. and I am angry too to the writer that makes SY like that ; lying all the time consciously & continuously. & easily leaving even though she said for JS’ sake. She didn’t want to hurt JS, but actually by lying & leaving him, she made him suffered & hurt.
    SY, as ex nun, should know that in catholic, marriage is only for once until death do us part. But she easily left JS. ALso JS was easily giving up on her. Both of them make me disappointed.
    It seemes the writer gives us happy ending in the last ep.

  887. 887 : reindeer song Says:

    @sml886! Thank you for interjecting the Catholic side of this hilarious farse the writer are putting me being a Catholic thru. These are the rule a nun in training goes thru; A woman entering a monastery is called a postulant for the first six months or so. At the end of her postulancy, if she is accepted by the order, she is clothed (receives the habit of the order) as a novice. This is as far SY got.
    The noviciate is separate and usually last a year or two. Upon successful completion of noviciate and acceptance of the other members of the order, the woman may then take simple vows, when she is known as a junior, which are good for one year. After another several years, a vote is taken by all the nuns and the new nun is allowed to make solemn profession which bind for life. The crap the writer has done to SY is appauling, she should not of been made a NUN!

  888. 888 : Happy Says:

    Yes! it was so sad on episode 101. Both SY and JS parted with TEARS .
    She was home packing her stuff,Ji hee was so shock to see SY packing. SY took the baby Sarang, which JIhee cried and walk upstair. For JS was drinking in the bar, woke up in his BIO- home.
    TJ escape, ??????????????????? need to watch next episode.
    This writer sure made us so disappointed!

  889. 889 : tt Says:

    We are at the second last episode and what a disappointment this drama has turned out to be. I don’t know what the last episode will bring and I am in such a dilemma whether it is worth watching it or not. I am still holding out the last shred of hope that it will be a happy ending for my OTP but dare I hope? Things has gone steadily downhill when they got married. This drama has started so good and how it might end very badly. I love the OTP of this drama and how I wish they could be a real couple in another well written romantic comedy drama but knowing Kdrama history, they wouldn’t be. It is so sad …

  890. 890 : Weng Says:

    Today’s episode was sort of disappointed. I think there was a scene been omitted. Where mr Kim told JS something at the house. I don’t understand why SY and JS doing. Hoping the last episode will be a good one

  891. 891 : clara Says:

    how many ep more last ep i saw is 102 im so, so sad i think they are not still bck together, i can’t understand what are they talking but all i think is base in their actions.

  892. 892 : clara Says:

    i hope there theres more ep. 103, i want a happy ending, i want them bck again and build a happy family, iwant sy happy she’s always sad and always crying. i want a happy ending. im very sad result of ep 102, y they not still ok i hate it! i love this soap since day im hook,

  893. 893 : shell Says:

    103 ep yes the finale, dont worry guys theres a happy ending for this couple
    # the happy ending
    #the happy ending
    #the happy ending
    #the happy ending
    #the happy ending

    #the happy ending

  894. 894 : mick Says:

    # the happy ending

  895. 895 : sml Says:

    @Happy 888, tt 889, Weng 890, Clara 892 : I’m disappointed too like you for ep 102… Especially I don’t like the way SY talked to JS. I think JS still tried to bring SY home with him, but she refused ? I’ve seen ep 103 preview that will be our last ep for this drama (but I hope writer nim will add at least 1 more ep just for our OTP’s happy marriage life with their own child). In the preview, JS told grandma he would go to USA with his mom, JK and grandma cried.
    JK met SY and gave her ticket too to go to USA with her & JS, as a last chance for her to reconcile with JS. Do you think she would go ??? I do hope she did & confess her feeling to JS….chebaaaal…

  896. 896 : Anita Says:

    I hope SY will go to USA with them or will be next his husband (if they don’t go). It’s time for SY to be more active and fight for their marriage. JS did much, when he found out the truth, even asked her to stay in the house. I hope it will be not rush. Maybe we can get future scene and see their children…
    I didn’t like last one-two episodes. When TJ was arrested publicly, I was happy, it would have been enough and after I waited more reconciliation, cute scene from lead pair, but not.. TJ had to do more stupid thing until end. Grrr…
    nevertheless I liked this series, it preoccupied my attention and I will watch last episode, I can’t wait Monday:)

  897. 897 : tt Says:

    I just watched preview of ep 103 and I guess the question we all have in our mind watching the last scene is, will she or won’t she? And if she chooses to follow her heart then what happens to Sarang? Will she take him with her? I hope she does because it would be a burden to leave Sarang behind with her Aunt and Uncle. And who will take over LJ food company? I saw JH was leaving too though not knowing where to. In my opinion, I’d would like to see JH goes to US and pursues her study and SY and JS reconcile and JS stays back in Korea and being a CEO of LJ food. JS wants to go to US with his mom is kind of running away from his problem. The reason for him to do that was because he wants to escape the heartache and sad memory of his broken marriage. I want to see them both JS & SY tried to fight for their marriage because they do love each other but just too caught up in TJ revenge. Now that TJ goes to jail for his crime, they should try to put the past behind them and move forward. It would be a great ending for our OTP but seeing the idiotic in last few episodes, I am not too sure where these writers would go. They might just want to break up the OTP to make the sad ending more dramatic tsk … tsk…

  898. 898 : Weng Says:

    I just wandering why previous drama they can play till 130s episodes. I wander why angel’s revenge can play until 103 episodes. But the drama is worthy to watch. So sad it will end on Monday

  899. 899 : sml Says:

    @Anita896, tt 897 : yes I have the same opinion with both of you. I hope the writer will give us final ep for our OTP happy ending. Up till now the happy moment were just when they were dating and some episodes after their married. Just one kissed when SJ was drunk. Also their scenes as young honeymooners was not romantic after they went home from honeymoon. I can’t wait for Monday also

  900. 900 : MariaOdessa Says:

    I really really Love this Drama..It’s so Refreshing and Interesting Drama
    and Especially to the Couple,I hope The writer give us a Happy Ending 🙂

  901. 901 : reindeer song Says:

    In all these K Dramas now and past I have very rarely seem a happy newlywed couple, doing newlywed things, they are pitted right away into the quagmire of cheating, stealing, fighting, and all manner of evil guised as protecting what’s there’s. Or they are expected to procreate on the first night, who are those people to tell you when you should have a child? Why must you change your whole personality when you become a mother, those UGLY CURLY hairdo’s these forever long skirt with UGLY sock and shoes, why can’t you be an elegant Mum, instead of looking like a home frump, no wonder husbands fool around who want to come home to that look! VENTING! Why must you cater to his family? Treat them like kings and queen what about my family? Yea, you marry into his family, they all should pull their own weight, in the kitchen morning to night feeling those freeloaders. Again venting my questions??? If you were raised like a princess why should you go thru that? Love of husband? Yeah right!

  902. 902 : Wowwww Says:

    i will be mighty mad if my couple does not get a happy ending…that would mean we wasted 4 months of our lives

  903. 903 : mml Says:

    @902 Wowwww,
    yes, I totally agree to your opinion. I have disappeared from this website and jumped to watch Doctor Stranger, Big Man, Glorious Day and some other interesting dramas. An d I have watched this drama from episode 1 to episode 102 and now I have left the remaining one and final episode for me to watch.

    Tonight final episode 103 will have two answers, one answer is Sun Yoo will reconcile with Ji Suk and the other answer will be, they will be leaving each other. The answer that I am expecting is, I have expecting to see Sun Yoo running to the airport to tell Ji Suk that her love towards him are truth and real. Remember that Ji Suk’s ex-girlfriend Eun Su left Ji Suk was ,when Ji Suk ran to the airport to tell Eun Su about his love and Eun Su insisted to leave him. Leaving hurt in his love.

    It will be more appropriate for Sun Yoo to run to the airport to tell Ji Suk that her love towards Ji Suk it’s real and should not lie to Ji Suk. I don’t know what’s the writer’s arrangements ? If, Sun Yoo is not going to treasure this love, she will not be given a second chance. All problems can be solved , if there’s true and sincere love between Ji Suk and Sun Yoo.

    By watching episode 101 and episode 102, I have discovered that the problem lies on Sun Yoo instead of Ji Suk, she claimed that she’s the cause of Jin Yoo’s death and she does not deserve to get love and will not love anyone anymore. What rubbish and nonsense was that ? That means, she’s the one who choose to ruin her marriage, if the ending episode is Sun Yoo choose to fail her marriage that means this is a melodrama and on top of it, it should be called as Double Melodrama. Jin Yoo’s death already told viewers that it’s a melodrama and what if, failure in marriage because Sun Yoo being stupid fool, that means is a melodrama talking about the sisters sad fate, one dies during accident and the other divorce with the man that truly loves Sun Yoo.

    I watch this drama is because I am hoping that Sun Yoo can finally wake up the ideal that a marriage is a decision made by her . She should treasure a man Ji Suk that’s sincere and loves her , his character already changed to better . And is not with a stupid answer and promise to the priest or promise to the holy god that she does not deserve or will never love anyone.

    Can you imagine that if, oneday, we get married and the man keep on saying, i love you and sleeping with one another, while, the wife hearts keep on saying, no, no, cannot love the man and cannot have married sex life. And what’s the answer ?

    I guess, Ji Suk loves Sun Yoo and he wanted her to forget revenge and hatred and moves on to a life belonging to both of them. Now, the problem is Sun Yoo.

    I have already spent many months in watching this drama and now still have a remaining one and final episode to watch , what should I do ? Should I continue to watch the final episode ? Or should I watch until episode 102 and stop at there, no happy, no sad and also no disappointment ?

    Episode 103 will depend on the writer’s arrangements ? Well, it can be with a happy loving ending that Sun Yoo decided to follow Ji Suk to America and live a happy life and also got pregnant. Well, Sun Yoo is a lonely person, with no parents and no more sister and only staying with her aunt, uncle , Ki Jin and also the relative. And it seems that Sun Yoo and Ji Suk have not yet officially divorce and if she’s smart to follow Ji Suk to America that means she will have a good husband and a kind mother in law to love her.

    The remaining final episode is the mind game of writer playing with viewers’ feelings and expectations.

  904. 904 : Wowwww Says:

    You are so right I think that this ending should had been planned out a bit better since the stopped talking like 15 episodes I thought that this animosity would end before the last episode…but I am mad at big man now because there is not much episodes and for ten of them I was upset….smh

  905. 905 : mml Says:

    I went to Angel’s revenge soompi and read the comment, some said it’s a happy ending and some said it’s a sad ending. I really can’t think of the answer for the final episode, is it a happy or sad ending ? It’s hard to think of the answer at this point of time. It’s very difficult to make a guess in this way. Episode 103 preview giving me a surprised puzzled face of Sun Yoo holding with an air ticket ?

    I am scare to know the answer, if, it’s a sad ending. Please watch episode 103 and tell me the good news, if, it’s a happy ending.

  906. 906 : mml Says:

    @904 Wowwww,
    no need to upset or get angry, join me for the new sbs drama call Only Love.
    If, Angel’s revenge is sad ending, then I learnt a lesson not to watch other dramas with the same writers. If, it’s a good ending, I will thank the writers for giving me a meaningful drama to watch. That’s all I can say.

    Join me to watch Doctors strangers, Big Man, Glorious Man, Only Love, you can be happy too. Life is to be happy go lucky. Angel’s revenge is a heart pain drama in certain ways, that’s why I hate to watch Cuckoo Nest. I don’t have time to keep on crying for sad dramas. Korea Melodramas are good at making viewers to cry to upset one’s heart, sometimes our heart feel very pain to watch this kind of sad dramas. I have learnt a bad lesson, I have been watching Hana, the well grown daughter for a very long time , in the end I have gave up in watching the drama, because it’s a stupid drama, Hana did not marry the person that I am expecting to, I got so angry and I tell myself , next time I will not watch this kind of drama.

    Tonight, I can watch doctor strangers and big man, at least am happy that at the moments these two dramas make my Mon and Tue so far so good.

  907. 907 : sml Says:

    @wowwww & mml : I agree with both of you. I do hope happy ending for our OTP even though I am annoyed with SY for 2 last eps. She kept pushing JS away. So stubborn woman. Always thought of protecting JS but actually hurting him but didn’t try to change herself to love her hubby. SMH… Hope writer nim does not disappoint us with the last ep Chebaal. ..

  908. 908 : puzzled Says:

    Sorry, but someone pls tell me what OTP stands for

  909. 909 : Anita Says:

    Yet just I saw details (on youtube), not all, so it’s possible I misunderstood, but it seems that HAPPY END:) SY went to airport and she talked with JS, but she didn’t go with him (I think they say goodbye and maybe she promise that she waits for him???). In the end I think there is “time-travel”, SY is with orphan children and she recalls memories with JS and JS does the same during walking then they meet. He come back to his wife:)

  910. 910 : sml Says:

    @Anita 909 : kumawoò for sharing the final episode. You’re right, it’s happy ending for our couple. But for me it’s different from my expectation.
    I haven’t seen yet myself, just read from soompi chat. It sounds ordinary happy ending, not special one.
    I will watch it when I arrive home and then give comments.

  911. 911 : Weng Says:

    The ending is fine. Not so cheesy. They should have embrace with each other again…. I guess I was a little disappointed somehow. Hope they can be together again in a drama series. Thank u for a good show! Really missed JS and SY

  912. 912 : Anita Says:

    @910 sml: Yes, was very ordinary, nothing special. Just watched each other (least one kiss or hug or something) But have child or are they married or divorced? Nothing explanation, I hate such nothing end… But I look it as happy, because he came back to her.

  913. 913 : sml Says:

    @Weng 911 & Anita 912 : I like scene of our OTP at the airport alot than the scene at the end of episode… I’m touched finally SY said saranghae, twice to JS which JS was waiting so long and also we have to wait until 103 eps for that… OMG. Also JS said : na tu saranghae yeaaah….
    @Mml : could you please explain their conversation at the airport ? Also at the end of the episode… I’m really curious… Kumawooo.
    I agree with you Weng, they should have embraced each other at the end or at least hold hands together, not just stared each other like two strange people fell in love for the first time he he he.
    Well, now we only see the episode with english sub, one per day…OMG
    Btw,what drama will you see after this, chingu ?

  914. 914 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching the final episode and I would like to thank the writer for making a happy ending for the drama. The happy thing is, i have completed watching the whole drama from episode 1 to episode 103 and did not give up in watching the drama. Some dramas like Ruby Ring, The Wang family, sincereity moves heaven, two womens room, the thorn flower, Hana the well grown daughter, melody of love all these dramas I have stopped watching half way through and never like the dramas.

    @912 Anita,
    Sun Yoo and Ji Suk did not divorce, I did not see them signiing any divorce agreement letter, they have been separated for one year. Ji Suk went to America in ep103 and stayed there for a year and one year later, he came back to Korea. One thing am glad that Sun Yoo ran to the airport and told Ji Suk that she loves him , no doubt, Ji Suk was sad to depart and went to America, but, at least, he will spend sometime for himself as a cooling period to think over what he wanted most.

    The writer should make it as 104 episodes instead. Episode 103 is a little bit too rush to end the whole drama, if, it’s 104 episodes, at least, I can see more romantic areas whereby, Sun Yoo and Ji Suk hug together or hold hands going home to visit Sun Yoo’s uncle and more fun scenes I can get like Ugly Alert this drama. Ugly Alert this drama is a drama with fun and romantic scene at the final episode. Angel’s revenge this drama, although, the final episode is a little too simple, at least it turns up to be a good drama that did not disappoint me. The right thing that Sun Yoo did is, at least, she confess and speaks out that she loves Ji Suk, then Ji Suk will not feel that she cheated him to marry him for revenge against Tae Jung.

    Anyway, it’s really good that Ji Suk came back to Korea and re-unite with his wife Sun Yoo and so far, I am satisfied that they did not give up their love and Ji Suk’s love towards Sun Yoo is really true.

    Thank you to the writer who makes a happy ending, at least, I am not so sad and not so angry in watching this drama.

  915. 915 : sml Says:

    @Mml914 : na tu….henbuke with our OTP… I agree with you, it should be 104 eps instead of 103… I need to see their romantic scenes, just like when they were dating ; holding hands, and at least one more kiss and SY becoming pregnant at the end of drama…. But I’m satisfied enough SY confess her love to JS twice…
    Thanks to the writer for giving us happy ending and mianhee for being annoyed for making SY lying many times.

  916. 916 : Aprildream Says:

    Simple happy ending….I could not understand what they talking about because no English subs yet but their actions speaks itself….I was hoping for a kiss or a hug even in the end. I could not wait in YouTube the English subs goes with it.

  917. 917 : sml Says:

    April916 : If you want to know the translation about what’s going on at ep 103, you can go to angel’s revenge soompi : http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2021531/current-drama-2014-heavenly-woman-%EC%B2%9C%EC%83%81-%EC%97%AC%EC%9E%90-angel-s-revenge/p175

  918. 918 : mml Says:

    @917 sml,
    something that angel’s revenge soompi did not mention about ep103, the conversations that Rosie Julia Kim met Sun Yoo and told Sun Yoo to follow her and Ji Suk to America, Rosie Julia Kim plead Sun Yoo not to give up the relationships with her son Ji Suk. In episode 103, the one who helped to reconcile the relationships between Sun Yoo and Ji Suk, it’s actually Sun Yoo’s mother in law.

    The writer did not really mention whether Sun Yoo and Ji Suk divorce, so I guess they did not divorce, it’s just that they have been separated for one year and one year later when they re-unite, they forgive one another about the past and re-start their love and romance. I guess when Ji Suk met Sun Yoo one year later, when Ji Suk saw Sun Yoo looks sweet and as pretty as before, his heart tells himself to forgive or condone Sun Yoo about the past, as his love towards Sun Yoo has gone beyond what Sun Yoo thought of Ji Suk needed her. It’s the sincere love that Ji Suk realised that, he must re-start , re-unite and wanted back his wife.

    While, Sun Yoo with a radiant lovely sweet smile, maybe, she also realised that she needed her husband Ji Suk to come back to love her.

    Actually, final episode wasted 15minutes scene at Tae Jung and his family, otherwise, these 15minutes can used to show viewers more romance on Ji Suk and Sun Yoo, maybe a surprise hug when Ji Suk re-unite with Sun Yoo and more romance can apply to Ji Suk and Sun Yoo or a warm sweet kiss.

  919. 919 : sml Says:

    @Mml 918 : Yes there is translation on page 175 by Gerrytan8063 about conversation between JK, JS’ s mom & SY. Yes I think it was a waste 15 min at the beginning about TJ. It should be for our OTP. It bother me. Or the writer made it happened at the end of ep 102. Then at 103 it was only for our OTP’s romance that we have waited so long.
    Btw I watch final ep of Ugly Alert as you mentioned the ending was much better than AR.
    Is Ugly Alert worthex to be watch ? Since it is long drama ( 133 eps ) I want to make sure it’s good drama before I decide to watch. Pls give your opinion. Kumawo.

  920. 920 : mml Says:

    @919 sml,
    Ugly Alert this drama , although is 133 episodes and I can tell you honestly that I have finished watching the whole drama. This drama started with sad happenings that the 4 kids lost their parents. They have grown up with a hopeful positive character. It’s really worth watching as the 4 kids grown up and found their loving happy romance. It’s a melodrama in the beginning and I would like to thank the writer for giving the 4 kids with sweet romance when they have grown up and re-unite together and forgive the hurt that they have gone through.

    Please don’t watch sincerity moves heaven, it’s a frustrated and made me them angry drama. I have gave up in watching sincerity moves heaven after those nonsense happenings in the drama.

    I will only like to watch melodrama with happy good ending, otherwise, I better don’t watch to waste my time.

    Anyway, Angel’s revenge this drama, the final episode, at least Ji Suk came back to Korea to look for his wife Sun Yoo and therefore, I will assume that, their love re-unite after one year of being separated. The ending episode is not as clear as Ugly Alert this drama. The ending episode for Angel’s revenge is quite short in romantic areas.

  921. 921 : sml Says:

    @Mml 920 : By just watching some parts of ep 133, I know Ugly Alert is good drama and more reasonable than AR especially in marriage life of the OTP.
    It seems they have marriage life as in the real life, different from AR. In AR, the focus was only in revenge, so the writer didn’t bother about anything else, especially marriage life of the OTP.
    I am the same with you, only watch dramas with happy good ending, otherwise, I will not watch, waste of my time too.
    Have you watched Angel eyes ? I heard it is one of good dramas & worthed to be watched. I’m planning to watch it also since I am a fan of the two main leads.

  922. 922 : I like watching the drama so much!Those people we love,trust and respect endup letting us down.It's good to accept our wrongs,forgive and show a way forward like Lee Seony.I like her much! Says:

    I have finished watching episode 97 today and waz interesting on Kbs world @10:20am/8:20pm Saudi Arabia

  923. 923 : Bangsa M. Says:

    It seems like South Korean TV producers are now so desperate to play up to the emotion-starved nature of a good percentage of drama viewing audience that more and more TV dramas seem to contain a good measure of emotionally insensitive scenes and story plots.
    I recently commented on this state of affairs and cited one drama, “A Tale of Two Sisters”, produced by KBS World as an example for its unrealistic storyline. The improbable situations depicted in this drama were so  blatant that I had to switch channels on a few occasions out of disgust. Situations which befell the characters in the drama became so ridiculous that  switching channels was the better alternative to an elevated blood pressure.
    I had also, as a comparison, inadvertently praised “Angel’s Revenge” for being a drama closer to reality in storyline. However, this TV drama too has begun to show signs of overkill in extreme scenes which were meant to be cliff hanger for the next episode and which provide for subject’s further character development. Into the same mould with more and more unlikely  scenes will eventually be shown 
    which are, in my opinion, and out of synch with true-life situations. 
    I am well aware that TV producers have to resort to “shocking” or “tug-of-love” situations to get good audience rating. I am aware too that good ratings bring good advertising revenue. But these producers fail to remember that a well told storyline will remain longer in people’s mind and garner a bigger viewing audience in the long term, and therefore more sustained advertising revenue!           

  924. 924 : mml Says:

    @921 sml and @923 Bangsa M,
    kindly take note that I am them angry with this drama called Sincerity Moves Heaven and another name for this drama Sincerity Moves Heaven is also known as A Tale of Two Sisters. This is a sickening drama that makes me very very angry for a very long time and after that I have found Ugly Alert and became happy to watch the drama.

    Angel’s Revenge this drama made me realised that, suddenly I have become the fan of Yoon So Yi and Kwon Se In (Kwon Yool). And how I wish oneday, Kwon Se In and Yoon So Yi can become the real loving couple in real life. Especially, looking at their wedding scene at Angel’s Revenge makes me feels like, how I wish they can be real married couple in real life. Looking at the age of Yoon So Yi and Kwon Se in, they are suitable to get married and settle down to have a family. How I wish oneday, they are real married couple, it can be very sweet memory after getting along with each other for quite sometime through Angel’s Revenge this drama.

    Years ago, when I watched Creating Destiny, the lead actress Eugene Kim and lead actor Ki Tae Young and after finishing the whole drama, I really wished that they can be real married couple and thank god, they have decided to settle down and have a family, so sweet to see actor and actress through acting drama they can become real married couple.

    Btw, Kwon Se In currently is 32years old and Yoon So Yi is 29years old and I will be very happy to hear news like they are going to get married. So far, I don’t know who is the girlfriend of Kwon Se In and it will be an interesting news to hear that they get married as a couple in real life. Height, looks, education background and interest of common hobbies seems to be perfect match and I will be very happy to know that if they are going to get married and settle down to have a family at this age.

  925. 925 : weng Says:

    the ending of angel revenge and prime minister and i – are almost similar. that they separate way and return after a year. at least i was hoping after being separated for a year. the 2nd time around that they will meet each other – not just stand in front with each other – something more romantic like a hug or a kiss…..

  926. 926 : sml Says:

    @Mml 924 & Weng925 : I do hope they will be a couple in real life too as I wish the same for IU & Jo Jung Suk after they played together in You’re the best Lee Soon Shin kyaàaa.
    Weng, just like you I expected hug or kissed or at least held hands for our SY & JS. Until now I still think about them and disappointed ending. ..sigh… ottokeee

  927. 927 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    I have given up on the endings of Korean dramas. Many of the times it is sad endings, at best lukewarm ending like the prime minister and a I. Just take the lessons of the story and move on. Korean drama writers are more sensitive to the feelings of their Korean fans and viewers than their international audience, so bear with them. I just hope that a time will not come when we all loose interest because of their predicted sad endings. My sister has decided to go back to Hollywood movies after watching the Prime Minister and I. She invested so much time and energy to watch it only to get the funny ending they presented. What is important to me in this Dram is that TJ was brought to book.

  928. 928 : weng Says:

    5 more days to end the drama at KBS world. i really miss this drama. nice one and not boring
    wish both actors will have another drama to come.

  929. 929 : Cecilia Ryan Says:

    Whether SY and JK remain a married, loving couple, really is not the big issue. Real justice has to be the main concern for all the characters. I hope
    Jang Taejung gets punished in the worst possible ways.

  930. 930 : Mr Seattle Says:

    Unable to view episodes after ep 98?KBS no longer showing Angels Revenge on schedule after Saturday.Help!!

  931. 931 : weng Says:

    @mr seattle – you can watch it at you tube
    with the english sub – i finally realize that JS really love SY very much. i wonder why she will still leave the family of JS. sad episode for tomorrow…they will part ways.

  932. 932 : mml Says:

    @931 weng,
    when you watched the final episode and towards the ending part of the final episode and when you looked carefully at Ji Suk holding the compass. You will understand that when Ji Suk was holding the compass , he will re-call what Sun Yoo told him at episode 6 , at that time when Sun Yoo was a trainee nun. And that means when Ji Suk came back to Korea, one reason was to celebrate his uncle’s pizza restaurant opening ceremony celebration and on the other hand, he wanted back his wife, as Ji Suk finally realised that he cannot abandon this love.

    Do you remember before he leaves Korea and Ji Suk went to inform grandma that he’s going to America and the grandma told Ji Suk to start a fresh life in America with his mother and at the airport , he met Sun Yoo and Sun Yoo told Ji Suk twice , by saying the word I love you. The reaction from Ji Suk was, he told Sun Yoo that he wanted and wishing to hear these words and hug Sun Yoo , by telling Sun Yoo that he loves her too. And Sun Yoo told him the reason that she refused to follow him to America as she made a vow or promise to holy god that she will not love anyone and will not get happiness, but, perhaps, after a long long time and if they happen to meet each other coincidentally, they will treat one another as if, first time meeting each other and get along well with each other, if by then, Ji Suk still require and wanted her.

    Ji Suk mistaken Sun Yoo as married him for the reason of her revenge towards Tae Jung. And all along Sun Yoo does not want to admit or speak out her true feelings and true love towards Ji Suk. When Sun Yoo really speaks out her feelings at the airport, that was the time that Ji Suk finally realised that Sun Yoo indeed loves him and Ji Suk finally knows the heart of Sun Yoo that Sun Yoo loves him. And after a year , when Ji Suk came back to Korea to look for his wife, he has changed his personality to a mature and patient person.

  933. 933 : weng Says:

    wow @mml
    thank you for the recap. i really love this drama because of the words or conversations they relay at the story. its very meaningful and have sense of meaning in life.
    hope more drama like this

  934. 934 : mml Says:

    @933 weng,
    thank you, that one was not really a re-cap, it’s just a discussion about the drama. I just find a new nice sbs drama, the name of the sbs drama is Only Love. It’s fun to watch the drama.

    Well, Angel’s revenge drama is just a guideline to people who are greedy. The romance for Ji Suk also seems to be tough, when Ji Suk loved Eun Su wholeheartedly and end up that Eun Su only love him because he’s from a wealthy family. And when Sun Yoo married him all because of her revenge towards Tae Jung. And leads to Ji Suk to become confused about the love of Sun Yoo. This drama can become better, if, Sun Yoo and Ji Suk , both of them don’t be stubborn and sit down to talk properly. The problem was Ji Suk likes to shout and screamed to torture Sun Yoo upon discovered the plot of their marriage, that’s why, viewers have missed out or missed the chance to watch more happy times when they can be together.

    I still find that it shouldn’t be 103 episodes. It should be 104 episodes, so that, I can have one more episode to watch, to understand, their clearer romance to be shown by the writer. So that I can understand that Sun Yoo will eventually stay at where ?

    Anyway, I am looking forward to watch Kwon Se In upcoming family, comedy, romance drama. I prefer to watch drama and I don’t like to watch movie. Hopefully, his future dramas will not be melodrama cos I hate to watch melodrama, sometimes made me upset and angry and ended up not to watch and to give up the dramas.

  935. 935 : Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    I do not know what to think of the character of Sunyoo. It is filled with contradictions that I almost find it difficult to differentiate his treatment of JS from the greedy attitude of TJ. If TJ dies, she is responsible since the police could have easily taken him into custody but for the fact the SY prevented them. She always believe that she has the best answer to everything and nobody knows better. She over trusts her sense of Judgement which failed her many times. That character has too many flaws that removes the angelic feature attached to her. She is a pathological liar, and cared less how much she hurt JS especially for not taking him into confidence despite knowing that the young man adores her. We shall be watching the last episode on friday. I am happy that the drama has come to an end. I have never paid so much attention to a drama in the recent times as I paid to this drama. What is important to me is that the bad guy did not succeed. That in itself gave me enough satisfaction.

  936. 936 : weng Says:

    JS really love SY because today’s episode (102) he ask SY to stay by his side until TJ will not hurt her. SY is so stubborn that she turn down JS offer. tom last episode JS still went to SY house for the last time. unfortunately they didn’t meet. so sad that i have to miss them both.

    more power

  937. 937 : mml Says:

    @936 weng,
    come and join me to watch this laughing drama , the name of this sbs drama is called Only Love and three couples having their romance story. Currenly, I have been watching this drama from Monday to Friday, it’s fun watching this drama.

    Angel’s revenge this drama has already completed the whole drama and whether viewers satisfied or disappointed, we can’t change the writer to extend one more episode to make it 104 episodes so that, can fill up more areas of romance for Sun Yoo and Ji Suk. And therefore, we should look around and hunt for more upcoming happy romance dramas to make us more happy to watch the dramas and why should we watch a sad torture drama to torture ourself, correct a not ?

  938. 938 : choopatiu Says:

    Is this drama a good watch?I need some good recommendations before watching it since its a very long drama.will my time be worth the watch?

  939. 939 : reindeer song Says:

    Choopatiu, Yes and No! It has it’s moments, I enjoyed it but had to travel when I came back it became very gruelling and frustrated.

  940. 940 : sml Says:

    @choopatiu938 : If you look for happy ending drama, it is happy ending but not as we want and as it should be. Also It had some episodes that make me disappointed like reindeer said. So it’s your choice to watch it.

  941. 941 : sml Says:

    Hi all, I have finished final ep with eng sub. I’m glad enough that SY not only said her love to JS, but also gave him hope to reunite someday if they met again. I’m sure what she said made JS came back one year later and found her.
    And at the end SY was the first who asked JS if he still needed him.
    Yes finally they got together again. One thing I feel awkward is they just stared each other with smile. They should be hugged each other, because they were still husband & wife… That’s little disappointment for me.

  942. 942 : Zungtialmawi Says:

    Can a get this drama? Please

  943. 943 : Martha Patricia Says:

    por favor donde puedo ver desde el capitulo 62 sub español, les agradezco

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