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Angel's Revenge 04

Title: 천상여자 / Angel’s Revenge
Chinese Title: 天上女人
Also Known as: Heavenly Woman
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 103
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-06 to 2014-June-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


A drama about the love and revenge of a woman.

Lee Sun Yoo (Yoon So Yi) is training to become a nun. Right before she fulfill her wish, she know that her older sister has passed away. She decided to take revenge on the man who should responsible for her sister’s death, she gives up her dream of becoming a nun. She then meets Seo Ji Suk (Kwon se In) who is an immature man from a rich family. However, He changes his personality because of his love towards her.


Main Cast

Yoon So Yi as Lee Sun Yoo
Park Jung Chul as Jang Tae Jung
Moon Bo Ryung as Seo Ji Hee
Kwon Se In as Seo Ji Suk

People around Lee Sun Yoo

Lee Se Eun as Lee Jin Yoo
Lee Dal Hyung as Heo Poong Ho
Choi Wan Jung as Bong Hwang
Lee Hye Eun as Bong Chang
Kim Min Soo as Heo Ki Jin

Na Dal Nyeo’s family

Lee Eung Kyung as Na Dal Nyeo
Jung Yi Yun as Jang Tae Mi

Seo Ji Hee’s family

Jung Young Sook as Gong Jung Soon
Kim Chung as Woo Ah Ran
Choi Jae Won as Seo Woo Hyun


Choi Dong Yub as Section Chief Kim
Go Do Young as Secretary Yoon
Goo Eun Ae as Park Chae Rin
Yoon Seo Jin (윤서진) as Jung Hee Joo (L Food planning staff)
Bae Geun Hwan (배근환) as Deputy Ji
Go Bo Kyul as Jung In (Sun Yoo’s friend)
Kim Hae Rim as Anna (Sun Yoo’s friend)
Kim Dae Jung (김대정) as Gyu Ri
Park Jung Yoon
Bang Soo Jin
Jang In Sub
Seo Dong Kap (서동갑) as Kang Hyun Soo
Kang Hyun Jung as Hyun Soo’s wife
Kim Tae Joon as Shin Bang Tong

Production Credits

Production Company: SDD, Free Will Company
Chief Producer: Lee Jae Young
Producer: Kim Shin Il
Director: Uh Soo Sun
Screenwriter: Lee Hye Sun, Ahn So Min


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943 Responses to “Angel’s Revenge”

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  1. 901
    reindeer song Says:

    In all these K Dramas now and past I have very rarely seem a happy newlywed couple, doing newlywed things, they are pitted right away into the quagmire of cheating, stealing, fighting, and all manner of evil guised as protecting what’s there’s. Or they are expected to procreate on the first night, who are those people to tell you when you should have a child? Why must you change your whole personality when you become a mother, those UGLY CURLY hairdo’s these forever long skirt with UGLY sock and shoes, why can’t you be an elegant Mum, instead of looking like a home frump, no wonder husbands fool around who want to come home to that look! VENTING! Why must you cater to his family? Treat them like kings and queen what about my family? Yea, you marry into his family, they all should pull their own weight, in the kitchen morning to night feeling those freeloaders. Again venting my questions??? If you were raised like a princess why should you go thru that? Love of husband? Yeah right!

  2. 902
    Wowwww Says:

    i will be mighty mad if my couple does not get a happy ending…that would mean we wasted 4 months of our lives

  3. 903
    mml Says:

    @902 Wowwww,
    yes, I totally agree to your opinion. I have disappeared from this website and jumped to watch Doctor Stranger, Big Man, Glorious Day and some other interesting dramas. An d I have watched this drama from episode 1 to episode 102 and now I have left the remaining one and final episode for me to watch.

    Tonight final episode 103 will have two answers, one answer is Sun Yoo will reconcile with Ji Suk and the other answer will be, they will be leaving each other. The answer that I am expecting is, I have expecting to see Sun Yoo running to the airport to tell Ji Suk that her love towards him are truth and real. Remember that Ji Suk’s ex-girlfriend Eun Su left Ji Suk was ,when Ji Suk ran to the airport to tell Eun Su about his love and Eun Su insisted to leave him. Leaving hurt in his love.

    It will be more appropriate for Sun Yoo to run to the airport to tell Ji Suk that her love towards Ji Suk it’s real and should not lie to Ji Suk. I don’t know what’s the writer’s arrangements ? If, Sun Yoo is not going to treasure this love, she will not be given a second chance. All problems can be solved , if there’s true and sincere love between Ji Suk and Sun Yoo.

    By watching episode 101 and episode 102, I have discovered that the problem lies on Sun Yoo instead of Ji Suk, she claimed that she’s the cause of Jin Yoo’s death and she does not deserve to get love and will not love anyone anymore. What rubbish and nonsense was that ? That means, she’s the one who choose to ruin her marriage, if the ending episode is Sun Yoo choose to fail her marriage that means this is a melodrama and on top of it, it should be called as Double Melodrama. Jin Yoo’s death already told viewers that it’s a melodrama and what if, failure in marriage because Sun Yoo being stupid fool, that means is a melodrama talking about the sisters sad fate, one dies during accident and the other divorce with the man that truly loves Sun Yoo.

    I watch this drama is because I am hoping that Sun Yoo can finally wake up the ideal that a marriage is a decision made by her . She should treasure a man Ji Suk that’s sincere and loves her , his character already changed to better . And is not with a stupid answer and promise to the priest or promise to the holy god that she does not deserve or will never love anyone.

    Can you imagine that if, oneday, we get married and the man keep on saying, i love you and sleeping with one another, while, the wife hearts keep on saying, no, no, cannot love the man and cannot have married sex life. And what’s the answer ?

    I guess, Ji Suk loves Sun Yoo and he wanted her to forget revenge and hatred and moves on to a life belonging to both of them. Now, the problem is Sun Yoo.

    I have already spent many months in watching this drama and now still have a remaining one and final episode to watch , what should I do ? Should I continue to watch the final episode ? Or should I watch until episode 102 and stop at there, no happy, no sad and also no disappointment ?

    Episode 103 will depend on the writer’s arrangements ? Well, it can be with a happy loving ending that Sun Yoo decided to follow Ji Suk to America and live a happy life and also got pregnant. Well, Sun Yoo is a lonely person, with no parents and no more sister and only staying with her aunt, uncle , Ki Jin and also the relative. And it seems that Sun Yoo and Ji Suk have not yet officially divorce and if she’s smart to follow Ji Suk to America that means she will have a good husband and a kind mother in law to love her.

    The remaining final episode is the mind game of writer playing with viewers’ feelings and expectations.

  4. 904
    Wowwww Says:

    You are so right I think that this ending should had been planned out a bit better since the stopped talking like 15 episodes I thought that this animosity would end before the last episode…but I am mad at big man now because there is not much episodes and for ten of them I was upset….smh

  5. 905
    mml Says:

    I went to Angel’s revenge soompi and read the comment, some said it’s a happy ending and some said it’s a sad ending. I really can’t think of the answer for the final episode, is it a happy or sad ending ? It’s hard to think of the answer at this point of time. It’s very difficult to make a guess in this way. Episode 103 preview giving me a surprised puzzled face of Sun Yoo holding with an air ticket ?

    I am scare to know the answer, if, it’s a sad ending. Please watch episode 103 and tell me the good news, if, it’s a happy ending.

  6. 906
    mml Says:

    @904 Wowwww,
    no need to upset or get angry, join me for the new sbs drama call Only Love.
    If, Angel’s revenge is sad ending, then I learnt a lesson not to watch other dramas with the same writers. If, it’s a good ending, I will thank the writers for giving me a meaningful drama to watch. That’s all I can say.

    Join me to watch Doctors strangers, Big Man, Glorious Man, Only Love, you can be happy too. Life is to be happy go lucky. Angel’s revenge is a heart pain drama in certain ways, that’s why I hate to watch Cuckoo Nest. I don’t have time to keep on crying for sad dramas. Korea Melodramas are good at making viewers to cry to upset one’s heart, sometimes our heart feel very pain to watch this kind of sad dramas. I have learnt a bad lesson, I have been watching Hana, the well grown daughter for a very long time , in the end I have gave up in watching the drama, because it’s a stupid drama, Hana did not marry the person that I am expecting to, I got so angry and I tell myself , next time I will not watch this kind of drama.

    Tonight, I can watch doctor strangers and big man, at least am happy that at the moments these two dramas make my Mon and Tue so far so good.

  7. 907
    sml Says:

    @wowwww & mml : I agree with both of you. I do hope happy ending for our OTP even though I am annoyed with SY for 2 last eps. She kept pushing JS away. So stubborn woman. Always thought of protecting JS but actually hurting him but didn’t try to change herself to love her hubby. SMH… Hope writer nim does not disappoint us with the last ep Chebaal. ..

  8. 908
    puzzled Says:

    Sorry, but someone pls tell me what OTP stands for

  9. 909
    Anita Says:

    Yet just I saw details (on youtube), not all, so it’s possible I misunderstood, but it seems that HAPPY END:) SY went to airport and she talked with JS, but she didn’t go with him (I think they say goodbye and maybe she promise that she waits for him???). In the end I think there is “time-travel”, SY is with orphan children and she recalls memories with JS and JS does the same during walking then they meet. He come back to his wife:)

  10. 910
    sml Says:

    @Anita 909 : kumawoò for sharing the final episode. You’re right, it’s happy ending for our couple. But for me it’s different from my expectation.
    I haven’t seen yet myself, just read from soompi chat. It sounds ordinary happy ending, not special one.
    I will watch it when I arrive home and then give comments.

  11. 911
    Weng Says:

    The ending is fine. Not so cheesy. They should have embrace with each other again…. I guess I was a little disappointed somehow. Hope they can be together again in a drama series. Thank u for a good show! Really missed JS and SY

  12. 912
    Anita Says:

    @910 sml: Yes, was very ordinary, nothing special. Just watched each other (least one kiss or hug or something) But have child or are they married or divorced? Nothing explanation, I hate such nothing end… But I look it as happy, because he came back to her.

  13. 913
    sml Says:

    @Weng 911 & Anita 912 : I like scene of our OTP at the airport alot than the scene at the end of episode… I’m touched finally SY said saranghae, twice to JS which JS was waiting so long and also we have to wait until 103 eps for that… OMG. Also JS said : na tu saranghae yeaaah….
    @Mml : could you please explain their conversation at the airport ? Also at the end of the episode… I’m really curious… Kumawooo.
    I agree with you Weng, they should have embraced each other at the end or at least hold hands together, not just stared each other like two strange people fell in love for the first time he he he.
    Well, now we only see the episode with english sub, one per day…OMG
    Btw,what drama will you see after this, chingu ?

  14. 914
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching the final episode and I would like to thank the writer for making a happy ending for the drama. The happy thing is, i have completed watching the whole drama from episode 1 to episode 103 and did not give up in watching the drama. Some dramas like Ruby Ring, The Wang family, sincereity moves heaven, two womens room, the thorn flower, Hana the well grown daughter, melody of love all these dramas I have stopped watching half way through and never like the dramas.

    @912 Anita,
    Sun Yoo and Ji Suk did not divorce, I did not see them signiing any divorce agreement letter, they have been separated for one year. Ji Suk went to America in ep103 and stayed there for a year and one year later, he came back to Korea. One thing am glad that Sun Yoo ran to the airport and told Ji Suk that she loves him , no doubt, Ji Suk was sad to depart and went to America, but, at least, he will spend sometime for himself as a cooling period to think over what he wanted most.

    The writer should make it as 104 episodes instead. Episode 103 is a little bit too rush to end the whole drama, if, it’s 104 episodes, at least, I can see more romantic areas whereby, Sun Yoo and Ji Suk hug together or hold hands going home to visit Sun Yoo’s uncle and more fun scenes I can get like Ugly Alert this drama. Ugly Alert this drama is a drama with fun and romantic scene at the final episode. Angel’s revenge this drama, although, the final episode is a little too simple, at least it turns up to be a good drama that did not disappoint me. The right thing that Sun Yoo did is, at least, she confess and speaks out that she loves Ji Suk, then Ji Suk will not feel that she cheated him to marry him for revenge against Tae Jung.

    Anyway, it’s really good that Ji Suk came back to Korea and re-unite with his wife Sun Yoo and so far, I am satisfied that they did not give up their love and Ji Suk’s love towards Sun Yoo is really true.

    Thank you to the writer who makes a happy ending, at least, I am not so sad and not so angry in watching this drama.

  15. 915
    sml Says:

    @Mml914 : na tu….henbuke with our OTP… I agree with you, it should be 104 eps instead of 103… I need to see their romantic scenes, just like when they were dating ; holding hands, and at least one more kiss and SY becoming pregnant at the end of drama…. But I’m satisfied enough SY confess her love to JS twice…
    Thanks to the writer for giving us happy ending and mianhee for being annoyed for making SY lying many times.

  16. 916
    Aprildream Says:

    Simple happy ending….I could not understand what they talking about because no English subs yet but their actions speaks itself….I was hoping for a kiss or a hug even in the end. I could not wait in YouTube the English subs goes with it.

  17. 917
    sml Says:

    April916 : If you want to know the translation about what’s going on at ep 103, you can go to angel’s revenge soompi : http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2021531/current-drama-2014-heavenly-woman-%EC%B2%9C%EC%83%81-%EC%97%AC%EC%9E%90-angel-s-revenge/p175

  18. 918
    mml Says:

    @917 sml,
    something that angel’s revenge soompi did not mention about ep103, the conversations that Rosie Julia Kim met Sun Yoo and told Sun Yoo to follow her and Ji Suk to America, Rosie Julia Kim plead Sun Yoo not to give up the relationships with her son Ji Suk. In episode 103, the one who helped to reconcile the relationships between Sun Yoo and Ji Suk, it’s actually Sun Yoo’s mother in law.

    The writer did not really mention whether Sun Yoo and Ji Suk divorce, so I guess they did not divorce, it’s just that they have been separated for one year and one year later when they re-unite, they forgive one another about the past and re-start their love and romance. I guess when Ji Suk met Sun Yoo one year later, when Ji Suk saw Sun Yoo looks sweet and as pretty as before, his heart tells himself to forgive or condone Sun Yoo about the past, as his love towards Sun Yoo has gone beyond what Sun Yoo thought of Ji Suk needed her. It’s the sincere love that Ji Suk realised that, he must re-start , re-unite and wanted back his wife.

    While, Sun Yoo with a radiant lovely sweet smile, maybe, she also realised that she needed her husband Ji Suk to come back to love her.

    Actually, final episode wasted 15minutes scene at Tae Jung and his family, otherwise, these 15minutes can used to show viewers more romance on Ji Suk and Sun Yoo, maybe a surprise hug when Ji Suk re-unite with Sun Yoo and more romance can apply to Ji Suk and Sun Yoo or a warm sweet kiss.

  19. 919
    sml Says:

    @Mml 918 : Yes there is translation on page 175 by Gerrytan8063 about conversation between JK, JS’ s mom & SY. Yes I think it was a waste 15 min at the beginning about TJ. It should be for our OTP. It bother me. Or the writer made it happened at the end of ep 102. Then at 103 it was only for our OTP’s romance that we have waited so long.
    Btw I watch final ep of Ugly Alert as you mentioned the ending was much better than AR.
    Is Ugly Alert worthex to be watch ? Since it is long drama ( 133 eps ) I want to make sure it’s good drama before I decide to watch. Pls give your opinion. Kumawo.

  20. 920
    mml Says:

    @919 sml,
    Ugly Alert this drama , although is 133 episodes and I can tell you honestly that I have finished watching the whole drama. This drama started with sad happenings that the 4 kids lost their parents. They have grown up with a hopeful positive character. It’s really worth watching as the 4 kids grown up and found their loving happy romance. It’s a melodrama in the beginning and I would like to thank the writer for giving the 4 kids with sweet romance when they have grown up and re-unite together and forgive the hurt that they have gone through.

    Please don’t watch sincerity moves heaven, it’s a frustrated and made me them angry drama. I have gave up in watching sincerity moves heaven after those nonsense happenings in the drama.

    I will only like to watch melodrama with happy good ending, otherwise, I better don’t watch to waste my time.

    Anyway, Angel’s revenge this drama, the final episode, at least Ji Suk came back to Korea to look for his wife Sun Yoo and therefore, I will assume that, their love re-unite after one year of being separated. The ending episode is not as clear as Ugly Alert this drama. The ending episode for Angel’s revenge is quite short in romantic areas.

  21. 921
    sml Says:

    @Mml 920 : By just watching some parts of ep 133, I know Ugly Alert is good drama and more reasonable than AR especially in marriage life of the OTP.
    It seems they have marriage life as in the real life, different from AR. In AR, the focus was only in revenge, so the writer didn’t bother about anything else, especially marriage life of the OTP.
    I am the same with you, only watch dramas with happy good ending, otherwise, I will not watch, waste of my time too.
    Have you watched Angel eyes ? I heard it is one of good dramas & worthed to be watched. I’m planning to watch it also since I am a fan of the two main leads.

  22. 922
    I like watching the drama so much!Those people we love,trust and respect endup letting us down.It's good to accept our wrongs,forgive and show a way forward like Lee Seony.I like her much! Says:

    I have finished watching episode 97 today and waz interesting on Kbs world @10:20am/8:20pm Saudi Arabia

  23. 923
    Bangsa M. Says:

    It seems like South Korean TV producers are now so desperate to play up to the emotion-starved nature of a good percentage of drama viewing audience that more and more TV dramas seem to contain a good measure of emotionally insensitive scenes and story plots.
    I recently commented on this state of affairs and cited one drama, “A Tale of Two Sisters”, produced by KBS World as an example for its unrealistic storyline. The improbable situations depicted in this drama were so  blatant that I had to switch channels on a few occasions out of disgust. Situations which befell the characters in the drama became so ridiculous that  switching channels was the better alternative to an elevated blood pressure.
    I had also, as a comparison, inadvertently praised “Angel’s Revenge” for being a drama closer to reality in storyline. However, this TV drama too has begun to show signs of overkill in extreme scenes which were meant to be cliff hanger for the next episode and which provide for subject’s further character development. Into the same mould with more and more unlikely  scenes will eventually be shown 
    which are, in my opinion, and out of synch with true-life situations. 
    I am well aware that TV producers have to resort to “shocking” or “tug-of-love” situations to get good audience rating. I am aware too that good ratings bring good advertising revenue. But these producers fail to remember that a well told storyline will remain longer in people’s mind and garner a bigger viewing audience in the long term, and therefore more sustained advertising revenue!           

  24. 924
    mml Says:

    @921 sml and @923 Bangsa M,
    kindly take note that I am them angry with this drama called Sincerity Moves Heaven and another name for this drama Sincerity Moves Heaven is also known as A Tale of Two Sisters. This is a sickening drama that makes me very very angry for a very long time and after that I have found Ugly Alert and became happy to watch the drama.

    Angel’s Revenge this drama made me realised that, suddenly I have become the fan of Yoon So Yi and Kwon Se In (Kwon Yool). And how I wish oneday, Kwon Se In and Yoon So Yi can become the real loving couple in real life. Especially, looking at their wedding scene at Angel’s Revenge makes me feels like, how I wish they can be real married couple in real life. Looking at the age of Yoon So Yi and Kwon Se in, they are suitable to get married and settle down to have a family. How I wish oneday, they are real married couple, it can be very sweet memory after getting along with each other for quite sometime through Angel’s Revenge this drama.

    Years ago, when I watched Creating Destiny, the lead actress Eugene Kim and lead actor Ki Tae Young and after finishing the whole drama, I really wished that they can be real married couple and thank god, they have decided to settle down and have a family, so sweet to see actor and actress through acting drama they can become real married couple.

    Btw, Kwon Se In currently is 32years old and Yoon So Yi is 29years old and I will be very happy to hear news like they are going to get married. So far, I don’t know who is the girlfriend of Kwon Se In and it will be an interesting news to hear that they get married as a couple in real life. Height, looks, education background and interest of common hobbies seems to be perfect match and I will be very happy to know that if they are going to get married and settle down to have a family at this age.

  25. 925
    weng Says:

    the ending of angel revenge and prime minister and i – are almost similar. that they separate way and return after a year. at least i was hoping after being separated for a year. the 2nd time around that they will meet each other – not just stand in front with each other – something more romantic like a hug or a kiss…..

  26. 926
    sml Says:

    @Mml 924 & Weng925 : I do hope they will be a couple in real life too as I wish the same for IU & Jo Jung Suk after they played together in You’re the best Lee Soon Shin kyaàaa.
    Weng, just like you I expected hug or kissed or at least held hands for our SY & JS. Until now I still think about them and disappointed ending. ..sigh… ottokeee

  27. 927
    Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    I have given up on the endings of Korean dramas. Many of the times it is sad endings, at best lukewarm ending like the prime minister and a I. Just take the lessons of the story and move on. Korean drama writers are more sensitive to the feelings of their Korean fans and viewers than their international audience, so bear with them. I just hope that a time will not come when we all loose interest because of their predicted sad endings. My sister has decided to go back to Hollywood movies after watching the Prime Minister and I. She invested so much time and energy to watch it only to get the funny ending they presented. What is important to me in this Dram is that TJ was brought to book.

  28. 928
    weng Says:

    5 more days to end the drama at KBS world. i really miss this drama. nice one and not boring
    wish both actors will have another drama to come.

  29. 929
    Cecilia Ryan Says:

    Whether SY and JK remain a married, loving couple, really is not the big issue. Real justice has to be the main concern for all the characters. I hope
    Jang Taejung gets punished in the worst possible ways.

  30. 930
    Mr Seattle Says:

    Unable to view episodes after ep 98?KBS no longer showing Angels Revenge on schedule after Saturday.Help!!

  31. 931
    weng Says:

    @mr seattle – you can watch it at you tube
    with the english sub – i finally realize that JS really love SY very much. i wonder why she will still leave the family of JS. sad episode for tomorrow…they will part ways.

  32. 932
    mml Says:

    @931 weng,
    when you watched the final episode and towards the ending part of the final episode and when you looked carefully at Ji Suk holding the compass. You will understand that when Ji Suk was holding the compass , he will re-call what Sun Yoo told him at episode 6 , at that time when Sun Yoo was a trainee nun. And that means when Ji Suk came back to Korea, one reason was to celebrate his uncle’s pizza restaurant opening ceremony celebration and on the other hand, he wanted back his wife, as Ji Suk finally realised that he cannot abandon this love.

    Do you remember before he leaves Korea and Ji Suk went to inform grandma that he’s going to America and the grandma told Ji Suk to start a fresh life in America with his mother and at the airport , he met Sun Yoo and Sun Yoo told Ji Suk twice , by saying the word I love you. The reaction from Ji Suk was, he told Sun Yoo that he wanted and wishing to hear these words and hug Sun Yoo , by telling Sun Yoo that he loves her too. And Sun Yoo told him the reason that she refused to follow him to America as she made a vow or promise to holy god that she will not love anyone and will not get happiness, but, perhaps, after a long long time and if they happen to meet each other coincidentally, they will treat one another as if, first time meeting each other and get along well with each other, if by then, Ji Suk still require and wanted her.

    Ji Suk mistaken Sun Yoo as married him for the reason of her revenge towards Tae Jung. And all along Sun Yoo does not want to admit or speak out her true feelings and true love towards Ji Suk. When Sun Yoo really speaks out her feelings at the airport, that was the time that Ji Suk finally realised that Sun Yoo indeed loves him and Ji Suk finally knows the heart of Sun Yoo that Sun Yoo loves him. And after a year , when Ji Suk came back to Korea to look for his wife, he has changed his personality to a mature and patient person.

  33. 933
    weng Says:

    wow @mml
    thank you for the recap. i really love this drama because of the words or conversations they relay at the story. its very meaningful and have sense of meaning in life.
    hope more drama like this

  34. 934
    mml Says:

    @933 weng,
    thank you, that one was not really a re-cap, it’s just a discussion about the drama. I just find a new nice sbs drama, the name of the sbs drama is Only Love. It’s fun to watch the drama.

    Well, Angel’s revenge drama is just a guideline to people who are greedy. The romance for Ji Suk also seems to be tough, when Ji Suk loved Eun Su wholeheartedly and end up that Eun Su only love him because he’s from a wealthy family. And when Sun Yoo married him all because of her revenge towards Tae Jung. And leads to Ji Suk to become confused about the love of Sun Yoo. This drama can become better, if, Sun Yoo and Ji Suk , both of them don’t be stubborn and sit down to talk properly. The problem was Ji Suk likes to shout and screamed to torture Sun Yoo upon discovered the plot of their marriage, that’s why, viewers have missed out or missed the chance to watch more happy times when they can be together.

    I still find that it shouldn’t be 103 episodes. It should be 104 episodes, so that, I can have one more episode to watch, to understand, their clearer romance to be shown by the writer. So that I can understand that Sun Yoo will eventually stay at where ?

    Anyway, I am looking forward to watch Kwon Se In upcoming family, comedy, romance drama. I prefer to watch drama and I don’t like to watch movie. Hopefully, his future dramas will not be melodrama cos I hate to watch melodrama, sometimes made me upset and angry and ended up not to watch and to give up the dramas.

  35. 935
    Nkolika,Nigeria Says:

    I do not know what to think of the character of Sunyoo. It is filled with contradictions that I almost find it difficult to differentiate his treatment of JS from the greedy attitude of TJ. If TJ dies, she is responsible since the police could have easily taken him into custody but for the fact the SY prevented them. She always believe that she has the best answer to everything and nobody knows better. She over trusts her sense of Judgement which failed her many times. That character has too many flaws that removes the angelic feature attached to her. She is a pathological liar, and cared less how much she hurt JS especially for not taking him into confidence despite knowing that the young man adores her. We shall be watching the last episode on friday. I am happy that the drama has come to an end. I have never paid so much attention to a drama in the recent times as I paid to this drama. What is important to me is that the bad guy did not succeed. That in itself gave me enough satisfaction.

  36. 936
    weng Says:

    JS really love SY because today’s episode (102) he ask SY to stay by his side until TJ will not hurt her. SY is so stubborn that she turn down JS offer. tom last episode JS still went to SY house for the last time. unfortunately they didn’t meet. so sad that i have to miss them both.

    more power

  37. 937
    mml Says:

    @936 weng,
    come and join me to watch this laughing drama , the name of this sbs drama is called Only Love and three couples having their romance story. Currenly, I have been watching this drama from Monday to Friday, it’s fun watching this drama.

    Angel’s revenge this drama has already completed the whole drama and whether viewers satisfied or disappointed, we can’t change the writer to extend one more episode to make it 104 episodes so that, can fill up more areas of romance for Sun Yoo and Ji Suk. And therefore, we should look around and hunt for more upcoming happy romance dramas to make us more happy to watch the dramas and why should we watch a sad torture drama to torture ourself, correct a not ?

  38. 938
    choopatiu Says:

    Is this drama a good watch?I need some good recommendations before watching it since its a very long drama.will my time be worth the watch?

  39. 939
    reindeer song Says:

    Choopatiu, Yes and No! It has it’s moments, I enjoyed it but had to travel when I came back it became very gruelling and frustrated.

  40. 940
    sml Says:

    @choopatiu938 : If you look for happy ending drama, it is happy ending but not as we want and as it should be. Also It had some episodes that make me disappointed like reindeer said. So it’s your choice to watch it.

  41. 941
    sml Says:

    Hi all, I have finished final ep with eng sub. I’m glad enough that SY not only said her love to JS, but also gave him hope to reunite someday if they met again. I’m sure what she said made JS came back one year later and found her.
    And at the end SY was the first who asked JS if he still needed him.
    Yes finally they got together again. One thing I feel awkward is they just stared each other with smile. They should be hugged each other, because they were still husband & wife… That’s little disappointment for me.

  42. 942
    Zungtialmawi Says:

    Can a get this drama? Please

  43. 943
    Martha Patricia Says:

    por favor donde puedo ver desde el capitulo 62 sub español, les agradezco

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