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Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes 04

Title: 엔젤아이즈 / Angel Eyes
Chinese Title: 天使之眼
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family, Medical
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-April-05 to 2014-June-15
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


Yoon Soo Wan (Koo Hye Sun) and Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) were each other’s first loves, but were forced to separate due to painful family circumstances. Soo Wan, who had been blind, eventually undergoes an eye transplant surgery that restores her sight.

Twelve years later, Soo Wan now works as an emergency rescue worker, while Dong Joo is a surgeon. They meet each other again. But Soo Wan is engaged to Neurosurgeon Kang Ji Woon (Kim Ji Suk). Knowing this Park Dong Joo decided to keep quiet and not revealing his identity to Soo Wan and also decided to go back. Will Soo Wan realize that Doctor Dylan Park is her first love, Park Dong Joo? Will they end up together despite all the obstacles that they are going to face?


Se Yong Hospital

Lee Sang Yoon as as Park Dong Joo / Dylan Park
Kang Ha Neul as Park Dong Joo (young)
Kim Ji Suk as Kang Ji Woon
Jung Jin Young as Yoon Jae Bum
Jung Ae Ri as Oh Young Ji
Kim Ho Chang as Moon Je Ha
Suh Dong Won as Kim Ho Jin
Park Jin Joo as Kim Yoon Jung
Lee Seung Hyung as Sung Hyun Ho
Im Seung Dae as Choi Jin Sang

Se Yong Fire Station

Koo Hye Sun as Yoon Soo Wan
Nam Ji Hyun as Yoon Soo Wan (young)
Gong Hyung Jin as Ki Woon Chan
Seung Ri as Teddy Seo
Kim Seung Wook as Joo Tae Sub
Sung Chang Hoon as Park Chang Hyun
Lee Ha Yool as Kim Jin Soo

Se Yong Police Station

Hyun Jyu Ni as Cha Min Soo
Shin Hye Sun as Cha Min Soo (young)
Kwon Hae Hyo as Kim Woo Chul


Kim Yeo Jin as Yoo Jung Hwa
Suh Tae Hwa as Park Hyung Shik
Yoon Ye Joo as Park Hye Joo
Choi Ji Won as Park Hye Joo (young)
Shin Young Jin as Han Woo Jung
Jung Ji Hoon as Ki Jin Mo
Jung Dong Kyu


Jung Eun Pyo as Se Young High School teacher
Jo Hoo as the guy who did prank calls to 119 unit
Yoon Joo Hee as popular actress Han Yoo Ri
Kim Kyung Ran as grandma who’s looking for phone
Kim Hwan Hee as Bo Ram
Min Sung Wook as patient who threatens Soo Wan
Noh Jung Ui
Kang Dong Yup
Kim Ik Tae
Lee Joon Hyuk as suicidal man
Yoo Jae Myung

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Producer: Song Kyung Hwa, Kim Min Tae
Director: Park Shin Woo
Screenwriter: Yoon Ji Ryun


2014 SBS Drama Awards – New Star Awards: Kang Ha Neul (Angel Eyes)


Lee Joon ki was previously considering the role but drop out after that.

– Episode 5 & 6 has been postponed to 2014-April-26 & 27 due to the incident of ‘South Korean ferry capsizing‘.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-04-05 1 7.3 (19th) 8.4 (17th) 6.3 6.9 (19th)
2014-04-06 2 7.5 (19th) 8.3 (19th) 6.6 7.6 (20th)
2014-04-12 3 8.9 (12th) 10.2 (9th) 8.8 (14th) 9.7 (12th)
2014-04-13 4 7.9 (19th) 9.7 (17th) 8.0 8.3 (18th)
2014-04-26 5 10.2 (5th) 12.4 (5th) 10.8 (5th) 12.1 (4th)
2014-04-27 6 11.1 (5th) 13.5 (4th) 11.9 (6th) 13.4 (6th)
2014-05-03 7 10.2 (5th) 11.8 (6th) 10.4 (4th) 12.1 (4th)
2014-05-04 8 10.4 (6th) 12.3 (5th) 10.3 (6th) 11.6 (5th)
2014-05-10 9 10.9 (6th) 12.1 (5th) 9.9 (7th) 11.1 (5th)
2014-05-11 10 11.1 (7th) 14.0 (5th) 10.4 (8th) 12.0 (7th)
2014-05-17 11 10.4 (7th) 12.1 (5th) 8.7 (8th) 9.3 (8th)
2014-05-18 12 9.8 (5th) 11.4 (7th) 9.6 (8th) 10.7 (7th)
2014-05-24 13 9.1 (6th) 10.6 (8th) 9.1 (7th) 10.0 (7th)
2014-05-25 14 8.6 (14th) 10.1 (11th) 9.2 (10th) 10.7 (9th)
2014-05-31 15 8.7 (11th) 10.7 (8th) 9.2 (9th) 10.5 (6th)
2014-06-01 16 7.6 (16th) 8.2 (16th) 8.1 (12th) 9.6 (12th)
2014-06-07 17 8.7 (10th) 10.0 (7th) 8.0 (9th) 8.4 (10th)
2014-06-08 18 8.7 (11th) 9.8 (12th) 8.7 (12th) 9.8 (8th)
2014-06-14 19 8.9 (8th) 11.0 (7th) 8.6 (8th) 10.0 (8th)
2014-06-15 20 9.1 (11th) 10.7 (8th) 8.9 (12th) 10.5 (9th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Angel Eyes Poster 1 Angel Eyes Poster 2

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  1. 1 : hahaha Says:

    Why lee joon ki not the lead actor? Im disappointed

  2. 2 : Anne Hat Says:

    Why not seungri??? :O

  3. 3 : kingtez64 Says:

    Huh?! Lee joon ki is not in the list why do u expect him to be the lead character?

  4. 4 : kingtez64 Says:

    Why not lee sang yoon? He is more veteran than the rest of the cast and he is made already..

  5. 5 : censored112 Says:

    What are you all saying, Lee sang yoon is an awesome actor, and is perfect for the lead role.

  6. 6 : dinaz Says:

    Yayy finally my angel hyesun is making a comeback in a drama..cant wait.hyesun fighting!

  7. 7 : arga Says:

    guys the Teaser #1 has been out, please check it out
    this drama looks good
    i know it will be big hit

  8. 8 : Mochi Says:

    yeahhh, finally! Princess Koo is back
    cant wait for her drama with Lee Sang Yoon
    Fighting for Angel Eyes!!!!

  9. 9 : Goo Hye Sun Fan Forever Says:

    GHS is sooooo pretty! And ofcourse, back off haters! Watch her shine on this drama! Fighting, Unnie!!!!

  10. 10 : venny Says:

    yeaahh,, not lee jun ki and han ji min,, mmmmtttt

  11. 11 : bretah Says:

    acutally I’m not disappointed with the new cast. i loved lsy in mdsy and ofcourse, the ghs in bof. i guess this will be a great hit

  12. 12 : choi_21 Says:

    Seung Ri and Hye Sun in a new dramaaa!! Kyahhh~~ Hoping that next trailer will be Seung Ri in it too! YG fighting!!!

  13. 13 : sin Says:

    The trailer is beautiful. Gonna watch this drama 🙂

  14. 14 : park jun sung Says:

    hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa leee sang yoooonnnn is backkkkkkk 😀

  15. 15 : Dahlia Says:

    This is the great cast LSY and GHS KJS and Seugri what can you ask for 🙂

  16. 16 : sarah Says:

    fighting for angel eyes!

    the trailer makes me sad …
    I’m sure this drama will be a hit #amin 🙂

    Princess Goo Lee Sang Yoon FIGHTING!!! 😀

  17. 17 : juliaNE04 Says:

    i will surely like it GHS-EX GF LEE MIN HOO

  18. 18 : Yunie Says:

    Goo Hye Sun Lee Sang Yoon Fighting. Can’t wait to watch it. Hope get high rating….

  19. 19 : Johnson Says:

    Lee jun ki WHY 🙁
    should av been perfect with GHS 🙁

  20. 20 : dramacrazy Says:

    it was lee joon ki first for the role actor but drop out, but exactly i wish it was him to be the lead actor.. so disapointed 🙁

  21. 21 : hahaha Says:

    @kingtez04 ; please read the NoTE!! That’s way im disappointed why lee jun ki drop out from this drama…

  22. 22 : hahaha Says:

    @kingtez04 ; please read the NoTE!! That’s why imt disappointed why lee jun ki drop out from this drama…

  23. 23 : angelamiles Says:

    hope koo hye sun develop her acting after a long absence in doing dramas many of her dramas before after BOF are all flop.

  24. 24 : taraJJ Says:

    yayyy nam ji hyun is back, and now with kang ha neul… even both just playing the younger version of go hye sun & lee sung yoon… looking forwards for these two young talented actor & actress ^____^

  25. 25 : CRY9020 Says:

    Lee Joon Ki decided to participate in KBS drama “The Joseon Shooter” that is why he dropped this drama .. it will start in June :))

  26. 26 : trientjexo Says:

    omg Geum Ja Di From Boys Over Flowers!! i realy missed her omo omo !! i cant wait to watch this drama


  27. 27 : jamaico Says:

    success for Angel Eyes…
    Perfect Couple!

    Goo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon Fighting!!!
    can’t wait watch this drama ^^

  28. 28 : alanoud Says:

    Koo Hye Sun: actress-director-singer-song writer and a lot more ! can’t wait!!

  29. 29 : Crusita Says:

    can’t wait. Hyesun eonni, fighting!!!!^^

  30. 30 : lyn Says:

    great to watch you again Koo!!!

  31. 31 : bella Says:

    can’t wait!!
    can’t wait and can’t wait!!!

    fighting for Lee and Koo <3

  32. 32 : Tandem Says:


  33. 33 : joan Says:

    im going to watch this..

  34. 34 : dramacrazy Says:

    @CRY9020 : ooh thats why lee joon ki drop out? thanks for your information, i am gonna wait for his next drama, june right? what is that drama about?

  35. 35 : bagas Says:

    love koo hye sun!, fighting Darling!!!

  36. 36 : jasmeen Says:

    Miss khs so much. Pray for the best for AE. Fighting!!!

  37. 37 : dinaz Says:

    Every teaser is so awesome cant wait to watch my angel hyesun and seungri too 🙂 🙂
    Angel Eyes fighting..

  38. 38 : sheilah Says:

    I have been waiting for GHS to come back in acting awesome!!!!!!! Every teaser is marvelous… Can’t wait to watch Angel Eyes. LSY & GHS wow…
    perfect….Fighting!!!!! Great casting too.

  39. 39 : asdasd Says:

    lee sang yoon is so cute! can’t hold it!

  40. 40 : WG Says:

    Can’t wait to see seungri acting ♡♡♡♡

  41. 41 : mona Says:

    good luck to angel eyes

  42. 42 : Yogha Says:

    Interesting drama i think….
    i must watch this!

    seungri ? mmmmm kambate!
    for lead actor and lead actress fighting!

  43. 43 : Ama Says:

    can’t wait for this drama…
    i hope this drama will have a good story, …
    Lee Sang Yoon look handsome with his white uniform, and Koo Hye Sun too
    they will be best couple in this year, fighting for all cast!!

  44. 44 : naysa Says:

    its been so long not seen goo hye sun in dramas
    cant so much wait to watch her drama><~!!

  45. 45 : Rosie Says:

    Perfect couple Lee Sang Yoon and Goo Hye Sun. Both are smart, handsome & beautiful. Awesome……pair…….The young couples are very good acting….Fighting Angel Eyes cast. Waiting to watch this drama.

  46. 46 : raine Says:

    this drama looks promising. i like the story. can’t wait >.<

  47. 47 : Tasya Says:

    im watching the trailer, over and over again…
    so touching,…
    i think “Angel Eyes” will be a good drama
    Koo Hye sun oenniiiiiiiiii, Fighting!!!! i will always support you
    You and Lee sang Yoon will be a good couple 🙂

    oh realy, cant wait!!!

  48. 48 : CRY9020 Says:

    @dramacrazy : Its a historical action drama … he’s very good at playing historical characters so I believe its gonna be interesting to watch ^^

  49. 49 : Aya Says:

    I’m looking foward to this drama..
    It’s seem interesting..
    I really miss the sad and melodramatic drama..
    and I like the young actress too..
    Nam Ji Hyun.. I really like her since “Queen Seon Dok” Drama..

  50. 50 : mei_mei Says:

    The fourth trailer was aired

    Oh god, lee sang Yoon really made me cry …
    interesting drama…
    Goo hye sun looks more beautiful in Angel Eyes
    I cant wait, really!!

  51. 51 : Dolphin_88 Says:

    falling in love with Angel Eyes drama
    fighting !!!
    Lee sang Yoon Oppa, sarangeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 <3

  52. 52 : Starfireivy Says:

    I can wait for this! <3

  53. 53 : Infinitely Says:


  54. 54 : yasmeen Says:

    Watch trailer 4… again n again… april plz come fast…3 more day for presscon

  55. 55 : amel Says:

    i love thissss dramaaaaa!!!!!!

  56. 56 : Angel Says:

    sweet korean drama…
    goo hye sun look different here, can’t wait…

  57. 57 : dorama fever Says:

    count de day now for watching this drama agh…seungri

  58. 58 : sizuke Says:

    fighting for my noona!!!
    cant wait watch this drama
    koo noona fighting!!!

  59. 59 : yasmeen Says:

    Lets join discussion on this drama at http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2021914/upcoming-drama-2014-angel-eyes. Lots og pictures.. gif…updates post by this drama lover.

  60. 60 : Sun16 Says:

    3 days for angel eyes…
    you must watch this drama!!!

    Goo hye sun_Lee Sang Yon Fighting!!!
    I love this couple, <3 🙂

  61. 61 : Sun16 Says:

    waiting for tomorrow’s press conference
    cant wait…

    fighting Angel Eyes!!!! 🙂

  62. 62 : goo Says:

    go angel eyes!!! =)

  63. 63 : hny Jo Says:

    the actor picture here…why I see him looks like Jo In Sung oppa..hehehhe ;))

  64. 64 : Bacon Says:

    So excited for this omgg

  65. 65 : momO Says:

    It’s today!!!!

  66. 66 : dinaz Says:

    Finally the D-day..cant wait hyesun,waited for so long for ur comeback.praying for the drama success 🙂
    Yoon soo wan fighting!!

  67. 67 : Nudge Says:

    The main cast members came on RM a few weeks back. Looking forward to this drama.

  68. 68 : K-Torrents Says:

    For download

  69. 69 : Sun16 Says:

    what an awsome first episode!!! beautiful love story
    i finally over watch the first episode, daebakkkkkkkkk!!!!
    they are kiss! soooo sweetttt
    Angel eYES Fightingg!!!
    can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂

  70. 70 : naysa Says:

    such a teary! i even cried with the whole for 1 eps.T.T
    love the connected between soo wan and dong joo, and finally they became more closeeee which is more than friend to a relationship^^
    so happy to watch this beautiful story, cant wait eps 2!TTTT.TTTT
    loveeee angel eyes<3 fightinggggg^^

  71. 71 : tyarachunnie Says:

    this drama is daebaaak..love it already…good job kang haneul and nam jihyun.. love this couple

  72. 72 : anne Says:

    waaa.. nice start! Done watching ep 1, It was so melodrama, I did cry a lot… T__T
    I really love the story.. the whole part… Angel Eyes jjang!!! d__b
    Can’t waittt.. hope that ep 2 will be faster, much more faster for the eng subs… pleaseeee.. LOL

  73. 73 : park jun sung Says:

    anybody know what the song played in trailer 4???? its seem like taylor swift voice. plis tell me if u know…. 🙁 the song is beautiful…

  74. 74 : Micc Says:

    Very nice first episode! Especially compared to Hotel King which has high expectation. I hope the adult casts match up the performance of the young casts.

  75. 75 : love this drama Says:

    love this drama…i come to like the dialect used in this drama…hihi

  76. 76 : Micc Says:

    However, why would her father let the daughter live by herself when she can’t see? Doesn’t seem to make sense.

  77. 77 : dinaz Says:

    Loved ep1..such a sad story yet so amazing.kang ha neul did so well,his satoori is very good too 🙂 nam ji hyun is also very good,so different yet powerful acting by both after ‘To the beautiful you’..
    i like dong joo’s mom she is a graceful and pretty ahjumma 🙂 loved the scene where she showed the order of food with chopsticks to soo wan in such a loving manner..
    hope the ratings increase coz this drama deserves more love..

  78. 78 : anne Says:

    Done watching ep2, can’t waittt for the next episodes.. I love weekend and now I even wish everyday is weekend.. LOL
    Rating, forget about that, I’ve seen dramas with good rating but it wasn’t really impressed me much like Angel Eyes… too sad the younger actors end in ep 2.. but it’s happy too next will be GHS unnie.. Angel eyes fighting…

  79. 79 : Hello Says:

    touching my heart, made me cry when Dong Jo hold her mother bra,
    someone kill his mother!!!
    poor dong jo 🙁

    can’t wait for next episode….
    Angel Eyes fighting!!!

  80. 80 : Fullheart Says:

    Have only seen Lee Sang Yoon in Life is Beautiful and really liked him, so when I saw he was here I thought wonderful. On the other hand, Koo Hye Sun is tough for me to appreciate. In what I have seen her in, she always seems to be lacking a certain warmth. But, you never know, she might have gotten an infusion of emotions somewhere.

  81. 81 : Run to you Says:

    Fighting for my Koo and Lee !!
    Angel Eyes Daebakkkk!!!!
    emotional drama. made me laugh, smile, and cry
    KHN and NJH have a good chemistry

    cant wait for the next episode…
    hope rating gets increased it’s a must watch drama i can say give it a try u will love it
    angel eyes fighting <3 🙂

  82. 82 : Jyenie Says:

    I have enjoyed ep 1 & 2, very interesting. I hope I will like Koo Hye Sun’s acting, keeping my fingers crossed.

  83. 83 : Joobjoo Says:

    kang ha neul acted so good in this drama how I wish he is not just the younger version but a main character till the end of the drama. =(

  84. 84 : Jyenie Says:

    Kang Ha Neul will have a bright future in his acting career. He spoke the dialect so beautifully, he has changed my view of the dialect.

  85. 85 : women Says:

    Watch 1 episodes is awesome. .. this drama more interesting than hotel king…

  86. 86 : mrit Says:

    the first two episodes really melt my heart i’m sure it gonna be a great hit looking forward too see goo hye sun

  87. 87 : dinaz Says:

    @Jyenie sis so glad to see u here 🙂 i m sure hyesun will impress u this time 🙂 praying that that ratings will improve and the story will get better and better..

  88. 88 : KDCraze Says:

    I’m very impressed with this drama. From episode 1 and 2, I cried a lot. Heartwarming drama and beautiful OST Run To You. The song has been stuck in my head since yesterday. I hope this drama continue to be great until the end.

  89. 89 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi, I certainly hope so :). If not, I hope the storyline is interesting enough to make me overlook her acting.

  90. 90 : IgnoreMe Says:

    20th? i hope next episodes reach atleast single digit… the drama is amazing!!! cant wait fot the next episode!!! saturday please come already!!!

  91. 91 : zees Says:

    Love this drama. I watched this drama because of goo hye sun. hopefully her acting will touch everyone hearts.

  92. 92 : Anna Says:

    The 1st and 2nd episode have already made me interested…. can’t wait for the following episodes…..

  93. 93 : Jade Says:

    Great drama!!patiently waiting for the next episode 🙂

  94. 94 : Jane Says:

    Love this drama.. i hope KHN scene not stop just like that. Contnsly… He lead this opening drama with daebak acting. not fair to him if his scene stop just like that. ep 1 & 2 so touch my heart..


  95. 95 : Sleeping Says:

    crying so much for the first two eps. KHN really did an amazing job here. Seeing him cry made me wanna cry out loud too
    poor dong joooooooooooooo!!!!

    cant wait next episode, the moment when DJ will meet SW. I don’t think SW will recognize DJ. I’m hoping DJ will recognize SW first.
    Angel Eyes fightingggg!!!

  96. 96 : honey Says:

    [email protected] impressed us a lot,hoping for a good [email protected] on the show since the lead ACTORS are coming on ep.3.FIGHTING!!!

  97. 97 : jewles Says:

    @76 Micc & 80 fullheart;

    Her father misses his wife so much and couldn’t handle the daughter blaming herself, so he is keeping distance. I know it is a bit too much. He should at least have a live-in help since he is well off..

    Lee Sang Yoon: You should watch him in My Daughter Seo Young as her husband. It’s so touching how he loves her and cares fort her. He caught my eye for being a good looking lad in Life is Beautiful, but got me hooked with acting in MDSY. I like his natural way of acting.

  98. 98 : ab Says:

    i love this drama so much, more interesting than Hotel King *sorry* i hope rating will increase

  99. 99 : ayu12 Says:

    beautiful drama …
    i cried when i watch the first and second episode
    cried when dong joo’s mother died
    she’s the best mother but someone kill her
    im cry out loud with “dong joo and mother’s bra scene”

    KHN and NJH are the best actor
    now, waiting for Goo hye sun and Lee sang Yoon acting!!
    i believe the rating will be increase

    Angel Eyes Fightingg!!! cant wait, really 🙂

  100. 100 : windsun33 Says:

    Only 19th in ratings, but I expect that to rise a lot once the word gets out.

  101. 101 : Micc Says:



    The first two episodes are beautiful! The story flows nicely and the acting good. I was a bit concern about Koo Hye Sun, although I love her and I think she is really talented; her acting leaves a lot to be desired. However a glance at the preview of the next episode seems to show something promising. Can’t wait!

  102. 102 : goo Says:

    nice story… love the family of dj.. very warm…
    fighting ae!!

  103. 103 : dinaz Says:

    Ep2 is too sad 🙁 my fav k-drama mom murdered by someone.sniff sniff 🙁 poor dong joo and lil hye joo..
    any guesses who killed our kind jung hwa sshi?i think sw’s dad is involved somehow in her death for him to feel so guilty when she died..omo the scene where he finally hit her chest to revive her was so sad and disturbing..amazing acting by kang ha neul in the bathroom holding his mom’s worn out bra..my eyes swelled with tears..sniff 🙁 more than the young actors i m going to miss the sweet and kind Jung Hwa ahjumma 🙁
    Eagerly waiting to see my angel..
    cant wait to see the CPR scene of seungri on hyesun,with the immediate slap..lol 😛

  104. 104 : mrit Says:

    waiting eagerly for saturday to see hyesun hope ratings gets increased as ae team deserve it for a good start

  105. 105 : franzes Says:

    my tears are flowing on the first two episodes… kuddos to the young Soo Wan and Dong Joo… excited much for the next episode.. Can’t wait

  106. 106 : Dhez Says:

    Can you just bring back Ha Neul Kang and Ji Hyun Nam. They were more beautiful pairs in the eyes than the current 2 leads. I guess I am more emotional with their acting.

  107. 107 : Scola Anna Says:

    I love this movie I got my girl in this movie and it’s like I have to watch it..it’s really good I just love it

  108. 108 : Bacon Says:

    The first two eps were soooooooooooooooooo good I don’t get why the ratings are so low 🙁

  109. 109 : pineapple Says:

    Love the drama so much. KHN and the mother’s acting was amazing. Actuqlly hope they have more episodes. Can’t wait the next episodes… I hope they get a better rating.

  110. 110 : Milla_cute Says:

    romantic love story, first love of Dong Joo and So Wan
    i hope they can be together …

    Angel Eyes Fighting!!

  111. 111 : suzyy Says:

    love the first and second episode!! please make they appearance again…….. I like kang ha neul since in the monstar. he’s so multitalent and handsome 😘😚

  112. 112 : rikai Says:

    such a cute couple. too bad they are going to grow up… i luv the first 2 episodes and i cant wait for the next ones! 🙂

  113. 113 : park jun sung Says:

    beautiful story

  114. 114 : dinaz Says:

    Angel hyesun fighting!!my support for u always..Fighting!

  115. 115 : neehr Says:

    Ahhhh.. this is really a great comeback for Hye Sun….. I sooo love the chemistry between the actors… Lee Sang Yoon was such a charming and hot guy… Waiting patiently for episode 4.. I just hope that many sites would sub it for the benefit of ifans… Hye Sun fighting!!!!!! Sang Yoon fighting!!! Angel Eyes fighting!!!!!! :-*

  116. 116 : leah divinagracia Says:

    yes I love this drama cant wait for more episode.. were can I watch unsubtle episode pls? tnk u

  117. 117 : Micc Says:

    I skipped episode two and watched episode three. I know I am missing something very crucial! Now I’m too scared to go back to episode two! What did her dad do????

  118. 118 : Micc Says:

    The preview for episode 4 is very sad…..
    Love this drama!

  119. 119 : niczej Says:

    yeah the prev. 4 is very sad.. its like letting go quietly and then leave..

  120. 120 : kimchilee Says:

    Kang Ha Neul & Nam Ji Hyun – such amazing acting.. why cant they stay on this role throughout the drama..? I have my doubts about Goo Hye Sun’s acting.. never really thought she could act much with her over the board cute acting expressions.. still, I’ll leave my doubts behind and see how she acts here..

    I’m already missing these 2 great actors even as I continue to watch ep 2..

  121. 121 : windsun33 Says:

    @ Micc – If you skipped ep2, you missed a TON of important stuff.

  122. 122 : Micc Says:


    Yes, I figured. But I’m so scared to watch episode 2 now. Must be so so sad…

  123. 123 : Micc Says:

    Episode 4 is so sad, yet so beautiful! I think I’ll have to watch episode 2 after the whole drama is finished. I could more or less guess what happened so I’ll save the makjang for after the ending.

  124. 124 : park jun sung Says:

    the story is greaaaattt…… really beautiful and beautifuuullll… i dont have any words to say

  125. 125 : park jun sung Says:

    the poster is good, so clasical and figured the ‘romantic’ point in the rain … hmm two thumbs up!!

  126. 126 : cynlen Says:

    I totally love this drama.
    I hope the ratings improve.

  127. 127 : mrit Says:

    i really liked the drama hyesun u r so beautiful as always
    hope ratings get increase from next week

  128. 128 : myra estrada Says:

    This is a.heavy drama just the winter ,the wind blows.

  129. 129 : raine Says:

    i super duper like this drama!!

  130. 130 : Angel Says:

    I’m totally addicted to this drama.i really love the story.Every episodes always touched my heart,can’t stop me crying.It is highly recommended to watch.

  131. 131 : goo Says:

    great story, great acting from the actors, great ost… what more??
    highly recommended…..

  132. 132 : Longan Says:

    I must say my heart bleeds watching these first 4 episodes because it is really painful. Undoubtedly the joy and happiness in Episode 1 and 2 makes it even worse. I even forgotten who is the person that plot the killing of PDJ mom’s etc.. This is one very good melodrama 🙂

  133. 133 : park jun sung Says:

    great drama, love it, so romantic 😀

  134. 134 : zaza Says:

    Oooo the father just let that aunt die so that his daughter can see again… That’s why he feels guilty seeing DJ and doesn’t want him in Korea. He doesn’t want DJ to find out the truth…
    Melodrama again… I am so afraid to watch melodrama..

  135. 135 : Micc Says:

    Watching episode 2! Got nothing to watch right now, and Angel Eyes is so good so “reluctantly” started episode 2. Who’s the guy who actually killed his mom? Not the doctor. He’s at fault for not trying to revive her but he’s not the one who deliberately killed her.

  136. 136 : Princess Says:

    watching all episode !!! daebakkk!!!
    im addicted, really..
    great drama, love the line story, beautiful love story of Dong Joo and So wan
    i hope, she will realize her first love in front of her now 🙂

    im crying for dong joo when his girl have a new Boy friend
    its cruel! heartbreaking you know 🙁

    fighting for Angel Eyes!!! i dont care about rating
    i hope the rating will be increase …

    Goo Hye sun Lee sang yoon, I Love you Guys!!!

  137. 137 : carla leal Says:

    I love this show!!!!

  138. 138 : natiul Says:

    really this is the best drama……. i like all dramas of goo hye sun ….
    dong joo/dylan so wan fighting!!!!

  139. 139 : lilya Says:

    wish she could remember Dong Joo soon. Can’t wait for the next ep
     <3 koo hye sun

  140. 140 : Longan Says:

    Hrmm i believe this melo will be much deeper and heavier. Preview on Ep 5 kinda indicating Soo Wan know Dylan Park is Dong Joo. If she happen to find it out that soon (at 5th episodes and another 15 more episodes to go), whats gonna happen next?
    Yoon Ji-ryun has beautifully written Boys Over Flowers drama and i believe this drama will also be another hit and not to forget, Choi Moon Suk as Producer, Director has successfully directed,
    – You Who Came From the Stars
    – The Heirs
    – Fashion King
    – Protect the Boss
    – 49 Days etc..

    Daebak! Fighting fighting everyone in Angel Eyes.

  141. 141 : women Says:

    This drama is awesome. .. but why the rating is low… is weird. I think this drama more interesting than hotel king.

  142. 142 : jewles Says:

    @134 Zaza;

    Before the Dr. father hesitated to save DJ’s mother, someone spiked the mother’s med. He did wait for her condition to get worst so she eventually died.

    The father doesn’t want DJ in Korea because 1) he is afraid that SW and DJ will find each other again (he hid the letter DJ left for SW when she had the eye surgery which I am sure SW or DJ will find) -he wanted SW to marry the female Dr.’s son from the beginning, 2) he doesn’t want her to find out the eyes are from DJ’s mother. Not sure how they are doing to handle DJ finding out that his benefactor had a hand in his mother dying.

    Great story. So far it was very touching, loving, painful and sad. At least DJ understands that SW is longing for him with mixed feelings since he just disappeared on her. He doesn’t know that she never got the letter he left for her. SW’s girlfriend will find out and let SW know who DJ is.

    I think meantime, DJ will keep denying or avoid the topic that he is DJ so she can have the family that he thinks she deserves. It makes it hard since SW’s boyfriend is a nice guy and cares for her too.

  143. 143 : Nadia Says:

    i think this drama so awesome, the story was different. But why the ratings was low?? waiting for the next ep will get the higher ratings:)

  144. 144 : anne Says:

    I kept on thinking some of my fav dramas are low rating but highest rating in my heart.. LOL… I love this drama since it firstly appear untill the end… so love the story.. great cast and acting… love love love it..

  145. 145 : Diana Says:

    sad story…
    but happy ending, i believe that LOL

    rating low ? its doesnt matter
    Angel Eyes Fighting!!!

    eps 4, like All, every scene…
    sensible scenes ,meaningful, and romantic when they looked each other so deeply…. #awwwww

    soo wan, dylan park is your first loveeeeeeeeeee
    pleaseeeee, …

    goo hye sun and sang yoon have a great chemistry, i love this couple 🙂

  146. 146 : Sweet_sun Says:

    ohhhhhhhhh, waiting for saturday night!!!
    im stresssss LOL

    really really miss Dong Joo’s dimple and sixpact hahahaha
    My babyYoon Fightingg!!!!

  147. 147 : Malika Says:

    I’m at the 3rd ep…the drama going more and more interesting… Loved the first episodes…I will regret the young PDJ. Hope the coming ep are worth to watch.

  148. 148 : Nou-Nou Says:

    OMG! I love this drama a lot hope that the main girl will find out soon that the main guy that work with him is her first love from 12 year ago! I love her friend too. But the most part I can’t wait is every weekend it will come out! I feel super sad for the main guy, why just he can’t tell her that he is him! WHY?! Anyway, if he tell then we wouldn’t have this drama. Hope she find out SOON!

  149. 149 : Bacon Says:

    I’m on episode 3 and damn this drama is just amazing. 🙂 The storyline is really refreshing, something new 🙂 And the cast is amazing as well!!! Definitely a must watch <33 Looking forward to the new episodes 😀

  150. 150 : Me Says:

    I guess medical dramas are really popular, this is one of many medical dramas that have come out like emergency couple, medical top team, brain, dr. Jin and now this and also the new drama coming out called doctor stranger

  151. 151 : hny Jo Says:

    after bride of the century ..I’ll jump to Angel eyes…nice n interesting ;))

  152. 152 : dinaz Says:

    Ep3: oohh i just loved this episode but it was so sad..
    wowwww what a beautiful entry for my angel after 2years,could stop smiling and being proud of my unni,she looks so beautiful like an angel 🙂 even in a uniform our snow white shines 🙂
    this is my 1st drama of lsy,he is handsome and his dimples..gyeopta 😉 its such a sad story he cals so wan’s dad as aboji who is responsible for her mom’s death..poor guy he is so close to her yet he cant reveal his identity 🙁
    the cooking scene is so beautifully done..
    loved seungri and his weird accent..lol..wish to see more of hyesun and seungri moments,they are so funny together.. 🙂
    Angel eyes fighting!!

  153. 153 : arsenia Says:

    i really really like this drama

  154. 154 : EmEm Says:

    I really love this drama too , never mind the ratings ..fight for ANGEL EYES !!…

  155. 155 : anne Says:

    too bad this whole week, wed-thu and sat-sun dramas weren’t aired due to ferry incident.. I have to be patient wait for next week.. ohhhh TT__TT

  156. 156 : park jun sung Says:

    omaigaaattt really? angel eyes also postponed aired this week… huhuhuhuhu :'( bad news . . . there is no cunning single lady n angel eyes this week :'( :'(

  157. 157 : park jun sung Says:

    😥 😥 :angry:

  158. 158 : Dylon Park Says:

    i Miss this drama………
    next week, be patient 🙂

  159. 159 : Fullheart5 Says:

    So far horrifying. Not sure want to continue.

  160. 160 : sun Says:

    omaygat this drama so addicted

  161. 161 : myrna Says:

    where is ep 5 ???

  162. 162 : Angel Says:

    Still waiting:(#prayforsouthkorea

  163. 163 : anne Says:

    This is still monday, can we just jump to sat-sun? I can’t waiiitttttt… >___<

  164. 164 : Bhaby Ichiba Says:

    I start loving this drama, the characters are so real, the lead stars are so adorable

  165. 165 : ching Says:

    be strong south korea all my heart always praying for south korea
    hope to continue all the drama this week

  166. 166 : mrit Says:

    waiting for ep 5 sat come soon

  167. 167 : Diana Says:

    OMG, I can’t wait this drama…
    amazing love story, Yoon So wan and Park Dong Joo..
    i hope this drama will be happy ending

    dont forget to prepare our box tissue from this week lol
    its really sad …

  168. 168 : melinalee99 Says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhh it’s good drama so far! i cried a lot especially episode 4 TT
    omaigat i not willing that yoon so wan will engaged kang ji woon!so poor park dong joooo. please tell her that you is park dong joo. dont hide your identity plss TT
    cant wait this saturday and sundayyyy \m/

  169. 169 : Birddybuddy Says:

    It’s really interesting drama so far 👍👍😘😂

  170. 170 : Anna Says:

    Hi..Im into marathon…hope eps 5-6 resumes soon..

  171. 171 : Carmelita147 Says:

    Yes I love this drama and cunning single lady. It’s just sad that the ferry incident happened and we have to wait for another week. But it’s okay. Safety of the people is most important.

  172. 172 : dinaz Says:

    Hope AE receives more and more love like the way its doing now..i m sure ep5 and 6 will be as awesome as the other episodes..highy recommended dramas,do give it a trydear all and u wont regret at all.. 😉

    wish to see more of my old chingus(Secret and Master sun team 🙂 ) here..
    nice to meet all of u here.. 🙂
    And my prayers for the families of the Sewol tragedy,hope GOD gives them strengh..

  173. 173 : women Says:

    Cant waitttt

  174. 174 : mrit Says:

    tonight ep 5,6 will air by 21.55 cant wait

  175. 175 : Angelcake293 Says:

    This drama is very interesting!! Waiting for episode 5 and 6 this week! The main characters compliment each other well! 🙂 I’m going to patiently wait to see what other twists will come along!

  176. 176 : gayu Says:

    So good drama 🙂 love it soo much <3 <3 Goo hye sun unnie doing great job 🙂 The story gets interesting episode by episode..Cant wait for 6th episode. Here is the Angel Eyes episode 6 preview!!


  177. 177 : Carmelita147 Says:

    Episode 5is so good. This drama is really addictive. Can’t wait for episode 6

  178. 178 : Coco Says:


  179. 179 : ctillman Says:

    coco go to viki.com they post on the day it air or dramacool.com. Love Angel Eyes. Big fan of Hye Sun. I am sooooo excited for this drama it is so lovely and the music matches great with the drama. I am so elated that the rating are now DOUBLE DIGITS BABY. ITS OFFICIAL……..;) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  180. 180 : Coco Says:


  181. 181 : addict1022 Says:

    OMG this drama is so good haven’t watch one after my love from another star. LSY smile just melts me omo LOL. I just love it 🙂

  182. 182 : yoss Says:

    the rating is improving i’m so happy :)))))
    angel eyes fighting 😉

  183. 183 : niczej Says:

    OMO ending of epi 5!

  184. 184 : tabitha Says:

    omg !!! cant wait ep 6 !!!

  185. 185 : tabitha Says:

    @coco : i watch in dramafire.com

  186. 186 : tabitha Says:

    seungri .. LOL… he was so funny…

  187. 187 : Longan Says:

    Ohhh myy, Dong Joo is now being exposed at Ep5! What will this drama actual plot gonna be? Seriously, this is gonna be very interesting.

  188. 188 : kenshi Says:

    really good drama, damn episode 5 was a blast

  189. 189 : Longan Says:

    Watching Ep6 is as good as watching the end part of this melodrama. I totally like this drama plot. Makes me what’s gonna look like in Ep20 then!

  190. 190 : Longan Says:

    * Makes me wonder what’s Ep20 gonna look like then!

  191. 191 : Marwa Says:

    Angel eyes with ENG SUB


  192. 192 : Marwa Says:

    Angel Eyes with ENG SUB :


  193. 193 : ctillman Says:

    Episode 6 was off the chain. Koo Hye Sun really knows how to make a person cry. One of her best abilities of acting is when she gets emotional just like BOF and Pure 19 also one scene from Take care of us captain in the hospital, i cry like a baby everytime she gets emotional hell she probably make her co workers cry. Great job. The show is getting better and better.

  194. 194 : ki chee Says:

    from 1st ep ’til latest are really, soooo, amazing[interesting]. i’m feeling disappointed w/ the ratings, though. hello people why is it so,,,? the artists here act splendidly, then why a cold heart,,,? just because they are not icon artists[like these…so and so] you won’t give a 23 ratings? i know a lot of icon artists playing in lightweight stories in lightweight roles/actings but having given high ratings. not fair,,,tsk-tsk-tsk. not too late though, change the ratings to 25.

  195. 195 : addict1022 Says:

    i was bleeding so much from the whole episode 6 until it reach the last part where pdj hugs ysw, that made it all go away. OMG I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!!! <3

  196. 196 : kyla Says:


    episode 6 already there.. I like it so much..

  197. 197 : kyla Says:

    watch it gooddrama.net ,very nice

  198. 198 : yin Says:

    rating growsup beat HK now…daebak

  199. 199 : Bacon Says:

    YES YES FINALLY THE RATINGS ARE INCREASING!! <3 THEY TOTALLY DESERVE IT 🙂 The storyline and actors are just amazing!!

  200. 200 : women Says:

    Yes this is absolutely better than HK

  201. 201 : mrit Says:

    this drama s so good excellent acting by ghs she portrayed the yoon so wan character so well

  202. 202 : tintinRELOS Says:

    now the ratings getting higher… this drama deserved it.

  203. 203 : Wee Says:

    I have been crying so.much on eps 6…why why why

  204. 204 : Micc Says:

    The love story is beautiful! Lee Sang Yoon is handsome and Koo Hye Sun is gorgeous! Koo’s acting is a surprise, I thought she was going to tank this!

    But I am totally in despise now. Clearly, this story is about two foolish and selfish parents! Kang Ji Woon’s mom is probably the one who killed Dong Joo’s mom (wild guess), and Soo Wan’s dad’s doing wasn’t helping either. I hate this kind of idiocracy, their kids are kids, but other people’s kids are not! I am a mom too, so I totally understand wanting only the best for your child, but I won’t go hurting others to achieve that goal because I know that won’t make my child happy.

  205. 205 : kimchilee Says:

    Koo Hye Sun’s acting has surprisingly improved.. I am glad she did not act all cutey like she did in all her dramas.. my only gripe with her is her untidy hairstyle which does not suit her role as an emergency worker.. so untidy..even though her hair is all tied up but her fringe and side hairs do not fit the tidy and neat attire an emergency worker should be.

    Her stubborness in saving a dying woman from the accident where the tanker was in danger of exploding also endangered the others.. I wonder if in real scenario that should be the case. I watch the documentary “Heartbeat” and some rescuing scenes certainly did not match the real happenings.. so they say.. its all drama..

  206. 206 : Jenny taw Says:

    This show is really touching – the two pairs of lead roles (young and adult ) do such a great job. The supporting casts are good too ! Thumbs up! Only irritation is the selfish father – I really feel like strangling him .

  207. 207 : park jun sung Says:

    waaaaaaaaaa.. the rating hit top 10. good job!!! i really like this drama, beautiful story, and beautiful cast. LSY GHS is good in pair. love this week, the episode is cool 😀

  208. 208 : park jun sung Says:

    hope its hit 1st rating!!!!! fighting…. must watch drama 2014!!!

  209. 209 : Carmelita147 Says:

    Wow. Angel eyes is getting more exciting every episode. Can ‘t wait for episodes 7 and 8. I really love these two. I have been watching their dramas

  210. 210 : hny Jo Says:

    Story good..the cast good ..hope next episode the plot more faster. .so more thrilling 😉

  211. 211 : ljxxv Says:

    I love this drama, can’t wait for next episodes… KHS crying scene T_T love the chemistry with LSY

  212. 212 : Longan Says:

    In Ep6, I think DJ did leave SW for Boston but for how long? Situations kinda look hectic in Ep7 preview with JW seems to be very nervous because SW is wavering plus everybody seems shock to learn that SW father take care of DJ like a son.
    I think DJ will comeback as a son to SW father but not for long. Although it must be really hurtful when that happen.
    Melodrama it is, then better expect a good one coming from this drama.

  213. 213 : emerald Says:

    beating up Hotel King is a good thing… jejejeje

  214. 214 : MR.WING Says:

    Aish ,, can’t wait for eps 7. quickly come saturday :). hwaiting SW & DP

  215. 215 : AnnieMac Says:

    LSY is doing a great job here – not so much of talking but the facial expression is saying a lot! He is super handsome:) I love the plot of the story – the thrill and excitement is leveling up per episode. Hope this will be number 1 in korea’s tv rating.

  216. 216 : gayu Says:

    Angel eyes ep 7 preview


  217. 217 : odhie Says:

    why lee joon ki drop out?i like park dong joo tall and handsome

  218. 218 : 3504fa46 Says:

    I kinda have a date check for someone who knows Korean about who’s right, Viki or DramaFever, @ right around 1:02:40. Viki says Soo Wan’s 22, while DramaFever says 20. @ 01:02:55 Viki says 24, while DramaFever says 26. Who’s right?

  219. 219 : torri Says:


  220. 220 : Jewles Says:

    @218 3504fa46;

    I thought they met when they were 18 and 20 where Soo Won was older. Then he was gone for 12 years? That makes them 30 and 32, no?

  221. 221 : susu Says:

    no words to describe…this drama is too good and the lead actors are so excellent….daebak!!!

  222. 222 : yasmeen Says:

    I read from AE forum there is special show for AE at SBS this friday 11.25pm SKorea time… Hope it will be uploaded somewhere so that the international fan can watch it..or better still let watch it live streaming….

  223. 223 : malou1010 Says:

    Ok guys I’ve been lurking this site for quite a while now, coz I’m still undecided if I should start watching now or wait till the drama gets halfway. But goodness gracious, your comments are sooooo amazing, I don’t think I can hold off any longer! So will definitely marathon the 6 episodes so I can join in the fun! Good job everyone!

    I’m in high spirits coming from CSL’s happy ending so don’t mind one bit if this drama is a melodrama. Fingers crossed, it’s headed to a happy ending! Have to admit, the synopsis caught my interest esp. the male lead Lee Sang Yoon (loved him in My Daughter Seo Young) & this will be a 1st for me to watch Koo Hye Sun.

  224. 224 : fannsh Says:

    The only melodrama which i continuously shed tears in every single episodes… Dong Joo-ya stay strong<3

  225. 225 : Diana Says:

    Amazing Love story, Soo wan and Dong Joo 🙂
    Angel eyes Fighting!!!
    can’t wait … really i cant wait my special saturday night 🙂

  226. 226 : 3504fa46 Says:


    @00:46:13,950: Because I tried to forget for twelve years.
    (That’s about right since that’s the time you need to study medicine + residency to become a doctor)

    Anyone know who’s accurate with what I posted on 218? I did watch Viki’s translation first so I was surprised when DramaFever’s was different when it came out 1 day later (If you’re watching from Hulu or DramaFever). I wouldn’t have known the difference if I didn’t spot DramaFever slip up on “nineteen years old girl” @ 01:02:58,470.

    I wish there was an irc server for downloading k & other dramas like anime since they’re already growing in popularity. I don’t usually prefer torrents since I’m obligated to seed back with slow upload speed, but Angel Eyes is just too good to be waited on from streaming sites.

  227. 227 : Anewor_alebaf73 Says:

    A very good drama, with good actors and actress. KHS and LSY look good together in this drama. Hope it will have a happy ending! 🙂

  228. 228 : Alexist Calouza Says:

    On Ep. 2, I’m so crying… I love this Drama… And this is so sad (Ep. 1 and 2)

  229. 229 : Alexist Calouza Says:

    If I may, I would like to have a boyfriend like Park Dong Joo 😀

  230. 230 : jewles Says:

    @226 3504fa46;
    Which episode?

  231. 231 : 3504fa46 Says:


    Ep. 6
    @ 01:02:40: Viki says Soo Wan’s 22, while DramaFever says 20.
    @ 01:02:55 Viki says 24, while DramaFever says 26.

    In this case, who translated it right?

  232. 232 : jewles Says:

    @226 3504fa46;
    In episode 6, Dong Joo did say nineteen.
    I love this show so much, I re-watched ep. 6 and it happened to show that seen with DJ remembering the birthday party he had.

  233. 233 : tiger Says:

    Hello guys. Does anyone know which episode will be aired tonight? Any idea where can I watch the raw? Thanks!

  234. 234 : cupcake Says:

    good drama,,,,,i cant wait for next episode.so romantic,

  235. 235 : tiger Says:

    I saw a photo in which Park Dong Joo is wearing the firefighter”s uniform. Will he be joining Yoong soo wan? Will he not be returning back to Boston?

  236. 236 : park jun sung Says:

    @tiger of course ep 7 will be aired tonight. no one else…
    if u want to watch raw, u cant watch streaming, but im not really, cz i never watch live streaming. or you can visit dramacool.com , i usually found raw ep there

  237. 237 : park jun sung Says:

    @tiger,,,, oh reallly?? where i could see the photo, give me the link

  238. 238 : YoonA Says:

    kirain bakal monoton cerita, ternyataa wah daebakkk !!! *penasarannnnnn banget lanjutannya 🙂

  239. 239 : tiger Says:

    park jun sung, pls visit koo hye sun facebook or angel eyes facebook if I’m not mistaken it’s there. I’ve been visiting different sites coz of Hye sun, so I can’t exactly remember which one already.
    I think somebody commented that there was a special airing of angel eyes last friday night at 11:45. I can?t find any traces. Anyway just liittle bit more patience.

  240. 240 : park jun sung Says:

    OMG OMG OMG…. yaaa i have see the picture that u mean.. omwoooo dong joo hug soo wan very tigh… aigooooo really cant wait download it tomorrow 😀 its seem like that both PDJ n YSW has no doubt to show their feeling each other…. aaaaaaaaaaaa 😀

  241. 241 : park jun sung Says:

    oh just info, the picture is in angel eyes fanpage on facebook.. if anybody here want to see, check the page :

    aigooo, i start to really like watch this drama… really beautiful story, actor and actreessss… i really like this couple–> LSY n GHS <3
    of course, bcoz the writer of this drama is one who wrote boys over flowers (y)

  242. 242 : park jun sung Says:

    aish sorry sorry about typo error for ur username… i mean –> tiger not trigger. mian..

  243. 243 : park jun sung Says:

    just info : the beautiful backsound in angel eyes 2nd trailer is “avril lavigne – not enough”…. huuumm so hard to find it…

  244. 244 : vu nguyen Says:

    sory but I have just seen 2 ep Hotel king and felt it better than angel eyes. the cript is very thrilling but also very romatic. Let’s see once!

  245. 245 : Bacon Says:

    AHHHH Can’t wait to watch this week’s eps <33 And yay new ost!! Baek Ah Yeon 😀

  246. 246 : Micc Says:

    I wonder what kind of important people were involved in the death of Dong Joo’s mom. Keep forgetting this is a 50 episode drama, plenty of time for conspiracy.

  247. 247 : Torri333 Says:

    After watching today ep I can say is too early for this two love birds to be together and since it’s a drama the secret will start coming up one after another and this get the show more interesting ,some how I know the secrets will make them break up and then get back together at the end and I think I know how how the writer will try to make things right ,the girl will go blind again due to complication and she will need another operation making her get a set of new eyes that does not belong to the guys death mum is the only way she will able to face him and love him freely because finding out her dad was partly responsible for the guys mum death and also knowing that eyes she has belong to his mum will make it hard for her to be with him out of guilty so I think the writer will have to make her get a new set of eyes well that’s my thinking for now and if am right when this drama is over I will seriously jump on my bed

  248. 248 : Muri Says:

    I LIKE this drama but the music and lyrics is making me cringe and gag. It is too literal, giving nothing to further ones appreciation of the characters and story. Better to rip it all out and restart post-production. Lol!!!

  249. 249 : ok Says:

    angel eyes is one of the best drama in 2014

  250. 250 : Coco Says:


  251. 251 : Trang Nguyen Says:

    I love the story and both main characters. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes. Top ten Best drama the whole time. Only thing that is a little weird is the light in some scene, it looks darker and lighter, not consistent.

  252. 252 : AnnieMac Says:

    I hope that Soo Wan’s hair gets fixed. It’s really unattractive and distracting… Despite this, ep 7 has the best element of surprise – the sudden come back of LSY from the US and his joining in the paramedics team. He looks cute in his orange uniform 🙂 Plot is unpredictable that’s why it’s exciting. Love it…

  253. 253 : Amanda Says:

    Love this drama …
    Beautiful sountrack <3
    i hope this love story will be happy end….

    Angel Eyes FIGHTING!!
    can't wait for 9 episode 🙂

  254. 254 : Coco Says:

    Where do you guy watch angel eyes EP 8 with English subtitles? X

  255. 255 : Longan Says:

    @Coco #254:


  256. 256 : anne Says:

    @coco: http://www.dramabay.com
    This sites are really fast updated

  257. 257 : raaaaaaaaae Says:

    This drama is just BEAUTIFUL. They really did a great job portraying young love and they made it look so pure and real. It’s not just the characters are amazing, the structure of the drama is just well-thought off. It’s as if they have a lot of ideas to put in yet they manage to sum it up and just structure it down to excellence. Although, I must admit the older main character needs to show more of his acting skills. I’m not sure if that’s how the director would want it but I think when ever there’s that moment, he should be crying heaps, just like when he’s younger.

    Well, I really liked it. I think that they made it irresistible and that each episode is keeps you hook. Also, it’s not like other dramas when they add these boring scenes to make each episodes longer. I don’t know about the ratings but I think this should be at least higher.

  258. 258 : AnnieMac Says:

    I was about to say when ep 8 started that it was boring. But not up until Director Yoon met Soo Wan, Dong Joo and Ji Woon and insisted that he is the second father and Dong Joo. Look at the face of SW and DJ!!!! The thrill heightened up… Nice one 🙂

  259. 259 : jewles Says:

    @246 Micc,

    It is supposed to be only 20 episodes not 50. If it is 50, I can’t imagine what else they can add to the already developing storyline.

    I really don’t see why DJ is worried that SW would find out the eyes were DJ’s mom’s since the gift was given out of love with the instruction “if anything happens to her.” DJ and SW don’t know that the mother’s life was manipulated for the eyes.

    Seeing Dr. Mom’s reaction and comments she made when Dr. Dad confessed about killing DJ’s mom, she had something to do with putting drugs in her tube before she went into a cardiac arrest. She was trying too hard to justify Dr. Dad’s actions.

    I am already so sad that they will have to go through the pain and suffering before everything works out OK. I hope, at least during the hard times, they will still be with each other. I just hope that the writers don’t go crazy and make DJ to loose his sight at the end where SW will care for him.

    I like the idea of @247 Torri333 where SW looses her sight again and gets another transplant. Maybe it will be the Dr. Dad’s eyes when everyone finds out what he did and he starts to drink again, then he gets hit by a car, and then…… my mind wonders….. 🙂

  260. 260 : dinaz Says:

    Hello everyone,hope all of are enjoying this drama to the max..couldnt catch up with the latest episodes..
    ep5 and 6:Hyesun looks sooooo..beautiful glad she took up the role of yoon soo wan its suits her and she is playing the role so well 🙂 proud of her 🙂
    Dong joo is being such a jerk to sw 🙁 it hurts him too being like that to the person who he missed for 12years,but he is being a little too rude.
    my tears trickled down when sw cried for jung hwa sshi and she cried calling her omma..sniff sniff 🙁 i miss jung hwa sshi too the best korean mom i ever saw in any drama..
    love the bromance between ji woon and pdj,hope his role dosent turn bad he is so lovable till now..hope his role gets better and better!i like park dong joo and i like ji woon too,tough choice if i were soo wan..hehe 😛
    so soo wan’s dad is confirmed to have murdered jung hwa sshi?somehow something looks fishy here,there is more to the story coz we dint see the face of the person injecting that drug into her saline!!
    love soo wan’s wardrobe amazing stlyling,simple yet feminine 🙂
    love the back hug and forhead kiss between ji woon and soo wan 😛
    love both these guys..hehe!

  261. 261 : tabitha Says:

    seriously??? no preview for ep 9??????????

  262. 262 : emerald Says:

    what the title of the other english song? except run to you?

  263. 263 : park jun sung Says:

    i really like this opening title of angel eyes. any body know what the song title??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pntf9zqYUE

  264. 264 : park jun sung Says:

    avril lavigne – not enough (soundtrack for 2nd trailer of angel eyes) 😀

  265. 265 : jewles Says:

    SW’s acting has been spot on. Love this show. I wonder why SW has the ugliest shoes ever – stylist, please give her a pretty shoes to match her outfits…

  266. 266 : Micc Says:


    Yes, you’re right. I realized it is 20 episodes after I posted. For some reason, I keep thinking it’s 50.

    I actually think SW has DJ’s mom’s eyes is a good thing. It’s a gift that should make their relationship stronger. Aside from her dad trying to kill his mom, of course. But it seems the real killer isn’t her dad anyway.

  267. 267 : Longan Says:

    Who actually hit DJ mother by car?
    a) Detective Kim Woo Chul boss
    b) Public Prosecutor
    c) JW mother

    Who killed DJ mother?
    a) The guy who injected the drug/poison
    b) SW father
    c) Dr Choi

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  268. 268 : hny Jo Says:

    I’m enjoy the show ;))

  269. 269 : jane25 Says:

    Angel Eyes 엔젤아이즈 – Park Dong Joo ❤ Yoon Soo Wan
    😀 😀 😀 ;mrgreen;

  270. 270 : chloe Says:


  271. 271 : ayods Says:

    Guys, do you know song play in ending ep7 and starting in ep 8 also song that play when JW&SW in night rainy days in ep 8.
    Pleaseee.. Reply me.. Thanks

  272. 272 : AnnieMac Says:

    Can’t get over the ending in Ep 8… I watched it the nth time 🙂 there’s always an indescribable feeling with the “rain effect”. Good job to the director!

  273. 273 : AnnieMac Says:

    Can’t get over the ending in Ep 8… I watched it the nth time 🙂 there’s always an indescribable feeling with the “rain effect’.

  274. 274 : tyarachunnie Says:

    love this drama…cant wait for ep 9..

  275. 275 : Rosemary Says:

    Since 7 ep start to skip some scenes, dreary a little bit.

  276. 276 : Amanda Says:

    271 ayods @ the song play in ending ep7 and starting in ep 8 not released, not yet im waiting for the song too LOL
    and the title of song when DJ and SW in rainy night is LOve Too Much by Yoon Gun, 🙂

  277. 277 : Amanda Says:

    Cant waittttttttttttttttttt, saturday night …..
    pleaseee pleaseee, im waiting for “HOT KISS” LOL

  278. 278 : lyn Says:

    superb acting, storyline & direction!!!!!

  279. 279 : park jun sung Says:

    hyaaaaa me toooo i also wait for the hot KISS of LSY n GHS 😛 most anticipate moment

  280. 280 : omo Says:

    Im watching episode 6 now and i really hope this drama has 20 eps only and please dont make it more than that.im not into melodrama thingy but since i heard this drama is good so i give it a try..i just cant stand Soo Wan’s father aka the hospital director and his motive of separating Soo Wan and Dong Joo. Im annoyed everytime he ask Dong Joo to move back to Boston and how he planned everything just to make sure Dong Joo and Soo Wan will not end up together..Soo Wan’s family really owe a great deal to Dong Joo and his family..he lost his parents because of them..i hope the director wrongdoing will be revealed soon. if i were at Dong Joo shoes, it will be hard for me to forgive them.Arghh..This is why I shouldn’t watch melodrama drama at the first place..

  281. 281 : dtdt Says:

    I love this couple. The story reminds me of Summer scent.

  282. 282 : dtdt Says:

    BTW, I like the fact that the guy didn’t cry out loud much, men should not cry out with tears for everything.

    I hate the English song 2 hearts can be one…or something like that.

  283. 283 : Longan Says:

    In Eo 9, somewhere somehow my heart too felt very painful watching DJ crying…longing for his beloved mom. This is very beautiful.
    My two thumbs up for this very beautiful and very meaningful scene!

  284. 284 : park jun sung Says:


  285. 285 : park jun sung Says:

    hyaaa cant wait to download ep 9 tomorrow morning 😀

  286. 286 : Amanda Says:

    warm kiss, sweet kiss… OMG!!!!
    where’s HOT KISS ? LOL
    cant wait eps 10 …..

  287. 287 : anne Says:

    waaaa when I open AE page.. so many spoilers of last night episode… waaa.. I havent watch it.. I’m going to watch it now.. I saw on http://www.dramabay.com already be subbed… then I’m going back here to type my comment…LOL

  288. 288 : ayods Says:

    @amanda 271, oh so that. I hope the song release soon.
    I mean when rainy night scene that there are Ji Woon and Soo Wan scene. that english song, i mean.

  289. 289 : AnnieMac Says:

    Hope rating will continue to increase. This is such a very captivating story!

  290. 290 : reindeer song Says:

    I do not thing the Dr was responsible for the death of DJ Mum. Remember the accident, the person who left the scene was responsible for the death. Remember when DJ left to pick up sister there was a man in the lobby who was givin updates then the figure went in and gave her the drug. The father maybe does not want his daughter to find out who was the donar, remember the doctor hid the letter DJ left for her.

  291. 291 : Muri Says:

    15 mins into ep 9; These guys should have tossed the script back at the writer for a re-write. A man can load a sentence or phrase with a enough punch that not a lot need be said for their to be understanding. Which would have given us the authenticity the scene badly needed. The scene must have been written by a woman (??). So icky!

  292. 292 : Muri Says:

    No, I’m not a misogynist.

    I got the impression the doctor knows more than he lets on, not only that he killed the mother but that he is aware of others involved.

  293. 293 : park jun sung Says:

    hyaaa i need more passionate kiss one…. its not enough its not enough.. LOL 😛

  294. 294 : shiny star Says:

    Really awesome drama. Cant wait to watch next episode

  295. 295 : tintinRELOS Says:

    waiting for episode 10 with english subs…

  296. 296 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just finished watching ep 9 and OMG…. the ending of this episode is very heartwarming!!! I truly cried with LSY when he heard his mom’s voice. LSY’s acting is very real though he is not as handsome if he is into tears but still cute 🙂 go,go,go LSY! I am anticipating the burst of anger of JW’s mom. This would make this drama more exciting….

  297. 297 : Longan Says:

    JD & SW is so happy together right until the end of EP10 but I believed this feeling will only last somewhere in the middle of next episode. Ohh my, poor JD and SW. A melodrama it is but I really hope the writer will not sacrifice JD sister.

  298. 298 : rina Says:

    Please everybody,tell me how can I download ep 9?

  299. 299 : Amanda Says:

    The responsible for the DJ’s mother death was JW mother, OMG!!!!!
    i knew it LOL
    anddd Kiss again!!! wowwwwwwwww, Good Job!!! passionate and swett kiss… and I need it again haahahahahha

    DJ SW fighting!!! love this couplee soooooooooooo much 🙂

  300. 300 : Amanda Says:

    ayods 288 @ that song ? i dont know sist…
    its a good song, and i hope this song will release soon 🙂

  301. 301 : park jun sung Says:

    @rina… u can download here…

    i suggest u to download in idws hosting… 😀 good luck!

  302. 302 : park jun sung Says:

    oh or u can download it in gooddrama.net using internet download manager.
    but the quality is low…. i ur internet connection is fast, download from the blog site above… 😀

  303. 303 : park jun sung Says:

    wow, instead, ep 10 has been uploaded… 😀

  304. 304 : bigeye46 Says:

    this drama make sad and nice thumb up

  305. 305 : Muri Says:

    Well the soppy songs finally worked when at episode 10 our heroine is on her knees begging her father’s blessing… sniff..sniff. Pass the tissues pls.

  306. 306 : bigeye46 Says:

    why soo wan’s dad bad n separted them well?

  307. 307 : addict1022 Says:

    waaah damn this drama is so good but i feel like the conflicts of the story is coming soon :(.. and that bitch dr is the true culprit!!! i hope writer nim pls don’t hurt our ysw and pdj so much LOL

  308. 308 : tabitha Says:

    omg…. i think the trouble will gonna come…

    and i love when they kissing….

  309. 309 : tabitha Says:

    preview ep 11 ??? sigh sbs!!!

  310. 310 : AnnieMac Says:

    Finally the kiss in ep 10 felt REAL already… I can say that SW and DJ are more comfortable with each other here. So sweet!!!

  311. 311 : AnnieMac Says:

    Fix the hair of SW, please….this is the crowning glory and this will definitely make her more beautiful and very compatible with the handsome DJ.

  312. 312 : jinjoo Says:

    what’s the title of that english song aside from Run to You? it is sang by a girl.. i like that song..

  313. 313 : shiny star Says:

    Daebak addicted to this drama its is sooo good

  314. 314 : park jun sung Says:

    maybe becoz SW dad feel uncomfortable becoz of he caused DJ mom dead, and mom DJ ‘s eyes transplanted to SW’s….

    seem like i know what song did u mean. that song is the soundtrack for the opening title of angel eyes, here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pntf9zqYUE . i also still look for what the song 🙁

  315. 315 : park jun sung Says:

    hmmm the 2nd kiss is quite passionate one…. hope there is another scene 😛

    i think its too early PDJ and YSW to be together and happy. its just 10 ep running, but seem like the story is almost final. hmmm i think this drama better airing with 16 ep than 20 eps. 20 ep is too long. im afraid its become flat future….. hmm i just hope there is a big surprize in the next episode. im afraid the writer lack of ideas….
    but i’m glad, the rating increase from previous ep, although the rank is not.
    good job 😀

  316. 316 : park jun sung Says:

    i found new OST of angel eyes. english song … you know it , rit?
    the title is : Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

  317. 317 : yeah Says:

    im fall in love with lee sang yoon

  318. 318 : AnnieMac Says:

    you can say that @yeah… i feel the same way,too 🙂 LSY is soooo gorgeous and very endearing!!!

  319. 319 : tiger Says:

    I’m afraid that the writer will sacrifice yoon soo wan’s dad for the next episode. Making him ill will be ok. hope the writer won”t kill him. Ji woon”s mom evil works to protect her family soon starts. I have the feeling that she will be using director as her bulletproof and one of the reasons that she cancelled the engagement.

  320. 320 : tiger Says:

    Hope Pdj will be able to get back to the hospital.

  321. 321 : tigerb Says:

    i got caught in the young love’s romance which i thought was cute, but the adult version is quite dragging. i know there are the issues of who caused the mother’s accident, why, revelation, guilt, etc., hopefully the turns and twists would be more direct.

  322. 322 : AnnieMac Says:

    I watched the ep 10 for the 3rd time 🙂 the kiss is so passionate… But I am a bit scared of how the story will unfold with DR. Mom’s wrath! I hope that Dr Dad will not get hurt here….

  323. 323 : shiny star Says:

    Want to watch again and again 🙂

  324. 324 : Micc Says:

    Wow, I am a genius! (see #204) Korean drama is really predictable. Not really complaining, just they are predictable.

  325. 325 : tigerb Says:

    2Micc: you probably have watched tons of korean dramas that enabled you to make such prediction. you are right, it can become predictable, that sometimes i forego watching, except when i read somewhere that the story is really good. maybe, you can write a script and submit it to a producer!

  326. 326 : Carmen Says:

    The scene where they are in the kitchen and he heard his mother’s voice OMG was so sad I did cry alot…..it is a good thing for him to have a way to hear her vaoice…but at the same time sad…….sad sad…

  327. 327 : AnnieMac Says:

    For DJ to remember Parent’s Day, that’s very thoughtful of him even if Dr Dad is not his real parent. Just can’t understand why the effort did not come from SW, the real daughter of Dr Dad. A bit ironic… despite it, it’s still sweet ’cause they went together to buy the gift.

  328. 328 : Micc Says:


    Haha! I was just kidding, but k-dramas really have very limited story lines. However, from time to time there will be something brand new, different from the traditional, and I’ll be like… so glad I watch k-dramas. 😀

  329. 329 : shiny star Says:

    Waiting to watch next episode 🙂

  330. 330 : Big fan Says:

    I love this drama….. Koo hye sun is an incredible actress. I am trying to find all of her previous dramas to watch. She makes an incredibly romantic couple with Lee sang yoon. You can really feel their longing, pain and love. This and Mother’s garden are my current favorite dramas!

  331. 331 : Merve Akpinar Says:

    I’m from Türkiye in Eskişehir. Angel eyes* love*
    Lee sang yoon <3 love forever :))

  332. 332 : jane25 Says:

    goood drama i like it

  333. 333 : jane25 Says:

    cant wait next ep… ouch plis, rating plis increase…. writer plis repair the story as soon as possible…. dont make it intens…. 🙁

  334. 334 : hny Jo Says:

    2 drama i love dr stranger n angel eyes♥♥♥♥..Whaiting monday come soon for next eps…to see handsome DJ..hehe..happy watching all ;))

  335. 335 : shiny star Says:

    I really like the story of angel eyes and especially DJ ♥

  336. 336 : Longan Says:

    No no, the riddle in SW letter doesn’t sound good! Will DJ love SW for the 3rd?
    I’m having so many thought’s now. Ep 12 preview doesnt look good too.

  337. 337 : anton Says:

    Angel Eyes Ep 11 Eng Subbed -> http://ow.ly/wY60g

  338. 338 : mm Says:

    wow..rating low again…

  339. 339 : park jun sung Says:

    rating 🙁

  340. 340 : park jun sung Says:

    currently i watching both angel eyes n hotel king. both of them are worth watching 🙂

  341. 341 : safitri Says:

    i’m so sad look preview angel eyes ep 12.. T.T.. DJ please don’t leave soo wan again.. T.T..

  342. 342 : eny Says:

    the plot is similar to “Sad love story”, the cast is Kwon Sang Woo n Kim He Sun, I really love that drama, one of my favorit melodrama

  343. 343 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just watched ep11 and it was a feel good episode. The lines of DJ in his proposal were very heartwarming and realistic…. Love it 🙂 and as always, he looks ‘dignified’ in his suit! However, preview of ep12 kept me on the edge of my seat. Trouble is brewing… Can’t wait to see ep12. Hope ratings can recover from the slump in ep11…

  344. 344 : AnnieMac Says:

    I pity JW here:( Hope he’ll find his love interest in the ending of this story.

  345. 345 : Amanda Says:

    watch eps 11, i laugh when DJ give blue bra for so wan LOL
    second “bra” scene after JH’s Bra LOL

    pleasee DJ, dont leave uri So Wan…

  346. 346 : amy Says:

    help me!!!…im addicted to lee sang yoon’s smile….otokeeeeeeeee

  347. 347 : jewles Says:

    No cure for that one :))

  348. 348 : anton Says:

    Angel Eyes Ep 12 Eng Sub -> http://ow.ly/wZrmS

  349. 349 : AnnieMac Says:

    you just have to live with it 🙂 I experienced that, too LOL. they cannot blame us…. LSY is superduper handsome and decent-looking guy!!!!

  350. 350 : tabitha Says:

    @ amy

    dont worry u are not alone…

    btw all… i hate sbs,, why they not giving us preview ep 13???

  351. 351 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 11-12…

    happy to tears…can’t see DJ crying ,so sad. I just hope DJ can prove his promises to SW,..’ his love will more precious’..! so just move on, don’t waste time to revenge or hated SW father .
    I hope DJ will let the detective reveal the true fact of Jung Hwa’s death and I guess Ji woon would much help( he will suffer more coz his precious mother, I feel sad for him ;(( .. he’s nice person )
    cha min soo n detective Kim….fighting ;))

  352. 352 : shiny star Says:

    DJ you are best love your acting more and more 🙂

  353. 353 : zeez22 Says:

    I think the drama has slowed down alot… no wonder ratings dropped.. It was so good initially… now I’m kind of bored… hope the pace gets faster…

  354. 354 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just watched ep12. OMG – DJ’s crying is so ‘manly’…. He did it so well! I am pleased that he was not sobbing because it does not sit well with men.
    @zeez22, agree. For sure, it will give us what we are looking for in the coming episodes because DJ knew already about the dark secret of Dr Dad. Let’s keep watching!!!

  355. 355 : KDCraze Says:

    @zeez22, I agree with you. It started very good but it becomes too slow and bored from episode 8 onwards. I get bored from watching it also. Hopefully it will get better.

  356. 356 : Ynnn Says:


  357. 357 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Well, I am up to episode 9 and I believe I will continue to like it.

  358. 358 : mie_mie Says:

    Amazing Love story
    i love this drama soooo much
    good chemistry and very romantic
    DJ Proposal sooo unique, he asked So Wan to be his family owwww so sweet 🙂

    i hope this story wil be happy end
    Soo Wan Dong Joo, I love you 🙂

  359. 359 : zeez22 Says:

    @anniemac & kdcraze, i am glad that u all think likewise… really hope this drama doesnt disappoint us. i will continue watching since i am already at ep12.

  360. 360 : amy Says:

    this drama story slowed down..hope next episode better…to be honest im watching it only because of lee sang yoon…im totally crazy on him……ommmmaaaaaaaaaa

  361. 361 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Up to episode 12 and not one minute of boredom. Lee Sang Yoon is such a sweety. He was like that in Life is Beautiful and I really liked that Drama.

  362. 362 : @zugbugirl Says:

    dong joo did very well when he cried. very convincing. sw & dj love
    relationship has also to be shown and its just cute. again convincing.
    like this drama sooo much.

  363. 363 : mickey Says:

    its sad from the start so hoping there be a happy ending… hoping the writer will not disappoint us… let dong joo & soo wan fight together to all the trials they will encounter… im imagining now on the next ep dong joo wil never give up soo wan til end…

  364. 364 : kingtez64 Says:

    Im so in love with this drama kys is more prettier in long hair and lsy still his dimple is so attrctve..both of them has good chemistry in this drama..hoping a good ending and not so tragic when all the secrets reveal

  365. 365 : AEFan Says:

    Wow. Amazing cast. Amazing acting. Amazing ost. Love this drama so much.

  366. 366 : mie_mie Says:

    cant wait for tomorrow…
    Angel Eyes Fighting!!!!

    I miss My Dong Joo soo bad!!!

  367. 367 : shiny star Says:

    Waiting to see a good episode. Angel eyes fighting 🙂

  368. 368 : reindeer song Says:

    This is to all posters! In my opinion the father had no right to interfere, he was a dead beat father only thinking of his pain and his patients when he had a young blind daughter at home fending for herself. If the father did not have the heart to enter his home move out, take care of his child, but he blamed her for his wife’s death , if it was not for her the mum would not of been in the car wreck. He is the root of all that will be happening to his daughter, she was blind now she can see, the only person who was her salvation was PDJ’s family who taught her love and gave her a safe place, he abruptly ended that by concealing the letter and not telling her of the passing and who gave her sight. he deserved every anger and hatred that will cme his way.
    In my defense I’ve only up to episode 6, I had to DVR them due to travels, but is reading the trails. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  369. 369 : reindeer song Says:

    Oh another thing I love the way Koo Hye Sun has been acting in this drama, she is giving way to better acting in Korea instead of the stoic acting, she lets it hang out, no pretense covering of ones body, the messy look, the frumpy clothes, not always looking pretty, or waking up fully made up and in full going out clothes. She is a writer/director and she pulls in what she sees in American/European acting not the stoic, screaming tantrum throwing, she emotes all the pain and suffering without overacting, as is constantly done on KDRAMAS. She matures the role slowl.

  370. 370 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice drama and not give up work hard..for success

  371. 371 : gucci sunglasses 2014 Says:

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    I believe that you simply can do with some percent to force the message home a bit, however other than that,
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  372. 372 : mie_mie Says:

    eps 13

    wowwwwwww bed scene, with passionate kiss
    im jealouse really ! hahahahahaha
    they are so sweet… having baby pleaseeeeeeeeeee LOL

  373. 373 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just finished watching ep13. I love how the dark secret was revealed from
    JW, then to SW. It was so smooth that there was no shouting or strong emotions etc.; this makes the story uncommon. The director has to be praised here. Nice one…. Also, the intimate scene (if that qualifies as one :)), was neatly done. It was so subtle but sweet. Looking forward for more twists and turns because the story is half-way through. The excitement is building up. I really don’t want to guess. I love surprises. So, let’s not spoil the fun 🙂 let’s keep watching, guys!!!

  374. 374 : AnnieMac Says:

    Need to say this— I am so fascinated by the close-up look of LSY. Please keep that coming, Director 🙂 LSY truly got the looks!!!

  375. 375 : shiny star Says:

    Wow daebak episode waiting for ep 14

  376. 376 : desmond Says:

    Ep14 is the most cruel episode todate!!!
    It hurts to be DJ!
    It hurts to be SW!
    It hurts to be JW!
    It hurts to be SW father!
    Even Teddy is hurt too!
    That b***h, JW mother, should die horribly!

  377. 377 : JJ Says:

    I totally agree… Ep14 is most saddest, because she finds a quarter of the truth… they better not break up… that is not fair to them.. But its soo sad that they have to go through soo much pain…

  378. 378 : Carmelita147 Says:

    Episode 14 just finished, we have another week to wait for the next 2episodes. It’s getting more interesting. What are you guys watching that is not boring. I like something like this. The last that I watched that is good also is cunning single lady.

  379. 379 : Elizabeth Says:

    Drama is good…so much going on…and unpredictable… wish SW and DJ won’t get separated :(…they have so much love ♡.

  380. 380 : niczej Says:

    sad sad sad…

  381. 381 : AnnieMac Says:

    Ep14 is the saddest 🙁 I am speechless….but why did the rating plunged??? This episode is done perfectly!

  382. 382 : AnnieMac Says:

    Dr Dad is so trusting to Dr Mom…. If only he knew the b**** in her!

  383. 383 : AnnieMac Says:

    What will happen to the beautiful wedding rings? To the writer, please don’t disappoint us. Happy ending please….

  384. 384 : ljxxv Says:

    last two weeks were kinda slow, but ep 14 ending is wow..can’t wait for the next episodes.. Feel so bad for SW she might blame herself T_T happy ending please.. can’t cry no more T_T

  385. 385 : tabitha Says:

    and i will always complain… no preview for next week??? meeehh !!!

  386. 386 : Sabrina_bee Says:

    eps 14

    im crying oh god!!!
    Goo hye sun’s acting so wowwwwww, daebakk!!!
    Poor daddy. I hate him for the first, but finally i know he wanna be a good daddy for so wan, though he did was wrong!

    chemistry between GHS and LSY sooo wonderful,… best couple in this year
    i hope they will be having baby, Dong Joo’s Junior LOL
    we know they have spent the night together jajajajajajjajajaj pleaseeeee baby, baby baby

    cant wait for the next week
    Angel eyes daebak, dont care about stupid rating!!!

  387. 387 : Tita Says:

    Well…I just finished ep 12, and i feel that i’ll hate the next episodes if DJ will start a revenge…that will be, less interesting…but please, assure me that he will not start a revenge or neither let go on LSY you, how get a chance to see the next ep….I will not have a chance to watch the next episodes for 4 weeks…:( …I agree that this drama is becoming a little slow after a very good start and can be boring some times due to the Repeatedly Scene…but still want to finish it and see how this two will end up with them.

  388. 388 : AnnieMac Says:

    I can’t help but think about sad ending 🙁 I hope I am wrong….

  389. 389 : anne Says:

    I’m marathoning ep 11-14… totally cried for each episodes.. this drama made me.smile.. laugh then cried — heartbreaking. Poor SW-DJ… I hate jin woon, and I also hate his mom.. sorry… I’m too overreacting… LOL
    Happy ending should be writer-nim!!
    And for the rating, who really cares.. this drama daebakk!!
    It’s ending — what will soo wan react after she heard that??? No preview!! oooohhh… jajeungna!!! Must be patient for next week 🙁

  390. 390 : gema Says:

    love this dramaaaaaaaa
    romantic and sexy, many sexy scene LOL
    Angel Eyes Fighting!

  391. 391 : drama korea Says:

    Drama korea yang satu ini memang sangat keren. Akhir pekanku jadi makin menyenangkan 🙂

  392. 392 : Amanda Says:

    wowwwwwww, daebak!!!!
    many romantic scene in this drama, good job!!! Go Hye Sun make me jealouse…
    cant wait for the next episode

    i hate JW’s mom, she looks like a witch LOL

    Angel Eyes Fighting Yowwwwwwwww 🙂

  393. 393 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    I don’t care about the rating, this drama really daebak, make me up and down, cry, and smile when they smile, and also make me jealous to GHS 🙂
    I will vote them for the Best Couple in this year… Love both of them.

  394. 394 : shiny star Says:

    Missing you DJ… next ep waiting for you

  395. 395 : Pam Says:

    Where can I get all the music to this series?

  396. 396 : Mischa Says:

    love this drama sooooooooooo much, love PDJ= LSY
    he’s sooooo hott and sexy LOL
    Goo hye sun really pure beautiful
    i hope this story will happy end

    Pam 395# you can download all OST here http://dlkpopalbum.blogspot.com/2014/05/han-soo-ji-part5.html


    Angel Eyes have many beautiful sountrack, I love sooooooooooo much

  397. 397 : marina Says:

    a very very very beautiful drama good looking LSY and very pretty especially her eyes that why they titled Angel Eyes GHS must see very very very
    romantic nice couple!

  398. 398 : ayuthh Says:

    eps 15

    WTH!!! they breakup!!!
    Soo Wan!, what are u doing, ???!!!
    Poor My dong Joo…
    Im crying, really!
    this episode make me cry 🙁
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee happy ending WanJu …

  399. 399 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    But was it not the injection Jung Hwa received from Oh Young Ji that induced her death or did I miss something?

  400. 400 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just finished watching ep 15 and my heart is aching 🙁 I can’t seem to appease myself that something will improve the situation and make this story end on a happy note. Yes, SW is right, she is the definition of DJ’s pain because she has his mother’s eyes so to speak. OMG….. Still hoping for a happy ending, please. This is truly a nice story.

  401. 401 : AnnieMac Says:

    I got so carried away 🙂 I am still teary-eyed…. Nice acting of the characters here.

  402. 402 : ayuthh Says:

    eps 16

    OMG!!! totally, im crying,…
    Poor DJ and Poor So Wan…
    why their love is sooo sad :'(
    after being apart for twelve years, now they have to split up again?
    I hope that does not happen on dad, pity him
    I’m sure, he tried to kill his self!
    oh, my guess was correct this time, the JW is the culprit
    he forgot the incident, and SW father must had to bear half of his mistakes …
    I hope this story will have a happy ending …
    This drama is so interesting, and I hope the best ending…

    Angel Eyes Fighting!!! <3

  403. 403 : Bal_Qis Says:

    The rating does not guarantee good or not good a drama …
    This drama has a special meaning for me
    every episode made ​​me cry, smile, and laugh
    the story is so interesting, and the acting of every cast so incredible
    I love Seung Ri’s acting, he’s so cute with busan accent LOL
    goo hye sun is so beautiful here, although at first I did not really like her
    but she looks different, so pretty 🙂
    her acting has improved, daebakkk!!!

    I want a happy ending for AE
    and I do not want So Wan’s father died 🙁

  404. 404 : Carmelita147 Says:

    These 2episodes were very sad for me. I cried so hard for the scene at the hospital when park dong joo was saying goodbye. I have to wait again for another week. This is really a nice romantic drama.

  405. 405 : Big fan Says:

    Acting is so incredible in this drama! Such beautiful couple. Soo wan does have angel eyes. How she can get a message across just with her eyes or just a tear in her eye is just amazing…… Dong Ju is just what any girl would want in his love for Soo wan. I just love this drama, even though I cried so much in the last episode. I hope for happy ending!

  406. 406 : Carmelita147 Says:

    I cried also when soon wan was listening at the mp3 . I don’t understand why ji hoon cannot remember anything

  407. 407 : Elizabeth Says:

    Happy ending pls… it’s sooo hurtful to see them hurting and going separate ways… they’re sooo good together…♡

  408. 408 : Torri Says:

    I pray so wan is pregnant I hope the writer makes it that way because as a much her dad is not responsible for dj mum death he did have the intention and even made the attempt so far ,that to be forgiven so wan needs to at least be pregnant mrs writer please don’t disappoint me am waiting highly for that news next week that she is pregnant

  409. 409 : reindeer song Says:

    Why must everyone become preggy to maintain a relationship? Using an infant to stay together, it’s wrong. They both have to sort out their feelings, their love is strong , SW was given a beautiful gift, tho it was taken inappropriately,a life was lost for her too have sight, the sentiments is, it was a gift given by someone she loved and loved her. SW & DJ has to come to terms with their emotions, you just cannot push them back together because you/we want her to be preggy, they could have residuals after the fact. That is a quick fix, the strength of their love will bring them back.

  410. 410 : Kaneki Says:

    very boring drama.

  411. 411 : Schumi Says:

    Gave up after 8 ep. A lot of pure drama and no fresh air at all, boring storyline, though it was interesting in the begging.

  412. 412 : Mica Says:

    Lovin’ this drama so much! I admit I really hated GHS before, but wow. So happy to see her transformation here! She’s such a beauty!

  413. 413 : AnnieMac Says:

    I cry like a baby again while watching the end part of ep 16. DJ’s acting is GREAT!!! I super adore the guy 🙂 Remaining episodes will surely define the story. Let’s keep watching…. Who cares about the rating??? 🙂 we just savor the excitement, thrill and joy that this story is presenting to us! Enjoy everyone….

  414. 414 : Malika Says:

    Oh!! boy….can’t be like this….

  415. 415 : Ayuna_wandira Says:

    Angel Eyes, The best!! if this drama boring for half people, dont watch and GO away!!!
    easy Right???, dont make you stress just thinking of this drama, enjoy the drama that you like, and smilee for your “couple” Like me 🙂 (WanJu the best 🙂 ) LOL

    Really sad, because only four episodes …
    provide additional episodes … pleaseeeeeeeee PD_Nimmmmmmmm

    I hope this drama will happy end
    agree what you say Torry 408# I hope so wan will pregnant, because that’s the only way she can back with DJ
    I know she’s very sadness because her father’s sin
    She had to walk with the use of mother’s eyes, but the horror FACT !!!!

    Her Father kill her “mother”

    Angel eyesss Fightingg!!! fighting!!! fightingg!!!!

  416. 416 : Ayuna_wandira Says:

    a baby will be reinforcing their love, because the child is a gift of the most beautiful for all loving couples 🙂

  417. 417 : Ayko Says:

    I hope the writer leads us into happier and loving ending…
    OMG, only 4 more episodes!!

    I can’t help but to respond, Maybe a baby would be a good idea…
    I am not sure what the writer is thinking…I wish though it is not just a baby that bring them together….
    I really feel it will be something deeper for these two…

    Angel Eyes Fighting

  418. 418 : GieGie Says:

    I want Soo wan to get pregnant but i don’t want that to be the reason for them to see each other and be together again for the 3rd time. I hope it happens at the latter part when they are both emotionally healed.

    Angel eyes, cant wait for the nest episode

  419. 419 : Carmelita147 Says:

    To those who said that this drama is boring should not comment and stay away. For us who enjoyed it, let’s continue to watch.

  420. 420 : Faith Says:

    I must say that this drama is just so freakinnnnnn good!

  421. 421 : Ern Says:

    This is a very recommendable drama!!! Love the cast, acting, ost, everything!!!!!!

  422. 422 : Lovely Says:

    A great and excellent director and writer coz ANGEL EYES is a great love story to father to daughter mother to his son sister to her brother friend to his/her friend everything the writer put to angel eyes all the meaning of love of course I really really like it specially soon wan and dong joo WOW I know we always wanted to have a happy ending..I wish after this both of them will miss each other goo hye sun and lee sang yoon to be real couple love them…

  423. 423 : reindeer song Says:

    @Lovely I concur, this is a very good drama. Those who say otherwise have no understanding or concept into this drama. I want them to find their way back without pregnancy, that is like a “golddiggers trap” love should rule, they have already demonstrated the power of their love by finding each other and the deep seated love they once shared, they are two hearts that beats as one, they will find that love again. This trying time they will endure, they both have to experience the sadness and loss.

  424. 424 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Not boring, fun to watch. I watch happy ending, fun stories. I’d I want to cry, I would just watch the daily news. Does not matter what country, it’s all the same tragedies, so what’s wrong with escapism. Yes, there are sad dramas also, but isn ‘t it great that we can choose not to watch those sad ones. Yea for freedom.

  425. 425 : Girlie Destura Says:

    i love to watch this tele drama because it convey a very good message to people who are both in love with each other but have obstacles pursuing their relationship. But in the end they still br together and love flourish with each other. i love angel Eyes and the main characters gave much emotions.

  426. 426 : alexis Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode so excited please make the day run quickly…

  427. 427 : Karine Says:

    saturday please..please…come… LOL

    Love this drama soo much.
    beautiful and amazing love story, Original soundtrack , and cast
    i just hope this drama will be a happy ending and we will get to see a wedding scene 🙂

    pleasee dont give me “hearbreaking” scene again!!! pleaseeeeeeee
    its hurt you know 🙁

  428. 428 : Swannie Says:

    I can’t stop crying when Sw and DJ break up.
    It was too painful to watch. really really heartbreaking!!!!!!
    BIG applause to GHS and LSY for their excellent acting
    Love you guys <3 🙂

    Angel Eyes Fighting!!!!

  429. 429 : beth Says:

    i’m so hooked, now a big fan of LSY!!!!!! He is so handsome, cute dimples and great actor!!. luv GHS since BOF, IMHO they are a great pair!

  430. 430 : Lovely Says:

    This will be the best korean drama for this year all the award givenbody in South Korea will agree totally all the best will be given to ANGEL EYES although its not finish yet but sure have the happy ending mostly best couple of the year soo wan and dong joon LOVE LOVE LOVE… I love goo hye sun ever since and now lee sang yoon too

  431. 431 : Juliet Says:

    This is a very nice Korean drama. Hope it will win the best kdrama award for this year in this site. Highly recommended for those kdrama addicts like me, he he he …

  432. 432 : Lovely Says:

    Ohh I really miss ANGEL EYES so excited to see ep. 17

  433. 433 : Juliet Says:


  434. 434 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    One more time I don’t care about the rating, for me this drama really good and want to see they will be together at the end… LSY and GHS fighting best couple for this year….

  435. 435 : Swannie Says:

    Reading the episode 17 preview, Daddy’s So Wan die!!! OMG…
    im so sad for daddy, Poor So Wan, ..
    Why daddy must gone :'(
    i can’t believe it..

    ready one box tissue again!!!
    angel Eyes fighting!!!!!

  436. 436 : karine Says:


    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ????? writer-nim pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy ending pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee, I am anxious now!!!!!

  437. 437 : ccarey Says:

    happy ending, please!!!

  438. 438 : Sibyl Says:

    This Drama should rank number 1. I always looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. Love the lead actor and actress. they’re good. ‘Hopefully they win an award.

  439. 439 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just watched ep 17. Things are shaping up now but the effect of temporary blindness of SW is very annoying. I pity DJ. Hope this drama will end on a happy note 🙂

  440. 440 : jasmeen Says:

    At least with temp. blindness SW and DJ are in the same house… that’s a good development…kkk

  441. 441 : karine Says:

    Angel Eyes Fighting!!!

  442. 442 : Lovely Says:


  443. 443 : AnnieMac Says:

    just finished watching ep 18. I seem to have this feeling that this story will end happily 🙂

  444. 444 : Malika Says:

    I came to hate SW…how she could act like that?…what wrong with here…she didn’t care once on DJ and how is felling for here…and honestly this Drama is so predictable and some time bring me sadness and fell boring, Oh! of course I will go thru it till the end as i came so far with this drama, will see how this will end…but oh! if DJ character exist in this world…we will all have a better life… I guess this is why we like KDrama…:)


  445. 445 : AnnieMac Says:

    @malika, I totally agree with you… If DJ’s character is for real, this world is a better place to live in 🙂 I bet all girls here will agree! 🙂

  446. 446 : AnnieMac Says:

    I believe this is how LSY became popular – for being the most ideal husband in My Daughter Seoyoung 🙂 and now, for being the most ideal boyfriend here in Angel Eyes 🙂 I adore you LSY!

  447. 447 : favour Says:

    love GHS so much-fighting!!!

  448. 448 : Farella Says:

    just watched ep 18

    im crying 🙁 when DJ knows how much daddy love him
    and dreaming scene of SW when she was dream about daddy and “little” her
    is sooo touching, really …

    acting all of cast so daebakk!!! poor JW, and i hope he will find his girl LOL
    happy ending please….
    wedding scene >>> wanju and their child 🙂

    im addicted this drama, Angel Eyes Fighting!!!!

  449. 449 : Angelic Says:

    My lovely couple …. Wanju <3 <3 <3

    Poor Dj, he's my ideal Boyfriend and Husband LOL
    I love his acting, sooo hot but gentle
    oh, Mr. Dimple, im falling in love with you
    If So wan denied you again, pleaseeee comeback to me
    comeback my hot baby … im stay here honey hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Yoon So wan i hateeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! but you're so beautiful, why ????

  450. 450 : ccarey Says:

    Same here Angelic!

  451. 451 : Big fan Says:

    I love Soo Wan……so beautiful and so full of ideals…. Dong Ju…so loving and so true to Soo Wan. Both are such good and kind people. They are definitely the most romantic couple! I love this drama even though it has been very sad lately.

  452. 452 : Lovely Says:

    Great kdrama I really like ..what if comedy action and romance for goo hye sun and lee sang yoon for the next their next project I love them to watch on screen and the cast will be the same from angel eyes move to full of comedy a bit of action and romance…LOVE YOU ANGEL EYES {^~^}

  453. 453 : Lovely Says:

    Kind and hearted drama WOW ANGEL EYES…for me this is a very great drama every character has there on line that you can’t forget .. Great writer and director thanks goo hye sun your back again your such a beautiful girl and lee sang yoon take care of soo wan {^,^}

  454. 454 : ccarey Says:

    love this drama!! fighting angel eyes!!

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  456. 456 : Pooh Says:

    Beautiful love story…
    Amazing,… <3

    cant wait for the next episode
    i know, i will miss this drama,…

    the last two episodes :')
    i hope it will be happy end,

  457. 457 : Ben-Ben Says:

    why this drama always make me cry?
    the story is so touching, the relationship between mother and son or father and daughter
    I really liked the scene between so wan and her father or Dj and his mother
    sometimes made ​​me miss my parents ….
    this drama worth watching. I guarantee you will not regret watching it.
    chemistry between the two main cast really strong
    I wish they could be a couple in real life LOL

    Angel Eyes Fighting!!!

  458. 458 : ayuthh Says:

    I hope to be Yoon So wan/ Goo Hye Sun
    she’s a lucky girl, when she kiss My sang Yoon

  459. 459 : Karmilla Says:

    finished watching episode 18

    Finally, the real killer is revealed! JW’s mother jailed
    I was so sad when jae bum must die to sin that he do not really do, Poor him….
    so wan could see again, but why she left DJ? aisshh!!!
    I hope their love story could be happy ending <3

    Angel eyes Fighting!!!

  460. 460 : Karmilla Says:

    Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3 Angel Eyes <3

    Goo Hye Sun Lee Sang Yoon Sarangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  461. 461 : Sun16 Says:

    Can they (Hye Sun n SAng yoon) be paired in a drama again?

    one day, i hope …
    Good Chemistry!!! best couple 2014 🙂

  462. 462 : zeez22 Says:

    This drama too predictable… I only like the first 10 ep.. this is a sweet and slow drama… the pace was really good initially, then it slows down, maybe 16 ep for this drama will be perfect?

  463. 463 : syasya Says:

    Love this drama…..
    Happy ending pleaseeeee….

    Sowan back to my dong joo before you late lol

    Im addicted for this dramaaaaa,… wanju couple…
    Love love and loveeeee

  464. 464 : gaby Says:

    Sowan leave dong joo???? Why????poor doong joo…
    The two last episodes, i hope this drama happy end great drama, beautiful acting.. thumbs up for all of cast
    Cant wait ffor the next episode….

    Saturday please come…..
    Angel eyes fighting!!!!

  465. 465 : Spastica Says:

    They could have done this one in 10 episodes.


  466. 466 : Swannie Says:

    cant wait for saturday….
    aaaaaa, im going to miss Angel Eyes 🙁

    While waiting for episodes 19 & 20…. Missing DJ & SW lovey-dovey moments <3 <3

  467. 467 : One_day Says:

    LOVELY DRAMA <3 <3 <3
    not Boring but soooooooooo Touching ….
    Great drama, …

    Koo hye sun, I love your acting, jajaajaajajajjajajaajaj

  468. 468 : AnnieMac Says:

    Can’t wait for Saturday…. Would love to see how this drama will end but at the same time feeling sorry that this drama will fold up soon 🙁 hope to see LSY in another drama in the very near future.

  469. 469 : Lovely Says:

    Goo hye sun I will miss your cute and lovable face you are so beautiful takecare always please make a new drama please.. I know ANGEL EYES ending is happiness…great love story… Dong joo forever for soo wan{^~^}

  470. 470 : shally Appiah Says:

    It’s a very lovely and inspirational drama. There are a lot of things to learn from it and that is what I like the most. A drama that you can learn and apply in your life.

  471. 471 : Jocelyn Tan Says:

    I love angel eyes but where is episode 19/20?

  472. 472 : leesangyoonindo Says:

    @jocelyn tan, why u asked the eps 19 and 20 when it’s not aired yet? well, the eps 19 was aired few hours ago, of course a few hours later after ur commented. The finale episode will air tomorrow in Sunday at 22:00 KST. Enjoy it 🙂

  473. 473 : One_day Says:

    daebakkkk!!! I loveeee epsode 19
    beautiful story, perfectt!!! though its not real but the writer-nim give us vitamin, lovey dovey <3 thanks
    cant wait for tomorrow…
    angel eyes Fighting!!!!

  474. 474 : One_day Says:

    wedding scene, Goo hye sun look so beautiful with wedding dress <3
    her skin is so white and shining, makes me envy LOL

  475. 475 : reindeer song Says:

    One_day, their skin is not what it is. I read always how these actors skin in so white, it is call filtering, angles and camera lightening. Please do not get mislead. Thou Koreans hate going into the sun most of then are not as white as you presume, KBS and a few other stations love to filter the actors skin making them look like ghost, some actors request that they be filtered, it easy to tell their legs and around their necks. Look at the commercials, they are so whitewashed it not very attractive.

  476. 476 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just watched ep 19… I can see shapes of things to come in the ending. I am so glad that it will be a happy one 🙂

  477. 477 : Lovely Says:

    What a great love story..just finish to watched final ep.20 happily ever after.. Wish another kdrama for goo hye sun ang lee sang yoon I love this couple to watch again..thanks angel eyes{^~^}

  478. 478 : One_day Says:

    reindeer @ok, but for me, goo hye sun has beautiful skin …
    I’m her BIG fan, and it was not because of camera trickery
    she have glowing skin and transparent
    and about the another actor or actress maybe you’re true,whatever

    and one more!!! she’s natural beauty 🙂 love her sooo much!!

  479. 479 : One_day Says:

    The story is so mesmerizing, romantic and beautiful kisses …
    congratulation!!! happy ending, great ending!!!
    I think I’ll miss this couple
    but about dong Joo’s daddy who has saved Yoon So wan will remain a mystery 🙂 great!!!

    feel lonely without this couple…. 🙂
    I hope they can get award couple 2014 ….

  480. 480 : Malika Says:

    Well…here is the ending…Happy ending as every one wished to be…

  481. 481 : Alex Says:


  482. 482 : TddH Says:

    I am so in love with this drama. Very heart warming love story. Kudos to actors, actresses, writer, director, production team and SBS. Thanking you for this beautiful drama. I will never forget all the efforts you all put into it. I would like to see another drama with Lee Sang Yun and Koo Hye Sun. Such a lovely couple I have ever seen. Wishing everyone all the best.

  483. 483 : Angel Says:

    Congratulations Angel eyes I will never forget this kind of drama!hands down

  484. 484 : EmEm Says:

    From the start until the end ….still very DRAMATIC ..
    very nice ending 🙂 …Congratulations ! Angel Eyes team …

    I love LEE SANG YOON and KO HYE SUN chemistry …:) <3

  485. 485 : reindeer song Says:

    One_day, I am not disputing that she does have lovely skin, I just wanted you to know how its done. To be in front of the camera on a daily basis you have to take care of your body, everything show on camera. I too admire her, she is open minded when it come to directing and producing, she is not a carbon copy of the genre in Korea she pushes the envelope to incorporate the gritty of her characters.

  486. 486 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching episode 20. In my opinion, they should cut down at least 4 episodes so it doesn’t dragged the story too long and too slow. The story is predictable and it’s not the best K-drama this year but it’s ok only considering it has a happy ending. The only thing that I like about this drama it has a lot of nice songs and I found Kang Ha Neul is a good actor and sings well also. I hope I can see Kang Ha Neul as a lead actor in the future drama.

  487. 487 : Jaja Says:

    I love this drama. Worth watching. Highly recommended to drama fans

  488. 488 : sahel Says:

    i think angle eyes is veeeeeeeeeery better than hotel king

  489. 489 : AnnieMac Says:

    Just watched the last episode. I so love how it ended. Cool and not compelling even if SW’s change of heart came in the last minute. Thanks to the director and writer. I really enjoyed watching this drama. Job well done… congratulations to all the Angel Eyes Team. Indeed, a well told story! Hope to see Lee Sang Yoon in the very near future. I do not want to miss him 🙂

  490. 490 : cath Says:

    congratulation to all angel teams.

  491. 491 : Anewor_alebaf73 Says:

    Congratulations Angel eyes, you’ve made it! Hope to see again LSY and KHS in another project!

  492. 492 : Big fan Says:

    Wonderful drama! I loved the ending!

  493. 493 : Karmilla Says:

    beautiful ending, soooooooooo sweetttttttt
    i’ll miss Angel eyes drama
    miss my lovely couple <3
    angel eyes my romantic drama…

    they finally happy, Sowan DongJoo
    best couple 2014

    love love love

  494. 494 : zeez22 Says:

    totally agree with KDCraze, this drama shd cut down to 16 eps… ending is really sweet, def not the best drama, however, if u r looking for something sweet with a happy ending then this is the drama to watch..

    i really like kang ha neul, he has potrayed the younger DJ very well, made me teared a lot initially… really hopes he gets a lead role soon!

    maybe they shdnt have changed the leads, they could have used SY and HS to act the younger days so that the development will be better…

  495. 495 : drakorholic Says:

    it’s end. beautifulll ending 🙂

  496. 496 : Cutterpillow Says:

    Great love story, happy ending…i will miss all the cast of angel eyes..Keep up the good work..

  497. 497 : Korean Drama Lover Says:

    Will miss both of them Park Dong Jo and Yoon So Wan….
    Producer, Director, writer and manager PLEASE PLEAS PLEASE make them in one role again in the next drama. They acting so adorable, awesome and every single part for their scenes is so natural and seems realistic. They really have good chemistry both of them.
    The best couple for this year Lee Sang Yoon and Goo Hye Seon..

  498. 498 : niczej Says:

    although i am a man i cry a lot in this epi 20.. geez what the hell is with me..

  499. 499 : torri Says:

    @niczej SAY:
    real men cry niczej so its ok .the show was good enough to bring out those emotions ,

  500. 500 : AnnieMac Says:

    watched again the last episode… I can’t get over LSY 🙂 Strong emotions so overwhelming…. I love this drama!

  501. 501 : peyutnduy Says:

    To know that the ending was happy for the main couple encouraged me to keep on watch. It was quite a boring, slow-paced drama but at the same time it was also romantic in many beautiful scenes.

  502. 502 : Alex Says:

    I love angel eyes totally amazing love story..another drama for goo hye sun and lee sang yoon please I like to see them again in drama..dong joo always the same to soo wan forever…..

  503. 503 : nur Says:

    dong joo and soo wan are so sweet together…i also like the young dong joo..have been put my eyes on him since the heirs..hope to see both lee sang yoon and kang ha neul new drama soon..

  504. 504 : Kancy Says:

    Good ending and the episodes were fast being download at respective website. The death of Dong Joo’s mum involved 3 persons that killed her. Rather complicated. Don’t understand why Soo wan was blind temporarily after her father’s death and recovered rather quickly and left – this part was rather funny. Doo Joo’s sister ended up with Teddy???

  505. 505 : Eng Says:

    Good ending and the episodes were fast being download at respective website. The death of Dong Joo’s mum involved 3 persons that killed her. Rather complicated. Don’t understand why Soo wan was blind temporarily after her father’s death and recovered rather quickly and left – this part was rather funny. Doo Joo’s sister ended up with Teddy???

  506. 506 : gojoove Says:

    Just finished angel eyes. I love this drama.. I love the soundtrack.. but I dont like the 3 last episode. Wasted. But anyway I still love both young n old dong joo.. 😀

  507. 507 : syasya Says:

    Love this drama sooo much…
    Beautiful ending, when dong joo kiss soo wan awww
    Warm kiss,so sweet…
    Finally soo wan realize she cant live without dong joo
    Im dying when sang yoon smiling jajaja
    Best couple… beautiful and many romantic scene awwwwwww

  508. 508 : sabrina bee Says:

    Angel eyes
    DAebak drama!!!!!!!!
    i think i will watch this drama again, again and again…
    Love youuu dong jooo
    Love youuu so wan…
    Love wanju..

  509. 509 : PebPeb Says:

    why Lee sang Yoon so handsome ?

    the first i watch this drama, i know i will fall in love
    and im sad when drama has ended 🙁
    miss Angel Eyes So much..
    season 2 pleaseeee

  510. 510 : NewMoon Says:

    beautiful love story, sweet and romantic scene, Perfect Chemistry
    beautiful actor and actress, Good Job angel Eyes!!!!
    the Romantic korean drama is YOU >>> Angel Eyes, <3 <3 <3

  511. 511 : uggie Says:

    Wonderful love story, i like this drama. I wathced this drama twice… And i will watch this drama again, again and again 😛 Because i love Dong Joo, i love Lee Sang Yoon….

  512. 512 : kim Says:

    I love this drama so much. Goo Hy Sun is so beautiful and a best actress. Please make season 2. Hope she and Lee Sang Yoon are together with another drama.

  513. 513 : Shade Says:

    why this drama so romantic, ???
    love goo hye sun! i hope oneday i will find a girl friend like her…

  514. 514 : Misha Says:

    Season 2 ? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee PD-nim -_-

  515. 515 : kim Says:

    There are many other factors to be clear in the story. Please make second. Overall, this is the best Korean drama I`ve ever seen, it has everything romantic, love, laugh, cry…GHS and LSY are the best couple. Beautiful couple.

  516. 516 : Alex Says:

    Angel eyes 2 please but not too much tears now coz they already expirienced or encountered all the torned and still two hearts bit as one we saw it …this time something like comedy and romance and wish soo wan and dong joo to have kids in angel eyes 2 and ji woon and the soo wan best friend could be together and dong joo sister and teddy..very imaginative huh thanks angel eyes …..

  517. 517 : iwoney Says:

    Just finished watching! This drama will be one of my favorites definitely! Koo Hye Sun had improved a lot from the first drama (Pure 19) I had seen of hers. I agree the other episodes drag on. Over all, a good one. Now I found a new male lead I like to see again Lee Sang Soon. Angel Eyes is worth watching.

  518. 518 : iwoney Says:

    I meant Lee Sang Yoon!

  519. 519 : anon Says:

    its a worhtwhile drama but what i dont understand is how can anyone expect kang ha neul to grow up and be sang yoon :/ the female transformation is more believable.

  520. 520 : Jaja Says:

    This drama was the best for me for 2014 drama so far…
    Worth watching. I gave out my tears a lot for this drama. Never been in that spot before… woww.. This was really a great drama to watch. And the song used in this drama… Secret by Maria Mena… greattt…one of my fav..

  521. 521 : Deanar Says:

    beautiful drama…
    romantic story, I love Angel eyes
    Miss uri couple sooo much
    DongJoo~~~yaaa misss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  522. 522 : barbie Says:

    I really miss AE…how can I forget the most romantic k drama ever!

  523. 523 : GoeyiGoeyi Says:

    I love this drama so much, very romantic. Great acting of Goo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon. They have such a great chemistry. i thing i might repeat this drama again and again.. thank you for make this drama a happy ending

  524. 524 : my_xque Says:

    Hi guys. Please suggest where can I watch this drama again with English subtitles….I really appreciate it. Thank you so much 🙂

  525. 525 : summer Says:

    @anon 519
    I think it’s because the young actors Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun were the first ones who confirmed for the young PDJ and YSW..meanwhile at that time the actors for the adult PDJ and YSW hadn’t confirmed yet and then there was change for the actors. It was reported that Lee sang yoon and Goo hye sun were not the first choice for PDJ and YSW. but I’m so glad Lee sang yoon and Goo hye sun took this role as PDJ and YSW because they nailed this roles perfectly and I really can’t imagine other actors as PDJ and YSW except lee sang yoon and goo hye sun 🙂

  526. 526 : minimai Says:

    How many episode seungri si play role in this drama?

  527. 527 : barbie Says:

    @my_xque 524

    you can watch Angel Eyes in Dramabay
    here the link


    happy watching! im watching again and again..
    ohhh Miss Angel Eyes soooooo bad!!!

  528. 528 : GoeyiGoeyi Says:

    From ep 3 until ep 20

  529. 529 : my_xque Says:

    @barbie — Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  530. 530 : barbie Says:

    @my_xque 529

    You’re welcome…
    enjoyy 🙂

  531. 531 : Bee Says:

    Im crazy for Angel eyes!!! Rewatch and rewatch AE until sick and tired of it that you have memorized it episode by episode and sequence by sequence, dialogue after dialogue…

    love this drama so much! love couple too!
    SOo wan~~~naa, Dong Joo~~~aaa >>>> aisshhh!!!

  532. 532 : amy Says:

    OMG… i love this dramaa tooooo much!!! Kang ha neul n nam ji hyun are very goooood couple! Idk how to say.. but am very addicted with this drama bcz nam ji hyun n kang ha neul…. awesome!!!

  533. 533 : maroon Says:

    love this drama, i cried for two days! when SW’s daddy died! really!!!
    i cant believe it, why he must die -_-
    i hope he can live to see his grandchild LOL
    but whatever, its just a drama! but I’m stuck in it
    sad drama after I miss You, but thanks god, the drama happy end 🙂

  534. 534 : vivian Says:

    interesting story because at first I didn’t like the story of melodrama
    but this drama is different, the family drama which tells parents how to love their children
    and I think Jung Hwa is the angel
    I love his role here, good mother who loves her children
    I also like Goo Hye sun. she looks more beautiful in this drama and I liked the way he kissed sang Yoon jajajajajaja so beautiful and soft LOL

  535. 535 : Kim Says:

    Like everyone else I re-watch this drama so many time. It’s never bored me. I love GHS and LYS. They are so beautiful couple, much deserve a winning couple this year. Please do more drama together.

  536. 536 : Chloe Says:


  537. 537 : Hellen Says:

    I always smile when look their romantic scene (LSY-GHS)
    I think they really romantic couple if it happens in the real life
    I like the scene hugging, kissing or when they are holding hands
    chemical reaction is really strong
    I enjoyed this drama for each episode. this drama is worth for watch
    I think I’ll miss this couple
    the best for both of them
    Angel eyes Fighting!!!!

  538. 538 : Jennifer Says:

    Accolades for the writer Yoon Ji-ryeon, directors Choi Moon-seok, Park Shin-woo and the fantastic stars for making this movie possible. We watched it in Sydney, Australia, we wish these movies could be aired on our SBS channel, as I’m sure you would have millions of viewers, not only asians.
    Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  539. 539 : sam Says:

    Great show!

  540. 540 : Ramazan Says:

    beautiful drama. love Ms. Koo <3

  541. 541 : kinnzzii Says:

    Love this drama soooo much! The chemistry of all the casts is daebak especially Goo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon! OMG! Can’t get enough of their tandem like crazy! Part 2 of this oozing coule pleasssse!! <3

  542. 542 : Diana Lee Says:

    Angel Eyes is one of my favorite drama…
    I love the ending, so sweet
    i love the oeriginal soundtrack too, Run To You is memorable song for me <3 im falling in love with RUN TO YOU ..
    thanks for songwriter who has created Original soundtrack
    Beautiful love story, ^____________^

  543. 543 : Mega Says:

    I love this drama…its so cute drama…

  544. 544 : Riya Says:

    Good drama

  545. 545 : babyQ Says:

    beautiful drama
    but its so sad :'(
    i watch again and again
    Angel eyes <3

  546. 546 : X-Girl Says:

    Seung Ri, You are so funny in this drama LOL
    i love your act as teddy, so Innocent, pure, with sad eyes LOL
    i dont believe it you can do this role hahahahaha
    love you seung ri, sarangeeeeee
    Dr. Dylan too, love your sixpack “dimple”!!! <3 <3

  547. 547 : Kakao Says:

    daebak drama!
    Angel Eyes is one favorite korean drama
    amazing love story, romantic and sweet like apple
    great ending!

  548. 548 : Bebey_be Says:

    i like two leads in this drama
    Goo hye sun and Lee sang yoon
    best chemistry of them. we can see magnet when they see each other and wow i love it
    best couple for this year
    i hope angel eyes will have a plan to season 2
    Angel eyes, loveee lovee

  549. 549 : chatrine Says:

    a very romantic drama
    i love angel eyes…
    dong joo~~yaaa soo wa~~~naaa
    miss them so much ^^

  550. 550 : Cocacola Says:

    the best korean drama ^^
    but why the rating is so low ? -_-
    love love this drama, seung ri and Koo hye sun acting so daebak!
    YG-artist so perfect damn cool!!!
    but i like Lee sang Yoon too
    success for all casts

  551. 551 : alan wong Says:

    what to say…this melodrama has many heart tugging scenes and a storyline filled with many pearls of wisdom that we can learn from, especially from Dong Joo’s mother, that makes this melodrama not too heavy with emotions but rather poke us to think about our relationship with our parents, life partner and children…

    finally, Ku Hye-Sun portrayed a very convincing performance in the playing the role of Yoon Soo Won character whose life went from despair to happiness and to despair again before finding happiness again which well echoed by the song Beautiful Sad..

  552. 552 : Lenny Says:

    wowww amazing love story, about first love <3
    Lee sang yoon is a good kisser, their kiss is soo damn hot and sensual!!!
    daebak Ms. Goo LOL

  553. 553 : Dwi Says:

    This amazing drama,the best drama of this year..recommended to watch this drama,sarangheo oppa dong jo~aaaa

  554. 554 : nikita Says:

    the best korean drama i ever watch!!! beautiful Original soundtrack, beautiful chemistry, romantic korean drama, beautiful and beautiful
    miss this drama, so much…
    season 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙁

  555. 555 : Sally Says:

    Best best best! I really love this drama. The story has its up and down, not flat like some other korean dramas. I love Park Dong Joo! He’s so perfect! Must-watch drama!

  556. 556 : bagaskoro Says:

    i love this drama, i love koo hye sun <3 <3 nothing gonna change my love for you Ms. Koo
    really miss your new drama
    but i never forgot my beautiful swanie 🙂

  557. 557 : Beauty Says:

    miss this couple so much….
    miss you dong joo— soo wan 🙁

    beautiful love story <3

  558. 558 : Watanabe Kyu Says:

    that Synopsis for this drama. made me not want to watch the drama.
    Pls write a better Synopsis.

  559. 559 : grace Says:

    me hizo llorar cuando eran jovenes

  560. 560 : grace Says:

    llore muxo me encanto

  561. 561 : grace Says:

    me enganche es un hermoso drama

  562. 562 : grace Says:

    me enganche es un hermosos drama

  563. 563 : MUMU Says:


  564. 564 : Yilmaz Says:

    Ben GİBİ, Bu Drama GİBİ Çok 🙂

  565. 565 : AnnieMac Says:

    Miss you LSY… Hope to see you soon in your next project.

  566. 566 : choo annlyn Says:

    it was good at first,the younger characters are more engaging than the adult versions,i got bored half way through,koo hye soon’s acting was uninspiring.

  567. 567 : MUMU Says:

    AnnieMac [email protected] yesss me too, i miss him sooo much, uri dong joo LOL
    Soo Wan Koo so beautiful and perfect with Dong Joo, HER ACTING SO DAEBAKK!!!! <3 <3

  568. 568 : grace Says:

    recien voy x el tercer capitulo y me estoy volviendo loka x terminar de verlo….

  569. 569 : grace Says:


  570. 570 : grace Says:

    wauuuu!!! esta emocionante

  571. 571 : grace Says:

    x k no reconoces su voz, hayyy tiene una sonrrisa encantadora 🙂

  572. 572 : grace Says:

    el chico tiene una mirada mas tierna k la de un perrito entristesido buuuu

  573. 573 : massy Says:

    Love you LSY, love his smile, dimples……love you park dong joo.

  574. 574 : ck Says:

    To the writer of this movie, please dispose of the father soon.

  575. 575 : grace Says:

    me da mucha tristeza 🙁

  576. 576 : grace Says:

    aqui biene la parte trizte, enserio el padre esta pero perdido 🙁

  577. 577 : grace Says:

    ya kiero terminar de ver lña novelaaaa

  578. 578 : RemyCar Says:

    I’ve watched the drama several times, this is a beautiful love story. The acting is so natural and touching. Congratulations to Lee Sang Yoon, who is so handsome and to the beautiful Koo Hye Sun. I wish you will have another drama together. The director and the writer did a very good job also.
    Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hye Sun deserve to be awarded “Best Couple Award.” I am so glad I watched this drama.

  579. 579 : Kim Says:

    Best drama this year. Both leads actors/actress deserve best couple award. Miss GHS is so beautiful. Hope see you another soon. Please don’t wait too long. Fans are missing you deeply.

  580. 580 : dhen Says:

    you did a good job guys..best couple award…

  581. 581 : dhen Says:

    best drama,best couple award must be..good job guys..

  582. 582 : jhon Says:

    linda koo hye sun 🙂

  583. 583 : jhon Says:

    mm… no se x k no puedo ver el dorama ???

  584. 584 : jhon Says:

    mm… no se x k no puedo ver el dorama ???

  585. 585 : tee-tee Says:

    wow… i love this movie so much…. but is there no season three,cause its not concluded yet.

  586. 586 : Sima karam Says:

    It was a very good drama!

  587. 587 : winnie Says:

    I’m still in ep 7, so far haven’t seen a great chemistry between LSY and KHS. I hope it to see that chemistry soon. I love koo Hye soon in BOF and Lee Sang yoon in My daughter Seo Young.
    it’s an interesting story

  588. 588 : grace Says:

    tu sonrrisa me encanta 🙂

  589. 589 : grace Says:

    tu sonrisa me encanta 🙂 es una grandiosa novela mucho amor para el drama

  590. 590 : grace Says:

    recien por el 10 capitulo k mas depara el futuro en esta novela

  591. 591 : grace Says:

    un bello drama

  592. 592 : hct Says:

    DONe watching this.. The best… yoon soo wan and park dong joo… Best couple.:)

  593. 593 : Marvz Says:

    Whats that mobile ringtone that Yoon Soo Wan have? Anyone have any idea? the tone that sounded like a movie ad tone on theatres.

  594. 594 : grace Says:

    ya me falta poco para terminar de ver el drama y ver el final estoy muy anciosa 🙂

  595. 595 : cielito Says:

    no entiendo la actitud de ella, deberia de dejar todo e irse con el…..

  596. 596 : cielito Says:

    k pasa con el papa? enserio esta muy mallll

  597. 597 : grace Says:

    muy buena la actuacion de los protagonistas, quise hasta llorar. tambien me hicieron reir…. tuve muchas emociones jantas, me gustaria volver a verlos juntos y k pena que tuviera muy poco raiting

  598. 598 : cielito Says:

    k pena cuando muere el papa? suspensooooooooo

  599. 599 : cielito Says:

    cap 18 cada ves mas cerca del final

  600. 600 : grace Says:

    capitulo 20 ohhhhhsiiiiiiiii

  601. 601 : lee hye ae Says:

    This drama is currently being aired here in the Philippines, and it seems my day is incomplete if I haven’t watched it. I am fond of watching melodramas, and since it is also about first love, it caught my interest. It shows that it is possible for someone to love just one person in his lifetime, and to be able to wait for that person until the time that fate makes a way for the both of you to meet again. The story is beautiful yet sad, but romantic nevertheless. I will keep watching this drama ’til the end. <3

  602. 602 : norma Says:

    I like the story…very nice.

  603. 603 : maria irene Says:

    i love the story,so humanistic yet romantic too.keeps me glued every episode especially when the main female character goes on a rescue mission,really hilarious and thought provoking too…hope to watch more relevant korean love story with comedy and drama combined…..

  604. 604 : Alliza Says:

    A very touching story … I love it it’s very sad and moving .. Everytime watch it I feel that I am gonna cry .. Best drama I’ve watch I hope there is angel eyes part 2

  605. 605 : Ma. Liza Says:

    Yoon soo wan and park dong joo has very movable character they make their viewer fall in love again such a good Korean drama I hope there is continuation because I’d like too see the next chapter of yoon soo wan and park dong joo it makes me happy to watch ANGEL EYES

  606. 606 : Korean Drama Review AE | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Angel Eyes (2014) 天使之眼 […]

  607. 607 : jaje Says:

    this truly very good story every scene is interesting to watch out,,The cast really delivered the true meaning of love and captured the hearts of your audience.No need for intimate love scene to highlight the story unlike other love story

  608. 608 : Febry Says:

    I love this drama sooooooooooo much
    a very romantic story

    very romantic!!!!!! <3 <3
    Yoon sowan Park Dong joo
    love you 🙂

  609. 609 : kdrama freak Says:

    LSY look so good, even better if he shape himself up a bit, at least he hasn’t look plastic. I also like Kim Ha Neul, he has potential. KHS looks really pretty after touched up, quite natural. Recommend to watch

  610. 610 : kdrama freak Says:

    i think LSY is more suitable for the role than LJK. the drama has too many flash back, perhaps to drag to 20 eps?

  611. 611 : angel eyes Says:

    a worth to watch. Nice!

  612. 612 : a Says:

    guys please vote Angel Eyes as “Best Drama in 2014”. here the link: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=38086

  613. 613 : victormanuel Says:

    please play angel eyes in philippines with no cut scenes


  614. 614 : victormanuel Says:

    please play angel eyes in the philippines with no cut scenes cause it is so inspiring story between the two

    please <3

  615. 615 : myry Says:

    .. i like this drama. more project for #leesangyoon #guhyesun. philippines love you.

  616. 616 : myry bercero Says:

    #leesangyoon #guhyesun

  617. 617 : myry bercero Says:

    .. more project for #guhyesun #leesangyoon. good chemistry on screen. philippines love you.. #saranghe

  618. 618 : ma evelyn ramos Says:

    Lee Sang Yoon is a good actor very expressive in facial expression and has good acting capabilities I like him with Gu Hye Sun. More project for both of them. His roles are fitted for his personality, good choice for GuHye Sun. Thank you I like so much the story of Angel Eyes.

  619. 619 : WILMA TACURDA Says:


  620. 620 : aileen tenorio Says:

    i love this story,, yet it is so romantic… both of them,, nice and good actresses and actor, hope more project soon.. inspiring story.>.

  621. 621 : aileen tenorio Says:

    i love this story,, yet it is so romantic… both of them,, nice and good actresses and actor, hope more project soon..

  622. 622 : aileen tenorio Says:

    i love this story,, yet it is so romantic… both of them,, nice and good

    actresses and actor, hope more project soon..

  623. 623 : myry Says:

    Hellow iam a fan of angeleyes from Philippines. Want to tell that #leesangyoon #guhyesun. Are so good in angeleyes we are currently watching from ABSCBN. Keep it up the good work. We love you.

  624. 624 : myry Says:

    Please reunited in another drama. #leesangyoon. #Kuhyesun. Good chemistry on screen. #Philippines love them!

  625. 625 : kate virgil Says:

    perfect chemistry

  626. 626 : Miriam Reguerra Says:

    The first Kdrama I watched with Lee Sang Yoon in the cast is in My Daughter Seoyoung aired over our local TV network GMA 7 here in the Philippines. Since then I have been an avid fan. I’m so happy that another network ABS-CBN, is currently playing the series Angel Eyes and I would say this touching drama is a wonderful story of romantic love and family relationship. LSY and KHS have great chemistry and both are very good, credible actors. I wish there will be more projects with them together. It’s a delight to watch them. Thank you for this Kdrama. Angel Eyes is the best.

  627. 627 : kate virgil Says:

    i’m gonna miss this melodrama…

    WanJoo power heart

  628. 628 : kate virgil Says:

    last airing day…

    i’m gonna miss WanJoo…my WanJoo heart aches.

  629. 629 : john robert tenorio Says:

    I will miss this koreandrama….


  630. 630 : uggie Says:

    I like Lee Sang Yoon in this drama, I like you very much Lee Sang Yoon…

  631. 631 : barbarA Says:

    Oahhhh, i.finished watch this drama, and i love the story soooo much!
    Very romantic story
    Oh, i love park dong joo…
    Perfect couple!

  632. 632 : yetunde Says:

    Love this drama!

  633. 633 : moonsy Says:

    Miss wanju couple….~T_T~
    Love this dramaa sooo much
    Romantic love story i ever watch. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥

  634. 634 : Bill Lombardi Says:

    Hey!! Watching from the US. Love the story! Great job to the cast and crew!!!

  635. 635 : Allie Says:

    It’s a remake of Sad Love Story isn’t it ?? I wanna watch it but Sad love story was just too brilliant I’m worried this would just ruin it.

  636. 636 : Angel Eyes 엔젤아이즈 [2014] | My Drama Links Says:

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  637. 637 : caitxxvii Says:

    Does anyone know any filming location of this drama? Kkk help me please :))

  638. 638 : Say_say Says:

    Angel eyes!!! sorry, too late for watching this drama 🙁
    their acting so daebak!!!
    i watch for 8 times!!
    love Angel eyes!, their kisses so soft and hot LOL
    Dong Joo n Soo Wan >>> my angel lovely couple <3 <3 <3

  639. 639 : justin rey Says:

    ..i watched the drama and its so heartfalling,,sooo awesome and i hope its doesnt end like.like more than people expect..marriage then family..hehehehe..thank you!!!..i was really really inspired!!!

  640. 640 : Shellsbells Says:

    This started excellent, but really lagged on and the ending sucked. Such a great story maybe with another director it could’ve been told beautifully but unfortunately I found this quite a waste of time

  641. 641 : MaxT Says:

    Interesting love story and Koo Hye Sun looks really cute in this drama. I skipped some scenes in the last 8 episodes, so the rating is 7.5/10 overall.

    It’s worth watching…

  642. 642 : Download Subtitle Indonesia Drama Korea Angel Eyes | Filmdramaku.com Says:

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  643. 643 : kdrama freak Says:

    recommended watch, rating doesnt reflect .

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