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Title: 안단테 / Andantae
Genre: Youth, Romance, School
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2017-Sep-24 to 2018-Jan-07
Air time: Sunday 10:00


This is a pre-produced drama. Filming was completed on 2017-March-12.

When a slacker city kid Lee Shi Kyung (Kai) and his sister, Lee Shi Young (Lee Ye Hyun) are suddenly transferred to a high school in the countryside, they have trouble adjusting to their strange new surroundings. But not without the help of a new friends, Park Ga Ram (Baek Chul Min), the town’s golden boy, and a mysterious girl, Kim Bom (Kim Jin Kyung).


Main Cast

Kai as Lee Shi Kyung
Lee Ye Hyun as Lee Shi Young
Baek Chul Min as Park Ga Ram
Kim Jin Kyung as Kim Bom

Lee Shi Kyung’s Family

Jun Mi Sun as Oh Jung Won (Shi Kyung’s mother)
Sung Byung Sook as Kim Duk Boon (Shi Kyung’s grandmother)
Park Ji Yeon as Oh Jung Soo (Shi Kyung’s aunt)

People in Hospital

Kim Kwang Sik as Park Young Geun
Kim Joo Ryung as Young Sook
Lee Chang Joo as Yum Chang Hoon
Jun Jin Gi as patient

School Staff

Kwon Nam Hee as Do Kyung Ja
Ahn Hong Jin as Choi Jong Min
Jay Kim as Kang Hyun Woo


Song Ji Hyun as Suk Joo Yun
Ha Kyung as Uhm Yong Ki
Ahn Seung Kyun as Min Ki Hoon
Baek Eun Kyung as Kim Ji Hye
Kim Jung Ho (김정호) as Kim Min Suk


Baek Seung Do
Jang Ka Hyun (장가현)
Yoo Hyun Byul
Jung Da Bin
Lee Sang Yi as Sung Joon
Son Soo Min

Production Credits

Director: Park Ki Ho
Screenwriters: Kwon Ki Kyung, Park Sun Ja


Jung Da Bin was first cast to play lead female character Lee Shi Young, but decided to drop out and replaced by Lee Ye Hyun.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
2017-09-24 1 2.9 2.8
2017-10-01 2 1.8 2.0
2017-10-08 3 2.3 2.3
2017-10-15 4 2.1 2.4
2017-10-22 5 1.8 1.8
2017-10-29 6 2.2 1.7
2017-11-05 7 2.1 1.7
2017-11-12 8 1.9 1.9
2017-11-19 9 2.4 2.1
2017-11-26 10 1.4 1.6
2017-12-03 11 2.3 2.1
2017-12-10 12 2.3 1.9
2017-12-17 13 1.8 2.1
2017-12-24 14 2.1 2.1
2017-12-30 15 1.9 1.7
2018-01-07 16    

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : tigerb Says:

    what is ‘andantae’?

  2. 2 : Ellen Says:

    The word “andante” is a musical term that means a relatively slow, moderately paced tune. Maybe it’s being used as the drama title to describe how Kim Jong In’s character change during the drama.

  3. 3 : psst Says:

    Can’t waiiiit

  4. 4 : tigerb Says:

    @Ellen: thanks for the info! this series may be worth watching.

  5. 5 : LULU Says:

    can’t wait to see it !!!
    the drama look good can’t wait to see it

  6. 6 : bigeye Says:

    fighing kai not give up..

  7. 7 : sylvia Says:

    It seems to be an experimental drama having to cast newbies and never heard of actresses and actors. It’s hard to accept when the script projects the lead actors and actress as handsome and prettyy when they are not. I hope that this will be last time that they will have to do a drama such as this.

  8. 8 : Priya Says:

    Why are they airing one one episode so annoying to wait tat long

  9. 9 : Bethel Says:

    Will it be aired on KBS WORLD?????

  10. 10 : peejay smith Says:

    plss..make now the episode 11 because im waiting for episod 11 andante is the best k-drama in the world

  11. 11 : peejay smith Says:

    why the episode 11 is not show now plsss…show now the episode 11 iam waiting for episode 11 because i am so exited to see the epside 11 plsss…shw now i am waiting

  12. 12 : peejay smith Says:

    andante is the best k-drama i never had!

  13. 13 : silverswan Says:

    Although I have not complete watching, I do like this drama, as it involves family, friends, acquaintances , full of emotions, and you feel like looking forward to next episode. This is one of the best so far comparing to “Because this is my first life” which is kind of boring somewhere middle of the drama, even Meloholic and Revolutionary Love cannot compared to this drama.
    Though these involved with young actors and actresses , they were kind of talented in this drama. Therefore the of important of all you must have talent in acting , it isn’t about the actor or actress being good looking. If they look good they do not know how to act naturally then it is a disaster for that drama, there are many good looking actors and actresses who are terrible in acting. So far so good for this drama.
    Thanking the director and screenwriters are the most appropiate
    Director: Park Ki Ho
    Screenwriters: Kwon Ki Kyung, Park Sun Ja

  14. 14 : Kay Says:

    Such a charming drama! It deals with some sad topics, but it has a very hopeful message that is touching. Wonderful characters and a great story overall 🙂

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