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Alone in Love

Title: 연애시대 / Alone in Love
Chinese Title : 恋爱时代
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-03 to 2006-May-23
Air time: Monday & Tuesday


Yoo Eun Ho Son Ye Jin, an instructor at a fitness club divorced her husband Lee Dong Jin Kam Woo Sung after the death of their new born baby as she blamed him for not being there for her when she needed him most. They remained friends after the divorce and met regularly. Even though both started seeing other people, they still had great feelings towards each other. With the help of Yoo Eun Ho’s sister Yoo Ji Ho Lee Ha Na and Lee Dong Jin’s friend, Dr. Gong Joon Pyo Gong Hyung Jin, they finally realized that they should get back together.


Kam Woo Sung as Lee Dong Jin
Son Ye Jin as Yoo Eun Ho
Gong Hyung Jin as Gong Joon Pyo (Dong Jin’s friend)
Lee Ha Na as Yoo Ji Ho (Eun Ho’s sister)
Lee Jin Wook as Min Hyun Joong
Oh Yoon Ah as Kim Mi Yeon (Eun Ho’s friend)
Jin Ji Hee as Jo Eun Sol (Mi Yeon’s daughter)
Suh Tae Hwa as Jung Yoon Soo
Go Hye Young as Choi Young In
Moon Jung Hee as Jung Yoo Kyung
Ha Jae Sook as Na Yoo Ri (Eun Ho’s friend)
Kim Gab Soo as Yoo Ki Young (Eun Ho’s father)
Ki Joo Bong as Lee Dae Hoon (Dong Jin’s father)
Choi Bo Young as Han Jung Hwa
Sung Soo Jung as Mi Hwa
Kim Na Mi as Na Jin Myung
Lee Woo Jin as Han Jae Bum
Ryu Tae Ho
Lee Moon Se as Guest at Final episode

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Huh Woong
Producer: Ko Kyung Hee
Production Department: Oh Min Ho (오민호), Ahn Sang Hoon (안상훈)
Director: Han Ji Seung (한지승)
Assistant Director: Kwon Hyuk Chan
Screnwriter: Park Yeon Seon

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  1. 1 : sweetJJ Says:

    I think this series is very good…I watched the last 2 episodes 10+ times coz the pace was pretty slow in the beginning…with shockers in between..but the end made you feel so much for the two leads…the extent they go to hide their pain and their love but in the end love still prevails… It masks itself as a light drama, but if you analyze the dialogues and the body language of the characters, the story and characters have a lot of depth

  2. 2 : Chow Says:

    best drama 2006 for me

  3. 3 : Hye Ee Says:

    This is good…. ^_^ best drama i came across for 2006 as well, found Kam Woo Sung very charming in the series. Funny parts that brighten and keeps you going to complete the series…..

  4. 4 : Melissa b. Puti Says:

    This series really made my heart ache for couples who are separated but still truly love each other. It really made me cry just to sympathize and feel what the couple was going through especially when the male lead was to marry an “almost perfect lady” and the dilemma the female lead had to go through.

    The ending is very good though as the series depicted the couple getting back in each other’s arms and having kids, too.

    thisfilm is quite passionate in showing and depicting emotions that many of us can relate to.

  5. 5 : nar Says:

    looks pretty boring at the begining….BUT, thats the secret beuty of the lines which cleverly blend. the depth of the story was meant for those whose looking into each eyes, facial, intonation and body language..worth to keep as collection. its hit me cause im collector for romantic comedy and funky series.. well good job


  6. 6 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    Qu’est ce qu’il est bien ce drama!!!!! It is so amazing!!!

  7. 7 : Abby Says:

    i stumbled this drama for about 2 weeks now and im almost done. for me this series is sooo much better than the usual korean drama ive seen. pretty mature story line and realistic. the lead actors capture all emotions, no wonder ye-jin wins the best lead actress for this one. well of course im a big fan of her so i’m bias and i’ll have to say she’s the best korean actress!!

  8. 8 : marites gerona Says:

    boring although soh yeh jin is really a good acctress

  9. 9 : hershey Says:

    ….8 was vry nce s2ry….i lve 8……

  10. 10 : parka Says:

    I am a Korean..I can’t believe this one has only 9 comment before me.. well most mature drama and it moved me a lot. I realized most korean drama in other countries has dramatic and unrealistic story. That’s why this one hasn’t been introduced . Just well done piece without famous korean actor. If you are serious person you would like it. if you are looking for unrealistic story like rainbow you rather pick other drama.

  11. 11 : Venkatesh Says:

    Best drama i ever seen ….
    alone in love rocks …

  12. 12 : love ye jin Says:

    This drama is so damn good…

    I love the chemistry at the end of both leads…

    I love how the story flows…

    I love those matured conversations…

    I love the romantic moments they shared together (though indirectly, well you know, kind of making your partner jealous to get their attention)…

    I also love some of those spontaneous funny scenes…haha

    Having said those, the reason I watched this drama is none other than

    SON YEH JIN!!!

    I love her so much 🙂

  13. 13 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  14. 14 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting..

  15. 15 : nining Says:

    love this story,,

  16. 16 : diefan Says:

    OK, its convincing. I will watch it.

  17. 17 : gucci outlet Says:

    thisfilm is quite passionate in showing and depicting emotions that many of us can relate to.

  18. 18 : orbiter Says:

    Best korean drama for me ever. And I’ve watched more than enough, trust me. 🙂

  19. 19 : indah Says:

    Alone in love is now airing in ArirangTV. It’s encore drama for sure but I will definetly watch it again, again and again… I agree with what SweetJJ has said. Good work!

  20. 20 : chaimoon Says:


  21. 21 : movieaddict Says:

    I love this drama, that’s why i give my comment about it. i Love other style of Korean drama too…like shiny, glittery or cinderella style drama. they gave me different feel and view bout korea…both have their unique prespectives.
    For this drama, the depth of the story and the choices of actor/actress are amazing. It can potray daily life very well without too much useless conversation. Beside the main roles, the story developes side story for second roles (yoo ji hoo & Dr. joon pyo, etc ) which strengthen this drama. and also keep the humourous scenes along side the serious oness. A bit like crazy, laugh and tears altogether like the love and life itself, right ?
    …love it :)…

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  23. 23 : camellover Says:

    i just don’t feel it in this drama prob cuz im really bias and hate the characters?or maybe just skipped a lot of the eps cuz it got really boring and slow, the actors aren’t really passionate more like lightly spiteful but still into each other, this drama doesn’t really move nor touch me like other romance dramas…NOT my type of drama

  24. 24 : susan Says:

    super love this drama! been watching this again… touching story. good actors and actresses. Love SON YE JIN! best actress!

  25. 25 : Afena Says:

    how to watch the drama ?

  26. 26 : memee Says:

    ♥‎​ it so much!!

  27. 27 : memee Says:

    I watch it for many times! And still ♥‎​ it!

  28. 28 : ye Says:

    I bougt this drama just yesterday in afternoon. I’m a fan of Son Ye Jin. She is best in acting and hardworker too. When I came to my apartment and started to watch for killing time, but then I just couldnot stop my self and kept to continue the series until the end. This is the first time of my life to watch Korean drama in one go without a break.

    Like previews earlier said, this drama is best. Director, writer, and all crew member have done their best. This drama is one of my fav drama. Wonderful work.

  29. 29 : comment Says:

    i laugh at scenes depicting how dong jin and eun ho always try to have the upper hand every time they are in communication no matter how trivial or brief the conversation is…
    well, perhaps there is truth in the saying that marriage/relationship is a form of power play…hehe…

  30. 30 : comment2 Says:

    i am still half way watching this, but i note how the characters, the main ones and their suitors are so, so “very, very well behaved” characters that it seems they are taking an eternity to convey their messages – real intentions.. they are silent, quiet for quite, quite awhile before saying or doing anything, then they also talk of things – something like beating about the bush – before making their points… and like threading on land mines…wow, haha, sometimes i get tired of “waiting”… difficult and complicated – most of them..

  31. 31 : cai Says:

    Can someone tell me where to watch this online? Please…………

  32. 32 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Alone in Love Rating : 2,5 out of 5 […]

  33. 33 : Toto Says:

    Please let me know where can I buy the CD with English subtitle online?

  34. 34 : Awun Says:

    This drama it’s so romantic. I love it very much.

  35. 35 : Hyuk Says:

    This is my all-time favorite KD.

  36. 36 : putri Says:

    I cried alot when I watched episode 15.
    It was so touchy…how Dong Jin realized that he still cares about Eun Ho.

    I thought that at the end Dong Jin didn’t marry Yoo Kyung, but I was wrong.
    I still have 1 last episode to be watched tonight.
    It has good ending, right?

  37. 37 : Janet Says:

    This drama is for those who have intellect, compassion, empathy. The best!

  38. 38 : hibiscus Says:

    just finished watching this & epis 15 like putri here made me teary, it was so touching when he rushed to her knowing she may be suicidal & hugged her so tightly! i was sad when he remarried coz all this time i was hoping for their reconciliation in spite of their pride! i also think the death of their child should not be the end of their relationship! i luv happy endings & this drama has that! i highly recommend! 2 thumbs up!

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