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All In

Title: 올인 / O-lin / All In
Chinese Title : 洛城生死恋
Genre: Drama, Romance, Crime
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2003-Jan-15 to 2003-Apr-03
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


As a kid, all Kim In Ha ever did was follow his uncle around and help him cheat in gambling. As a high school student, he hung out with his friends at the basement of a theater. As Kim In Ha gets to know Choi Jeong Won, a model student and also the son of a very rich family, In Ha tries to tempt him into doing mischevious deeds.


Lee Byung Hun as Kim In Ha
Ji Sung as Choi Jung Won
Song Hye Kyo as Min Soo Yeon / Angela
Park Sol Mi as Suh Jin Hee

Extended Cast

Lee Duk Hwa as Choi Do Hwan (Jung Won’s father)
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Yoon Hye Sun (Jung Won’s mother)
Im Hyun Sik as Kim Chi Soo (In Ha’s uncle)
Park Won Sook as Jang Hyun Ja
Jo Kyung Hwan as Chairman Seo Seung Don
Kim Tae Yun as Jenny
Heo Joon Ho as Yoo Jong Goo (In Ha’s friend)
Choi Joon Yong as Detective Park Tae Joon (In Ha’s hometown friend)
Baek Seung Hyun as Yang Hee Bong (In Ha’s crippled hometown friend)
Yoon Gi Won as Woo Yong Tae (In Ha’s hometown friend / waiter)
Choi Jung Won as Yoo Jung Ae (Hyun Ja’s daughter)
Park Sang Myun as Yim Dae Chi (Gang leader)
Jung Yoo Suk as Yim Dae Soo / Shorty
Kim Ha Koon as Director Sohn
Choi Ran as Manager Jang Mi Ran
Han Ji Min as young Min Soo Yeon / Angela
Jin Goo as young In Ha

Production Credits

Script Writer: Choi Wan Kyu
Director: Yoo Chul Yong


  • 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Daesang (Grand Prize) – Lee Byung Hun
  • 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Top Excellence Actress – Song Hye Kyo
  • 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Excellence Actor – Ji Sung
  • 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Best Supporting Actor – Heo Joon Ho
  • 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Top 10 Stars – Lee Byung Hun
  • 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Top 10 Stars – Song Hye Kyo
  • 2003 39th Baeksang Arts Awards : Daesang (Grand Prize)
  • 2003 39th Baeksang Arts Awards : Best Actor – Lee Byung Hun

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : love drama Says:

    I like all these dramas! but for that there, the photographs does not introduce the principal characters! especially that the principal characters are twice more beautiful!

    but i only was thinking, don’t take it wrong !!

    (sorry if my english is poor!) (^o^)

  2. 2 : glare Says:

    just recently acquired a copy of this series…and so far so good…not only me but my family as well are hooked in this series…too good! right now, im on episode 15 already…hoping it would be a good ending..! I BET…all in!

  3. 3 : Starz Says:

    those who love kyo would fell in love with the drama!

  4. 4 : supple Says:

    After watching the Drama..I turned my affection to Lee Byung Hun..My God the James Dean of Korea!…I haven!t been to Casino before but seeing this drama gave me some ideas whats going on inside the casino..Theres the banker,players,Manager and the Pit boss..see?kkkk

  5. 5 : gemini Says:

    This is one drama series that I repeatedly watched. In fact one of my favorites. A drama where I would rather call Lee Byung Hun as mere INHA because of his excellent performance that made me convince that he really is a good actor (from then on i scouted for all his korean dramas and movies, even his website) that SKorea is to be proud of. Great story too! I would advise Filipino Korean drama lovers like me to check this out and, enjoy the drama and feel in love again.

  6. 6 : elle Says:

    I watched most of this drama; mainly I watched it because of Song Hye Kyo. I liked her performance in Full House–my favorite drama!!! This drama is different from other dramas in that it has a love story, crime, etc. all in one… I like this drama. The four lead chracters did a great job–very very convincing. I would recommend this… a little bit too long for me. Overall, good… you can watch it on crunchyroll.com

  7. 7 : Ria Says:

    where can i watch these drama’s? please give me any website of korean dramas. i have watched Full House and Autumn Tale and they both very wonderful to watch. thanks

  8. 8 : Pouwz Says:

    hmm…not bad. gak lebih dari itu…apa mungkin terlalu panjang ceritanya, tapi ditengah-tengah cerita terkesan membosankan. 2 stengah bintang untuk drama ini. but i love Song Hye Kyo. she is one of my fave korean star 🙂

  9. 9 : disay Says:

    if you’re a big fan of Lee Byung Hun, this drama is for you…his acting is superb here…

  10. 10 : jie Says:

    i just finished another lee byung hun drama which is beautiful days.i was so amazed by his performance and my heart goes for him instantly.i was told that all in is another his great drama.i better hurry to get a copy of all in.all the comment are so encouraging .

  11. 11 : jee Says:

    i had watched this drama before while aired in our local television (Malaysia) somewhere back in 2004/05…i think the story is great and the actor was macho compare to other actors. (i think most of korean actors loved to wear fancy dress). and this storywas splendid.

  12. 12 : aein Says:

    two thumbs up for this series though im just still on chapter 10.i bought it coz IM A SUPER BIG FAN of JI SEONG ( NUMO SARANGHAE). UR SUPERB!!! UR THE MAN OPPAH!!!!!!!!but with the story,all the characters,the scene.its an all star cast. DEFINITELY THE BEST EVER.i bet ALL IN!!

  13. 13 : bunga01 Says:

    annyong ha seyo k fan… INNHA …SUPERB beb… but JI SEONG very pitty u.. JI SEONG….SARANGHE…

  14. 14 : mulan Says:

    Not bad, but it’s quite boring. If you’re a gambler then it’s for you to watch. I’ve just see this drama it’ss because of Jing Su and Song Hye Gyo. It’s 5/5 for me.

  15. 15 : tzeng Says:

    check out cruchyroll.com i’m not sure though just give it a try.

  16. 16 : Dann C Says:

    What a top drama! Thoroughly enjoyable with a good cast .The story is very interesting. will watch again. 🙂

  17. 17 : magsie Says:

    One of my favorites. Very good drama indeed. Please watch it. You wont be disappointed.

  18. 18 : susan modise Says:

    oh my God!, i love this drama so much, in fact i love the actresses and actors, u got the talent guys! i watched ur drama daily at a place as far as AFRICA! ur da best and keep it up!

  19. 19 : marites gerona Says:

    i watched this drama bec of song hye kyo and the internet news that in real life, when they shoot this drama, lee byun hung and song hye were lovers. in fact, they were living together and abt to be engaged. d guy is already 30 plus and song hye early 20’s. but they broke off in 2004! im curious abt this guy really. d guy who broke the heart of song hye kyo! wel, looking at the guy in this drama, they dont match really. im glad they didnt end up together….

    but acting-wise both r very gud…..but violence in this drama is realy not for tv viewership esp if teenagers watch this

  20. 20 : marites gerona Says:

    just finish watching this drama. despite the fact that this was shown in 2003, its very good. the cost od producing this must be huge! the scenes taken in Las Vegas, the helicopter scenes, the hiring of american actors, etc. well done. the actors are good esp. the lead ones. song hye kyo, the reason why im watching this was superb.

    i like the story and its message that gambling for materialistic means will not make u happy but loved ones are more important. i recommend this. i wonder why few comments are here…

  21. 21 : defook Says:

    found the drama ” All in ” DVD with proper English and Japanese subtitle at http://www.kimook.com

    They offer free shipping

  22. 22 : LuV Says:

    I enjoyed this series, was interesting and different. Storyline awesome, loved the main cast and nice ending. Never disapointed with Song Hye Gyo series shes gorgous & talented…LuV

  23. 23 : Richard Kang Says:

    where can I down load the love songs from this drama..I had seen this a long time ago but could not get the song out of my head…need to have this download to my mobile..

  24. 24 : alinda grabillo Says:

    i really like thise drama all-in..espicially song hye kyo and lee byung hun..hoping to see them again in a drama or a movie back together..are they still inlove to each other?..hope someone could give me an answer to my question coz i am from the philippines and i really love them both..i really missed there love team..even if real life..hehehe

  25. 25 : PVL Says:

    Yes – ALL IN is a good drama – in fact it is one of the few Korean Drama that I like and it is worth watching for. I love LBH and SHK – they are really lovely together – I’m romantic by heart and I wish they were still together – but it is sad to say – they were no longer together as a couple, I wish they will do another drama again – it might rekindle the passion – wishful thinking – but as the saying goes – First love never die and Destiny has its own course. Who knows – after all they are still single – I think (LOL).

  26. 26 : Yong Says:

    All In was a great series, except toward the end when Kim In Ha dies in the hospital, and Soo Yeon tries to forget him by sleeping with Jeong Won. Talk about a lousy plot twist. Oops, sorry if if spoiled the ending for you…

  27. 27 : janny Says:

    i really like this drama especially when i watch it to arirang,,,when it was shown here in the philippines,,,i dont have the time to watch because I am really busy with my study..
    i appreciate the acting of lee byung hun here,,,and he reallly impressed me a lot,,,and also to song hye kyo…who really famous here as jenny (endless love),,,
    i like the story,,the love story and the action was really good and the lesson that you will get with this story,,,hope that both fo them have the time to visit philippines….
    keep it up!!!!!
    this is one of the best korean drama that I’ve seen…..

  28. 28 : chaimoon Says:

    I am currently watching All-In in Arirang and it is in its final episodes and I am sure I am going to miss LBH. I wish there will be more dramas for him in the near future. I can hardly wait. He is really great and excellent in under acting! And he is totally handsome to boot! He is the complete package! LBH keep it up and take care. I am greatly impressed that he is fluent in Mandarin, French and English. What a genius! Luv ya!

  29. 29 : sayeh Says:

    hi i am an iranian girl, i have already watched the last episode at arirang and i have become depressed because of it’s end and i also hope to see another film and series from Mr lee beyoung-hun because he is my faverite actor and i love him sooooooooooooooooooo much

  30. 30 : Tsubasa Says:

    i m in the final episodes of All in being telecast in Arirang. i have never missed a single episode of it and especially In ha and Soo Yeon’s character in it . i love the title track of it too. the flow of story and love story of In ha and Soo Yeon touches my heart a lot. keep up the good work .

  31. 31 : Korean DVDs Says:

    Anyone looking to purchase this DVD set with excellent English subtitles, just click on my nick – “Korean DVDs”. 😉


  32. 32 : macky Says:

    THE BEST……….. i would say that this drama series is one of the best korean drama series that i had see. the lead actor really impress me with his acting he makes you inlove with him…lee byung hun makes me appreciate the sacrifice a man has to his woman whom he loves most. this is a five star drama can’t erase to my viewing addict mind….hope to watch another LBH drama/movie in the future…

  33. 33 : macky Says:

    I’ve watch this a couple of time……..hmmmm……12 times and still can’t resist to watch again………….

  34. 34 : sajan Says:

    the only reason i see this show is for the beautiful Song Hye Gyo as Min Soo-yeon / Angela. i have been a freat fan of her since i watched this show for the 1st time …… she is really an angel……

  35. 35 : mustafa Says:

    thank you

  36. 36 : supple18 Says:

    What can i say?Awesome drama!Really love this drama…never been to casino but by watching this taught me a lot.Must- see drama

  37. 37 : faye Says:

    d’best korean drama i’ve ever seen!!!!!!! i’m in love with In Ha, Kim (LBH).. hope to find a man like him… @ Yong: did you really watched the ALL IN, ALL of it? ’cause for me it’s so darn good!!!!

  38. 38 : ontak Says:

    this is one of the best korean drama that I’ve seen…..

  39. 39 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting.. i want to watch this movie….

  40. 40 : ok Says:

    @ 26 Yong

    I am surprised with your comment that you said lead actor Lee Byung Hun (Kim In Ha) dies in this drama bc I remembered its a good ending.
    So I went to re-watch the last 5 minutes to confirm it —
    – Yes its a good ending.
    Song Hye Kyo said yest to Lee Byung Hun’s proposal

    He did got shot in the beginning of the show but he was saved.
    The drama starts by LBH recalling what happen before he was shot….

    And I don’t think so too that Song Hye Kyo slept with Ji Sung in this drama. She is very pure….
    Please do not anyhow comment if you did not really watch this drama so as not to mislead others

    To others — this drama is a big hit in year 2003. Lee Byung Hun is a great actor. You will never regret it. —- YOU WILL LOVE IT.

    There are so few comments here bc in 2003, I think this blog is not up yet. Another must watch dramas (Big hits) are :

    Beautiful Days
    Autumn Tale
    All about Eve
    Glass Slippers
    there are still many hits drama but i will stop here, if not it will be a long list.

  41. 41 : ok Says:

    Oh I forgot to comment.

    Winter Sonata — a must watch! Big hits in year 2000

    My very 1st korean drama that leads me to another & another drama until today.

    Stairway to heaven – also big hits

  42. 42 : Abbie Says:

    LOL, i was drinking my coffee and watching Episode 12 where In Ha and his friend study English. they’re trying to say “I am going out to walk the road” and kept on saying “walk on a LOAD”, no ROAD (said the instructor) and the kept saying “LOAD” “LOAD” “LOAD”….haha too funny… I was choking with my coffee and spray it all over my Monitor from laughing so hard…. ha ha ha…LOAD LOAD LOAD.

  43. 43 : Abbie Says:

    LOAD…no it’s Road…. LOAD, LOAD…..NO road….NO LOAD…LOAD…. HAHA

    the guy even dare to say.. “there is no difference in our way of pronouncing that and why is she so MAD ???” hahaha too cute

  44. 44 : Abbie Says:

    Holding the Music box in her hands and she asks: ” have you .. misplaced this somehow?” .. He remains in silent… she mutters in sorrow “sorry for misunderstood” and turns her back away from him . He called her name gently, “Soo Yeon” …looking down with his sad eyes while staring in the empty space he pleads ” All I have got is … a wound in my chest and this house. Would that be okay?” …. Looking up at her face, he proposes, “I’ll give you a room, Do you want to live together?”….. tears are falling endlessly from her eyes, she nodded in respond.

    then they kissed and hold on to each other as if nothing else matter, ….. misery has ended, happiness begin.

  45. 45 : ok Says:

    Hi Abbie

    I was surprised you already had few comments here. I thought you were still busy over BK-KTG blog.

    You have finished this drama ALL IN already? super fast ?????
    Did you enjoy/like it?

    I have watch at least twice but forgot most of it. Will repeat in future bc i find LBH very smart in this drama.

  46. 46 : ok Says:

    After ALL IN – try to watch Winter Sonata – another big hits

  47. 47 : Abbie Says:

    🙂 i finished it. thanks. It’s a wonderful drama. would redo the whole series in the near future. however, i found it was a bit dragging from chapter 21-23. I love the 4 main characters. It was a nice surprise to see Ji Sung from Save the Last Dance. Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo have great chemistry here. both are excellent in their acting. i think this is the Best i saw of Song Hye Kyo with her acting. she was great in Full House but in this drama, it shows she has talent. LBH is beyond words.

    thanks for the recommendation.

    I’m not ready for heartbreaking and tearjerking drama, no plan for Winter Sonata yet.

  48. 48 : OK Says:


    Winter Sonata is not all heartbreaking and tearjerking drama.

    It started with cute Choi JI Woo rushing to school where she met the lead actor Bae Yong Jun for the 1st time. Its a GOOD ENDING.

    My opinion – I find that those who hv not heard or watch this drama – WINTER SONATA – is a big loss. ha ha (The Japanese ladies are so crazy about Bae Yong Jun after watching this drama)

    Hope you don’t put off for very long

    Autumn Tale – this drama is heartbreaking drama —– you need to prepare lots of tissue —-
    especially when superb actress Moon Geun Young acted as a teenage role for Song Hye Gyo.

  49. 49 : OK Says:


    For Winter Sonata, you will enjoy many nice ballads in there – sang by RYU. Many mistaken the singer is Ryu Shi Won – but it is not.
    Maybe you can go to Winter Sonata Blog to read some of the viewers’ comments.

    Happy watching.

  50. 50 : swizz Says:

    wow! m hooked vid this drama……….currently watching it …………love three main leads…….

  51. 51 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am going to watch this western movie of Lee Byung Hun —- Soon………..

    Wow —– I didn’t know LBH can speak English so well.. Impress

    CNN Talk Asia – Lee Byung Hun Pt 1

  52. 52 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Byung Hun sings – live 10 years ago —- TEARS

    I am so touched. And I like him so much

  53. 53 : chillicrab Says:

    This drama i repeat 3 times already also not tired. This drama – must watch – Lee Byung Hun so smart in here.

  54. 54 : victor yakthumba Says:

    i love u song hye kyo.

  55. 55 : Red Jameda Says:

    i like it u song hye kyo so much

  56. 56 : abby Says:

    i like it very much..

    love u song hye kyo.

  57. 57 : Charis Says:

    All in is a very good drama n everythng abt it is good .

  58. 58 : kal Says:

    please help me , give another link so i can watch this with eng sub .
    because the link above was error ..
    thanks 🙂

  59. 59 : eri Says:

    All in was the first korean drama I watched several times ,but Stiil love it,
    Lee Byung Hun is my most favorite korean actor.

  60. 60 : MehrBanoo Says:


  61. 61 : a longchar Says:

    All IN was really a very nice drama. I watched the full story twice. Lee byun hun is a great and talented actor . I like him after seeing his acting.

  62. 62 : aung tun oo Says:

    i like so much this movie,

  63. 63 : kries Says:

    yes, where i get movie like this …i have no found it yet. i can’t forget this movie until now

  64. 64 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] All In Rating : 2 out of 5 […]

  65. 65 : ISSAC Says:


  66. 66 : tito Says:

    it the best drama since i started following them
    big up kim in ha(lee byung hun)

  67. 67 : Switch Says:

    Dear KoreanDrama,

    Can you add section of “Awards” for All In? Here of list :

    – 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Daesang (Grand Prize) – Lee Byung Hun
    – 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Top Excellence Actress – Song Hye Kyo
    – 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Excellence Actor – Ji Sung
    – 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Best Supporting Actor – Heo Joon Ho
    – 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Top 10 Stars – Lee Byung Hun
    – 2003 SBS Drama Awards : Top 10 Stars – Song Hye Kyo
    – 2003 39th Baeksang Arts Awards : Daesang (Grand Prize)
    – 2003 39th Baeksang Arts Awards : Best Actor – Lee Byung Hun

    Thank you so much for your help ^^

  68. 68 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] #19 – All In (2003) Rating : 4 out of 10 […]

  69. 69 : Crystal Johns Says:

    Where can I watch it!!!!

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