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All About My Romance

Title: 내 연애의 모든 것 / All About My Romance
Chinese Title: 我戀愛的一切
Also known as: All About My Date / Everything About My Relationship
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-04 to 2013-May-29
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Can two politicians, one conservative and the other liberal, find a middle ground for romance?

Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) is a newly elected member of the Korean National Assembly from the conservative New Korea Party. He entered politics after refusing to bow to pressure from his superiors as a sitting judge. When he arrives in parliament, Soo Young finds that he keeps running into and clashing with Noh Min Young (Lee Min Jung), another freshman assembly member from the liberal Progressive Labor Party who entered politics after the death of her sister (her sister was a presidential candidate). When Soo Young and Min Jung’s fiery exchanges at work turns to romance in their private lives, they must try to hide their relationship from their colleagues, the press and the public.

Meanwhile, Joon Ha (Park Hee Soon) is a prosecutor who becomes Noh Min Young’s aide when she’s newly elected to her parliamentary post. Ahn Hee Sun (Han Chae Ah) will be playing a reporter.


Main Cast

Shin Ha Kyun as Kim Soo Young
Lee Min Jung as Noh Min Young
Park Hee Soon as Song Joon Ha
Han Chae Ah as Ahn Hee Sun

Great Korea Party

Jin Tae Hyun as Kim Sang Soo
Chun Ho Jin as Go Dae Ryong
Jang Kwang as Maeng Joo Ho
Gong Hyung Jin as Moon Bong Shik
Son Duk Ki as Park Boo San

Green and Justice Party

Min Ji Ah as Jung Yoon Hee
Kim Jung Nan as Go Dong Sook
Heo Jung Min as Seo Yoon Ki

Other People

Jun Min Seo as Song Bo Ri
Kim Hye Ok as Na Young Sook
Shin Young Jin (신영진) as Noh Min Hwa
Ahn Nae Sang as Song Gyo Soo (cameo)
Shin So Yool as female student (cameo)
Park Eun Kyung (박은경) as radio DJ (cameo)
Choi Ha Ho

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Young Sub
Producers: Shin Bong Chul, Lee Hee Soo
Director: Son Jung Hyun
Screenwriter: Kwon Ki Young

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-04 1 6.0 6.9 7.4 (19th) 8.3 (15th)
2013-04-10 2 5.4 7.0 5.5 5.9
2013-04-11 3 5.5 (<7.7) 5.0 5.4
2013-04-17 4 5.0 (<7.1) 5.6 5.9
2013-04-18 5 5.4 (<8.3) 5.5 5.8
2013-04-24 6 4.7 5.1 4.7 4.9
2013-04-25 7 5.7 6.0 5.4 5.6
2013-05-01 8 4.9 (<7.5) 4.9 5.0
2013-05-02 9 5.7 (<7.4) 5.7 5.5
2013-05-08 10 4.5 5.6 4.9 4.8
2013-05-09 11 5.2 5.5 5.6 5.4
2013-05-15 12 4.4 5.2 4.4 4.3
2013-05-16 13 4.1 5.1 5.2 5.0
2013-05-22 14 4.0 (<7.5) 4.2 4.0
2013-05-23 15 4.4 (<7.1) 4.8 4.5
2013-05-29 16 3.9 (<8.0) 4.0 3.8

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


  • Han Hye Jin was previously cast in this drama, but dropped out due to the scheduling conflicts and also differences in opinions with the production staff according to her management company.

  • This drama is based on Novel ‘All About My Romance’ by Lee Eung Joon.


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  1. 1 : emerald Says:

    looking forward to this drama… hope its gonna be a good drama…

  2. 2 : [email protected] Says:

    LEE MIN JUNG……can’t wait for this drama >.<

  3. 3 : mystisith Says:

    I find that the pair looks fine on paper and on the trailer, despite the age difference. Let’s hope we’ll be lucky with the writer: I need a good rom-com and the ones aired lately leave a lot to be desired. Will it be the new City Hall?

  4. 4 : Angelia's Says:

    This will be the only drama that i will wait for for now. I love the two lead and going to watch for sure

  5. 5 : sahel Says:

    every body watched brain please say is it good drama for watch or not?

  6. 6 : Jennie Says:

    @mystisith Agree, both leads will probably do well in comedies, from their past dramas. But what remains to be seen is the script and how well these two blend. City Hall is too high up there in my books for anyone to beat. Keeping my fingers crossed though. 😀

    P.S I must say, from the previews, Shin Ha Hyun is looking so much more debonair than his Brain days – what a relief !!!

  7. 7 : jangerr Says:

    @5 sahel

    Brain is one of the best korean medical dramas so it’s definitely worth watching. That is why I’m looking forward to this upcoming drama by its lead actor, Shin Ha Kyun.

  8. 8 : sue Says:

    @ sahel

    Oh yes! Go watch Brain. It’s fabulous! You won’t regret it!

  9. 9 : Machida-san Says:

    yay is Lee Min Jung

  10. 10 : LilyAiren Says:

    oh yeah ! Shin Ha kyun is back !!!! Gonna rock this drama…

  11. 11 : simplyblue Says:

    cant wait!! april 4 palli palli…

  12. 12 : Kulitz Says:

    I think the lead actor looks so old he has a lot of wrinkles compared by the other actors the same as his age and even other whose older than him. Anyway, still, am going to watch this bcoz of LMJ she’s beautiful and good in acting and the story sounds good and funny, it makes chilling.

  13. 13 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I highly appreciated Shin Ha Kyun on Brain, and I was even shocked that he was not awarded for Best Actor in Baeksang. But I’ll be crossing my fingers for a good start on this drama.

  14. 14 : Jyenie Says:

    Frankly speaking, Shin Ha Kyun doesn’t belong in the “handsome” category but he has some kind of charms to pull you in. I hope he will bring us another good show after Brain.

  15. 15 : chimi Says:

    shin ha kyun is a great actor..i will watch it for sure..
    i really enjoyed his drama Brain..

  16. 16 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I just don’t like Shin Ha Kyun’s hair here. He looks older and uglier. Can anyone fix it RIGHT for him?!

  17. 17 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I just don’t like Shin Ha Kyun’s hair here. He looks older and uglier. I like the way he looks in The Brain. Can anyone fix it RIGHT for him?!

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    Is a comedy romance drama ,okay will have a try to watch, if is nice to watch , i will continue otherwise may consider to discontinue……

  19. 19 : Ti05 Says:

    Can’t wait for the first episode !!
    Actually, I hope this drama has 18 episode. But, don’t know what happen next. Hope for the best.
    Shin Ha Kyun, your hair looks different. I hope that you’ll have same hair when you were in “Brain”.

  20. 20 : monik Says:

    Doesn’t matter for 8-year age difference, hope Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung, also all the cast for the best….

    HWAITING !! 🙂

  21. 21 : Park jun sung Says:

    Im sorry to say it. But i think the lead male actor is so UGLY. Oh my gosh 🙁
    make me didnt interest watch it although there is good actress like lee min jung 🙁

  22. 22 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    Wow!!! I’ll be looking forward this drama! I love Shin Ha Kyun!!! I like his acting in BRAIN and I hope I’m gonna like here too!!! He may not be as handsome as other Korean actors but his acting really made me love him.

  23. 23 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    As for his hair here, maybe he’ll have it cut short in the middle episode of the drama

  24. 24 : zhian Says:

    and for everyone who want to watch kdrama with long episode


  25. 25 : SATARUPA Says:

    looking forward to this drama as i am a huge fan of Lee Min Jung from Smile,You.she is a very good and natural actress.again Shin Ha Kyun proved his acting skill in Brain .so really excited to watch them together.

  26. 26 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    hi sis, please don’t watch kdrama just bcoz of the actor not handsome.. shi ha kyun did great job in his previous drama called brain, he even nominated in seoul international drama award last year among foreigns actor… yeah maybe his hair in this drama a lil bit soooo weird 😉 but I just saw the trailer.. sound interesting.. I will watch this later..

  27. 27 : Arbios Says:

    really good drama and it has a really great story 😀


  28. 28 : hny Says:

    Lee min jung…. i ♥ ur facial expression .. n must be interesting see u in Romcom..

    @tara …. nice see u here… n @ jun sung…..adehhhhh bocahh , sister ksh tau ya ! biar ga handsome ttp manusia sempurna….adehhh next time jgn blg jelek…klo g suka sm pemain y, (^Ő^)/ ŐĶĂŶ…., cantik ;))

  29. 29 : leedaaaa Says:

    klo gk suka ya jgn nonton……. hadehhhh -__-“

  30. 30 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    hi there… see you again.. have you desided to watch this drama after TWTWB?
    love Lee Min Jung too since BOF days..

  31. 31 : hny Says:

    @tara….yes I think so… lee min jung impress me in ‘ Big’ … I think she gonna makes me lough alot… and thats good step to refresh mood after TWTWB ;))

  32. 32 : Park jun sung Says:

    Yee, emg aku kgak ada niat buat nonton drama ini kog. . . Bye!

    @hny & @tara
    wkwkwk sorry2 sis, sdikit bkin rusuh di thread ini. Bye!

  33. 33 : kang gary Says:

    Why Shi Ha Gyun be Funny here.. Very different on Brain. lol..

  34. 34 : Ria Says:

    Wow, I realize that Shin Ha Kyun can do something funny.
    He has various facial expression. Kim Jung Nan unnie ‘s hair is so unique.
    Continue to watch this drama…. 😀

  35. 35 : Ttuk Says:

    The writer’s attempt to flatter us in the prologue with a character ranting about the superficiality of the left and right ideologies, elevating himself above them, gives one the feeling the writer really doesn’t know much about politics. Nor does he/she know the “left” and “right” ideologies extends beyond the political spectrum, resting upon ones core beliefs. It is all encompassing whether one is aware of it or not.

    The drama loses credibility here. Surely politicians and the people of South Korea — those not in a mental ward — do not hold to such a puerile view.

    I’m hoping the rest of the drama will not be so disappointing.

  36. 36 : Ttuk Says:

    Is this a cultural thing or is Shin Ha Kyun’s acting way over the top? At times it seems the actor throws himself into a state of willful blankness, rather than a decidedly peeved individual angered by what he perceives as hypocrisy and self-serving.

    I’m hangin’ in there and see how it works out with Lee Min Jung, one of my favorites, though I think she deserves a better looking leading man… like Won Bin for crying out LOUD!!

  37. 37 : Via03 Says:

    On the one hand, the actors and actresses who appear quite convincing, without doubt. However, the first two episodes I watched as “missing” and whether the author is indeed quite understand politics?

    I just saw the ratings and it’s scary, considering the works of director’s previous rating did not start with numbers like this. I just wish there was a change for the better (maybe the story), if want to get positive recognition from many people. I pretty scared if this show will abandoned by the viewers 🙁

    Cheer up, Team !!! 🙂

  38. 38 : hny Says:

    Not watch it yet…but sound 2 eps not catch the viewer att… well I check back later..

  39. 39 : Ela Says:

    Maybe this drama needs some changes.
    I love the actors and place settings, but why the ratings are so low ?
    Cheer up for the productions crew !!! 🙂 otherwise, it’ll be worse…..
    SHK and LMJ may be potential for it.

  40. 40 : emerald Says:

    what wrong with this drama that the ratings arent high, unlike the other (that winter the wind blows). their both on the same broadcasting with the same time slot… i think the cast are great also… but i have to give it a shot… i dont think its bad enough…

  41. 41 : Jyenie Says:

    After watching 3 episodes, I am going to drop this drama.

  42. 42 : Park jun sung Says:

    That what i say. . . I have try much to watch kdrama without determine the lead actors handsome or n0t.. . . But. . . . Aigoo, really if the lead actor replaced with other like gong yoo / joo won / lee jun ki or an0ther charming actors. Its possibly this drama m0re popular and m0re interesting, isnt it?

  43. 43 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    OUCH! Nega ratings turn me off! What should I do? aigoo

  44. 44 : SATARUPA Says:

    why ratings are so low?

  45. 45 : Jyenie Says:

    How should I describe this drama so far? Let say it is a dish, it has all the best ingredients but the cook doesn’t know how to put them together, season and garnish them, so it turns out to be unpalatable.
    Shin Ha Kyun is not a handsome enough to uglify himself with that hairstyle if he wants to be in the romcom and Lee Min Jung always acts in the same “slow and steady” style which is not exciting.

  46. 46 : AngryBirds Says:

    I just dont care what others want to thread in this forum because I personally find this drama good. Kim Soo Young character is well played by Shin Ha Kyun and Noh Min Young character is also well played by Lee Min Jung too. Cant wait to watch upcoming episodes.

  47. 47 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    I like Lee Min Jung, but the actor is not a good match.

  48. 48 : India Samks Says:

    How can Ivrelate to this drama when the main guy is so ugly. Why do Koreans do that ? They always put a whacky main character, mostly a plain girl or woman and have the other good looking main character fall on love with them. No thanks! I took one look at him and stopped watching!

  49. 49 : India Samks Says:

    Yes, as most comments say here: CHANGE the lead actor! NO ONE likes him!!!

  50. 50 : Oliv Says:

    Actually, It’s a worth try for SHK in Rom-Com drama. I think maybe some of the people think he play enough serious role only, and he’s not fit in this genre. Maybe also for Min Jung have a “heavy burden” to bring as a main role. HCA and PHS are just good doing their job.
    Life always have pro and contra. We have to wait for the next….:)

  51. 51 : Jacklyn Says:

    쇼의 제목은 내 관심을 끌었다! 나의 관계 / 로맨스에 대한 모든!

    나는 로맨스를 사랑합니다! 하하. 물론 이민정 unnie! GIL TECACHER! LOL.

    그것은 좋은 로맨스 코미디입니다. 나는 정치에 대해 걱정하지 마십시오.

    남자 배우가 아주 잘 작동합니다. 🙂

    때때로 사람들은 너무 빨리 결론으로 이동합니다. 🙂

  52. 52 : Andy Says:

    Not to mention support or negative, but don’t make such outright “conclusion” for changing any main role…

  53. 53 : Jacklyn Says:

    the title of the show drew my attention! Everything About My Relationship or Romance!

    I love Romance! haha. And of COURSE LEE MIN JUNG!! GIL TECACHER!

    Imo, its a good romance comedy, i wouldnt care if its ‘politically’ right of wrong. Its about her romance anywhere.

    And the male lead actually acts better than alot of the gd looking idols. 🙂

    Sometimes people are too focus on certian expect of things that they
    overlook the good side of the nature of things…

  54. 54 : Jacklyn Says:

    I agree with you. 🙂

  55. 55 : Micc Says:

    @Andy @ Jacklyn

    Me too!

  56. 56 : Caca91 Says:

    What’s the title of the song in the end of episode 3 ?
    It seems this drama goes deeper and deeper…Because the song goes a little mellow.
    Hope the writer and director doing a better job for better rating. 🙂

  57. 57 : Jyenie Says:

    I think the production team needs to do something to boost viewership.

  58. 58 : NERI Says:

    u can download the drama here : http://doramax264.com/

  59. 59 : tarri Says:

    shin ha kyun is not just talented, his acting is superb!

  60. 60 : Aga Says:

    very funny…:-)

  61. 61 : tc Says:

    Decided to check out this drama after watching Brain where I became Shin Ha Kyun’s fan. His performance was so awesome in Brain and truly deserved the Daesang award.

    In this drama, his role is more light hearted and focus on romance which is rare for his. Despite the low rating, I actually enjoyed the first 3 episodes – funny, comedic and both leads do have chemistry with each other. Just that the backdrop of the story is a bit dry – politics.

    Can understand why the younger viewers will likely not watch this drama as they will not find Shin Ha Kyun handsome enough but his acting is so good that I just love to watch his facial expression and his gaze especially when he started to fall for Lee Ming Jung’s character. Really enjoyed their lively banter and it is a wonderful change after watching so many melos recently. The little girl is so cute and her conversation with Shin Ha Kyun in ep 3 really crack me up! She is the mini version of Lee Min Jung’s character!

  62. 62 : rm Says:


  63. 63 : Chie Says:

    Well, What can I say?
    I agree what @Andy said. This drama is still new, maybe they play
    “wrong card” for this. The lead are actually potential. People just can’t make outright conclusion. Just enjoy the drama first until we can complain/ praise on it.

    I understand that Shin Ha Kyun’s hair isn’t attractive as in “Brain” and Lee Min Jung’s voice. But, let’s just wait for another thing.

  64. 64 : Dian Says:

    ohh..i love this drama… so funny and hillarius.. actually i keep waiting this drama for the whole week, even the lead actor not handsome but his acting is good.. make me remember the lead actor at 99 days with stars (kim tae hee and japanese actor) the lead not handsome but can act well and actually i found that despite of the good looking the lead have warm heart and inner beauty… hwating all about romance.. looking forward your next episodes.

  65. 65 : hny Jo Says:

    me too..agree with u :))

  66. 66 : hny Jo Says:

    and I LIKE LEE MIN JUNG voice..unic :))

  67. 67 : Dede Says:

    I hope all the viewers who keep calling the lead actor ugly have no imperfections themselves because I think the term what goes around comes around might apply. As to low ratings, I can t always believe what they say because people tape shows to watch another time, (is that counted) some wait until the drama is over, then watch it later, (is that counted) and whom do they base the ratings on? I live in America and I don t think I get counted when I watch the drama, but I am still watching. I have watched some great dramas that had terrible ratings and they have become my favorites………..an example of this confusion on my part is “Full House”. All I hear are rave reviews of this drama, so I finally watched it……………what a let down. So………moral of the story, lighten up.

  68. 68 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    No matter what they say….. I’ll still watch this because its Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung. I love Shin Ha Kyun in Brain and I really want to see him in a Romance/Comedy drama 🙂 fighting!!!!

  69. 69 : AngryBirds Says:

    Woww…I believe Lee Min Jung is beautiful. It doesnt matter if she did plastic surgery or whatsoever. Cheers!

  70. 70 : hny Says:

    watch ep 2….. great ….I can’t stop lol of them both scene …no good face is cool as long he can deliver or describe the story not only by word ….and the viewer catch the meaning easly althougt w no eng sub …brilliant acting !! I call that ..
    so keep watching …;))

  71. 71 : AngryBirds Says:

    @hny I totally agree with u.

    Whats more was that, even though the background of this drama is about congress act/politics but that never kills the romance. Congrats!

  72. 72 : Juli Says:

    Shin Ha Kyung and Park Hee Sun are refreshing to watch. Wonderful actors with depth and not posers like idol singers. I hope the drama gets meatier as it progresses and the humor doesn’t decrease. I am enjoying it very much. I think it is the most original of the new crop of k-dramas to come out this Spring.

  73. 73 : Jacklyn Says:

    Okay, now i understand abit more abt superstars and stars 🙂 haha.
    Talents and popurlarity.

    When a Man Falls in Love starting Song Seung Hun, has 348 comments in koreandrama.org. 5 eps

    So does that equals to abt 5 times more popular then this show?

  74. 74 : FYI Says:

    Hi there @Jacklyn, please understand that number of comments does not represent the rating. it is just an open forum including here. For examples, a group of girl like the 6 packs of one of actor…the number of discussions sum up to….uhhhhh i really cant tell lol.

  75. 75 : Suzy Says:

    I think the low rating is due to lack of publicity. This often happens to dramas which have less popular cast than the others. I watched a lot of shows which is much better than those who got high ratings.

  76. 76 : D1 Says:

    from my survey i really like this drama bcoz its so funny and highly recommended wow superb acting of shin ha kyun and lee min jung tottally impressed

  77. 77 : tc Says:

    Watched Ep 4 and 5 and I an hooked with the romance of the main couple, KSY and NMY! Although Shin Ha Kyun does not look his best in this drama as compared to Brain, but his acting is still awesome especially in portraying a man in love. My goodness, just love the way he looked longingly at Lee Ming Jung at the radio station and at the parliament when she made her speech in ep 5.

    This drama is also funny and hilarious especially all the side characters including KSY’s personal assistant and his party member, Congressman Mong Boon Shik with all his antics! Hopefully the rating of this drama will improve with the conclusion of IRIS2 last week.

  78. 78 : Genouk Says:

    I must say Shin Ha Kyun definitely have that lady killer smile 🙂

    p/s: I am a guy and definitely NOT gay. Cheers!

  79. 79 : Jyenie Says:

    Episode 6 is surprisingly nice for me.

  80. 80 : eb Says:

    Love this drama! SHK and LMJ are really good.
    Keeps me chuckling & laughing.
    A feel good drama.

  81. 81 : sousou Says:

    les chaussettes rouges seraient-elles une référence aux fameuses chaussette de l’ancien premier ministre francais : Francois Fillon alias Bozo le clown ? …

  82. 82 : Jyenie Says:

    Shin Ha Kyun has a new haircut at last. Phew.

  83. 83 : Jyenie Says:

    Episode 7,

    Romance is in the air, getting interesting.

  84. 84 : BogakTS Says:

    This is one good drama. Congratulations.

  85. 85 : Ade Says:

    Seeing the poor rating makes me feel sad. I just don’t know who’s to be blame of. I watch this drama from the first episode until now. Hopefully there are some positive result and “lights”.

  86. 86 : ance Says:

    i’m really enjoying this drama!!! i just don’t like that reporter girl…

  87. 87 : magsie Says:

    This drama is so under rated. I like everything in this drama.

    Always waiting for the next episode.

  88. 88 : Jyenie Says:

    Even though I’ve never like SHK’s previous hairstyle but I prefer it to the new one because this new hairstyle looks too young on him. He looked very charming in the one in Brain.

  89. 89 : minhthuong Says:

    I love this film !!! ^^

  90. 90 : CK Says:

    Same production team as ‘”Protect the Boss” but this is done better.
    Just like the name of drama, the story line is all about the romance of Kim Soo Young and Noh Min Young. The story may be simple but it is nice and funny through every episode until now at episode 11. Seems that the ratings is still very low. I hope it can get more popular so that everyone who loves Korean drama can share the joy.

  91. 91 : rory Says:

    I really can’t watch Brain till the last eps because of SHK..just hate seeing his arrogant face & for me other medical dramas are better than that so i dropped it..
    But surprisingly! I love this drama & okay with SHK’s char even though his hair is so funny but it’s okay for me..LOL! but reading here, he already changed his hairstyle..but seriously, I really dun mind it at all..
    It’s a fun drama to watch 😀

  92. 92 : hny Says:

    ohhh ..finally the sub is out …so I can watch this …marathooon ;))
    and I was in ep 7… so far the story it’s simple but so entertaining … I really like SHK deliver an old man who fallin love in the middle of their work as politician …cute , ambarasing but so funny …lol..n .lol ;))

    I think the chemestry of two lead …so cute ..great , fighting AAMR !.. the one n only KD I watch this month

  93. 93 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    I’ve just finished watching Episode 11, it was soooo thrilling :), I love this drama!!!! It’s simple but I LIKE IT THAT WAY!!!! I LOVE SHIN HA KYUN and LEE MIN JUNG!!!!

  94. 94 : 143KDrama Says:

    I kinda fall in love with this drama. Very cheerful, full of loves and hopes, and never felt like it is taking place in a political arena. Wow, bravo Son Jung Hyun and Kwon Ki Young. Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung acting are really good. He is handsome, with very attractive smile and she is beautiful and with a very attractive natural smile too. The way I see it, Lee Min Jung is more beautiful that Yoon Eun Hye.
    Kim Soo Young, hope you will with those 3 ladies heart & Noh Min Young, aja aja fighting 🙂

  95. 95 : Mae Says:

    Underrated! This KDrama is excellent! People must not missed viewing this.

  96. 96 : Mae Says:

    I love this drama. The lead actor can act. He is not that handsome BUT when he smiles… GOSH , I blush…. So warm and fresh.

  97. 97 : rory Says:

    I agree..this drama is over underrated!!! Gladly I’m not only watching KDs because of their handsome/pretty faces..I truly enjoyed watching this 😀

  98. 98 : Oblime Says:

    This drama is way much better than WAML. Looking forward for upcoming episodes.

  99. 99 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    @rory #91…. You’re so wrong…. You should watch BRAIN, it’s the best Medical drama I’ve seen…. At first you will hate the Dr. Lee Kang Goon (Shin Ha Kyun) because he’s so arrogant but later you will love him, cry for him and everything!!! Shin Ha Kyun is really a very good actor!!! He can make you hate him and love him. In real life he is so simple, humble and very shy person!!! Very different from the roles he portrayed. Until now I like and love him. He’s perfect for me!!!!

  100. 100 : rory Says:

    @Marie ♡♥♡
    I know..I know, most of viewers really love Brain so much..I dunno why, I love med dramas so much but Brain, I just can’t…
    I think it’s the same problem with Pasta when I can’t barely watching it till the last ep because of arrogant/hot temper chef in the kitchen + the unprofessional workers..
    But maybe I will try to watch it[Brain] again since I love his acting in this drama & yes, I know he is a lovely SK actor in a real life..thanx anyway 😀

  101. 101 : ForFun Says:

    I know the feeling about liking the act of one actor/actress in one drama/movie but then lost the interest when he/she act in different drama/movie. To me, it has much to do with the type of drama and also other people in it and/or the character itself.
    For example, much earlier I totally skip all ancient based drama/movie but now I start to watch them. Some, I find them very interesting.
    FYI, 2 years ago, I only watch american TV drama’s. Now I am kind of watching close to all top rating Korean drama. At first, it was exhausting but now, I’m addicted. Keep telling the time to pass by faster so that I can watch upcoming faster.

  102. 102 : Lie Says:

    It’s hard to make something to the top, and it happens to this drama.
    I think this drama is an excellent example for politics and romance reality, and unfortunately, they (Korean Watchers) don’t notice about that and just abandoned it.
    Keep for hardworking, because, maybe it has low-ratings, but someday, we don’t know, this drama will achieving good results. I’m not blaming anything, but seeing from the number of ratings….Hwaiting !!!

  103. 103 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    This drama is so under-rated. But mind you not all high-rated drama are good!… I’ve watched a lot of Asian dramas. Don’t judge drama by its rating. Others maybe prioritizing a certain drama that’s why its getting high rates. This drama is very good. Simple but VERY GOOD!!! I JUST LOVE THIS DRAMA.

  104. 104 : bard Says:

    this drama quite funny and interesting… the bickering…the romance and the secret

  105. 105 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    @rory #100 ♡♥♥♡
    Thank you dear. I really don’t know why I’m so obsessed of SHK :)… I just happen to like and love him so much. At first I don’t want to watch Brain… but later I got hooked on it!!! I Love the character, the actor so much that started I watched some of his movies too.
    And one of a co-fans from Shin Ha Kyun International Fans (FB) went to SK just to see him and her effort were not wasted…. it’s a dream come true!!! She met him face to face. She said Mr Shin Ha Kyun is the MOST GENUINE ; KIND , POLITE, AND UNASSUMING STAR….
    HIS SMILE & HIS EYES ARE TO DIE FOR! …. definitely another reason for me to like him more 😀

  106. 106 : dian Says:

    yup this drama is so good.. can’t believe the rating so low, but maybe some of the viewer at korea only love good looking actor, which i found is useless.. better see a good actor on acting more than on face. hope the rating will went up soon .

  107. 107 : rory Says:

    @Marie ♡♥♡ #103
    I agree with u, not all those high rated dramas are good but one thing for sure is, low ratings will affect during year end award..so that’s why SOME of the winners actually won because of the high ratings even though their acting/story lacks here & there..

    I’m not surprised with that & totally understand ur feeling. actually I am a fan of Park Yoochun & knows a lot of their fans around the world..I fall in love with him without knowing that he got so many fans who willing to fly for attending his/jyj concerts or fm..So now I know, SK artists really drive us crazy rite..
    I did watched SHK’s interview in Entertainment Weekly-Guerilla Date for his movie “Running Man” & yes, his real personality is so lovely yet so charming..It’s the same reason why I love PYC so much because he doesn’t really care about his image even though he is an idol, he’s so freely & humble but soooo naughty at the same time!But of course his talents hooked me 1st..

    Just continue ur support dear since we enjoyed so much watching this 😀

  108. 108 : ogrenji Says:

    just watched for 5 episodes,and i’m hooked,it’s really funny and the chemistry is sooo goood,finally real rom com hehe 😀

  109. 109 : Blank0 Says:

    I am currently watching few others KDrama, watched like 25 to 30 drama’s before too, and I must say Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung makes the best couples of all. Not only they look so loving, but their act of romance makes others smile and laugh.

  110. 110 : peyutnduy Says:

    This drama is sooooo underrated! I really like it and the attraction between the main couple is so meltingly nice to watch ;”)

  111. 111 : Blank0 Says:

    Oh noo! It really hurts to see NMY having to ask KSY to let her go. They know how loving they are yet due to career circumstances, they have to undergone hard times. And I cried too. Aja ajaa fighting NMY & KSY.
    BTW JH, please love AHS. I think you still love her and she needs to be filled.

  112. 112 : taraJJ Says:

    hi sis, thx for always talking abt this drama in some our conv in line that’s make me curious to sneak peak this drama hehe 🙂 when I got a lil bit stress with all heavy theme dramas that I’ve been watched lately, I need something light so I desided to watch this one or Queen of the Office…
    at first I though I’m gonna bored with poliltical theme but really Shin Ha Kyun & Lee Min Jung’s acting make this drama so enjoyable to watched for me…

  113. 113 : taraJJ Says:

    don’t care about low ranting coz sometimes high ranting k.dramas doesn’t suit with my taste…
    now I’m just on eps 6.. and so curious with what happened next 😉

  114. 114 : taraJJ Says:

    wah so you watched this drama too? first I’m gonna watch mandate of heaven but after watching some twist on jang ok jung, I need someting light theme which make me laugh then I choose this drama 😉

    btw, do you thing this drama going to be happy ending? hope so…

  115. 115 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    @rory #107

    You are right! And we are the same I also love Park Yoochun. I watched all his dramas and I admire his musical talents 🙂 … And yes that’s how exactly I thought he is :)… wish there more Korean stars that are like PYC and SHK so that fans won’t be disappointed when they meet them 🙂

    I don’t know why we’re so obsessed with Korean drama but let’s just enjoy it!!! Take care

  116. 116 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:


    You are right other dramas make you fee stress. This drama will help you relax, smile and laugh. So simple but perfect for my taste. I just finished watching episode 13… waiting for next week for episode 14. I’m feeling a little sad cause just 3 more episode and it’ll be over. i want more episodes.

  117. 117 : hny Says:

    @tara … ooh finally u watch this ..glad u enjoy it ..same with me I just on eps 6.. coz I want finished watch fantasy couple first …this is funny drama too ..u have to watch , sis marrie are right to suggest me this ..love it verry much especially oh ji ho n hong sister …hmm all character is funny , lol !

    I will continue AAMR today …so curious abt SHK new hair ..I think he will look better , and their lovey dovey relationship began … haha ;))

    ok all happy watching ♡♡♡♥♥

  118. 118 : taraJJ Says:

    yes this drama really funny and make me relax..
    LMJ drama always make laugh like her previous drama Big..
    I watched Brain too, I think its the best medical drama ever, no wonder SHK received award bcoz of his acting..
    btw, its 16 eps rite,,, i’m still on eps 6 so there is more time to enjoy the cuteness chemistry between SHK and LMJ… happy watching everyone 🙂

  119. 119 : bard Says:

    Well2 its 13th episode already…. another 3 to go … well hopefully the series will end beautifully as the story progress. The OST for the drama also interesting.. forget about the rating. I’m sure it not gonna rise in 3 episode even though i hope it will with the good combination of the actor & actress. The writer manage to provide full character to the story and it well balance.

  120. 120 : hny Jo Says:

    uhhh..little bit tired watch marathon until ep 11

    gosh ..this lovey dovey… keeping me smile!! hmm.. the interactive of ppl in this goverment office unusual, but I dunno, never at goverment ! perhaps some of ppl in goverment just like in this drama ;))

    ..anyway I love the story of this couple, also that’s annoying reporter girl except Jon Ha character.. boring!

    in ep 11.. I like the way Kim sang soo , utilizing KSY, just to keep his mouth shut…haha yah good idea sang soo… kapan lagi bisa perintah BOss …great! poor KSY…for love ,he do anything!!(me too..)

    last ep 11… hmmm SHK still good in kiss, thrilling!! and the reporter girl will being insane…good lah ;))

    so AAMR, Fighting!!

  121. 121 : taraJJ Says:

    @hny Jo
    woah, want to continue watching this drama to bad I have bad internet connection so can’t dload the eps 7..I think I hv to be patient then..
    the kiss scene you just show me… really.. my funny ahjussi is good kisser 🙂 love SHK+LMJ

  122. 122 : taraJJ Says:

    @hny Jo
    ups I forget to ask you, do you any interest to watch Queen of the Office? since you like Oh Ji Ho.. if you already watching it tell me ya bcoz i read so many reviews said tht this drama is funny too.. but I guess OJH’s look is way different from Fantastic Couple.. like SHK in this AAMR, oh ji ho hair style is so funny in queen of this office

    ups again.. sori everyone for out of topic from AAMR…

  123. 123 : rory Says:

    @taraJJ, Marie ♡♥♡ & all
    tara, I really enjoyed watching this drama so far but hey u fast than me..I’m only on ep.4 currently but since this drama airing at the same time with MOH so I decided to download all eps yesterday coz I love this drama so much, wanna catch up all the eps before it’s ended..hehe..
    Yes, this is the only drama which can brighten up ur mood so far..
    AAMR fighting!! happy watching everyone 😀

  124. 124 : ItIsNotTwoFaced Says:

    I’ve watched this drama until the very episode. I must say this a one good drama. It is sad that this drama have only 3 episodes left. I actually never thought both Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung looks good together, as if in real life they are real couple.

  125. 125 : rory Says:

    dear admin, pls update the child actress name in the supporting cast list : Jun Min Seo as Song Bo Ri…
    love this little girl so much, she’s so cute & grew up to be a great actress soon 😀

  126. 126 : bitbit Says:

    i like them both……cute

  127. 127 : taiki Says:

    very good drama i like the actors and the story may kilig factor…..

  128. 128 : hny Jo Says:

    I watch ep 12…hmmm ‘so so’………… I just hope next the writer will makes the plot more thrilling like ‘the kiss’…fighting AAMR ;))

  129. 129 : hny Jo Says:


    yaps I’m watching QOO too, now on ep 3…interesting char n funny , try sis!

  130. 130 : noni Says:

    very good drama but the rating is very low..just because the actors are not very famous..but those couple were cute….<3

  131. 131 : zety Says:


  132. 132 : Ogie Says:

    Finally, it comes to the end. I wish if this drama can be extend 1 or 2 episode, even has low ratings. I can’t wait for the next and final episode…Hopefully will be the best ending…

  133. 133 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    I only just finished ep. 8, but I am enjoying this com/rom. It is delightful & lighthearted, & for some inexplicable reason, it fills me with joy. The cast is performing well, with exceptional characterization from Shin Ha Kyun. He is a master at his craft. He has the ability to make one feel what his character is feeling. His facial expressions are a work of art, which he uses to convey a myriad of emotions felt by his character, i.e, desire, joy,disgust, frustration, naughtiness, earnestness, etc.

    It has been duly noted that SHK has a killer smile that makes U want to smile also. Combine that smile, and those soulful eyes & BAM!! Almost heart stopping. SHK is not a classically beautiful male (idol), but his face holds a lot of charm that makes him appealing. I will miss his “conductor’s hair”, but like his new style as well. I just realized I haven’t seen him smile with his new hair cut. Gotta check out ep. 9. “I’ll be back.” Fighting!!

  134. 134 : magsie Says:

    I want this drama to end at the wedding ceremony.

  135. 135 : Angelia's Says:

    I think not many korean watch this drama is not because shin ha kyun. The writer is to blame. Except for shk all the actors are suck including lee min jung

  136. 136 : peraindia Says:

    Best drama , I love it , so relaxing

  137. 137 : Jess Says:

    팀과 배우에 대한 열정

  138. 138 : Chaen Says:

    I totally love this drama. This drama is actually way better than WAML.

  139. 139 : phenix Says:

    I really don’t understand why the rating for this drama is so low . what kind of series koreans like is there anybody there to answer my question. I am not korean I don’t understand anything about korean constitution but this series is about love!! and is played deliciously by Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung . I am actually viewing Gu Family, Crual Palace, when a man in love,Lee Soon Shin is the Best and…………… but this drama is the best in my opinion. really koreans are disappointing me!!!

  140. 140 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    @Ahjussi2012 #133

    Very well said I agree with you. Mr. Shin Ha Kyun may not be a drop-dead gorgeous and not that attractive on first sight but once you get to know him and watched his acting etc. you’ll be mesmerize by him… His smile is the winner!

  141. 141 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    @phenix #139

    I second the motion with you! I just don’t understand why the rating is so low. Actually I stopped watching the other dramas just to WATCH this and I love it and been watching each episode again and again. And same as you I find this drama the best!!! Simple and very inspiring 🙂

  142. 142 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    @noni #130

    Shin Ha Kyun is a famous actor! He made a lot of beautiful movies but very few dramas. Only 4 dramas in his 15 years as an actor. Watch him in Brain… It’s the best medical drama ever!

  143. 143 : Haaay Says:

    Im thinking twice weather to watch this or not ’cause the main actor is’nt my type though the actress is fine. But i am so sure this one has a happy ending, base on my own opinion every drama that i’ve watched with a genre of romance comedy i hav’nt seen yet a sad ending or maybe i just dont remember.he he he!

  144. 144 : tc Says:


    Please watch it and you will fall for Shin Ha Kyun even though he is not your type. He may not be drop dead gorgeous and he mesmerized you with his superd acting and charisma especially when he changed his hairstyle in second half of the series.

    I agree with Chaen-138 that this drama is definitely better than WAML which is airing at the same time but have highest rating. SSH is more handsome than SHK but his drama, WAML really sucks and I gave up half way especially with the lousy plot and worse character of female lead in Kdrama.

    This drama is really a hardcore adult rom com – full of romance, skinships and comedy. It is so entertaining, light and although there are angst moments but those moments never prolong and affect the tone of the drama.

    There so many hilarious scenes that I lost count of – the latest escape scene of Soo Young running out of Min Young’s house with the toilet plunger in ep 14 really cracks me up until tears come out of my eyes! I feel so good after watching AAMR. The OTPs are perfect – sizzling chemistry, warm, smart, mature and best of all, both never fail to display their love for each other. Also love all the side characters especially Mong Boon Shik and Sec Kim! They really rock with their funny and comical antics!

  145. 145 : dian Says:

    yup, this drama is much better the WAML. and i dispointed with the korean that give this drama a low rating. haiz.. can’t belive the last episode will come soon.. ohhh i hope can see the wedding ^_^

  146. 146 : peyutnduy Says:

    I agree 100% of all good+positive comments here ;”) The best drama of the first half of 2013!

  147. 147 : Marta Says:

    This is one of my favorites romance comedy dramas. Although, I loved Korean dramas I do not like “dark dramas”. I wish they can have more dramas like All About My Romance. For this reason I do not understand the low rate for this drama. Shin Ha Kyun is an excellent actor, I am glad to see him in another type of role, more carefree. I hope I can see him in the near future in another drama.

  148. 148 : YTP Says:

    I enjoyed watching the drama. The chemistry of the two leading actor and actress SHK and LMY are great. Since Brain, I was longing for more of SHK acts. His affection acts as shown through his face and smile and even tears…made me fall for him !

  149. 149 : dian Says:

    2 more days before the last episode . keep waiting

  150. 150 : zehnee Says:

    I started watching this tv series not knowing tnat i will be hook from episode to episode . This is a dlilightful story with all the characters, especially the main two leading stars. I was done watching, with no let-up for two consecutve days, and is now waiting for episode 16.Thank you very much to each and everyone of you who was involved one way or the other on this beautiful project’.

  151. 151 : awesomemicaela Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve seen in a long long long time. Shin Ha Kyun’s character is so unique and he really pulls it off, like Johnny Depp pulling off Captain Jack Sparrow and Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man. The ratings for this show are so misleading. If you’re considering watching this show, you should. Definitely worth your time and it’s really funny. It’s not ridiculous like some dramas where the scenarios they come up with are so impossible that it completely turns you off. THIS DRAMA IS VERY VERY VERY GOOD! Thumbs up all the way.

  152. 152 : Chaen Says:

    Ohh yesss. I totally love the final episode. It really makes me smile and feel so happy seeing such a great romance, friendship, and last but not least, true happiness. My two thumbs up for this drama.

  153. 153 : Geo N Says:

    A Little Bit Unexpected Ending !! But in a positive meaning.
    Wow, two thumbs up for the actors, actresses, and crews who are so hardworking for this drama, even the ratings isn’t as the expect one.
    Well, hate to say goodbye for this drama, because this drama can be more explore a little, but what I have to say? It’s all about time. Flies so fast.
    SHK, LMJ, and others, Thank You for such make a marvelous drama, hopefully can be success in abroad and success for the actors and actresses. This drama worth to watch !!!

  154. 154 : magsie Says:

    This drama is just perfect. I can understand why people who loved this

    were so disappointed with the low rating it received. Anyway, to those

    who are still looking for a drama to watch, why not try this one.

    You might like it, just like we did.

  155. 155 : awesomemicaela Says:

    The only thing about this drama that kinda upsets me is that if Bo Ri and Joon Ha didn’t approve of Shin Ha Kyun, LMJ wouldn’t have got together with him right? I mean, she puts them above him and gives them first priority which kinda irkes me. He should be given the same priority as them. Otherwise, THIS DRAMA IS TOTALLY PERFECT! MUST WATCH!

  156. 156 : tc Says:


    The main reason why LMJ’s character, NMY split with KSY was she thought that KSY’s dad, Leader Go murdered her sister and her bro in law who was Joon Ha’s brother. Whenever she looked at Joon Ha or Bo Ri, she will be reminded of this ” fact” and she could not forgive herself for loving the son of her sister’s ” murderer”. She only accepted KSY back after hearing the confession from Leader Go that he did not kill them.

    What a happy, happy ending. Kudos to the writer for giving the viewers a fan service ending with wedding and kids! Also happy that all the side characters get their own happy endings with all loose ends neatly tied up. This is the best rom com in recent years and truly did not deserve such a low rating, Glad that SBS did not reduce the no of eps and kudos to all involved especially both the leads for giving us such a wonderful romance and awesome chemistry that surpass many other overrated romance dramas.

  157. 157 : ogrenji Says:

    agree with all the comments,this one is a solid rom com a mature and real kind relationship,with perfect act by SHK,he reminds me of robert de niro actually :)) those eyes are soulfuuuulll!!! 😀 anyway LMJ is great too,great chemistry,for those rom com suckers should watch this :))

  158. 158 : awesomemicaela Says:



    I know but that’s not his fault that Leader Go is his dad. In fact, he totally hates his dad and is absolutely willing to sacrifice himself (by revealing the secret affair and his illegitimacy) for her sake and yet, she leaves him for 2 years for something that is not his fault and for something he can do nothing about? She should have said: I’ll love you for who you are and I love you more than I hate Leader Go, or something along those lines. I mean, he should be as important to her as Bo Ri and Joon Ha are.

  159. 159 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    Really the BEST DRAMA for me!!!! I stopped watching the currently showing drama just to give way to this because I love Shin Ha Kyun!!! And whatever role he played he really gives his best!!!! Two thumbs up!!! Congratulations to the cast and crew!!! I don’t know why the rating is so low…. but maybe and hoping that it will be on the top 30 list of most shared drama in the world!!!!

  160. 160 : Xuan Says:

    May I say, actor Shin Ha Kyun has earned a fan in me. He is so charming and thoroughly moving. Kudos to a wonderful drama. I hate for it to end.

  161. 161 : Xuan Says:

    Okay, Marie…, how do you know him in real life?

  162. 162 : kdrama freak Says:

    this drama is so under rated. i thoroughly enjoy it. the casting is good. LMJ has improved in her acting, may be tip off from her boyfriend LBH????

  163. 163 : dramalover Says:

    Has been a long time since I watched such a refreshing show. I’ve always liked korean drama which has politics as the theme. Just like City Hall, this show is light-hearted but yet brings out truth in a subtle manner. The ending is great as it does not leave you hanging. Great show.

  164. 164 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Great drama to watch actually facts of life!

  165. 165 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Just finished the final episode & can’t express how truly delightful this melo/rom/com really is. There is a huge segment of the population that really missed out on this hilarious drama, (which does not reflect well in
    the ratings), but is definitely underrated, mucho enjoyable & highly entertaining. I laughed so hard at some of the scenes, with tears streaming down my face, & cried with sadness at some, that I had to have tissue nearby in case it was needed. Loved the ending; no loose ends. Great job to all involved, with kudos to the very talented cast & a special nod to Shin Ha Kyun. (Guess I’ll have to watch his medical drama after all). This is one “leave U feeling good” Kdrama I will definitely watch again. Enjoy!

  166. 166 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    @ awesomemicaela 155 & 158

    I totally agree with you about NMY’s priorities being skewed, (slightly ridiculous), but it didn’t take anything away from the drama. I liked your alternative wording; its what I would have said. (Ha, ha)

    The only other thing I noticed is that these love dramas really distort some female minds. In my entire dating life, I have never met a man that pursued me or loved me the way Kim Soo Young does. So, when I meet a nice guy, he never really measures up to the image in my mind and I’m left thinking there is something so much better out there, (& of course I deserve it), waiting just around the corner. It is not real, its not reality, & I am oh so disappointed, & keep waiting for Mr. Right. I pity the fool. ME. LOL

  167. 167 : Lucifera Says:

    Do Not pay attention to the low ratings. This drama is one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched, and I’m not a person who likes just every Korean drama. My favorite dramas are those like City Hall, Secret Garden, You’re Beautiful, That Winter the Wind Blows and of course The Coffee Prince. I don’t like Gu family Book or You’re the Best LSS (Which are enjoying high ratings, no doubt only because of their actors), because they’re dragging too much without sth interesting actually happening. But this drama was interesting, funny, to the point, and LOGICAL. The actor and the actress were great, esp. the actor. Watch it. It’s very good.

  168. 168 : labolelabole Says:

    Simplemente un kdrama “MARAVILLOSO”

    Shin Ha Kyun, me conmovío enormemente con su actuación, en especial en el episodio final, es un magnífico actor!

    Nunca entenderé el rating tan bajo que registro en Corea.

  169. 169 : awesomemicaela Says:

    @Ahjussi2012 166

    Forgive me for being honest but your name Ahjussi gave me the impression that you were a guy! Anyway, down to drama land. I suppose after watching a few great dramas where the guy chases the girl, giving his all, in the end the girl too would give her all cause the guy kinda deserves it, heh. So naturally, I was hoping that NMY would utter those words, you know, being true love and all.

    TOTALLY! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! K-dramas have given us ladies a head full of fantasies, making us believe that men like that really do exist out there. You’re actually not the first one to say this; someone else somewhere mentioned it as well (Soompi? Can’t quite remember). To be honest, I think men like that do exist but they’re so rare, probably 10 in a 100 hundred years? Of them 10, 5 are gay so that leaves us girls with 5! Hahahahaha.

  170. 170 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @awesomemicaela #169

    LOL. When I 1st starting watching Kdramas, I thought Ahjussi was a nice sounding endearment, period. I then selected it for my user name, but found later that it referred to a male. I don’t like the sound of Ahjamma, but I will re-adjust starting now.

    U R so right!! Some of those 5 r so beautiful 2. I wish each group of 5 pure love & happiness. I would surely like to meet my dream guy B 4 I die. 😀

  171. 171 : cuity17 Says:

    Kok shk jd mirip ji sung yak?? Ha..ha..ha.. 2 more eps. then finished!! Lanjuuuut teruuuss!!!

  172. 172 : -Autumn- Says:

    I skipped this drama at first but when hearing a lot of nice feedback, I give it a try and I am hooked. The chemistry between LMJ and SHK is good. SHK is good in acting especially his all kinds of expression (whether it be serious or funny) and humorous as well. He keeps remind me of Jack Sparrow for his expression and role in the drama.

    Moon Bong Shik (GHJ) is so funny. I like his character in this drama. Especially when the korean netizen make fun of his speech in youtube (drama). Laugh die me!

  173. 173 : della1975 Says:

    I Loveeeee this drama, the way they describe politic is very true, so sad that all the politic people only thinking about themself and their group only.
    Just few people who really concern and care about their people and their country and they cant do anything because the lack of the support from other corrupt and selfish members in the city hall.

  174. 174 : kymm Says:

    This is simply one of the best dramas that I have watched for a long, long time…. so much warm, wittiness, emotions, sincerity, great dialogues and chemistry amongst all the characters. Kudos to all the casts and the whole team behind this wonderful drama!!

  175. 175 : lovejdg Says:

    oh my god..one of the best rom com k drama I’ve ever watch.. and the best k drama ending.. I definitely would watch it again! SHK is soo charming and the chemistry between the lead characters are soo deep! I just so in love with this drama, It can be compared with a gentleman’s dignity! ignore the lo rating! must watch drama!

  176. 176 : malou1010 Says:

    I really loved watching this kdrama !!!! It has all the elements of a “must-see” rom./com. drama – very hilarious scenes ( the stairways scene really cracks me up!!!), heartwarming episodes, and a great chemistry between SHK & LMJ with excellent acting.It’s definitely underated with the low ratings given.

  177. 177 : I Hear Your Voice – A Crack Drama | mystisith Says:

    […] I feel a bit obliged to compare this drama with the recently finished and flawed All About My Romance. Both deal with professions that have a bad reputation in SK (because of the corruption): […]

  178. 178 : sam Says:

    It has been sometime i have not enjoyed a good rom com till aamr,is a great one, the otp act and kiss like a real couple, in fact i think is the kd with most kiss scene,hahah,good,good
    chemistry, now i am a fan of shin ha kyun, and lmj also improved a lot. I cant believe shin ha kyun is such a great actor, will watch brain now,even i am not into medical drama,

  179. 179 : Hanako Says:

    One of the best romance drama this year, full of passion and patience.
    The main actor Shin Ha Kyun was a real great actor and he did a good job for this drama and his lover/wife Lee Min Jung was also great and both of them made this drama so worth watching and hoping they will get an award for this drama and also selected as one of the best for year 2013

  180. 180 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    @Ahjussi2012 166

    Why not change your alias to Agassi instead 🙂 I think it means YOUNG LADY 🙂

  181. 181 : taraJJ Says:

    just notice that the director is Son Jung Hyun and the screenwriter Kwon Ji Young… wah the same person behind Protect The Boss… that’s explain why I enjoyed the joke on this drama so much 🙂

  182. 182 : jolz Says:

    te rame, sumpah.. 😐

  183. 183 : Tota Ali Says:

    I reallly adore this drama! i donno why it has a low rating?!!!…
    for the comedy it is perfect ! … i liked Spider man uncle saying xD …
    also the romantic kiss scenes are impressive 🙂 ….. maybe because it is political which make it boring or people fans were busy with Kangchi!! 😛 and other dramas 😀 … anyway am completely into this drama 😀 … love it ,,, so cute and sweet 😀 <3

  184. 184 : Tota Ali Says:

    hilarious scenes soo funny … really laughed from my heart 😉 … thank u for the main cast …. 🙂 at first i was about to leave it … but when i saw the hilarious , romantic scenes i immediately started downloading the episodes hhhhh 😀 …

  185. 185 : doris cera Says:

    soooooooooooooo cheezzzzzyyyyyyy. love it!

  186. 186 : doris cera Says:

    very funny, it keeps away your worries away…i dont understand why the ratings are just so low! nevertheless, i really did enjoy this drama…

  187. 187 : Chrissie Says:

    The drama is really good. Can’t understand why the rating is so low. Any idea why?

  188. 188 : Yujin Says:

    Why the rayting was so low….dont know should i watch it???!!:)

  189. 189 : malou1010 Says:

    Yujin you will NOT REGRET if you watch this great drama. It is AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! It’s soooooo FUNNY & ROMANTIC!!!! It’s one of those FEEL GOOD romantic comedy.

    IGNORE the misleading low ratings. Believe me you will adore & love this great drama to death!!!

    I love it soooo much that I watched it three times already!! Guess what? I have come to love it 3 FOLD TIMES more!!! Need I say more?

  190. 190 : melanie Says:

    love this drama (romantic and comedy) … happy ending..
    *i love lee min jung…

  191. 191 : cio Says:

    watch it!!!!
    soooo funny

  192. 192 : cio Says:

    i cannot understand why it has a low ratings maybe majority of Koreans like fictional,thriller and mysterious drama… but for me its the best
    very refreshing!!!!

  193. 193 : Micc Says:

    Finally finished watching this drama! Have been putting it off since episode 12 because of all the politics got me frustrated. If this drama was not set up with politics in the background, it is a really good romantic comedy! The romance part is excellent! The two leads have great chemistry, and their portrayal of romance is very sweet! Thumb up!

  194. 194 : Rosie823 Says:

    I love this drama …. the male lead brilliant acting… i love the way he look/gaze with his smiling face at the Rep. Noh … I wish I had a guy who look at me like that….Love the songs in this drama very funky & fresh…Highly recommended …. Fun & hillarious

  195. 195 : raffi Says:


  196. 196 : rama Says:

    watched twice already, i still keep smiling and laugh on how they date
    story also good, very entertaining, just like BIG kdrama fun
    and then i watched the heirs after that,,, i feel so bored on story ><

  197. 197 : anb Says:

    BEST ROMANTIC COMEDY EVER!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! SHK is really amazing with his killer smile. I love him so much in this drama. I hope that I find a man who loves me very much likes Kim Soo Young loves Noh Min Young. NMY is totally makes me jealous in this drama hahaha

  198. 198 : anb Says:

    SHK and LMJ are the best couple ever! They chemistry are really something that cant describe. They are like a real couple in this drama. I can feel the love from KSY to NMY. His love is very sincere and warm. I hope that they would be pairing again on another drama. Fighting Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung!

  199. 199 : Runaway_Ryuki Says:

    Hahaha..its true it’s so funny..I loved this drama, and I watched again..hahahah

  200. 200 : LY Says:

    Whatever has been said about this drama is really true – it is sooooo funny. One of the best rom-com dramas that I have ever come across. The low rating is just unbelievable.

  201. 201 : Adeul Says:

    I didn’t get past the opening of this drama. It was the most awful opening I had ever encountered in a kdrama, mainly because the writer had made it a discourse that occurs usually in a classroom and never during a political meet.

    Where the politicians compete to gain public votes, it is all about what the politician can do for the voters, hardly ever about abstract or philosophical things.

  202. 202 : Adi Says:

    Excellent ……very nice drama the main actor is adorable in the middle of drama you’re going to loveee him and the main actress is adorable you must see this drama

  203. 203 : Okoro oghenekome Says:

    Hello, I really love the work you have in here, I love the way you made every bit of this article simple and very understanding.

  204. 204 : peyutnduy Says:

    This is still one of my most fave drama. I miscount how many times I’ve watched and rewatched it. Love it!😘😍

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