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Air City


Title: 에어시티 / Air City
Chinese title : 天空之城
Episodes: 16
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-May-19 to 2007-June-8
Air Time: Saturdays & Sundays 21:40
Opening Theme Song: Fist 2 Fist
Ending Theme Song: All In Vain by DBSK


Han Do Kyung, specially scouted by the Incheon Airport Director, willingly accepted 1/3 of the pay she was receiving when working in Singapore to come back to Korea as the chief of operations of Incheon Airport. She speaks five different languages. However, Do Kyung lives with an uneven wound of her family and a regret of leaving her sister behind. She met Kim Ji Sung, a National Intelligence Service agent and gets entangle with him. Kim Ji Sung is very passionate about his work to the extend that he is willing to bend the rules to ensure the security of the country even if he is only acting on his instincts. After being stationed at the airport, he finds himself in an emotional turmoil with a woman he used to love who is also working in the airport. At the same time, he is falling for Han Do Kyung. Kang Ha Joon, a childhood friend of Han Do Kyung is also falling for Do Kyung. Kang Ha Joon is a quick tempered with a habit of talking aggresively due to his nature of work watching over thousands of surveilance cameras in the airport but has good relations with all the airport employees even the cleaners because of his kind personality outside of work. As his friendship develops with Do Kyung, he becomes a strong source of refuge for her. But as his feelings for her grows, his relationship gets more and more complicated with a woman who is his friend, superior at workplace and unrequited love.


Lee Jung Jae as Kim Ji Sung
Choi Ji Woo as Han Do Kyung
Lee Jin Wook as Kang Ha Joon
Moon Jung Hee as Seo Myung Woo

Extended Cast

Park Tam Hee as Jang Nan Young
Lee Da Hee as Han Yi Kyung (Do Kyung’s younger sister)
Park Hyo Joo as Im Ye Won
Kwon Hae Hyo as Min Byung Kwan (Do Kyung’s boss)
Joo Sang Wook as An Kang Hyun
Kim Jun Ho as No Tae Man
Kwon Young Jin as Kim Soo Chun
Jang Yong as Mr. Lee (Ji Sung’s boss)
Choi Ran as Choi Jung Hee
Yoon Joo Sang as Eom Ban Jang
Shin Shin Ae as Go Eun Ah
Jung Jin Moo as Min Uk
Lee Sang Yoon as (Do Kyung’s friend)
Kim Yong Hee
Seo Bum Shik

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Lee Sun Hee
Assistant screenwriter: Lee Seo Yoon, Hyang Yeo Kyung, Lee Myung Hee
Producer: Choi Won Suk
Director: Im Tae Woo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-05-19 1 12.7 (8th) 14.1 (7th)
2007-05-20 2 10.8 (14th) 11.9 (11th)
2007-05-26 3 11.4 (7th) 11.9 (6th)
2007-05-27 4 12.6 (8th) 13.8 (7th)
2007-06-02 5 10.4 (9th) 10.5 (9th)
2007-06-03 6 10.8 (14th) 11.7 (11th)
2007-06-09 7 10.0 (11th) 10.9 (8th)
2007-06-10 8 11.1 (10th) 11.9 (7th)
2007-06-16 9 9.5 (9th) 10.1 (8th)
2007-06-17 10 10.9 (14th) 11.3 (10th)
2007-06-23 11 8.7 (15th) 9.0 (16th)
2007-06-24 12 - 11.0 (17th)
2007-06-30 13 9.9 (13th) 10.6 (11th)
2007-07-01 14 11.0 (19th) 11.6 (16th)
2007-07-07 15 9.9 (16th) 10.4 (13th)
2007-07-08 16 - 10.1 (18th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Anthonio Says:


    do you have any specific websiet about this movie ? any information maybe ? episode by episode ? a synopsis ?

    thanks a lot for your help

  2. 2 : jihong Says:

    can you help me about information the korean drama 2007 ??? thanks….

  3. 3 : Rowena Says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing my favorite korean actress Choi Ji Woo once again star in another series. I love the storyline, it looks promising.

  4. 4 : Imuyachan Says:

    yay.. Choi Ji woo is back.. onni hwaiting !! i will surely watch the drama coz of her ^^

  5. 5 : Lien Says:

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  6. 6 : -=-=Wallpaper-=-= Says:

    MBC wallpaper for this drama

  7. 7 : wadie Says:

    oh dear… Lee Jung Jae in drama? i guess this drama should be good enough for a very very good film actor like him to be part of. thanks for the info.

  8. 8 : Jennifer Nguyen Says:

    You can watch this drama at http://www.veoh.com, choose videos item and search for air city

  9. 9 : Nora Says:

    I love Air City very much. I watched episodes 1 to 10 with English subtitles. It has a very good storyline, it’s different from any other Korean dramas that I watched before. It’s very interesting & very intriguing. I love Choi Ji Woo, my most favorite Korean actress. As usual she’s very good. She’s absolutely gorgeous & sophisticated in this drama. She’s beautiful & elegant (this was what her co-star Lee Jin Wook stated in one of the interviews done). I think Lee Jin Wook is very nice looking, too bad he’s not the leading man. Lee Jung Jae is a very good actor. I’m very eager to see the rest of the episodes with English subtitles. I recommend this to anybody who likes excitement, action & some romance.

  10. 10 : Nordelm Says:

    I’m very disappointed that this great drama got low ratings according to
    dramawiki. My only guess is that the Korean TV watchers were still hook on tear-jerker dramas. One thing I noticed that the internet watchers all over Asia & U.S.A. were very receptive & really enjoyed this series. I enjoyed this drama very much & will buy the DVD as soon as it’s out for sale. I’m sure the ratings will be very high internationally because this type of drama is more accepted (it’s a blockbuster to me like some of the blockbuster movies in U.S.A.). I give this drama a 10 out of 10. Great actors, realistic events happening in the world of today & great sceneries. I was in Incheon International Airport not too long ago & I really think it’s the best airport I even been. I travel quite a lot. By the way, I’m also disappointed because it lasted too soon, only 16 episodes. I thought it’s 20 episodes as stated in some of the write-up in the internet.

  11. 11 : miradira Says:

    i love Air City, the story kinda different from other korean Drama, though a lil’ bit sad with the ending but its still cool…fiiuuuhh i should pay attention to the title of its soundtrack.. “all in vain..” so just take a wild guess ….yeap…no body dies but nobody gets their Love….hiks

  12. 12 : pinklover Says:

    i was surprised that the ratings went downhill…it was an awesome drama..not the traditional korean drama..i love the fact that the female lead is not the usual “cry baby” and that she protrays the strong side in women..also LJJ and CJW really suits their role…i did not really like the ending but in a way it is good to see a realistic ending…maybe it’s juz me who hates the ending because i’m a sucker for happy endings..lol

  13. 13 : twin_lady77 Says:

    Goshhh!! At last i finish watching air city…..
    What can i say.. the ending is quiet disappointed.. i really hope there will be air city 2…..

  14. 14 : emilza Says:

    This is really amazing drama. Choi Ji Woo’s character is diferent from her other characther before. I really like this drama, i already whach twice for this drama. I can’t wait for the next choi ji woo’s movie or drama. Ang last but not least, i hope there will bw air city 2 (Please………..)

  15. 15 : michito Says:

    I really hate this ending…..hik….I hope there will be air city 2

  16. 16 : Yvonne Says:

    Very nice and good show. I began to like the actor – Lee Jung Jae….. He is so handsome and Man…… But too upset about the ending…. I cried for 2 days….. Sign 🙁 . Hope to see more show acted by Lee Jung Jae

  17. 17 : paula Says:

    omg.. i love this drama.. but yeah, hate the ending. i don’t know if they would still end up together.. if the guy’s gonna come back alive or not. ughhh.. i was hoping for lthe typical “a-year-later” then tada, he’s back!.. but nooooo.. tehy just had to stop there.. wahhhh.. but the story in general, i LOVED it.. oh yeah, the “best friend”, he irritates me.. `lol.

  18. 18 : HannyBae Says:

    I agree air city is awsome! love Lee Jung Jae very much. He played excellent as Kim Jing sung. For me the ending is ok as long as there’ll be air city 2 (with the sama casts of course). I can not believe how’s this very interesting drama got low ratings? Gosh…!

  19. 19 : Nordelm Says:

    I agree with the people who responded to this drama. There should be “AirCity #2” with the same casts. In as much as I like that Kang Ja Hoon (Lee Jin Wook) will have a chance of ending with Han Do Kyung
    (Choi Ji Woo) on the final episode, I want a continuation because there’s nothing definite about what will happen & I hate making up things in my mind. That’s why I liked “Beautiful Days” (Choi Ji Woo & Lee Byung Hun) because there was a definite ending. So, I am requesting the producer to have a second series of Air City. Thanks in anticipation of a new series on this drama. I’m also hoping that Choi Ji Woo will have another drama or movie with Kwon Sang Woo (what a perfect couple in Stairway to Heaven).

  20. 20 : Rowena Says:

    Right, I also want an “Air City 2”. This is an action-acked drama with beautiful and good performers. Well, I guess we can’t expect much of a good ending if it’s an action series. But I’d love to see how those two lovebirds end with each other. Probably, another 10 episodes will do. I just want to see both leads end up in the altar, the place where Lee Jung Jae professed her love to CJW. Just love that scene, so romantic.

  21. 21 : PJ Says:

    where can i find download link for Air City? if any one of you know a specific web page, pls inform me. thanks

  22. 22 : Min Shariff Says:

    I started watching this drama because of Choi Ji Woo. She is one of my fav actresses. I think the pairing of Lee Jung Jae and Choi Ji Woo in this drama is really good. I hope that we will be able to see more of them together for future projects.

    Even though, there is not much romance between the two leads but I love the action scenes. Lots of action and I love the scenery of Incheon Airport. Yeah, I don’t mind Air City 2 if the the two leads are willing to come back. It would be nice to see Lee Jung Jae coming back from his assignment as ‘black agent’ to continue his romance with Choi Ji Woo. A fresh change from the usual tearjearkers. As for the ending, I have learn to expect the unexpected in korean dramas.

  23. 23 : Jessica Says:

    Great money!:)

  24. 24 : Jessica Says:

    Sorry wrong i mean Great movie 🙂

  25. 25 : michelle Says:

    i just finished watching this drama, and i so love the action and the romance. lee jung jae is really good and hot. i liked the character of choi ji woo. both of them together were really good. i personally did not like lee jin wook’s and moon jung hee’s characters, but thats only my opinion.
    the ending wasnt that bad because it was touching and somewhat realistic. but i cant make myself like it, and now because of that, i really hope there will be air city 2 with the same cast to give this drama more of a closure.
    some moments were frustrating, some were weird, some needed better dialouge. but the overall makes up for all of those.

  26. 26 : raspberry Says:

    the ending sucks..not worth watching.. but i think thats how it should end.. a story is not always end like a fiary tale…to live happily ever after…

  27. 27 : wid Says:

    I really hate this ending too…..I so hope there will be air city 2 with same main actors and actrees…please….I look forward air city 2

  28. 28 : wid Says:

    I hope Choii Ji Woo and Lee Jung Jae can be a couple and happy ending story in Air City 2 please……

  29. 29 : Jenniros Says:

    I haven’t watch the remaining last episodes but I really find it fascinating, very distinct story, and I always look forward for the next episodes…. I think the rates, they don’t deserve to have those beacuse it’s really different!!! I was wondering, what other Koreans think of it coz for it’s really goo!!! However, if the ending is not really the typical happy ending, I think I would feel sad and frustrated…..hehehe!!!

  30. 30 : maya Says:

    This is one of the best, well crafted Koreanovelas I ever watched! Obviously, the screenwriter did a great job with his research on airport operations as well as other related government agencies in Korea. It showcased Korea at its best image! Even better than Hollywood movies! I simply appreciate how Korean actors & actresses constantly reinvent themselves with every project they make. On top of that, they always deliver their best performances at every project, especially Choi Ji Woo. Her face is so mesmerisingly beautiful & her facial expressions are always so angelic! I loved her! She & Lee Jung Jae are perfectly in sync with each other. I wish they’ll end up together in real life. I lose precious sleep over this action drama by doing a marathon(I’m addicted to it!!!!) watching the episodes one after the other. Congratulations to the creative minds as well as the actors behind this great show! Love you Ji Woo & Jung Jae!

  31. 31 : cambria Says:

    I recently watched Air City and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great performance of actors and actresses with excellent acting skills.
    It was a welcome change from what we have been seeing for the last couple of years, since it portrayed a smart and ambitious woman played by Choi Ji Woo and an equally witty and handsome man played by Lee Jung Jae.
    I was also pleased to see how Incheon International Airport and its organization was shown.
    This series stood out for its fast pace, and in the same time, we were also offered extremely romantic love scenes.
    I would recommend it to anyone wishing for a well constructed drama.

  32. 32 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Love this drama, very well written, so intelligent. Well acted, good cast. However, as usual half way through the set the english translation goes from good to HORRIBLE! All of a sudden somebody else is providing translation and it’s one of the worse jobs I’v come across. Th horrible translation ruins the remainder of the series as it has such strong dialogue and nuance.

    Who is providing these terrible translations?! It can’t be that much more expensive to get the translation right. The K-Drama community really should unite and do something about the problem. PLEASE!!!

  33. 33 : afita Says:

    I thought the drama was fantastic! And I also do “ditto” the positive feedback from all the comments listed. Even though it was low rating based on Korean ratings(I guess), but intentionally, this drama was more realistic, not monotonous storyline, and lastly, the main actors compliment each other. The casting of these 2 individuals to star in the drama was awesome! Like everyone else, I hope there will be a Air City 2..just like American series, that continues on to a new season. Please acknowledge the recommendation from fans outside of Korea. Awesome drama!!! Refreshing!!! Go MBC, you guys are the “bomb.”

  34. 34 : hazel camille palaganas Says:

    anyeonghaseyo!!! This TV series is really great – the storyline as well as the actors and actresses. Highly recommended. Hoping for AIR CITY 2 soon. MBC fighting!!!

  35. 35 : mlkhc Says:

    MBC did a great job on this TV series. The ending is not so great though. MBC, please have another part 2 with the same set of actors and actresses. please, please…..

  36. 36 : deegii Says:

    i love Air City very much.this drama is very fantastic and very action drama. .i am very like korean dramas but this drama is very different drama.this tv serios really hoping for AIR CITY2 SOON.yes MBC?this drama is very great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AIR CITY 2 AIR CITY 2

  37. 37 : Jen Says:

    Just felt Lee Jung Jae is really cool and man! Ending was quite realistic but wish they were together….

  38. 38 : afita Says:

    Hey, I noticed that it’s now been licensed. The websites that usually have it, now doesn’t anymore. I do hope they will have “Air City” on DVD with english subtitiles soon.

  39. 39 : nova from indonesia Says:

    i like this series is enteresting, there is action too. watch this series is like watching american series, but i really want the main character not spit-up is too sad. but i really recomended this series you sould watch this series. this fourth series i like most after All About Eve,Dae Jang Gum, and Full House.

  40. 40 : VaNie_02 Says:

    Hi..I want to watch air city..
    can anyone tell me,.what’s the website for get this drama..?
    Is tht in youtube?or where?

  41. 41 : VaNie_02 Says:

    can anyone tell me..where do u watch this drama?
    is there at youtube?
    or somewhere else?
    please tell me..because I also want to watch it..^^

  42. 42 : Ivy Says:

    there is a link on the top to show you where to watch it.

  43. 43 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    This drama will be aired in the USA in November by AZN TV with better English translation. I watched this drama in the internet, I think VEOH. I was disappointed with the low rating in Korea because I consider this drama a “class of its own” similar to American blockbuster dramas & reality shows. I’m pretty sure it will be more accepted internationally. I read that this drama will be aired in Japan starting 10/26/07 & Choi Ji Woo went to Japan before the airing for a press conference. I loved all three lead actors, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Jae & Lee Jin Wook. I just hope they do an “Air City 2.” I’m looking forward on watching “Air City” again when AZN TV air it. I heard that Air City was on top of the list for internet watchers when they aired it in South Korea. I think MBC did a great choice whatever others said. It’s a blockbuster drama to me.

  44. 44 : Chan Says:

    I love “Air City” and hope will be having Air City 2 soon with the same cast…. PLEASE

  45. 45 : ayelet Says:

    AIR CITY 2!!!!!….. ajaja FIGHTING!!!!!……

  46. 46 : Lee Jung Jae's Fan (ok250682) Says:

    I love this Air City Drama because it is acted by Lee Jung Jae – one of my favorite actor. He can act very well. I like Choi Jee Woo & the other guy too. Already watch 2 times, don’t mind to watch again just to see Jung Jae. Ha Ha. Surprise that the ratings is so so only. It is a very educational show about airport security. My opinion – I like the show very much but the ending a little disappointed because no obvious answer whether Jung Jae will be back safely or not. ^ ^ I hope he will be back with more nice exciting drama. All the best to you – Lee Jung Jae

  47. 47 : Roseline_Ng Says:

    MBC, I really….really….really hope there will be AIR CITY 2 with same cast and good ending….plssssssssssss

  48. 48 : HannyBae Says:

    Agree, please MBC; Air City 2 (with the same casts) !!!
    Don’t mind the rating because many of viewers (from many countries) crazy for this drama very much…
    It’s outstanding drama!

  49. 49 : bravo Says:

    hi….Just to say love Lee Jung Jae coz he is really cool and man! very dispointed the ending…hope will be Air City 2 too…

  50. 50 : afita Says:

    Hi All,
    The drama is being shown on AZN TV, and the subtitle is pretty good. With the AZN showing it, at least now I understand some of the #$%?, when I was watching it on VEOH, and also KBFD TV.

    It’s on DVD now, so will buy it for a Christmas present. Nice huh? Well hope the MBC writers will have Air City 2 finish, so we could have some answer questions to the first one.

  51. 51 : ida674 Says:

    Very interesting drama but i’m totally disappointed with the ending…..
    hope there will be Air City 2 with a good ending

  52. 52 : Nordelm Says:

    I rate this drama 10 out of 10. It’s perfect because it’s combination of action, romance & comedy. It’s very educational, too. I love this drama so much I already watched it 5 times. I love the lead stars, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jin Wook & Lee Jung Jae. They are all great actors. Choi Ji Woo looks so sophisticated, beautiful & elegant. Lee Jin Wook is so cute & handsome. Most recent news about Choi Ji woo & Lee Jin Wook was that they were partners in the Andre Kim Unicef Fashion show held on 11/26/07, it’s a charity affair. They looked so good together. I hope they’ll be partnered in a drama or movie real soon again.

  53. 53 : Flo Says:

    I love the show, the main actors and actress (especially Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jung Jae), but hated the script writer! Why does it has to end this way!? Arghhhhhh………

  54. 54 : Air City 2 Says:

    I watched the ending again and again, watching and listening closely and reading the subtitles carefully, trying to fish for any part of the show/dialogue to hint that the ending was a good one. To my disappointment, the ending is still the same ** sob sob **. I must say I am really frustrated …. argghhhhh….. I would have rated it a 10/10 if not because of the ending.
    Air City 2 please. Same 2 main casts (Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jung Jae). I don’t really care about the rest as long as they both end up together!

  55. 55 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    I read some harsh criticism against Choi Ji Woo because of the low rating of Air City in some of the websites. I’m very disappointed with the South Korean audience who’s trying to blame her. Choi Ji Woo as usual worked hard on this drama & did her best. She missed lots of sleep & ate in a hurry because of the very tight schedule when filming this drama. I definitely think she did a great job on this drama along side with the rest of the casts. This was one of her best. I think the South Korean audience was just not prepared for this type of everyday reality of life that happens around us. I’m amazed that with the rapid modernization of South Korea, they are not ready for the modern & similar drama like CSI. Air City was better received internationally. It was one of the top drama watched in the Internet when it was being aired in South Korea. Shouldn’t it be correct for them to patronize their own especially Choi Ji Woo who initiated the “Hallyu Wave” alongside Bae Yong Joon? Give her break & stop criticizing her. Be grateful to her because she’s one of the actors who made South Korean dramas & movies popular around Asia & other places in the world. This hallyu star helped your economy via entertainment. Ji Woo you’re great. Keep up your good work & hope to see you soon in another drama or movie. I really hope they continue the Air City series with the same casts.

  56. 56 : JohnTan Says:

    I have viewed the whole espisode of the drama – AirCity. This is the best Korean Drama that I have ever get my hands on. The both lead actor and actress are so Astonishing in their role. Big compliment and thanks to the screenwriter and director for their best affect . . . . .

    I reckon that a lot of viewer are begging for the AirCity 2 b’coz of the frustrating ending of the last espisode . . . without knowing that wheather DoKyung & JiSung will or not end up together . . .. .. .

    As for my personal notes, I see it as a One-of-The-Kind to end the espisode like that . . . . . . so, this is my pledge . . . . . plssssssssss don’t do AirCity 2 . . . . . . Why ? ? ??

    The ever lasting of good memories that DoKyung is foever loving JiSung & vice versa . . . no matter where he is & will always be remembered in their hearts every-time planes takes-off or landing on the run-way . . . no body can break that apart . . .

    I love the scene . . . I love when both of the them are together . . . . i Love every moment . . . its so magical . . . & real . . .

  57. 57 : Kellie Says:

    The ending is not really that bad because there’s another man, Ha Joon (Lee Jin Wook’s character), who really loved Dok Yung (Choi Ji Woo’s character). At the ending, Dok Yung walked toward him (Ha Joon) smiling. Actually, Ha Joon loved her more & would do anything for her. He’s Dok Yung strong support who gave her strength. I love Air City & had watched it quite a few times. Great story, good performances by the lead stars & supporting casts.

  58. 58 : from HK with love Says:

    Great drama fabulous script!
    Stunning acting skills by Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Jae and Lee Jin Wook.
    A must watch drama series simply bravo!

  59. 59 : dedenino Says:

    This drama is so Amazing ! Salute to all actresses and actors, director, script writer, cameraman and all crew… I really hope that MBC will produce Air City 2 with the same casts as soon as possible…..

  60. 60 : BeautyGSC Says:

    I was so frustrated that I really can not understand the subtitle for the episode 9. I love the drama, the setting is different. Its not typical drama.

  61. 61 : Jojo Says:

    I really like the Air City show and have watch it over and over again! Really surprised to see that reviews were bad and ratings were low! I feel that this show has a balance of romance and actions which makes it so interesting! and i really love both the lead character! But I hate the ending!! Shouldnt they be together?? I hope there’s Air City 2 too!!

  62. 62 : Lumi Says:

    The first episodes wee not that compelling, but as the drama progressed the situations started to get more interesting, by the end, I did not want it to finish and would have liked to konw what happened later to the leading charaters and their romance.

  63. 63 : zying Says:

    I really hope that there will be a Air City 2… really want 2 know what happens to their romance..(“,)

  64. 64 : zying Says:

    And its really good to see that they use the real airprt for this show..portrying reality in the show. Kudos to the director and the script-writer!!!

  65. 65 : Desperate Says:

    I really hope there is Air City 2…plz….i really hate da ending…

  66. 66 : juhina-sujufan Says:

    àir city was amazing, usually i wouldnt watch these kind of dramas, but i was hooked, i didn’t want it to end, and hoped there was a continuation, i love the characters, especially the lead male actor. it was amazing. i highly recommend it.

  67. 67 : HannyBae Says:

    MBC, I’m still waiting for Air City 2. This drama is outstanding!

  68. 68 : surfergurl Says:

    The ending was such a cliffhanger. But as I think about it now, there’ll be more likely a part two (hope so!). Anyone heard any news on this? Just that the ending seems like a teaser for what’s to follow. Nothing was said too of the doctor… did she die? And it seems like a new actor’s been introduced at the end. What happened to the sister and Choi Ji Woo’s boss? Perhaps there’s a continuation. 😛

    I like Lee Jung Jae! I hope there’s Air City 2 with the same cast plus new exciting characters. Anyone with info on this please share… I think part 2 would be so much more exciting!

  69. 69 : Amy Says:

    I like this movie very much… this is the very first Korea drama I see. I did not see any of the Korea drama at all.
    Overall is very good.. the best drama. I kept repeating see the show… It is very worth of seeing it… it is best recommend drama.

  70. 70 : miza Says:

    I watched this drama, but i hate the ending. It still outstanding. I like the main role. Hope that will be Air City 2.

  71. 71 : Trish Says:

    One of the best Korean dramas I’ve watched. Educational, and I love the ending. Kudos to the scriptwriter for not succumbing to a typical Korean drama ending (that would have been B-O-R-I-N-G). Although a part of me, like many people out there, wants to see a certain ending to the story, but a bigger part of me feels that having Air City 2 may spoil the story. Best to leave it, I say. Surprised too that the ratings weren’t very good – perhaps Korean audiences still like romantic comedies. But hey, how can the Korean drama industry scale greater heights if all it churns out are predictable stories and featuring typical characters? Hence I give my two thumbs (hands and legs too) up for Air City! Cheers!

  72. 72 : Goong Ju Says:

    This drama didn’t impress me much, it’s just so so only but like the fact it’s in Incheon Airport. CHOI JI WOO, good job!

  73. 73 : zying Says:

    Lee Jung Jae is v handsome!! hpe to see him in other dramas soon!! 😛

  74. 74 : HannyBae Says:

    Hi Trish, i like your comment. You’re right the ending makes Air City from the other drama. But I still want air city2 because I addicted this drama very much. The scenario’s so awesome, yes kudos to the scriptwriter n the director, and of course all of the cast.

  75. 75 : suz Says:

    After watching Air city i’ve been dreaming about this guy “Lee Jung Jae”. I love his intense look..Man! i never knew anyone would look so good in ‘tux’ (after Daniel henny in seducing Mr Perfect though);)…….Any one help me to find Lee Jung Jae :))

  76. 76 : surfergurl Says:

    Agree Suz! His body is more buff in the film Typhoon… I think it’s his physique and height that make him appealing. 😉 He definitely looks good in suits! I read that he and another actor own a company distributing a top Japanese suit brand in Korea.

    I do think he and Choi Ji Woo look good together ~ height, facial structure, maturity… surprised not much people commented about this.

    I am waiting for Air City part 2. Hope it happens.

  77. 77 : suz Says:

    Kudos to you (surfergurl) we are on the same page…..In comparision to other korean drama “AIr city” is super fast:).

    hey btw by any chance u a korean!

  78. 78 : surfergurl Says:

    Yea fast and the ending sucks! LOL I mean it’s such a cliffhanger… makes one think there is a part 2. But since the rating is not so good I’m not too sure though. But I am crossing my fingers… would be interesting to see what happens when he comes back… the landscape would have changed by then… perhaps Choi Ji Woo’s character is already with someone else (the guy who came out before the end?) or what… 🙂

    I am not Korean. But just like you I am in love with Lee Jung Jae, more so after I finished watching Air City! I first saw him in Typhoon… didn’t find him attractive then but did find his physique appealing. Plus he carries himself well… this is magnified in Air City. Would be interesting to see him in person.

    Latest news I have of him is that he should have started a film last April with the star of Two Faces of My Girlfriend(?). It’s a drama/ love story. Heavy stuff I think.

    Let’s hope for Air City part 2 please. 🙂

  79. 79 : suz Says:

    Hmmm looks like i have a competitor! Lol …. oh yes ending is rly disappointing…..like u said hopefully there will be part 2 with even more refreshing storyline.

    Thanks for the info..will wait n look out for it.

    FYI check out Daniel Henny..hez such a hottie! 🙂 i bet u will fall for it. 🙂

  80. 80 : surfergurl Says:

    Suz I think we prefer the same type of guy. 🙂 Yea, I like Daniel Henny too. Saw him earlier in Seducing Mr. Perfect. But I think I prefer Lee Jung Jae now. Although I think Daniel is what you can really say “handsome”. 😉

  81. 81 : NDM Says:

    I love Air City. It’s one of South Korea’s greatest drama. I don’t believe it had a low rating. The ratings were mostly 2-figure numbers. I saw lots of dramas that were rated very low recently, only 1-figure ratings & yet they didn’t criticized them. I think with CJW’s standard they expected super high ratings. They only rated these thru TV & not from the internet as well. Air City was the most watched drama in the internet. I’m satisfied with the ending because it showed the strength of the characters Han Do Kyung & Kang Ha Joon. How could a man (Kim Ji Sung) just leave without saying goodbye to the woman he proposed to. I greatly admired Kang Ha Joon because he stood up by the woman he love. Always there to support Do Kung. What a guy (my kind of man) Great, great drama.

  82. 82 : panyangbear Says:

    Love Air City? Count me in! I’ve been a great fan of Korean dramas ever since and I’d say that this drama was included on my list as one of the best! I don’t know why the ratings were low, but Air City was really good. I love it as much as i love Time Between Dog and Wolf. I never expected to like Lee Jung Jae in this drama. His role perfectly fits him, like, he was the coolest man i know! Not just a typical kind of hunk, one stare from him and i go crazy! Choi Ji Woo is pretty as ever.. and how can i forget Security Officer Ahn? Haha, i dunno his real name (i think its Lee Sang Woo something)… oooh! He was just so hot!!! i kept pausing and pausing just to stare at his face and his body! His uniform was tight, and he looked so good in it; the way he ran, chasing after mobsters, the way he holds his gun, i super like him! i wonder if he could make more dramas in the future. Well well, the ending left us all hanging, but i guess it only suggests that there could/would be a continuation. I’m pretty sure there’d be Air City 2! Let’s get our hopes high then! =)

  83. 83 : panyangbear Says:

    Oh bad! it’s not Lee Sang Woo but JOO SANG WOOK a.k.a. Security Officer Ahn..
    How could i ever have such poor memory? Haha.. LOL =)

  84. 84 : aileen 08 Philippines Says:

    I like the series but i’m a bit disappointed with the ending. Got a big crush with Lee Jung Jae his really hot….. Gosh the voice!!!!! It made my heart Flip. Hope he can have another series to be watch. Well i’m so fund of watching korean dramas they are very exciting & sensible.

  85. 85 : HannyBae Says:

    security officer han… I think he looks like Kim Rae Won. I ever thought they’re brothers, but since his name Joo sang Wook I difinitely wrong.

  86. 86 : Joyce Says:

    i had a great time watching Air City. Using Incheon Airport as brackground is amazing. Love the romance part but I felt so disappointed at the ending of the story. . . how could he be so heartless? All the actors did a great job, all a standout . Certainly, this is a must watch korean drama. (don’t mind the ratings!)

  87. 87 : Mo Says:

    i luv air city..
    i live in the US so i think i am kinda late on hearing about the drama
    lee jung jae and Choi Ji Woo had such great chemistry
    the ending was sad and a little bit disappointing..the endin made me cry though =[

  88. 88 : Issa Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the actor who played the character Charlie Wie (the big-triad boss) at the beginning of the show? Please please let me know his name. Does he act in any other movies?

  89. 89 : GY-F1 Says:

    Love this drama a lot!!!! I’ve seen many korea drama and must say that this is one of the international standard drama that will win many support by viewer overseas. The low rating just shown that the Koreans still cling on the the traditional dramatic romance with lots of tears……..and hate suspense (like whether or not lee jung jae will die or return late).

    I do love to see part 2 (with the same cast of course) with more distinct stories and happy ending :-))

  90. 90 : HannyBae Says:

    Hi Issa,
    I think his name is David McInnis, he also played in Never Forever. Excellent movie, you should watch!

  91. 91 : Issa Says:

    THANK YOU, Hanny Bae! I will watch it now.

  92. 92 : James Says:

    Good job.

  93. 93 : yetty Says:

    i love Aircity v much! especially the great actor Lee Jung Jae i have seen him in IL Mare and thypoon but in Aircity i love his action!! i fell in love with him so much…his great..Love chemistry with choi ji woo..i hope i can see them again in Aircity 2 or any other drama with CJW,the ending is hanging..and i dont beleive Kim ji sung so heartless to leave Han Do Kyung without saying a single word after proposed her…i hate that part! so cruel!!!…really disapointed me…we all expecting happy ending..anywhere i love this drama is one in my heart…done care about the low rating..

  94. 94 : hunk511 Says:

    would love it more if there were a part two..
    the ending was kind of hanging..

  95. 95 : Big Fan of Lee Jung Jae Says:

    This is the best Korean drama, right mixed of action, romance & supense. Love to see Lee Jung Jae coming back, in Air City 2. It start showing a month again in Singapore & the DVD in Singapore are all sold out! So to the producer “ignore your Korean audience, there are millions of viewers out here who love the show”
    Would love to see a good ending!

  96. 96 : yvonne Says:

    choi ji woo & lee jung jae really matches.

  97. 97 : honey b Says:

    Oh, falling in love with Kim Ji Sung…. two tumbs up for Lee Jung Jae, he’s the best for playing this character. MBC, we’re waiting for air city 2 with the same cast….

  98. 98 : chen Says:

    i really don’t like this movie because it drives me nut. please don’t waste money to make the second part. i love most of the korean tv series. air city is the worst one. anyway choi ju woo has a bad plastic surgery on her chin. you can tell the big difference of her outlooking between air city and stairway of heaven. this tv series is sucked!

  99. 99 : Leani Royo Says:

    I just love Lee Jung Jae. He dresses and carries himself well. Is he a model?

  100. 100 : supple18 Says:

    Oh! Love this drama..got the chance to learn whats happening the airport similar to TERMINAL of tom hunks…i like LEE JIN WOOK;-)

  101. 101 : ety Says:

    What a wonderful drama eventhough the ending quite disappointed. I really like Lee Jung Jae. The way he talk, smile, walk, everything catch my eyes. Choi Ji Woo also.

    Congrats. Hope there will be air city 2.

  102. 102 : kdrama_fan Says:

    This drama is very realistic. It has many good subplots and full of actions.
    This is worth watching. The lead actors are very good. Seo Myung Woo in the drama could have a stronger personality. But she was lovely. I did not like the ending but realized that it could be this way. Overall, I consider this is a very fine drama.

  103. 103 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  104. 104 : Rae Says:

    The ending is bad….not a good ending

  105. 105 : mel Says:

    maybe i don’t like the ending of this movie…

  106. 106 : nining Says:

    want to watch it,,

  107. 107 : nice Says:

    watch watch

  108. 108 : via Says:

    i want to watch it.. but so hard to find the DVD now..

  109. 109 : via Says:

    can anyone tell me where to find the DVD pleaseee…

  110. 110 : sang hee Says:

    i think i’ll watch this on soju, i passed it while it was airing as i thought it’s just mainly about aviation but i heard it’s really nice! i like all the actors too!

  111. 111 : sang hee Says:

    to via…i think u can try yesasia dot com for dvd although i myself don’t have the dvd & just plan to watch online

  112. 112 : via Says:

    Thank you sang hee for the info, well.. i already watched Air City in mysoju.com.. but only a few episode, since i can only watch it at the office and also only during lunch time.. But I can say I want to watch the whole story since I can only watch episode 9-11 only.. I am interesting about the storyline and the character.. I wish i can get the Air City DVD as soon as possible.. Wish me luck!!!

  113. 113 : via Says:

    I finally found the DVD of this series, its a very good drama, it is kind of action and also romance drama, this drama makes me very interesting about Airport, I wish i can get a job there, LOL.. Love this series, Choi Ji woo played well here and very beautifull too.. but the end kind of hanging because the couple didnt end up together but she still waiting for him. I wish there will be Air City 2, pleaseeee…

  114. 114 : Nice drama Says:



  115. 115 : sona Says:

    çox maraqlı serialdı.çalışıram bütün bölümlərini qaçırmayım……….

  116. 116 : via Says:

    Yeaaahhh… I love Air City too.. make the sequel pleaaasseeee… don’t understand why he leave her just like that, that must be some reason for him to did that cruel thing to her, please producer dont mind the rating, because we all love Air City and look forward to see what more incident happen in Incheon Airport and the romance between Han do Kyung-Kim Ji sung, Han do kyung-Kang ha joon. It can’t be like that.. :((

  117. 117 : coren Says:

    nice drama!! very realistic..and i love the characters!! choi ji woo and lee jung jae has a very good chemistry!! hope i could see them together again in a movie or drama but this time in a more romantic and nice ending!!..

  118. 118 : Eri Says:

    I did not like the air city becouse of it’s ending, the lead actors were very good, and it is not a serie I would like to watch again.

  119. 119 : parkland residences Says:

    Fantastic goods from you, man. I have take into account your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely magnificent. I really like what you’ve bought right here, really like what you’re saying and the way during which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you. That is actually a great site.

  120. 120 : Moon Says:

    Honestly, I like this type of ending, an ending with hope carries on…but I do like to watch their reunion, if possible…By the way, will there any part 2 coming???

  121. 121 : Elisa Kurniasih Says:

    wowwwwoo..>< i like this drama……

  122. 122 : cherly christy Says:

    saya suka film air city.saya suka pemainnya choi ji wo dan lee jung jae.saya suka korean drama.air city sarangeo.

  123. 123 : Pearle Cassara Says:

    I am extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one these days..

  124. 124 : Hanako Says:

    Quite a good action/romantic movie but slow in many ways. Kim Ji Sung took the mission to Moscow as he wanted to escaped to face the dying of his ex girlfriend, and leaving his present girlfriend behind. Having an affair for three years with his ex is sure hard to forget and the pain she is suffering.
    He will surely come back after the mission and soon everything will be forgotten..thats what the story is all about..not a happy ending story but it is human nature

  125. 125 : Drama List Says:

    […] Promise A Thousand Kisses A Wife’s Credentials Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Aeja Eonni Minja Air City Alien Sam All In All My Love Alone in Love Amore Mio An Angel’s Choice Ang Shim Jung April Kiss […]

  126. 126 : jelita Says:

    nice drama i wait air city part 2

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