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A Secret House

Title: 비밀의 집 / A Secret House
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Revenge
Episodes: 123
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2022-April-11 to 2022-Oct-07
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


A revenge play in which a dirt spoon lawyer chasing the traces of his missing mother walks into the secret surrounding him to fight the world.


Main Cast

Seo Ha Joon as Woo Ji Hwan
Lee Young Eun as Baek Joo Hong
Jung Hun as Nam Tae Hyung
Kang Byul as Nam Tae Hee
Lee Seung Yeon as Ham Sook Jin

Woo Ji Hwan’s family

Yoon Bok In as Ahn Kyung Sun (mother of Ji Hwan)
Yoon Ah Jung as Woo Min Young (elder sister of Ji Hwan)
Park Ye Rin (박예린) as Woo Sol (daughter of Ji Hwan)
Ahn Yong Joon as Heo Jin Ho

Nam Tae Hyung’s family

Jang Hang Seon as Nam Heung Sik
Bang Eun Hee as Yoo Kwang Mi
Jo Yoo Shin (조유신) as Yang Man Soo

Baek Joo Hong’s family

Park Choong Sun as Baek Sang Koo (father of Joo Hong)
Kim Nan Hee (김난희) as Shim Haeng Ja (mother of Joo Hong)


Jeon No Min as Nam Sang Hun
Jung Hye Sun
Dok Ko Yeong Jae

Production Credit

Production Companies: MBC C&I, Chorokbaem Media
Director: Lee Min Soo
Scriptwriter: Won Yeong Ok


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  1. 1 : Rose Petal Says:

    Info from My Drama List ====
    “A story about quitting being a good boy and chasing evil to the end for the sake of the mother and sister who sacrificed for themselves:

    Oh Good — Seo Ha-Jun is in this drama. He is a good actor and always does a good job.

  2. 2 : Kimac Says:

    Finally able to see Seo Ha Jun new drama. Really.miss his drama since Flower In Prison & Princess Aurora.

  3. 3 : Tulip Says:

    @Kimac you should watch Wanna Taste (2019) it was good

  4. 4 : Christine Says:

    Why all the man have to wear lipstick it’s looks gross….

  5. 5 : farloo khan Says:

    Watch Korean TV Show Queendom 2 (2022) Episode 4 with English Sub Online in HD. Queendom 2 Ep 4 EngSub Dailymotion Video. Queendom 2 Ep 4 release date. Queendom 2 Ep 4 Eng Sub on DramaCool.

  6. 6 : Carlita Says:

    Como es posible q una persona con tanta inteligencia sea tan tonta, ese hijo no se puede imaginar que su mama con la enfermedad pueda tener otro name omg , y actua tan y tan bobo omg

  7. 7 : Carmen Says:

    #6 Carlita

    Dont think the son is stupid. It is possible that his trust and love for his mother is strong enough to blot out any negative thoughts about her to creep into his mind.

    He is intelligent enough to love and respect his mother.

    Every mother would be so proud to have such a loving child.

  8. 8 : Carmen Says:

    Another 120 eps drama. Gave the 1st ep a try, had to give up midway.

    So draggy .. same old same old story and characters .. oh gosh. I’ve already killed the same old villians hundreds of times in my mind already .. imagine how many same old same old kind of dramas had already passed thro my pathetic life. Enuffff !! Cukup !!

    Wise quote : Sometimes no drama to watch is better than a torturous loong drama. Ayuh !

  9. 9 : Secret187 Says:

    So many not logical things happen in this drama.. Really full of $hit in my opinion.
    I think the writer need to be more realistic!!

  10. 10 : Carmen Says:

    Hahahaha … Shit !! So finally there is one brave soul calling this piece of drama shit. The frustration must have welled up to breaking point. Bravo !! Hahaha !

    No offence meant. Truth is the truth !

  11. 11 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:


    epi 9 hard for me to find dramas that i like already quit its beautiful now and about to pull the plug on bravo my life cuz too boring i havent start golden mask yet so i hope i like it i never watch shorter dramas like 16 epis cuz the genre is totally out of my scope as far as secret house i like it sp far the plot is getting intersting and engaging i think i can finish this one the acting is good too i like both leads

  12. 12 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo Thank you for your input. I do not like to watch short 16 episode drama series, and I also enjoy watching long family slow burn drama series. I will start watching “A Secret House” per your recommendation. Take care.

  13. 13 : Solar Light Says:

    Ep 7 —
    How stupid can the Korean police be???? Ahn Kyung-Sun, Ji-Hwan’s mother has been missing for 9 years. Ji-Hwan has been checking in the police station all along. Plus he just made new posters of his mother missing and the 2 idiot policeman that had his mother outside the police station don’t recognize her face. Plus her poster of her missing is right in front of them on the wall. So darn stupid….the screen writers for some reason make the police stupid.

    Ji-Hwan called Nam Tae-Hee to warn her that – forgot the man’s name, was possibly going to harm the chairman. And the man did stab the chairman. Ji-Hwan happens to be at the same hospital with Woo Sol. He goes to the chairman’s room to see how he is and he gets blamed by crazy witch Sook-Jin that it is his fault the chairman got harmed. And Tae-Hee doesn’t even tell Sook-Jin that Ji-Hwan did call her to warn her and Ji-Hwan doesn’t say anything either. Ji-Hwan needs to stay out of their way as Sook-Jin is out to get him as well as his mother.

    And story line is same as all other K-Dramas — two girls like Ji-Hwan. Wonder how that is going to turn out. So far I like Joo-Hong as she is a nice person. I think her dad had something to do with helping Sook-Jin hiding Ji-Hwan’s mother as all of a sudden he came home with a lot of money right after she was kidnapped.

  14. 14 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 17 wow best epi so far never expected this turn of events very sad but glad the writer is making this thing very interesting early on the plot is very clear and easy to follow with no gimmicks am expecting more mysteries to come along the way and am glad i stick with the drama

  15. 15 : Arizona Fan Says:

    I have seen Kang Byul in several dramas, but hardly recognized her in this drama. I had to look her up on the drama list to see if it was really her. She must have had a lot of Botox. She is scary — doing everything she can to get Ji-Hwan.

    Where are Ji-Hwan, Min-Young and Tae-Hyung’s fathers??? Is Nam Sang-Hun the father Tae-Hyung and Tae-Hee???

    I am re-watching A Flower In Prison – as it is airing where I live on MBC. I enjoyed the drama and get to see Seo Ha-Jun. He won an award for his role in A Flower In Prison. But he was so good in Princess Aurora – his first role it appears, He also won an award for Only Love.

  16. 16 : Jinjoo Says:

    I’m now on ep 33 & I feel this drama is dragging, 2x he lost his mother to this mean Han tae yung, now he wants to marry his sister or adopted sister! I only watch bec of Seo Ha-Jun but I’m inclined to stop bec the plot is getting ridiculous now! However, I’ll watch SHJ in Only Love, Princess Aurora & Flower in Prison if I can find it online! woah bye bye Secret House, it was good at first but this is getting to be unrealistic now!

  17. 17 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 18 me again, sad mood still continuing, today epi 66 will be broadcasted so am quite far behind but still hanging in there i found something interesting in the casting list above i know sook jin is tae hyung mom and from what im seeing so far but have doubts cuz kwang mi is listed under tae hyung s family why? how is she related to him? and what it is suspicious to me is that both sook jin and kwang mi are the same age 55 it looks to me like kwang mi is tae hyung birth mom and sook jin is just his adoptive mom but how did this become to be is the mystery that will be revealed later on or might have been already revealed cuz this drama already past the half way point i know sook jin is clever and evil that might have had created a hoax to make this happened for conflict of interests and nepotism reasons

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    After watching episode one to episode seven , I have totally give up in watching this drama .

  19. 19 : Daisy Says:

    I like Jin Ho — he has character and is funny. He is more aggressive compared to Ji-Hwan.

    The screenwriter needs to pick up the pace w/JH’s personality – he is too laid back and lets points that he should be picking up on pass him by. He is a lawyer and should be more alert to what is going on with evil Sook Jin. I would love to slap her in her face.

    I have seen Seo Ha-Jun in “Princess Aurora” – I believe it was his first drama and I thought he was fantastic in his role. He showed emotion, consideration, thoughtfulness and love in the drama. And he did well with his role in “A Flower In Prison” and got two awards for his performance. I haven’t seen him in any of his other dramas so don’t know how well he did with his roles. But the got another award for “Only Love.” I hope his character picks up in this drama.

    The scene in Ep. 12 with Tae-Hyung and his mom slapping Min-Young, JH could have said they would file a paternity lawsuit or the threat of one, if TH does not get tested and donate his liver, instead of pulling him by TH’s suit jacket.

    Sook Jin told TH “not to worry about anything as she would take care of everything for him.” That is exactly what Queen Moonjung told her son, King Myungjong (Seo Ha-Jun) in The Flower in Prison.

  20. 20 : Lidia B Says:

    Oh wow – I did not expect Min-Young to die!!!!! Instead of confronting Tae-Hyung when she heard that he killed her mother and she had it copied on her phone, she should have have left and went immediately to Ji-Hwan and told him. Instead she tells Tae-Hyung she heard him and that she had his confession on her phone. But even more stupid she gets in a car with Tae-Hyung stupidly believing he is really taking her to her mother. But of course, if she went and told Ji-Hwan and got the police involved to arrest Tae-Hyung, the drama would be over at Ep. 17.

    Poor Ji-Hwan and Sol. Sol was happy to have Min-Young around. Luckily Jin-Ho is on the ball with tracing Min-Young’s phone location.

    So Mr. Yang has Min-Young’s phone also, but Min-Young neglected to tell JH that Tae-Hyung was bringing her to their mother, even though that was a lie.

    Good Mr. Yang, there is always a scrape goat guy in these dramas to clean out the rich person’s evil deeds.

  21. 21 : Sun Flower Says:

    Ep. 18 —
    How would a phone get smashed in a suicide? The stupid police did not pick up on this??? Why are the Korean police always so stupid. They feel everything is cut and dry. Seriously.

    Also, would a person who jumped from the building supposedly committing suicide, end up face up???? Or face down??? I would think they would end up on the ground face down.

    J-Hwan is a lawyer – he most likely was in shock, but later he should try to figure things out better.

    Wow — witch Sook-Jin really slapped Mr. Yang – twice – and pretty hard. Why do these people take this crap from their bosses?? Can’t they find a better job then be someone’s fool to clean up all the dam messes the family get their selves into????

    I feel sorry for Sol. She is so cute and smart.

  22. 22 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 32 ok me again, am picking up the pace a bit cuz i want to start golden mask and i was on the verge of pulling the plug on bravo my life but al the last moment the plot got much better that decided to continue mainly cuz i liked the lead female and feel so sorry for her so i wanted to cheer her up yessssss hahahahaha lots of clues so far in secret house i know the writer is trying to fool all the viewers but not me am gonna outwit this guy first there was a heated argument betweeen kwang mi and mr yang the errand boy it was so heated that made me think that they knew each other real well in the past and yesss kwang mi threatened to reveal some of his secrets if he didnt answer her questions wow that told me theres something going on between them and walla maybe intimate things as i said before am thinking kwang mi is tae hyung birth mom and now am suspecting that mr yang could be the birth dad of tae hyung wow as crazy as it could be but very plausible cuz of the threats of the heated argument if this is true i think i outwitted the writer hahahaha and as this was happening i thought sook jin had an intimate relationship with mr yang that gave birth to tae hee another crazy thought but……. the chairman is also giving me some after thoughts now he started the drama very melo but it seems now that his life will be disturbed if he allows ji hwan and tae hee marriage which he is adamantly opposing it why? why? wae? wae? waeeeeeee? hahahaha moreover he is also adamantly opposing tae hyung and joo hong ship why? why? wae? wae? waeeeeeee? which i dont have the slightest clue hahahahaha good thing the writer is throwing in lots of mysteries and clues to make the viewers use theri little heads hahahahhahahahaha another hint if you look at the casting list above in the others column theres a guy named joen no min and surprisingly he is the same age as sook jin and kwang mi and could perfectly fit as birth dad of tae hyung or tae hee with sook jin and theres another guy named dok ko yeong jae tjis guy is a bit older like 10 or more years older but could perfectly fit as ji hwans birth dad finally feel so sorry for soli so innocent so cute i dont want to watch when she learns about her birth mom it will just destroy my lil heart so close and sooooo far away

  23. 23 : Skye Says:

    @ — eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    Earlier in the drama, the chairman suggested that Joo – Hong and TH get married at his house when he invited Joo-Hong and her family over for dinner for the specific reason. Now the chairman changed his mind about Joo-Hong.

    Interesting — wonder why he changed his mind about Joo-Hong marrying TH??? I know TH’s witch of a mother opposed them being together.

    Yes, you maybe right that TH is Mr. Yang’s son. Kind of thought that also. I don’t know why Mr. Yang puts up with all that crap from Sook-Jin. She is disgusting.

    I don’t like Tae-Hee either.

    I love Sol – she is so adorable and is very a intuitive little girl.

  24. 24 : Arizona Fan Says:

    Nam Tae Hyung, a conceited prosecutor who has perfect life conditions such as money, skills, and family. His focus and mature acting displayed a more three-dimensional character. Kang Byul also portrayed a complete transformation into her role as Nam Tae Hee, the villain of the show. Nam Tae Hee secretly plans to get revenge on her older brother Nam Tae Hyung, who treats her like an emotional trash can, and her mother, who considers Tae Hee to be the useless child. Kang Byul will add tension in the story through her delicate acting.

  25. 25 : Skye Says:

    Baek Joo-hong(30) starring Lee Young-eun
    Emergency medicine resident

    She is the type to adjust to any situation. If she sets her sights one something, she doesn’t stop until she gets her hands on it, whether it be grades, work or love. She is simple, but considerate, hot-tempered, but righteous, and lovable. She puts loyalty before anything, and helps Ji-hwan find his mother as if it were her problem. She can only do this because she doesn’t know she is in no position to be so self-assured. She is suddenly at a loss when she realizes Ji-hwan’s misfortune is detrimental to her as well.

    Nam Tae-hee(31) starring Kang Byul
    Marketing manager at “Wide”

    Never been truly loved by someone, she becomes introverted. She is quick at reading the room and hate grows inside of her. She is hunkering down like a gentle lamb, but plans to take over the company, building and cash that belong to her mother and brother that treat her with contempt. This means she needs a smart accomplice. It would be even better if it is Tae-hyung’s enemy. She believes Ji-hwan would be perfect for the role, since they have the same goal and she is in love with him.

  26. 26 : Skye Says:

    Woo Ji-hwan(32) starring Seo Ha-jun
    Seolleongtang making

    Nam Tae-hyung(32) starring Jung Heon
    Prosecutor at Criminal Department Team 1, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office

  27. 27 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 33 at Skye thanks for reminding me that the chairman was in favor of tae hyung and joo hong in the beginning but abruptly changed his mind for reasons that I still don’t know I forgot to take my fe supplements to boost my mem cells hahaha early dementia? I hope not am not that old hahaha but this reminding precipitated lots of clues in my lil head that am trying to connect each other and probably get to the abrupt change of mind above I hope so. First this lead me to the very beginning when ahn kyung, ji hwans mom was depositing that letter in the mail box of the chairmans residence addressed to him I presumed and also that the contents are not known yet my wildest guess is that ahn kyung is the chairmans daughter that run away with a nobody just out of love which later married and had ji hwan her husband could be the old guy that I have already mentioned in the others column above I think ji hwans mom was trying to tell him that ji hwan was his eldest grandson I think this letter was intercepted by sook jin yes who else before it got to the chairman hands so there you go after that ahn kyung got into that huge car accident with a terrible amnesia later on that made her impossible to reunite with ji hawn for many years meanwhile the chairman had an eldest son heir of the company which could be the guy I mentioned in the others column who married sook jin a gold digger and nepotist her ultimate goal was to usurp the company from the chairman but unfortunately they could not bore a boy the future chairman they could only got tae hee who as a girl was not in line to succeed the company and the main reason why sook jin despised her so much cuz she was not a boy poor tae hee for her miserable life so unwanted and probably this is one of the reasons she wanted to side with ji hwan other than for love but to get even with her miserable life
    meanwhile sook jin needed a boy for her nefasts purposes and the opportunity came by at the right time the nurse kwang mi got impregnated by sook jin errand boy and chaffeur mr yang either accidentally or forcibly who knows hahahaha but this was a great opportunity for sook jin to snatch the long desired boy to make him the heir of the company and probably the reason why mr yang is so submissive to sook jin
    if this is true its hard for me to tell if the chairman knew everything and was complacent of sook jin doings or was duped big time hahahaha

  28. 28 : Skye Says:

    @ eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    In the first episode, I believe, or 2nd – Ji-Hwan and his mother were to have dinner – somewhere in that episode – Ahn Kyung-Sun said to herself “should I tell him tonight.” I believe KS was going to tell Ji-Hwan something at dinner, but she never showed up due to the accident.

    I noticed the line up with Yoo Kwang-Mi, Ham Sook-Jin, and Mr. Yang. It is interesting that Kwang-Mi is at the top and SJ listed second.

    Do you think Tae-Hyung is Mr. Kang’s son. He takes a lot of jazz from the Nam family. In all the dramas, the male assistant to the head of the family does all the dirty work.

    You are ahead of me — I just saw Ep. 20 on July 27. Where I live, they run the dramas later than in other areas.

  29. 29 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 34 at Skye i envy your sharp detailed mem hahaha always reminding me of scenes that i vaguely remember again my fes hahaha but if she was trying to tell him something it has to be centered on the chairman cuz of the letter that is my guess and its good that your checking the casting list cuz there are good clues there yes and i feel the same that kwang mi is gonna take center stage later after her silly innocent beginning and eclipse sook jin the present evil madonna hahaha yes and i am more and more inclined to think that kwang mi is tae hyung birth mom cuz the writer is throwing lots of clues at me that is making me think that way finally i feel so sorry for the international viewers cuz some of the broacasters are really bad there its appalling cuz i herad tons of complaints through the comments from all over the world more so from america and that part of the world after knowing this i felt so priviledged cuz here i can watch all kdramas that are being broadcasted today in south korea like secret house todays epi is 77 at 7pm 5 min after it ends is uploaded to servers all over here so i can watch it at 8pm the only thing is its raw no subs i know many people who dont speak korean watch it anyway cuz some big mysteries are about to be revealed in that epi so they can not wait omg they are so hooked the translations to eng takes like 4 or 5 hours ave so you can watch the complete epi by 1 or 2am and go to work next day half sleep but be careful for car accidents hahahahaha today am at epi 34 if the drama turns really good i can binge 5 or 6 epi in a row per day so in 8 days i will be completety up to date with the latest epi but seldom do that cuz am slow pace hahaha and the most strikingly thing here is that there are many servers as repository for old kdramas since its inception something literally priceless for me cuz am so fanatic of the old dramas done when korea was very poor struggling trying to survive each day where you can see the slams of the poor people on the outskirsts hills of seoul the stories were so dramatic cuz poor people can only offer there big hearts they have nothing else so many stories were done when poor people fell for the rich and the ensuing big dramas for me the 90s were the golden age of kdramas am always looking for them but i think i watched all of them that currently are available many of them dont have subs so am always periodically checking them i just hope you dont feel angst cuz of my super rich privliedges hahahahahaha finally good insights of the 2 girls so preetty and great acting but you forgot the best at least for me yoon ah young (min young) hahaha oh and i forgot about tae hee dou we are getting the same clues from the writer about her why? wae? our opinions of her are so diametrically opposite what is it???? hahahhaa

  30. 30 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    ok me again in my previous comment i forgot something important the last 2 epi were all about joo hong how broken heart she was cuz of the love of her life ji hwan was pushing her aside mercilessly and she stoically wanted to remain by his side no matter what at all cost and the push and pull with tae hee was unending so this same thing was repeatedly done for 2 epis kind of draggy but guess what in the ending of the epi joo hong said she had something huge on tae hee and her family a secret that will make this world crumble that will also greatly hurt her love ji hwan but she had no choice i mean this writer is nuts how could possibly be this secret sooooo huge i just hope i dont get disappointed ok dont miss the next epi 35 cuz you will see the end of the world in the words of joo hong hahahahahaha cant wait

  31. 31 : Skye Says:

    @ — eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    My post No. 25 – dated July 28 = I copied that from a website of the description of the 4 main characters. Those are not my words or thoughts. I was checking different sites to see the different info they offer on the drama.

    I will say at this time I don’t care for Tae Hee’s personality. But later on she may be of an asset to Ji-Hwan.

    I do like Ju-Hong and do believe she is good hearted.

    As I mentioned I am way behind you — Ep. 22 will air by my area tonight — July 29. So — I am enjoying your postings.

    The dramas currently airing in my area are —

    All repeats for my area —-
    The Flower in Prison just finished last week.
    The Moon Embracing The Sun
    Horse Doctor
    Dr. Jin
    The King in Love started July 25
    Jang Geum, A Jewel In The Palace

    I have seen all of the above dramas previously.
    The below two are also airing —-

    Road No. 1 — I like this drama and the cast has 4 main male actors, If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

    Cutie Pie – I have not seen this drama and I am not watching it due to the time it is being aired.

    Have a good weekend.

  32. 32 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 38 me again, omg omg omg i binged in a hurry and watched the last 3 epi in a row i was so impatient to know and eagerly waiting for joo hong appearance to disclose the end of the world big secret omg i was a fool to believe this cuz joo hong scarcely appeared and never said anything close to the secret am so disappointed and curse the writer for this big hoax he mightve been laughing at the viewers when he was writhng these epis “GOTCHA” hahahahahaha omg i feel so fooled but anyway lots of other big things happened in these 3 epis that surprised me quite much and help me to modified my early inklings of the plot first after tae hee and ji hwan went to city hall to legalize their marriage they went to the charnel house were the ashes of tae hees dad were deposited and after offering their respects she started talking about him ( spoiler next dont read it) she said she was born after he died that told me that menace sook jin had her with another man but dont know if it was within her marriage or after but knowing sook jin pretty well i think it was a hoax and more important they show his picture blurred and small and at a distance so you will not see his face features clearly to make things more intriguing omg another writers gimmicks hahahaha but i knew one thing clearly it was not one of the guys in the others list he was a completly stranger to me so that derailed what i thought about her dad in the beginning and the most strikingly thing was that when ji hwan was looking at the photo he put an awkward face with rounded eyes and tilting his head lightly to the right like if he has seen that guy before but wasmt sure oh my god alot of things came into my head and i made lots of connections walla i thought cuz secondly in another scene the chairman was alone in his office with low lights looking at a picture that he always kept it in front of him on his desk and longing and murmuring why did you have to die so early with a very sad face why did you have to meet that bad woman (that probably caused his death) in a despite full tone and then they showed the picture and walla it was exactly the same picture that tae hee was looking at the charnel house and i made another big connection that bad woman was ji hwans mom omg and cuz probably she kept his photo hidden somewhere around the house in secret nevertheless when ji hwan was a boy he probably found that photo by accident that caused his awkward face at the charnel house one more thing when the chairman was looking at the photo he said a number of times his name nam chan woo probably cuz he wanted the viewers to remember his name later cuz of his more importance role in the drama i guess so NAM CHAN WOO hahahaha which i still remember despite my fes issues hahahahahahahahahha so after rectifing my earlier thoughts am proudly saying that nam chan woo is the chairmans eldest son and heir of the company he married a poor lowly woman named ahn kyung which was despised by the chairman and had ji hwan out of love and probably the letter she wanted to give him was to tell him that ji hwan was the legitimate son of chan woo and heir of the company but am intrigued about tae hee she said clearly chan woo is not his birth dad but i dont know if chan woo married sook jin i think i messed up now wow there were some other good clues but i forgot

  33. 33 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    at Skye yes those insights felt a lil high level but gave you the benefit of the doubt hahahahahahaha and talking about tae hee i forgot in my previous to say that i was dumbfounded to see that she was in a shoveling argument on the street with another girl about her age totally stranger to me that girl was demanding pay for a job she did for her probably an obscure job that should be kept secretly but the girl was adamantly demanding more money threatening to disclosed what she did if not my guess is that it is about a dna test or pregnancy test tae hee disappoint me cuz so far i saw her as a good nature righteous girl but tjat is changing rapidly and across the st joo hong was watching the whole incident and raising questions marks so she can leveraged it against her big rival then i have only watch one drama out of all you mentioned and those are fairly new recently ended so thats good i think but my problem is that i can not watch shorter dramas i had try them million times but i can not get pass the 1st or 2nd epi and the problen i suspect is that the genres are totally out of my scope but older 16 epis dramas i can watch them with no problem perhaps am so narrowly minder that can not tolerate other genres cutie pie i saw it 3 years ago very long but but thats ok cuz long dramas are my favs this is a sitcom with lots of laughs in the background and tons of jokes very funny and geared for the young i guess but i finish it and recommended it

    you too have a good one and stay hydrated cuz here is hell hahahahaha

  34. 34 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 41 me again ok am still reeling cuz of the end of the world big secret still nothing yet anyway in my previous i forgot to say that when i heard the chairman saying his sons name nam chan woo i immediately went above in search for his name in the casting list and guess what it wasnt there omg so disappointed such an important role why is he omitted then i cursed the writer again thinking that he didnt want to give any clues about him and screwed the viewers hahahaha but later i thought wait the writer had nothing to do with the casting list above bummer hahaha so promptly check on 3 other similar sites for his name and guess what his name was nowhere to be seen omg whats going on is this a hoax or a simple typing error then thought no no can not be a hoax this got nothing to do with the drama hahahaha so big mystery his name is not anywhere to be seen all i wanted to know was his age so that would tell me if he married sook jin or ahn kyung which subsequently would tell me ji hwans origins am strongly suspecting he married ahn kyung to make ji hwans the hero who will rescue the company from sook jin and give it back to the chairman his grand dad my early thoughts are having a set back first I thought the guy in the others list was the chairman son who married sook jin omg omg my head clicked again as am writing this comment I noticed that his name is nam sang hun and nam is the family name of the chairman omg I think I got it now this will make nam chan woo and nam sang hun brothers omg applause please I think I found a good connection here hahahaha
    so now it makes much more sense cuz there are 2 brothers and 2 ladies ahn kyung and sook jin which can make 2 coupkes perfectly but theres the 2nd guy in the others list which coincidentally his family name is omitted omg another question mark in the beginning I thought he was ahn kyung husband who gave birth to ji hwan and thought he was the chairman eldest but now this has much less probabilities finally in the middle of these 2 guys in the others list theres a woman named jun hye sun very old but cute she is 5 years older than the chairman so that erases the possibility that she can be his wife but could perfectly fit as his noona (eldest sister)
    ok going back to the drama the last 2
    epi was all about ji hwans moving in to the chairmans residence cuz he is legally the chairman grand son and is using this to move in under the midst of total opposition and harassment from sook jin and tae hyung this is a completely no no cuz the witch sook jin and his diabolic son will destroy the lil cutie soli ji hwans knows this perfectly but have no choice cuz this is the only lead to his mom whereabouts yes cuz nobody knows if she is dead or alive her body has not been found yet so he is risking everything with this move but good thing is he has tae hees complete support that probably risk her own life to save soli as far as joo hong poor girl she is getting drunk every night at the food stalls longing for the love of her life but resigned to lose him omg so sad this latests epis are center on tae hyungs cufflinks the innuendos are so much in detail and cumbersome that I got lost badly so when you get to these epis please explain the details, the writer by putting these two bitter enemies next to each other is gonna create a very unwanted hostile atmosphere with lots of encounters of giving and getting back probably to half way point or more which just started with the cufflinks things when ji hwan was roaming around tae hyungs room and finally when when tae hyung was roaming around ji hwans room and looking for cues through his notes and books a photo fell off it was a couple I could recognize ji hwans mom but the guys face was sort of blurred (cheap tricks) so you wont recognize it and yes I couldn’t tell if that guy was the same guy when the chairman was looking at that photo omg omg omg but walla tae hyung said “WHAT DAD IS DOING HERE“ and I heard a big explosion inside my ears hahahahahha now finally all the mysteries or the most importants had been solved good grief hahahahahahaha

  35. 35 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 44 ok me again just binged 3 epi in a row couldn’t stop cuz lots of mysteries and puzzles were being solved which was great it seems like the first 40 epis were like the 1st part of the drama were all the players and mysteries were being introduced so practically the plot progressed almost none usually dramas do this in the first 10 epis 20 at the most so 40 was just too long but I liked it cuz the writer threw lots and lots of clues that made me think all the time and made me make my own plot based on all his clues that I hope i will be correct hahahaha he also made me redo my plot many times cuz of new clues
    I felt that from epi 41 the drama had a new direction and become very interesting cuz the mysteries started being solved by bunches which is the best part of a drama I guess I feel like this is the 2nd part of the drama with the 3rd part coming in another 40 epis hahahahaha

  36. 36 : Blusky Says:

    SPOILER: i promised last time i won’t look at this drama anymore but i still can’t disengaged myself only because of Sae ha joon! however, i just finished ep 46 & really cannot u/stand why grandpa while talking to nam tae hee about her father – grandpa had a flashback talking to his deceased son about getting a divorce and saying no div in this household etc & he said something to him go home & take care of your two children? did he mean ji wan & his sister? then he said your wife is pregnant w/your second child & you want a divorce? woah really this drama has deep secrets! anyway that’s what i cannot u/stand – then the fact that Ji wan found life insurance in Yang’s car & the beneficiary of grandpa written on that docu is Nam tae hee, the ending of epi with Ji wan threatening Mr Yang to reveal he’s the father of Nam tae hee — wheww this is something else what a drama, if i’m the only one confused, i dunno who else? lols

  37. 37 : Ryan Says:

    I don’t understand why Ji-Hwan does not lock his office door??? Has no password’s on his computer??? What kind of lawyer is he??? Jin-Ho is a smart guy – why doesn’t he tell JH to take precautions with the computer and put a spy cam in the office???

    Ji-Hwan keeps running here, there and everywhere and is getting no where. He is blabbing everything he knows to TH and his wicked mother. He should keep his mouth shut, build up the evidence quietly and present it all when TH becomes the big politician he is vying for. JH and “Bong Sun-Hwa from The Second Husband” would make a good pair. JH is doing the same thing Sun Hwa did in telling the perpetrators everything he has on them and knows. So Stupid stupid

    Why didn’t JH look at the person the police said they found that was his mother even if the face was not recognizable??? JH would be able to recognize some thing on the body if it was his mother or not. How stupid of a lawyer is he??? He was so smart in school and was getting such good grades. What the heck happened to his brain? The screen writer is making him stupid.

    Before they bury the body, Joo-Hung needs to run an MRI on the body, and keep her mouth shut about it.

    I cracked up when the police man Ms. Ham is paying off called her and TH “such Merciful People,” because they were not bringing charges against JH. What a bunch of B.S.

    The sign in front of the police station – “Trustworthy Police, A Safe Country.” That is a joke, they are incompetent in all the K-dramas I see and are paid off by the rich people.

  38. 38 : Skye Says:

    eotteohge doen geoyeyo – Ep 41

    Did you figure out why Tae Hee was arguing with a girl that was asking for more money yet???

    I have not seen that episode, but it is most likely the girl that Tae Hee is paying to do the liver transplant for Sol. Tae Hee is paying her to do that. And she probably will tell JH that she is doing the liver transplant. Or that she found a girl that was suitable with Sol.

    Does Tae Hee have a heart condition??? So she could not do the liver transplant.

    Joo-Hong is not in the loop about everything that JH knows about the Ham family. She is finding out bits and pieces. Maybe he needs to fill her in more??? Or maybe that may not be a good idea. Depends how well she can keep secrets.

  39. 39 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    at Skye ok thanks you are always rescuing me hahahahaha it never cross my mind that that could be it that those payments have to do with solis liver transplant i vaguely remember that after tae hee testing prooved that her liver was compatible with solis so she was apt to donate but dont remember why the transplant didnt happened and never heard from the transplant since and yes i think ive seen the other girl in a hospital maybe she is a nurse in the transplants dept and dont know why a heart condition could be detrimental to a liver transplant never heard of it in real life and yes as far as joo hong as the lead fem dou she is having very little weight on the drama perhaps the writer is saving her for later when ji hwan falls into deep trouble she will be there to save his life and i understand why he is pushing her away not cuz he doesnt love her anymore he is always in deep love with her but cuz his ultimate priority is to infiltrate in the the chairmans house to find out his mom and sister demise which is all he has in his mind and probably he thinks that continuing seeing her will greatly risk his mission so thats why he is putting a cold front in front of her and there was one scene that was repeated twice with a flashback were tae hee very slowly and warmly approached ji hwans face and ultimately his lips with the intent of giving him the kiss of his life hahahahahaha but guess what at the last moment ji hwan turn his face to the right in a displeased mood omg omg omg how could he do that noway men can not do that omg women yes but not men omg omg i could never turn my face to the right even if she is the ugliest woman in the world hahahahahaha omg omg omg thats not the way it should be omg ok but jokes aside that told me how much he is in love with joo hong finally as am writing this comment am hearing in the news that today in many cities of my country the temperature reached a whooping 39.5 degrees centigrade with images of people fainting on the streets am so damn lucky i live in the country side very far away from bustling cities here the temp is only 31 degrees at this moment

    talking about heat keep cool and stay hydrated seeya

  40. 40 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 48 ok me again omg i binged 4 epis in row again cuz couldnt stop each epi ends with a big mystery just about to be revealed but no cuz they want you to come back for next epi anxious to find out what was about but cuz i have the next and the next epi readily available for watching i immediately go for it this is what is called addiction hahahahaha in these epis there were serious encounters between tae hyung and ji hwan not like lapels grabbing and shaking from the first epis tae hyun hired a hitman on a motorcycle to hurt ji hwan that almost cost him his life he spend few days on a coma at the hosp and during the coma tae hyng appeared and started strangling him to kill him but at that instant ji hwan miraculously open his eyes and wake up saving himself from a sure death omg this was getting very seious after ji hwan recuperate he had no choice but going after tae hyung cuz now his life was at stake and he needed to do something and get even but he didnt try to kill him what he did in concert with jinho was to create a crafty big hoax bribery scandal involving harmony party boss and tae hyung the result was perfect tae hyung was accused of bribery and lost all his credibilities so the boss didnt have no choice but to kickem out of the party so there he went all his dreams of being an assemblyman were shuttered this was a huge victory for ji hwan and jinho but ji hwan didnt stop there he went on to do the same thing to sook jin they created another big hoax scandal involving the police chief and mr yang i forgot the details fes again omg hahahaha but i think the outcome was in favor of ji hwan again in these epis there was a huge huge revelation about tae hee and his birth dad that i dont want to spoil it i think youll be very surprised and by the end of this epi there was an incredible huge mystery sook jin in front of all the family got a big envelope with a message inside chan woo was written in the front of the letter that made sook jin stumble and tremble but why cuz chan woo has been dead for a long time and the message said something extremely illogical with no sense at all but could recognize tae hees name written there and another name like nam hung sik ok so nam could be related to the chairman but first time that person appeared in the drama it could be one of the 3 persons in the others list above one is nam sang hun and the other 2 dont have stage names so could be one of these two
    ok so huge mystery and wondering what is it about

  41. 41 : Jade Says:

    I am so confused — the dr. at the hospital said “Tae Hee could qualify to be a donor for Sol.” Tae Hee was happy and said “I can give Sol half of my liver.” Half of a liver !!!!! I thought she had some girl in one of the earlier episodes doing some testing and the girl wanted all the money upfront for what Tae Hee is paying the girl to do for her. Geez……I can’t remember what episode the girl and TH met in as I would like to see what TH was asking her.

    Tae Hee is lying to J-Hwan that “they have to get married right away so she can do the liver transplant.” The dr. didn’t say that.
    He said “it would be easier if she was family.” The doctor mentioned “no compensation if she was a family member.”

    Eventually J-Hwan may end up marrying Tae Hee so he can get into the chairman’s house.

    J-Hwan needs to tell Sol that Min-Young passed away. He is just making Sol worry about her and she even went to the store MY was working at during the night. Like what is wrong – she is a mature girl for her age, and while she will be hurt, she will eventually get over it.

    I was surprised that Min-Young died!!! I had no idea that the screen writer would eliminate her.

  42. 42 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 49 me again I did it again couldn’t stop so binged 2 epi in a row cant help it hahahaha this is the best epi so far for me cuz for the last few epis the unknown was going on crescendo until it erupted here not everything but it was big and entertaining started with the big letter addressed to sook jin from chan woo which she open it in front of the family she was startled cuz chan woo is being dead for a long time so who the hell sent it when she read the contents she almost faint it was about 2 or 3 lines that was clearly shown on my screen but guess what it was totally incomprehensible with no logic at all hahahaha what a hoax from the writer trying to obfuscate the audience I felt I was duped hahahaha but wait this could be an accidental mistake from the translator I thought but no it was too big for a syntax error oh well but the best came after sook jin stumbling went back to her room to ponder about the letter then she started thinking about chan woo and a flashback was shown from long ago when she was young that I don’t want to say it cuz don’t want to ruin your view later these scenes showed and will make clear lots of mysteries and puzzles accumulated for the last 50 epis so its very revealing so have fun when you see it and then in another sook jin flashback it showed ahn kyung, ji hwans mom throwing very angrily a glass of water at sook jins face in a restaurant that told me they knew each other pretty well and then I remember vaguely seen this scene at the beginning of the drama that now is giving me huge clues about chan woo ahn kyuung and sook jin demeanors I discovered lots of things with these 2 flashbacks but wont say it so you can find them for yourselfs and have fun hahahaha ji hwan started the drama as a decent honest lawyer but now he has become a big monster of revenge causing lots of troubles to tae huyng and mainly sook jin but its all very well deserved it but can not only be one sided until the end so I expect huge counters from the evil pair along the way possibly sending ji hwan to the hospital again but for a longer stay hahahahahaha

    at Skye I think the liver transplant thing was a big fiasco by the writer that probably did it to buy some time cuz there are not any consequences or implications from it and it was so cumbersome that I didn’t understand many things about it and its gone from the plot now like if its not needed anymore I also lost a lot of details like if tae hee tested positive for a transplant why did she has to hire and pay another girl big money that probably she didn’t have it in the first place to do the job id like to know that and yes ji hwan is giving me head aches thinking in why he didn’t tell soli about his birth mom and that he is not his real dad is there a good big reason for not doing this other than for not to hurt her cuz she is too young and very fragile and delicate ok finally 50 started very hilarious with a very funny hoax from ji hwan jihno to who else yes sook jin who is being the big target lately its still making me laugh hahahahaha the end was really good great it seems they changed the writer from 41 cuz this looks a much different drama much much much better

  43. 43 : Sun Flower Says:

    I don’t know who is more stupid – me for watching this drama, or the writer???

    How stupid can Joo-Hong be taking Ji-Hwan’s mother out – strolling around the area buying hats??? Ji-Hwan told her he did not want to bring his mother home yet as it would not be safe. Duh!!! Also, Ji-Hwan should have told Joo-Hong that he believes it is the Nam family that kidnapped her and they need to keep her hidden.

    Also, Kyung-Sun has been missing for 9 years or so, who knows what kind of drugs they gave her to make her sleep etc., Ji-Hwan, should have brought his mother to the hospital, hold a press conference to tell the world that he finally found his mother who has been missing for 9 years. That would bring some attention to the case and maybe witch Nam and her son would back off from hurting his mother again. Also she needs medical attention.

    Joo-Hong is a nurse — like she didn’t even think of keeping an eye on the mother better and suggesting they go to a hospital.

    Also, J-Hwan should not have gone to the same police station as the police there is on the take from witch Nam and he just continually goes round and round and never gets anywhere.

    The writer needs to improve J-Hwan’s character, especially as he is a lawyer. He is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

    I thought Seo Ha-Jun was excellent in his role in Princess Aurora and The Flower In The Prison. I did not see any of his other dramas. I didn’t watch Phoenix as I saw the original one with Lee Seo-Jin and Eric Moon from 2004, it was an excellent drama and a good cast. The recent Phoenix did not get good reviews. I know the actor can only go according to the script he is given. I was so looking forward to seeing this show with S. Ha-Jun and am somewhat disappointed in the story line.

  44. 44 : George Says:

    I hope somewhere along the line in this drama, Mr. Yang, gets to slap Sook Jin a few times in the face. Would I love to see that.

    The idiot chairman has no idea what Sook Jin and his precious TH is doing behind his back. And the money Sook Jin is handing out to every one to cover up her dirty deeds. SJ must have her own bank account so he has no idea what is goiing on.

    What is with idiot Kwang-Mi? I wish she would just talk normal, instead like a scatterbrain. It is tiring to listne to her.

  45. 45 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 51 this epi got a lot of flashbacks of ji hwan and his mom back when they were poor living in the countryside he was young and dreaming of becoming a lawyer and change their lives the scenes are very tender and warm with lots of love am increasingly seeing lots of flashbacks almost in every epis so that is very good cuz it reveals a lot from their past lives which is good cuz I can use it as clues to understand all the mysteries that by the way are just too many hahahahaha the epis are getting a lil slower now cuz maybe the writer is starting to introduce new mysteries that will be guiding this drama for the next 40 epis or so I guess most of the earlier mysteries had been solved already and some of my earlier wild guesses had been thwarted but not by much i should say that I had about 50% accuracy hahahahaha I have as much fun as enjoying how the plots unfold as guessing what the writers are thinking

    epi 52 ji hwans mom accident got center stage again cuz he is reinvestigating it and trying to find some pieces of evidence which are very difficult cuz it happened 10 years ago so he can ask police for reopening the case but there is a huge problem the statute of limitations is 10 years so ji hwan has only 4 months to solve it I feel like the drama is getting draggy cuz lots of things will be repeated I was expecting new mysteries so am bit disappointed I think it slowed down pretty much so its time for me to go back to one epis per day hahahahaha

    epi 53 ahn kyungs death case still at center
    of attention ji hwan had been formidable at outsmarting sook jin in many instances and now I understand why the writer portrayed him in the beginning as bit silly cuz the writer want to emphasize now how clever he is he is outwitting the outwittiest evil sook jin by a mile hahahahaha it seems this case will last for a while so I might be skipping some finally hahahahaha

  46. 46 : Skye Says:

    @ eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    I agree with you about the transplant situation for Sol. I never got a handle on the whole deal. How could Tae-Hee have some other person do the transplant and take credit for it???? The hospital staff at the know hospital doing the surgery would definitely know it was someone else who donated their liver??? It was very confusing all the way around. And why is Tae-Hee paying that girl for??? The girl is getting free money for what — doing nothing??? Strange story line.

    I looked up the screenwriter and I have seen two dramas the writer did and they were pretty good.

  47. 47 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 54 tae hee is still very enigmatic to me I still don’t know what she really wants I think she is playing a game of cat and mouse with ji hwan good work from the writer hahahaha
    Joo hong dad as the star witness of the
    accident is getting lots of attention in these few epis all parties want a piece of him cuz
    If he stands in a new trial sook jin and tae hyung careers will be all but over so I can bet anything sook jin will eliminate him before that and joo hong is getting me the creeps cant believe as the lead fem has so insignificant part in the drama she said million times shell be going to the us she is still in korea and nowhere to be leaving soon this is annoying

    At Skye good thing you reminded me of the writer so I checked for his other work in some other sites and this is what I found: and was so surprised to see     

    • The secret house | Bimilui Jib (MBC / 2022)
    • My healing love | Naesarang Chiyooki (MBC / 2018-2019)
    • Begin again | Dashi Shijakhae (MBC / 2016)
    • Everybody kimchi | Modoo Da Kimchi (MBC / 2014)
    • Maybe love | Saranghaetnabwa (MBC / 2012-2013)
    • Late night hospital| Shimya Byungwon (MBC / 2011) 7, 8th epi
    and yes I already watched my healing love which was really good and begin again also very good I didn’t know he was the same guy now I know he is really good and apologize for cursing him many times in this drama hahahahahaha my respects hahaha everybody kimchi was in my first priority list for years cuz the lead fem is one of my favs I have all the epis with subs but kept postponed it for some reasons but no more i started it yesterday before I forget again hahahahaha maybe love I read the reviews and comments and seems as good as the others but cant find it so Ill just wait until it appears

    am still enjoying this drama have a good day

  48. 48 : Skye Says:

    @ eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    These are the dramas I have seen by Secret House writer. I felt the other dramas were well done.

    The Secret House
    My Healing Love
    Begin Again | Dashi
    Everybody, Kimchi!

    It appears Secret House is not very popular. Not many posters. I am not sure what is missing from this drama?? I find it interesting, but ???? seems as something is missing with the dialog or something?? In a way it is moving along fast, but yet seems not at times.

    Wonder where Kwang-Mi fits in? Don’t believe she was married to the Chairman nor will she be.

    Wondering what the secret/s is/are and it will take quite a few episodes before we find out.

    I wonder if J-Hwan’s mother was married to the Chairman’s son?? But Chairman was not happy with her as she was not from a high status or rich family so he married Sook Jin and they had Tae-Hyung, Not sure if Tae-Hee is Sook Jin’s daughter as she is not very keen on Tae Hee.

    Baek Sang-Goo is not the brightest bulb on the block. With his yelling on where is Ahn Kyung-Sun when he found out J-Hwan found her after they thought she was dead, now Tae-Hyung found out where she is.

    Where do you think Mr. Yang fits in???? Not sure if he is willingly to do what Sook Jin wants him to do all the time. Maybe some of the time.

  49. 49 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 55 omg good epi big twist of the plot something really bad happened here that’s gonna change the lives of many and good thing the intrigue is back first time seeing joo hong act like a real lead she changed completely after what happened and I also expect a huge clash with tae hee it looks joo hong will take center stage from now on it was about time which is good cuz I want to know her past and also her parents that I have no idea and probably this will clear the biggest puzzle for me up to now which is why the chairman changed his mind about tae hyung and joo hong relationship which he is opposing now and it seems that from what happened to joo hongs dad the re trial will come to a halt for sometime good cuz it was getting a lil bore for me but now with these unexpected events the drama will take a new direction I guess which I have no clue what could that be hahahahaha

    At Skye Ive just started everybody kimchi so I could say that I am even with you now hahahahaha and thanks for reminding me all the time and yes am having the same doubts about mbc which is bothering me a lot for some time ive seen lots and lots of very good dramas from mbc just to be disappointing at the appalling tv ratings they generate 5 to 6% its just real bad like secret house imo the quality of secret house is better than its beautiful now (kbs) cuz of the proven writer but they are getting more than 20% and am sure it will end in the 30% which is huge ive seen this happening over and over and over mbc getting very low ratings when kbs soars in about same quality dramas this is mind bogling to me am wondering if there are some political issues in korea that is making this happening so far my heart felts for mbc they deserve much much better
    And yes about kwang mi hahahaha the writer hasn’t said much about her other than her silly tone hahahaha yes she is still an enigma to me but that heated argument with mr yang is still heavy in my head am sure theres something going on with him as far as intimate relations with the chairman I strongly doubt it cuz there are more or less 25 years difference in age and don’t despair from 40 to 50 lots of things will be divulged which will dissipate lots of unknowns in 41 huge things about tae hee but I think somebody said it in their comment already so make sure not to read it so you could fully enjoy the epi And in 45 or 49 the flashbacks of sook jin in her younger days will say everything that you want to know about her hahahahahaha so be prepared hahaha and what you said about ji hwans mom you got it right about half dou hahahaha good try this will all dissipate with sook jin flashback and ahn kyung flashback throwing a glass of water to sook jins face
    And about joo hong dad he was the center of attention for the last few epi which ended with some misfortune I know you are way far behind so i hope I will not be ruining your view when you get here hahahahaha and for your last interrogation point????? Hahaha you will know anything you want to know about mr yang in 41 and of course sook jin flashback has a lot to do with him too so be a lil patient hahahaha

    Have a good one seeya

  50. 50 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 56. 57 still centered on joo hongs dad and cuz of him lots of trading punches had been made between joo hong fam plus ji hwan and jinho vs tae hee and her fam plus mr yang but at the end of 57 something mammoth happened very shocking and very sad never expected it and cuz of this I think the drama will change direction again to who knows where hahahaha don’t have the slightest clue but the intrigue and thrill are back and getting bigger and bigger and am glad the writer is throwing in lots of surprises am about to get to half way point I think it was rather fast and am so sure that the 2nd half will be much better I feel the writer is saving the best for last hahahahaha

    At Skye in my previous I forgot to say that when I saw ahn kyungs flashback living with younger ji hwan in a somewhat poor rural area I needed to recant my previous story about her being the chairmans daughter so yes it all looks now to me that she fell for chan woo the chairmans eldest they became sweethearts and the result was ji hwan but the chairman disapproved this relationship and shunned her cuz of her poor background and looked for a much better suitable prospect which was sook jin a chaebol daughter herself and it seems both parents where in the same loop cuz of their businesses so I think a love triangle ensued which ended with the death of chan woo and ahn kyung later yes this makes much more sense than my previous suggestion but I like to know how the 2 met each other and if they married or not or eloped instead against the chairmans will
    Yes the flashbacks and the photo of chan woo that ji hwan was looking at eerily at the charnel house led me to think this way

  51. 51 : Skye Says:

    @ eotteohge doen geoyeyo – No. 50 — second paragraph

    In my post – No. 48 I mentioned — I copied it below.

    “I wonder if J-Hwan’s mother was married to the Chairman’s son?? But Chairman was not happy with her as she was not from a high status or rich family so he married Sook Jin and they had Tae-Hyung, Not sure if Tae-Hee is Sook Jin’s daughter as she is not very keen on Tae Hee.”

    If that is true?? that would be a typical rich person’s response per most of the K-dramas that I have seen. The rich people only want their children to marry into rich families.

    Remember in the — first or second episode when the chairman and Sook Jin came into Sang-Goo’s restaurant to eat and when
    Kyung-Sun brought them water “she said to Sook Jin “thief” and threw the water at her. From the beginning that was a hint that something bad went down between Kyung-Sun and Sook-Jin. From there on it is time as he program advances for all the truth to come out.

    I am not reading your posts as I just saw Ep. 31. I just scan your posts to see if you mention my name and I read that portion only. As I see the episodes, I will go back and read your posts.

  52. 52 : Jinjoo Says:

    Well sorry if you think somehow this is a spoler but can’t help coming here to vent my frustrations about grandpa to think he’s got the power and all that but he’s always letting this monster mom Ham who is only his daughter in law get away? For example she stole his 3 million fr his sage then asked her to leave the house but he’s not firm with her!! Another annoying character is this nurse not only sickeningb once she opens her mouth but she pokes her nose on everything! Anyway I think the grandpa knows that his deceased son had a son fr outside his marriage bec before Jiwan’s mother had an accident she went to see chairman and left something in that mailbox but if I recall this knuckle head Mr yang took the document before grandpa got to see what she left right? The way things are going and how this arrogant Tae hang has been reacting towards that burnt DNA test Jiwan is also the grandson of chairman! There’s so many annoying and mean characters in this drama and it’s quite addictive as always like some kdramas ive warched! That Tae hee is something else just like her mother! My gut feeling is Tae hee is Ham’s daughter with Mr Yang because if you guys remember that scene where Ham heard her husband talking with grandpa she got insecure that he’ll leave him? She must’ve asked Yang to impragnate her and Tae hee is the product of that union? Another twist is that I think she puts something in the drink that led to the demise of her husband and that he didn’t die from heart attack as the story implies! 🤔 I can’t wait to see the next epi and I must admit I wasn’t gg to continue with this drama but here I am being addicted to it but part of the reason is because of lead actor SHJ! (Pls bear with me if there’s some typo since am using my mobile and you all am sure are famliar with how the keys are which is very right closeto each other 😆)

  53. 53 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    epi 58, 59, 60 omg omg omg good grief I thought I was the only one getting obsessed with this drama but the previous comment is telling me am not the only one hahahahaha thanks god and I also thought me and Skye were the only ones left watching this drama that the rest deserted it one by one hahahahaha omg but why am I getting so obsessed with this drama? When this is only generating about 5% so poorly ratings
    only few people are watching this and I can not stop thinking about the plot all day am always thinking about the clues to update my plot of the drama and I feel so compelled to write comments to vent whats in my head probably I wrote half of all the comments here in this thread hahahahahaha not only that those are very long comments which is a very good sign of how obsessed am with secret house the very proof of this I think is that I stop its beautiful now by the 10th epi and bravo my life by the 30th epi when they are having very good ratings more than 20% closer to 30% to accommodate secret house and I couldnt start golden mask cuz am so hooked with secret house that I have no more space in my lil head hahahahahaha but probably this is telling me that am going through some psychological issues hahahaha why am I so off mainstream almost opposite am I a weirdo? or what hahahahahahahahaha or am I getting early dementia dou am not that old or better one could this be a legacy of covid vaccines (got the 4th shot already) vacuuming my lil brains cells misidentifying them for the lil corona creatures hahahahaha
    Again am so addicted that I went 58 59 and 60 in a row couldn’t stop cuz joo hong got transformed into the real heroine of the drama after being so much passive just like the writer did with ji hwan it seems she will be the force against the chairman family especially tae hee with ji hwan and jinho all the way support am really enjoying her acting now and by the way i realized that I reached half way point it was a good first half and I want to give the drama 7.5 to 8/10 and am sure the writer saved the best for the 2nd half cant wait
    60 was all about joo hong and the big smile on tae hyungs face

    At Skye when I write comments am always conscious about not writing something that might ruin other viewers experience when they actually get to see the epi I know you are the primary example cuz you are always so far behind and am accelerating going forward making it worst I might have spilled something of course unintentional that might have ruin your view I wish we could be at par watching the drama and enjoy this good drama together ill make sure to write the epis number at front for your ref

    Sorry again and seeya

  54. 54 : Angeline A Says:

    Hmmm……does any one think Ahn Kyung-Sun survived that fall somehow?? As no one found a body. Shades of witch Jae-Kyung – The Second Husband when she fell off the cliff!!!

    I know J-Hwan found her gym shoe in the water…..not sure how deep that water was.

    Just thinking — not sure what the writer’s thoughts are.

  55. 55 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Angeline, me yes I think she survived the writer didn’t show her body cuz probably he wants to bring her back possibly by the last 2 epis to make a dramatic reencounter full of tears with ji hwan and end the drama in an auspicious note hahahahaha and omg omg omg you just reminded me of jae kyung in the second husband her deadly fall from that perpendicular cliff omg how did she survived unscathed without a single scratch omg that was so hilarious and that was her 2nd extinct cuz in her 1st extinct she really died only to be resurrected after 6 months she was really dead omg omg I never seen such a crazy writer to do something like that I just laugh and laugh do you remember?

  56. 56 : Jinjoo Says:

    Hello fellow secret house fans here! I agree with @Angeline and I also have a feeling that ji wan mom is still alive and may have been rescued by a good Samaritan! So we won’t be surprised if she emerges again! However am gg to be watching episode 67 today and can’t wait! I hope grandpa will be more on top of things and not let that monster Ham gets away with murder! That Yang Ahjussi I think will get fed up with all the things that both Ham &her mama’s boy son has been using him in all their charades if you will! I think Mr Yang has been passive for a reason or reasons bec of his daughter! I’m amazed with the writer of this drama albeit at first I was finding some of the plot were quite unrealistic but I came to tell myself that after all this is a drama!!

  57. 57 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    Mr. Yang Man Soo has a sympathetic facial expression. He seems to be a gentle person and be pushed here and there by his boss/his boss’s son (Ham Sook Jin and Nam Tae Hyung), no? But do not take my word for it.

  58. 58 : Jinjoo Says:

    Quantum Nurse I agree with your description of Mr Yang but you know there’s always a limit of how much a human being can possibly take and I think that one of these days (hopefully soon) we’ll see the straw that break the camel’s back as the saying goes!! I think he’s just taking so much from Ham & that spoiled son bec of his daughter Tae hee otherwise he’s ready to blow up! The writer-nim really knows how to tickle our curiosity with every episode that there’s not a single cliffhanger that would make you not to see the next one and the next one etc. The other night I did a marathon watch and the next day I felt like a chicken walking without its head 😆!! I’m planning another marathon cause it’s a weekend anyway!

  59. 59 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo & Skye it seems like you guys are really into this drama as well, i’ve enjoyed reading your comments about this drama & it’s good to share some thoughts about it! may I ask one of you how far you’re at in terms of episode? 🙂 thanks

  60. 60 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 61 omg omg omg just when I thought ive seen it all but no theres a lot more coming this got to be my best epi so far and I think ive said this twice so this got to be my 3rd best epi hahahahaha ok this epi started the 2nd half of the drama and I was thinking the writer was saving the best for 2nd half and indeed it started with a huge fireworks so to speak am still having a big smile in my face of satisfaction after finishing this epi wow perhaps for other viewers might not be this good or perhaps cuz its Sunday here and I need to go to a lot of places so can only have time to watch only one epi whatever it is I feel so good omg when I saw the first scene it made me jump off my sit cuz it was so spooky and so sudden it was a man crying in desperation and franctically looking for ji hwan and begging him to not let her do that not to let her go there that he needed to stop her and ji hwan was looking at him in complete bewilderment next scene ji hwan jumped off his bed with his face full of sweat omg it was a huge nightmare omg omg omg hahahahahahahahaha but it was so real that the writer made me fall for it omg I cursed the writer again big time for this hoax all I can think was the writer laughing sadistically at the viewers when he was writing these scenes “GOTCHA AGAAAAAAAIIIIIN“ hahahahahahahaha coulnt stop laughing
    But the best part came with joo hong moving in to the chairmans residence as she married tae hyung so all the big players now will be gathering in one small place but there was an even better twist of the plot a revelation from joo hong mom to her that tae hyung was accidentally eavesdropping this was a huge huge revelation that I don’t want to say it only that it goes back way way back and involved joo hongs dad ji hwans mom ji hwan chan woo joo hong tae hee sook jin the chairman that’s what am saying it was so huge that involved almost everybody hahahahahahahaha didn’t say much huh hahahahahaha

    At Jinjoo I noticed you sent a comment much earlier that said you were quitting the drama so I just want to welcome you back again and also noticed now that you are having as much fun as me and Skye do cuz indeed I think this is a great writer that deserves recognition by watching his drama and lets enjoy this thing together

    Have a good day seeya

  61. 61 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Skye on your post # 51 on the water splash ahn kyung threw at sook jins face I only remember the splash itself but nothing else and now you are mentioning that ahn kyung was yelling at her thief omg then my head click cuz I always thought that there was a love triangle between ahn kyung sook jin and chan woo the chairmans eldest son it seems ahn kyung and chan woo met first fall in love and become sweet hearts until the chairman find out and oppose it and brought in sook jin a chaebol daughter herself to marry chan woo forcibly if possible but chan woo who was so much in love with ahn kyung refused the marriage until the end and possibly ahn kyung was already pregnant with ji hwan aggravating more chan woos woes but then the clever sook jin created a big hoax to make chan woo stop seeing ahn kyung to pave the way for her marriage with chan woo so they got married ahn kyung went to live by herself and gave birth to ji hwan but cuz chan woo never loved sook jin he refused to have intercourse with sook jin so that’s were mr yang comes into the scene and fathered sook jin son tae hyung which by the way make mr yang so submissive to sook jin ahn kyung knew all this story and that’s why she yelled thief at sook jin by the way I envy your memory cuz you said all this happened at ahn kyung solleontang restaurant wow I don’t remember anything of it I vaguely remember the splash of water but nothing else

    Have a good day seeya

  62. 62 : Jinjoo Says:

    At eotteohge doen geoyeyo 😄 haha ikr I was really gg to quit but ji wan is very irresistible and you know I don’t regret continuing with this! Last night my marathon lasted till epi 73 and no worries I won’t even spoil it for you guys! However , I can only say this much that it’s really turning out very well for our guy Ji wan! Yes yes am so happy for him! Thus writer is really talented! The last kdrama I watched bef the pandemic that got me glued was CLOY or Crush Landing On You then I took a break fr watching since I didn’t really find some new ones to my liking but woah this one is daebak! I’m enjoying every min of it! Before I go just wanna give you guys a hint…..haraboji is being tough and tenacious in these latest episodes!! My wish came true for him to open his eyes and not let that monster dtr in law get away! BTW does anyone here think that Ham woman poisoned Ji wan’s father? I think also that Tae hyung is not Choon woo’s.son bec Ham may have been with another man bef marrying Chan woo! Just my gut feeling!! OK guys we’ll be watching some more and TTYL annyeong.for now!!

  63. 63 : Jinjoo Says:

    Oh thank you at eotteohge down geoyeyo for welcoming me back here hahaha am o happy I didn’t decide to quit otherwise I won’t be able to vent my frustrations and share something about this drama! I agree with you that this writer is good! Hi also to Sky & others here and we’ll be checking here again later!
    One more thing u guys were talking about the splash of water yes I think when she calls Ham a thief now we understand why bec she was Chan woo’s.woman before Ham and later with flashbacks not sure which epi but haraboji said he opposed his son’s dating Jiwan’s mother bec she’s poor etc and Ham is fr a rich family! OK see you all later!
    p.s. I’ve been absent from this site for a while but this drama made me come back here hahaha
    Pls encrypts it’s hard when using mobile ph the keys or fonts are too close with each other and am lazy to proof

  64. 64 : Jinjoo Says:

    Just reading my post now and excuse my typos like the word excuse came as encrypt lols as I said I’m not good in using my mobile here hence a lot of words letters are kind of mixed in the wrong places 😅 anyway at eotteohge doen geoyeyo if you liked epi 61 wait and see the rest till I got to epi 73 you’ll probably jumped from your sit!! BTW I was more than surprised JH decided to marry that brat.but I came to understand her purpose so nowJH & herself are leaving in one roof & the beat goes on I guess hahaha 😅 OK see ya all later

  65. 65 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo so you didn’t quit just lay low well good thing cuz I think the introduction of the drama was a lil long dou I enjoyed it anyway cuz lots of mysteries started creeping up the plot really started for me from the 40s where lots of puzzles started unfolding very fast am at 61 now and I always start my comments with the relevant epi # at front for your reference but lately im binging with some epis in a row cuz cant stop hahahaha yes am addicted and obsessed with this drama and I think you too hahahahaha I mostly stopped all other dramas to accommodate secret house very unusual for me in my 10 to 15 years of watching kdramas so am always thinking whats making me this way with this drama and after careful examination I think I found 2 things one is the crew the casting its just so perfect for me I don’t know how the casting dir pull it off to find out the perfect actor for each role from the leads to supporting to technicians etc hahahahha theres none a single one that I don’t like they are all perfect for me so that’s am thinking is making me eager to watch the next epi cuz I missed them and want to watch their faces again regardless of the plot very special for me are joo hongs parents they look so natural like a perfect couple in real life I love them so much and yoon ah young who played min young am still vividly remember her in reversal of fate watched not long ago she played a very unfortunate girl fool of adversities in her life but what striked me the most was her sad face dou beautiful but everytime I saw her face without her saying anything it me made cried so hard I remember that drama was very long like 160 or so but I watched every epi and the ending was very good I still remember her name cha nam joo regardless of my faulting mems yes fes issues hahahahahahahaha two is the writer that I didn’t have any idea about him until Skye mentioned him and his work I got interested and promptly started digging up on him and yes I found a great writer cuz of his other dramas which I really liked and that also changed the way I was looking at this drama cuz I felt I was getting more respect for him and also stop cursing him hahahahaha dou I think I started cursing him again cuz of ji hwans nightmare hahahahaha I need to stop that hahahaha the intrigue of the plot its just so good that always make me come back so eagerly


  66. 66 : Jinjoo Says:

    Hi eotteohge doen geoyeyo btw your username sounds very hangeul to me hehehe, ik mine is korean name too but am not tho i like that name cuz it’s actually the meaning of my real name per se! Anyway, yes i guess u can consider that as laying low hahaha Re writer-nim i also kinda had a neg view of him as i vented at the other site but i’m taking my word now & instead give him a thumbs up for this brilliant masterpiece! Mind you i’ve been addicted since 2006 how many yrs is that now woah 16 yrs i was just 1 yr ahead of your addiction since u said you’d been addicted since 15 yrs lols, and i don’t suppose any rehab can cure it for us hahaha! Anyway, yes the time that i was about to quit as in ‘stop’ watching this drama, one day i had the urge again to rekindle it so to speak cuz we can watch this on mbc tv where i am, but seeing one of the episodes that started my pique (btw the tv station is waaay delay in covering the episode) i had to look online and the rest is history now am on epi 82 & they’re subbed now till i believe ep 86…yes good news right? I promised you & others like Skye, etc not to spoil it for all of you so i’ll zipped my mouth altho it’s itchy to share what’s gg on hahaha! OK i also have seen that actress performing Min young in the drama yrs ago & she was good in acting villains if i can recall the title was Ice Adonis but at first i didn’t recognize her in this drama right away – she either lost weight or did something on her face but anyhow she’s really good in that old drama as well! You know i feel the same way when you said you miss them if you’re not seeing their faces etc & somehow i got that feeling too woah, it only goes to show how we’re so taken by the characters as well esp my new fave now SHJ or Ji Hwan 🙂 I still can’t explain what draws ppl or fans like us to Kdramas, for me one of the reasons may be its wholesomeness not to mention how the gorgeous actors/tresses are and not only that but they can really act very natural, somehow i think of the drama/s as watching real ppl and stories, it’s crazy hahaha! I started liking Kdramas after watching Lovers in Paris, at that time I never knew any of the celebs but fell also for Park shin yang and Lee dong gun hahaha, seemingly every time i see a new kdrama and new faces of K actors my addiction never stops there so much so my eonni (sister) and i even took a trip to So. Korea to experience what really is like in that country & oh boy it was what we expected…beautiful country in every sense of the word…not to mention the rich culture, tradition and yes K foods hahaha! Thereafter, i started experiencing cooking K food & up to now kimchi has always got a place in our diet aside from the other yummy goodies they have! Sorry I’m yapping so much & get carried away but it’s been nice meeting you here & others! I used to join soompi but since the pandemic i haven’t ventured there again, i hv a feeling my acc must’ve been closed already for being absent for so long 🙁 Back to our SH drama, it’s getting better each time I watch these latest epis! Omo omo as the Koreans would say, I hope you guys can catch up so we can talk more about it at length! Just a hint if you guys won’t curse at me: Ji hwan is really doing well in that household and his revenge is working smoothly! As always mother/son will never stop with their charades that’s no surprise! I better stop now or I might let the cat out of the bag & u guys might not speak w/me anymore hahaha
    Keep watching & we’ll talk again soon!
    p.s. I like the way you post the number of episodes, that’s so cool, so let me know how far you are now so we can be in unison! 🙂

  67. 67 : Jinjoo Says:

    At eotteohge doen geoyeyo the only thing missing in this drama is ost,i’m also a huge fan of Kdrama osts but this one didn’t seem to have one! i’m a huge fan of Korean songs even tho I don’t u/stand some of the lyrics, but i also invested on their OST cds over the years 🙂 that’s how addicted i am hahaha
    ok see you guys soon

  68. 68 : Skye Says:

    @ Jinjoo and eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    Where I live Ep. 33 just aired. Where I live the first Ep. was on June 30. Elsewhere the first episode aired April 11. We always get the dramas later than every one else for some reason. So unfortunately, even though I like to be in with everyone discussing the episodes, I can’t. I miss doing that so I can only talk to myself about what I think. I don’t binge watch the episodes, I watch them as they air each night. I am being careful as you two post, as I so want to see what you have to say about the episodes, but then it will spoil the mystery and the drama for me. By the time I read them it will be months from now and you both will be on to other dramas.

    There is a MBC office in the area and I asked them why we are always behind in the airing of the dramas compared to other states and she told me “we are only 2 weeks behind Korea.” But that is not always true.

    Did any of you watch The Second Husband?? That originally aired August 9, 2021 and the first episode aired by me December 23, 2021.

    Also all the Friday and Saturday dramas currently airing on MBC, none of them are airing in my area. Years ago I used to have the Saturday night dramas, but then – can’t remember if it was when MBC and KBS went on strike, they stopped the Saturday night shows. Or I think MBC stopped the dramas on Saturday night.

    All the other MBC dramas airing by me are older dramas and some have been re-run several times. I am missing out on all the new MBC dramas.

    I am watching Divorced Singles, High School Mama and Papa, sometimes King of Masked Singer, I Live Alone, and a few other variety shows. Also Road No. 1 is airing by me and that is very good. The 3 main are all good actors. It is about the North/South Korean War, with a love story.

  69. 69 : Skye Says:

    @ Quantum Nurse
    I agree with you about Mr. .Yang. He takes so much crap from both T Hyung and his evil mother. I can’t figure out why? He does some of what they tell him to do, but not everything. And then he calmly apologizes for what he didn’t do or it turned out not what they wanted.

    It appears he worked for the chairman. In one of the episodes the chairman said to evil with Sook Jin, “you stole my driver from me,” and forgot what else he said. I am sure the chairman didn’t treat Mr. Yang as bad as the two idiots do, but who knows. I have noticed in all the dramas, their do every thing guy always dressed in black do all their dirty work, and then they even get slapped or punched if it doesn’t turn out right. I only saw 33 episodes, but I hope to see Mr. Yang slap the heck out of Sook Jin and beat up T-Hyung before the drama is over.

    This is the first time I have seen Kim Jung-Hun (T-Hyung). He is nice looking and I feel doing a good job with his role. I am a big fan of Seo Ha-Jun. I thought he was so perfect in Princess Aurora, his first TV role I believe. This is the 3rd drama I have seen him in.

  70. 70 : Skye Says:

    @ Jinjoo and eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    I am also watching Sangdo — Based on The Merchant of Joseon novel by Choi In-ho: the story of Lim Sang Wok, a legendary and wise merchant who lived in the Joseon Dynasty period. I am enjoying the drama quite a bit.

    Also watching some of the episodes of Dong Yi — which has aired several times in my area. The other drama I am watching for the 2nd or 3rd time is The Moon Embracing The Sun. \

    There are so many dramas MBC is not airing and they keep re-running the same dramas with a few older ones in between.

    I saw Kang Byul (Tae Hee) in several dramas. I liked her performance in Always Spring. Not so much in Kim Su-Ro.

    Money Flower with Jang Hyuk is also being re-run. I thought that was very good and Jang Hyuk is so great in all of his damas.

    Catch up with the both of you later. Ciao.

  71. 71 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 62, 63 just as I expected the writer is throwing in lots of fresh new mysteries like the chairman buying land in jeju for tae hee and don’t know why out of the blue mr yang is doing things for ji hwan like telling him about the whereabouts of the camcorder with mr baeks confession don’t know why mr yang is so submissive to a foe like ji hwan could it be he has something on him? if so I completely missed it ji hawn and jinho are also sniffing into the dna test tae hyung did to see if there is a relation of the chairman and ji hwan which they really are suspecting about
    Again the writer is making the plot very complex to make the viewers very difficult to predict hahahahahaha and the new biggest big mystery of them all is the revelation joo hong mom told to her which is the involvement of joo hongs dad and ahn kyung totally out of the blue for me I thought they never cross paths in their lives could this be the end of the world secret joo hong was talking about?? which by the way was never disclosed so far when I was so eagerly waiting for it omg omg this revelation probably will throw away my best guess so far which is chan woo being the birth dad of ji hwan I was so sure about it but not anymore and also this is opening up a possibly involvement of joo hongs dad and ji hwan which I don’t even want to think about it omg this is getting utterly complex but praises to the writer anyway ok I forgot that the wonderful pair ji hwan and jinho hahaha started to digging up on chan woos past which for so long I wanted to know he is being a total enigma for me so far but theres nothing about him anywhere they looked so as last resort they will try to locate his high school classmates and see what can they find from them very good idea
    The liver transplant came back again as complex as ever now tae hyung said he will donate also tae hee said that too but I still don’t know if they are compatible with soli omg all the players are using soli as an ACE card in a poker game like if with this ACE they will win and then take all hahaha I wish the writer will take the transplant out of the drama for good wow wow wow the last 5 min of 63 was so great cuz it ended with a flurry of new mysteries kwang mi blackmailing sook jin cuz she knew something big about the accident and is demanding a huge pay out, joo hong looking at tae hee and the other girl she was paying for a job in the hospital waiting for a testing and when the nurse call her name the other girl said yes I am nam tae hee wow and last tae hyung spotted mr yang and ji hwan heading for the emergency staircases where he heard ji hwan asking mr yang if tae hyungs dad was seeing other woman before he married sook jin wow wow wow this confirmed that my wild guess is about to become true in next epi wowowowow cant wait

  72. 72 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo yes don’t worry your messages are quite legible only a few typos but that’s understandable cuz of that tiny keyboard and you only are typing with your 2 thumbs right I don’t own a smart phone so I don’t know how difficult it is to write messages with that tiny thing l got a big laugh cuz never thought somebody could be sending comments via phone and probably you could be watching epis at the mall or work hahahahahaha from the phone wow so handy am enjoying your comments cuz is not only about the drama but the culture itself which increasingly am becoming more and more interesting in like language customs history ethnicity festivities religion etc which are very well depicted in these dramas they are so informative about Korean culture and yes about my user name is a testimony of how much am getting imbued in Korean culture over the years of watching kdramas I collected words or phrases or sentences that are repeated so many times that I got so used to them and liked them so I made notes of them about 300 so far that I really like and heard million times in the dramas “eotteohge doen geoyeyo “ is a phrase which in American English means “wassapeninbro” more anglicized means “What happened?” hahahaha other words that I like “dang-yeonhaji”=of course, no wonder, “eojjeonji”=somehow, “jeongshin charyeo”=pull yourself together, this is a phrase sook jin uses all the time hahahahahaha”mwoya”?=what? ,
    “kkeojyeo”=get lost, “Why?”=Wae? “museun il ini”= what is up, “dugo bwa”=just wait and see, “eojjaessdeun”=however
    “eonjekkaji”=until when? And so and so forth hahahahaha and about your name I know is a girls name cuz ive seen it so many times in the dramas mostly for lil girls and looks its very popular in korea ok it’s a bit late so I have to go but haven’t finished yet I want to ask you about your trip to korea tomorrow


  73. 73 : Jinjoo Says:

    Hi there at Skye I know exactly what you’re saying re watching around your area! I agree with you cuz when I started with Secret House it was on MBC TV where we live but I didn’t catch the first few episodes so I went online to update myself on high episI missed! The station altho it’s MBC don’t have the latest or current ones either & I just can’t wait haha so I found one which I didn’t have to wait for it 😀 No worries if you can’t possibly be on same page with us here, we understand!! It’s more than enough that we all can share how we’re enjoying ecer vit of this drama which I can only say gets to be very interesting each episode!!Woah sounds like you’re busy watching other kdramas while waiting for the SC episodes! Mind you Inprefer classic dramas of yester years like Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, Lovers in Paris, the latter one started me to get addicted to kdramas and one of the latest bed the pandemic were Crush Landing on You, Chocolate both were good if you haven’t seen it! There’s quite a few that I haven’t seen which you mentioned but I only rely on watching online, and it just so happens that we got lucky to be able to have the channel for MBC!!
    How far are you on Secret drama?
    OK TTYL and let me chat now with our friend eotteohge doen geoyeyo
    Ciao for now

  74. 74 : Jinjoo Says:

    At eotteohge doen geoyeyo mind you I only recently got this smart phone bec there”s a good promo where we live but otherwise probably using my computer up to now! I usually post when am at home cuz at work we have very limited time so I wait till I’m at home and sometimes in between watching this drama & waiting for the site to load the stream I sneak out here to post 😄 in other words not wasting time!

    Woah you figured out it’s a girl’s name and I suppose not very many male would post here assuming it’s not their thing hahaha if am not mistaken right?

    Thanks for letting my typos slide cuz it seems a pain to use this cp keyboard and since as I said I just got this recently am still doing the so-called “baby steps ‘ so to speak!!

    Hahaha anyway yes we’d been to Korea and since then my interest became more like an obsession anything related to their country so much so I did some self-learning of their language! Modesty aside I can read & write in Hangul but still struggling 😪 to understand what am reading 😄! Same here I got a notebook full of the words I either heard fr the dramas etc like when you say we in Hangul …”uri turi”, if you want to say let’s eat “pa mokcha.’ One of the first words I’ve learned is sarang.hae.yo …am sure you know that hahaha or when someone’s at the door or you wanna say who are you we kept hearing in dramas not sure if I get the romanized spelling but im writing it as I’m hearing it like … du.go sae yo right? I also like the sound of their language, it’s such an interesting language and I love their songs as well especially the drama OSTs! Something this Secret drama seems lacking!
    We can talk about Korea and I’ll never get tired of the subject hahaha
    Last night I did another marathon watching and oh my gosh I loved the latest episodes as always!!
    The mbc stationa watching is only covering epi 56 when I checked today! Listen if I missed something from your post I apologize cuz am lazy to look it over again!!
    Does any of you suspect that TH is not the son of Chon woo? I know you wldnt want me to tell you this so I’ll zipped it
    See ya and all soon
    Anyeong.ha sae yo chingoos!!!!!

  75. 75 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo, Skye & others

    me again I meant to put in my 2 cents if you will regarding the involvement of Joo hung’s father in all this, who wld’ve thought he witnessed that accident of Ji hwan’s mom right? This writer is super duper good! The way he makes the story going in all mysterious directions just make this drama more complex & it sort of leave us with excellent cliffhangers at the end of each epi! Another thing that really surprised me too was JH marrying the mean TH and hearing his condition of his marriage to Joo hung that it won’t be like the arrangement that Ji hwan & Tae hee agreed upon…not sharing the same room lols! Both Tae hee and Tae hung are like their mother! Their mother is one of the evil female charac i’ve seen in Kdramas! she’s unstoppable!
    Wait till you guys see more guys, you’ll be really in awe!

    Anyway, let me catch up with epi 87 now 🙂
    BTW I reckon the filming of this drama was stalled bec of the bad weather, flood in SK lately so who knows whether they’re filming or had to wait till the storm has simmer a bit!
    See ya guys next time!

  76. 76 : Jinjoo Says:

    did you guys know actor Seo ha jun got a good singing voice too aside from his great acting? just happen to search more about him and voila he’s got a cool singing voice! 🙂

  77. 77 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Skye I was looking at my past messages for something when I saw your #68 that I think I didn’t say anything about it but all I want to tell you is that I feel for your predicaments and frustrations about kdrama broadcasting in your area that I want to comfort you and cry with you I know what you are saying cuz I saw tons of messages from international viewers of how broadcasting are so bad in their own countries I feel so bad that we can not shared the good moments of this drama cuz you are 3 months behind and am also said that I feel so priviledged cuz here I can not having it better its just great but am also so afraid that this could end cuz I am seeing lots of changes here that could put me in the situation you are now I don’t know if I lose those priviledges here I think ill move to a nearby country that will give me the same what am getting here and also thought of moving into korea wouldnt be a bad idea as a last resort but then all dramas will be broadcasted in Korean w/o eng subs so that was not a possibility so am sure someday I will lose everything am afraid of netflix and Disney behemoths of contents broadcasters in the world that are encroaching into kdramas contents they are so humongously big that nobody can compete with them so am sure they will change things here and make me pay for it
    Today there are about 20 cable channels here transmitting kdramas with the native language subs which is not a prob for me the prob is that I can only watch what they are transmitting and not having the vast access to any drama that I want to watch and I have to pay for it I can not even say be patient to you cuz that solves nothing but since Jinjoo miraculously appeared at the right moment for you can you ask her how is she accessing all the dramas cuz probably you guys are under the same broadcasting infrastructure I presume and she said she is about to get to the latest epi of secret house omg I think you solved your problem hahahahahaha am I a miracle maker or what? hahahahahaha


  78. 78 : Skye Says:

    @ Jinjoo and eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    Jinjoo — while Secret House is behind in episodes in your area, you are about 20 episodes ahead of my area.
    Ep. 33 aired on August 16 by me, so you are doing better than I am. I am not sure what the problem is? While Secret House should have been airing by me, MBC re-ran All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law. That was 100 episodes. I have not idea why they didn’t start airing SH instead of a re-run. As I mentioned, they have more re-runs airing than all the new dramas that have come and gone, and are now airing. I have no idea why they can’t air all the new dramas??? Since they had that strike a few years back, MBC has not been the same in my area.

    I could binge watch the episodes instead of watching them as they air each night. And believe me I want to, but this frees my time up to watch other Korean shows on-line. Some of the variety shows airing are not English subbed so I watch them on-line as they have subs. I spend a lot of time on the computer watching the other shows, plus other things I do on the computer.

    I love Seo Ha-Jun. I fell in love with him in Princess Aurora. Did either of you see that drama?? If not, try to watch it. 150 episodes. He had a fairly large part in the drama, but he was listed further down the line of the actor actress in the drama. Maybe because it was his first drama. The role he had was wonderful. Besides being so good looking, he was kind, attentive, thoughtful, etc. etc. to Aurora. Loved him in that role. Princess A was re-run here a year or so ago and I watched it again just to see his performance. I would love to see the 4 dramas his I missed, but I just can’t spend 24/7 on the computer. Phoenix I saw the original and I am not sure that drama could be topped. Seo Ja-Jun I heard did a good job, but the drama itself had some criticism.

    Have a wonderful day. The weather here is just beautiful – high 70’s/low 80’s and sunny. Sorry to see summer coming to an end.

  79. 79 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo what I wanted to ask you was if in your visit to korea you went to that huge place in the middle of the busy streets that looks like a huge flea market but without parked vehicles were they mostly sell textile stuff its like a huge makeshift market with lots of customers and I presume are very cheap but good quality that I heard its been visited by lots of tourists looking for good bargains if I go to seoul I would really like to go there
    Changing subjects kdramas ost are great not only 1 or 2 per drama but a whole LP per drama I don’t know from where do they get that many songs again I made my own index so I can readily find them on you tube when I crave for them
    I completely missed the reason why ji hwan and tae hee do not share the same room as newlyweds and what her family are saying about this do you know why?
    You are way ahead of me in Korean language cuz you understand hangul am stack with Romanization and still have hard times to understand it cuz it seems is they don’t have definite rules for it so people spell same word so differntly this is utterly cumbersome a good example is in this drama the translator at the beginning was using joo hung but by the 30 epi was ju hung I believed they change the translator therefore the difference and the romanize form is utterly cumbersome I don’t think I will ever understand it and how did you learn hangul by yourself or went to school?
    sems you reached the latest epi that was really fast I think only a few days back you were at 73
    Im so surprised you said seo ha jun is a singer and a good one? Wow never imagined he could sing by the way I only watched him once not long ago in wanna taste it was more like a family comedy I don’t think he was in the lead group I think he was the lead fem husband and his role was really bad despicable and secondary that nobody will remember cuz actors live and die with their voices and the roles they play but heard good comments from him in this thread


  80. 80 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    HELLO @eotteohge doen geoyeyo, I enjoy reading your summary, you are a good storyteller. Keep up the good work.

  81. 81 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye & eotteohge doen geoyeo (chingoos/friends)

    MBC in our area aired epi 57 today way behind the online site I’ve been binging from 🙂 I realize the frustrations when your station is only on ep 33 mind you I don’t even recall now what’s happened in that particular epis hahaha since I’m way ahead of you guys! I’m willing to share with you both the site I’ve watching it from, however am not certain if we’re allowed here on koreandrama dot org to do that? As you can u/stand my frustrations or patience got so thin that I searched for a good online site so I don’t have to wait each day for MBC to air it here! 🙂 No worries you can catch up hopefully if you want to binge online like I did! Re SHJ I wld very much wish to check his prev projects (maybe while waiting for epi 89 to air) like Flower in Prison, Princess Aurora, Only Love etc. Actually, this is the first time I heard or seen SHJ in this drama & I’d say it didn’t take long for me to like him to the max hahaha aigoo as they’d say in Korean!

    I’ll answer your question re visit to Korea on a separate page but let me ask you though since you’ve seen epi 60 61 so on epi 58 which I happened to see some of it today about the video in which JH took from Mr Baek, I can’t recall whether TH or Yang destroyed it? I saw on epi 57 very briefly since I didn’t want to watch it in its entirety, that TH kept it in her drawer, but not sure if this was really destroyed? I hope I’m not spoiling this for Skye & others so I shld stop now hahaha I reckon you’re also watching on your local station right? If that’s the case you’re far ahead compared to Skye? One of my wishes about this exciting & thrilling drama is that haraboji won’t pass away, he’s very important for Ji Hwan to at least get the justice for his son or JH’s father who I believe was poisoned by this monster Ham! BTW this actress portraying Ms Ham was goon in First Love, she was I think in her late 20s when she did this drama with stars like Bae yong joon in the 90s! She was also good & her role in this old drama was no way comparable to the role she’s playing in Secret House oh and she was very slim!

    Yes remember I was only at 73 a few days ago but you can tell how much I binged!The site I’m watching it from must like this drama as well that whoever is responsible for subbing it in Eng probably can’t wait to share it with viewers like me – I can really attest to what you said how blessed and magically I got to see it mostly the way SK has been airing it! The only prob they had I believe was when the storm Korea has or had (not sure if it’s over) that I saw fr one of the comments from another site, they stalled the filming bec of the storm/flooding in Korea for some time now!

    Yes SH can really sing & his voice is so sweet and you can check him on YT just type his name and indicate the word singing, you’ll be able to watch it! I myself didn’t realize that he’s this talented woah aside from being handsome, cute & great acting he’s got it all! I’d like to watch his old drama as I mentioned above & knowing that he won an award in Flower in Prison really got me more curious 🙂

    See you soon! If I miss some of the things from your posts I’ll make up for it & go back to read it 🙂

  82. 82 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteogh doen geoyeyo btw I think I forgot to touch on that subj about JH & TH not sharing room, JH as we all know don’t have any feelings for TH right, so when TH insists that he shld marry her, JH gave her such a condition that he will marry her only because he wants to fulfill his revenge for the death (at that time his mother was presumed dead) of his beloved mother! In addition to that, JH knows that he’ll be able to uncover the secrets of this family esp the Ham woman so he thought of making this pact between them that their marriage will be arranged that way until he finds out who really was the culprit for his mother’s disappearance or death! Tae hee complied bec we all know how desperate she wants to steal Ji hwan from Joo hung or like you also expressed earlier in your post the spelling of the korean names don’t seem to have certain kind of rules, I agree w/you some other sites I saw it as Joo hung, then saw it as Ju hong 🙂
    Re visit to Korea: You mean to ask about that huge district marketplace there’s about 3 of them one of the best for me & my sister is Myung dong district market where you can really buy something like W1.00 for a lot of items, I bought a nice pr of flat shoes for only W10 (approx. US$2.00) yes you read it right! Then there’s food very inexpensive such as Korean bbq and one of the things I really love would be the fish sticks they’re very cheap or reasonable! OK the other place I think would be Nandaemun market mixture of food, textiles where you can haggle with the vendors isn’t that cool? Here lots of bargains too aside from foodstuff, then we also went to Dandaemun market, again same ambiance of sorts, more foods, textile or fabrics that one can just go bananas so to speak 🙂 hehehe I hope you & Skye and others will be able to take a trip there but of course these days with the pandemic it’s not easy to travel, but if it happens that we never had to experience this pandemic, we were planning to take another trip cuz we miss it very much! For the 4 wks we were there time went by so fast, we were not able to see the whole of SK, we wanted to go to Je ju Island or Busan our time did not permit us to do so!
    Explore YT about these places about these markets mentioned and am sure you’ll have the urge to visit their beautiful country as well!

    Re learning their language: I didn’t go to formal class, I studied from starting with the alphabet consonants memorized them painstakingly I must say. I can tell you this much, it’s not hard as one might think, once you know the basic e.g. consonants by heart then next step is to write what you memorized and if I can do it, you can do it or anybody else who wish to learn hangeul! Like I said I can read/write but still struggle to u/stand what the meaning and up to now I’m afraid I can’t really speak the language fluently, how I wish though hehehe
    Also I bought a small Korean dictionary with Eng/Kor meaning in it, I saw a 2nd hand one which was inexpensive & fr time to time I open the book & it helps me a lot! I’m not really on the advance phase learning so you cannot say I’m way ahead of you but I’m sure bef you know it, you’ll be able to read/write too just like me!
    Re the drama: I share your sentiments about our friend @Skye cuz she’s way behind this drama & I also wish that we’re all on same page or epi so we can freely discuss & vent our frustrations with the characters! I think I’ve said this fr my earlier post that I hope grandpa or haraboji stays alive for the sake of JH and his late son who I feel have been poisoned by Ham!
    BTW do you watch this on your own cable station? i think you mentioned netflix but this is a paid cable and we don’t have this at all so I just get by with our good antenna system!

    see you soon & if i missed some of things you guys posted, pls forgive me or ask me again next postings

  83. 83 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo the previous was best comment for me so far cuz I heard what I was thinking about for a long time to visit those places ok so they are myung dong, dandaeumun and nandaemun gotcha and just do what you did like buying jeans tshirts jackets with those dragon embroideries on the back socks baseball hats jogging shoes leather boots etc ill probably buy a lot hahahahaha and I will try all those goodie goodies snacks that vendors sell on those tricycles that I watched so many times in the dramas I will also check on the vegetables they sell what kind and yes the fresh fish (sashimi) and of course try those delicious skewers you said the dried fish kind is there any other really good food to try? This will probably take me the whole day.But the day ill go to visit seoul probably the first thing ill do after getting off the plane is going to downtown not the famous touristic places but to look for those food stalls on the streets which i presume are many and easy to find in quite streets like I saw million times in dramas hahahaha those orange and blue tarps partitions with translucent vinyl things in the middle so you can see in and out supported with aluminum pipes frames and waterproof ceilings to cover from rain where lots of things happen in the dramas I just want to rekindle them the tables are very light have a blue hard plastic on top with that small space in the middle for a lil grill for bbq the legs are portable easy to disassemble and transported cuz they need to pack up everything after the day is done clean and sweep the floor and leave wow that’s a hell of a job to do every night I don’t know if the money they make Is worth all this huge work wow in the middle of the stall there should a big grill with a lady in front of it preparing all the delicious snacks the minute I get into the stall I will tell the lady “annyeong haseyo”= “hi, how are you” and the next will be troublesome cuz have no idea how to say it so I bubble it in eng please could you give me a small portion of everything that youve made today and if the lady says “al-ass-eo” that means “I got it” omg omg so she understood me wow and after munching all those delicious things ill ask her for the lil green bottle of soju and that tiny cup by the way I can buy exactly the same thing here in the super by about 3 bucks which I drink lots of time while watching the drama just to get into the atmosphere hahahahaha at 17% one bottle will not be enough for me so I probably have about 5 which will get me groovy hahahaha and ready to leave I still can walk without stumbling hahahaha right before I leave I will say to the lady “gamsahabnida mas-iss-eoyo” “thank you very much it was very delicious” and leave ok I think I forgot to say that this is downtown where most of the working people leave and its like 5 in the afternoon when all these hard working people start coming back home but many of them have a brief stop at the stall to sip some soju loosen up and forget his boss at work omg just like ive seem million times in the dramas ok my next trip is to the bath houses but that will be in my next comment


  84. 84 : Jinjoo Says:

    At eotteohge doen geoyeyo
    Responded to you a lengthy one but somehow it didn’t post woahbspent at least an hour

  85. 85 : Jinjoo Says:

    Perhaps when am using my ph it’s not allowing a long one but femy desktop it works just now I tried this short message and it posted #84 aww I got you most of the good stuff about Korea and I don’t see it here I’ll try again tmrw from my comp sorry chingoo eotteohge doen geoyeyo 😞

  86. 86 : Skye Says:

    http://www.aljazeera.com › news › 2022/8/10
    Severe flood damage in South Korea’s Seoul after record rains

    (((( If you go up on the above site you will see photos of the floods in different locations.))

    Episodes have stopped after No. 83.

    At least nine people have died and seven were missing in and around the South Korean capital, Seoul, after the city was lashed by the heaviest rains in more than 100 years.

    More rain was forecast for Wednesday, but less than the downpours on Monday and Tuesday that submerged some streets and buildings, trapping people in flooded apartments and stranding cars.

    The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters said at least five people had died in Seoul as of Wednesday morning, as well as three in neighbouring Gyeonggi province and one in Gangwon province.

    Seven are missing, while at least 17 people have been injured.

    “The clean-up operation is continuing across Seoul, and also in the surrounding province,” Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride said from the capital. “After these unprecedented rains, streets, roads turned into rivers, vehicles were swept away and sadly, lives were lost. Some people were caught up in their apartments by rapidly rising floodwaters, other people swept away in the torrents.”
    Reporting from the swollen Han river, which runs through Seoul, McBride said areas along either side of the waterway were “still submerged”, with many roads closed off.
    The three-day downpours have inundated a total of 2,676 houses and buildings, most of them in the capital, and led to the temporary suspension of services on the railway and underground metro. Most highways and metro lines had been cleared by Wednesday.
    “What has made the situation worse for South Koreans is that the North Koreans are suspected to have been releasing water into the shared rivers up near the border to relieve the pressure on their dams and rivers,” said McBride.
    The North typically informs the South about such moves, but at the moment, the two countries are not talking amid differences over Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear weapons programme, he added.

    According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the accumulated rainfall in Seoul since midnight on Monday stood at 525mm as of 7am on Wednesday (22:00 GMT on Tuesday). In neighbouring Yangpyeong county, total rainfall hit 532.5mm.

    Monday saw the heaviest rainfall, with the KMA recording an accumulated daily precipitation of 381.5mm, far higher than the official record of 354.7mm registered in August 1920 and the highest since the country started its modern weather recording system in 1907.

    President Yoon Suk-yeol, who paid a visit to a semi-basement apartment in Seoul where three people were killed in a flash flood, said he was praying for the victims and on Wednesday ordered officials to ensure the most vulnerable were protected.

    “It’s certainly true that it is abnormal weather, but we can no longer call such abnormal weather abnormal,” Yoon said, adding that the downpours were the heaviest since records began 115 years ago.
    “We could see new record levels at any time. This shows that we can no longer respond based on past cases. We must respond with worse-than-expected scenarios in mind.”

    The KMA said it expects rain to continue in most parts of the country, with especially heavier rain in south-central Chungcheong province. The agency predicted that rainfall would gradually subside in many parts of the greater Seoul area and Gangwon province.

    Al Jazeera’s McBride said the record-breaking rains were forcing South Korean authorities to rethink how they respond to weather events.
    For example, Seoul’s Gangnam district, south of the river, is prone to flooding. The authorities there had put in place ahead of these summer floods, special drainage to deal with the excess amount of water and they were very confident of being able to deal with these floods, able to handle up to 80mm of water per hour. Now that is an awful lot of water, clearly that is still not enough,” he said.

    “Cities like Seoul, like cities elsewhere, having to work out how to deal with a changing climate.”

  87. 87 : Syke Says:

    Oh — are they airing the episodes now???

    Sorry for the incorrect info on the episodes not airing.

  88. 88 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo omg omg you lost that lengthy message that took so much effort and inspiration to make wow I can feel for you and want to cry with you omg isn’t this so utterly frustrating is it anyway you can recuperate the message or is gone forever? and was it about your trip to seoul? omg I wanted to hear more about it I think is better to write the message first as a word document if you have word in your phone and from time to time press the little floppy disk icon to save everything you typed so far so even if your phone gets smashed your message will always be there after your done then copy and paste into this site
    Leave a comment space lots of work but if the phone is flaky I think ill do it oh well

    At Skye omg lots of catastrophic rain in s korea when in Europe is all but worst drought in so many years “museun il-iya=whats going on” climate crisis is for real yes Jinjoo was talking about some home secret epis filming being cancelled cuz of floods am at 63 so wont affect me much but feel for those waiting for those epis am always tuning in bbc news and cnn so didn’t heard much about s korea

    At Jinjoo omg omg you lost that lengthy message that took so much effort and inspiration to make wow I can feel for you and want to cry with you omg isn’t this so utterly frustrating is it anyway you can recuperate the message or is gone forever? and was it about your trip to seoul? omg I wanted to hear more about it I think is better to write the message first as a word document if you have word in your phone and from time to time press the little floppy disk icon to save everything you typed so far so even if your phone gets smashed your message will always be there after your done then copy and paste into this site
    Leave a comment space lots of work but if the phone is flaky I think ill do it oh well

    At Skye omg lots of catastrophic rain in s korea when in Europe is all but worst drought in so many years “museun il-iya=whats going on” climate crisis is for real yes Jinjoo was talking about some home secret epis filming being cancelled cuz of floods am at 63 so wont affect me much but feel for those waiting for those epis am always tuning in bbc news and cnn so didn’t heard much about s korea

    At Jinjoo omg omg you lost that lengthy message that took so much effort and inspiration to make wow I can feel for you and want to cry with you omg isn’t this so utterly frustrating is it anyway you can recuperate the message or is gone forever? and was it about your trip to seoul? omg I wanted to hear more about it I think is better to write the message first as a word document if you have word in your phone and from time to time press the little floppy disk icon to save everything you typed so far so even if your phone gets smashed your message will always be there after your done then copy and paste into this site
    Leave a comment space lots of work but if the phone is flaky I think ill do it oh well

    At Skye omg lots of catastrophic rain in s korea when in Europe is all but worst drought in so many years “museun il-iya=whats going on” climate crisis is for real yes Jinjoo was talking about some home secret epis filming being cancelled cuz of floods am at 63 so wont affect me much but feel for those waiting for those epis am always tuning in bbc news and cnn so didn’t heard much about s korea


  89. 89 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Quantum nurse sorry I just noticed your message #80 I thought you quit like Jinjoo and came back hahahaha welcome to our group of 3 with Jinjoo Skye and me if you like to discuss with us anything about the drama please do so ill be here to attentively listen to you and if you visited seoul in the past I will be more than happy if you can tell
    Me Of the places you went am so eager to go there in the near future


    At Jinjoo, Skye in my previous message something happened that I have no idea why the message is repeated 3 times could be that I pressed the wrong key by accident? Sorry about that


  90. 90 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo Yes I lost a very long post about SK 🙁 thanks for your desire to cry w/me. I’m more used to sending my posts fr my desktop hence I’m not sure what really happened while I was replying to you at length! The other day it also got lost when I clicked submit so it must be a glitch thru Android I hv no clued 🙁

    However, I’ll try again here & hopefully will remember every little thing I painstakingly wrote, spending almost an hr on my ph since you know that I only use 2 fingers while using it hahaha
    Anyway let me see if I can start with yes the district street markets there THE most popular one like Dangdaemun (excuse if spelling of places are not accurate) Nandaemun, Myeongdong the latter where I bought Won1 (equiv to US$2.00) pr of shoes, $1.00 socks & foods all around the district, it may seem it doesnt sleep at all! Dangdaemun Mkt is full of beautiful textiles/fabrics you can choose from plus underneath there’s the food gallery where you can choose from numerous stalls and they’re yummy & cheap! Similarly Nandaemun Mkt is full of many good things where I bought a nice knit dress for only $5.00 US which is about 5,000 Won in Korea! We have a fav place selling yummy Bao the line up is very long all the time that we went but it’s worth your while bec it’s awww sooo good I can eat at least 3/4 at a time bec the size is not that big hahaha
    Anyway, we also ventured at the location shooting of the old but classic drama (at least for me) titled Winter Sonata where tourists didn’t wanna miss when they go to SK accdg to the guide for this trip! They have a very organized & clean subway system, not to mention their streets in d/town are super clean, citizens are very obedient I must say, you won’t see any dirt on the streets etc.
    Foods: streets foods are mostly everywhere, I loved the fish in a stick where the vendor will dip it in a yummy sauce w/c only costs $1.50 US equiv to their W1,000 of course today it may costs more but it’s one of those that even Kdramas always featured right? Bibimbap rice cooked with sesame oil, beef and variety of veggies (one of my faves that I learned to prep since I went to SK hahaha) and am sure you’ve been familiar with other Kfoods which I don’t think any introduction is necessary! I love their roasted chestnuts & roasted yams where they use a huge drum to cook them woah what a great idea & they’re super sweet! am sure you’ve seen these yams already in kdramas!
    We didn’t have much time even for our 4 week stay in that beautiful country SK…we were hoping to go to Busan or Pusan and Je ju Is. but time didn’t permit, since in Seoul alone you needed more time! You shld go to their beautiful palaces, and we also went to the Blue House counterpart of U.S. White House but unable to see the inside, if I recall there was a certain day/time that tourists are not allowed to see the interior but we wldnt wanna miss taking photos just by the BH hehehe

    Anyway, I hope I covered most of the things you’re wanting to hear otherwise, just zip me another query & I wldnt mind at all!
    Next post will be about our drama 🙂
    No worries about your duplicate posts, we u/stand!
    Catch you guys later! Wave to Skye & Quantum also

  91. 91 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye re storm in SK yes I read somewhere online that due to this bad weather the drama was stalled but I guess they’re OK now! Thanks for sharing this pc of info!

    @eotteoghe doen geoyeyo & Skye
    MBC stn here in our area just aired ep 59 and my take on this (sorry if spoiling you Skye) is when Joo hung went to the chairman’s house which surprised all of them incldg Ji hwan, she was angry with Tae hee for her father’s sudden death, etc. and am sure you’ve seen this and remember it already, she threw the envelope at Ham woman which I praised her for doing that, etc. in the presence of Haraboji she was blabbing intently with disgust accusing also Tae hung about drink driving hitting Ji Hwan’s mother etc. and Ham asked her to leave & Joo hong wldnt want to do that, but then I didn’t quite like the idea of Ji hwan who angrily halting Joo hung to stop & leave! It was a good scene but Ji hwan spoiled it – from my perspective – agree? I wished he wldve at least let her finished what she was there for, and make haraboji listened to everything she needed to say! These 3 Ham & her children are just like her, no surprise they have same DNA lols

    The site is really uptodate I was surprised ep 89 was already subbed! How I wish we all can be on same page soon hehehe so we can freely vent our frustrations with the evil character Ham & all the charades she’s been up to!

    I’m using my comp so hope there’s no prob but I’ll take your advice next time using my cell to copy/paste it so I don’t lose my posting 🙂 thanks for that! I’m glad this site doesn’t limit how much we can say in a given time like other sites!

    OK see ya all next time Have a great day and stay safe!

  92. 92 : Jinjoo Says:

    btw sorry for the loss and deaths due to the storm in Korea! I forgot to add this reading Skye’s posting about the recent storm! 🙁

  93. 93 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 64 it was a total mess very confusing from the beginning the transplant thing came back with joo hong tae hee and the other girl on a shoving match but in the end the girl explained everything thanks to joo hong investigation so actually she is the one that busted this hoax and exposed tae hee so finally the transplant thing is over its been resolved and im glad is out of the drama for good don’t know what will happen to tae hee other than getting a lil spank in the palm of her hand from the chairman omg hahahahaha jinho found chan woo classmate that gave lots of info about him like how he met a poor girl in night school fall in love but ended up marrying another rich girl then I new all my guesses about chan woo were correct then I also make a connection of tae hyung total mystery about buying that useless bldg and make that old lady tenant leave her shop offering her money this was all a big mystery to me but in the end there was a hint that it was related to min young which by the way a huge secret about her was revealed omg this was so good cuz lots of things were falling into place


  94. 94 : Jinjoo Says:

    #93 post eotteohge doen geoyeyo I totally agree with you Joo Hong is the heroine gosh she’s really tenacious by busting that Tae hee about the transplant & hats off to her for her great move! This drama never ceased to amaze us in every sense of the word ! I could still vividly see how shocked Tae hee when she was cornered by Joo Hong I was really like so entranced by that scene! This writer just continues to surprise us with each episode!
    I’m making this short like a test in case I experience losing this post again wah!

    Eae dda ba …. see you chingoos

  95. 95 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo oh my “chingoo=buddy” I know you are really exhausted and fed up cuz of that lengthy message mishap and that am also giving you a lot of pressure with the seoul trip thing and that you are also rushing to the latest epi of the drama I mean those are lots of things you are doing that are getting you tired so take a big breath like one or two days get away get more into your job your family your “other” friends hahahahaha and then come back those things you wrote from your trip will be an excellent guide for me when I get to visit that incredible seoul in your words I will buy all the things you bought and eat all the things you ate by the way you said you bought a dress for 5 it seems you made a typo there shoudnt it be 50 omg even so I still think is cheap omg hahahahahaha and definitely I will try that what you said is made from fish and looks like a big hot dog but much thicker and cuz its too long they insert it in the skew in a curvy mode so it can be accommodate it in a skew have the size and is always kept in a watery sauce probably to prevent dehydration ive seen million times how people love eating it in the dramas so must be really good is it called tepkoggi? and did you tried the black bean noodles that’s another thing that I love to try the one that leaves your lips all blackened like a lil tire so funny we have lots of noodles things here but none on that type of sauce not even in instant noodles form ok I have a lot more to tell you about my hypothetical trip to seoul like that visit to the bath house or saunas but next time cuz I want you to rest


  96. 96 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo I lost a lengthy response again only when I utilize this mobile so this is just a test again maybe it’s rejecting a long post but ok when I use my comp arghh

  97. 97 : Jinjoo Says:

    Woah it worked with a short testing
    Anyway chingoos what I’ll do is kinda break my posts each time I need to use my phone
    OK briefly
    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo no worries about me spending time re my experience in trip to SK it’s my pleasure
    Yes we’ve tried that black bean noodles called ja jang myun, where your mouth is left with black sauce hahaha
    To be continued before I lose this again hehehe

  98. 98 : Jinjoo Says:

    continuation for you chingoos!
    first of, @eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    I can’t recall some of the things I’ve written that got lost while using my c/p however, if I may sound like a broken record, bear with me hahaha What you shld also know is that public t/portation in SK is very convenient and their subway is one of the best I’ve seen in all our travels! Clean, you won’t see any litters in most streets, and try to look for home-stays which is inexpensive in SK if you’re trying not to book in luxurious hotels otherwise yes there’s plenty of 4 stars in SK! You can search online for what is called ‘minbak’ similar to BNB or bed and breakfast style of accommodation! I tell you if it’s not pandemic, my sister and some friends woul’dve taken a trip already! 🙁 Pls don’t hesitate to ask me anything as long as I can share something w/you! 🙂
    About the drama: for you, Skye & others here
    Our local stn was just on epi 60 if I’m not mistaken so they’re well behind hence I was so frustrated then and had to look for other avenues & thank goodness I found one which today already got ep 90 with subs! woah how fast can they be eh?

    Anyway, the drama is just killing me every time they end the epi, like today….ooops I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but I’m really itching to share it! hahaha I can only say about the evil woman Ham is she really don’t have self-esteem at all just like her 2 adult kids! This writer-nim is good in his style of ‘crin-kum-cran-kum’ or twists & turns of the story! I’m also glad haraboji or grandpa is really getting very suspicious in every way or chance he could! By this time you guys must’ve heard this character Lee dong chul right? well he’s an interesting character all right & I have a strong feeling he’ll be able to uncover some of the dirty laundry that this wicken witch Ham got in her closet! Furthermore, Ham jin sook treats Lee dong chul with so much disdain that I’m sure one day he’s not able to take it, compared to Mr Yang who’s like a puppet to Ham jin sook! Poor thing he just go on with his tasks as long as HJS is in control and relentless in every sense of the word!

    Which epi are you now @eotteohge doen geoyeho? perhaps if you tell me then we can at least talk about it & release our frustrations with the mean characters here hahaha I know that @Skye is probably watching just in the 40s epi? btw while waiting for next epi I’d love to start watching SHJ in Princess Aurora 🙂

    see ya all later and have a great/restful weekend!
    annyeong ha sae yo! fighting!! as Koreans will chant aja aja
    (i’m using my comp so hopefully this will work)

  99. 99 : Jinjoo Says:

    chingoos while waiting for the next epi of SH i found another drama of Seo ha jun called Marrying My Daughter Twice & I read he was nominated for this one but didn’t win, it’s another long drama, gosh he must be one of those kings of family drama 🙂
    I just started and I’m liking it already! I started with Only Love but no subs & we all know it can be rather frustrating so I searched his filmography & this one kinda got me interested!
    see ya all soon

  100. 100 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo I see your phone episodes are still bothering you keep fighting and continuing with my trip as in dramas those food stalls are in sort of quiet streets while walking I see the streets with lots of up and downs I mean seoul is not flat it’s a lil struggle walking around am looking for more busy streets with lots of neon lights like main st cuz that’s where ill find those saunas or bath houses I can not read the signs but those places are quite unique so they are easy to tell if I see the front entrance of one after finding one I get in and have no choice but to speak in English and hopefully the lobby person will understand I think Koreans are very well educated with good knowledge of foreign languages the admission ticket probably will cost 10 to 20 usd which includes the short pants the t shirt and few towels I guess and ill ask the person in charge to show me how to make those silly
    orange towels that you put on your head
    with those big round horns on both sides which I saw million times in the dramas hahahahahaha those are funny Ill get an orange t shirt and maroon short pants ill use the sauna room to sweat out all the alcohol I got at the stall hahahaha ill get a boiled egg and crack it on someone elses forehead hahahahaha like ive seen so many times to pill it open I don’t know if this is a Korean friendly custom that people will not get angry about it hahahahahaha ill get a beer and go to recline on those humongous logs for a confy and good nap by the way do you know if those logs are for real or fake? I tend to think they are for real put there to emit some kind of aroma therapy that will sooth your mind something like eucalyptus which also has the fixture of shooing away the pesky mosquitos in summer time hahahahahaha ive seen so many times in the dramas that when people get evicted from their apartments for some reason or got thrown out their houses by their spouses after a big fight hahahahaha they all end up here is this true???does this happen in real life??? Or its just some hoax that a crazy writer invented first and all the rest follow through hahahaha I tend to think that its for real cuz I know they are open 24 hours and yes you mentioning about lodges maybe this could be an alternative if am low on money to spend the night here for a few bucks hahahahaha cuz am also seen that the locker room have big lockers perfectly put there to accomodate big suitcases omg yes I think those places are for real hahahahaha ok next day in the morning am ready to leave and say to the lady in the front desk “gamsabnida” and leave and go for my next adventure which is finding a charnel house where ashes of deceased people are kept like ive seen so many times in the dramas hahahahaha
    ok changing subjects you said bibimbap which is a word I read so many times in the subs I know is food and looks like ramyon but have no idea about it so that’s one thing ill do when I visit the markets bibimbap ok gotcha and you know how to make it now omg so that must be really good hahahahha and you talk about that drum the ahjussis vendors on tricycles use to roast sweet potatoes ive seen a few times in the dramas about this vendors but I don’t know if it’s the same I saw the ones that I saw has a big feature which is making a huge big bang sound after the ahjussi opens the drum at the end of the baking cuz that roast has to be done at very high air pressure all the kids of the neighborhood gathered around the drum tapping their ears holding their breaths anxiously waiting for this big bang moment after that they all laugh and start savoring those sweet potatoes part of growing up I guess hahahahahaha

    ok seeya next time

  101. 101 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo hahaha you made me chuckle a bit with your futuristic trip to SK! chingoo I wish all the best & hope someday I accidentally bumped into you & the rest will be history lols! I’m taking a li’l break watching another 2016 drama of my new crush Seo ha jun hahaha It’s also a good fam drama & it’s subbed! More of this later, anyway, re those saunas we didn’t make it there at all but I agree w/you 101% I myself wld love to get in there, sweat a bit and I just love also those orange towels that has the roundish horn they put on their heads, plus cracking those boiled eggs hahaha you said on someone else’s head I’ll go for that! That reminds me watching Lovers in Paris kdrama of that scene where Park shin yang didn’t know what to do with those eggs that Kim eun jung cracked it herself & he was bemused by that! I tell you there’s too many things to do in SK & yes the drums where the vendors roast the sweet yams awww you made me crave for it hahaha we often see them in kdramas & I just salivate sometimes! Yes chingoo just go to YT & look for Kfood recipes, my fave is Maang Chi she’s Korean living in USA and a very good cook, yes I was desperate to learn that bibimbap, listen cooking this recipe is very easy Koreans normally prepares this in kdramas esp some scenes when they’re quite upset or something, they’ll grab that stainless steel bowl & pull out some of the ready made ingreds in the fridge, mix it and voila ‘maskae dah’ yummy!
    I think you’re almost ready with your plans for SK trip hahaha, can I join you (in my dreams) hahaha
    This goes to show you how Kdramas made a strong impact on us fans/viewers just like me & my sister, we planned the trip bec of watching Kdramas hahaha
    Your question whether it’s true if a couple had a fight they sort of end up there, I wld think it’s realistic coz kdramas are often based on some real-life events but am not 100% sure! hehehe
    You know with whatever currency you use in Korea I believe you need not worry at all! US dollars can really buy a lot too and what more if it’s Euro hahaha

    Anyway, more nxt time since yes am having probs with coming to post thru my phone, I’m not sure why but if it’s a short one like I did earlier, it did work thru my cell ph! It’s really strange & I already wrote a lengthy one at that! Meantime, I’ll let you go so you can watch some more SH!

    Which epi are you now? I guess @Skye she’s probably around late 40s epi? I think I saw your post about epi 61 that you’ve seen already! I prefer using my comp coz the cell ph got tiny keyboard & only my thumbs are working 🙁 so if you don’t hear from me chingoos that means my c/p was not working for this site, I type faster using my comp otherwise with cell ph it’ll take me at least hrs on end!

    Ciao for now & you can ask me anything if you have anymore questions ok? Let me watch some more of this old drama of SH, in this drama his role is a rookie boxer, he’s such a good actor, I’m addicted to him hahaha! You guys shld check it out too, it’s a nice fam drama!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  102. 102 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo omg omg omg everytime I read your comment its hard for me to stop replying you but I have 2 big reasons or surprises to reply you omg the first is that my head clicked when you said that bibimbap was done many times in the drama scenes where upset ladies to calm down their frustrations they start preparing some food using that stainless big bowl pouring in many ingredients and mixing it up with force to dissipate their anger hahahahaha and they eat it directly from the bowl with vengeance hahahahaha not serving it gently in a dish omg omg that was so funny now I can associate that metallic bowl with bibimbap if you didn’t tell me I will never make that assumption so in the markets do they sell it in those big bowls? I had it in my mind that bibimbap was a noodles soup but now I know better hahahahahaha 2nd you talk about just starting another drama starring your dear ha jun hahahaha that drama title seemed suspicious to me like if I had seen it sometime before but then I knew that the only other drama that Id seen from him was wanna taste but today for some reason I started to dig up on the title you said marrying my daughter twice cuz there are lots of dramas that include those 2 words marrying and daughter in the title very confusing but guess what when I search for it I remember that poster seen it before so walla I saw that drama before and after further investigation the title I saw this drama from was my son’s in law woman which is a bit different from the title you said and I realized that this is my 2nd drama I saw from ha jun and I really like the chemistry of the lead couple it was great ha jun one of them I just check some epis to make sure and yes this is the drama I watched before I know you are gonna love this drama cuz of ha jun but I can tell you with confidence this drama itself is twice as much better than secret house cuz its very heart warming, family, only minor hoaxes and hatred no vengeance or crime at all with very little intrigue and suspense and am sure you are gonna go at least 10 epi in row not once but a few times this drama is so good from start to end ok one more thing theres one girl so beautiful of course her name is Jin joo hahahahahaha do don’t be surprised when you see her she is so tall that I think she is a model and walks like a model and I think the director told her not to use high hills cuz he didn’t want her to overshadow the guys hahahahahaha so you will always see her in flat shoes hahahahaha yes ha jun and the lead girl were so great in this drama maybe they got an award?
    I hope you have lots of fun with this drama and don’t over do it hahahahahahahaha

    seeya my chingoo hahahaha by the way your previous comment come out really good I mean phone issues wise it was kind of long maybe its been fixed good

  103. 103 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteohge doen geoyeyo chingoo guess what, about an hr ago I posted thru c/p and it didn’t post again – dunno what’s wrong so now i had to use my comp! 🙁 anyway, one thing, do u mind if I abbreviate your username as in edg? only if ok coz sometimes I find it hard to remember the correct spelling & I don’t wish to offend you! LOLs
    I’m enjoying the drama of Hajun 2 titles you’re right one is Marrying My Daughter Twice and the other which is I believe alternate is My Son in Law’s Woman! You’re right it’s a very heart warming, family story & both leads have a great chem! I’m pretty sure they won best couple but i haven’t really confirmed that yet! The annoying charac here is Sookyung’s fiance, he’s mean to Hyeon tae, wld u believe i started late last night and am now on epi 16 gosh it’s so good and I love the role of Hajun in this drama! right you are very little intrigue, it’s a sweet drama i must say! Hajun is a great actor & he’s looking very young in this drama & he was nominated but sadly he didn’t win! What a story eh the mother in law treats him like her own; i just hope one day mom in law will tell her ex hubby that she didn’t abandon Sookyung – the mom in law was mean!

    I love this drama so much that I’m not even checking if SH is already subbed hahaha I agree this drama is a lot better story wise than Sec Hs i really like it so much, I feel maybe this is better than Princess Aurora (@Skye hv you watched this drama we’re talking about? I remember you said you watched PA many times but this one i think is a lot nicer!

    yes the other charac is surprisingly named Jinjoo, taehun’s son Hoon is cute almost like a mini Hajun eh? I’m taking a brk from it so I can respond to your post!

    Re SK: that spicy food that looks like thick noodles is tteok bokki aww so spicy i tried it in Korea my sis gave up hahaha, the other one which leaves your mouth messy in black is called jja jang myun i think I already told you fr my other post! Oh the bibimbap yeah you’re absolutely right we often see them in kdramas whenever they’re upset or frustrated about something they will grab that metal bowl & just feed their face! Mind you they don’t serve same in restos, it’s served on a hot clay & sizzling at the table, they only do the metal bowl at home!

    i hvnt checked is SH is subbed today or maybe next wk, however, I’m enjoying MMDT so I’m just glued to this one! 🙂
    ok see ya again nxt time & if I missed answering or covering some of your post i’ll make up for it next time, it’s hard if I can’t post using my cell!

  104. 104 : Jinjoo Says:

    @eotteoghe doen geoyeyo am still watching MMDT & liking it more/more! they look good together! i shld go that particular page & see how fans are liking this drama too albeit i know it’s a few yrs old but i’m a huge fan of the old kdramas anyway!
    @Skye howdy chingoo, which ep are you watching now? 🙂

  105. 105 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 65, 66 and 67 ok I think the writer is using the strategy of bringing the dead alive not the people themselves cuz they are dead but via their memoirs min young is dead but the writer brought her back with some flashbacks
    All her past is now being revived and told a huge secret about her is being disclosed there are 2 people about her moms age close to her mom that are telling her story so there are lots of mysteries surrounding min young and theres a person very close to min young by blood that could possibly donate a part of the liver for soli giving the transplant a huge new fresh twist when I thought it was all but dead same with ahn kyung ji hwans mom she is being brought to live cuz lots of things are being disclosed about her like who she dated when she was young it appears she met chan woo when she attended night school for the poor where chan woo volunteer at that school as an instructor as part of a program from the university he was attending they met and fell for each other then later lots of mysteries happened they went separate ways but there was something that will make them together for life and that is…….hahahaha same with joo hong dad dou he is dead but theres lots of speculation of his involvement with a woman other than his wife and possibly having a child out of wedlock with this woman that will twist the plot at its max so good job from the writer for introducing lots of fresh mysteries from people already dead hahahahahaha oh and am forgetting about chan woo the last but not the least being dead for a long time but clues about his life came via flashbacks Jin joo mentioned that he was poisoned and I heard he was in a fatal car crash accident and died also heard he died from a heart attack so his death connections is still a complete mystery to me hahahahaha but good thing is jinho found one of his high school classmates who gave big clues about his life but guess what in my last epi it showed that this classmate thing was a big hoax from tae hyung and mr yang they hire some guy to impersonate that classmate and tell ji hwan all but lies omg I still don’t know the purpose of this hoax from tae hyung and don’t know how can this hoax help him no idea at all and epi 67 was particularly good cuz lots of mysteries from the 1st half were resolved here everything you wanted to know about tae hee will be told here her birth parents why sook jin treated her like garbage her true relation with the chairman and also everything about ahn kyung and her relation with chan woo will be told here all their mysteries will be solved here lots of flashbacks and of course the writer use a lot of tricks and gimmicks to deceive the viewers so you need to pay really good attention at what they are saying and am sure youll need to rewind few times to really grasp what they are saying ji hwan is also investigating who chan woo was seeing before he married sook jin this is a huge task but he is getting very close in this epi so I think in a few more epis he will find out who his real dad was that I think most of viewers know by now and am proud of saying that that was one of my wild guesses from early on in the drama am also expecting the introduction of those 3 people in the others list above I think is about time for their appearances hahahahaha

    At Jinjoo sorry didn’t tell you the latest epi ive seen cuz I was kind of busy with my trip to seoul hahahahahaha it was taking all my time so kind of slow down my view of secret house lately so I did 65 a few days back but 66 and 67 I just did it in a row and you seems like flying high by the 90s oh wow hahahaha

    seeya my chingoo=buddy

    PS and as am finishing this comment 2 of Jinjoo just came in something about my user name it probably will take some longer explanation so ill do it tomorrow “gidaee cheohae issseubnida=be at the expectative” hahahahaha omg and I just remember that I wanted to ask you about rice porridge so please make some brain storming hahahaha

  106. 106 : Andrew Says:

    @ eotteohge doen geoyeyo

    You mentioned about this some where up above in one of your posts. I didn’t copy the whole article from Variety.

    variety.com › 2022 › tvNetflix to Launch 25 Korean Shows in 2022 – Variety —–
    “Still reveling in the global success of “Squid Game” and “Hellbound,” multinational streaming giant Netflix has scheduled the launch of 25 South Korean shows in the current year. The total is the company’s highest to date.

    The bumper 2022 slate follows Netflix’s commitment early last year to invest close to $500 million in Korean content in calendar 2021, and its parallel leasing of studios near Seoul. The streamer has not unveiled a production spend commitment for 2022.

    In a blog posting, Don Kang, Netflix VP of content for Korea, enthused about the 2022 releases. But he did not hold the company to new any targets. “We will continue to invest in Korea’s creative ecosystem and, together, we will keep on showing the world that ‘Made in Korea’ means ‘Well-Made’.”

    “Credit for this growing global interest [in Korean content] goes to the talented Korean creators we have been working with for the past few years [..] From 2016 to 2021, we launched more than 130 Korean titles. As a result, Netflix has become a compelling destination for fans of Korean content, who know that this is the home of diverse and high-quality Korean storytelling,” Kang said.

    The company confirmed “Squid Game” as the platform’s biggest ever show. It has been the most viewed Netflix show in 94 countries at its peak, with 95% of viewership came from outside Korea. Kang said that many viewers having discovered “Squid Game” then “went on to explore other Korean content.” Those that benefited include recent releases “Hellbound” and “The Silent Sea.”

    “Two months after ‘Squid Game,’ we launched ‘Hellbound,’ whose premiere clocked 43.48 million viewing hours. ‘Hellbound’ was among the top 10 Netflix shows in 93 countries, and ranked number one in 34 countries. Sci-fi mystery ‘The Silent Sea’ also made it to the number one spot on the weekly non-English top 10 lists for its premiere.”

    So I know what you refer to about Netflix getting big in Korean Dramas. Several of my friends watch the dramas on Netlix.

    Back in 2019 – “One Spring Night” aired on MBC — Episodes 1 – 8, then it was gone and the next night “Radiant Office” re-aired which previously aired in 2017, 2 years earlier. Everyone was like what happened??? Someone posted the drama went to Netflix. Who is running MBC??? — MBC or Netflix??? Furthermore, why cut off a drama in the middle??? I thought some where along the line it would re-air, but it never did.

    To top it off the local MBC office prior to the above happening just had a marathon asking for money for 5 weeks to support their station. Then they start airing re-runs. I am more than happy to help them out moneywise, but then why air so many re-runs, time after time?

  107. 107 : Skye Says:

    Hi Jinjoo —
    Ep 37 just aired in my area — haven’t hit Ep 40 yet. Waaay behind everyone.

    Have a great weekend.

  108. 108 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye Hi chingoo woah only 37 and in here they just aired of course way behind too but a li’l better than yours 61 if am not mistaken! yes you do the same have a great weekend!

  109. 109 : Jinjoo Says:

    @edg chingoo eotteonghe i’m shortening your username if you don’t mind hehehe
    this is just a short one in case it doesnt work again
    re porridge: we often see them cook it with either scallops or abalone!
    re what you wrote about chan woo i believe the monster wicke Ham woman puts something in his drink hence he did not die from heart attack! it will be uncover for sure bec Ji hwan is intently looking at this right now! I love the pair Ji hwan and Jin ho they’re like the Sherlock Holmes of this drama! the only failure they had was they didn’t keep the video of Mr Baek carefully, how cld they just stash it in the drawer albeit it’s locked? This puppet Mr Yang is so skilled in unlocking things and voila he was successful bec he wants to protect his daughter Tae hee (oooppps sorry if this is a spoiler).

    woah you’re bz with Korean trip, are you serious? are you really going soon? woah i envy you chingoo
    ok more later while i continue watching MMDT.

    hv a great w/end

  110. 110 : Jinjoo Says:

    chingoo @edg if you’re serious with your travel, don’t forget to go to Lotte Amusement Park a lot of Kdramas have always been filmed there it’s like a version of Disneyland! Also visit Gyeongbokgung Palace you can even take public transit in all the tourist places, their subway is one of the best, airport too clean & need i say more? hahaha
    also i forgot way before i learned about Kdramas, one of my fav Korean dishes is Jap chae we often see in kdramas too, cellophane noodles with lots of veggies & beef, maskae da (delicious in Korean lang) ah i can go on and on if i’m not just trying to go ahead with the long drama MMDT! It’s so heart warming esp now on ep 24/25 Soo kyung met Hoon Han tae kyung cute son! I got teary I tell you!
    more nxt time chingoo

  111. 111 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Andrew nice to meet you am still in shock reading your message that crystallized all my fears about losing all my super rich privileges of having free access to my fav pastime kdramas and I thank you for all the insights of those articles relating Korean tv contents, when I read about that 1/2 billion dollars Netflix was projecting to invest in korean content in 22 I got chills all over my body I thought I was doomed that things will be changing for bad here and adding up to all my bad news am getting the last few years covid, Ukrainian war and putin, unstoppable climate crisis and the worst of all skyrocketing prices for food rent gas etc that looks like is gonna get worst before it stabilizes when I read your message I immediately correlate what you were saying about mbc stopping shows out of nowhere and never putting it back and what Jinjoo and Skye were also complaining about the same thing happening in there areas with mbc and I also heard from lots of international viewers through comments that their shows they were watching from mbc sponsorship were being replaced by Netflix this is all telling me that Netflix is gonna gobbled up mbc soon cuz their humongous weight and I also correlate this to what you were saying about your local mbc station organizing fund rallys probably to fend off Netflix? Omg I think the Korean gov should intervene and do something but then again theres lil that can be done cuz in our democracy money talks and bs walks like the say goes hahahahahahaha
    On the other hand I feel happy for all the Koreans involved in the entertainment ind cuz they were so undervalued without proper recognition but its all changing cuz of squid game extraordinary success world wide I just read a few about them but never watched any of their shows cuz variety is not my thing I just want to emphasize how Netflix could completely be changing the way we see Korean dramas
    Please continue to post more about what is happening with the Korean tv contents and your insights of what could happen in the future thanks


  112. 112 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo oh am sorry my chingoo=buddy=dude hahahahaha improper but I just wanted to say it once for fun sorry today monday I spent the whole morning from 8a to 1p at the hosp I got my once every 6 years complete thorough health check, sorry about the delay please yes feel free to use odg or anything shorter if its more easy for you as my user name it will not incommodate me at all and thanks for asking me first you are so polite oh yes you can call me dude hahahahahahaha how is that is short and funny and friendly hahaha the reason I use that phrase was cuz am having so much fun learning Korean via the dramas that I thought maybe somebody that would read it will have some interest in the meaning cuz I thought it  sounds funny and start asking for them hoping to have some interest in the language and start digging up for themselves and the more they learn the more they would like it in other words if I can diffuse or divulge or disseminate the Korean language like many involved in kdramas are doing directly or indirectly ill feel good and fulfill hahahahahaha like when you asked me Id hope you will have more interest but lil I knew you are way advanced than me hahahahahahaha ok when you said Lotte that sounded familiar cuz here there are lots of sweets and buble gums etc with that brand name and the visit to the palaces are a must of course riding the clean subs as you said will be fun also buses rides will be fun too like in the dramas ok I heard many times that word jap chae in the dramas sounds very familiar so in other words are they noodles but not in soup but fried? Yes that sounds delicious ok did you use any guided bus tours? Or did all by yourselves omg omg and it seems you can not resist mmdt and I can tell you are having more fun watching this hahahaha and cuz of you am revisiting the epis here and there just watching probably 5 min just to relived it the mom acting is superb probably best in the drama so you went 25 epi in a hurry marathoning? You must be really busy hahahaha about the rice porridge I saw 2 or 3 times in the dramas about shops that sells only porridge and nothing else it looked very much like and ice cream parlor but instead of ice cream they had the different types of porridge and this was totally new to me cuz I never imagined that it could be flavored I always thought it was like medicine that I would eat it taping my nose with my thumb and index finger in signs of disgust hahahahahaha when my grandma forcefully put it in my mouth when I was a kid and battling some flu omg omg omg poor my grandma always diligently cooking it for hours preventing it to get burned at the bottom but she never scolded me cuz of my bad behavior she knew that rice and water don’t make any taste at all cuz here porridge is treated as medicine so nothing should be added maybe a lil salt but that’s it but now since I learned from the dramas that it can be flavored I would really like to go back to those times when my grandma was feeding me the porridge and me tapping my nose I would tell her GRANDMA FOR GODS SAKE PUT SOME ABALONES THERE hahahahahahahahahaha
    By the way did you see those porridge shops I know they exist as I watched them in the dramas I would really like to try all the flavors and remember my dear grandma hahahahahahaha

    seeya my chingoo=dude hahahhaha

  113. 113 : Skye Says:

    @ eotteohge doen geoyey and Jinjoo —
    Since you both are talking about Korean food etc., I found this on-line. They have locations in California, but also they will ship to you. Go on their website – their explanation of the snacks are cute — and so is their shopping bag. I want one of the bags and so will the both of you. It tells how they started the snacks and what the ingredients are, etc.
    Here is the sight —

    chingoosnacks.comChingoo Snacks
    Chingoo means friend in Korean Chingoo Snack Mix is a specialty homemade snack mix that blends American snacks with Asian flavoring. Our mission is to shine light on multicultural
    Hmmm…..last night I started watching two Chinese movies on the computer.
    One is “The Next Top Star.” It caught my eye because Dennis Oh is in it. Top Star was filmed in July 2019 in China. The last drama I saw him in was “East Of Eden,” from 2008. I was wondering why he was not doing any more Korean dramas. Seems he is starring in Chinese dramas.

  114. 114 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Skye long time no seeya chingoo hahahaha just checked your post about chingoosnack and like it very much especially the smorgusburge site cuz they showed about 100 dishes so many that I wouldn’t know which ones to choose hahahaha from sandwiches to odovers, appetizers. Smoothies, drinks etc wow so many but the yoboseyo site which sounds Korean is not available maybe not yet and yes I think the comments are deviating a bit from main course but is all related to kdramas and life in s korea am learning a lot so I hope others will do so too


    PS and yes like Jinjoo please feel free to addressed me as you like after all its not my name yes you can use dude if youd like hahahahahaha or chingoo yes

  115. 115 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 68, 69 omg omg I ended this epi laughing big time not cuz it was funny but cuz I was so frustrated hahahahahaha so I laugh instead of getting angry hahaha everything was utterly confusing this writer is really good at making things so confusing and the end was so weird or should I say so spooky cuz it made me jump off my sit again omg omg hahahahahaha it ended with an old couple that is first time for me seeing them sitting and ready to have dinner and calling someone who was sitting giving them her back the couple was calling a name ji sook and it was clear that that person was a woman I didn’t know who she was cuz this is the first time I hear that name ji sook and at the last seconds of the epi the woman slowly turn and showed her face and make me jumped off my sit again cuz of the big surprise omg omg and the eerie thing was that I knew who she was omg omg this was so good from the writer and the only thing I could think at that moment was the writer laughing at all the viewers “GOTCHA AAAAAAGAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIN” I just laugh and laugh and didn’t cursed him cuz it was a good scene hahahahaha and in the very last scene that woman started making a smile very slowly so eerily mysteriously like saying to the viewers gotcha!!!! omg omg I just went crazy and didn’t know if giving the writer big credits or cursing him big time for the hoax hahahahahahahahaha but in the end the writer made this epi good out of nothing omg
    Epi 69 exactly the same as the previous
    Very confusing for the last few epis cuz of ji hwan investigation of the paternity test its so cumbersome that I got lost in the middle of it but lots of new mysteries are appearing so that’s good the ending was phenomenal omg omg it made me laugh and laugh so hard this writer is really good he knows how to end the epis to keep the viewers interested good job hahahahaha

    At Jinjoo, Skye
    They showed the frashback of ahn kyung throwing that glass of water at sook jin face again yelling at her THIEF I heard it very clearly


  116. 116 : Jinjoo Says:

    hello chingoos Skye & edg thanks for allowing me to use shortcut of your name LOLs! oh skye is also into Kfoods? this is just a short one so I don’t lose it hahaha oh you’ve reached 69 that’s cool am on ep 90 already subbed! one of these days you can catch up both of you!
    I used to also watch some chinese dramas/movies but i always clamor for more kdramas hahaha
    am so enjoying my son in law’s woman omo omo as Koreans will say, it’s super addictive & sometime I get carried away with the mother’s sad scenes! hahaha i loathe the ex mom in law she’s so cruel!
    anyway, enjoy the rest of the episodes & i’ll post again next time coz as you know i can’t seem to post thru my smart ph so sad otherwise i’ll be here chatting w/you chingoos all the time

    take care & see ya all soon 🙂

  117. 117 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 70, 71 very good epi so far best for me and ive said this 4 times already hahahahaha after a few epis in utter confusion the writer finally solved everything in this epi I think ive seen this trend from the writer in the drama and I think is a good strategy cuz he is keeping the enthusiasm of the viewers to rally with the drama and that I should stop from cursing him all the time hahahahaha cuz now I know this is his style of writing which I really like after all hahahaha all mysteries about ahn kyung was resolved which was epic when that old man fisherman explained everything about her until now its like a new drama just started with this findings tae hyung had always had the upper hand somehow he knew everything that was transpiring in the chairmans house either by spying or eavesdropping or accidentally overhearing he had a very commanding role of the situation he even knew the connection of the chairman and ji hwan but now everything went flat for him cuz of ahn kyung he is in total disarray and desperation like if its doomsday but his mom sook jin is trying to calm him down saying she is gonna take drastic measures to revert this situation and I liked tae hyungs acting very strong at the same level of ji hwan and I don’t think he is being overshadowed by ji hwan at all and am echoing what many viewers are saying about how he and his mom are treating mr yang omg like if he is worth less than garbage my predictions are going well with only one huge mistake I thought tae hyung birth parents were kwang me and mr yang but now its most likely am only half correct hahahahahaha and finally kwang mi past is starting to coming afloat she said ahn kyung knows something big about her past that if she say it itll ruin his relationship with the chairman so she needs to marry the chairman before ahn kyung say it to be completely safe omg omg what could that bea????? wow good plot from the writer to keep the intrigue well and alive oh and am forgetting that when the old man that rescue ahn kyung was about to leave he gave a pen recorder to ji hwan he said it was the only thing ahn kyung was carrying on her clothes after washing out the river a complete mystery but I think It has to be something about chan woo
    Chan woo sshi chan woo sshi chan woo sshi omg omg so hilarious ahn kyung she is gone mad hahahahahaha

    At Jinjoo you are still plague with phone issues huh omg I thought it was fixed but can you read long messages with no problems? I hope so so it can keep you in the loop at the least I believe you are with the latest broadcasted epi and always waiting for subs and probably don’t remember 70 huh I was wondering if you enjoyed it as much as I did and yes changing subject I remember you mentioned something about cellophane when talking bout foods probably in rice or noodles that am still wondering what was it?
    And when you went to seoul what month was it and if the weather was auspicious or if you know what month is the best for a visit? Like poor the people that went there with all these floods and calamities and don’t exert yourself trying to send messages take it one at a time chingoo hahahaha and I know you are having a hell of a time with mmdt have fun hahahaha


  118. 118 : Jinjoo Says:

    @edg long time no see here LOLs i missed coming here chingoo! oh the issue on my cell to utilize posting here is almost impossible hence I cannot come to post while using it! I’m not sure really what’s going on, when I go to this site using cell ph it always asked me to ‘unload’ and something like ‘you’ve been re-directed to this site so many times’ , but strangely enough when I first came to use it and met you guys, it was OK but lately it was just acting up so right now I have to use my desktop 🙁 Yes I can read long post however it’s frustrating that I cannot reply to yours while on c/ph. 🙁
    BTW I always enjoy reading your postings!
    My 2 cents for SH is that i hope Haraboji will uncover the dirts that the monster dtr in law has been up to over the years! I also hope that haraboji will not die coz Ji hwan needs him on his side otherwise the evil witch Ham won’t stop with all the nastiness she’s been doing! She’s really a bad example for her two grown children, and it’s in their dna for sure, coz both tae hyung and tae hee are both bad people as well!

    Re: ep 70/71 i hardly remember now what went there honestly since i’m now on ep 91 hehehe i wish we all chingoos here will be on same page & as you can u/stand it’s hard to chat if we’re about 20 epi ahead of you! I tell you I can’t agree w/you any better than that in terms of how exciting each epi comes, I mean excellent writer really!

    We’ll get to that more but yes re cellophane noodles this kind is the main recipe for the Korean Japchae which is one of my favs! I’m sure we’ve seen this K food being prepared in most Kdramas where after mixing it they sort of try it with their hands almost up in the air & place it in their mouth hahaha…. I mean I can’t really say I don’t prefer one from the other, in other words, I love all Kfoods hahaha plus their yummy banchan or side dishes!

    Anyway, when we went there it was spring time coz we love to see the cherry blossoms, however that month also is a combo of rain & sunny weather, the temp was about in the mid or upper 60s but some say May/June is quite hot! It actually depends maybe on your preference of which type of weather you’re most comfy with! One thing for sure, bef your trip to search for a lot of info that way you’re well prep!

    I’m also addicted to the drama of Seo ha jun Marrying my Daughter Twice oh my gosh it’s so good that most times I had to watch till almost midnight! hahaha It’s a heart-warming family drama indeed! Love it very much! If you recall, the mother of Tae ho ex of Jin sook is so mean, she’s the one who kicked her out & then claimed she’s had an affair, etc. hence Soo kyung resented her very much! The only thing i don’t get it is the CEO how cld the bad guy (mother & son) duped him numerous times eh? not sure if you remember but I can’t stand monsters of kdramas hahaha
    Happy weekend everyone & I’ll try my best to post again soon!

    Hi to Skye as well & other SH fans here!
    Take care! Annyeong!!!

  119. 119 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 72, 73 the ending was so good that I couldn’t help it so I got these 2 in row after a while good now joo hong is acting like a real lead girl she is on top of sook jin and tae hyung hoaxes and ji hwan also having good hits on sook jin
    A new guy appeared in the drama lee dong cheol completely unknown to me and related to sook jin before her marriage he seems a bad guy who is serving time in prison cuz of his many crimes in 41 it clearly showed who tae hee birth dad was but now tae hee is saying dong choel is her birth dad which completely throw me off so now I don’t know whats going on omg and  the end of the epi was so funny when the chairman had an envelope with the dna test of him and ji hwan a hoax from tae hyung but it wasn’t a dna test it was something else so hilarious cuz it was a counter hoax from ji hwan great work from the writer superb it completely caught me off guard hahahahahaha praises to the writer

    At Jinjoo don’t worry if you can not reply right away cuz of the phone things am always will be here sending or reading messages even if am the only one left hahahaha I know you want to participate more but can not so I want to console you and cry with you hahahaha and I probably wrote half of all the messages here anyway wow hahahahaha usually I don’t participate much so this time I dont know whats gotten into me probably is the writer is like am chasing him and he is trying to evade me with tricks ok if I go to seoul I think it will be march or april like you did summer will be out of option cuz ill be a nightmare if I get heat exhaustion in a foreign country cuz I don’t know if my health ins will cover me there and am still concerned about covid tho I got the latest 4th boost vaccine I need to be sure that its safe to travel okey so cellophane noodles is called jap chae which is something familiar cuz I hear it many times in the dramas but didn’t see how it looks definitely I will try this dish and banchan=side dish ok got it so these are all the small portions that they put on the table that I saw in the dramas about 20 to 30 huh so its quite a feast and yes am revisiting mmdt cuz you seem so enthusiastic about it I probably watched 5 or 6 epi but only a few min just trying to remember and yes I remember the lady protagonist mother in law who caused all her troubles and also saw pal bon again that probably you haven’t seen him yet with his girlfriend omg both of them are so funny hahahahaha and yes I remember all what you are saying about this drama by the way I already started everybody kimchi cuz it’s the same secret house writer and yesterday started princess aurora cuz many people here are talking about including you and Skye that already watched it these 2 dramas were on my long priority list for years so finally I get to whatch them hahahahaha

    Ok have a good one and seeya

  120. 120 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 74,75 lee dong cheol still a big mystery never seen him not even in pictures I think this is another hoax from tae hee just to keep ji hwan by her side omg how many times? and at the end of the epi a mysterious pretty woman passed by tae hyung while having dinner with joo hong leaving him stupefact and stunned she was about his age so maybe they were in a relationship in the past could it be? Lets see
    and great from the writer trying to add more new fresh mysteries hahahahahaha
    omg omg omg this is so laughable isn’t comedy but its making me laugh so hard that mysterious woman was annie brown the head merchandising of A Market who is dealing with business with tae hyung they always showed her face from afar and hard to see profile angles but in the end she had a business meeting with ji hwan and showed her face completely omg when ji hwan saw her face he was in total bewilderment the same as me cuz I knew who she was omg another great one from the writer totally unexpected hahahahahaha

  121. 121 : Jinjoo Says:

    @edg chingoo Annyeong ha sae yo? Gwaen ja nae yo? (are you doing well)?
    As always I enjoy reading your posts! keep it coming, I stil have that prob with using my phone to even reading for that matter, i don’t really know it’s kinda weird/strange bec bef I was able to even post but these days it always prompt me to ‘reload the page” and am not doing that bec it may be a trick somewhat!

    yeah oh yes bef we go on with Kfood, let me share to you about Lee dong chul now you know this new charac eh? hahaha who wldve thought that he’s involved with tae hung? i don’t wanna spoil our chingoo Skye but woah you ain’t seen nothing yet! I just finished ep 96, yes they’re quite fast in subbing isn’t that something? woah amazing!

    Re: Son in law drama hahaha you watched some of it, ok pal bong guy & g/f are funny they’re match made in heaven aren’t they? hahaha argh but i hate that Jae young and his mother plus that woman Gaun, they’re just too annoying! I’m almost finished but woah i must admit this one is very very addictive, I watched till almost midnight hahaha with my baggy eyes the next day like looking raccoon eyes lols! it’s well worth it though esp drooling on Sae ha jun’s face hahaha! Nope I haven’t seen P. Aur drama, I did peek some weeks ago but I was drawn these days to watch SILW & of course SH and we can only do so much right? hahaha However, when I’m done with SILW I’ll try to start PA, I also wanna see him in Only Love but sadly it’s not subbed! 🙁

    OK re SK trip: yes Apri/May wld be too hot so one of my Korean family friends tell us that Fall or Autumn wil be nice too but it’s not gg to be that bad in April except like I said we experienced a day or so of rain! If you can wait yes may around Fall it will be nice also! Omo omo me too 4 vaxed already! I hope this virus goes away so we can travel freely eh?
    Yes that’s japchae noodles with lots of mixed veggies! in the drama SILW I saw another yummy one called Yaksik kind of dessert that Jin sook or mother in law of Han tae yun prepared but the stepmother threw it in the air upon learning fr Soo hyuk that her birth mom cooked it! Did you notice how so many foods they’ve wasted in this drama? I just cringe to think it’s not right at all! Oh well!

    So now you’re watching Kimchi drama? i’m into Seo ha jun’s dramas first then I’ll probab venture on that too!
    Enjoy the rest of SH drama and if I may reiterate, hopefully we’ll be on same page or ep next time, hahaha I can’t discuss freely here coz I don’t wanna spoil other viewers or they might throw stones at me hahaha
    If I didn’t reply to some of your items pls forgive me & I’ll make up next time ok? annyeong! stay safe!

    see u nxt time chingoo and others here! wave wave to Skye!

  122. 122 : Jinjoo Says:

    @edg i just remember, yeah Annie Brown, never crossed my mind that she’s a twin sis of Minyung woah, this drama is full of surprised eh? Also I hope that soon this Ham woman & her two children will be jailed for their wrongdoings esp the mother! She’s evil! grrrh hahaha I hope that Ji hwan will soon take over the Wide company coz after all he’s the only grandson legally of haraboji oops did i spoil you? sorry mian mian (sorry in Korean)

  123. 123 : Jinjoo Says:

    @edg or eotteonghe doen eoyeo chingoo i’m taking this opportunity to post as much as I can & you know why hahaha I meant to tell you I feel like I’ve known you forever hahaha We seem to have good chem for just a short while since this drama! 🙂 I wish we cld exchange emails so we can be in touch & like the Korean language would say….yeong wan hi or forever hahaha!
    Re SH drama mind you I can’t recall exactly what transpired in ep 77 or the latest you’ve watched but when you mentioned Lee dong chul I kinda gave me an idea where you’re at now! I guess you can agree that actor playing LDC have been in so many dramas that I presumed you’ll agree! Sometimes he’s a good guy sometimes a bad guy! In this drama, he seems to be a cool guy, a teaser if you will to Ham woman (i can never call her Ms for I feel she doesn’t deserve the title hahaha). Not sure how far you are with the Lee dong chul charac but Ham told grandpa that he’s Tae hee’s father woah the audacity of this woman is just overwhelming! I think her greed is just making her marbles disarray! lols!!
    Not sure if I shld sympathize with Tae hee bec she’s also a bad person – no surprise she came from Ham’s DNA hence both she & Tae hung guy are nasty in every sense of the word!
    Well, before I say more than what I should about this ep I better say annyeong & jjal isseo (take care)

    BTW re hangul, one of the things I did while doing self-learning is to write down a lot of phrases as soon as I hear it from the kdramas & I got a thick notebook now full of them hahaha I guess it’ll be a blast if we both travel there together eh? hahaha Did I tell you we even went to KBS studio for a little while hoping to get a glimpse of some celebs but sadly to no avail! hahaha

    Ask me anything about SK & if I have the answer I’ll gladly share them with you! Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the drama & see you soon I hope! You said you & I are left here, maybe a lot of them like Skye are busy catching up with the latest episodes 🙂

    @Skye which ep are you now? I’m guessing you’re past 70 now right?

  124. 124 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jjinjoo hahahaha you said Annyeong ha sae yo? Gwaen ja nae yo? (are you doing well)? and I reply ne, gwaenchanhseubnida=yes, I am all right hahaha first time am communicating in korean wow feels so good your #121 kept me laughing for some reasons all the way to the end it felt so good and omg omg omg you gave me a great idea when I go to seoul first thing I will do is going to the food stalls and the next day and probably the day after ill go to kbs, mbc and sbs studios like you did that am sure they’ll have some studios in seoul where they are actually filming dramas andll asked if I can get in just to watch how they do it am sure they should have some programs for tourists like those live audiences for variety shows am so sure I can immediately recognize faces of any actors or actresses cuz seen them million times in the dramas hahahaha itll be epic for me if I can stand a few meters from them take photos and probably listening to their actual voices how it sounds I know that if you are standing a few meters from ha jun looking at his face and listening to him you probably faint huh hahahahahahaha omg
    I am sure you are itching to tell us what happened in the drama cuz you are so far ahead from us but stoically renouncing just for us to get all the fun when we reach those epis always abstaining yourself to do it and that’s very commendable like when I was a kid the father of the parroquial church that I always went on Sundays would always tell me gently after confession and communion abstain my son abstain my son nodding his head from left to right hahahahahahaha am having so much fun with you Jinjoo eotteohgehaeya?=what should I do? Hahahahahahahaha about foods did you tried the rice cakes yes sounds more like like a dessert heard it so many times in the dramas but never seen it like yaksik is also new to me and only a few weeks before you just started mmdt and now you are in the final stretch isn’t it wow that’s a record breaking speed unless you are skipping a lot which I don’t think is the case cuz you are so addicted to it and I think its very auspicious that we both have almost exactly the same taste for kdramas and the language that we started our own notes, by the way are your notes in hangul or Romanized, just to learn more about the language hence the culture I always thought it was very uncanny to find a person with the same likes for the culture but here you are and am so happy about my chingoo hahahaha about seoul did you take any bus guided tours? And did you see any of those rice porridge shops? I think march april would be ideal for a trip and sep oct look very enticing too but I think chuseok is around there too so its better to avoid it so I think I will settle for april

    Epi 76, 77 omg hahahaha great twist of the plot best epi so far never expected it with the mysterious woman she is still keeping me laughing big time mostly cuz of the surprise not cuz its funny watched this epi twice cuz it was so much fun and praises to the writer sook jin is also being pushed all the way back but am sure shell come back with force hahahahaha I have 44 more epis left so theres still a long way and I don’t want this to end cuz am enjoying this drama so much hahahaha everything is centered on lee dong cheol for the last few epis but telling nothing about him so I don’t even know how he looks in 41 It clearly showed who tae hees birth dad was and It wasn’t lee dong cheol the same in 45 or 46 a flashback showed who tae hyungs dad was and it wasn’t lee dong cheol but now everything is pointing that he is the birth dad of both omg omg this thing has to be cleared next epi otherwise I don’t know whatll I do hahahahahahaha, last time I heard from Skye it was like in the 30s epis not even past the 40s but you said in the 70s well that’s about where I am now so that’s good

    Have fun with mmdt and seeya chingoo and Skye too probably the only 3 of us left here hahahahahahaha

  125. 125 : Jinjoo Says:

    @edg hahaha annyeong ha sae yo, gwaen cha na yo? woah you’re doing good! I’ll get back here afterwards, this is just a short one to vent my frustrations esp with Ji hwan…he seems to be so lenient everytime Tae hyung gets into his nerves…for instance how many times did we see Tae hyung grabbed his collar and he just won’t fight him a lot of times? I can’t believe he’s showing weakness when he’s confronted byTae hyung the other devil in this drama lols! I wished Ji hwan will be more aggressive bec Tae hyung is trying to manipulate him and intimidate him, just the ep i’m watching last night, I cldnt believe after grabbing his collar he just looked at him & didn’t do a thing! grrrh Ji hwan pls pls show your strength bec he always gets away just like his mother!
    Where better to vent our frustrations than coming here hahaha
    Ok i’ll be back later – meantime, hello to you & all and yes it seems only 3 of us now left in this drama?
    Hello to @Skye

    see you later (I still can’t use my c/p to come & post here so sad otherwise i’ll be here every moment I get a chance 🙂

  126. 126 : jinjoo Says:

    This is just a test maybe it works I’ll see just annyeong ha sae yo for now

  127. 127 : jinjoo Says:

    At edg re parochial sch I also did that while in early schooling! Did you know that in Korea 20% of population are Christians? Matter of fact some actors like Hallyu star Bae Yong join, Choi ji woo and even Seo ha jun are Roman Catholics to name a few!! I also love the way some kdramas actually show some scenes inside their beautiful churches! If you are in Korea don’t miss the Myungdong Cathedral, you won’t miss that cuz itaround the shopping district I mentioned last time hence it has same name Myungdong!! It’s huge as you can expect!!
    Re the TV stations woah you should not miss that as well haha you said if I happen to see Sae ha Jun I might faint? For sure and he might call 911 for a crazy (mitchuso in hangul) fan hahaha! Gosh I wldnt know what to do hahaha 😅
    Re my notes It’s combination of romanized and Hangul, in other words if I got the korean language, next to it I’ll write it in Hangul!
    The dessert yaksik looks yummy as I saw in the Korean store but I haven’t tried it yet & if you recall in the drama mmdt it’s one of those that the mom in law or step mother of Soo Kyung tossed up learning Jin sook cooked it for them! Imagine all the good foods this drama wasted I just cringed watching those scenes numerous times eh?
    Yes I think April or May would be ideal time to go there! I’m excited for you chingoo! 🤗 how I wish I cld plan too I really miss Korea!!
    Re: mmdt I finished watching & I’ve been having this so-called withdrawal syndrome if you feel this way in every drama I watched particularly if its addictive! Hahaha you’re so right I didn’t get to skip anything cuz a drama this good that’s out of the question hahahaHowever I must admit I was so angry with the characters of Jae young, Gaeun, and his mother that I attempt to skip sometime but I was able to bear it hahaha I’m sure you love happy endings too and this one is one of them 😄!
    Well let’s talk a bit about Sec House now yeah that Lee dong chul.guy is quite sleazy but you’ll see how his role will be a very important part for that mean guy Tae hyun!!
    Where’s our chingoo Skye? I think she’s busy catchup with us hehehe
    Anyway this time I’m using my ph so hope it works so I better continue nxt time & if I issued answering some of your questions I’ll make up for it!! Meantime amnyeong for now and jjal isseo ( take care)

  128. 128 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo annyeonghaseyo, oneul eotteoseyo?=hello how are you today? Am having so much fun with you I think we are like two drops of water I mean the similarities are strikingly surprising and I just hope you are catholic too which will be so astonishing for me cuz in my life for some reasons almost all the people around me were catholics wherever I go there was something that made them drawn into me and viceversa we always get along pretty well like with my classmates whom am always dearly remember cuz we were together through thick and thin for 12 years from kinder through high school in a very rigorous disciplinarian deeply devoted private catholic school where we shared all our prayers from the angelus first thing in the morning to the rosary first thing in the afternoon and of course the mandatory Sunday morning mass not only that but we all have to take turns by being the altar boys helping the father officiating the mass and cuz mass is said in latin we needed to learn the language itself at least all the words that we needed to chant with father without making any mistakes how can I possibly forget the smell of the incense that we spread through the air and the sound of the lil bell we rung solemnly but sadly when the mass got into its maximum expression which was the death of jesus how can I forget the bread and wine that we have to prepare before mass and place them in the center part of the altar very careful cuz later it will become the body and blood of jesus being offer to his dad as the ultimate sacrifice jesus did for all of us to redeemed us for 12 years we walked around like lil saints with your arms crossed hahahahaha and always trying fending off all our bad thoughts in our minds wow impossible to forget my chingoos classmates and now that you mentioned that the lead couple from winter sonata and ha jun are catholics wow I feel so much closer to them now that I would love them much much more hahahahaha omg omg why am I so biased??hahahaha and yes ive seen so many catholic chapels and churches in the dramas they are very distinctive to the protestants ones I feel so good when I watch them and yes myundong cathedral will be one of my best targets along with the markets cant wait to try all the food vendors in tricycles good stuff hahahaha tepkoggi jajamyong bibimbap soju omg omg hahahaha and you said to have finished mmdt already omg omg cant believe it you did it that should be a record breaking time for watching a drama and that one was a long one and am glad you liked it so much but you must be really tired by now huh I think what you did was really crazy isn’t it only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleeping time huh and the withdrawal things are so annoying yes I go through that also when  the drama is so good that becomes part of myself cuz they been with me night after night through each epis for 6 months hence the separation hurts for a while wow wow and it seems your phone is getting up and down eonjekkaji?=until when? hahahaha and about ji hwan and tae hyung rivalry I think what the writer is trying to depict with them is that good will always prevail against evil ji hwan low key shrewdness and good tactics as well as good manners will always triumph over tae hyung prepotency bullyism bad manners and use of threats and violence Ive seen so far about 3 or 4 times lapels grabbing disputes between them but in the end ji hwan always had the last laugh yes hahahahaha he always win never seen losing even a small one hahaha be a lil patient hahahahaha victory will be yours in the end hahahahaha I hope this is not too long of a message I think I just got carried away with my things hahahahahaha and by your words jjal isseo ( take care) I will say seeya chingoo by the way is the romanizaton your own writing just curious cuz I cant spell romanizaton yet its utterly difficult and impossible for me to do so so am always looking for answers on line there are many sites that can help me through hahahahah good grief but am incline to say its your own cuz your are so well advanced and that you can also write in hangul which is utterly more difficult than Romanized version
    Najung-e boja=see you later hahaha

    Epi 78, 79, 80 first I should say I feel so relief to see that the ratings for this drama had climbed up to 7.3% which is almost double from the 4 or 5% that they were getting for much of the time and am sure this will end in a double digit a very respectable rating which will make justice for this good writer he deserves much much better as well as mbc dou am always cursing him hahahahahaha good ending now everybody knows who is annie brown and don’t know whats gonna happen when tae hyung sees her omg great job from the dir I guess to show her in a very different tone her makeup especially the red bright lipstick the hair style clothing even the way she walks was total opposite so when I saw her first time I couldnt recognized her at all and didn’t make a connection Wow good job guys in 79 first time they meet face to face with annie brown and of course tae hyung got so stupefact in awe almost fainting hahahahaha omg this twist is getting so good I think I can not watch when annie brown meets soli it will be so uncanny like if they knew each other for a long time
    and I used to complaint why ji hwan didn’t tell soli about her moms fate so this is why hahahahahahahaha applause to the writer
    the dismissal of sook jin ceo will be discussed in the shareholders meeting and joo hongs dad controversy came back again with a video

  129. 129 : Jinjoo Says:

    Test only from jinjoo I don’t wanna lose a rather long post ever again hahaha ear with me chingoo at edg

  130. 130 : Jinjoo Says:

    It worked than God!!
    At edg chingoo yes am 100% Catholic and > will just echo your views so u won’t get tired reading a long post! Likewise I also attended Catholic schools been a choir member, and yes Sundays are devoted to mass services parents wake us up early so we can be at church for 5 am service, u heard it right! 😀 you were an altar boy? Pardon me for this but why did I assume we’re both female? I guess the answer to this is cuz most of us are into kdramas & not very many males watch kdramas right?
    Yes a number of K celebrities are Catholics one of them as I’ve mentioned is our Seo ha jun ssi Kim Ha,nul, & many more! I also love to see some scenes in kdramas showcasing their churches and I can assume that a number of directors and/or producers must be Carholics as well! Yes pls don’t miss visiting Myeongdong Cathedral cuz it’s just within that shopping district with same name…Myeongdong!!

    Re Hangul no worries gyeong jo ma sae yo (don’t worry in korean) you’ll be able to write in Hangul just be patient chingoo! Yes I write in both Hangul & romanized! I do believe the Hangul character which was developed centuries ago by their King if I’m not mistaken is very easy to write and read compared to other characters e.g
    Japanese or Chinese for that matter !

    Re SHOULD. Drama I also hope that it reaches a higher mark for the writer-number & others involved deserve to be commended for! Hahaha you were also surprised with the recent appearance of Annie Brown and so was I!! Never crossed our minds that she’s got a twin sister and identical at that! Woah how amazing can this director comes up with that revelation eh? Yes I just feel sometimes Ji hwan is so nice, very considerate and passive cuz this mean guy Tae hung always confronts him grabbing his lapel without retaliation whatsoever! Like u said he always have the last laugh and let’s hope this is a happy ending! Yesterday ep 99 waa subbed and am waiting for 100 which probably not until today!
    Re mmdt haha I broke mu own record this must be the 1st time I finished a 100 + epi kdrama that took me only 11 days to be exact… bec it’s so good! I always look forward to the next episode after each one sometimes 5 hrs sleep or less and weekends at the very least 😄 I started Princeas Aurora but compared to mmdt I think the latter is more addictive! Sadly the other Hajun’s drama Only Love isn’t subbed but am looking also at Phoenix so not sure which one is worth watching however as long as he’s in the drama I can bear with it hahaha
    Where’s everybody here our chingoo Skye is she tired of coming here now or sje-s trying to catch up with the episode?
    @Skye bogoshipo.or in korean we miss you!!
    Jal issue chingoos ottok ke ji nae seo (how are you) gwen.cka na yo (I’m fine) Kam sa hab ni da thank you!
    Happy weekend or Haeng boka weekend!!
    Jalja goodnight 😴

    At edg if I happen to miss some of your queries beat with me & I’ll do it next time

    Also am lazy in proofing in case there’s errors pla excuse me!!

  131. 131 : Skye Says:

    @ Jinjoo —-

    Oh my — how did you find the time to watch all of My Son-In-Law’s Woman 120 episodess????? and also keep going full steam ahead with A Secret House??? Wow — Wow — I wish I could, but I don’t find the time to be binge watching all these dramas. I watch them on the TV as they are aired and try to keep up. Sul Jung-Hwan was also in MSILW drama and he is another favorite K-actor that I like. I saw him for the first time in Teacher Oh Soon-Nam. In “My Sassy Girll, Sul and Lee Si-Un played two funny characters. Joo Won was in the drama who I also like.

    Road No. is airing in my a rea now and I am seeing Kim Ha-Neul for the first time. Quite a few good actors in the drama and is very good. It is only 20 episodes, but worth watching.

    I am reading eotteohge’s and your posts very carefully so I don’t find out any spoilers, etc. as the both of you are so far ahead of me in this drama.

    I am so enjoying all the K-info for eotteohge about what to see and do in South Korea. Super cool. In all the variety shows that I watch, the country side looks so beautiful.

    I looked up Myeondong Cathedral. Thanks for mentioning it — so beautiful. It would be wonderful to be married there, walking down that long aisle and Seo Ha-Jun waiting at the alter for me. You and eotteohge can stand up for my wedding….Ha Ha – I can dream right?

  132. 132 : Skye Says:

    Jinjoo –

    What episode are you at in Princess Aurora???
    Hang in —- when Seo Ha-Jun who plays Seol Seol-Hee appears in the show, you will fall in love with him. As I mentioned earlier somewhere, I re-watched PA just to see Seo’s appearance again.

    Oh Chang-Suk who plays “Mama” was the main actor, but Seo Ha-Jun I feel outshone Chang-Suk. I do like Oh Chang-Suk though as I saw him in several dramas.

  133. 133 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye woah chingoo long time no see/hear? hahaha eotteonghe & I were wondering why we haven’t seen you here & I just presumed you were catching up with Secret drama that’s why! What epi are you now on Secret House though?

    Reason I finished MSILW in a short time is bec I was off fr work a few days also & the rest is I burned the midnight oil hahaha so to speak! Woah it was addictive! I loved SHJ’s role in that drama & I cldn’t wait till the next ep hahaha! It was a happy ending & just loved every min of it! I really liked Ha jun’s role in this drama, he was nominated but he didn’t win, the lead actress who played Sook hyung won though!

    OK I’m only on PA drama ep 4 but I’ll take your advice & be patient until we see our crush SHJ!
    Ah that actor Sul jang yeah he’s good in his role too & for me this is my first time seeing him though but I agree, I did grow liking him in this drama after 120 ep hahaha! You mentioned Joo won awww he’s one of my faves & he’s a great actor as well! So many good ones eh? hahaha

    Oh Road No. 1 was a good drama too and I’ve seen Kim ha neul many times & she’s one of those K actresses that I really followed since! You shld look for her other projects coz she’s a fascinating actress too! In Road No. 1 I really like So ji sub as well a veteran actor by now & first saw him in I’m Sorry I Love You & since then I’ve been following him too!

    I’m glad you didn’t find any spoilers in our postings & I really tried to be cautious on what I post about Secret House drama since it shld be something that should leave it to your imagination if you haven’t seen the rest of it! It’s really getting very interesting esp the latest episodes that I’ve seen so far! If you recall, I was also following it thru airing fr MBC but this drama so good, I cldnt wait for their slow airing so I searched online & thankfully, I found it & they’re pretty much quick in subbing in English! yes now am on ep 100! hahaha

    About our chingoo eotteonghe’s interest in visiting South K. I think you should take a trip there too! You made me laugh about having a wedding in that beautiful Myeongdong Cathedral and I cld just envision Ha jun waiting for you or me? at the altar hahaha Yes we’ll be your maid of honors at your wedding but now it looks or sounds we’re rivals hahaha…..may the best girl win hahaha Yes we can dream why not? lols I really am very impressed with him & I can’t wait to see the rest of PA drama as you recommended! 🙂 You mean I’ll fall in love with Seo ha jun when he appears in PA, as if I haven’t fallen for him in MSILW hahaha I can’t wait! Mind you, I got his mp3 playing every now & then that I burned on CD the other day & am not sure if you happen to hear his singing voice – they’re on YT and tell me what you think! hehehe

    I also looked at SHJ’s drama Only Love but sad to say there’s no sub! Flower in Prison not sure if I can check it out since am not really in epic dramas 🙁 BTW you never mentioned if you saw his drama Phoenix 2020? I checked that too but I’ll probably continue with PA drama first!

    Re the other actor Sang hyuk I’ve seen him before but can’t remember exactly which drama or movie but he’s also a cutie, however Seong ha jun is now the apple of my eye! hahaha

    Well, till next time chingoo & I’ll just wave to our chingoo at edg & others here for now!
    Annyeong ha sae yo! 🙂

  134. 134 : Ryan Says:

    I believe part of the problem with this drama is that the writer at the beginning and continues on and off makes J-Hwan – some what stupid. He is either slow on the uptake or doesn’t think things through. When he moved in to the chairman’s house – Sook Jin “said to him “do you know who Sol’s father is?”, then repeated it. Idiot Ji-Hwan didn’t even question her on why she was saying that. He just goes on about his business without another thought of what she said. Of course, it was a that time too soon for the news to come out that T-Hyung is Sol’s father, so why even have Sook-Jin say it?

    Who in their right mind hides a million dollars cash in the refrigerator in a restaurant with no lock on the door? Does JHwan or Korean’s not know of the existence of bank deposit vaults or storage lockers??? Worse, he runs a restaurant without a door lock and no video camera. Jin Ho questioned JHwan about it, but oh no, he felt it would be safe. Jin Ho and Sol are the two smartest people in this drama.

    I feel bad for the actors as they are doing a good job with their respective roles, but there are not many posters and the ratings are low. If the actors pay attention to the ratings, they must feel bad as they are doing well, but they just follow the writer’s script.

    Who came up with Gwang Mi’s personality??? I can’t stand how she talks and acts. Can’t she just talk like a normal person!! Why doesn’t she mind her own business. Is she or isn’t she part of the Nam family?? Or just hired to take care of the chairman??? Get rid of her pronto.

    I feel bad for Sol with Sook Jin being so mean to her, confining her to her room, etc. Dumbo Ji-Hwan doesn’t even talk to Sook Jin about the situation.

    Does any one know what kind of car Mr. Yang drives?? It is nice looking.

    Who selects Sook-Jin’s clothes??? Some are just terrible looking.

  135. 135 : Jinjoo Says:

    At Ryan I agree with you the actors are ding good but the flaws you mentioned are worth paying attention too. I also was appalled about how careless it was for Ji hwan to keep the apple 🍎 box with 3 million in the fridge! What were the writer thinking? Another frustration if I ay add to this the video of Mr Baek they placed it in the drawer albeit it’s locked but that’s a very important piece that they should stash in a very safe place like you said safety deposit box, oh for sure Korea banks got all those things!
    I also pointed out to my chingoo edg that Ji hwan doesn’t seem to retaliate every time Tae hung confronts him grabbing his lapel and he just looked at him which we know the writer got it on the script but like you said it makes Ji hwan looking so stupid!

    Likewise I can’t stand that character Gwang mi especially her acting and voice [email protected] she’s really more loyal to that evil woman Ham and ro think she’s eyeing to marry the chairman hence she’s spying for Ham for her own advantage!
    Re Joo Hong why marry that scoundrel against her will with Tae hung condition that they sleep in same room! I don’t think I can fathom TH even if her reason alone is to get more information about who really cause her father’s death!

    About Aook Jin’s wardrobe I agree it makes her look like a balloon sometimes and also Tae hee not really the best either 😆 actually Gwang Mi dresses better compared to the two!

    The rating doesn’t pick a lot even with latest episode! Mind you I almost quit watching but I had a change of heart because of Awo ha jun!! Also the story became more interesting setting aside the flaws!!

  136. 136 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 81, 82, 83 the death of joo hongs dad is still in controversy with hoaxes from the video and counter hoaxes from tae hee to joo hong and sook jin to joo hong hard to predict what the outcome will be of this mess but it looks like tae hee will be absolved from joo hongs dad death that’s only my guess hahahaha these epis didn’t progress much it was all about how tae hee will get out of her deep problem but in the end finally lee dong cheol appeared omg first time seeing his face omg this writer knows how to end the epis good job making something out of nothing and am waiting for annie brown reappearance she had an immense task to do 83 ended with a complete mystery a big mess I should say it started well cuz finally lee dong cheol appeared but he didn’t do anything to clarify things instead he made it more complex so am a bit disappointed omg

    At Skye, Jinjoo “olaenman ine=long time no seeya” glad you are sticking with the drama the ratings are getting much better omg omg two brides in white gowns disputing who will be walking down the alley of myundong cathedral to meet the only one groom waiting at the altar hahahahaha you two are making your own drama here hahahaha and yes definitely Ill be on the sidelines throwing those lil white petals and cheering you with chughahaeyo=congratulations hahahahaha
    And hope you dont wake up from this dream and live happily ever after with your dream groom hahahahahahahaha
    omg yes you reminded me that I was also part of the boys choir of my school wearing those upper whites gowns and lower black singing only canticles mostly for mass but for other occasions too and I also forget that lots of masses were done at 5am that was very popular here don’t know why cuz its too early but heard lots of elderly people love it and use it I never went to one of them cuz am not a rooster hahahahha cant wake up at sunrise definitely not when its even dark outside hahahahaha sorry for the joke but couldn’t resist it hahaha my fav time for mass is 10am and agree with you about many drama producers being sort of catholics cuz ive seen many chapels churches even outfits that are emblematic of Catholicism being showcased many times which makes me feel so good yes and don’t worry answering my questions if you remember it just do it no problem and about proofreading that should be what am suppose to do that whatever I just have in my mind I just write it regardless of punctuation syntax grammar capital letters apostrophes run on sentences paragraphs thesis statements etc and etc am a total mess and that is cuz if I try to write it the right way like when I was writing essays for my eng 1a class back in college it would take me an eternity cuz I wasn’t born to write hahahahaha well a lot of it also had to do with laziness hahahahaha so please bear with me sasilijanh-a=that is true hahahaha

    naeil bwayo=see you tomorrow, au revoir seeya

  137. 137 : Jinjoo Says:

    At chingoos edg &Skye a short post but again it did work so frustrating so this is a test only

  138. 138 : Jinjoo Says:

    Trying here again on my phone this is beginning to be challenging 🙃
    At edg uri manhi da …long time we’ve seen each other in Hangul
    Kamsa hab ni da for planning to be at our walking the aisle with Skye & myself. Hahaha u made me crack hahaha this will be a good title for a new kdrama “Two Brides and a Groom ” hahaha
    Testing only

  139. 139 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg (then Skye) woah good for you for being in the boys choir, you must sing very well! Mind you, I was also at one time a choir member and also one of the lectors for mass on Sundays! It was a good feeling really! BTW Sa jun’s parents are also singing in the church choir as I’ve watched him tell viewers on YT about it, moreover he also became friends with another actor Lee Ki Woo,am sure you’ve seem him in some other projects! If you or Skye are curious go to YT & watch their trip to Macao 3 of them with Li ki woo & another actor who is so familiar! He mentioned that he & Lee met thru their parent coz Lee’s parents are same church choir members, interesting isnt it!
    hhahaha it’s ok to dream right @Skye, but edg says we shld not wake up from that dream hahaha so we can live happily ever after!
    It’s really becoming hopeless for me to post thru my c/p so am using my desktop right now! However, I’ll cut short this one & continue after this in case this gets wiped out again 🙂 lols

    hope u guys are enjoying your w/ends! see you here soon

  140. 140 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg & Skye hahaha at least we have our chingoo supporting us as to whoever will win the groom as we happen to walk down that aisle together & we’ll leave it to Sa jun who he picks hahaha In our dreams! Did you guys hear him singing already? oh my gosh, his voice is just unbelievable! Go check it out on YT and in Son in Law drama he also did a song! Modesty aside, I can follow some Korean songs as long as the lyrics on YT are romanized!

    chingoo edg your hangul is quite good daebak (great) am still honing my hangul but I dunno if I can speak Korean in the advance category hehehe but you know what they say, practice makes perfect so we’ll see! We can always exchange words/phrases here fr time to time!

    At Skye how far are you now my chingoo in SH drama? Also aside from SHouse are you guys watching another new Kdrama? I’m not too keen in some new ones, besides I have my plate full with Sa jun’s old dramas hahaha My eyes are strained already from finishing 120 ep of MMDT hahaha so I am taking it easy to rest from those nights I spent finishing it! LOLs

    Mind you I’ve checked PA, Only Love, Phoenix, MMDT is no. 1 for me, I liked the way every ep ended, it makes you clamor for more after another & the story itself is very unique in my opinion! Having said that, I’m still into his dramas esp PA, I think it’s quite a story, imagine 3 sisters looking after their only brother, I was amused in a positive way that is, that the 3 sisters always pray for him and kneels around his bed every time he’s getting ready to sleep, woah how about that eh? It’s kinda cute! I think I remember you (Skye) mentioning that you’ve rewatched PA 2x already so it must be good too!

    When I first got introduced to Kdramas one of the things that I really appreciate were those church scenes let alone depicting Catholic churches! If you’ve seen Winter Sonata, they filmed inside a Catholic church as well & many more kdramas!
    BTW I found a link to a Lord’s Prayer in hangul and romanized version as well, if you want I’ll share it here ok? I tried to paste it but it’s kinda of joggled scripts so just go to google it & just type The Lord’s Prayer or just type the following: lyricstranslate.com/en/junim-uigido-주님의-기도-junim-uigido.html
    It’s both in Korean hangul & romanized as I said!

    Re our SecHouse drama: woah this drama never ceased to amaze us isn’t it? Tae hee is one of those characters in this drama that can be annoying am I right? I can’t wait till she finds out her real bio father is, and he’s right in front of him! Their mother is a pathological liar & to think she lies through her teeth as if nothing happened a lot of times! Looking f/w to next ep which is 101!

    Re Lee dong chul, you ain’t seen nothing yet, he’s an interesting character so hang in there & you’ll see what else he’s gg to do! He’s like I shld say a ticking bomb as soon as he opens his mouth, and he’s the type who will do anything for money! I can’t wait to see Ham & her 2 mean adult children get prosecuted esp her & Tae hyung! I also hope/pray that hara boji won’t die in this drama, he’s the only hope for Ji hwan to get the justice he deserves!

    Hope this post won’t get lost woah
    Jal iss uh (see you) Mian mian (sorry in hangul) if you find typos 🙂

  141. 141 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 84 hahahahahahaha omg omg cant stop laughing the end of the epi was superb brilliant I should’ve seen it coming cuz the writer had done the same thing several times but no I had no idea it was coming but when it did I exploded laughing this is gonna make my day am still laughing and of course when the writer was writing this epi he was also laughing big time “GOTCHA AGAIN AND AGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAIIIIN” hahahahahahaha omg feels so good and Jinjoo I think you were talking about this in your previous and yes you were so right am having so much fun with lee dong cheol extinct

    At Jinjoo I llke the story of ha jun parents meeting his friend parents at the choir I always thought theres a strong affinity among catholics for some reasons yes and you mentioned ha jun being a good singer in your previous so am gonna check it out in yt and I can not write hangul off my head yet like you do I always read my notes first and then write it from there Romanization is still a long long way for me I have a lot to catch up with you, speaking the language i think is more feasible cuz from all the dramas am watching I learn a lot from the many times I heard the same word over and over and I also practice some words I really like, like “ppeonppeonhan=shameless” cuz it sounds funny hahahahaha, on your trip did you challenge to speak some Korean like when buying something or asking for directions that would’ve been a great opportunity to practice huh and like Skye you have a crisp mem if you remember seen the catholic church in winter sonata and as you say I also feel good when I see them in dramas and lastly am so surprised you are not only a heavy kdrama fan but you also know a lot about the actors and actresses activities probably from magazines or variety shows huh which makes you a really fanatic I still have a long long way to do that hahahahaha ok chingoo

    tto boja=see you again

  142. 142 : Skye Says:

    Jinjoo —
    Thanks for telling me about Macao 3 trip. I will look it up when I have the time. I have not heard Seo sing. I noticed most of the Korean actors can also sing. And a lot of the singers are actors. They all must be born with both qualities. I see some of the actors on Masked Singer.

    I have seen Lee Ki Woo only in Miss Korea. Nice looking man. There is a video of him on You Tube w/his dog Teddy.

    “My Liberations Notes” star Lee Ki-woo announced his wedding. The actor took to Instagram and shared the news of his wedding. The star also revealed he is marrying a non-celebrity who he has been with for a few years now. The wedding is set to take place in Jeju Island.

    “Several years ago, I met a wise and righteous person who deeply resonated with me. She is a person who is not stingy with sharing and knows the reward of giving. When encountering the weak, she warmly lends her hand without hesitation. She is a tenacious person who tries to live a righteous life rather than one that is well off,” he said.”
    Here is Hyun Woo — Pasta, My Dear Cat, Bravo My Life, etc. etc
    eotteohge —
    I used to go to 5:00 p.m. mass on Saturdays. After Covid and things started to open up, mass on Saturday was at 4:30 p.m. Went at times, but have been watching K-Dramas on Saturday/Sunday at 3:30 p.m., so don’t want to miss the episodes. I believe they are re-run at 6:00 a.m. on the weekends. Also on Saturdays/Sundays around 1:20 p.m. K-dramas are aired. Some are repeats and others I have not seen even though they are older dramas.

    Unfortunately on Monday September 5 – SH Ep. 48 will air. I miss not being able to be on par with the episodes so I could join in with all the current postings. So I just talk to myself. I don’t know why more current dramas are not airing. Can’t figure out what is up w/MBC???!!!! There are 6 MBC dramas including SH airing and not one of them is airing by me, only SH. Like — what is the problem???

    Jinjoo – maybe we could clone Seo and we both can have him —– etteohge – throw lots and lots of flowers.

    Have a good week everyone.

  143. 143 : Jinjoo Says:

    Annyeomg chingoos edg and Skye am not sure if this will work but eottokhae what to do am using my phone
    …..hahaha Sky great idea to clone him hahaha yes pls check his yt to see him singing u too edg
    To be continued am afraid this will not post again

  144. 144 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg did u see the link on how to say the Lord’s prayer in Hangul I sent you yday?
    Xhinfooa I saw onNV news today that there’s yet another typhoon in SK 1strong winds and lots of damages in other areas hope and pray it will be over soon
    I’ll answer you guys at length when am using my comp this is just a short one
    Jjal is seo take care

  145. 145 : Jinjoo Says:

    Sorry some typos xinfooah should be chingoos plus onNv ah6 be on MBC

  146. 146 : Jinjoo Says:

    At Skye & edg the actor Lee woo ki traveled with our SHJ with another actor & that’s how I found out how they became friends thru their parents! Yeah Lee ki woo is also a good actor I first saw him in the movie Classic!
    Incidentally I also prefer to attend the Saturday service which is a Virgil 5pm mass of sorts in our area but if I can’t I do it online sp with the pandemic in those critical times.

    More nxt time as am not sure if this will post grrrh

    Edg you’ll be good in Hangul just be patient 🙏

  147. 147 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo eotteohgehaeya?=what should I do? I search for xinfooah with my browser firefox but it only gives me infopath which is a s/w needed to open this document which they said is no longer supported by windows so even if I find the document I wont be able to see it and I check for seo ha jun songs in y/t and found 2 kind of old (good by and hello) and (I’ll be loving you forever) the latter was a cover in eng these 2 were done when he was much younger it seems but I can tell is his voice other than these 2 I couldn’t find anything and so sad cuz I made an index of about 10 ost from k dramas that I liked and found over the years and listening from time to time but they are no longer there I think yt erase them except for one which was the best I liked I don’t know what happened with yt before it was easy to find ost from kdramas but now its really hard it seems yt is not supporting kdramas like it used to and am wondering is this got to do with Netflix, amuteun=anyway,

    najung-e boja=see you later

  148. 148 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo and Skye mianhage saeng-gagha neum=so sorry, I made a distasteful joke bout the rooster at 5am when talking about something so sacred as our mass It wasn’t ill intended it just came out of my head a slip out of my tongue I promise I will pray a rosary as penitence for my mistake (sin) and I find it so incredible to have met 2 persons just out of the blue that are attending mass at 5am I met lots of people before that said they love to go to church that early mostly from women I never attended not even once in my life so I can not tell what kind of experience would that be but am sure it should be a good feeling and I always heard people love it on Christmas eve

    Have a good day chingoos hahahahaha

  149. 149 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg chingoo you really are honing your Korean lang I’m so impressed hahaha! No worries about your joke ok? You probably didn’t read my post very well that was a typo try this one ok
    this has both hangul charac & romanized so let me know!
    I found about 3/4 songs which Hajun even did in I believe Princess Aurora, you just have to be patient you just have to toy around with search buttons hehehe if I have the YT link I’ll send it to you! I think at Skye you’re also trying to find songs right?
    try this:
    this link on yt where he was one of the king of masked singers
    another one:

    (this one from Princess Aurora, Skye’s fav)

    let me close for now bef I lost this again

    to be cont’d

    eedah ba yo (see you)

  150. 150 : Jinjoo Says:

    chingoos i lost my posting again woah

  151. 151 : Jinjoo Says:

    here’s some links of him singing


  152. 152 : Jinjoo Says:

    sorry i didn’t realize this will post fr YT

  153. 153 : Jinjoo Says:

    at edg & Skye
    do you guys have any problems as I have here in posting? earlier I also used my comp but lost it i replied to your postings chingoos! arghh jong mal (really)
    anyway,SK is plagued again with another typhoon & it was devastating, i hope they’re going to be OK soon! Busan is mostly hit & Je ju do

    Re 5 am mass yes that was when I was growing up but these days I go to 5 pm vigil which is good for Sunday already! no worries about your joke ok? however, the rooster in the early morning woah i love hearing that honestly jong mal! It’s really amazing that the 3 of us are into attending church service, i think we’re destined to meet like what they have in kdramas hahaha
    Re saying the rosary, yes i do every morning w/out missing & I feel incomplete w/out it though!
    Anyway, here’s the link to Lord’s Prayer in hangeul romanized: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/junim-uigido

    hope this post so i better wrap up this time
    to be cont’d.

  154. 154 : Jinjoo Says:

    at edg I also have tons of K songs mostly fr Kdrama osts and one of my favs will be Winter Sonata osts it’s beautiful & I never get tired listening to it! i told you that one of the things I’m looking for in this SH drama is the osts but it seems they don’t have one except for the drama theme!
    chingoos edg & Skye I emailed this site to apologize bec of the YT vid, am not sure if we’re allowed to do this – it was just a mere mistake, I was just sharing you guys the YT link but the link as you can see opens up into a vid!
    anyway, am watching Phoenix 2020 but read that some didn’t appreciate it but compared it to the original but i don’t really care as long as our Ha jun is in the drama hahaha Also Princess Aurora is also good but the Eng subs are not good! I guess it’s better than nothing so to speak 🙂
    I haven’t checked the latest SH drama – not sure if it’s subbed already!
    At Skye don’t worry if you’re not at par with the ep that edg have been watching, but maybe once you get most of the latest epi we’ll then rant & rave about it hahaha
    OK if I didn’t get to answer some of your subject/s here pls bear with me bec I’m paranoid that this may not even make it to submission 🙁
    edg keep practicing your hangul and hone it as much as you can, if I can do it, you guys can do it! I also know some Korean songs from osts hahaha My Korean friend & I went to No rae bang or Karaoke sometime ago & she was so cool that I can follow the songs I chose hahaha
    I love Korean songs it’s really music to my ears 🙂
    ok jjal isseo to you both!
    till nxt time tto boja 또 보자 … look edg their letter ‘t’ looks like letter ‘c’ …you’ll find out once you start learning their consonants, etc

  155. 155 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo hi my chingoo gomawoss-eoyo=I am grateful, for all the info you are sending me am using firefox browser and duck duck go search engine cuz these have the least ads If any so that’s why am using it I dumped chrome and google and the likes long ago cuz of the ads problem more so for you tube which is the worst in ads so unbearable so 5 years ago I found 3 other similar sites where I can listen all the songs that I like of course is not the same as yt the problem is none of them have kdramas or osts ok I don’t know if it’s a browser or search engine issue but the link you sent about the prayer it gives me 404 error and the 2 yt links you sent I can access but just stops going no where and theres another yt that you said it was sent by mistake I can access that very normal is title king of mask singer there are 2 videos from ha jun singing and those were 2 good songs from him all the rest of the videos were unrelated variety shows ive never have problems opening files so this is weird for me the only thing is that am always using safety and security s/w that I find and download for free in the internet so my computer is loaded with those things specially anti malware things so perhaps this is conflicting with those files yes it so amazing that I could meet people with almost the exact likes and dislikes and am so amazed that you are doing the rosary every day wow wow that is really something I did it everyday at school for 12 years but after I left never done it probably cuz in school we did it as a group with a leader and responders and we take turn for the leader job everyday so when it was my turn I felt so overwhelmed and so proud at that time we all memorized the mysteries but today I forgot all of them I remember that it was 5 mysteries per day 1 our father and 10 hail mary for each mystery and each day of the week had the same mysteries so I don’t know how to do it by myself and never cross my nind that it could be done by only one person but as you said it can be done so that disrupted all me schemes in my head so far hahahahahahaha omg omg omg and yes winter sonata love song should be the best ost ever along with the dramas autumn in my heart and first love

    Najung-e bwayo=see you later

  156. 156 : Skye Says:

    @ Jinjoo and etteohghe —
    The link for the Lord’s Prayer you posted, I got the same message as etteohghe, but I found the following on YT.

    One video is the Lord’s Prayer in Korean and the other it is written in Korean and English, and there is a girl explaining the words in English. Hope you will be able to open it on your computer.

    May 26, 2016 … The Lord’s Prayer in Korean. 16,573 views May 26, 2016 Copyright © MMXVI NHM Ministrants, a division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC.

    In the Search box type in How to say Lord’s Prayer in Korean etc by Sofia — see below

    This one Sofia explains it in Korean than English
    How to say Lord’s prayer (our father) in Korean
    Jihye Sofia Seo

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I like they way Sofia describes the words. Good Luck.

    Jinjo —- I type all my posts on the computer and don’t have any problems.

  157. 157 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Skye Jinjoo annyeonghaseyo, eotteohge jinaeseyo?Hi,how are you doing? I checked the prayer from sofia and was surprised to see it was our father said in Korean I could recognized lots of words that told me that it was our father it also told me that am progressing much in my understanding of the language thanks to the dramas hahahaha but am still so far away of venture in watching dramas without subs like I know many people in desperation do it cuz they cant wait for subs
    that’s bit scary for me hahahaha hopefully I can do it in another 10 years hahaha

    seeya chingoos

  158. 158 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 85, 86, 87, lee dong cheol saga is still on I thought he will disappear at the hands of sook jin but miraculously survived hahahaha nothing new in this epi only that ji hwan was officially introduced as the chairman grandson at wides meeting huge blow for the evil pair hahahaha
    The cause of death of chan woo is at center stage in this epi wow I heard 5 or 6 different causes of his death throughout so the intrigue is right there yes good job from the writer hard to predict this one hahhahaha
    but can not believe in him anymore cuz he has the habit of changing everything from previous epis especially when lee dong cheol appeared cuz of him everything changed but the ending as always is really good with tae hyung completely going berserk about his birth dad feel sorry for him and so tae hee she is being thrown out the window hahahaha poor girl
    in 87 a miracle happened somehow mother Theresas name came so many times in this epi just out of the blue without any reason why? Why? wow wow so much and I was wondering if theres a connection of all that we were talking about beautiful cathedrals, mass, rosary choirs many actors being catholics and many more things so emblematic of our beliefs omg I feel so good perhaps this is a message from up above telling me to go back to church to listen to mass to start doing my confession and communion that I had stopped for so many years to start doing the holy rosary like we did with so much fervor and devotion in my school days I knew from long before that I might have a connection with the writer so uncanny and since he is writing the name mother Theresa out of million things that he could’ve have write in this epi instead I have no doubt he is catholic and even if he is not we still have a strong connection omg I feel so good today

    najung-e boja seeya guys

  159. 159 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg annyeong ha sae yo chingoos & Skye kam sa hab nida nae gwaenchana (i’m ok) – first of I also am OK when I utilize my computer but I use my cp most times and that create problems! However, when I used firefox a week ago on my cp, I had no prob posting here so I’ll try to d/l firefox again coz I deleted it after a day since I think it’s got quite a bit of data eating up on my phone hahaha!
    I hope this site won’t mind at all but I’ll post the romanized one here since every time I copy & paste the link that I found there’s too many garbled letters. so let’s try this one:
    Romanized: Lord’s Prayer
    Haneul-e gyeshin uri abeoji,
    abeoji-ui ireum-i georeukhi bichnashimyeo
    abeoji-ui naraga yoshimyeo
    abeoji-ui tteut-i haneul-eseowa gat-i ttang-eseodo ilueojisoseo!
    yoneuljeohwi ege ilyonghal yangshigeul jushigo
    jeohwiege jalmothan ireul jeohwiga yongseohayoni
    jeohwi joeleul yongseohasigo
    jeohwireul yuhoke bbajiji anhge hanshigo
    aeseo guhasoseo

    chingoos I also saw something fr YT but can’t seem to find now 🙁

    chingoos our Seo ha jun’s b/day is just around the corner so we’ll greet him before then we can also post on asianwiki or here at star korean drama dot org that way it’s really direct to his page 🙂

  160. 160 : Jinjoo Says:

    at edg & Skye re SHJ’s songs it seems he doesn’t have a lot however I was watching Phoenix 2020 and on ep 22 he was singing and also playing the piano! Not sure if any of you watched him in Phoenix but he was cute &mischievous in his role here! I kinda joggle from his old or prev projects bec sometime the ep is either broken or something but Princess Aurora is also a good drama as Skye you’ve seen it 2x you mentioned, like I said prev the Eng sub on this drama is not very well understood unlike Phoenix and MMDT! I already got Ha jun’s songs on mp3 & woah his voice is fantastic! I’m still searching for some of his songs but to no avail (on YT). I got a good site for d/l mp3 from YT vids, the site converts it to mp3 so if you chingoos are interested, let me know!

    At edg so you seem to be advancing in watching SH? and finally Ji hwan has been declared the flesh & blood of grandpa! I’m in epi 100 & I just can’t share it here with you chingoos but it’s getting really interesting! I can only say, that mother & son are still into their dirty scheme of things & just hope that in the end they’ll be prosecuted for their bad deeds!
    IKR that charac Lee cheong sul is somewhat sleazy but very funny though! Yes Ji hwan’s father cause of death was def by Ham woman with the help of Mr Yang oopps sorry spoiler 🙁 However grandpa was led to believe he committed suicide but that’s not the case! Do you recall some of the flashbacks in one of the episodes? can’t remember which epi but it was shown that when Ham heard that Chan woo will divorce Ham, she overheard by snooping into grandpa’s study & Chan who was talking to grandpa sort of mentioned he cldn’t live with Ham anymore hence she puts something into Chan woo’s drink with the help of Yang, the puppet! hehehe
    Re scriptwriter mentioning Mother Theresa if I recall the evil Ham sort of describe herself to someone comparing herself to Mother Theresa woah so self-centered, she’s not even close hahaha I agree w/you it’s hard not to think that some of the crew esp the writer, director must be either Catholic or Christians and I’ve said this before it’s one of those things that I truly appreciate watching Kdramas and yes it makes you feel good as if we have that kind of connection with the writer/s or directors! I can’t recall the title but there was a kdrama that I’ve watched filmed in Myeongdong Cathedral! Not sure if you or Skye have watched this old movie of Kwon sang woo & Ha ji won titled Love so Divine – if not check it out that bec the scenes & story itself mostly depicting Catholic church due to the genre of the movie! When you have time, you may wanna check it out, I even bought a dvd hahaha, and have seen it a few times, it was good & wholesome!
    Speaking of the Holy Rosary, it takes time to memorize the 5 mysteries, I must admit even these days, I still have to look at the list bef I can continue saying it simply bec each day is different, e.g. Wed/Sat/Sun is Glorious mystery, etc. then if it’s another day say Tues/Friday you have to say the Sorrowful mystery & so on! Minda you even if you can’t say the Rosary every single day, there’s no prob, as long as we pray like we’re talking to Jesus so don’t feel pressured!

    At Skye yes error 404 I saw that too before so not sure why but anyway thanks for the YT you shared with us!
    eeda ba yeo chingoos (see you later) fighting aja aja

  161. 161 : Jinjoo Says:

    At Skye, i’m liking Princess Aurora too even though the Eng subs are not that smooth or understandable like the other kdramas! I wanted to ask you about something but the site may not allow us to discuss here unrelated to SH? 🙂
    OK eedda ba yo chingoos hi to edg
    sorry i can’t make it here often due to my c/p prob so right now I’m using my computer!
    jjal isseo (take care chingoos)

  162. 162 : Jinjoo Says:

    Chingoos edg & Skye just a test ..I think this dramas rating is going up

  163. 163 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 88 still centered in chan woos death I think the most close cause was explained in the autopsy that chan woos doc did and it had to do with allergies caused by barbiturates but I don’t trust it cuz the writer has changed this story many times and also first time the usual theme of paper companies slush funds embezzlement well used in dramas appeared here making a mom son confrontation wonder who will win am getting closer to the latest epi and good news the ratings when up a bit 7.6% which is very respectable but probably wont get to double digits that’s sad

    At Jinjoo jal jinae=how is it going? My chingoo hahaha about the prayer I recognize some Korean words but still I have a long long way hahahaha by the way do you pray in Korean too? Wow thatll be some achievement wow and yes you reminded me of all the mysteries of our holy rosary wow at that time we needed to memorized it all of it so I never needed catechisms by my side and It wasn’t that hard to do ok “love so divine” looks interesting see if I can find it and like you always mention winter sonata autumn in my heart and first love these are very dear to me too cuz they were about the first dramas I watched like 10 years ago and guess what yesterday out of the blue I watched first love the first 3 epis complete cuz sook jin the bad girl of secret house was in there but as the lead girl if you recall her and I just wanted to remember her how she looked so many years back and she looked so fresh and young her name was hyo kyona remember paired with chan hyok in the best love story ive seen this has to be my number one of all times and nothing comes close to it over the years along with his brother chan woo, shinjaya and oh dong pal were just great too and the autistic sister of the brothers chan ok was superb too incredible performance from her ill be watching here and there epis but only for about 3 min just to remember those old times hahahahahaha wow I feel so good rewatching first love

    Aju yeppeuda=you are very pretty seeya hahahahahaha

  164. 164 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg woah you’re good in hangul chingoo! i applaud you! jjal ji nae, kam sa hab ni da for asking! how about you? 🙂 well the answ to ur question is no i don’t pray in Korean but one day it just dawned on me to look for the Lord’s Prayer in hangul, I thought i’ve been learning a lot of phrases etc in hangul but why don’t I check how to pray it in Korean? 🙂 that’s how I started & right then I thought of sharing it w/you and our other chingoo at Skye!! I also hv a loooonnnnng way to go in terms of understanding what I’ve learned & haven’t even successful in my goal in fluency not even close hahaha
    Yes re the mysteries it also isn’t easy to remember each one so even now I still have to check if a certain day is the one should be recited! 🙂

    Anyway, re SH drama I saw on t.v. ep 75 where Tae hee was trying to reveal that she’s not flesh & blood of grandpa let alone Chan woo & this evil mother tried to get away again! I remember seeing in one of the episodes though if my memory doesn’t fail me that Ji hwan went to find out fr the doctor of Chairman or grandpa how his father died &
    so nice to see the drama’s rating went up but yeah sadly it’s not in 2 digits but I guess part of the reason is that viewers got tired in the first few epis like me but am a comeback fan hahaha! Re Chan woo’s death I reckon the doctor will pretty much reveal the truth, I think Ham poisoned him or puts something in his drink but he did not commit suicide as Ham claimed!

    BTW yes the actress Ham was one of the leads in First Love & she was a beauty then & she’s still is now altho she was very slim in her younger yrs! Did you see also how young Bae yong joon was in that drama woah he was hawt (hot) hahaha! Mind you it was a long drama & I bought the dvd even w/o subs bec of BYJ, I’ve been also a huge fan since WS drama hahaha!

    Anyway, both of us seems to hv been in Kdramaland for yes 10 yrs also for me or maybe a little more? I can’t recall now! Yes check out Love so Divine I’m sure you’ll like it, the movie is not melo dramatic at all but very amusing & cute in my opinion! I remember I also liked Kwon sang woo after seeing him in Stairway to Heaven where I cried buckets hahaha crazy (mitchuzo in hangul or spell may not be right). I tell you every time I see a Kdrama & fell for the actor, I had the tendency to search for all his projects much like what I’m doing now with our Seo ha jun ssi! hahaha BTW what other dramas hv you seen of SHJ aside fr MMDT? For me SecHouse is my first time? I know our chingoo Skye hv seen most of his dramas such as Flower in Prison,Princess Aurora let along MMDT!

    At Skye chingoo are you advancing now in the drama? take your time, you’ll catch up with us 🙂 You’ll be surprised with a lot of things that went on after whichever episode/s you are now! I’m liking both PA and Phoenix 2020 for some reason the latter I think didn’t do well with viewers but like any kdramas it depends on whether the story line is for us or it could be a combination of different things – I don’t know whether I’m just oblivious of whatever some people didn’t like in Phoenix since most are probably comparing it to the first Phoenix drama of years ago! I found out some comments on another site of Kdramas & some liked it but some was not happy because the other lead was taken off the drama & one indicated nobody even explained why he was off from the story etc. 🙁

    joh-eun jumal doeseyo (have a nice weekend) chingoos see you soon!

    p.s. it seems the typhoon in SK has simmered down so thank God for that! if you’ve seen the vids fr MBC or other K stations, it was just too hard to watch, devastating is an understatement if you’ll ask me

  165. 165 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    wow wow big news my home page is a uk newspaper the guardian its great cuz it gives me all the world news that I need to hear every day and most of all with zero ads which is great hahaha since a couple of days back the paper is flooded with news of the reigning monarch queen Elisabeth death wow big news indeed but with this lots of things have also been shown that I didn’t know like the love triangle between diana Charles and Camilla and when I read the details it looked very much like any love triangle that I watched in the hundreds of kdramas hahahaha with the only big difference that this is for real not ficticious wow but the big news of this triangle was the tragic death of princess Diana that many said was controversial the other huge headache for the queen was from her 2nd son Edward which was involved in a huge sex scandal with Epstein who died in jail by hanging himself while awaiting trial for sex trafficking accusations and there was guilaine a socialite Epstein partner who is now serving a long sentence convicted for the same crimes again this theme is like Ive seen many times being portrayed in kdramas this cause huge bad publicity to the crown and shame to the queen that Edward ended paying huge money for a settlement with the star witness giuffre poor queen this could’ve been her lowest point in her life which may have undermined her health

  166. 166 : Jinjoo Says:

    Thanks at edg chingoo for giving me an idea I think I’ll use duckduckgo and see if I won’t hv problem posting here
    BTW the prince who was in a scandal is Prince Andrew and not Prince Edward
    This is short bec earlier the one I posted didn’t work again using Chrome

  167. 167 : Jinjoo Says:

    Woah it worked so let me see this one! Re love triangle yes it’s not only in the dramas but in the monarchy as well big news of the Queen’s death may she rest in peace!
    Ttyl chi goos I’ll watch our SHJ dramas now so I can dream about him hahaha
    At Skye am really liking him in Pr Aurora he emerges fr ep 25/26 looking very young and boyish!
    At edg u must be on ep 89 by now or beyond?
    Happy weekend
    SHJ birthday coming up Sept 19th

  168. 168 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo maj-ayo=that is correct
    Naui ohaeyeossseubnida= it was my misunderstanding hahahaha
    The first site I was checking on him had Edward but the site below that had it Andrew and the subsequent sites had the same name also so its Andrew wow the first site I checked had his name wrong so yes it should be Andrew sorry about that
    Oh wow whats happening here is like exactly happening in the dramas hahahaha look at Meghan poor girl she was told not to go with harry to bemoral the place were the queen was recuperating Charles didn’t tell her why but its implied that the queen might get worst if she sees her omg poor girl so unwanted just like min young in secret house hahahahaha huh Omg how would you feel if somebody do that to you?
    And yes am almost in the 90s but today Sunday I must go to lots of places so Ill resume watching tomorrow

    Naeil bwayo=see you tomorrow

  169. 169 : Skye Says:

    I watched Ep 22 – Phoenix to see Seo sing and when he was on Masked Singer. The audience really liked him and so did the panel. Good for him.

    I didn’t watch the 2020 drama of Phoenix basically because I watched the original 2004 drama. With the 2020 drama, there was a lot of behind the scenes problems. The chief producer quit and then another one was hired. The original writer quit and they added a another first time writer. Then the original writer came back and the 2 writers then worked together to co-write the scenes. Two of the actors left. I don’t know why they decided to redo it when the first one was so good.

    The 2004 drama — had really good actors and I loved it.

    Lee Eun-ju who played Lee Ji-Eun. First drama I saw her in. She committed suicide in 2005.

    Lee Seo-Jin. played Jang Sae-hoon. Lee Seo-Jin is one of my favorite actors.

    Eric played Suh Jung-Min. I also like Eric.

    You mentioned you wanted to ask me something but was not sure if you should or not. Please do ask whatever questions you have in mind. Is it RE: Princess Aurora? or something else?

  170. 170 : Rose Says:

    This drama is strange at times.
    When the chairman found out that Sol is Tae Hyung’s daughter, the stupid chairman didn’t even ask “who is the mother.” Like what the heck, I certainly would have asked.

    Also, didn’t Sol ever ask her “who her mother is or where her mother is??” She didn’t even ask when J-Hwan married Tae Hee. Sol is not a stupid girl. None of this makes any sense.

    Unexplained things go on in this drama – I don’t know what the writer is thinking at times!!!

  171. 171 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg & Skye annyeong uri manhi da chingoos (long time to see) Just an hr ago using my cp I got a long reply to you guys but same old story I lost it! It’s more unanswered questions than answers!
    First to at Skye – in PA dramaI was missing a vid about how the 3 brothers sent off their wives to America? I realize their fam business went bankrupt but something just didn’t add up, why divorce them, it didn’t seem realistic at all? However, I love the way these 2 families are very supportive with their own particular siblings the 3 brods are so funny sometimes but I love the way they take care of Aurora eh?
    I don’t recall seeing Phoenix the original however it’s sad the lead actress took her own life, she was one of Korea’s veteran actresses & good at her acting! Re Lee seo jin i like him too in his other projects! The one with our SHJ didn’t get good reviews I believe because of what happened with so many things while it was being made, I read the other lead actor quit the drama & some fans were not happy with that either! Overall, it’s not bad or maybe I’m just oblivious bec of our Seo ha jun? 🙂 anyway i’m quite joggling still with these two dramas & I can’t wait to finish both hahaha Thanks in adv if you can shed some light on my question re the drama PA

    kam sa hab nida next page will be for chingoo edg

  172. 172 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg chingoo annyeong ha sha mmikka? gwaen cha na? re the UK no worries yes that was Prince Andrew & no big deal chingoo! Just wish to clarify that’s all! Which ep are you now? I’m still waiting for ep 101 to be subbed so they say patience is a virtue right? 🙂 meantime am watching & joggling with 2 Seo ha jun’s dramas PA & Phoenix! I had to stop temporarily watching Only Love of his other drama since nobody had subbed it! I don’t think it will be subbed at all molah yeo (dunno know) 🙁
    Anyway, I also used duckduck browser & the other day I was able to post here but today it’s same prob it was quite long & lost it! I know you can cry with me and thanks hahaha
    Local MBC here airing only 75/76 however it gives me a chance to rewatch it & sort of refresh my memory!
    Better make it short before this one won’t post hahaha
    You & Skye take care & tto bo ja…또 보자 (see you again)

  173. 173 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 89 90 91 jin capital a paper company created by the 2 evils is center now its located in hong kong but good that the chairman wont fall for their lies and he wants to get to the bottom of it by involving his lawyer to prove any wrongdoings lets see but it seems this scapegoat hoax will work fine for sook jin a new guys name appeared wei huang Chinese guy and probably is related to jin capital which annie brown is helping ji hwan to figure this out cuz of her business ties in hk good fresh mysteries added and am wondering if he could be one of the guys listed in the above others list wow and there was a reencounter of 3 girls that I was eagerly waiting for finally its here very heart warming and never imagined it could’ve been this way good job from the writer very entertaining and sweet
    Wow good ending lots of small mysteries in a flurry involving chan woo lee dong cheol tae hyung which ji hwan is about to figured them out all of them wow good job ji hwan and jinho the cause of death of chan woo is getting close to be known when jinho found out that chan woo went to the philipines to confront lee dong chong about tae hyung and finally ji hwan found out who tae hyungs birth dad was via a dna test wow and this thwarted my earlier prediction omg this writer is impossible “GOTCHA” hahahahaha

    Changing subjects
    The queen death news is getting bigger and bigger she tested positive for covid in feb tho with mild symptoms she fought it really well cuz she was extremely healthy that probably would’ve killed any other 96 yo woman easily but not her but many doctors believe now that her abrupt death had to do with that infection wow wow and it seems everything is getting paralyzed in the uk I been an avid fan of premier league football for a long time and this is the 1st time that Id seen it postponed for 10 days of mourning no games during this period wow and there were lots of talks that Charles should forfeit his ascension to the throne to his younger son william he is 73 and people believe he soon will not be able to carry out his duties as king going here and there in tantamount trips that could affect his health very badly at that age that will make him abdicate early so better do it sooner than later so they think wow but who will pass up this once in a lifetime chance to be a king even if it will be for a short period so go for it
    HM King Charles III hahahahaha

    At Jinjoo annyeon chingoo you mentioned you bought tapes for first love w/o subs so how can this possibly be if you cant understand anything still did you watched it? Ill guess so otherwise you wouldn’t buy it
    Wow and how much did you understand it?
    Wow this is crazy well this was done in 1996 so probably watching kdramas online was way ahead of those times and then probably much later on when it was available on line and you watched it with subs what was the feeling when you could understand it completely? Wow this is something crazy “neo michyeoss-eo?are you crazy?” hahahahahahhahahaha sorry about the joke but couldn’t resist it haahahaaha omg omg
    First love am revisiting now cuz of lee seung yeon who is playing sook jin here just wanted to remind you that there were 2 incredible osts there cuz they were so sad perfectly adapted for the drama very sad story of a poor family that now that am listening again its making me so sad again one is the dead are dancing by tony childs which it looks like is the main ost of the drama and two is forever by stratovarius both are extremely sad songs which were more than perfect for first love, sad songs and sad themes are the best for me hahahahaha both are easy to find in yt that have live and recorded versions
    Just finished 91 so catching up very fast with you as we enter the final stretch

    Annyeonghi jumuseyo=good night, seeya

  174. 174 : Andrew Says:

    Don’t know what to say about Mr. Yang. How stupid is he to help Sook Jin get pregnant so she could not get divorced. Furthermore, since Tae Hee is his daughter by the crazy woman, doesn’t have the upper hand over Sook Jin???? The way she slaps him, yells at him and orders him around and is so stupid to take the crap.

    If I was him, I would tell her to lay otherwise I will tell the chairman that Tae Hee is his daughter with Sook Jin. She how she handles that??? Why does he take all the crap from her? I know SJ is allowing him to stay on the job so he can be by Tae Hee, but they don’t even have a relationship. In a way I feel sorry for Mr. Yang.

  175. 175 : Skye Says:

    Jin Joo — Re: Princess Aurora — question —

    I can’t remember exactly why Aurora’s 3 sister-in-laws went to America. I remember that happening, but don’t remember the reason. Was some one sick in America??
    I will try to find for you. Do you remember what episodes they left to go to America?? I can try to watch some of the episodes around that time.

    Anyway, there is more to the story with the PA drama, but I can’t tell you any of it yet. Will tell you the scoop when you finish watching it all.

    Also, I am leaving for Cancun, Mexico Thursday for a vacation, so may not be able to get you an answer before I leave. Have to pack, etc. etc.

    You and eotteohge can hold the fort down until I get back.
    Hasta la próxima.

  176. 176 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 92, 93
    Wow tae hyung is in a dire situation the secret of his life is about to be disclosed and he has only 24 hours to do something I have no idea whats he gonna do the only one who can save him is his mom am sure she has a counter hoax the plot is not progressing at all its stuck on lee dong cheol and tae hyung birth secret

    At Skye ayayayayayayayay chihuahua hahahahahaha tekila salute cheers omg omg me and Jinjoo doing all the talking but you are the one who is actually doing it you beat me I envy you hahahahahaha I heard about can cun like its a beach resort with beautiful beaches wow wow mainly for foreign tourists Americans? mainly never been to mexico but always eat their food at restaurants Hmmm yummy yummy tacos burritos enchiladas guacamole dips and my favorite tamales so eat a lot of this for me ok hahahahahahahaha

    joh-eun yeohaeng-eulhada¬=have a good trip

  177. 177 : Jinjoo Says:

    annyeong ha shammika chingoos – hope you’re all well!
    At Skye joh-eun yeohaeng doeseyo (have a good trip) and just be extra careful where you’re going but most of all ENJOY chingoo! O no worries about my question re PA drama, the ep if am not mistaken is either ep 16? or 17? I believe after the 3 brods divorced the 3 wives were sent to US. It didn’t seem to make sense but since the Eng subs are quite poor I just wasn’t able to grasp exactly lols! Anyway, I’m liking SHJ role in here plus his parents are the coolest I’ve seen in Kdrama (parents) I must say! They’re all down to earth & Aurora or Audrey Hepburn as they call her is one lucky girl if she decides ultimately to drop or dump Ma Ma bec she’ll be better off with Seol Suk since he’s an only child, no hassle whatsoever dealing with 3 old maids hahaha I just hope Aurora ends up with our Ha jun ssi in this drama! He’s sooooo cute in his role I can u/stand now why you had to watch it 2x hahaha
    I had to do a marathon watch so I’m embarking on ep 73 next time.
    Again have a pleasant and safe trip to Mexico & our chingoo EDG will man this port hahaha
    See you when you come back!

  178. 178 : Jinjoo Says:

    At chingoo edg woah let me tell you first about First Love drama, nope I only kinda u/stand a bit and just went with the flow of the drama which as you can u/stand frustrating esp the parts where there was some kind of intense dialogue hahaha! However, I persevered bec of Bae yong joon and my curiosity as to how he was in his younger yrs in kdramaland! Did you also notice Choi ji woo was in that drama albeit they never had any scenes together, and who wld’ve thought that someday they will team up in Winter Sonata right? Well 1996 was just way after I was introduced to Kdramas so am not even sure if there was online availability in the 90s where you can watch something like this? I was just lucky to get a hold of the dvd in one of the local stores & it was not very expensive! Yes the Ham woman was the lead & she was quite a beauty eh? The story revolves around the two leads in a way BYJ was 2nd lead, his eldest brod was the one who was crazy in love with the lead actress a.k.a. as evil Ham in Sec House hahaha It’s not one of my kdramas that I’d watch again not only bec there’s no subs but not really one of my favs! woah are you serious about the Osts? i never paid particular attn & I can’t even recall, otherwise I wld’ve searched for them & burnt it to cd & mp3! Now that you mentioned that I’d hv to search YT hahaha You know am mitcheoozo or michin for K songs, I have a whole collection of them once I happen to hear some osts I always have the urge to look for them & add them to my collection hehehe

    Re the late Queen, that’s what we learned that she’d covid early this year and she’s been looking frail ever since! I have mixed emotions I must admit, sad that she’s no longer here but glad for Prince Charles who is now the new King! I may be wrong but in my opinion the queen shld’ve hv given the throne way back when Charles was still younger that way she would’ve the benefit of seeing her son being declared a King! That’s just my wildest thought 🙂 Re Charles’ health yes he’s already 73 yrs old and that’s what I’m trying to say, how much longer is he going to be on earth to fulfill his duties, God willing he’ll be like his grandma who passed away when she was i think 101 yrs old and who knows his mother at 96 yrs old right? I was also a huge fan of Princess Diana, am still sad thinking how she died so tragically, otherwise she would be just a perfect Queen consort not Camilla! 🙁

    woah congrats for advancing your SH watching! I’m still waiting for 101 to be subbed otherwise you seem to be catching up on me! 🙂 it’s getting really intense right? i can’t recall if you told us that you’re watching the drama on netflix? are you? not online? woah i can’t even remember what has happened in ep 91 hahaha
    joh-eun halu doeseyo 좋은 하루 되세요 (Have a nice day) See you later —좋은 하루 되세요 najung-e bwayo

    To Skye tener unas buenas vacaciones (Have a nice vacation Amiga/Chingoo) 🙂

  179. 179 : Skye Says:

    @ etteohge — Re: Queen Elizabeth

    “I heard on my local radio station today (Tuesday) about Jenna Bush mentioning about being with Prince Charles the day Queen Elizabeth passed away. I looked up to see if I could find anything about what Jenna said was on the computer. I found the following article from the “Insider.”

    “Former US President George W. Bush’s journalist daughter Jenna Bush Hager said that she had a “joyful” dinner with King Charles III in Scotland the night before Queen Elizabeth II died.

    “We had a wonderful evening filled with conversation that felt joyful,” Bush Hager told NBC’s “Today” show this week about her dinner with the king on September 7 — the last night he would be known as Prince Charles.

    “It was a lovely meal,” she added

    Bush Hager, a “Today” show co-host, said that she believed that his mother’s death the next day at the age of 96 came as a “surprise” to the royal family.

    Bush Hager was in town to interview Charles’ wife, Camilla — the queen consort who was then known as the Duchess of Cornwall — about her book club in the United Kingdom on September 8.

    “It was going to be her only interview with an American press,” Bush Hager said, explaining she was supposed to have dinner with Camilla on September 7, but Camilla’s flight on British Airways got delayed so she dined with Charles instead.

    “He said my darling wife is so sad [that she could not be there],” Bush Hager recalled.

    Bush Hager recounted how the next day she witnessed “living history” when Charles and Camilla got the phone call about the ill queen and rushed off to Balmoral Castle, causing Bush Hager’s interview with Camilla to be postponed.

    “At 12:30 we heard sort of running up and down the halls and it was her team and his team,” Bush Hager said, noting, “They came in, ‘they said can you please be quiet, there’s a call.’ We were right by then Prince Charles, now King Charles III’s office.”

    Bush Hager said she then heard the sound of a helicopter and she was told the interview had been put off.

    “They said the queen is ill and they [Charles and Camilla] have gone and rushed off to be with her,” said Bush Hager.

    Queen Elizabeth II’s death capped an unprecedented reign on the British throne.”

    I knew she had some health issues, but I was surprised myself when I heard she had passed away. I thought she handled herself with respect for a young girl not expecting to be a Queen suddenly and so young.

    Back in the l980’s my friend and I went on a 3 week African Safari. We were at Treetops where Queen Elizabeth was when her father passed away. We went up Treetops, spent the day and night, and when we left the next morning. But we came down just as we went up, just two normal girls having fun on a fantastic trip.

  180. 180 : Skye Says:

    @ Ryan – Post No. 134

    Yes, I noticed the car Mr. Yang is driving. And I would like to know what kind of car it is also. It is a nice looking. I like the inside as it is two colors, seats and dash black, but the ceiling is white. I saw another SUV in another K-drama w/the same two tone black and white. I like it as it breaks up all black inside the car.

    But what I have never seen on the outside of the car is flashers on the left front side of the car. In the episode when Mr. Yang goes to the Chief Of Police’s house to bring the box of money, he had the flashers on. While I saw them flashing in the back of the car, what caught my eye = there were 4 horizontal lights on the left front fender also flashing. Pretty neat. I have not seen a car like that where I live.

    Why didn’t J-Hwan try to get some of his mother’s coat that was burning by psycho Tae Hee out instead of just standing there watching it burn away???!!! Sometimes I wonder about his brain. He needs to divorce that psycho as she is no help to him what so ever. It was obvious she wa never going to help him, she just wants him to stay closer to her.

    That crooked Detective Ha — money money — how much money does crazy Sook Jin have? She gives it out like running water.

    Now the video with J-Hong’s father’s confession is stolen. How stupid, didn’t Jin Ho and J-Hwan learn from putting the money in the refrigerator in his restaurant??? They need to lock their evidence elsewhere, not in his old office or the restaurant. When will J-Hwan start getting smarter????? Like come on, this gets boring.

  181. 181 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 94 ji hwan has the dna test proof but he doesn’t want to tell the chairman cuz he might not survive the shock and sook jin got tae hyung out of his big problem by involving tae hee and lee dong cheol omg what a mess the drama slowed down a lot revolving on the same thing but the ending was good lots of action on a car that was running wild cuz the brake lines were cut off and finally saw lee dong cheol being put out of action he was too annoying good riddance and tae hyung (jung hun) is showing great dramatic skills am already very impressed from now will be watching only 1 epi/day since I was getting to the latest epi too fast and this will give me time to resume watching all the other dramas that id stop cuz of secret house hahahaha
    At Jinjoo Skye annyeon just finished watching live on bbc news the queen funeral procession from Buckingham to westminster at the sound of drums very somber wow so sad and when they got to her last place of resting at Westminster hall the choir was so sad also lots of dignitaries giving their last respects and thousands of people now will be walking by the coffin for 4 days for 24 hours to say goodbye until Monday last day of the protocols when she will be buried wow so sad

    Joh-eun jam-eul jada=have a good sleep

  182. 182 : jinjoo Says:

    Annyeong chingoos edg Skye I thought you might be in Mexico by now but still see u posting! I’ll start with my latest rant and frustrations watching PA ep 87/88 where Mama’s 2 oldmaid sisters pleaded to Aurora to bring him back I was hoping Aurora won’t badge bec of what these 2 did to her and her mother ro make it short she still complied and brought him back and I was what ? Is she stupid or too nice? I want her to end up with Seol suk or our Sa jun but it seems she’s still in love with Mama grrrh hahaha I can’t wait to see the next ep!
    Next post for edg

  183. 183 : jinjoo Says:

    At edg chingoo re this drama DNA topic Tae hung is so insecure but still thinks he can get away just like his mother! Ham is just as relentless & won’t stop at her schemes!! Super greedy I must say! That guy Mr Yang I’m almost sure will get tired later on or is he really just protecting his dtr Tae hee hence he can’t divulge any wrong doings of this woman? I think you’re doing great and soon you’ll be reaching the ep I’m waiting for to be subbed hehehe
    Re the late Queen I’ve been following it too and the flowe r s and the public spectators is reminiscent of Princess Diana’s funeral when she passed! How I wished she was THE one who’s on King Charles side!
    Anyway am using firefox today which seems to work as opposwd.to when I used Chrome! TTYL chingoos

  184. 184 : Skye Says:

    @ eotteohge and Jinjoo

    Yes, watching Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession, etc. so reminds me of lovely Princess Diana. Unfortunately, being in Cancun, I leave Thursday a.m. Sept. 15, I will be missing all of the TV filming of everything. I am sad about that.
    Even if Princess Diana was not at King Charles side now, I just wish she was still alive. She didn’t even get to see her 2 sons get married and her lovely grandchildren. I guess we don’t become before God in what we want.

    Jinjoo — thanks for giving me the episodes for PA when the sisters went to the U.S. When I get back I will re-watch those episodes. I remember that happening, but don’t recall the details.

    I agree Aurora should have left Mama at the monastery, but…..more drama to come.

    I am 1/2 packed and should be finishing, but had to check something on the computer so thought I would check in here. I have to go to bed early as I will be up at 5:30 a.m.

    I will miss a some episodes of this drama, as it is I am behind the rest of the drama watchers.

  185. 185 : Skye Says:

    @ eotteohge and Jinjoo

    I agree, I remember Princess Diana’s funeral procession, etc. so very well. I was glued to the TV for the whole time. I am missing some of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral proceedings, and I will miss Monday also. Darn I am sorry that I won’t be seeing all of her funeral proceedings. I don’t know if they would be covering any of the funeral etc. in Mexico. I just saw some on the computer of the procession. I wonder what Harry is thinking as he said after the fact about having to walk behind his mother’s coffin. But he was young then, and so much of a shock to everyone, much less Harry and William.

    I wish Princess Diana was still alive whether she was with Charles or not. At least she would have seen her sons grow up, marry and their beautiful grandchildren. She most likely would shower so much love on her grandchildren also. We don’t come before God when it comes to your time.

    JJ — thank you for giving me the episodes of when Aurora’s sister-in-laws went to the U.S. I remember that, but not the details. When I get home I will watch the episodes and see if I can get it together. I agree with you that Aurora should have left Mama in the monastery, but….. more to come. I will be interested to hear what you have to say as the story goes forward. The 3 sisters were to over powering for Mama and too constrictive They never gave Aurora a chance. No matter who Mama would have married they would not have liked her. I believe if Mama and Aurora could have lived with Aurora’s mother or on their own, they would have had a better chance for their marriage to survive. Aurora’s mother was easier to get along with. I love the dog Aurora had.

    I have to finish packing, etc. I had to check in for my flight so that is why I am on the computer. I have to be up at 5:30 a.m. so will go to bed way earlier than I normally do. I will miss some episodes of Secret House also and I am behind other people as it is. Oh well.

  186. 186 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 95, 96 after a bit of redundancy or epis going nowhere this one was good cuz in a final confrontation between the chairman and sook jin they were alone in the house cuz sook jin knowing what was coming sent kwang mi and the helper home early she told him her side of the story which was very credible to me which made the chairman partly responsible for his son death not knowingly of course but this caused the chairman to faint and probably sent him to the hosp with a heart attack she told him that chan woo committed suicide the ending was suspenseful cuz out of nowhere ji hwan appeared at the house calling the chairmans name who was lying unconscious on the floor and sook jin didn’t know what to do I said I was going to watch only one epi/day but cant wait so going for 96 yesssss the epi ended with ji hwan getting closer to who tampered with the brake lines of his car that almost cost him his life with the help of jinho who found a witness that was there in the parking lot of the dna testing company that made tae hyung starting to have a cold sweat hahahahaha

  187. 187 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye & EDG Have a safe/pleasant trip chingoo! Enjoy the sunny beaches, beaches reminds me of our vacationing in Honolulu, Hi with my sister! The latter is one of my favs destination & am sure it’s almost same in Mexico weather wise! Woah you’re up early & chingoo pls gyeonk cho ma sae yo re PA, that can wait ok? Thx for sharing some of the drama’s beauty! Yes I agree, Aurora or Oro ra shld’ve left him in the monastery! I was disappointed in more ways than one for her yielding to the 3 old maids who berated her BIG time when they falsely accused her of leeching on Ma Ma bec their family got bankrupt! I admire the 3 brods as I think I said before here how supportive they were to their only sister! In short, I feel for the mother who’s now left with the dog Dok dae(?) whereas if she decided in going with Seol suk – his mother was even thinking of having her live with them as they have a huge place as she said, but now she’s being left by herself! I dunno I may be wrong & old-fashioned but if I were Aurora I would rather live with my mother & that wld be one of the conditions I’d tell Ma Ma whether he likes it or not! I can u/stand if Umonie (mother) got some of her sons around, but she’s just being left in her place with Dok dae the dog! I have a strong feeling her marriage is not gg to last? just my instincts I’m sure she loves Ma Ma v much but living with the 3 sisters? I think no matter how I love this guy Ma Ma I won’t be able to forgive those sisters, even calling her names unbeknownst to her! I may sound bias bec I love Seol suk or Ha jun but she wld’ve been a Cinderella had she chosen him to be her husb! If anything, he was perfect for him, and have invested so much already, his parents are wonderful & even her mother was quite smitten by Seol Suk!

    Anyway re Princess Diana yes indeed it wld’ve been nice if she had lived to see her grown up boys and their children! I still miss her! It seems so fresh in my memory that day I heard about her death was unbelievable! She inspired a lot of women and she was quite different from the standards that the Monarchy have been following I think! Overall, her death was just too painful if we’ll think about it!
    Anyway, I hope you can update yourself and hopefully there will be some stations in mexico or CNN perhaps will cover the funeral & you won’t miss a thing unless you’re by the beach 🙂
    HAVE A GREAT TIME chingoo!

  188. 188 : Jinjoo Says:

    At EDG the latest ep i watched was 101 & little did I know it’s been subbed for a few days now 🙁 yes about the death of Chan woo this Ham woman caused Haraboji a heart attack! btw as I watched the latest ep I noticed the actress Ham lost a bit of weight & I suspect that someone fr the production or director must’ve advised her to shed some pounds? Or was she just looking over weight bec of her wardrobe in early epi? Not sure but you’ll see what I’m talking about when you reach that epi! Anyway, she herself is not allowed to enter Haraboji’s hosp room there’s 2 guards & can you blame Ji hwan for doing that? She attempted to kill haraboji a few episodes ago and that’s v smart of Ji hwan to do that! You’ll find out as always I don’t wanna spoil you or anyone here so just see it for yourself!
    OK chingoos 나중에 봐요 najung-e bwayo (see you later)
    At Skye see when you you come back & just don’t forget to try their tequila hahaha I myself love Mexican food, to name a few the gorditas or gordo burritos enchilada the salsa they have whewww makes me salivate now! hahaha

  189. 189 : Jinjoo Says:

    at Skye & edg – just one more thing about this drama, I was thinking if we’re in the shoes of Joo hung and for whatever circumstances she want to accomplish here, do you think she was right to marry that evil son of Ham Tae hyung? I don’t even think I can even embrace him let alone kiss him? lols hahaha Well we know the reason or one of the reasons she decided to marry him was for bogsu (Korean word for revenge) but even then it’s like you’re kissing the devil! woah hahaha plus a monster mom in law in tow woah i think that’s too much to bear! i’m happy to say only in the drama?

  190. 190 : e Says:

    At Skye Jinjoo annyeonghaseyo yeoleobun, eotteohge jinaesibnikka?=hello everyone how are you?hahahahaha me and you doing all the big talking about what to do when we visit seoul but she is the one who is actually going to can cun isn’t this funny?hahahaha I think she left already but she said she was gonna be sad cuz she wasn’t gonna be watching the kdramas on tv hahahaha come on “jeongshim charyeo=pull yourself together”, you are going to a beautiful peaceful place wearing your sunglasses and swim suits hahahahahaha and reclining on those long beach chairs on those white sandy beaches in front of you with the big blue serene horizon and of course your margaritas or tekila sunrises on ice waiting for you on that lil table on your right hahahaha “joh-eun hyugaleul gajyeola=have a nice vacation”

    Jinjoo you make me laugh so hard when you said the gorditas or gordo burritos hahahaha cuz first time heard it l left the us so long ago so this is new to me but so funny I understood it cuz of my 3 years of Spanish in high school

    Jaljayo=good night. seeya

  191. 191 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    sorry i forgot my user name in the previous
    At Skye Jinjoo annyeonghaseyo yeoleobun, eotteohge jinaesibnikka?=hello everyone how are you?hahahahaha me and you doing all the big talking about what to do when we visit seoul but she is the one who is actually going to can cun isn’t this funny?hahahaha I think she left already but she said she was gonna be sad cuz she wasn’t gonna be watching the kdramas on tv hahahaha come on “jeongshim charyeo=pull yourself together”, you are going to a beautiful peaceful place wearing your sunglasses and swim suits hahahahahaha and reclining on those long beach chairs on those white sandy beaches in front of you with the big blue serene horizon and of course your margaritas or tekila sunrises on ice waiting for you on that lil table on your right hahahaha “joh-eun hyugaleul gajyeola=have a nice vacation”

    Jinjoo you make me laugh so hard when you said the gorditas or gordo burritos hahahaha cuz first time heard it l left the us so long ago so this is new to me but so funny I understood it cuz of my 3 years of Spanish in high school

    Jaljayo=good night. seeya

  192. 192 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg gyeong jo man about your username, hara sae yo (understood)
    woah i just finished ep 105 & sorry for a spoiler here coz i’m very excited for our Ji hwan he’s the new CEO now so Ham woman evil wicked witch is out as well as her son so i hope Ji hwan will kick them both! omo omo mian hae for now saying annyeong first out of my excitement for Ji hwan! hahaha btw yes we’re both into SK trip but our chingoo Skye must be out in the sun having some tanning hehehe
    Indeed, it seems we’re the only ones talking here most times 🙂 lols without our other chingoo who’s enjoying the sunny can cun!
    Na du (me too) love those burritos & most Spanish or Mexican foods, in other words, I eat anything edible i’m not fussy hahaha! but need to watch my weight of course! hehehe Did I read it right when you said u left the us meaning United States? I did Spanish too in college but lacking practice now except some few phrases! I’m more into you know what of course our Korean language! did you see that I pasted here somewhere the Romanized version of Lord’s Prayer? I’m still struggling to memorize it 🙂
    I can’t wait to continue now watching ep 107, as always mother/son are in cahoots with further schemes they’re both unstoppable! I hope haraboji will be healthier now for the sake of his real grandson!
    Jjal ja yo to you too! *__* chingoos
    jal jinaeseyo – take care

  193. 193 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 97 98 wow I got a big laugh about the witness who saw somebody underneath ji hwans car the day of the accident I LOL cuz it was a big hoax from jinho yes who else hahahhahahaha good job the evil pair is falling big time with this trap and theres another name that ji hwan mom was saying kim jung im a complete mystery but it seems will be carrying the next epis along with the other guy wei hwan from jin capital 
    Yes we need new guys to carry on the drama cuz lee dong cheol is out will not be back hahahaha 
    At the end of 98 kim jung im mystery was revealed now I know who that person is good and the epi end with high intrigue cant wait

    At Jinjoo anneyong wow you got to the latest epi very fast 107 am curious how do you watch dramas this fast or are you skipping a lot? Am only watching secret house yet have my hands full with this so have no time for other dramas I only watch long dramas usually there are about 3 or 4 at the most 2 by kbs 1 mbc and 1 sbs until last year it was better cuz there were about another 3 long dramas in the morning so in total I could choose from 7 or 8 dramas per season and usually watched the best 4 dramas for me but last year all the morning dramas were terminated due to low turn outs so they said which was a big blow for me cuz morning dramas were my favs never missed them am very afraid that they might stop the evening long dramas too but so far viewership is good but in case all long kdramas were stopped then that will be the end of my love affair with kdramas i never watched variety or musical or news or anything else I was only interested in kdramas but am so pessimistic with all these influences from Netflix, Disney etc I think all the long dramas will all disappear in the near future just like what happened to the morning dramas too bad ok enough of the bad news hahaha
    I agree with you how can a person married somebody she doesn’t love Joo hong married tae hyung for interests only but how can they be sharing the same bed wow that’s difficult to understand and also agree with you about sook jin her looks are really bad it must be her outfits they are really atrocious wow and yes like you said she is looking gordita=fat lady like those big burritos hahahahahaha by the way where did you hear those words gorditas which means fat lady but with an affectionate tone but if you say gorda=fat lady that has a derogatory tone which might sound offensive to any woman more like an insult hahahahahaha so keep this in mind (just joking) hahahaha and sorry us means United States and yes the chairman can not wake up until the last epi cuz he knows all what sook jin did to chan woo and he wont forgive her omg omg omg from jajamyong tepkoggi bibimbap soju to tacos burritos enchiladas tekila hahahahahaha omg this is so funny and yes am just salivating here hahahaha
    And you are ok I don’t see any spoiling from you so no problem keep it up

    Joh-eun jam-eul jada=have a good sleep

  194. 194 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg annyeong chingoo gwaen chana yo? hahaha sorry I just used that word gordita coz the mexican store I usually frequent got their menu written as gorditas i’m seriouis so I meant no offense really and I shld refrain fr using that! 🙁 hehehe We’re just talking about how Ham shed some weight in the latest epi i’m sure you haven’t seen that bec she started looking quite slim in ep 105 or 106 I reckon! Ah us means US I thought so, woah so you already left US? Anyway, not to be personal but OK let’s change the topic! yes the chairman landed in the hosp bec of devil woman Ham, imagine her confessing to haraboji (grandpa) that she did kill his son? woah she’s very audacious & I can’t wait till she lands in jail!
    You’re wondering how fast I watched? bimil (secret) no just kidding ‘dong dam’ (kidding in Korean) I usually burn the mid night oil hahaha but since pandemic I haven’t been interested watching any unless I have my dvd to re-watch! however this drama got me v interested and the website I’ve been watching it from gets the credit of subbing the drama ever so fast & the Eng subs are just topnotch so to speak! I may hv asked u this bef but do you watch online also? Or that online is quite slow in subbing? or maybe you’re just too busy that u can only spend very little time right? I must’ve mentioned this prior but with Seo ha jun’s old dramas I’ve been joggling fr one after the other while waiting for this SecHouse to be subbed! The other drama of his I must admit if it’s not relevant in my perspective esp the characters (not his air time tho) I usually skip so maybe that’s one of the reasons I watch them pretty quickly! Also while doing my exercises be it in the a.m. or eve hrs I watched thru my c/p thru wi-fi! I’m also not into long dramas v much, when I started watching Kdramas yrs ago, I recall there’s not v many long dramas & if there’s one it just turns me off, but I guess if it’s a nice one, I can waive that promise to myself! I remember one of the longest I’ve watched was 20 ep or maybe 56 like East of Eden with my other crush Seong Seong Hun hahaha, other than that lately yes I’ve seen longer ones and of course SHJ’s dramas like Princess Aurora as recommended by our chingoo Skye!

    Yes re Ji hoon I was thinking of that too, it must be terrible to be on someone’s room or bed with Tae hung whom you don’t have any feelings for whatsoever, let along hug or kiss him? arghh I don’t even begin to u/stand any of those! Nahhh even I think if I wanted to plan my bugso as in hangul…revenge…I won’t be able to fathom that kind of person! I admire JH bec he made certain that he doesn’t share any of those things with Tae hee that’s very smart of him! Tae hee is just like her mother, she can be very cruel, u must’ve seen that ep where she was saying something to haraboji in his hospital bed, bad things such as even tho she’s no longer his bio granddaughter that she won’t be on his side, etc. along those lines! Mind u grandpa as some say even if you’re in that situation the last thing a patient is capable of is their sharp hearing…she’s stupid not to know that right? Anyway you’ll see in ep 107 that she finally came to her senses that grandpa surely heard every word she said on that day and won’t even say sorry! That’s how evil she’s also like her mother!
    You’ll love to see ep 106/107 but I can’t spoil you or anyone here so I’ll zip my mouth hahaha
    haengboghan jumal Happy Weekend to you , Skye who’s on the beach right now and others here!
    Kod boeb gessseubnida See you soon!
    Joh-eun jam-eul jada=have a good sleep too whichever zone you are EDG!! 🙂

  195. 195 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 99 100 101 jinho is trying to access the pen recorder that ji hwans mom was carrying when she washed out the river the contents are still a total mystery but my guess is that it had to do with chan woo death then ji hwan successfully obliterated sook jin hoax about the document thumb print she took from the chairman while in coma that said tae hyung will inherit all the chairmans shares of wide and tae hee birth father is a total mystery in epi 41 it clearly showed that mr yang was her birth dad but now sook jin said lee dong is her father what a mess I guess the truth will not be known until the last epi so it seems hahahaha 101 was very weird it looked like this was a different epi like an ahead epi that somebody messed up with the epi number cuz all of a sudden the chairman was up and talking without the drama showing any prior sequence that led to his recovery I think somebody messed up with the editing or maybe was a big hoax from ji hwan to mislead sook jin that the chairman was in coma but this also mislead the audience ok we will see

    At Jinjoo ill be watching 3 epi today Sunday that’s my priority for today and 2 tomorrow so I can catch up with you asap to finish this together as you said the ending is getting really good hahahaha

    da-eum-e bwa=see you later

    It seems your Korean is getting a bit complex that is telling me you are doing your homework hahahahahaha

  196. 196 : Jinjoo Says:

    at EDG taking a short brk watching Princess Aurora now as I await the next ep to be subbed chingoo! woah I’ll be happy if you can be at par with my epis, however no rush you’ll make it bec the nxt ep for me won’t get subbed I guess till nxt week! yeyyy you’re doing good in watching hahaha btw one of the reasons also that I really advanced in watching was remember I was off fr work kinda accumulated my vacation days hence what else to do but to watch my Seo ha jun hahaha! Shall I spoil u now with the ep u just saw? The devil Ham wants T.hee to think that Lee dong chul was the bio but really it’s Yang!ooopps sorry mian mian hae yo chingoo! hehehe
    You’re thinking my Korean is getting complex? how so? hahaha I think you’re doing your h/work as much as I do, i’ve been busy watching Kdramas that I’m forgetting my notes hahaha dangsin-eun jaemiissda (you’re funny)당신은 재미있다 ….you notice the letter ‘d’ in hangul is similar to letter c in English starts the sentence with ‘you’ dang shin 🙂

    anyway, all da best in watching chingoo, I can’t wait till we can both chat at same page soon! take a breather ok? 🙂
    da-eum-e bwa=see you later

    p.s. am still unsuccessful using c/p to post here so you just bear w/me as am using my PC right now

  197. 197 : Jinjoo Says:

    at Skye i know i shld not bother you but i can’t help talking to u about ep 123 where our SHJ went to confession & as u know he’s got only 6 mos to live but he was telling the priest that (if my u/standing of the Eng sub is correct bec it’s not really that perfect subs) if he can only stay with the person he likes who is of course Orora, he is ready to die! I get goosebumps watching that specific part! Oh my gosh I can’t blame u for watching this drama 2x, my prediction also is that Orora will leave her Ma ma husb bec the oldmaids esp the 2 sister are very mean to her! i can’t wait to talk to you, shall we go to the Aurora page tho bef we get kicked out here? lols
    ttyl so i can continue w/the epi 🙁 so sad for Seol sik eh? I hope a miracle will come for him!

  198. 198 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 102, 03, 04, 05 last time I checked the ratings tnms had 10.1% for epi 106 and Nielsen had 8.1% for epi 107 very well deserved ratings for the writer the drama is going up and down at times youngshim securities hoax from sook jin fake power of attorney from the chairman was busted by ji hwan and so all other small hoaxes from sook jin are being busted one after another ji hwan is always one step ahead of the evil duo and sook jin knows that the chairman can not be present at the shareholders meeting cuz that will be the end of them so am sure she will attempt with his life while in the hosp and I like the story of annie brown becoming min young very sweet like if nothing had ever happened to her min young omg omg poor mr yang sook jin used him like a punching bag in the gym hahahahaha slapped him not one but three times real hard not fake very real slaps omg hahahaha that hurt
    105 was big epi for tae hee she almost got killed by someone closer to her also centered on the shareholders meeting to vote for new ceo tae hyung is very confident he will get the job hahahaha lets see
    These 4 epi had been very confusing I think the writer is trying to build up the intrigue for the last 15 epis but in a disorderly manner which is utterly confusing me we will see

  199. 199 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo Skye annyeong
    Another big news as I always browse the world news in the morning from the guardian there was one today that called my attention cuz it was from s korea and thought you and Skye might be interested cuz it pertains to women and definitely connected to the media and show business
    mainly kdrama artists the title of this article is ‘My children saved my life’: the terrifying toll of a political scandal in South Korea.
    I was looking for the link but couldn’t find it so its better to browse the paper and find it

    da-eum-e bwa=see you later

  200. 200 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 106, 107 ohhh my goodnesssss great epi if not the best so far cuz after all the confusions frustrations disappointments of the few last epis it all clear up here in the first 10 min of 106 the shareholders meeting
    It just made me laugh and laugh and laugh and want to give credit to the writer for taking me up and down just to prepared me for this outcome it was another “GOTCHA” hahahahahaha I think it was a big hoax from the chairman and also another hoax from tae hee helped by mr yang I couldn’t stop laughing throughout until ji hwan ended his acceptance speech that’s when I started applauding and cheering him loud as all the shareholders were doing it applauding wow good job from the writer and more bad news for sook jin police came to arrest her on embelezzment charges cuz the scapegoat she paid mr kim to take the fall Is now retracting with the help of wei huang sook jin fund manager in hk another big problem for her is that ji hwan found out that the death note chan woo left when he died was not his hand writing that someone fabricated it ok now the confrontations from sook jin and the chairman are getting direct
    full of reproachments but ji hwan will be there to protect him.
    The same with 107 started with fireworks wow with the incredible dramatic performance by ji hwan so mesmerized first time seeing his dotes of a fine actor sook jin said that the statute of limitations is way past over that even if she kill chan woo nothing can hurt her but then ji hwan as a lawyer told her that if theres proof that she harmed chan woo then all what she inherited from him will be confiscated that this is what the law prescribes so he will make sure she will walk away with nothing but her clothes on omg another great epi with these ji hwan scenes that showed how powerful and knowledgeable he was much different from what he was at the beginning of the drama

  201. 201 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg woah Ju ka hae yo Congrats reaching ep 107 hahaha you are at par w/me now in terms of epi lol how’d u make it? hahaha did you do a marathon? how did u like Seo ha jun’s acting in ep 107 stronger right? I loved it when he was really intense in telling devil Ham that she shld stop or something like that I was rewatching that ep the other day bec of his acting in front of haraboji that day and devil Ham was just flabbergasted! I thot clap clap applaud you Ji hwan that woman needs some kinda spanking if you will! hahaha I was very impressed with Ji hwan’s acting in that ep so much so I wanted to rewatch it again hahaha
    You were also surprised with chairman being at the shareholders’ mtg unbeknownst to even Ji hawan that day, I remember JH was fretful that his grandpa who’s not answering his handuphone may not show up but voila…..he was sitting there w/his facemask! Funny how I sorta noticed someone with f/mask but didn’t really pay any attn until when grandpa quipped: I’m here woah so intense & dramatic eh? Yes I agree w/you in the beginning of this drama JH was very mellow, passive & all that, remember I told you how I wished he wld retaliate to Tae hung everytime he grabbed his lapel, I think he’s just saving the BEST for last! Glad to see ratings went up a bit but it’s OK as long as they maintain to be in top 20 we’ll have our fingers crossed!

    da-eum-e bwa=see you later

  202. 202 : Jinjoo Says:

    @Skye I saw in the news today there was a strong e/quake in mexico 7+ something magnitude, I hope you didn’t feel it or spoil your stay there in Cancun! Stay safe ok?
    @edg re the artic you mentioned I’ll try to look it up – did you know there’s South Korea newspapers online? maybe that’s a start? There’s quite a few if you search for South Korea newspapers online it will give you list of newspapers either in English or Hangul!
    Thanks for sharing chingoo!

  203. 203 : Jinjoo Says:

    It’s our Seo ha joon’s birthday Sept 19th which is a day past in SK but in Instagram acc he was surprised by the SH drama crew of a birthday cake & he was elated of course!
    Happy Birthday or Saeng il chuka hae yo
    생일추가해요 서하준 씨

  204. 204 : Jinjoo Says:

    at edg chingoo just finished ep 108 & the ending of ep was really good, devil Ham got the shock of her life 🙂
    did you watch the Queen’s funeral? one station got to replay in its entirety so I didn’t miss any of it & woah it was unprecedented!
    see you eed da ba yo
    wave to @Skye

  205. 205 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo oleenman ine=long time no seeya
    Just read your post about the quake in mex
    Wow that was huge 7+ cuz I know by experience and feel so sorry for Skye if it happened closer to were she was omg so unlucky I completely missed this news cuz yesterday I was busy watching the queen funeral live I did it uninterrupted for 6 hours on bbc luckily Monday was national holiday here and I also did 106 and 107 of secret house did you watch the funeral last day? For me was really good and very sad of course bbc did a great job with cameras and the scenery and the comments and guests were top notch I learned lots of history this is the first time I watch a funeral live on tv I have bbc news and cnn news on cable as well as discovery history nat geo and animal planet from the local tv I only watch the local news and weather there are about 300 cable channels here to choose from but I subscribe only to those six also there are about 20 channels all dedicated to Korean programs from kdramas the majority to variety news talk music politics etc but don’t subscribe to any of those
    Ok I just did 108 and later I will do 109 which is the latest so far subbed and tonight 110 will be broadcasted w/o subs did you noticed that secret house was scheduled for 120 epis but if you check now it says 123 epis which means they added 3 more epis probably cuz the ratings are going up? I think so is now on double digits which the writer well deserved it I heard kdrama writers make about 50K$ per epi not per drama hahahaha so thatll be an extra 150K in his pocket wow when this is over isn’t that wonderful and yes 106 and 107 were great epis especially ha jun performance and yes I want to join you in congratulate him for his birthaday chukahaeyo hahahahaha ok and lastly did you noticed that when you click this site the comments are not loaded like it did before you have to do it manually will this means that there are too many comments already? cuz now is more that 200 not only that but you and me wrote very much lengthy comments so isn’t that the memory capacity is getting to its peak? I have no idea amuteun=anyway, after all, least wise

    Jalja joh-eum kkum kkwo=good night, sweet dreams

  206. 206 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 108, 109 these 2 epis were mainly telling the story of mr kim the scapegoat an employee of wide that agreed with sook jin to take the fall and go to prison for her embezzlement of wide funds for an amount of money and most important the promise of a director position at wide after serving the prison time and released but after mr kim heard that sook jin and tae hyung lost the ceo position at the meeting elections he thought it would be very improbable that sook jin could furnish that dir position after prison so he retracted from the deal and instead asked for a huge amount of money to take care of her ailing mother and her daughter educational expenses that sook jin didn’t have it leaving her in a big dire
    Meanwhile jinho and jihwan were suspicious of mr kim and started tailing him which led to the hosp his mom was interned in and this lead to the whereabouts of mr kim ji hwan met him and asked him not to do the fall and testify against sook jin and this led to the big hoax that you will see at the end of epi 109 in addition theres something going on with joo hong kwang mi and ji hwan mom everytime she sees her she is terrorized about injections my wild guess is that during the 9 years of her captivity sook jin told kwang mi to inject her with a drug that accelerated dementia that caused her deplorable health today

    At Jinjoo annyeong wow finally I catched up with you or maybe surpassed you watching the epis now I have to be careful not to spoil your view hahahahahaha
    You shouldve had watch the funeral on bbc news it was an excellent coverage which anybody with an internet coneection could’ve watch it

    Naeil bwayo=seeya tomorrow

  207. 207 : Jinjoo Says:

    At EDG uri man hae yo long time no see yes!! woah chingoo so happy we’re on same eps now lols! Good for you my dear chingoo! yes i loved the acting of our SHJ ep 107 i think he was really stronger in that action confronting devil woman Ham hahaha! First of, yes I watched the funeral yday 1/2 of which was previously recorded but woah it was well organized what can we say! I can only guess you’re in a commonwealth place where it’s declared a holiday! Re cable channels, I don’t have those channels at all however lucky enough MBC does have it but the SH drama epis are far behind I must say! I’ve watched ep 109 and glad to hear the ratings plus added 3 more epis are just great news! Yup the writers are indeed making good and I believe the actors too per epi! BTW I’m curious, where did you see the latest ratings? I went to asianwiki but it’s not updated yet in terms of rating! Re JH mom yes she’s so scared or paranoid seeing or hearing about injections I can only guess bec she was administered some kinda medication while in that hosp 9 yrs ago, also I hope that JH will get rid of that annoying private nurse whatever her name was in this drama hahaha I can’t stand her artificial voice & over acting in her role! She’s also in cahoots with devil woman Ham & little did JH knows she almost killed haraboji in that hospital bed woah! I can’t wait for ep 110 & mind you after watching & reaching how far we’d been in this drama, I feel sad already bec I don’t want to think it will end soon! 🙁 I’m gg to miss Ji hwan or our Seo ha joon! If you have instagram you’ll see a lot of photos & they gave him a cake for his b/day and he also mentioned that the actress playing Ms Ham gave the cast/crew some treats on the shooting! He was thanking her!
    Oh yes i noticed it too that bef we can post this site asks for us to load comments which like you said must be overloading the page bec of the 2 or 3 of us with Skye! Spkg of our chingoo just hope/pray she’s not affected by no means with this strong e/quake that’s very scary!
    kod boeb gessseubnida … see you soon!

  208. 208 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 110 omg right from the start it made me laugh so hard something really bad happened to sook jin hahahahahaha have no idea how is she gonna get out of it hahaha ok but feels good got a big laugh cuz justice prevail and in the interrogation session the huge amount of money involved was told wow didn’t know it was this big also the name of wei hwan came out again he is sook jin fund manager in hk and my wild guess is that he did the embezzlement for sook jin so he knows everything tho he is in hk but if he gets caught and talk sook jin will have no way out so first thing I guess tae hyung will try to eliminate him and in a very dumb scene mr kim wife was waiting for ji hwan in a completely desolated place on the side of the road with a big suitcase containing one million dollars in cash wow what a dumb thing to do hahahahaha but still is intriguing and suspenseful so now it came all up to get back the million dollars in cash and the pledge mr kim wrote that’s hidden somewhere in tae hyung office with these 2 things ji hwan can send sook jin to jail

    At Jinjoo annyeong in one scene they show tepkoki and wow I had the wrong idea of what it was it was clearly shown it was pasta in the form of med tubes like penne or rigatoni cuz am familiar with pasta is it right? I thought it was that long thick hot dog inserted in a skew in a curvy mode and preserved in a dark soup like and did you see the seollentang soup which was shown here many times which looks like a noodles soup with lots of vegetables in a big bowl that I don’t think I can finish one hahahaha did you see this in seoul? Maybe not cuz you haven’t talk about it huh am wondering how it tastes yum yum hahahaha and the ratings for secret house I got them from:
    this site is called drama wiki and are most complete for ratings cuz have tnms and Nielsen the other sites only have one and here I don’t have mbc or any other Korean network on tv like you guys have all over the place which I was very surprised to hear I can only guess that its cuz here all the Korean programs are on cable which you have to pay to see them and mbc has one channel on cable so that’s why mbc don’t put a channel on tv here like for you guys cuz nobody will be buying their cable channel that’s only my presumption and omg I got a big laugh when you said sook jin and ji hwan deadly enemies In the drama but very friendly outside the set enough for her to celebrate his birthday and give the whole crew a party wow so much fun I wanted to be there hahahahaha seoul just wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahaha

    Annyeonghi jumuseyo, jaljayo=good night

  209. 209 : Jinjoo Says:

    at edg same O same O I was using my cell & the
    At EDG chingoo annyeong ha sha mikka?
    My post didn’t work again earlier here woahhhh i’m really not u/standing it! Spkg to sp 110 SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T SEEN IT! 🙂
    You’re saying how this Ham woman will get out of this mess? Don’t be surprised she’s done so many times so as long as T hung, Yang are present, she will in some ray of hope going to be scat free but of course we don’t wanna think of that happening bec we want her to be punished for al her evil deeds! Re JH in this episode: I was very disappointed with Ji hwan bec he almost got the money that Mr Kim was supposed to turn in to use as evidence for evil Ham and what did Ji hwan did? He got a ph call fr Mr Kim’s wife & the latter is supposed to give back the money as evidence of what Ham did in her embezzlement case, Ji hwan just finished his mtg with the directors or whoever, to make it short, he got a ph call from Kim’s wife to meet JH & instead of listening to where the location might be, he was talking so loud and who heard it? of course Tae hung was hiding by the wall next to the rooms! I mean ok you talk on the phone & this is serious regardless of whether you notice no one is around, and voila TH was hiding & heard the location he was heading! So H sent Mr Yang I believe & the other hooligans & beats the speed that JH was driving to! woah is it just me or that was stupid! 🙁
    Re seollongtang soup nope i never heard of it nor I’m familiar while in SK I must’ve missed something yummy eh? hahaha First time I heard it was from this drama! tteokbokki is what I had in SK at least one of them and like I told you my sister cldn’t stand the hot spicy thing in it! hahaha I did bear with it albeit it was really spicy to the max! I love jjang myeon as one I usually ordered! We also had a chance to sit somewhere in Nan dae mun Market where they make the noodles from scratch & oh my gosh, omo omo it was superb!

    Thanks for telling me about where you found the ratings of this drama I’ll chk it out! Btw I still don’t know where you watch this drama? MBC here are only on ep 83 so can u imagine if I had to wait for them to air the drama I’ll have grey hair by that time hahaha OK you don’t have cable MBC of course like you said who would buy that except a lot of Koreans who would love to follow Kdramas away from home! We have a neighbor she has that cable not sure if MBC or whatever but she’s not friendly & I kinda distance myself fr her, she’s very aloof so I don’t really pay attn to her! It seems you’re so uptodate now watching & it must be online like me right?
    Re SHJ party it was fr the crew as I u/stand the actress just gave all treat for coffee I think but the cake was from the crew, I can only assume that the day of his b/day probably the rest of the casts were not supposed to report or something & fr instagram I just saw some crew not the cast or maybe some were there but just didn’t have any photos whatsoever!
    sol jo roh … good night chingoo
    sin-ui chugbog or God bless

  210. 210 : Jinjoo Says:

    ep 111 spoiler alert!!!
    At edg guess what? devil Ham got away again! yes it must be very stressful for our JH to be dealing with her so often & still manage to find a way! woah! I’m a bit sad to think this drama will be ending soon? it’s been a roller coaster all right but still you get attached to seeing the actors, the way they manage each episode to deliver for us it’s truly amazing! I know I always feel this withdrawal syndrome every time I watch Kdramas crazy isn’t it but am not the only one, I know some of my friends feel the same way! hahaha
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy ep 111
    jjal ja issuh

  211. 211 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 111 wow feels good to be watching the latest epi am just watching this one only after a few hours of being broadcasted in korea with subs of course so since probably am the first to be watching this epi that will give me the first opportunity to spoil things for other viewers huh but no am always careful not to ruin other viewers fun watching this drama but if I accidentally do forgive me ok I always noticed that joo hong
    As the lead fem of this drama had lil to do with the main plot that her appearances were mainly superfluous like as some accessory for the other leads I think even the roles of sook jin or tae hee or annie brown/min young even kwang mi recently had better weights on the plot I thought she would take a commanding lead by the final epis but with only 12 more epis to go I don’t think this will be the case back to the plot which still is centered on sook jin embezzlement unfortunately they needed 2 things to indict her the million dollars and the written pledge of mr kin ji hwan only had one of them which was not good enough the other one was busted by tae hyun and to add more pain tae hyung as an ex prosecutor moved some strings puppet to make his mom set free unscathed wow didn’t expect this so mr kim chapter is over I think next will be ji hwan mom saga of the injections that prompted her dementia I think I was right with my wild guess

    At Jinjoo annyeong I don’t feel am alone watching this drama cuz we are almost watching it at the same time am probably a bit ahead of you cuz I live close to seoul hahahaha of course I watch it on line and am grateful that the subs are ready 3 or 4 hours after the epi ends but that will be the wee hours of where I live so I just watch it fast after I wake up first thing in the morning am probably ahead of you by 6 or 8 hours so don’t try to race with me cuz I will always beat you hahahahahahahahaha just kidding
    Yeah theres 12 more epis left so am already feeling the withdrawal syndrome after this ends not only cuz of the drama but most of all cuz about the exchanged of thoughts that we had here you Skye and me from religion to foods language customs traveling funerals ethinicity etc I enjoyed it very much

    Naeil bwayo=seeya tomorrow

  212. 212 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg…annyeong ha sha mikka chingoo ah! hahaha Not sure if you were ahead or I was ahead bec you posted here at pm hrs & I did post am hrs LOLs at least we’re on same page now! I’m annoyed with that chara nurse hwang mi is that correct as I recall her name was? well anyway u know who I’m referring to! Yes the latest ep woah once again the Ham woman like I said earlier yday didn’t stay long for her interrogation re embezzlement, did you read my frustration about Ji Hwan? How cld he in the world not so careful, having a phone conversation as to where he’s heading & voila that arrogant/mean Tae hyung heard where he’s supposed to meet Mr Kim’s wife & the strategy was spoiled & what happened? Ham was released! yayy
    So in other words we’re both watching online but how come you were not uptodate awhile ago compared to me? I’m still lost here 🙂 Was it just because you were busy? As I recall you were 20 epi behind me a few wks ago but we’re on same page now? hehehe It’s OK chingoo you can beat me I wldnt mind & no worries of spoilers bec it seems we’re the only ones these days yapping here hahaha
    Anyway, I myself am thinking ahead that once this drama ends I’d feel the withdrawal syndrome as I always experience watching Kdramas no doubt! However, I hope we can still come here even if the drama ends (12 ep more left only 🙁 am so sad already) to say anyeong and to update each one of us & Skye which Kdrama we’re up to since this is the only avenue for now that we have 🙂 Yes I feel like we’ve known each other for so long discussing from traveling to SK, foods, places & most of all religion! I hope you travel soon & let us know how you’ve enjoyed SK! I’m so happy for you already! 🙂
    Woah you live close to SK? I was curious the other day about trip to SK & which flight offers a good deal & woah they’re quite reasonable traveling around spring time, but since you live closer to SK you’ll probab have a better deal! I envy you already! Don’t miss Busan or Pusan, that’s a nice place too where you can feast with seafoods if you’re a huge fan of them plus the Ocean awww I
    can just imagine how it would be for you same way we did when we went there! I can envision you shopping at those places we’d been, eating those delicious K foods, the roasted sweet potatoes, visits to the temples, Namsan Tower (don’t miss this ok?) and if you’re into hiking, we even went hiking one day and we started at Dobongsan Mountains which you can reach by subway, t/portation in SK is one of the best, their subways are super clean & you can go fr one place to another just by subway system! Excited now are you? hahaha
    joh-eun jumal bonae Happy weekend
    da-eum-e boja…see you next time

  213. 213 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 112 ok so sook jin is free again to do all her bad deeds as she narrowly escaped from ji hwan franctic pursuit of her now the focus I think will be on ji hwans mom and the mysterious name she was writing over and over in her dementia spells the writer gave very lil clues about her but my wild guess was that sook jin and kwang mi worked together on his mom abduction and subsequently captivity all the details of this big hoax were shown in this epi and it was quite complicated also the merger of youngin construction and wide came out my wild guess is that this is another big hoax of sook jin trying to sell wide and ji hwan with it so she can make tae hyung ceo of the newly created company from the merge of those 2 she is as evil as she can get can not be stopped wow

    At Jinjoo annyeong are you watching this epi? Hope I didn’t ruin it for you I agree with you sook jin should spend a lot of time in jail she is just incorrigible hahahahaha
    I just got your last post a few min back but have to go out now so I will be talking to you tomorrow extensively hahahahaha

    Haeng-un-eul binda=good luck and best wishes

  214. 214 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 113 ji hwan mom confinement mystery still continues it was more in detail than what I thought and kwang mi involvement was more than a nurse giving her injections the new name kim jung im they gave to his mom was all from kwang mi family but ji hwan uncovered all this details I don’t know how but enough to discovered all what the nurse did wrong to his mom
    Annie brown is on top of everything tae hyung do to her twin and will make him pay dearly am still confuse a bit am not sure if tae hyung knows that soli is her daughter it seems he doesn’t know but annie brown knows everything perhaps from ji hwan and the detective is getting closer to who stole the suitcase with the million dollars and he is suspecting tae hyung involvemet

    another mystery appear mr yang had a new name park chul soo first time I heard so have no idea yes this writer is very good at complicating things and make it very confusing for the sake of making it more intriguing hahahahaha

    At Jinjoo jal jinae or jal haesseo=good job, just watched the reencounter of annie brown and soli after she came back from the us (United States)hahahaha where she came back as annie brown not as min youngi when she left lil hoax but very sweet and warm and big credits to the writer for keeping soli believing that min youngi is still alive cuz I couldn’t bare to watch when soli discover that min youngi died and sadly this story will end here but I will really like to see if soli will ever find the truth about her birth mom sad life and death at the hands of her own dad or never know cuz annie brown could fill her void with lots of love and care for her like min youngi would’ve done it until the end, in this reencounter I learn 2 phrases from annie brown 1 mannaseo bangabseub=nice to meet you, and 2 oneul jaemiissge bonaeja=lets have fun today hahahaha I liked them when she said it
    At times it seems you are watching the epis ahead of me but how come cuz me and seoul are in the same time zone way ahead of you and yes anything related to kdramas I watch it online there are very good sites with prompt subs and there are so so sites and theres the real bad ones that send you tons of ads that you can barely watch the drama hahaha there are lots of cable channels but don’t subscribe cuz it cost money and I can only watch what they are showing not like online where I can choose which one to watch and there are tons of programs that I have absolutely no interest in them like variety music talk news etc so it will be a really waste of money for me even for kdramas I don’t watch all of them I can only watch long dramas (more than 100 epis) almost all long dramas are family heart warming which is my genre I only subscribe to 6 channels all English for about 50 bucks a month that I watch everyday local tv I never watch except for news and weather quakes typhoons floods evacuation emergencies etc and what happen to me might be rare I don’t know but when a drama ends I was so into that drama that I have no taste for the next drama and don’t start it after a few months I think it got to do with the withdrawal thing so am always late by a few months to start a drama like it took me a long time to start secret house cuz I couldn’t detach myself from the previous dream family I think it was but if I get well into the drama then start to binge or skip if its getting boring or dumped it if I lose my patience cuz not all dramas are created equal its beautiful now couldn’t past the 10th epi and bravo my life didn’t past the 30th but I think iwill go back after I finish secret house and go from there golden mask didn’t even started and its about to end and the comments are so so so probably I wont be watching this cuz theres only 10 more epis to go so I think to better to start the new one vengeance of the bride after this in about a week or so and go from there and theres a brand new one 3 bold siblings which will start in 1 or 2 weeks this one I have mix feelings not so great I will probably started it in a month but the football world cup will start in a couple of months so I will probably be very busy for about 2 months I will definitely go to seoul next april just checked its about 2 hours 4 min flight from where I live for about 400 bucks round trip which is nothing for all the fun am gonna get at myongdong market hahahaha and if am running out of money I can always go to the saunas and spend the nights there for about 10 bucks isn’t it? I will be thrilled to wear those silly towels on my head with those big horns hahahahahahahaha and yes will go to nansan tower as you mentioned will not miss it and busan which is shown many times in the dramas as a big sea port and its seafood showcased many times and yes go hiking to the mountains will be a great idea but how did you do with the equipment like boots and hiking gear etc did you take them with you or bought it at myondong? Hahahahaha Yes ive seen many scenes in the dramas that when people are in dire bad situations they go hiking to the mountains for soul searching and praying yes I like to go deep into the mountains to those old buddist temples and do my respects several times by kneeling with the elbows touching the floor and with the palms of both my hands facing up to the skys like pleading to god dobongsan mountains ok I will remember it

    Joh-eun jumal bonaeseyo=have a good weekend seeya

  215. 215 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo sorry me again I just forgot to tell you that Ive sent 72 messages so far out 215 omg omg omg that’s about 1/3 of the total wow wow I hope I don’t get kicked out of here hahahahahaha and you probably are not that far behind me omg hahahahahahaha but ive just had big fun here so I don’t mind hahahaha

    Joh-eun jam-eul jada=have a good sleep seeya

  216. 216 : Andrew Says:

    The writer and the chairman are going around in circles. First the chairman wanted T-Hyung to marry
    Joo Hong, then he was firmly opposed to them getting married, never found out why, then he turns around and is agreeable to their marriage. Can they make up their mind??

    The chairman was going to ask Joo Hyung why she came to his house, threw money at Sook Jin and is saying “Tae Hee killed my father.” Of course that never happened, Sook Jin was up to her old tricks of giving him something to make him sleep. So the chairman never asked Joo Hong anything and allows the marriage with no questions being asked. Like really. He is so goofy at times, he just ignores so many things. Like he wants the wicked Sook Jin to get out of the house, but she is still there. She will out last him possibly.

    And how stupid can Joo Hong be to ask her mother if she found out anything about, was it Min-Young’s mother with idiot T-Hyung listening to the conversation. Couldn’t J-Hong ask her mother about it when they were alone? Now T-Hyung hears more about J-Hwan’s father. Wow Wow. Tae Hyung is sucking up to Shim Haeng-ja so he got his hands on her phone to get contact number of the person who knows of J-Hwan’s birth. He has his idiot assistant, who runs to him, not walks, every time Tae Hyung beckons him getting the info on the house and owner. What will T-Hyung now do??? Buy the house and kick the lady who knows about J-Hwan story out of the house or what??

    Typical K-drama, the wicked always find out every thing before the good guys. And the beat goes on.

  217. 217 : Skye Says:

    Hi you two — I am back home – had a great time — weather sunny, hot and humid at times. Had a some rain — you can see the clouds roll in over the Caribbean and it starts raining slowly, but you have to move fast inside as it starts pouring rather quickly. Last about 45 minutes. Some people just stayed in the pool. We stayed at Dreams Jade All Inclusive Resort. Fly into Cancun, then drive to Puerto Morelos They have 2 security check points before you get into the resort area. Very impressive. Flights were packed round trip, and smooth, no turbulence. We drove to Cancun one day and went to the market, etc. and next day to Puerto Morelos – walked around the town, by the water and boats and the markets.

    The earthquake was not near us. We didn’t even know until we saw the news later in the evening. Weather is just bad all over the world.

    I will never catch up to the both of you, you are way way ahead of me. My drama I watch on the weekends is over, so will have to watch them sometime to see the ending. And catch up on this program. I am behind in “New Heart,” also. Airs at 10:30 a.m. and 3;30 a.m. 2 days a week. I should just give up on this one, but not on SH.

    Jinjo — when I get time I will check out PA and post what I find on the sisters on the PA K-Drama site. Let me know what drama/s you will be watching after you finish SH if I don’t get to it by then, so I can leave you a note on the new drama/s you are watching.

    God Bless the both of you.

  218. 218 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Skye JInjoo annyeong well what a surprise to see you back but wasn’t it too short? did something happened that made your trip this short I didn’t expect to hear from you well after the drama ends so well come back for the last 2 weeks left I know you are well behind and it’s a shame that we can not see it together but we will be very careful not to do any spoiling for when you get here right? chingoo Jinjoo? hahahahaha and yes sesang-e=thanks god you were away from the quake site

    Da-eum-e bwa=see you later

  219. 219 : Jinjoo Says:

    At Skye first of, welcome back chingoo! Nice to hear you’re back safe & sound and ready to roll here again! No worries about PA i finished it even though the subs gave me a headache lols It was a bit frustrating bec the t/lation were so bad but I had to figure it out myself sadly! Like you said there were many things in the drama that I wasn’t expecting to happen! I better stop re PA or we might get kicked out here bec it’s out of topic!
    Anyway you can catch up now that you’re back, so many things happened also in SH drama!
    Our chingoo EDG here has been at par in watching w/me now in fact maybe an ep ahead hahaha
    I won’t keep you but again nice to hear also you were not affected by the e/quake in Mexico, we thought about you when we heard it in the news!
    TTYL 🙂

  220. 220 : Jinjoo Says:

    at EDG chingoo hahaha yes i already saw both ep 112/113 but we’ll talk about that later!
    woah you’re all excited about SK trip gosh that’s a huge bargain for $400 return? now am envious of you & to think you only hv to travel about 2 hrs fr where you live? You can travel their every year for that matter hahaha! Yes don’t miss all the ones I’ve mentioned to you previously! hahaha you made me laugh when you ran out of cash you said you can go to sauna & wear those towels w/horns, I really like that in Kdramas it’s sooo cute, my sister had a photo wearing that when she went with her Korean friends but it didn’t happen in Korea, they went to a local sauna 사우나 & they placed it on her! You can add boiled eggs & crack it to whoever is near you make sure you take a photo ok? hahaha Also those fish breads where you can buy from street food don’t miss that & the fish in stick where you dip it in yummy sauce, it’s only about $1.50 but who knows maybe it’s more now! If you’re a coffee lover, Starbucks is everywhere!
    Re hiking, it’s not an extensive one we did, we were just going with the flow of hikers but didn’t really reach the highest peak if you will but along the trail there was a beautiful temple, where you’re welcome to go inside and you know it’s up to visitor/s like us if you wish to bow & say your prayers which I did and my sister was just smiling at me because she never expected me to do (as the saying goes) what the Romans do hahaha There’s only one God as I believe so the image inside the Temple may be different but it there’s no harm if you kneel & pray and pay our respect right?
    Anyway, woah you got 72 posts & I think you got more than myself bec I didn’t start here until later remember I almost stopped watching this drama? hehehe BTW likewise I don’t have any cable subscription it’s just a waste for me bec I can’t watch all those channels and pay so much, thank goodness we can watch online and yes albeit some w/sites are full of ads but if you search for other sites you’ll find one that’s not so bad at all and yes very quick in subbing!
    OK about the latest ep 112/113 woah that nurse is something else eh? They got Kim jung im as her cousin who passed away just 2 days after JH’s mother was admitted and that stupid Mr Yang was also behind JH’s mom’s fateful disappearance and he got an incognito name as Park song chul or something! I love the way JH and Jin ho’s quick investigative reporting just like 2 Sherlock Holmes following every move that Han, Yang, Tae hung and the nurse! I loved that scene where the nurse went to pick up her cousin’s urn & little did she know JH was just behind her LOLs! Talk about detective works eh?
    That’s good you’re able to pick up some Korean phrases from Annie Brown, that’s what I’d been doing since I came to like Kdramas, I write some of the phrases, words and place it in my notebook and it’s really a great way to learn the language! I got so much in my notes that I wld need another one soon hehehe One way also of saying nice to meet you is bangabseubnida or in short banga wa yeo!
    ah you mentioned about withdrawal feeling or syndrome after watching one kdrama, that’s what i’m afraid of happening here at SH! I’m also very picky in choosing kdrama, I prefer dramas that will sort of stimulate my mind, something wholesome and looking at the list of Kdramas now airing I can’t seem to fancy any of them except this one! I must admit I miss the classic kdramas of yrs ago when I started liking them e.g. Winter Sonata, Autumn Tale, Hotelier, Did We Really Love, to name a few! I’m usually not into long dramas but there are some exceptions like this one, and the previous projects of SHJ which I missed watching while airing so who knows after this drama what may tickle my fancy, we’ll sure keep in touch along with our chingoo at Skye!
    At Skey…..Thanks for telling me about PA drama I enjoyed it and at some scenes made me teary-eyed! I miss Dok dae (the dog in that drama). I’m continuing with his other dramas soon!
    Chingoos….I hope we can still keep in touch after this drama and I’m thinking one way is to go to Seol ha jun’s page here on this website! Just look for his name under Actor’s page and voila! I also find soompi dot com a good source for Kdramas and actors and if you have time you can sign up there too! 🙂 Also one other site we can stay in touch is asianwiki, you can also see Seol ha joon and other actors and list of Kdramas there!
    If I miss some of the things you covered, pls bear with me and I’ll make up for it!
    I can’t post using c/p so if i’m MIA or missing in action here, you know the reasons 🙂 hehehe coz I seldom use my computer since c/p is so convenient, however I still haven’t resolved the prob why my post won’t work while on c/p strange phenomenon if you ask me 🙂

    jal jinaeseyo (take care) joh-eun halu doeseyo(have a good day) joh-eun jumal bonae (have a good weekend) chingoos!!!
    da-eum sigankkaji….see you next time

  221. 221 : Jinjoo Says:

    At Skye – not sure if you have instagram but the other day I thought of activating my acc just bec of our SH hahaha He’s got tons of gorgeous photos of him there plus Secret House as well! He’s got lots of fans there too! He’s also posting there himself sort of describing to fans related to he photo itself! His birthday was last Sept 19th and the SH crew got him a birthday cake! You can tell he’s well liked! Just want to update you about our ‘groom’ hahaha If you recall our chingoo EDG made a comment that the two of us will walk down the aisle at Myeongdong Cathedral hahaha
    I’m watching him in Phoenix 2020 he looks really cute & handsome in this drama needless to say!

  222. 222 : Skye Says:

    Jinjoo — see PA on Korean Drama site — I posted an article about the drama.

    Good idea – we can touch base on Seo’s account on this site.

    eotteohge — I found the article “My Children Saved My Life” on the computer. Why do people always have to ruin some one’s life with out knowing the full story. I am sorry to continue to see women still not accepted in some work fields. I was surprised South K – voted a woman in as President and then it went wrong.

  223. 223 : Jinjoo Says:

    Skye – OK kam sa hab nida chingoo I’ll visit that site and yes that’s a gr8 idea right we can still stay in touch on SHJ’s page and even on asianwiki too he’s got his own page there!
    I still have to check that article chingoos so I can relate to what you guys are talking about!

  224. 224 : Jinjoo Says:

    @edg & Skye I just finished reading the article on My Children Saved My Life and wow that’s quite sad that things of this nature happens in that country! I also noticed that in SK they are overly conscious on how a person’s physical attributes are always paramount! I read once that even in journalism career, you have to look good before they can hire you esp doing an anchor assignment of sorts! So some women even though they’re qualified for the job they’re applying, resorts into plastic surgery to have their nose and eyes done just so they can get hired! Like Skye said they had a woman president before but yes something went wrong.

  225. 225 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    Epi 114 good news one more epi had been added so the total is 124 hooray or hurray or hurrah hahahaha don’t know?? Good for the writer with these extra money cuz everything is getting so expensive as we speak And now that Ive reached the latest epi it’s a lil sad cuz id been binging epis on the weekend which got so much fun but this past weekend had nothing to watch so it was boring I thought of starting golden mask but its just about to end so I think ill just wait for the next one vengeance of the bride or restart bravo my life which is also just about to end with the next drama coming up in about a week witches game and a new one just started 3 bold siblings but am dragging my feet to start this one cuz somehow I think am not gonna like it cuz of the genre
    In this epi sook jin and ji hwan confrontations face to face are getting more vile with morbid threats of annihilating each other is getting bit scary hahahahhahaha good thing is ji hwan is driving sook jin crazy cuz he is always not one step but now 2 steps ahead and sook jin can not seem to have answers for him all her hoaxes had been revealed one by one with chan woo death note authenticity getting center stage and first time sook jin said who tae hees birth dad was ending a mystery that was driving me nuts hahahahaha and many unexplained things are surfacing now with its explanation like those anonymous letters sent to the chairmans house that rocked everybody

  226. 226 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg Annyeong ha sae yo…gwaen cha na yo?
    Re SC…yes i’ve seen ep 114 as well and that Tae hee is just like her mother isn’t she? well no surprise Ham’s dna obviously is pretty stronger than the 2 guys who fathered these 2 adult children! Now Tae hee blames Ji hwan for not telling her who her real or bio father is! I hope JH really becomes more aggressive with Ham bec often times I noticed JH will just looked at Ham & not utter a word, even when he’s confronted by this other devil son Tae hyung! This writer is really good & leaves us with a cliffhanger each ep!
    woah really another ep added? omo omo I’m so happy to hear that since I dread to think I’ll miss watching this drama to the max once it folds esp our guy SHJ 🙂 they shld make it to round figure then up to 125 not just 124 hehehe
    Well re the titles that you indicated in your post, I’m sorry to say but none of those tickles my fancy, I prefer to watch the old projs of SHJ to sort of keep up with what I’ve missed! I dunno if it’s just me but the Kdrama titles these days really doesn’t seem to have that kind of impact with me compared to Kdramas of yesteryears, i guess I prefer mostly family drama something that exudes moral values, etc. I’m not also into comedies, just picky I guess hahaha
    wave to at Skye and seeyou both soon!

  227. 227 : Jinjoo Says:

    At edg & Skye woah ep 116 would be one of the best episodes, don’t wanna be spoiler here but you’ll know what i mean when you see it! I hope all the culprits in this drama esp Ham, her children, the puppet Yang and the nurse all spend time in prison for the rest of their lives! What? Ham was so audacious by saying ‘the statute of limitation has expired’ ? She needs to say her prayers if she knows one for that matter! Gosh that nurse shld not be forgiven by haraboji for what she’s been doing and conspiring with Ham all along!
    I sure hope this drama is extended! 🙂
    See you all soon!
    anyeong for now joh-eun halu doeseyo…have a good day!

  228. 228 : eotteohge doen geoyeyo Says:

    At Jinjoo annyeong chingoo, olaenman ine=long time no seeya and yes good thing they are adding more epis but also not good thing cuz after careful examination I think the last one added 124 will fall on a Monday which means another 4 days waiting just for one epi and supposedly the best epi of the drama where the evil duo will get their final punishment probably rot in jail hahahahha that all of us will be delighted to see hahahahaha plus the down fall of other lesser demons like tae hee, nurse kwang mi mr yang we already saw the joker lee dong chol demise hahahahaha and about the phrases annie brown said you were correct she said bangab wa for nice to meet you not what I wrote bangabseubnida I went back to that scene and confirmed and after further examination it seems bangab wa is the colloquial or vulgar Korean form which is what they speak in daily life whereas the one that I wrote was from the dictionaries that I always check there are many dictionaries that I check from online and all them had the seubnida termination cuz dictionaries tend to use polite forms instead of colloquial or slangs it seems seubnida is used at the end of the phrases to denote honorifics or politeness like when you are talking to elders or higher or notable people like doctors teachers priests etc this termination I heard million times in the dramas so that gave me this hint annie brown said it to a kid so there was no need to use honorifics hence it was bangab wa yes Korean language is very polite especially towards elder people

    At Skye Jinjoo related to that article of the woman that was saved by her kids what drove my attention to the article was cuz I thought it was related mostly to kdramas and other show bus since I started watching dramas I had the habit of checking on people that did something good in the drama so I want to see if they had been in other dramas that were good but with this info also come the date of birth or death if they had die and in a quite a few there was a date of death that was sad but more spooky the cause of death was by suicide wow something so hard to believe cuz almost all of them were in their prime or were promising young girls and almost all of them were women so why why why? Then found some articles about this topic that said public opinion in s korea is huge with the advent of computers and social media etc that anybody can say anything for good or for bad to anybody so these actresses that fell out of grace with their fans or others cuz of some scandals they were harassed online something called cyber bullying so much that drove them to suicide so my question was if those actresses would’ve had kids if they didnt would they have save them like that lady in the article also heard that the s Korean gov is doing something to curb this problem and yes Jinjoo you are right cosmetic surgery is huge in s korea that it seems appearances are most important thing for seoulians which I read in some articles that says seoul had become the world capital center of cosmetic surgery

    Najung-e boja=see you later au revoir

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