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A Secret House

Title: 비밀의 집 / A Secret House
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Revenge
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2022-April-11 to 2022-Oct
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


A revenge play in which a dirt spoon lawyer chasing the traces of his missing mother walks into the secret surrounding him to fight the world.


Main Cast

Seo Ha Joon as Woo Ji Hwan
Lee Young Eun as Baek Joo Hong
Jung Hun as Nam Tae Hyung
Kang Byul as Nam Tae Hee
Lee Seung Yeon as Ham Sook Jin

Woo Ji Hwan’s family

Yoon Bok In as Ahn Kyung Sun (mother of Ji Hwan)
Yoon Ah Jung as Woo Min Young (elder sister of Ji Hwan)
Park Ye Rin (박예린) as Woo Sol (daughter of Ji Hwan)
Ahn Yong Joon as Heo Jin Ho

Nam Tae Hyung’s family

Jang Hang Seon as Nam Heung Sik
Bang Eun Hee as Yoo Kwang Mi
Jo Yoo Shin (조유신) as Yang Man Soo

Baek Joo Hong’s family

Park Choong Sun as Baek Sang Koo (father of Joo Hong)
Kim Nan Hee (김난희) as Shim Haeng Ja (mother of Joo Hong)


Jeon No Min as Nam Sang Hun
Jung Hye Sun
Dok Ko Yeong Jae

Production Credit

Production Companies: MBC C&I, Chorokbaem Media
Director: Lee Min Soo
Scriptwriter: Won Yeong Ok


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  1. 1 : Rose Petal Says:

    Info from My Drama List ====
    “A story about quitting being a good boy and chasing evil to the end for the sake of the mother and sister who sacrificed for themselves:

    Oh Good — Seo Ha-Jun is in this drama. He is a good actor and always does a good job.

  2. 2 : Kimac Says:

    Finally able to see Seo Ha Jun new drama. Really.miss his drama since Flower In Prison & Princess Aurora.

  3. 3 : Tulip Says:

    @Kimac you should watch Wanna Taste (2019) it was good

  4. 4 : Christine Says:

    Why all the man have to wear lipstick it’s looks gross….

  5. 5 : farloo khan Says:

    Watch Korean TV Show Queendom 2 (2022) Episode 4 with English Sub Online in HD. Queendom 2 Ep 4 EngSub Dailymotion Video. Queendom 2 Ep 4 release date. Queendom 2 Ep 4 Eng Sub on DramaCool.

  6. 6 : Carlita Says:

    Como es posible q una persona con tanta inteligencia sea tan tonta, ese hijo no se puede imaginar que su mama con la enfermedad pueda tener otro name omg , y actua tan y tan bobo omg

  7. 7 : Carmen Says:

    #6 Carlita

    Dont think the son is stupid. It is possible that his trust and love for his mother is strong enough to blot out any negative thoughts about her to creep into his mind.

    He is intelligent enough to love and respect his mother.

    Every mother would be so proud to have such a loving child.

  8. 8 : Carmen Says:

    Another 120 eps drama. Gave the 1st ep a try, had to give up midway.

    So draggy .. same old same old story and characters .. oh gosh. I’ve already killed the same old villians hundreds of times in my mind already .. imagine how many same old same old kind of dramas had already passed thro my pathetic life. Enuffff !! Cukup !!

    Wise quote : Sometimes no drama to watch is better than a torturous loong drama. Ayuh !

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