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Title: 남자이야기 / A Man’s Story
Chinese Title : 一个男人的故事
Also known as : Story of a Man / Guys Talk / The Slingshot
Genre: Action, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-06 to 2009-June-09
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55


Kim Shin is a man who once had it all. A scam ruined his family and his father’s company went bankrupt because of him. He wants revenge against those who made his life a living hell. Park Si Yeon is his girlfriend who works diligently in order to help him repay his debts. Shin approaches Chae Eun Soo in order to start his revenge.


Park Yong Ha as Kim Shin
Park Si Yeon as Seo Kyung Ah
Kim Kang Woo as Chae Do Woo
Han Yeo Woon as Chae Eun Soo
Lee Philip as Do Jae Myung
Jung Chan Woo as Do Jae Myung (young)
Park Ki Woong as Ahn Kyung Tae
Lee Moon Shik as Park Moon Ho

Extended Cast

Jang Se Jin as Beom Hwan
Kim Hyung Bum as Joong Ho
Baek Jae Jin as Yong Shik
Jun Jae Hyung as Jae Seop
Jang Hang Sun as President Chae
Kim Roe Ha as Director Oh
Park Sun Woo as Danny
Lee Seung Bok (이승복) as Lee Dae Pyo
Heo Wook (허욱) as Kei
Han Song Yi as Yeon Hee
Kim Mi Kyung as Detective Kim
Choi Ji Na as Madame Jang
Lee Byung Joon as Do Man Hee (Do Jae Myung’s father)
Bang Eun Hee as Myung Sun
Ahn Nae Sang as Kim Wook
Jun Sung Hwan as Mayor
Lee Tae Im
Kim Jung Do
Lee Seung Joo

Production Credits

Director: Yoon Sung Sik
Screenwriter: Song Ji Na

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60 Responses to “A Man’s Story”

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  1. 51
    louis vuitton Says:

    yeah right whatz with the end.,

    is their some kind of a Part 2 for this one

  2. 52
    toh quan ming Says:

    I love this drama because it is very touching and nice story.

  3. 53
    sowon Says:

    this is very beautiful drama with classy acting from Park Yong ha and Kim Kang Woo..the open end was very smart..i would have wished for part 2 but with Yona absence ,I can`t imagine it..however,it is really deep drama..discusses the concept of evil,revenge,love and the power of media..however,it proves that thousands of eggs can really beat a rock..I love this drama!!and i am in love with Kim Shin(Yona) a great man who tries to protect his people..he does mistakes yet he always learns to be better man..it is a pity that Yona didnot get such a lesson but i don`t convict him or accuse him..just blame out of love..and moan out of pain..

  4. 54
    jamie Says:

    In this, and in so many other korean series, it would be helpful to understand its Spanish translation, re-translated from English. It is so poor!! Not to say the timing of the subtitles. On both accounts, one cannot really understand fully the story. Also in common is the presence of the Catholic Church, though understandably since the money comes from it to some significant extent. It simply does not fit into the Asian culture. The East is not the place for Catholism to seek refuge from the West.

  5. 55
    List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Days, Falling in Love Days A شاهدته مخيب للامال   A Love To Kill A Man Called God A Man’s Story A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House Aeja Eonni Minja Air City All In All My Love Alone in […]

  6. 56
    Jayson Says:

    I’m so into this series!!! It’s so fun to watch. I even forget sometimes that the lead guy already passed away in real life. 🙁 BTW, i created a facebook page for this series so please “Like” it if you like this series thank you. Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Slingshot-Story-of-a-Man/206526879373301

  7. 57
    JJ Says:

    I watched this drama because of Park Si Yeon. Even though she is one of the leads & on the poster. Her character seem secondary to Han Yeo Woon. I wished her character would have more of a spice. More memorable. More chemistry & scenes with both male leads would have been better as well.

  8. 58
    elijavier Says:

    very interesting and entertaining. love to watch this series

  9. 59
    Hanako Says:

    One of the good action movie, full of revenge and criminal act. Poor thing that the actual main actor died in real life, but I am sure many of his fans will remember him..he is one of the good actors somehow

  10. 60
    Mr t Says:

    This series is the best,please can any one tell me what happened,in the end?as mine was not complete

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