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A Love To Kill

Title: 이 죽일놈의 사랑 / I Jukilnomui Sarang / A Love to Kill
Chinese Title : 这该死的爱情 / 这该死的爱
Also known as: Ijuksa / This love I want to kill/ The Love of Death / Detestable Love / Knock Out by Love (KBS World)
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2005-Oct-31 to 2005-Dec-20
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


In A Love to Kill, Bi (Rain or Jeong Ji Hoon) plays a tough guy as the role of a K-1 Fighter, Kang Bok Gu. Bok Gu is a character who is dynamic in nature and grew up in a foster home. He falls in love with a woman whom he should not love. It was because of the woman, his emotionally-wounded brother fell off from the rooftop and became a human vegetable. So, his love is forbidden and inevitably tragic.

The woman is Cha Eun Seok (Shin Mina) who is a TV talent and movie actor. It was not that she jilted his brother on purpose, but upon a basis of misunderstanding, his hatred toward Cha Eun Seok grows more and more burning.

By becoming Cha Eun Seok’s private bodyguard, Bok Gu keeps concretely practicing his revenge upon her. He only desires ‘to bring his brother’s woman to her knees.’ He is gradually taking Cha Eun Seok to destruction, while he feels his love toward her growing deeper and deeper in his heart.

Bok Gu is a cold guy character without any special concern for woman. Martial art of hand-to-hand fighting was just kind of his escape he choose from the shock of a spinster’s death whom he loved from a distance.


Bi as Kang Bok Gu
Shin Min Ah as Cha Eun Seok
Kim Sa Rang as Han Da Jung
Lee Ki Woo as Kim Joon Sung
Kim Young Jae as Kang Min Goo (Bok-ku’s older brother)
Joo Min Soo as young Min Goo
Na Yoon as Park Mi Sook (Bok-ku’s roommate)
Kang Rae Yun as Choi Mi Sun
Park In Hwan as Eun Suk’s dad
Yoo Hye Ri as Park Ja Kyung (Eun-suk’s step-mother)
Lee Min Hyuk as Cha Jae Suk (Eun-suk’s younger brother)
Kim Song Hee as Cha Yoo Na (Eun-suk’s younger sister)
Ji Sang Ryul as Tae Choon
Yoo Jae Keun as Sung Jin (Eun-suk’s road manager)
Kim Kwang Min

Production Credits

Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Director: Kim Kyu Tae
Script Writer: Lee Kyung Hee
Music: Choi Sung Kwon

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  1. 1 : Jasmin Says:

    keep it up!!!!
    i love this drama…

  2. 2 : sixteen Says:

    so how did the story ends?

  3. 3 : sixteen Says:

    How did the story ends?..
    Did he go for love or did he go for his revenge?

  4. 4 : Lorena P. Says:

    Outstanding!!!It almost made me cry!!!

    Did his brother (Kang Min-joo) die?

    Is this a happy ending?…

  5. 5 : Theresia Says:

    oh, my god. i really luv this drama. i couldn’t understnd in the end. are both of them (bok-ku and eun-suk) die?? how come??

  6. 6 : Endah Says:

    i like this drama CHA EUN SUK + KANG BOK GU is BEST COUPLE he …. he …. he ….

  7. 7 : anty Says:

    oh my rain, you are my first love forever and always. i am anti will waiting you to come to my country, in indonesia expecialy in medan

  8. 8 : lina Says:

    oh my good rain so cute,,
    i luv him so

  9. 9 : yayan Says:

    Although at d beginning this drama made me confused but i luv d conflic. I hope it has a good ending.

  10. 10 : ray Says:

    the soundtracks r cool

  11. 11 : Ci_phie Says:

    I can’t stop crying. This drama make me sad. But i Like this drama.

  12. 12 : ms y Says:

    Must see! Don’t miss it! One of the best drama acted by Rain.

  13. 13 : Shai Says:

    They both die. Rain thought Shin Min Ah (sorry forgot their character names) is dying so he took off his jacket and put it on her and kept her warm by rubbing his hands on her cheeks, her body, etc., but he eventually thinks that she’s dead and he dies with her. Because of Rain’s warmth, she was revived (she was only unconscious), but decided to die anyway. Weird.. but well.. kind of like Romeo/Juliet.

  14. 14 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    There’ s Only One Word for this Drama


    The soundtrack, the story, the acting, all about this movie…!!

    Rain is one of The best actor i ever watch…!!

    And of course he is the one and only in my heart :”>

    I really can’t wait for his new Drama..!!

    sarangheyo Rain….!! :-* :-*

  15. 15 : Rin Hee Says:

    I Really like this drama….
    ecspecially Lee Ki Woo….
    so cute…
    I love him,,and the soundtrack also good….

  16. 16 : Oty Says:

    the first episodes were really confusing for me. it was intense drama but in a touching way. plus you just can’t help but appreciate their acting (and rain’s good looks!) the twist in the end was kind of cool becuasse it leaves the audience guessing. it’slike you make your own ending whether they both died or not.

  17. 17 : RedAlf Says:

    truly the one drama that impounds much of its essence.
    wouldn’t recommend it to the broken-hearted.
    cried so much during its 16 episodes. especially the last few ones.

    what is love?

  18. 18 : zaxxy Says:

    i do love bi (rain)..he so cute…
    but i do love all da songs in dis drama ever

  19. 19 : syira_rain Says:

    i love u rain.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4 ever!!!!!!!!!!
    u r my 1st love ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20 : syira_rain Says:

    rain my 1st love ever!!!!!!!

  21. 21 : Decie Says:

    I love rain so much!!!

  22. 22 : Decie Says:

    I love rain so much

  23. 23 : Stacey Says:

    i love this movie its so awesome!

  24. 24 : sarangyou Says:

    It’s THE most memorable Korean drama series I’ve ever seen to-date. Rain and Shin Min-ah’s acting were awesome. It’s a must see drama for all.

  25. 25 : Viv Says:

    The saddest love story ever!!!!! Cannot stop crying myself. Love all the sountracks. Trully A Love To Kill…..

  26. 26 : Kaying Says:

    one of the best drams…even though this movie is sad and gloomy…

  27. 27 : audioa Says:

    music, words and scenes that will leave still in your mind and heart…

  28. 28 : Starz Says:

    love rain & shin min ah!!! fabulous act. ur guys r awesome!

  29. 29 : jenny Says:

    this drama is SOOOO GOOOOOD. i remember being sad after finishing it because i wanted moreee! BI/RAIN IS SO HOT IN THIS DRAMA. it’s the ferkin hair style too. haha.

    a drama of sad misunderstandings…

  30. 30 : Bunk Says:

    I love Bi, and I love watching him in dramas. He played a great bad guy. What a mug! The actress was entrancing, too. I think they both did as much as they could, and acted to the best of their ability – with the content that was given.

    It was so frustrating to watch, though! Though I thought it a little ridiculous that the brother would walk right off a roof, I was still gripped by the beginning episodes. But the latter episodes were just too unbelievable and frustrating for me to enjoy them on any level. That Bi’s character refused to let himself be with her, even though it was his brother’s dying wish – was absurd. Not founded at all. And whenever a lead character commits suicide because they can’t live without the other, it makes me lose respect for the writers. I feel it’s a cop out.

    In one of the last episodes when they were having their farewell date, and were asking each other all these little questions, it made me realize that she didn’t know him well at all during most of the series! How could she have been in love with him? He never let her see his real self until the end. And he was volatile and angry and unpredictable all the time.

    Yet overall for Bi fans, this is worth the watch. He is amazing in it. He really is. He did a great job with the role they gave him. He plays a fantastic thug.

  31. 31 : Cathy Says:

    This drama just reeked.

  32. 32 : SUNAMMA Says:


    LOVE YA rain

  33. 33 : bbyron Says:

    Hi there,

    RaIn he’s Marvelous actor and has a gorgeous body too no wonder all the girls crazy bout him. The most I attract with him he is so down to earth person when I saw the CNN interview for one of the most beautiful people. Can you please make more drama with all the beautiful actress Lee da Hae, Song Hye Gyo (full house) they look fantastic, Yoon Eun Hye, Park Han Byul and Moon Geun Young. My two favorite top actress with angelic face “Lee Da Hae and Song Hye Gyo”. Pls stay healthy and be safe!! from california

  34. 34 : peony Says:

    I love Bi Rain, too. This drama is so great, but very sad that sometimes I wish I hadn’t seen it.
    But it’s really wonderful, love Bi so muchhhh!! :X:X:X

  35. 35 : rs3y Says:

    don’t watch this..really sad….

  36. 36 : shinji Says:

    This Is one of fav dramas. i agree it was incredibly frustrating to watch but i hearted the transformation of the characters. BTW no one commits suicide, tho the ending was somewhat abrupt and made me cry. this drama made me like Bi More

  37. 37 : thooru Says:

    a must watch drama…

  38. 38 : dramafanatic Says:

    I did not like Rain in “Full House”…..but I changed my view after watching this drama. This is one of the best drama I’ve seen. Acting by both leading actors were superb!

  39. 39 : melody Says:

    I dont like this show but I like the song.

  40. 40 : MyWildestDesires Says:

    OMG rain has very good acting skills in this drama ! he cries,smiles and gets scared or even embrassed naturally not like the other actors who actually acting rather than doing their part.

    his VERY also GOOD LOOKING when he becomes a body guard ! LOL

    btw im a bi fan ! =D

  41. 41 : Luna Says:

    I usually avoid sad dramas, but I watched this because of Rain. I loved the drama and the soundtrack is so beautiful. It made me cry more than Winter Sonata. It is now one of my favorite dramas, together with WS, Hotelier and Sea God.

  42. 42 : jusanothergirl Says:

    the story end with both of them dying together…. it’s sad………….

  43. 43 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    I watched the first part and it seemed pretty interesting..

  44. 44 : sollee Says:

    it was one of the best korean dramas ever made…the lead actors shin min ah and rain gave impressive performances…the supporting actors did their best as well..the story was kind of sad yet it gave love a greater meaning…the chemistry between rain and shin min ah was awesome..the drama is highly appreciated because of its superb acting and great story……
    Keep up the good work!

  45. 45 : bumble bee ~ Says:

    i didnt really like this one, it seems too sad but i did like Bi in full house. wasn’t his real name jung ji hoon? oh well, the drama was good but made me cry v__v

  46. 46 : tess Says:

    definitely a love to kill was named best drama series of 2006 asian tv awards because it was a well made…well acted…drama series…it left a great mark on bi and min ah ‘s good performances…the drama received praises even by critics who seem to be aloof because of being part of the politics of showbiz and even by good crtitics who do not have ulterior motives…congratulations to “a love to kill”…

  47. 47 : nhunu Says:

    i very love this drama. Alur ceritanya beda dari yg lain. RAIN I LIKE n’ Love U . Shin Min Ah Your SO Cute. Sy Penggemar berat Drama Korea Selamanya…………………….
    Korea tunggu kedatangan Sy di sana.
    N’ bwt penggemar2 Drama Korea Salam Kenal dari Nhu2…..peace…..
    SARANGHEO smuaaaaaaaaaaaa….

  48. 48 : jowie Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa… i rily2 hate the ending of this movie… it’s awful you know…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT SWEET….

  49. 49 : Sky Says:

    I love Rain…

  50. 50 : Moon Says:

    I like this movie very much…

  51. 51 : Sky Says:

    I like this movie and Rain very much…

  52. 52 : tess Says:

    i hope shin min ah and rain would do another drama in the future..both are great actors…from a love to kill fanatics..

  53. 53 : peter Says:

    i really dont understood the end, i think bok gu and cha eun shuk dead??? i dont know, this conversation at the end, is the final one before they dead?? or maybe they are talking in heaven?? or maybe at home jaja please give me your opinions thanks

  54. 54 : jl55 Says:

    i didn’t get the end of this story. some say that they both died then others are saying that they both lived and had a child?? which is the ending???

  55. 55 : yatani Says:

    sympathize with you guys!! i’ve watch the ending like 3 times and i cant be sure what really happens!! plot is good and the acting is superb!! but being a filipino i cant see the reason why they cant be together! well probably in korea this was like incest i guess, but a pity really because the story could have been better. RAIN is a superb actor. he can stir deep emotion aside from the usual korean stereotype character which is cute, lovable and arrogant.

  56. 56 : MyWildestDesires Says:

    At first wen i watched this shin min ah was annoying but as the story progresses her acting skills were noticeable and it was better i gess? LOL Oo”

    and as always Rain is the HOTT i mean ijuska hair+specs+tux= PRICELESS AND MAJOR DROOLAGE !!

    plus the kissing scene ..i was SO JEALOUS ! Lol waht was rong was she juss vomited too X.x. Ew. LOL


  57. 57 : cori Says:

    just finished watching for the second time… and this drama still give me a deep emotion when i watch it… Really love Bi and Shin min ah…

  58. 58 : pandabear104 Says:

    well i didn’t watched the drama but was intersested to know the ending. so…..i kinda skipped everything and watched it. man it was sad. it actually made me cry. ohh and by the way first of all rain did die in the end but she was still alive. but she didn’t moved and in the end both characters died. that is my though because rain droped his hand representing his death and she opened her eyes for like three seconds and closed them representing her death. okey…

  59. 59 : Karma Says:

    Another gr8 act by Rain really good series ive watched it like 3 times
    The story is good but the ending was not satisfying

  60. 60 : Titiek Says:

    I like this series very much. Shin Min Ah was beautiful in that series. I am jealous. I wanna to be like her. Hehehe…
    But, I hate the ending….

  61. 61 : kim g Says:

    i loved this series!! everytime i saw the ending i cried which was like 50 times!! the last episode was the best out of all of them i personally think but the end end was just horrible and unexpected!!! it brakes my heart whenever i see it!!

  62. 62 : Pouwz Says:

    good job…i give 3 star for this movie

  63. 63 : fsg Says:

    the ending was crap n the movie was alright n wat happened to the gurl tht liked rain for like 8

  64. 64 : lantana Says:

    i think this drama ending doesnt really interesting. rain and shin min ah not a match couple. sad ending????

  65. 65 : trooper5 Says:

    this full story line suck
    too complicated , and does not make any sence

  66. 66 : ila Says:

    this is the sadness korean drama i”ve ever watched.but i’m not very like the ending.

  67. 67 : Nana Says:

    very touching drama .. didn’t like the ending though .. I wanted them to live with each other happily ever after epically that the brother gave his blessing .. but very nice and good drama!!

  68. 68 : Bernadeth Says:

    Though this drama has been shown few years ago and it was a very sad ending with a very nostalgic setting,yet it leaves us the great lesson in life that this story has been reminding us…and that is to fight hatred with Love! let our Love be shown and be felt by others so that we can change the world into a world worth living for!… 🙂

  69. 69 : HannyBae Says:

    Hate & revenge are not worth it! It just give someone pain more and more. Nice drama.
    Bi’s not only have a nice body but also can act.

  70. 70 : krishy Says:

    so dramatic!tsk2!

  71. 71 : Place Law Project Says:


    It is a good work of art

  72. 72 : Place Law Project Says:

    a work of art


  73. 73 : yellow moon Says:

    It was so sad to watch the end of the story. My heart was still shock when I think about it. So sad that this happen to both of them. I wish they can live together just like a normal couple . Oh, Rain was so good act in the movie.Fantastic.

  74. 74 : joymarivic05 Says:

    i had a copy of this drama but still i didn’t like the flow of the story.. (no offense to all of you) all I know is, I bought a copy because of RAIN.. =P

    you guys can also “Let’s go to school, Sang-doo”..it’s a nice romantic comedy drama because Rain’s character is played as a Gigolo and he’s very funny when he becomes a gigolo.. i’m sure you’ll love it.

  75. 75 : mimi Says:

    this story is a best story that i has watched.. if this story in the morning is much better..!!!!!!

  76. 76 : kay Says:

    u guys can say what u want to say but clearly we all doesnt understand the ending of this drama……..

  77. 77 : farriza Says:

    i loved d plot!

  78. 78 : athena Says:

    rain…is a good actor!!!!sarangi

  79. 79 : brian lee Says:

    i love the ending so much, such an art, they both died without purely sharing their love while still living in earth.so sad..its really hard to pretend that you dont love someone where in fact that you really do…for at least theres a second life in heaven…i like tragic stories, its more romantic…

  80. 80 : brian lee Says:

    [plus there acting was really amazing, its has feelings, they really suit themselves with their character…it did caught my emotions…It should be the best artistic drama…

  81. 81 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    C’est vraiment un des meilleurs drmams que je n’ia jamais vu!
    It’s on of the best dram i’ve ever seen!!!!!

  82. 82 : Holly Says:

    I thought it was quite interesting. Rain’s acting skills is quite good.. but the ending was quite disappointing how they both died but that’s my opinion.

  83. 83 : kicko_tee. Says:

    bok-gu died but not eun-suk. very tragic ending. X___X

  84. 84 : claire Says:

    i love this k drama!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!^_^

  85. 85 : claire Says:

    bi is so good in this drama! sry i forgot to paste in on my 1st comment hehehe*_*

  86. 86 : Goody Says:

    Rain…..omg..you are the star…..

  87. 87 : tania Says:


  88. 88 : sad_me Says:

    wow…the story is really sad!! but i didn’t like the ending. I really wasn’t expecting it. I mean. totally, they can both live happily ever after as a couple, now that bok-gu know that eun-suk live sadly with him gone…so heartbreaking when they both died..I still can’t accept it!!

  89. 89 : SUHAIDA BT AB AZIZ Says:

    sad…. i like star in the drama

  90. 90 : Maki Says:

    When i first heard about this show i REALLY wanted to watch it, but it seem’d too sad so i didn’t wanted to watch it, and for a loong time. i just watched some other dramas.

    But when i finally got my self together i did watch it, and let me say i regret not watching it sooner, i know it was REALLY damn sad, and i CRYED LIKE A BIG BABY, but the story line was sooo good, the actors were amazing and the ending,

    Everyone is saying loved the show, hated the ending.

    Yes it’s very sad that they died, but atleast they died together!
    And that is what the ending was about, if they couldn’t live together they had to die together! And that is something really amazing!

    Really great show, good job!!!!!
    Loved it, one of my favorite!!!

  91. 91 : springtide Says:

    can anyone please tell me what is the name of the soundtrack??please…

  92. 92 : @QU Says:

    actually, i’m not finish watching this drama yet..but from what i have watch so far this drama have an interesting story line that will attract people to watch it until the end.

  93. 93 : sollee Says:

    hello fans of a love to kill..if you wish to have the soundtrack of this great drama you may upload it at myspace music..tnx everyone..

  94. 94 : marimil Says:

    after watching some of the popular korean drama series, this is by far the best. it may be tragic but it is in itself a very beautiful between a man and a woman who are reluctant to love each other because of unwanted circumstances. i was so impressed with shin min ah’s effortless acting here as well as that of lee ki woo and bi (although bi tends to over act in some scenes but who cares?). she has gone a long way from the spoiled sister of lbh in beautiful days. amazing. she can be as astonishingly sweet and innocent and lovely and pitiful and stubborn and bitchy at the same time. she was so endearingly beautiful in all her scenes especially when she cries silently and looking at rain in that lovely eyes of hers. who says there is only one choi ji woo? me thinks that she is even better than cjw. i love every scene that the two leads are together. they can make you laugh and cry at the same time. but i love to hate the character of rain here when he is hurting shin min ah emotionally and pity him the more when i see the pain in his eyes.

    this is one korean drama that really got into my heart. so sad and yet so enchantingly beautiful. i hope shin min ah and rain will be together again in a drama series but i hope this time it will have a happy ending.

  95. 95 : zaza Says:

    I love this love story so much… Rain, chayoo…..aja-aja,fighting!!!

  96. 96 : CS Says:

    A boring drama compare with Full House.
    Rain the main actor acted very good in Full House.

  97. 97 : Poppy Says:

    LAME…too tragic and devastated for me..
    but rain’s acting in this movie’s 2nd best after full house.his soooo damn cute and his body is so bodylicious..

  98. 98 : is Says:

    can anyone tell me if the two lending stars will do a drama together because i would love to see them they have such a great chemestry together. i like the girl actress more than i do with Bi/rain i just thing he is too much full of himself sometimes

  99. 99 : is Says:

    i can’t stop watching am addict to this

  100. 100 : hib Says:

    if any one is interested in korean drama i would really recomment this
    a love to kill. isn’t it funny what the title is i thing they shoud have came about the better title

  101. 101 : hib Says:

    i’ve got a question when they both die and they are in the next world who does the girl chose. which brother would get the girl huh^^

  102. 102 : Lumi Says:

    In response to HIB.

    I believe that the girl would choose the Rain character in the afterlife since she fell in love with him eventhough she was “reunited” with her first love (Rain’s brother) and took care of him. The brother realized this and decided to let her be free from her “moral obligation” towards him.

    The ending, though sad, sent the message that their love was impossible in this life.

    This is an ecellent drama in the sense that months after having watching it and after seeing many other ones, it is still fresh in one’s mind.

  103. 103 : jackie Says:

    i like rain because i like his music drama

  104. 104 : gwapotalaga Says:

    i watched this series because i saw the trailer from youtube. although i finished the series, i didnt like it.

  105. 105 : Reza Says:

    keren banget..
    rain bisa akting dalam hal yang berbeda
    romantis and action..!!!

  106. 106 : HannyBae Says:

    I hope I can have a bodyguard like Bi ^;^

  107. 107 : kim Says:

    this drama touched my heart dearly. the actors had such a stronge chemistry together that i felt like they were really going through this and i even once forgot i was watchin a show. This show is the best show i’ve ever watched in my entire life!!!

  108. 108 : Janette Says:

    WOW!!…that’s all i can really say…to love that deeply…I envy that

  109. 109 : kirin mf Says:

    well in this story the ending is unpredictable and has a good storyline
    love it .actually love the hero hehehe……

  110. 110 : divi Says:

    The story sucked.. it was just copied from MISA. Rain as an actor wasn’t bad, but the female lead and another male lead were really painful to watch except the last episode. They shouldn’t have cast Rain for the role, I mean I wans’t sure whether I was watching bokku or Rain except the very beginning and very ending of the drama. The drama is a failure cuz they just made long promotion clip for the Rain as an entertainer. I hope Rain be really considering what drama he’d pick next time.. It doesn’t matter his name value, the strong plot line and real acting skills of other casts.

  111. 111 : ceci Says:

    If you haven’t watched ‘I’m sorry but I love you’, you may enjoy watch this drama more than others who watched it. There were some good moments in the drama and I totally understand that Rains’ fans probably enjoy watch this cute hunk. I mean that was only reason I watched this drama. I think it’s either bad script or ability of actor/actresses to pull out the plot. No, scrap that… it’s not the problem of casts, the plot line just SUCKED.

  112. 112 : Goong Ju Says:

    Not too bad, enjoyed Rain’s acting.

  113. 113 : lea Says:

    rain is wery hotttt and i love him . he is a very good actor and a good singer.

  114. 114 : Wh0knoz Says:

    it’d odd to say this but: i actually enjoyed this drama. And i think the OST (particulary the instrumentals) is great!

    when i think back of this drama the first thing i recall are the faults. the storyline, the inconsistent (if not draggy flow)…yet inspite of this the show was able to leave a memorable…a favorable impression on me. If a drama is able to shine in spite of its flaws then that should mean something!

    ps. i also didn’t like Rain in Fullhouse, but after seeing this i decided to seriously give him a chance~*

  115. 115 : lea Says:


  116. 116 : savin Says:

    The story is familiar, the characters are typical but what made it different is the portrayal of the characters with Shin mina’s effortless crying and rain’s emotions (but a bit OA). They are so effective and they really did well. The very best I can praise is the cinematography. It was overwhelming with art. This is one of the memorable dramas I’ve seen. It’s worth the watch.

  117. 117 : maqi Says:

    i love the sound track but the drama was my less fav.
    too much tears and no happy ending.

  118. 118 : syara Says:

    rain is so handsome…i’m so jealous when sin min ah acting with him’;..

  119. 119 : eda Says:

    rain seni çokkkkkk ama çokkk seviyorum senin oynadığın filmleri izledim 2 tane filmini izledim sadece bir ı love to kill ikinciside full house izledim ikisinde de harikasınnn bn en cok full house beğendimm ama ı love to killde cok güzell seniii çokkk ama çokkk seviyorum keşke türkiyeye gelsen seninle tanışmayı o kadar çokk istiyorum ki anlatamamm ne zaman türkiyeye geliceksinn senii cokkkk seviyorummm

    rain and eda
    rain and eda
    rain ile eda
    rain and eda
    rain and eda
    rain and eda
    rain and eda
    I love youu rain
    I lOvE yOu Raİn
    Raİn AnD eDa
    rain and eda

  120. 120 : Oland Says:

    hi i’m from indonesia, i’m the one who suffered with this movie ending.

    after watching this movie ending, i can’t sleep well.. i just can’t accept they both die,it’s just ridiculuos after all the scenes. then, i watch the ending again, and i found the answer.. ( this is important-at least for me )

    they both still live.. shin min ah shed a tear and move her hand when the sun rise up. it means that the mornin sun shine warming their body.. and they both live…
    and now i’m sleeping like a baby… Zzzzzzzzzz…..

    [Damn..] i love Shin Min Ah..

  121. 121 : lotus Says:

    I liked the drama as a whole. it was actually quite exhausting..all those intense emotions and action. phew! however there are some things that are bit lame and wanting. in the era of mobiles and all electronic gadgets why didn’t the hero call for help when he finds her at the end.

    and as for the ending i am more sad that Rain is more out if my reach than they not getting to stay together!!

  122. 122 : han Says:

    hi..i’m from malaysia..
    maybe for the first time i’m watching Rain…
    in this film he is better than in full house…
    he is so cool…
    i like him…

  123. 123 : Kathie Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. I thought the acting was superb and one of the high-lights of this drama. It showed Bi/Rain acting capabilities and the actress Shin fulfilled her role. I personally loved the chemistry between the two. Although it does have its flaws with the length and unnecessary scenes but then again what drama doesn’t. I highly recommend it.

  124. 124 : putri humairah Says:

    i hope..i can see you one day…………

  125. 125 : weird Says:

    Bok Ku & Cha Eun Suk both say “we don’t want to die and want to live always together”. I hate this ending and I hate the creator of this drama.

  126. 126 : helplessheart Says:

    I love this drama but so disappointed about the ending. Sorry, it’s my own feeling. I think Eun-Suk was innocent. Min-Joo’s accident was not her mistake. It’s only upon to him. She can stay in her life nearly stable without him. Bok-ku didn’t know the truth. He made wrong revenge to her. He made her life ruin absolutely. He made big mistake and he was responsible about his mistake. But he didn’t take his responsible. He made her life unstable and left her. Eun-Suk was pity and innocent. Bok-ku needs to make her life re-happy ever. But he didn’t do it. He was absolutely sucked. I really disappointed about her end like this. I want to live her life happy with Bok-Ku. I’m so sad now and ever about this ending.

  127. 127 : Raz Says:

    the title love to kill says it all dudes he was meant to make her fall in love with him and then leave her at the end…..duh …..that was the point…..and he is such a good actor and sooooo fit!!!!!!
    i loved it when rain was on family outing.

  128. 128 : Raz Says:

    and BTW that comment i left was a small reply to “helplessheart” no affense but that was how the end suppose to be anybody would as soon as they herd the title……

  129. 129 : LAURA Says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very good the dorama is beatiful and suspence and book goo is very very handsome i like a love to kill but not no puedo hablar bien ingles solo hablo español y unpoco no he visto el final todasvia pero este dorama me encanta

  130. 130 : Natalis Says:

    Bueno, el final acabo de verlo, me ha desilusionado la verdad…

  131. 131 : teddy_lover Says:

    i love this drama.. 🙂 soooo loving it………

  132. 132 : miss zemo Says:

    huh~~ just an exhausting drama..

    i want bok gu to end up with da jung!!!! pity her….
    i just don’t like eun suk.. she’s not pretty…
    the character she hold doesn’t suits her at all.. sorry to say this!!

    i hate the ending also~

    honestly from my heart……….

  133. 133 : kang yu kyeong Says:

    bokgu is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you cha eun suk took his kiss
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can’t stand it anymore
    i like this movie very much

  134. 134 : muzna Says:

    i m from india and i hav watched it even though its not telecasted in my country.on internet nd i simply lost my senses

  135. 135 : muzna Says:

    i’ll love 2 ditch a guy who has a younger brother hot,sexy,cute and stunning like rain.i love his evrything he does.

  136. 136 : muzna Says:

    i lost my senses at its end nt for any other reason except my rain died in saving his luv of life hope i was that grl.¥

  137. 137 : andrea Says:

    well i don’t think they died… right? please someone respond..!!!

  138. 138 : mumumeca Says:

    why at the end of the drama must be like that!!!! i hate it ??????

  139. 139 : رضا Says:

    فیلم خیلی باهالیه

  140. 140 : chie chie Says:

    I L-O-V-E RAIN………..EmmmmmuuuUUUuaAaAAAAAaacchhhhh……

  141. 141 : iya Says:

    Weww… It’s the hardest film I ever watch, so complicated- but love it…
    The reason I watch this drama is because I heard this is sad film, but when I see this film, I’m not crying…(Compuse)???

    Guys, do u know the really sad drama? I really want to watch it…

  142. 142 : hm5airy Says:

    this drama is really touching,
    i liked it alot ,
    Rain is very very good actor, he is realy talent
    and i liked the her smile alot it is like a baby,

    thank you ror this acting , romance, story.

  143. 143 : Deanne Says:

    I cried like mad when I watched this show. One of the most depressing I’ve seen.

  144. 144 : anam Says:

    the drama was great if i talk about acting and scenes. it was really touching but i didn’t understand one thing why Bok gu was guilty to be with Eun su? i mean why can’t they be together even when loving each other so much? yes once she liked his brother but she wasn’t his wife so at the end when everybody came to know about their love they must be together then i m sure it would be a hit.
    anyways, i like it.

  145. 145 : Pearly Says:

    oh rain ur drama was supeb man…….u look too cool while eating lolipop..i love this film very much……….i love u so much rain……………u r too cute,cute,and cute…………….u look so handsome in hiphop dress……keep on doin like this drammas………..everyone will like it man.love u

  146. 146 : PEARLY Says:

    i again wanna write something that .ur hugging was really warm ….i was feeling it…….i wish i could get that warm and sweet hugging 4rm u………u r so talent and cute..cute……..cute……………and at last too handsome…………really i love u very much as an actor…………if i would get chance to meet u then i will kep huggin u in ur warm and sweet arms…………..u hug so nicely like hugging to a small baby.love u so so so so so so much………….

  147. 147 : Korean DVDs Says:

    Hi all!

    Anyone interested to buy this drama DVD can find it here:


    I’ve also posted up videos of Korean dramas here:


    The videos include the opening and the first 5 minutes of episode 1. 😉

  148. 148 : michelle Says:

    man….the ending was very sad….i like FULL HOUSE better than this movie coz the Rain and the main girl was alive at the end…and i think it is really natural…….in this movie the ending is really sad…

  149. 149 : Moldir Says:

    I really like it!!! This kdrama has the best possible ending!!! Fabulous work!!!

  150. 150 : kate Says:

    Sorry…for lately to comment
    i ever watched it for many times, Yeah i also agree with comment “149”, maybe was died together better than living without happiness…

  151. 151 : [email protected] Says:

    gosh…dont ever watch this movie if u had the feeling of “loving each other but cant be 2gether at the end.” u will be cant stop crying like me.. 🙁 it is not bcoz just the story but the lyrics of the soundtrack :
    my love, my love is that really bad?
    everybody happy with their love but i cant
    i live with that hurt like a death (is that the correct translate?)

    yea same, i hate the ending. i expect so much they will happy together ever after. and if u watch the story u will get the summary, the biggest mistake was taken by cha eun soek’s step mom and kang ming goo. if she dont lied kang ming goo that cha eun soek want to end their relationship and made kang ming goo dont wanna answer cha eun soek’s call, i think they will happy at the end.
    But, the good side is at last kang bok goo finds someone to love with his heart. i like the scene when cha eun soek hugs his back she said like an electric blanket unlike when da jeung hug his back she said its cold like winter. cuz it means his heart being warm if cha eun soek is in his side.
    i think kang bok goo is stupid and dont have a heart, he never know, if a girl has loving a man they will be faithful. cha eun soek tried so hard to forget but she cant. after they frozen in the night, i hope in the clear morning someone help them and they save, so they keeping life 2gether but dont remember their past.
    but if they died, i just wondering, after they become a spirit which ones cha eun soek choose, kang ming goo or kang bok goo?lol 😛

  152. 152 : yoyo Says:

    nice romance movie……but i hate the ending……i hate sad ending……the soundtrack was awesome…..bring out the mood in the movie…….btw…..really hate with ppl try to kill themselves for the sake of love…..and they expect they would live happily in the after life….. so irresponsible……..>(

  153. 153 : edzha Says:


    i like this movie…


  154. 154 : asker Says:

    actually movie is not so perfect… it is good but not perfect…
    i watched this movie because of shin min…

  155. 155 : bee Says:

    Sad drama .. TT .. but like this ..

  156. 156 : marie Says:

    hmm.. the movie is good..
    but i’d like kim joon sung for cha eun suk..
    they are good couple in the movie.. what if.. kim bok goo was
    kim joon sung? in that character.?they perfectly match..
    kim bok goo..is not a handsome..

    No cha eun suk is alive,,at the ending because she narate the
    story of what they did of kim bok goo.
    only kim bok goo died? i think..

  157. 157 : Mia susilawati Says:

    Q sngt ska bngt ma film ni,tp knp tayang’y gk jls.q pngn flm ni tyng kmbl seperti kemaren2.tp tyng’y sore jngn malam kayak wkt itu.good luck a love to kill,love you forever.

  158. 158 : kim.i.am Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA BUT SADLY THE ENDING WAS A BIT SHOCKING, CHECK OUT THIS DRAMA PEEPS, you will enjoy the whole movie but just the ending i was like OMG…WHYYYYY ,DID THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN. LOVE BI RAIN AND Shin Min Ah SHE SO PRETTY. LOVE WATCHING MOST OF HER DRAMAS, she such are good actress, gotta say. keep it up. hope every will enjoy the drama , who evr watches it.

  159. 159 : Adian Says:

    song from this drama..I want to know that song..I like that song very much. What is the song title and who is the singer?

  160. 160 : jillian Says:

    this drama very stupid.

  161. 161 : jillian Says:

    i like this drama.it song also good.hahaha………………..

  162. 162 : kasha Says:

    sad drama n bit shock ending.. really touching.. love this drama.

  163. 163 : supple18 Says:

    What a sad drama..

  164. 164 : vic Says:

    i remember that 1 year ago i thought this is one of the worst kdramas in history.i even commented here about how bad it is.
    but 2 days ago i watched the drama again,and i can’t understand why i didn’t like this masterpiece the first time i saw it !??!!!!! the acting is amazing,the script, the way the story is told, the music , OMG !!!! and also,it really made me cry the second time i watched it !
    i really don’t know what happened to me 1 year ago.

    can someone please tell me if they experienced something similar (loving this particular drama only when they saw it second time) ?

  165. 165 : Noha Salem Says:

    i know it is sad and i know it’s too twisted and complicated and the ending made many people upset but to be honest it was the only way this particular drama could end, becasue his brother will always be between them,
    it was perfect acting wise, i think Rain was totally awsome, no scene escaped him, he mastered all emotions, the direction, the soundtrack, the camera work all in all was perfcetly excuted, i think people were unfair to this drama, cause it really made me cry, laugh and fall in love, i just loved it and yes it does get better with the second time viewing as you are not so much worried about how it turns out, because when you watch it the first time you kind of have this deep feeling that it just can’t never end well and you kind of resist that and get upset by it, the second time you are actually watching knowing the outcome and so you enjoy their acting more, you let yourself feel for them without being scared of being hurt.
    i just loved every second of it, for me watching every split second of Rain’s performance in this is just mindblowing, thanx Rain

  166. 166 : chibixmonster Says:

    T-T i find myself crying just from summarizing this drama for an essay I’m writing…. good drama… i personally like sad endings Dx aahhaha

  167. 167 : vic Says:

    @Noha Salem

    thank you for the answer ! you are so right in everything you said !

  168. 168 : Parissa Says:


    MISS IT!

  169. 169 : samar Says:

    i love the way Cha Eun Seok chose to die alone in the fotest after she qustioned Kang Bok Gu about his priority and he took his breather as first and then she. so after she discoverd that she is ill and going to die she disided to die in silence and alone
    Bi i love you , you know you are the best
    thanks for all the cast

  170. 170 : Erosha Says:

    The ending is not so clear to me. Did they really died? If that is the ending I would say the director is very very cruel to the two main roles and to the viewers too.

  171. 171 : eman Says:

    i’ve loved this Drama , a very beautiful storyline and a outstanding acting , all actors were very good and i’ve cried a river during this drama , the camera work is wonderful, the way they mix up events and the past with the present is very stanning , there is no other way this drama could possibly end , a deep wound in there hearts that can never cure .. it’s really very good
    Bi Rain was great , he’s the best and he’s so cute

  172. 172 : madan Says:

    the best love story i’ve ever known

  173. 173 : Anastasia(sami) Says:


    I LOVE YOU RAIN you are a perfect actor.
    I hope one day I can see you.

  174. 174 : mutiara Says:

    sooooo touching,, i like this drama…

  175. 175 : Deena Sn Says:

    this drama not to bad, but bit ending… it’s up to u to watch it or not

  176. 176 : mel Says:

    is it a drama with sad ending?

  177. 177 : nining Says:

    i really love it,,

  178. 178 : kdfan101 Says:

    Though there are a lots of cliche and certainly not very original, this is still a fairly good drama.
    ****some spoiler below*************
    There is some ambiguity regarding whether Shin Min Ah survived at the end as it showed her eyes moved a bit with some tears. However, the bottomline is does it really matter? She has lost her will to live on, and after learning what has happened to Rain, will she continue to live on? Obviously not.

  179. 179 : GerovitalFan Says:

    Well, there was Rain.:) If U want to see a very hot Rain, sexier than any other series I’ve seen him in, then watch this one. Expect lots of drama and a sad ending.

  180. 180 : Ran Says:

    I love to watch this drama… …i wish it make the ending more clearly ……….i never watched the drama that had a sad ending like this……..i love episodes 1 to 15 …….but i hate episodes 16………It made me cry n sad i can’t fall asleep when i finish this drama…….i wish they fix or add the episodes17 to make they born again then love each other……and have the happy ending…….why Why Why Why Why Why? the director decide them to die?? Crazy damn shit movie but i love it.. …….

  181. 181 : sandar wai Says:

    I like this stroy so much.

  182. 182 : sandar wai Says:

    I like this stroy very much

  183. 183 : sandar wai Says:

    i like it very much

  184. 184 : sandar wai Says:

    i like it

  185. 185 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  186. 186 : samar Says:

    dear all thanks for this good drama
    here is the translation of the main song in the drama

    You should have made me blind to prevent me from ever loving you
    why did you ever made me see your beauty
    it is so late now your essence have already spread throw me
    no matter how much t try to wash it away or to erase it
    it keeps on endlessly spreading throw me
    bit by bit i grow tired
    i could collaps becuse of this famillar pain
    if passes down on my shoulders
    life tells me that i should not dream
    i should not love hope
    i will be back i do not have the permission to love you
    stop me frome dreaming
    i would rather stop breathing so i could leave
    why am i still here with you?
    come out so well, it is so pretty . i do not have any dreams because that was the only way lo live
    whenever i dream whenever i love you
    i know eveything becomes more difficult
    bit by bit i grow tired
    i could collaps becuse of this famillar pain
    if passes down on my shoulders
    life tells me that i should not dream
    i should not love hope
    i will be back i do not have the permission to love you
    stop me frome dreaming
    i would rather stop breathing so i could leave

  187. 187 : zannet Says:

    love it

  188. 188 : SUSY Says:

    I love this drama very much even full of tears when i wacth. Bi, sarang hae o

  189. 189 : lv bag Says:

    If U want to see a very hot Rain, sexier than any other series I’ve seen him in, then watch this one. Expect lots of drama and a sad ending.

  190. 190 : lamia Says:

    who dead in this drama?

  191. 191 : bilzi Says:

    oh my god you silk my heart RAIN YOUR THE BEST OMG YOUR SO HOT

  192. 192 : Dee Says:

    THE BEST DRAMA EVER! Rain is an amazing actor and this is an amazing, bittersweet love story. I enjoyed every moment of A Love to Kill, including the ending which was beautiful and completely true to the rest of the drama.

  193. 193 : al Says:

    I like this Korean drama. It did make me cried and the ending was sad, nevertheless still one of the great Korean dramas.

  194. 194 : hirmah Says:

    i love this story

  195. 195 : indira Says:

    BEST of BEST!!!!

  196. 196 : 007 Says:

    o god…………….damn it ,sad sad sad , tears tears tears !!!
    I really love rain and shin min ah!!!
    such great ending… but why they could not stay together ???
    because of his brother ??? why ? he had passed away and let them to have each other !!!!
    these people have weird traditional !!!! why should i have lost my love for the one who had already died !!!

  197. 197 : nnatea Says:

    hmmm nice one..;)

  198. 198 : zieda02 Says:

    A love to kill ost

  199. 199 : nazar aljaieb Says:

    I love Alderma Alquih and I love Korea and I love Korean and I want n go to Correia Is Here is admired the Koreans are helping those who want to go to Korea to Seoul Beauties I dream that I see myself and I’m in Korea either Alderma have told us about Korea and the people of Korea I can almost swore you are the first in the world Dramh Mslslatkm love and best drama Alquih Wright is a series of sad love story, and before Msls

  200. 200 : yoka Says:

    i love this story , but sad end , shin min ah and rain the best

  201. 201 : jj Says:

    I still can’t understand their tradition. Why they can’t live together forever.

  202. 202 : fida saranghaeo oppa Says:

    why they can not get to be together??
    film that could shed tears, ection players are also great!

  203. 203 : bethsebie Says:

    i love rain so much…why cant they be together in the end???

  204. 204 : worldclock Says:

    » A Love To Kill » Korean Drama – just great!

  205. 205 : jay ann Says:

    shin min ah ! you’re great, fantastic !!

  206. 206 : cara_m Says:

    A GREAT …GREAT heartbreaking drama !

  207. 207 : List of Korean Drama & Movies I Have, Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] 2. A Love To Kill […]

  208. 208 : Marie Says:

    I love the story though it has a tragic ending…. the ending still haunts me… so sad! I love all the actors/actresses here, they’re great! ….especially the Rain and Shin Min-Ah.

  209. 209 : Olive rain Says:

    [Spoiler]This show will forever haunt me. I watched season 1 in 2 days and I spent the third day deeply depressed. I go back and watch certain episodes from time to time just to reminisce. Great show so sad. Ih how I wish they could be together in the end!

  210. 210 : jianpark Says:

    just starting watching it right now, although i read a lot of comment about the story, the tragic ending but still i’m going to watch it because of RAIN… i miss him so much… hope his okay in military service… 🙂

  211. 211 : hanandev Says:

    i watched this drama because of Bi rain and Min ah and thk god i will necer regret it ,they made a great couple, even though the ending was sad and i cried my eyes out because of it, but i enjoyed all the 16 ep, the ost, the actors, the story everything were perfect … i really reommand this drama for everybody who has taste in k-Drama <3

  212. 212 : How To Learn Korean Kbs | Boxing Khmer Says:

    […] A Love To Kill » Korean Drama – Title: 이 죽일놈의 사랑 / I Jukilnomui Sarang / A Love to Kill Chinese Title : 这该死的爱情 / 这该死的爱 Also known as: Ijuksa / This love I want to …… […]

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