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A Daughter Just Like You

A Daughter Just Like You 03

Title: 딱 너 같은 딸 / A Daughter Just Like You
Chinese Title: 像你的女兒
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-May-18 to 2015-Nov-06
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:55


This drama is about conflicts and misunderstanding among three families.

Hong Ae Ja (Kim Hye Ok) works as a host at a home shopping channel. She has three accomplished daughters: Ji Sung (Woo Hee Jin), In Sung (Lee Soo Kyung) and Hee Sung (Jung Hye Sung). Hong Ae Ja’s family interconnects with So Pan Seok’s (Jung Bo Suk) family and Heo Eun Sook’s (Park Hae Mi) as in-laws.


Hong Ae Ja’s family

Kim Hye Ok as Hong Ae Ja
Kil Yong Woo as Ma Jung Ki (Ae Ja’s husband)
Woo Hee Jin as Ma Ji Sung (Ae Ja’s oldest daughter)
Lee Soo Kyung as Ma In Sung (Ae Ja’s second daughter)
Jung Hye Sung as Ma Hee Sung (Ae Ja’s youngest daughter)

So Pan Suk’s family

Jung Bo Suk as So Pan Suk
Kang Kyung Joon as So Jung Geun (Pan Suk’s eldest son)
Jung Woo Shik as So Seung Geun (Pan Suk’s second son)
Jo Woo Ri as So Jung Yi (Pan Suk’s youngest daughter)

Huh Eun Sook’s family

Park Hae Mi as Huh Eun Sook (Ji Sung’s mother-in-law)
Lee Byung Joon as Baek Min Suk (Ji Sung’s father-in-law)
Lee Ji Hoon as Baek Woo Jae (Ji Sung’s husband)


Jun Won Joo as Mal Nyun (Jung Ki’s mother)
Kang Sung Min as Kang Hyun Woo
Go Yun Ah (고연아) as Baek Mi Na (Ji Sung & Woo Jae’s daughter)
Han Seung Hyun as Sung Chan
Kim Hae Rim as Lee Soo Hye
Jo Sung Hee as Doctor Kim
Choi Min as Kim Gwan Woo
Kim Seo Kyung as PD Kim
Kim Woo Hyuk as Yoo Min Chul
Seol Woo Hyung as Min Sung
Kim Young Hee

Production Credits

Production Company: City Pictures
Producer: Kim Seung Mo
Director: Oh Hyun Jong, Park Won Kook
Screenwriter: Ga Sung Jin


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  1. 1 : Lea Wu Says:

    Look Forward ^_^
    I Hope this sub this.

  2. 2 : star Says:

    Good job! Good luck! Fighting!!!

  3. 3 : cherrie Says:

    Probably gonna watch this because of lee soo kyung.. good luck!!!!!

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    I have watched episode 1 to episode 3 and I think it’s a noisy family.

  5. 5 : ais Says:

    Im going to watch this my bias lee soo kyung..☺☺💖💖

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 21, I noticed that every episode is noisy and having conflict and however I seem to like the interesting pair up for Lee So Kyung together with Kang Kyung Joon.

    I hope that Ma In Sung will fall in love with So Jung Geun and at the same time, So Jung Geun will also realise that he’s falling in love with Ma In Sung and stop all their office politics and stop the quarrel. Why not both of them go dating after office hours or go dating during their weekend or be good friends rather than fighting and bit one another ? Look sweet, if they go dating ………………..

  7. 7 : mml Says:

    I have been searching an answer from China Baidu, the purpose of this is to find out whose the boyfriend of Ma Hee Sung ? Ma Hee Sung will soon meet her boyfriend from her working hospital and the strange thing is MBC drama director as at to-date still did not confirm this, that who is the actor who will be acting as Ma Hee Sung’s boyfriend ?

    Please look at the below wordings after searching from China Baidu :



    This is only answer that I get after the searching and I only know that this guy will meet Ma Hee Sung when he comes back to Korea to bring his son for heart surgery and no answer on who is the actor acting as 姜贤宇(???饰)??

    I have finished watching up to episode 29 and still I cannot find the answer from China Baidu and Why no answer ??? I feel a little sad and a little impatient.

  8. 8 : Jaytee Says:

    This is another classic example of a drama where men are portrayed as mama’s boy. Is this how Korean men being projected as a representative of its culture. That men can not stand up to their loved ones and are being controlled by their mother. And such mother are also bad as in laws. I hope the young generation will change this kind of practice and put an end to this controlling freak mothers

  9. 9 : Rose Says:

    Why can’t Jung-Gi, Ae Ja’s Ex – go live at his mother’s house – who he thinks is so great. I thought Ae Ja changed the locks on her door???? She needs to get him out of the house and keep him out.

    Jung Gi’s mother is just plain evil and his family are not any better. Ugh!!

    Kim Hye Ok is such a good actress. I liked Episode 9, I think, when her ex-husband was trying to make the memorial food for his father, and Ae Ja was exercising and kept telling the idiot ex-husband what food he should be buying and making.

  10. 10 : Rose Says:

    What was Jung-Gi doing for all the years he was married to Ae Ja that he has no money??? Was he living off Ae Ja’ income? He has no money to pay for the rent and to buy food.

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    @10 Rose,
    I also don’t understand why some people are so rich and some people are so poor ? Anyway, I like the three daughters of Ae Ja.

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    Jung-Gi’s mother came up with another scheme to get her son back in his ex-wife’s house. Pretending she was in a coma in the hospital didn’t get her anywhere as her granddaughter figured out nothing was wrong with her and pretended they were going to operate on her. So… now Jung-Gi’s scheming mother is pretending to have dementia and her stupid family believe her. Jung-Gi should have taken her to the apartment he rented. How stupid are these people. Ae Ja knows she is only pretending. She needs to change all the locks on the doors.

    I love Jung Geum’s role – he is really doing a good job. He is so funny.

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    Does Jung Gi have a job??? Or does he write novels?

    In Ep 25, when Ae Ja was thinking back to when she lost her son and said her 3 daughters suffered during that time, wasn’t her husband there to support them???

  14. 14 : Rose Says:

    If Ae Ja and Eun-Sook would stay out of Ji iSung and Woo Jae’s married life they would get along better and Ji Sung would not get stomach pains. They are so controlling.

    Ae Ja’s ex-husband has no money, can’t pay his rent or buy food to eat, and Pan Seok thinks he is the man of the house! Who was supporting Ae Ja and her family if she was not working at the home shopping company??

  15. 15 : Rose Says:

    Why doesn’t Pan-Seok mind his own business??? He has no idea of the finances in Mr. Ma and Ah-Ja’s married life. He complains that it is costing him too much money now that he has to feed Mr. Ma, but he continues to do it.

    And why can’t Mr. Ma get a part-time job??? Instead of living off Pan-Seok???? It seems like Ah-Ja brought in the money more so than her husband. Did he ever get any of his work published???

    What is that book Mr Ma found that he is looking for a doctor??? Does it have to something to do with his son that passed away??? And where all of a sudden when he comes back from go to the court or whatever to turn in the divorce papers find the bag with some items in it? I either didn’t get it or it wasn’t explained.

  16. 16 : Rose Says:

    I have missed a few episodes, does anyone know of any websites that have this drama with English subs????? I couldn’t find any.

    Thanks for any help.

  17. 17 : Rose Says:

    @mml —-

    Is the doctor that finally showed up for the little boy the actor you were looking for Hee Sung? I don’t remember his name, Not sure – is it Jo Sung Hee?

    Eun Sook, one crazy lady, shuffling Mi Na around from school to school. How stupid and selfish is she????? Mi Na’s father should tell his mother not to transfer her around. She needs to be at the school she is used to with her teacher and friends. And is Eun Sook that stupid that she is not letting Mi Na see her mother as she knows that she does Why make a child suffer – idiot.

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    I kind of feel bad for the guy who operates the home shopping network. He is trying so hard to get Hee Sung’s attention. Have to give him credit for continuing to try to date her.

  19. 19 : Norman.(Norm) Says:

    Hi Rose.
    on your answer to #16, you can catch “a daughter just like you on MBC channel 24.5. I live in Chicago Illinois. I don’t know where you are. I like your comments though

  20. 20 : Rose Says:

    @Norman —

    Thanks for your answer. I am in the Chicago area also, but if I miss some of the episodes I can’t find a website with Eng Subs so I can watch the one’s that I missed. I can only find websites that have the show with no Eng subs. I am not going to worry about it as I won’t miss that much I guess.

    Thanks for noticing my comments. Sometimes when I post my thoughts I feel like I am talking to myself. Some shows have a lot of posters and some shows hardly have any. I am watching Eve’s Love in the morning – comes on at 6:30 and 9:30 a.m and I am the only that has been posting on there. I kind of feel lonely on there.

    Have a nice weekend.

  21. 21 : Rose Says:

    Why are these Korean parents so obsessed and controlling with their children?? Plus dictating what they should and should not be doing. It is boring and tiring.

  22. 22 : aznative Says:

    You can also watch the series with the MBC America app for Samsung Smart TV.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    Jung Gem’s father acts like an animal. I can’t believe he was fighting with Jung Gem about dating In-Sung over his wife’s memorial table. He could have had some dignity and finished the memorial before acting out at Jung Gem.

    I thought In-Sung’s mother was extremely insulting and degrading towards Jung Gem at her house when she told him he was not good enough for In-Sung. Jung Gem handled the situation and himself extremely well. Kudo’s to him.

    The two mother’s and Jung Gem’s father are extremely controlling with their children. Who needs that B.S. It is very evident that the Korean society still believes in matching class to class with their children. I asked a Korean lady about the reasoning and she said “that is what they believe in and that they follow that tradition.” That they match the classification to classification. Rich to rich, medium class to medium class, etc. But another Korean lady I asked, she said “that they do not follow that tradition as much as they did years ago. So….whatever… but from these Korean dramas, the majority of them are geared in that direction with the parents picking/match making their children spouses and to girls/guys that are well off.

    Hee Sung is kind of going overboard and acting like a child with regard to the Dr. It is obvious she has feelings for him, but at this point (ep 55) he is not the least bit interested in her. Not that I blame him. I think In-Sung would be a better match for him, if she was not in love with Jung Gem. I know this will change as the episodes go on and Hee Sung will end up with the dr. The poor guy from the Home Shopping Network is trying so hard and Hee Sung cuts him down every time. The dr. seems to be very happy when he is with In-Sung. He appears to be friendly and has a nice personality except when it comes to Hee Sung. Hee Sung needs to grow up. His little son is cut also.

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    In-Sung’s father – I wonder if the dr. that has the son that Hee Sung is hung up the dr. he is looking for with regard to that book??

    Hi aznative Says — thanks for the info, but I don’t have that equipment.

  25. 25 : Rose Says:

    Does MBC have any rhyme or reason with the TV show times?? Friday night’s show came on 20 minutes late. And Thursday night “Scholar Who Walks The Night” came on an hour later than usual!!! They had Mr. Beck’s food show first for some reason. One wonder’s who runs the TV schedule/shows???

    I am appalled and at a loss for words at how far these parents will go to break up their children from dating each other. Who the heck throws water at people??? How disgusting and degrading. All three – the two mother’s and Jung Gem’s father are control freaks.

    Plus In-Sung’s mother could care less that Jung Gem got put on a 3 month leave. In-Sung’s brother-in-law is stupid to even to do that. He thinks he is making points with his mother-in-law. If his wife finds out what he did wonder what she will think. How stupid are this people anyway. Jung Gem was doing great in the position he had before they transferred him. Now he is not doing well in the new position. B.S.

    Jung Gem and In-Sung are two nice people who just happened to fall in love and they love each other unconditionally. What is their parents problem anyway. In-Sung’s dad is the only one who is acting normal in this whole stupid situation. Wonder how they will get this all worked out.

    The Dr. always looks so happy when he talks or sees – as he calls her “Sarah.” I like his character. Not too keen so far on Hee Sung. She acts to childish.

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    I felt so bad for Jung Guen came home and was crying and kept saying he was “sorry,” to his father after he had all that trouble with his father that the dad wanted him to break up with In-Sung. I actually had tears in my eyes.

    I give credit to Jung Guen that no matter how bad he felt, or hard it was for him to go through the situation with his dad and In-Sung’s mother against them, he always pretended to be cheerful when he was taking to In-Sung or with her.

    Not happy with Hee Sung and how she acts towards In-Sung and her relationship with the dr. They are just friends, Hee Sung needs to get over it.

  27. 27 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 81 and began to wonder can Ma In Sung don’t stay with her father in law instead ? Ma In Sung and her husband should buy their own house instead of staying with her father in law. Looks sad for Ma In Sung to marry into this kind of family.

    At first I though, this will be a nice lovely drama, but, looking at Ma In Sung’s marriage, I think for those who are single, if, you want to marry better think hard and think twice and on the look out of the future father in law or mother in law is it the same character exactly like this drama ?
    If, the answer is yes, then better don’t get married because this kind of marriage will get very little happiness in life.

  28. 28 : Rose Says:

    I only saw through Ep 68, missed Ep 69 and saw Ep 30. I thought In-Sung’s wedding dress was beautiful.

    I cannot stand Jung Ki’s mother and the rest of the family. They are critical, sarcastic and ignorant. I was so happy they were not in the drama for a long time. Jung Ki does not even stick up for his wife.

    @mml – I am not as far as you are in the episodes as mentioned above, but I felt from the beginning that Jung Guen and In-Sung should have got their own apartment. From what I see Ae Ha had the right idea but Pan Suk had a different idea. And the two kids just are caught in the middle and just want to get married without thinking anything through. They were just happy the parents consented due to the “

  29. 29 : Rose Says:

    Sorry some how I hit the enter bottom – this computer has a mind of its own.
    to pick up from my last sentence — “because they thought she was pregnant.” Their relationship was started out happy for In-Sung and Jung Guen and then the parents stepped in. It seems to be consistent with all these K-dramas === the parents continually bossing their children and insisting their way to the only way. It is very tiring.

  30. 30 : Rose Says:

    The first wedding dress that In-Sung had on was very pretty. The 2nd one was nice also.

    Why did Ji-Sung wear the Korean dress and her sister Hee-Sung, did not?
    Is it because Ji-Sung is married or just personal preference? Does anyone know.

    Does anyone know the theme song? It sounds very familiar. Not sure if it is from a mystery show. I know I heard it before but can’t figure it out. I feel like it is there in my mind, but just doesn’t come to the surface.

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    I have finished up to episode 92 and don’t you agree that the guy Ann Jin Bong is very suitable for Ma Hee Sung ? Ann Jin bong may not be a very handsome guy, but, there’s something that I believe that Ma Hee Sung should marry Ann Jin Bong rather than to choose to love a man with a son.

    There’s something am hoping for this drama is, I hope Ma Hee Sung will listen to her mother’s advice and eventually agree to marry Ann Jin Bong. At first I don’t really like this guy Ann Jin Bong, but, in the later episodes, I realise that Ann Jin Bong changes to respect and obey to Hong Ae Ja. And Ann Jin Bong is able to relate and gets along better to Hong Ae Ja .

    Ann Jin Bong and Hong Ae Ja they are both colleagues working together at Home Shopping Channel. I will be glad for Hong Ae Ja , if Ann Jin Bong can finally and successfully becomes her son in law. Because, Ann Jin Bong changes to a better person, he’s able to respect and understands Hong Ae Ja’s better. I really don’t like Ma Hee Sung’s loving the guy with a son , they are totally not suitable for each other.

  32. 32 : mml Says:

    I’m a little curious on whether did Ma Hee Sung eventually marry to Ann Jin Bong ? I prefer Ann Jin Bong to marry with Ma Hee Sung ,but, am not sure about what is the writer’s decision ? It will be a win win situation if, Hong Ae Ja can have a son in law that is Ann Jin Bong. But, it seems to me that Ma Hee Sung cannot understand her mother’s hope and expectations and the only way is for Ann Jin Bong to complain and feedback and put Ma Hee Sung back to be a correct good daughter and how to be a good wife of Ann Bin Bong and hopefully that bad guy with a son will give up in loving Ma Hee Sung and anyway it is not right to steal Ann Jin Bong’s future wife.

  33. 33 : jangerr Says:

    @ Admin

    How come this drama is placed in the Recently Ended/Ending Soon section? Thought it is 120 episodes? I’ve watched up to episode 108 and it doesn’t seem like it’s ending soon. Has the show been cut? Please advise.

  34. 34 : admin Says:

    @jangerr (33),

    Thanks for inform us.

    It should be end on 2015-Nov-06 with total of 121 Episodes.

  35. 35 : shabu Says:

    Request song name in episode 71 the trailer song at the end thx

  36. 36 : Rose Says:

    Kim Won-Joon who plays Hyung-Suk is 42!!! I thought he would be in his early 30’s if that. I like his voice, it is low and soft. I am glad that he did the press conference to set the record straight. I believe Woo Jae also did something to stop his recordings to get any producers. I guess when you have money, you can pay and get anyone to do what you want.

    So far the best thing that Pan Seok did was tell Eun-Sook off. I thought that was so funny, She thinks she is so great because she is rich.

  37. 37 : aggrey cindy Says:

    i love d film but all these korean parents are all in insane , i hate it when they try to control there children.hhh cnt they leave them to make they own decision.

  38. 38 : Rose Says:

    Cute Jung Geum hit the nail on the head when he said to Hong Ae Ja that “she micro-manages her daughters lives.” How right he is, but she doesn’t care nor get the message. She is way overboard in her insistence that her daughters do everything she wants them to do and marry who she chooses for them. She didn’t learn from continually interfering in Ji-Sung’s marriage, then started with In-Sung’s married life, now with Hee Sung. Does she feel they can’t function on their own without her help??? She has no consideration for their choices at all in anything.

    I can’t believe the father, Jung Gi went so ballistic with Hee Sung and Hyun Woo. He didn’t even give either of them a chance to talk or explain anything. Jung Gi has been pretty laid back through most of the show, what set him off???

    Wonder if Hong Ae Ja will need kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant? Whatever it is, maybe Hyun Woo will get involved and save the day for him and Hee Sung.

    I wonder how much money these production companies grow through with all the computers, tables, dishes, etc. etc. the actors throw around when they get mad.

    I noted in these dramas at times even though the couples are divorced, they still cause each other “honey.” Not all dramas, but some of them.

  39. 39 : Rose Says:

    @aggrey cindy == I agree 100% with you. I don’t know who is worse – Ae Ja or Pan Suk.

    I couldn’t believe Pan Suk told In-Sung and Jung Geun to get busy and have a child. He is such a jerk. And the parents even buy Herbal medicine for them to take so they can get pregnant sooner. Just let the kids make up their mind when they want to start a family and let nature take its course.

    I noticed most of these Korean dramas have the same pattern when it comes to who the children should and should not marry. Different culture than the U.S. Some U.S. Parents may be like that, but not the majority I don’t believe.

  40. 40 : Rose Says:

    I liked Kang Kyung Joon as Jung Geun. I loved his personality, the way he handled himself, serious and funny. He was my favorite actor in this drama. I have not seen him before and hope to see him in another show and what kind of personality he will have. I like the way he took Ae Ja out of the hospital when she wanted to leave and the way he pretended to be on her side that her daughters didn’t respect her, etc. And the way he finally got Ae Ja to a point where Hyun Woo could come to her and tell her how he felt that he had her son’s heart, that he kept himself healthy and could she be his mother, etc. etc. That was a heartfelt scene.

    Both Ae Ja and Eun Sook had the same strong willed controlling personalities. Park Hae Mi (Eun Sook) has a beautiful voice. I heard her singing Phantom of the Opera and I was surprised she has a strong voice. The two husbands were more laid back and easier going. Except Ma Jung Ki went ballistic when Hee Sung wanted to marry Hyun Woo. I was surprised as I had not seen that side of him during the whole show. Pan Suk on the other hand, not sure if he was so mean prior to Jung Geun getting married and bringing Ji-Sung into the house. I thought he treated her terrible.

    I think Jo Woo Ri, (Jung Yi ) is a pretty girl and her and Sun Jae made a cute couple. I felt bad for Seung Geun when he came home so excited and happy he got a job and no one cared as they were upset about Jung Yi being pregnant.

    I still have 4 episodes to see as they will air next week where I live, but I really liked this show, the actors and the storyline. I felt it was a good solid show, I will miss it.

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    I noticed that since Woo Jae and Ji Sung have been separated he seems to have become more grown up and independent. When he came to the hospital when Ae Ja was getting released and accidently found his mother there, he asked about her, she was trying to get sympathy from him, and he left her to go with Ae Ja and her family. Cool.

    And now Jung Yi is speaking up to Eun Suk also. So funny.

    Did Seung-Geun get a job where Jung-Geun and In-Sung work as he knew the company directors wanted her to stay on after she had the baby?

    I have the last episode to watch tonight.

    I will miss Jung-Geum. I will have to see what other dramas he has been in and see what type of personality he had in those shows.

  42. 42 : Rose Says:

    What an abrupt ending running off to the hospital. And Pan Suk running after them still asking “who is going to watch the baby.” Funny. I think at that point no one was worrying about that.

    I thought it was a nice way to bring all the major actors together in the last episode. I really enjoyed this show a lot.

  43. 43 : Rose Says:

    Kang Kyeong-Jun (Sung Geum) was up for an award, but lost to Park Young Kyu. It was obvious any one in the same category as Park Young Kyu, he would win. I forgot who the other actor was in the same category. I am happy that Kyeong-Jun was nominated. I enjoyed him in this production.

    Kim Hye-Ok was nominated in the same category as Cha Hwa Yun from Mom, and Cha Hwa won.

  44. 44 : umidjon Says:

    hi i like this drama

  45. 45 : Dorama Says:

    Good! I really liked it!

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