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A Cat! Meow 03

Title: 고양이는 있다! 야옹 / A Cat! Meow
Also known as: There is a Cat / I Have a Cat / My Dear Cat
Chinese Title: 猫来了!喵
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 119
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast Period: 2014-June-09 to 2014-Nov-21
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


A drama about family conflict and reconciliation due to finding out the secrets of their families.

Choi Yang Soon (Choi Yoon Young) aspired to write a novel, but her father’s death led to her giving up her dream and, instead, work as a reporter for a magazine. By chance, she brings home a stray cat. She takes care of the cat even though she has allergies to cats. One day, a man, Yum Chi Woong (Hyun Woo), appears and insists the cat has an owner who is looking for the cat. Chi Woong then takes the cat from Yang Soon.

Chi Woong went to law school mainly to satisfy his father. He realized in law school that he didn’t want to become a lawyer and dropped out without telling his family. He now struggles to become a photographer and supports himself by woking for a private detective office. A clients requests that they find his cat. He faces Yan Soon once he locates the cat. Through their meeting, Yang Soon and Chi Woong discover a family’s hidden truth.


Main cast

Choi Yoon Young as Go Yang Sook
Hyun Woo as Yum Chi Woong
Choi Min Sung as Yoon Sung Il
Jun Hyo Sung as Han Soo Ri

Yang Sook’s Family

Dokgo Young Jae as Go Dong Joon
Lee Kyung Jin as Han Young Sook
Park So Hyun as Han Eun Sook

Yum Chi Woong’s Family

Lee Jae Yong as Yum Byung Sook
Seo Yi Sook as Hong Soon Ja
Choi Sung Min as Yum Chi Joo

Yoon Sung Il’s Family

Hwang Bum Shik as Yoon Noh In
Kim Seo Ra as Yoon Jung Hye
Go Won Hee as Shin Ji Eun

People in Volcano Building

Kim Young Jae as Shin Se Ki
Yoon In Jo (윤인조) as Choi Do Hee
Go Do Young as Joon Ah
Ban Sang Yoon as Hwang Tae Soo


Yoo Hyung Kwan as Kim Choon Shik
Ryu Sung Hoon as Bong Shik
Min Joon Hyun as Section Chief Kwon
Kim Jung Kyoon as Department Head Park
Byun Gun Woo as photographer
Song Joo Yeon as Officer Hong
Ha Soo Ho


Lee Dal Hyung as Soo Ri’s father
Cha Do Jin as Cha Dong Woo
Jo Chang Geun as motorbike man
Nam Myung Ryul
Kim Yul

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jung Hae Ryong
Producer: Kim Dong Hwi
Director: Kim Won Yong
Screenwriter: Lee Eun Joo
Music Director: Lee Chang Hee


2014 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Daily Series): Choi Yoon Young (A Cat! Meow)

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60 Responses to “A Cat! Meow”

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  1. 51
    Rose Says:

    I hope Seongil does not end up with Urie. I still don’t like her. Haven’t liked her through most of the show.

    I feel bad for Seongil as he still loves Yang Soon and she has no feelings for him. Yang Soon doesn’t know at this point (Ep 100) that Seon gil had Sherlock working on her father’s case. At the end, I assume Chi Woon will break the case and Yang Soon will have no idea Seongil was trying to find a way to get her dad cleared with Yang Soon’s brother-in-law.

    Both wives are knitting sweaters for Ko. Funny – Ko probably will go back with the 2nd wife. Now that Ko may be innocent, the 2nd wife now made it her business to go visit him in jail At least the first wife visited him from the beginning.

    The 2nd wife told Ko not to pursue his innocence as they would not be able to go forward with their life. That one guy (can’t remember his name – he got the money from Chansik and went to the Philippines, he wanted to help Ko, but because his wife didn’t want him to continue trying to find the truth, he quit and then he ends up in jail.

  2. 52
    Rose Says:

    Urie needs to get a life instead of continuing to scheme about getting Seongil. I just don’t like her.

    All these dramas are the same with the parents/grandparents pushing their children/grandchildren to marry the person they want, instead of letting them chose who they want. It is all very tiring and boring. And there is always the 3 way triangle with the relationships. Can’t the writers come up with better stories in this regard?

  3. 53
    Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 109 —

    Some parts of this show is silly. Why did Ko’s 2nd wife, her daughter and father attend Chi Woon’s wedding?? None of them are close to Chi Woon/Yang Sook. While she was a step mother to Yang Sook they never had any type of relationship.

    Ko has it made, he has 2 wives and can stay with which ever one he wants!!!

    That Soori – or whatever her name is, while she has changed she is still working on Seongil with her black magic to get him back. Her trying to act drunk is atrocious, I am not fond of her at all. She sings in a Girl’s K=Pop group.

    And Seongil and Soo ri both passed out on the bed, he on the bed and she on the floor with her head on the bed with their clothes on. But… yet… when they woke up they both are in the bed together – supposedly naked!!! How stupid that was. What is with these writers???? I suppose he got her pregnant. — I am sure you all saw all the episodes already. I am always the last one to see the shows. I knew all along Seongil probably would end up with her. I wish the writer would have continued with the story line of Seongil not liking her. Well, his grandfather will be happy as he got what he wanted. Darn. I wish they could have had another girl come into the picture for Seongil to like. Sometimes these shows are predictable from the beginning

    I am happy that Chi Woon and Yoon Sook got married I just hope nothing goes wrong with them

    I did like this show as it was different and mid way through another story developed with Go Dong and why he went into hiding.

    I enjoyed the cast. I liked chi Woon, I saw him in another drama so recognized him. Seongil really did a good job with his role, plus he sure is good looking.

  4. 54
    Rose Says:

    So Soori was still working her black magic on Seongil to get him. So much for changing. But then those 10 lunches worked for her.

    How can two drunk people – Soo ri and Seongil pass out, he on the bed with all his clothes on an Soo ri – on the floor, with her head on the bed full clothed, and the very next episode they are in bed, supposedly w/no clothes on !!!! So un real. Where are the writer’s heads??? Of course, she will be pregnant and they will end up together. I was so hoping Soo Ri and Seongil would not end up together I just didn’t care for her for some reason.

    Chi Woong’s dad is something else. I am only at Ep 111, and I can’ wait for his family to find all that money he has been hoarding. That will be hilarious.

  5. 55
    Rose Says:

    Ep. 112 was really funny — Chi Woong’s dad has his money hidden all over. In a pot in the yard near his house. Wonder where else he has money stashed. He is rich and he watches every penny his wife spends. Wait till his wife finds out about all that money. Or I hope they do – that will be really fun for the tight wade dad to have all that money found.

  6. 56
    Rose Says:

    Chi Woong’s mother is having fun with the money she found Good for her, her husband made them live on this super strict budget all these years while he is hoarding tons of money. What does he plan on doing with all that money. Bury it with him when he dies?

    Doesn’t anyone lock their doors in Korea? You can just walk in and do what you want???

    Did Yang Soo’s mother ever give her dad the sweater she made for him??? Like ….. out of sight out of mind.

    Another twist of events with Chi Woong’s dad and the lady that got hit by the truck. Bad news but it wasn’t really his fault. The poor son lost his mother and his out for revenge. Can’t blame him.

    I have enjoyed this program.

  7. 57
    Rose Says:

    I don’t know why Seongil would tell Urie that “she is better off without him?” I think he is really nice and did a good job in role, and also good looking. I think he is better off w/o Urie.

    Nice drama and I liked watching it. Different story line.

  8. 58
    Rose Says:

    Well, I finally saw the last Episode – I am always the last person watching these shows. I really enjoyed this show – I liked the characters and thought they did a good job in their roles. I will miss seeing these people as I have been with them for 6 months — 1/2 a year.

    Chi Woo and Yangson stayed true to each other throughout the obstacles they faced. Seongil and Uri – I didn’t see that much of a connection between them. I liked Seongil a lot, nice looking guy and looking forward to seeing him in another show.

    I have see Chi Woo in another show and liked him in that show also.

    As far as the cat goes, we never did find out why Seongil’s Uncle was so upset about loosing the cat. Well, in reality I would be also as a pet is like a family member. Wasn’t Hope his cat originally?

  9. 59
    Fighting!! Says:

    I love this drama, love every actors and actresses, especially Choi Yoon Young ,Hyun Woo(Kim) and Choi Min Sung.

    Thank You KBS,the Director+the Producer+teams and the Author.

    Now I’m waiting you, Choi Yoon Young for new drama or new project , please come back on the TV screen as soon as possible.

  10. 60
    fighting!! Says:

    On The day before yesterday, I read the news from the Naver’s entertainment news section about Choi Yoon Young might comeback to reunion the PD/Director Kim Won Yong once again in the new KBS daily drama ‘My Love,Wen Choo’ or ‘My dear, Wen Choo’ (tempulary title)

    That’s a very good news and a very happy news for me.

    Dear KBS, Would you please make this news are real, I wish my dream come true once more pleaseeeeeee.

    I LOVE PD/Director KIM WON YONG,
    and All the Production Teams of KBS’s Drama.

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