Ojakgyo Brothers



Title: 오작교 형제들 / Ojakgyo Hyungjedeul / Ojakgyo Brothers
Chinese Title: 鹊桥兄弟们
Also known as: Ojakgyo Family / The Brothers of the Ojakgyo / The Brothers of the Bridge of Crows and Magpies
Previously known as: 황금연못 / Golden Pond
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 58
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Aug-06 to 2012-Feb-19
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


This is the story of a family with 4 sons who live together on a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae Shik (Jung Woong In) is the oldest son, and a bit of a sad sack, despite being a department head physical therapist. He desperately wants to get married, and as he is nearing 40, his family wants him to as well. Hwang Tae Bum (Ryu Soo Young) is the second son and a handsome, driven, aggressive, up-and-coming reporter who is uninterested in a long-term relationship. Hwang Tae Hee (Joo Won) is the third son and a honest, justice-obsessed policeman, slow to speak his mind, but full of convictions. He is their grandma’s favorite, her “baby.” Hwang Tae Pil (Yun Woo Jin) is the youngest son, the baby of the family, and is a lazy playboy always trying to come up with the next great business scheme, as long as it’s not real work. Into their lives comes Baek Ja Eun (Uee), a spoiled, rich young woman who faces a harsh reality when her father goes missing and his business goes under, leaving her homeless and penniless. A twist of fate brings her to Ojak farm, and into the lives of the Hwang family.


Main Cast

Uee as Baek Ja Eun
Joo Won as Hwang Tae Hee (3rd son)
Ryu Soo Young as Hwang Tae Bum (2nd son)
Choi Jung Yoon as Cha Soo Young

Hwang family

Kim Yong Rim as Madam Shim (grandmother)
Baek Il Sub as Hwang Chang Shik (father)
Kim Ja Ok as Park Bok Ja (mother)
Jung Woong In as Hwang Tae Shik (oldest son)
Yun Woo Jin as Hwang Tae Pil (youngest son)
Park Hee Gon as Hwang Gook Soo (grandson)

Baek Ja Eun family

Lee Young Ha as Baek In Ho
Jo Mi Ryung as Jung Yoon Sook

Cha Soo Young family

Kim Yong Gun as Cha Hyun Jae
Park Joon Geum as Nam Yeo Kyung
Song Sun Mi as Nam Yeo Wool

Other people

Jun Mi Sun as Kim Mi Sook
Yoon Joo Hee as Ye Jin
Jung Suk Won as Kim Je Ha
Kim Hae In as Han Hye Ryung
Ye Seo Jin as Seo Jin
Heo Tae Hee as Choi Hyun Wook
Lee Chan Joo as Oh Ha Na
Ahn Hye Kyung as IBC radio DJ
Jung Joo Ri as blind date woman (cameo)
Kim Kyung Jin as returning student (cameo)
Yoon Taek as (cameo)
Hong Hyun Taek

Production Credits

Production company: Green Snake (Chorokbaem) Media
Chief Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Producer: No Sang Hoon
Director: Ki Min Soo
Sceenwriter: Lee Jung Sun


– Ojakgyo (오작교) is the name of the bridge formed by crows and magpies that united the separated celestial lovers, the cowherd and the weaver. Translated literally, it is the Bridge of Crows and Magpies; 오작 (烏鵲 in hanja) means crow and magpie, plus the word for bridge (교).
– The total episode will be extended from 50 to 58 due to the high rating of this drama.


2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actress: Uee (Ojakkyo Brothers)
2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor: Joo Won (Ojakkyo Brothers)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Serial Drama, Kim Ja Ok)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards (Ryu Soo Young & Choi Jung Yoon)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Awards (Jung Woong In)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Child Acting Awards (Park Hee Gon)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Awards (Joo Won)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Awards (Uee)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Screenwriter Award (Lee Jung Sun)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-08-06 1 18.7 (2nd) 19.9 (3rd)
2011-08-07 2 21.2 (2dn) 21.8 (2nd)
2011-08-13 3 16.7 (3rd) 17.2 (4th)
2011-08-14 4 22.1 (1st) 23.7 (1st)
2011-08-20 5 20.4 (1st) 20.8 (2nd)
2011-08-21 6 25.0 (1st) 25.3 (1st)
2011-08-27 7 20.3 (1st) 21.3 (1st)
2011-08-28 8 21.7 (1st) 23.3 (1st)
2011-09-03 9 17.7 (1st) 19.1 (2nd)
2011-09-04 10 22.0 (1st) 22.2 (1st)
2011-09-10 11 19.4 (1st) 19.1 (1st)
2011-09-11 12 20.5 (1st) 20.3 (1st)
2011-09-17 13 23.8 (1st) 23.9 (1st)
2011-09-18 14 29.1 (1st) 30.3 (1st)
2011-09-24 15 23.2 (1st) 24.1 (1st)
2011-09-25 16 27.7 (1st) 30.9 (1st)
2011-10-01 17 25.5 (1st) 26.0 (1st)
2011-10-02 18 28.1 (1st) 29.9 (1st)
2011-10-08 19 25.1 (1st) 25.5 (1st)
2011-10-09 20 29.9 (1st) 29.7 (1st)
2011-10-15 21 26.8 (1st) 26.0 (1st)
2011-10-16 22 30.3 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2011-10-22 23 26.1 (1st) 25.9 (1st)
2011-10-23 24 30.5 (1st) 32.1 (1st)
2011-10-29 25 25.4 (1st) 27.4 (1st)
2011-10-30 26 29.9 (1st) 30.3 (1st)
2011-11-05 27 27.1 (1st) 29.5 (1st)
2011-11-06 28 30.4 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2011-11-12 29 26.2 (1st) 26.7 (1st)
2011-11-13 30 32.0 (1st) 31.5 (1st)
2011-11-19 31 28.3 (1st) 28.5 (1st)
2011-11-20 32 34.1 (1st) 32.7 (1st)
2011-11-26 33 27.9 (1st) 28.6 (1st)
2011-11-27 34 32.7 (1st) 32.5 (1st)
2011-12-03 35 28.2 (1st) 28.9 (1st)
2011-12-04 36 32.8 (1st) 32.6 (1st)
2011-12-10 37 25.4 (1st) 29.0 (1st)
2011-12-11 38 33.7 (1st) 34.6 (1st)
2011-12-17 39 29.5 (1st) 29.5 (1st)
2011-12-18 40 33.6 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
2011-12-24 41 26.3 (1st) 27.9 (1st)
2011-12-25 42 31.4 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2011-12-31 43 26.0 (1st) 26.9 (1st)
2012-01-01 44 33.0 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2012-01-07 45 28.8 (1st) 29.3 (1st)
2012-01-08 46 32.9 (1st) 34.7 (1st)
2012-01-14 47 29.1 (1st) 30.2 (1st)
2012-01-15 48 33.3 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
2012-01-21 49 25.2 (1st) 26.1 (1st)
2012-01-22 50 22.9 (1st) 22.1 (1st)
2012-01-28 51 27.8 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2012-01-29 52 29.4 (1st) 28.3 (1st)
2012-02-04 53 28.3 (1st) 27.6 (1st)
2012-02-05 54 33.9 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2012-02-11 55 31.6 (1st) 32.5 (1st)
2012-02-12 56 37.5 (1st) 39.6 (1st)
2012-02-18 57 32.7 (1st) 31.9 (1st)
2012-02-19 58 37.7 (1st) 36.4 (1st)

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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357 Responses to “Ojakgyo Brothers”

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  1. 176
    just Says:

    omg..i just knew this drama 2 weeks ago and i love it so much,joo won so hot and uee so pretty, they look good together and such a cute couple anyway…i love “freez kiss” scene at ep.36..joo won said in the interview that people call that kiss as “choding kiss”,hahahaa…fighting ojakgyo brother..!!

  2. 177
    jinnyj Says:

    I just have watched Ojak ep 41 , Joo won ( TH ) and Uee ( JE) are a good and lovely couple as performing so great . really Luv Ojak :).

  3. 178
    tutu Says:

    what is your problem!!! i wanna mention about “guksu” what if he is not a Korean!!! The drama is awesome but i didn’t know Koreans were this racist!!!

  4. 179
    jinnyj Says:

    I am very happy as seen on since 36-present , Joo won (TH) and Uee (JE) more deeply fall in,but what will be going next, they will face up the problem of the past of TH’s birth dad in accident. hope they can manage on well. TH&JE fighting …………:)
    can’t wait for next..:) Great drama.

  5. 180
    oomphu Says:

    i want drama subtitle english plase i very sad if subtitle indonesia

  6. 181
    huankvelvel Says:

    i love this drama even i just see ep 21…….cant wait the next episod….

  7. 182
    jinnyj Says:

    I luv this drama most and am waiting for to see every Sat-Sun.
    I hope there should be more than 50 eps as TH and JE just expressd on their mind and feeling to each together, I really liked TH opened himself to JE by talking on his mind and what his thinking and feeling . I like Uee (JE) too make JW (TH) feel comfortable to stay with her.
    Luv JW and Uee a lovely couple Ojak :)……….

  8. 183
    evian42 Says:

    I really like this drama! super

  9. 184
    Lita Says:

    OB will be extended episodes, it,s not decided yet how many episodes
    some korean newpapers reported it would be 10 – 14 episodes, and recently on internet korean news said it would be 6 – 8 episodes…

    yes.. that’s true for the next episodes our lovely couple TH & JE will face up the dark times moments. i hope they will be stand firm and forever will stay together, even a hurricanes can’t take away their love
    and the couple rings OMG so sweeet..pls dear writer before TH & JE found out about TH’dad car accident at least until E44 pls..give us some wonderful scenes between them such as exchanging the couple rings or maybe a passionate kiss??? i will pray for that!!!!!

  10. 185
    KIOTA Says:

    Choose a cable to go so far

    1 – Suzy-Taecyeon
    2 – IU-Jang Woo Young
    3 – Suzy-Kim Soo Hyun
    4- Uee -Joo Won
    5- moon chae won- park shi hoo

    did not like the public more choice of candidates to win are the teams and not pop on the ability of representative and more voters are children and adolescents

  11. 186
    kimcheejoy43 Says:

    I really love this drama so much!!!.. I love how the script turns out in every single detail.. I felt incomplete whenever i can’t watch this drama every Saturday or Sunday.. I always end up staying late just to read recaps and watching behind the scenes footage.. I always put a smile on my face whenever or wherever i think about some sweet/funny scenes.. I totally admit that i’m addicted to this drama.. and for that I wanna congratulate the staffs and crew especially to the writer and director of Ojakgyo Brothers.. I love the story especially the couple Tae Hee and Ja Eun <3<3<3 hoping Joo Won and UEE will win some awards and also the drama.. and most of all i want the both of them to end up together <3<3<3<3<3~~~~~~~ OJAKGYO BROTHERS FIGHTING! <3

  12. 187
    malou Says:

    I watched ep 42 without subtitle, eventhoughI can’t understand what their saying, but can relate to their action, i need to watch it again and again,please add additional episode for that drama,thanks so much,love it!!!!!!!!

  13. 188
    jinnyj Says:

    I feel so happy as Ojak will extend episode more , hope to see more next ep TH (JW)and JE(Uee)will have a sweet and cute scene again, but meanwhile TH’dad have known whom cause the past accident of TH’ birth dad, what is going on ?. hope they can manage well. TH&JE hwiting ….
    Thanks to Ojak all cast actors,actresss and Ojak team making this great drama.Luv Ojak :)

  14. 189
    Amani Says:

    Its time to change it to 66 episods ;) verry happy

  15. 190
    BRuby Says:

    im happy for extended episodes…but, jus wondering..

    ’16’ more episodes from current ep.42(now)…= 58
    or ’16’ more episodes from 50 ………………….= 66

    so which one? anyone can tell me…im sorry for my bad english..hope u guys can understand what i mean… tq :)

  16. 191
    Ivy Says:

    @ BRuby,

    Everything still no yet confirmed but should be at least 58 episode.

  17. 192
    BRuby Says:


    Oh really ? coz someone said, its extended for more 8 ‘weeks’ ..n another said extended more 8 ‘episodes’…hehe..so im really confuse rite now..hehe thanks ivy, for your kind answer…:)

  18. 193
    Lita Says:

    hi everyone..
    the final decision to extend Ojakgyo Brothers by 8 episodes.
    OB was supposed to end on the 22nd of January with 50 episodes.
    but now it has been extended by 8 episodes to end with 58 episodes.

  19. 194
    lita Says:

    OMG why Uee & Joo won didn’t win the best couple award ??? it,s so weird..
    hu..hu.. i, m so saaaaadddd……

  20. 195
    jinnyj Says:

    Congratulation to Joo Won and Uee won KBS 2011 award , Hope they will be
    successful in their acting career more and more and will be a cute couple in the next drama. Luv a lovely couple :).

  21. 196
    fransiska s Says:

    yeah..i think TH & JE very lovely couple…why didn’t win the best couple..:(

  22. 197
    jinnyj Says:

    Happy New year 2012 to Ojak team and best wishes you all are very very happy and healthy . Congratulation to Ojak team all KBS 2011 drama rewards. Luv Joowon and Uee a lovely couple :).

  23. 198
    Sujata Says:

    Where To Watch Ep 41 Eng Sub Urh?

  24. 199
    charis Says:

    @Sujata#198:here’s the link

  25. 200
    mizweng Says:

    i just LOVE this drama… am so happy with the extension tho not really anticipating the much needed conflict which could mean separation for our favorite couple, JE and TH… but on the brighter note, since this is a family drama am sure everything will be resolved at the end and we shall have the happy ending to all couples… i just wish we’ll have a wedding scene for JE and TH… am sure they will look picture perfect in wedding garments… yay!!! just the thought makes me smile so big!!! ^____^

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