Two Wives



Title: 두 아내 / Two Wives
Chinese Title: 两个妻子
Genre: Romance, family, melodrama
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-May-04 to to 2009-Oct-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


Han Ji Sook is a single mother who falls in love with a married man. The man, Kang Chul Soo, already has a family with his wife, Yoon Young Hee. When Young Hee finds out about Chul Soo’s extramarital affair, she distances herself away from him. Eventually they get divorced and Chul Soo starts a new life with Ji Sook. However, as luck would have it Chul Soo gets into a car accident and loses all of his memories of Ji Sook.


Yoon family

Kim Ji Young as Yoon Young Hee
Andy as Yoon Nam Joon
Jun Moo Song as Yoon Jang Soo (Young Hee’s father)
Jo Yang Ja as Seo Yeo Ja (Young Hee’s mother)

Kang family

Kim Ho Jin as Kang Chul Soo
Kim Yoon Kyung as Kang Do Hee
Kim Yong Rim as Jang Young Ja (Chul Soo’s mother)
Kang Sung Jin as Ahn Kyung Tae
Kim Young Ran as Oh Dal Ja
Uhm Min Woo (엄민우) as Kang Han Byul (Young Hee & Chul Soo’s son)

Han family

Son Tae Young as Han Ji Sook
Kim Soo Jung as Han So Ri (Ji Sook’s daughter)

Other people

Kang Ji Sub as Song Ji Ho
Lee Yoo Jin as Jo Mi Mi
Choi Won Young as Lee Young Min
Go Jung Min as Yoo Young Sun
Jung Ji Ah as Se Ri
Yoon Ji Min as Oh Hye Ran
Hwang Jung Eum
Yang Hee Kyung
Kyun Mi Ri
Uhm Do Hyun as Ha Neul Kang

Production Credits

Director : Yoo Roon Hae
Scriptwriter : Lee Yoo Sun

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100 Responses to “Two Wives”

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  1. 76
    angie Says:

    thank you liitt for the recap of the finale episode…much appreciated….ive been looking for this for a long time , since i wanted to know who does young hee(yvonne) end up with … lovely…its ji ho (albert) then.. i love it…thanks again

  2. 77
    queen lumagbas Says:

    tnx s sypnosis ng ending..matagal q rn hinanap..

  3. 78
    jeikun Says:

    Awtssss…. pero mas gusto ko si Victor para kay Yvonne… nakakalungkot. :( kala ko magkaka balikan sila…. :(

  4. 79
    jansofia Says:

    grabe..i it’s unforgetable koreanovela! i fell in luv to this tvdrama immediately, i like all the characters and how they survived the trials and endure all the pains and end up still fighting to be with their true loves! very sweet and inspiring love atory i’ve ever watched. Made me smile, excited and cry with it! probably the best love story of the decade!

  5. 80
    Dyan POsadas Says:

    can somebody tell where to watch two wives full episode for free…please!!tanx

  6. 81
    Colin Says:

    Thank you sooo much liitt Says for sharing. Tagal ko hnanap toh, thanks! :)

  7. 82
    Lisette Says:

    I’m very grateful to Liit. Thanks a lot for the finale sypnosis . Very much appreciated for your help. God Bless You!

  8. 83
    Shane Says:

    I’m so interested to know the ending of the story. I hope it would be a happy one. I love this tv drama, I can’t wait for another day to watch the next episode.

  9. 84
    tin Says:

    saan ako makakapanuod nito ung full episode ha??nbibitin ako eh…

  10. 85
    nerakz Says:

    howowww! Sina yvonne at albert pala magkakatuluyan! Ang galing! Di ko din type na magkabalikan sila ni victor kasi di na un realistic eh,

  11. 86
    nerakz Says: dun kau manoud ng past episodes nito.

  12. 87
    clowrainie Says:

    ji ho (albert) and Yoon Young Hee(yvonne) end up together <3 but at the end of the episode you wouldn't still know who will end up to whom..especially when victor want to reconcile with yvonne…

    eventhough albert and yvonne end up together the story between them was not enough wherein you want more hehe (BITIN) since it's all about the hardship of their relationship at the later part of the episode….they broke up since yvonne cant handle the situation especially with cheska and the mother of albert…then albert decided to go back in america with cheska but before that albert and yvonne promised each other to wait each other… after a year passss they meet…ending up with a kiss <3 119

  13. 88
    Lanever Says:

    Thank you so much.

  14. 89
    jyzne Says:

    kakalerky itong drama na 2!!!

    gosh ang ganda

  15. 90
    mary grace dula Says:

    super ganda! dami naka relate…super touching story. nakaka inlove…:)

  16. 91
    taurus Says:

    Sino po may site na pede mapanood.

  17. 92
    jonathan Says:

    oh my god! its so interesting.. i cannot wait for the ending and so bothered who will end up each other. but i know goodness will prevail its just so thrilling what will be the next scenes… nakakainis talaga.. bitin1 parang ayaw ko ng panoorin pero pag oras na ng airing.. d ko talaga maiwasan na umupo at manood..kailan matatapos ang paghihirap ni yvonne? hahaiiii…

  18. 93
    josie Says:

    i am really in to this show, i love them all though stressful at times because of the kontrabida pero always excited to what will happen next. please guys who ever knows the site where i can see the full episode please paki sabi naman kung saan.. salamat po.

  19. 94
    rachel rosario Says:

    .. ang gleng kung cna albert at yvonne ang mgkA2tuluyan ;) )
    pero bkt sbi ng isang viewer s isang site e mgpapakasal ulit cna yvonne at victor tpos mamamatay cla preho s car accident..

  20. 95
    rachel rosario Says:

    bkt sbi ng isang viewer s isang site e mgpapakasal ulit cna yvonne at victor tpos mamamatay cla preho s car accident.. pero mganda nga kung c yvonne n tlaga at si albert .. im so much inlove n rin kay albert .. hehe

  21. 96
    Kris Ty Says:

    gusto ko mapanood in davance to.kaso po di ko makita kung saan.i need help.. thanks :)

  22. 97
    pretty_kittie00 Says:

    watch it guys ..

  23. 98
    pretty_kittie00 Says:

    here po try nyo po panuorin lahat ng mga korean drama’s an like na like nyo hehehe Dramaload

  24. 99
    Hamia06 Says:

    hmm. yung ending po nagpropose si albert kay yvone. >< di namn po sila nagkabalikan ng ex husband nya..

  25. 100
    corien Says:

    hi hello how are u! hope it easy to find dis korean drama to dis site…grav ang hrap tlaga hanapin prng dmot tuloy ng derektor nyan..hay sang side kya yan pwding mapanuod..

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