2013 SBS Drama Awards (Winners List)



2013 SBS Drama Awards Winners List 01


Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)

Special Award

Jo In Sung (That Winter the Wind Blows)

Top Excellence Awards

Actor (Mini Series): So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun)
Actress (Mini Series): Song Hye Kyo (That Winter the Wind Blows)
Actor (Mid-Length Series): Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)
Actresss (Mid-Length Series): Lee Yo Won (Empire of Gold)
Actor (Long-Length Series): Jeon Kwang Ryul (Passionate Love)
Actress (long-Length Series): Nam Sang Mi (Goddess of Marriage)

Excellence Awards

Actor (Mini Series): Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
Actress (Mini Series): Sung Yuri (Birth Secret)
Actor (Mid-Length Series): Sung Dong Il (Jang Ok Jung)
Actress (Mid-Length Series): Park Shin Hye (The Heirs)
Actor (Long-Length Series): Kim Ji Hoon (Goddess of Marriage)
Actress (Long-Length Series): Wang Bit Na (The Women’s Room)

Special Acting Awards

Actor (Short Series): Jung Eun Woo (Stranger)
Actress (Short Series) : Kim Mi Sook (Case Number 113)
Actor (Mini-Series): Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice)
Actress (Mini-Series): Kim Mi Kyung (The Heirs, I Hear Your Voice, The Master’s Sun)
Actor (Mid-Length Series): Lee Hyo Jung (Jang Ok Jung)
Actress (Mid-Length Series): Kim Sung Ryung (The Heirs)
Actor (Long-Length Series): Jang Hyun Sung (Goddess of Marriage)
Actress (Long-Length Series): Jang Yeong Nam (Goddess of Marriage)

Producer Award (chosen by PDs from KBS, SBS & MBC)

Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)

Best Couple Awards

Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye (The Heirs)

Popularity Awards

Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)

Top 10 Stars Awards (voted by teenagers)

- Jo In Sung (That Winter the Wind Blows)
- So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun)
- Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs)
- Lee Yo Won (Empire of Gold)
- Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)
- Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
- Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
- Park Shin Hye (The Heirs)
- Nam Sang Mi (Goddess of Marriage)
- Song Hye Gyo (That Winter The Wind Blows)

New Star Awards

- Lee Da Hee (I Hear Your Voice)
- Kang Min Hyuk (The Heirs)
- Kim So Hyun (Suspicious Housekeeper)
- Seo In Guk (The Master’s Sun)
- Kim Yoo Ri (Alice in Cheongdamdong, The Master’s Sun)
- Jung Eun Ji (That Winter the Wind Blows)
- Im Ju Hwan (Ugly Alert)
- Kim Ji Won (The Heirs)
- Kang So Ra (Ugly Alert)
- Choi Jin Hyuk (The Heirs)

Best Dressed

Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Kim Soo Mi (Incarnation of Money)

Date: 31/Dec/2013, 8:55pm
MC: Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hwi Jae, Lee Bo Young

2013 SBS Drama Awards Winners List 02

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74 Responses to “2013 SBS Drama Awards (Winners List)”

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  1. 51
    suppledexplorer Says:

    @Lucy Applestone I second the motion I dont like that girl—-I watched some of her dramas but never finish one of it and I dont know why hahaha.

  2. 52
    malou1010 Says:

    I’m soooooooo happy for IHYV & TWTWB main cast for winning major awards!!! I just loved these dramas and SBS was spot on in giving them the well deserved recognition.

    Congratulations to Lee Bo Young, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Jong Suk, & Jo In Sung!! You guys are truly talented & excellent in your craft.

    I’m especially ecstatic that one of my favorite actresses, Lee Bo Young got both the Daesang & Producer Award!!!! Yaaaay!!!!

  3. 53
    Lee Jong Suk ..Fan Says:

    Happy &well……
    Lee Jong Suk oppa I Love You
    I Like You…oppa SarangeHae Oppa
    I m always you….,,,<<<
    I Like your drama & Movie
    In The Drama I Hear Your Voice,,Park SooHa….
    In The Movie No Breathing,,,,,,,,,Woo Sang Oppa

    SarangeHae Oppa
    Your Fan

  4. 54
    Tae Gong Sil Says:

    congratulations to all the winners sbs drama awards 2013 …… but I was very disappointed, why is gong hyo jin not at all nomination unless nominated best couple with SJS ….. it really is not fair …… What wrongs with SBS??????? where as drama THE MASTER SUN gets a high rating thanks to the riveting acting GHJ ……GONG HYO JIN HWAITING…..

  5. 55
    Adhe Talla Says:

    My truly happy congratulation to Lee Yo Won eonni. Chukkae eonni. U’re still n the best, n always be the best for me. Finally u suceeded to get 2 awards. One more, congrats, I’m really happy for u. Ur brilliant n perfect acting in EoG is fabulous. I’m always waiting for both ur new drama n movie.

  6. 56
    bigeye46 Says:

    congrats to all winner n work hard

  7. 57
    jess Says:

    i do thinks that Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub should win…GHJ & SJS is 100 times better than Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho….

  8. 58
    hjh Says:


    So good to know Lee Yowon won two awards for playing Choi Seo Yoon in Empire of Gold. She deserves it. Hope to see her again in a drama soon.

  9. 59
    benita Says:

    lee min ho keep up the hard work,forever ur biggest fan oh and i so love ur dressing code its the best

  10. 60
    WEDW Says:



  11. 61
    cutie Says:

    me too agree that Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub should win…GHJ & SJS is 100 times better than Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho….

  12. 62
    cutie Says:

    Why gong hyo Jin / tae gong sil is not in here?so sad althought me too voted for the drama and gong hyo shin too act very well in this drama …

  13. 63
    HeirsFan Says:

    Congratulations to Park Shin hye and Lee min Ho. Best couple award. The “Heirs” was the best and they acted great

  14. 64
    Haryanto_S Says:

    For me, I Hear You Voice is the best drama.

  15. 65
    peyutnduy Says:

    All actors & actresses came to this event got at least one award. And ones who didn’t get one weren’t invited. Lee Min-ho is awesome! He has a great team behind him to make him as he is nowadays. I think PSH had greater on-screen chemistry with Jung Yong-hwa than with LMH, both in “you’re beautiful” and “heartstrings”.

  16. 66
    fourgreenrose Says:

    The success of Master’s Sun belongs also to Gong Hyo Jn. She is really great in this drama. In fact, she is great in all dramas. Her way of acting is some how unique.
    Drama Heirs has a stupid story line, great actors but too old to play teenagers characters.

  17. 67
    mail Says:

    i have finished watching ‘I Hear Your best’…..It definitely d best korean drama of 2013….The script was well planned…This series deserved to win major of the awards….Hope to see such drama produced after dis….

  18. 68
    drama4451 Says:

    1/Congratulation RIGHT CHOICE Awards:
    -Top Excellence Awards: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Yo Won..
    -Producer Award: Lee Bo Young
    -Special Award: Jo In Sung
    2/Sorry WRONG CHOICE Awards:
    -Excellence Awards(PSH not worthy for Award..wish she act better..next)
    -Best Couple: LMH&PSH(The Heirs….much..much viewers ‘be shocked’)
    3/Respect Viewers’ opinion(young/Teenagers:
    -Popularity Awards: LMH (wish him stay w/Award for long..but need to
    improve for ‘acting’..push out ..chemistry…move ‘face’s muscle’…
    -Song Hye Kyo is one of the Actress stay long for Best Actress..but she is
    #10 of the List..because Teenagers…love ‘popular/fun’…

  19. 69
    Jenny Says:

    i love Cheongdamdong alice, i love this drama.. i love Park shi hoo… its a very good drama…

  20. 70
    Catherine Says:

    I like Park Shin Hye.
    Popularity Awards: also must be with PSH.
    Because Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye match with each other and
    best couple…

  21. 71
    fe Says:

    i wish “I HEAR YOUR VOICE” with the same cast LEE BO YOUNG and LEE JONG SUK. I LOVE THIS SERIES

  22. 72
    fe Says:

    i wish “I HEAR YOUR VOICE” part 2

  23. 73
    fe Says:

    i luv u lee bo young

  24. 74
    lullveli Says:

    congrats to all d winners of dis award nd I wish u all d best. bt infact i’v decided 2 talk 2day afta reading some funny comments.1 thing I don’t understand is WHAT LEE MIN HO nd PARK SHIN HYE are doing in dis AWARD!!!!!!! , infact who wrote dat drama?! ah ahhh no chemistry!, directionless story line, nd 2 top it up Lee Minho’s second high skul drama.. i couldn’t just continue with watching such a drama till d end. as 4 those pple dat luv heirs, I can say it’s just bcos Lee min Ho is fine bt in a movie industry, na fine we won chop.. in fact, let me just end here.. I Love South Koreaaaaa!!!!!

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