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Title: 천상여자 / Angel’s Revenge
Chinese Title: 天上女人
Also Known as: Heavenly Woman
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 100+ (To Be Announced)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-06
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


A drama about the love and revenge of a woman.

Lee Sun Yoo (Yoon So Yi) is training to become a nun. Right before she fulfill her wish, she know that her older sister has passed away. She decided to take revenge on the man who should responsible for her sister’s death, she gives up her dream of becoming a nun. She then meets Seo Ji Suk (Kwon se In) who is an immature man from a rich family. However, He changes his personality because of his love towards her.


Main Cast

Yoon So Yi as Lee Sun Yoo
Park Jung Chul as Jang Tae Jung
Moon Bo Ryung as Seo Ji Hee
Kwon Se In as Seo Ji Suk

People around Lee Sun Yoo

Lee Se Eun as Lee Jin Yoo
Lee Dal Hyung as Heo Poong Ho
Choi Wan Jung (최완정) as Bong Hwang
Lee Hye Eun as Bong Chang
Kim Min Soo (김민수) as Heo Ki Jin

Na Dal Nyeo’s family

Lee Eung Kyung as Na Dal Nyeo
Jung Yi Yun as Jang Tae Mi

Seo Ji Hee’s family

Jung Young Sook as Gong Jung Soon
Kim Chung as Woo Ah Ran
Choi Jae Won as Seo Woo Hyun
Choi Dong Yub (최동엽) as Section Chief Kim


Go Bo Kyul (고보결) as Jung In
Kim Hae Rim (김해림) as Ahn Na
Goo Eun Ae as Park Chae Rin
Yoon Seo Jin (윤서진) as Jung Hee Joo
Park Jung Yoon
Bang Soo Jin

Production Credits

Production Company: SDD, Free Will Company
Chief Producer: Lee Jae Young
Producer: Kim Shin Il
Director: Uh Soo Sun
Screenwriter: Lee Hye Sun, Ahn So Min


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547 Responses to “Angel’s Revenge”

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  1. 526
    reindeer song Says:

    JJ I’m with you, SY need to spill. He will not forgive her or will be disappointed that she did not trust him enough to tell. Plus, he cannot say she approached him, he did that all on his own, plus she was still a nun. His anger will be her not trusting him. But, in the end he will understand and join forces to bring down TJ, but his sister will play a role, he will feel badly for her.

  2. 527
    Wowwww Says:

    That is one thing that I don’t want JS should not feel bad for JH because her mom has been doing so many things to JS since he was young and she never stood up for him or told the grandma that JS was going through these problems..she is a evil bitch..she might feel bad for JS but she has not once did anything about went to the point that he ran away to America because he could not handle the mistreatment anymore……I think JS feeling bad for JH will be a obstacle for SY if JS finds out and I do not want that to happen..

  3. 528
    Wowwww Says:

    You can see that JH cannot live without her riches which is a sad thing and that also means that she does not really love TJ ..the reason why she chooses to believe everything that TJ tells her is because she refuses to say that she made the wrong choice and does not want everyone in the family to know that she knew about all his lies and still chose to marry him..she is just thinking about herself..look at her now..i really cant stand to see her face.all she wants to do is blame everyone for what she did to herself ..she is despicable…

    When she and TJ and her mom tried to bring down JS and the granny kicked them out she blamed JS AND THE GRANNY…
    When she crashed the car after the argument,she blamed SY for TJ coma and for her miscarriage and thin uterus…

    the writer better make SY do something to shut this girl up once and for all because quite frankly I am getting tired of her..

  4. 529
    mml Says:

    @517 Wowwww, @523 sml, @521 jj,
    I will provide you a short detailed preview of episode 76,
    the scene that you saw Tae Jung and his mother talking at the café was, TJ’s mother chased her son to quickly find the missing grandson and TJ also mentioned about, when he was a child, his father abandoned him and felt hurt and therefore, he will definitely find the missing child.

    The scene that you saw Ji Suk having lunch with Ji Hee at the restaurant was,
    Ji Suk told his sister, it’s because of him being naughty and not obedient and therefore his real mother doesn’t want him and he told Ji Hee that by getting married to Sun Yoo, he has actually found his happiness in life. And Ji Suk requested his sister to try to get along with Sun Yoo and actually Sun Yoo is a nice person .And Ji Hee did not reveal to him that Sun Yoo lied to Ji Suk. She only try to hint to Ji Suk, do not judge Sun Yoo by it’s cover and so on.

    The scene that you saw a group of men went to YaMei Food Factory to carry out their investigations were appointed by Ji Suk. Ji Suk was the one who assigned his staffs to carry out the investigations.

    The scene that you saw Ki Jin took photo as evidence and mumbled to himself was, Ki Jin found out that ,the money in the document bag that, Tae Jung gave to his friend, his friend took the money and did not put to good use , his friend did not spend it on repairing the damaged factory equipments, but instead, his bad friend gambled and lost all the money that Tae Jung gave it to him.

    The scene that you saw, when Sun Yoo went to read Tae Jung’s sms, that was the time , Sun Yoo discovered evil Tae Jung hired a private investigator to find the missing child. And from there, Sun Yoo analyse and tackle the problem and she discovered the child, most probably belonging to Jin Yoo.

    The scene that you saw Pantong crying was, he felt disgrace and ashamed when the uncle went to his school, being rude and naughty , he was punished and bitten by his mother.

    The scene that you saw TJ’s mother crying to plead their forgiveness in front of SY’s aunt, SY’s uncle and Sun Yoo was, TJ’s mother speak the truth , that the missing child was Jin Yoo’s son.

    The scene that you saw JS’s stepmother talking to JS’s grandma was, JS’s stepmother wanted to adopt a child at orphanage for Ji Hee.

    The scene that you saw Tae Jung was talking to the private investigator was someone with their own car took the missing child and it’s impossible to find the child .

    The scene that you saw Tae Jung stealing the document, that document was actually a report stated clearly that, YaMei Food Factory will not pass to meet the standards to be required by L Food Company.

    The scene that you saw Sun Yoo rushing to the office to question Tae Jung was, Sun Yoo wanted to know where’s her missing nephew ?

    Okay, I have covered almost all the important scenes at episode 76 and I believe that, very soon, Ji Suk will discover that Sun Yoo was the sister of Jin Yoo and Jin Yoo’s lover was Tae Jung. Will Ji Suk help Sun Yoo or will Ji Suk let Sun Yoo to continue to suffer in silent on her own ???

  5. 530
    jj Says:

    Loved it @ mml great recap. I really hate to see JS put so much trust in her when she doesn’t trust him enough to tell him the thruth

  6. 531
    jj Says:

    And I still don’t understand why SY always chooses to rush to TJ for everything. She should really start trying the element of surprise.

  7. 532
    Wowwww Says:

    I loved that little review @mml u answered all that I wanted to know…i also don’t think that JS will allow SY to suffer silently because SY is the only one that he loves in the world and he will not do anything to make her sad,,he will be angry for a little while but support her after that.

  8. 533
    LuLu Says:

    Thanks a bunch, mml, that really is a great summary and fills in the gaps for a lot of us. I’m ready for some real kick in the stomach revenge, so I hope it heats up even more!

  9. 534
    Wowwww Says:
    ep 77 preview guys…it looks good…things are getting heated

  10. 535
    sml Says:

    @mml 529 : really appreciate your review ep 76. Make me understand what’s going on.
    @ wowwww : thanks a lot for the link. Will see it soon. I look forward to watching the time JS know everything : about TJ & JY, their son, TJ kidnapped SY when interview time, TJ chased SY with his car, Ya Mei fake approval report & now missing report of Ya Mei factory…. all of the truth….

  11. 536
    Wowwww Says:

    @sml 535 ….I am anticipating the reveal too.. :)

  12. 537
    sml Says:

    @mml : I’ve watch preview ep 77 but do not understand. Can you explain ? Kumawoo…

  13. 538
    mml Says:

    @537 sml,
    you wait until I watch ep77 then I give you a short detailed preview. It seems that, by looking at preview ep77, I believe that Ji Suk discovered the missing report and realised that Tae Jung and his friend team up to cheat L Food Company and as to the missing money that Tae Jung misappropriated the funds from L Food that one, am not sure whether did Ji Suk also discover. You all patiently wait and watch.

    Am not sure, how Ji Suk is going to punish Tae Jung ? And I guess Ji Suk is going to punish him with drastic actions . Something strange, how come Ji Suk did not discover his wife Sun Yoo suffered in silent ? And every time, Sun Yoo will wake up in the middle of the night to look at Jin Yoo’s photo and how come Ji Suk did not realise that his wife Sun Yoo looks upset with a mystery face ???? Strange, really very very strange ???

  14. 539
    Wowwww Says:

    This ep had too much crying and begging…in all we see that it is a episode that will transition into something god anytime soon..many things that I want to know..
    what was SY and TJ talking about when the ep started..?
    What did JS say when he saw SY and was chasing after her?
    What did the uncle say to TJ on the phone?
    what did AR say to TJ?
    what did JH say to SY when she saw TJ and SY talking?
    what did JS say to SY when he caught her and she hid her sister photo?
    what did TJ say to SY when he was waiting for her outside?
    what did the inspector say to JS?
    what did SY said to TJ friend when she showed him the pictures of him and TJ passes of the bag with money?

    Hopefully the preview will come up soon so we can get an idea of what the hell we are in store for tomorrow.

  15. 540
    sml Says:

    @Wowwww 539 : Yes I have the same questions like yours. Also what did SY say to JH before she entering her bedroom ? What was the talking between JS and SY when he checked documents ? I can’t understand TJ & SY quarrelled with high voice inside the house gate, without worrying somebody hearing their voice…
    I think someday, JS would overhear…. I can imagine that house became war zone and someday will explode….

  16. 541
    sml Says:

    I think photos & SY’s confrontation to HS worked and made him confessed about his alibi for TJ at the time JY died. I also hope more scenes of our OTP together… Why did after marriage, there was not romantic scene of them…

  17. 542
    jj Says:

    Lol at JS sneaking a look in the drawer. This is giving me hope than he will be nothing but understanding of SY revenge plot and relieved to a point seeing that he partly blames himself. TJ on the other hand seems to love digging his own grave feet by feet in this drama. Seriously TJ if you weren’t so concerned about trying to steal JS birth right, maybe you would start actually thinking. You can’t take the one paper out, and that person happens to be your best friend dumbass. BT was so happy today with the bike, looks like he just needs some attention. JH her regular dumb self still acting up, can’t wait for her to get even more stressed when she hears of the latest news. Maybe we will get to see her uterus fall out.. Lol :)

    Things are heating up guys, SY laying on the heat

  18. 543
    jj Says:

    @ sml I have said the same thing. With marriage they became distant, there is hardly any scenes with them, much less some contact :(

  19. 544
    jj Says:

    One thing that really puzzles me…u telling me that SY was so loud in the office and at the house and no one ears… I guess people have hearing and sight issues in this drama.

  20. 545
    sml Says:

    @JJ 542 : you say …can’t wait for her to get even more stressed when she hears of the latest news… What did the latest news mean ?
    Also when TJ, JH & SY were upstair, they talked without worrying somebody hear, especially JS who was inside his bedroom… really strange.

  21. 546
    Wowwww Says:

    I think the news is that JY baby is still alive and TJ and his mother and them knew about it.That is why TJ mom was suggesting adoption because it is TJ child anyway….

    It is kind of a omen that while she cant have children JY baby is alive..that will make her feel like shit because she disregarded JY and her baby and forgave TJ turning against SY and making a mess of herself…..She should actually see it as divine retribution.

  22. 547
    LuLu Says:

    I’m sure mml will enlighten us with episode 77, but I’m wondering if SY’s conversation with her nun friend is an appeal to find the baby. Maybe there are more resources through her.

    I’m thinking that SY is keeping her cards close to the vest and not telling JS because she needs the crucial evidence from the food factory guy. The last thing she needs is for him to run away, or be bribed again by TJ, or claim that he has nothing. She’s getting pretty close to getting what she needs, so everybody needs to keep their mouths shut and not blow the case.

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