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Title: 기황후 / Empress Ki
Chinese Title: 奇皇后
Previously Known as: 화투 / Hwatu (Battle of Flowers)
Genre: Historical, Politic, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 51
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-28 to 2014-April-29
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama is about the loves and battles of Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won) from Goryeo who exercises her influence in the Yuan Dynasty.


Main Cast

Ha Ji Won as Ki Seung Nyang (later Empress Ki)
- Hyun Seung Min as Seung Nyang (young)
Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo (later King Choong Hye of Goryeo)
- Ahn Do Gyu as Wang Yoo (young)
Ji Chang Wook as Ta Hwan (later Emperor Huizong of Yuan)

People who assist Empress Ki in Goryeo

Lee Won Jong as Dok Man
Choi Moo Sung as Park Bool Hwa
Cha Kwang Soo as Go Yong Bo
Lee Moon Shik as Bang Shin Woo
Kwon Oh Joong as Choi Moo Song
Yoon Yong Hyun as Jum Bak Yi

Enemies who confront Empress Ki

Cha Do Jin as Tab Ja Hae
Jun Gook Hwan as Yeon Chul
Jung Woong In as Uhm Byung Soo
Kim Jung Hyun as Dang Ki Se
Baek Jin Hee as Princess Dana Shiri
Lee Jae Yong as Wang Go

Empress Ki’s Rival

Kim Young Ho as Baek Ahn
Jin Yi Han as Tal Tal
Kim Suh Hyung as Empress Dowager


Yoon Ah Jung as Princess Yeon Hwa
Kim Myung Gook as Jang Soon Yong
Jo Woo Jin as Wang Go’s solider
Yoo In Young as Yeon Bi Soo
Ryu Hyun Kyung as Princess Kyung Hwa
Shin Seung Hwan as Ggoi Bo
Kim Myung Soo as Ki Ja Oh
Han Hye Rin as Lady Park
Seo Yi Sook as Court Lady Seo
Lee Eung Kyung as Court Lady Noh
Song Kyung Chul as Mak Saeng
Kim Moo Young (김무영) as Na Moo
Oh Kwang Rok as Heuk Soo
Jo Jae Yoon as Gol Ta
Im Joo Eun as Bayan Khutugh

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Production and Company
Chief Producers: Joo Sung Woo
Directors: Han Hee, Lee Sung Joon
Screenwriters: Jang Young Chul, Jung Kyung Soon


- 2013 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actress Awards – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)
- 2013 MBC Drama Awards: Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)
- 2013 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year – Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon (Empress Ki)
- 2013 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actress Award: Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki)
- 2013 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Special Production): Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki)
- 2013 MBC Drama Awards: : Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)
- 2013 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang – Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-10-28 1 10.1 (13th) 12.3 (8th) 11.1 (9th) 13.3 (4th)
2013-10-29 2 12.0 (6th) 14.6 (4th) 13.6 (4th) 15.8 (4th)
2013-11-04 3 11.7 (11th) 14.9 (4th) 12.8 (6th) 14.5 (5th)
2013-11-05 4 12.7 (6th) 15.4 (4th) 14.5 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)
2013-11-11 5 14.0 (5th) 17.3 (4th) 14.5 (5th) 16.1 (4th)
2013-11-12 6 14.6 (4th) 18.6 (4th) 16.3 (4th) 18.7 (3rd)
2013-11-18 7 15.2 (4th) 18.4 (4th) 15.5 (5th) 17.6 (3rd)
2013-11-19 8 16.5 (4th) 20.1 (3rd) 16.9 (4th) 18.6 (3rd)
2013-11-25 9 15.4 (4th) 19.1 (4th) 17.2 (4th) 19.5 (3rd)
2013-11-26 10 16.2 (4th) 19.5 (3rd) 18.1 (3rd) 19.6 (3rd)
2013-12-02 11 17.7 (4th) 20.8 (3rd) 17.8 (5th) 20.5 (2nd)
2013-12-03 12 18.4 (4th) 21.7 (3rd) 19.0 (4th) 21.0 (3rd)
2013-12-09 13 19.1 (4th) 23.6 (2nd) 20.2 (3rd) 23.5 (2nd)
2013-12-10 14 18.4 (4th) 23.3 (1st) 19.5 (3rd) 21.9 (2nd)
2013-12-16 15 17.7 (4th) 21.7 (4th) 18.8 (4th) 21.5 (3rd)
2013-12-17 16 18.1 (4th) 21.9 (2nd) 18.8 (3rd) 21.4 (3rd)
2013-12-23 17 17.3 (4th) 20.5 (2nd) 17.3 (4th) 20.1 (2nd)
2013-12-24 18 17.3 (3rd) 20.5 (2nd) 17.5 (3rd) 19.9 (2nd)
2014-01-06 19 17.0 (3rd) 21.8 (2nd) 17.9 (3rd) 20.4 (3rd)
2014-01-07 20 18.5 (3rd) 23.8 (2nd) 19.1 (3rd) 21.3 (2nd)
2014-01-13 21 18.2 (3rd) 23.7 (2nd) 19.6 (3rd) 22.9 (2nd)
2014-01-14 22 19.0 (3rd) 23.9 (2nd) 20.3 (3rd) 22.1 (2nd)
2014-01-20 23 19.5 (3rd) 23.6 (2nd) 20.8 (3rd) 23.6 (2nd)
2014-01-21 24 20.7 (3rd) 24.7 (2nd) 22.6 (2nd) 26.2 (2nd)
2014-01-27 25 21.4 (3rd) 27.0 (2nd) 22.8 (2nd) 26.8 (1st)
2014-01-28 26 22.0 (2nd) 26.3 (2nd) 24.9 (2nd) 28.6 (1st)
2014-02-03 27 24.2 (2nd) 29.8 (1st) 23.9 (2nd) 27.7 (1st)
2014-02-04 28 24.0 (2nd) 29.3 (1st) 25.3 (2nd) 29.1 (1st)
2014-02-10 29 20.8 (2nd) 25.3 (1st) 22.7 (2nd) 25.3 (1st)
2014-02-17 30 25.3 (2nd) 30.9 (1st) 26.5 (2nd) 29.6 (1st)
2014-02-18 31 25.6 (2nd) 30.9 (1st) 26.6 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2014-02-24 32 24.4 (2nd) 31.0 (1st) 25.3 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-02-25 33 27.9 (2nd) 33.6 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 31.3 (1st)
2014-03-03 34 26.1 (2nd) 32.4 (1st) 26.2 (2nd) 29.7 (1st)
2014-03-04 35 26.5 (2nd) 32.3 (1st) 28.3 (1st) 31.4 (1st)
2014-03-10 36 26.0 (2nd) 31.4 (1st) 26.9 (2nd) 30.8 (1st)
2014-03-11 37 27.1 (2nd) 32.4 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 32.4 (1st)
2014-03-17 38 25.6 (2nd) 30.7 (1st) 27.7 (2nd) 31.3 (1st)
2014-03-18 39 25.0 (2nd) 29.3 (1st) 26.5 (2nd) 29.7 (1st)
2014-03-24 40 22.4 (2nd) 27.5 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd) 27.9 (2nd)
2014-03-25 41 24.0 (2nd) 29.8 (1st) 26.0 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-03-31 42 23.5 (2nd) 27.2 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-04-01 43 24.1 (2nd) 27.4 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd) 27.9 (1st)
2014-04-07 44 23.9 (3rd) 27.8 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd) 27.2 (1st)
2014-04-08 45 23.5 (2nd) 28.7 (2nd) 25.5 (2nd) 28.7 (1st)
2014-04-14 46 23.9 (2nd) 28.0 (2nd) 25.3 (2nd) 28.3 (1st)
2014-04-15 47 23.8 (2nd) 28.9 (1st) 26.1 (2nd) 28.8 (1st)
2014-04-21 48        
2014-04-22 49        
2014-04-28 50        
2014-04-29 51        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


- Episode 30 was originally scheduled to air on 2014-Feb-11 but delay to 2014-Feb-17 due to the 2014 Winter Olympics.


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822 Responses to “Empress Ki”

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  1. 801
    Sarah Says:

    The eps 43 make me frustration .., arrrggh :3

  2. 802
    Lungu Says:

    Tot timpu astept cu sufletul lagura serialul acesta care se traduce, multumesc!!!

  3. 803
    tigerb Says:

    in this series, if the emperor yuan is a coward it is because he was not properly brought up from childhood.

  4. 804
    dramalady Says:

    I think the King is the true love of SN. He is mature and thoughtful while the Emperor is childish and weak. Both actors are good though. A good drama to be recommended.

  5. 805
    Carmen Says:


  6. 806
    hny Jo Says:

    when will tanqisil n the gank died!!!…. ep.44…. speechless, so sad for them all.

  7. 807
    dian Says:

    it’s is true that the episode will be extended to 51? i think at the end of this drama will be when the time empress ki leave the empire, according to the history, she left without trace after her son Prince Ayu become emperor.

  8. 808
    Carmen Says:

    For the shots I have been able to see, I think the best for Empress Ki, is to left the Emperor, if you have seen it from start she is always giving giving giving, but no one appreciate all she has done, and she needs to be Happy, from the biggining that Emperor was weak, what can she expect from him he will always be a puppet of some one….that is the way he is. Too bad for her she did try…but he did nothing for her…now is too late to make her Empress….and by the way where is the other one?

  9. 809
    Sarah Says:

    Wangyu die ? Why ? :’(

  10. 810
    honey Says:

    its to early for him to die.

  11. 811
    hny Jo Says:


    I still like TH with SY… i understand his feel to SY, SY the only one person he want to close, but there is with so many cruel ppl who want destroy his trust to SY…I still like their act :)

    yeaahhh..finally SY know who is Maha…and WY not die..he safe in Yoon Bi Soo arms ;) )

    the new queen is borring character !

  12. 812
    Gr-'/@95 Says:

    Love,love,this drama and the actors,can hardly wait for episode 45. Keep up the good dramas, fighting !!!

  13. 813
    sheshe Says:

    im dying to watch it again. I stop watching at ep 35 because i hate waiting & watching, watching & waiting it every week. i will just continue watching after they the final episode

  14. 814
    favour Says:

    Am 4rm nigeria bt we’re stil waitin 4 season 5…..dis movie 2 me,is 1 of a kind.I luv nyang nd wang yoo,i wnt dem 2 end up 2geda cos dey luv each oda right 4rm d startin point of dis film….i also luv d emperor bt he is 2 jealous nd childish bt i dnt blame him cos dats d role he ws given…jst cnt wait 2 c who nyang wil end up wit…..bt dis movie got complicated afta nyang slept wit d emperor nd gave him a child bt stil yet wang yoo didnt misbehave……keep on d good work mr.producer…..FIGHTING!!!

  15. 815
    miss A Says:

    this drama brought me different emotions, mind you guys im still in epi23 long way to go compared to most of u,,i wanted to stop watching it but i end up watching the next epi..i hate it cause its full of tragedy, man’s wickedness and evry evil they may think, and it makes me sad and torn for SY,and i keep on asking what must she have done wrong to deserve that…… though i love this drama, i really do, cause the’re great actors,and somehow im attached to it…but i dont want to be part of their misery and in my condition,its not good,it affects me too much.that only means this is a great work of entertainment.. .oh right there’s their romance but just for moment and another tragedy again, well i guess and hope SY will end up happy with her true love(WY) for this is what she deserves.. this is just for me and mine alone.
    Fighting Sungnyang!!

  16. 816
    eny Says:

    I rewatch early episode, it’s really interesting how WY in ep 1 change gradually after one incident to another incident n become wise king

  17. 817
    hny Jo Says:

    Ep 46

    I’m glad that new empress lady..is down, after she fail to try kill Maha n framed SY ;) )
    Also empress dowager who being collapse after hear Maha is fake. ..haha haha. .SY win for now.
    but so sad coz Yeon bi soo die to safe WY from tanqisil..she die in WY arms with
    happiness ;)
    TH always dream abt SY kill him coz he ordered to kill WY…ooow feel sad 4 u!

    Last moment WY knew that Maha is his son…omo!! Next episodes coming soon plz…:))

  18. 818
    lee yeaon Says:

    this movie was wow am waiting for the new empress to go on her knee is just a green snake i thought she will be different but was disapointing just wanna see her down fall and i cant wait to see lady ki become the empress

  19. 819
    hny Jo Says:

    ep 47

    I thought Maha would be the king of Goryeo later, but he died young..so sad…and that’s TH servant /Gol Ta is “Daebak Leader” who always use mask…ooooo dunno in whose side he is ?!

    I guess next episode is only a battle of Goryeo ppl n TH ppl…the crisis between SY n TH relationship…hmmm u guy who like SY N WY together, will be happy ;) )

  20. 820
    eny Says:

    so sad maha, it’s ironic how SY take care of the emperor n his son suffer physically n emotionally alone without someone that he love, i’m a bit mad to SY when he told maha is abandon child just after he get hurt from, I want her to cry n regret it.

    @hny jo
    I don’t want WY love her anymore
    I want SY regreting her choice

  21. 821
    Carmen Says:

    eny, if she said that she is his mother, Maha’s live will be in more danger, I think she did the best for him—and the best was to take him out of the Palace, because sooner or later they all going to find out that he was her kid after all!!!

  22. 822
    eny Says:

    of course she shouldn’t say she is his mother, i think she doesn’t have to reveal he’s not TN son, just keep the secret n live in the palace n try to get closer to her to minimalize dowager influence to him. Maha is lonely kids in the palace sending him out to the palace is more misserable for him esp after just get hurt n haven’t fully recover she reveal his identity, i know her intention is to protect him but i think it’s bad decision

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