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Title: 제왕의 딸, 수백향 / King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang
Chinese Title: 帝王之女手白香
Also known as: Emperor’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang / The Daughter of the Emperor
Genre: Historical, Family, Political, Romance
Episodes: 108
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-30 to 2014-March-14
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:00


The drama is set during the time of King Moo Ryung of Baekjae.

A historical drama about Princess Soo Baek Hyang (Seo Hyun Jin), who is in love with Crown Prince Myung Nong (Jo Hyun Jae) and the history of the family.


Main Cast

Seo Hyun Jin as Soo Baek Hyang / Seol Nan
Seo Woo as Seol Hee (Soo Baek Hyang’s younger sister)
Lee Jae Ryong as King Moo Ryung
Jo Hyun Jae as Crown Prince Myung Nong
Jun Tae Soo as Jin Moo
Myung Se Bin as Chae Hwa
Yoon Tae Young as Goo Chun

Bi Moon

Cha Hwa Yun as Instructor Do Rim
Kim Roe Ha as Ttol Dae
Kim Min Kyo as Mang Goo
Sung Ji Roo as Dae Woon

Royal Palace

Jung Sung Mo as Nae Sook
Im Se Mi as Queen Eun Hye
Jung Chan as King Dong Sung
Hwang Young Hee as Gong Ok
Jung Suk Yong as Hong Rim
Lee Ki Young as King Gae Ro


Ahn Suk Hwan as Baek Ga
Yeo Eui Joo as Kang Bok
Choi Bum Ho as Yeo Mok
Lee Hye Eun as Lady So Jung
Kim Byung Ok as Yeon Bool Tae
Jun Shin Hwan (전신환) as Woo Chi
Jang Myung Kab (장명갑) as Moo Baek
Lee Dong Yoon (이동윤) as Yong Goo
Choi Joon Hyuk (최준혁) as Kko Mak
Lee Choong Shik (이충식) as Duk Swe
Lee Chang Jik (이창직) as Choi Man Chi
Kim Young Jae as King Soo Ni Moon
Choi Ro Woon as Orphaned boy
Seo Yi Sook as Yong Gu
Park Hee Jin as Mrs. Kko Mak / inn aunty
Hong Yeo Jin as Gaya Ki Moon Bureau noble’s wife
Jung Man Shik
Ki Se Hyung as Moo Man
Min Joon Hyun as Uk Chool
Lee Mi Do as Mak Geum
Oh Dae Hwan as Gang Leader

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Jin Min
Producer: Kim Ho Joon
Directors: Lee Sang Yeob, Choi Joon Bae
Screenwriter: Hwang Jin Young


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90 Responses to “King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang”

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  1. 76
    topaz Says:

    the actress who portrayed solhi doesnt know how to act… there’s a lot of boring scenes. i was really disappointed with these drama.

  2. 77
    Rifgail Says:

    Good story drama n player

  3. 78
    infinity Says:

    Nice one keep it up.

  4. 79
    Ade Ben Says:

    thrilling, intense, sensational, and many more are the words to use for this mind blowing drama.
    I love it. D writer of this movie must be a genius pls keep it up

  5. 80
    winnie Says:

    this is not a popular drama by Jo HYun Jae, I guess the reason is because there is no picture of him in any of the posters. I’m curious of the rating, Why is there no viewer’s rating?

  6. 81
    winnie Says:

    I finished watching all 108 episodes, it’s unbelievble i completed it without forwarding any scene, no boring lines. Seo woo’s character is a complete one from her role in ciderella’s sister. she portrayed well the evil and wicked doings of the fake princess.

  7. 82
    bukky Says:

    I love it,a very good one.

  8. 83
    Joju Says:

    Av being trying to get d season 8 but failed.can’t wait

  9. 84
    Janet Says:

    I find it absurd that an 18 year old girl from the mountains could execute all those bad acts soon after she entered the palace. I can write have a whole page about what is absurd and ridiculous but i won’t waste our time. Anyway, Seo Hyun Jin is a good actress and so is Myung Se Bin.

  10. 85
    phyo myat zin Says:

    Lee Jae ryong is really look like king.i love his acting.

  11. 86
    Moe Thidar Says:

    Seo Hyun Jim face is like this dram.She is simple face.Good action.I like MBC’s all Historical drama.Very Best couple of Jo Hyun Jae and Seo Hyun Jim.

  12. 87
    Autumn Grace Says:

    Seems to be a good drama, but quite poor casting. I am just in episode 7 and will continue watch it. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

  13. 88
    Autumn Grace Says:

    It’s really an good drama. I was mistaken at first, I thought the casting is poor. It’s worth my time.

  14. 89
    kathy Says:

    One of the best. Every episode kept me looking forward to the next.

  15. 90
    habiee Says:

    wow this k drama is super awesome,so emotional,made me cry alot,i dont think there could be any better k drama than this.

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