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Title: 두 여자의 방 / Two Women’s Room
Chinese Title: 兩個女人的房間
Also known as: The Women’s Room
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 119
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-05 to 2014-Jan-17
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30am


A woman struggles to get back her room, man and family from a woman who she believed was a friend.


Main Cast

Park Eun Hye as Min Kyung Chae
Wang Bit Na as Eun Hee Soo
Kang Ji Sub as Han Ji Sub
Kang Kyung Joon as Jin Soo Hyuk

People around Min Kyung Chae

Han Jin Hee as Min Dong Chul
Lee Hwi Hyang as Yeo Ok Sun
Kim Da Ye (김다예) as Min Eun Chae

People around Eun Hee Soo

Kim Chung as Gong Bok Ja
Yoon Seo Hyun as Moon Jae Shik
Song Kyung Chul as Eun Ki Man

People around Han Ji Sub

Im Ha Ryong as Han Byung Gook
Seo Kap Sook as Ki Chan Sook
Lee Yong Joo as Han Pil Sub

People around Jin Soo Hyuk

Sa Mi Ja as Na Hae Geum
Son Se Bin as Jin Soo Hee

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Producer: Song Min Suk
Director: Lee Myung Woo
Screenwriter: Sul Kyung Eun


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series) – Wang Bit Na (The Women’s Room)


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35 Responses to “Two Women’s Room”

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  1. 26
    Rio Says:

    Interesting to watch,And Now Min Kyung Chae know that her bestfriend is a Traitor beside her..Can’t Wait for Min Kyung Chae Revenge…Im soooo Excited for the Revenge..

  2. 27
    mml Says:

    This is an extremely nice interesting revenge drama as there should be a revenge to be involved as Eun Hee Soo is too greedy and wicked.

    If, Min Kyung Chae doesn’t know how to revenge then she will suffer all the way and let Eun Hee Soo forever continue to bully her.

  3. 28
    zie Says:

    Kyung Chae hv to get back her property from the devil. but not the man (ji sub), bcs i think soo hyuk is the best for her! i wish in the end they will be together as a happy couple :D

  4. 29
    zie Says:

    can’t wait for romantic part of SoHyuk and Kyung chae… honestly im little tired to watch the disgusting ji sub and hee soo!

  5. 30
    bux Says:

    where i can watch this drama? most of the link were not available in my country,thanks

  6. 31
    17 Says:

    where can i watch this? pls answer :D thanks!

  7. 32
    MariaOdessa Says:

    Great Story with a Happy Ending… :-)

    Very Interesting from the start till the end.. GoodJob :-)

  8. 33
    songyeon Says:

    it is good to know that my idol park eun hye has a show like this :)

  9. 34
    Yolanda Margaretha Says:

    where can i watch this?


  10. 35
    reindeer song Says:

    This drama is soo much like “Take my han” and others, they are becoming tiresome, same set up same outcome…please let write to the writers to come up with more substance than the mill of the house situations all over in different scenarios.Don’t bother its’s amost over one girl doing all the evil while the other is not forgiving and the greedy husband want a divorce to get back with the girl he betrayed. Who does that? Maybe just koreans!!!!

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