Crazy Love



Title: 미친사랑 / Crazy Love
Chinese Title: 瘋狂愛情
Also Known as: Madly Love
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 100
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-April-08 yo 2013-Sep-17
Air time: Monday to Thursday 09:45 (also aired on friday after 22/July/2013)


This drama tells the story of a woman who meets the love of her life at the most desperate time.

Having been brought up in an orphanage, Yoon Mi So (Park Sun Young) marries the son of a rich family, Lee Min Jae (Heo Tae Hee) when he falls head over heels for her but in the end she gets abandoned. She was betrayed by her husband and later meets the love of her life at this lowest point of her life.


Main Cast

Park Sun Young as Yoon Mi So / Eun Joo
Go Se Won as Seo Kyung Soo
Heo Tae Hee as Lee Min Jae
Kim Yeon Joo as Han Na young

Supporting Cast

Yoo Hye Ri as Heo Myung Ja
Choi Dae Hoon as Baek Jae Hyuk
Kim Hae In as Oh Hae Ryung
Lee Hee Do as Oh Tae San
Kim Young Ran as Go Yoo Jung
Maeng Sang Hoon as Yoon Moon Do
Kang Seo Joon as Yoon Chan Ki
Jang Yoon Seo as Kim Jong Hee
Lee Chae Mi as Lee Hae Ram (Mi So’s daughter)
Oh Mi Hee as Jo Na Hyun
Choi Min as Robert Jung
Min Joon Hyun

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chan Ho
Producers: Lee Min Jin, Jo Na Hyun
Director: Lee Chang Han
Screenwriter: Jang Soo Won, Jun Bo Kyung


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Trailer I & Trailer II

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150 Responses to “Crazy Love”

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  1. 126
    Jae Says:

    I have to agree that the male and female leads are really pathetic in a lot of ways. Until you get to around the 60-70s the series is very boring and uneventful. Starting 75 it gets interesting because the lead female finally starts to use that brain rattling around in her head. In episode 83 she decides to start her revenge.

    That Queen lady is just awesome though.

  2. 127
    Marie Says:

    Super Love,totally in love with this drama! It’s intense and the plot moves quickly so interesting to watch..

  3. 128
    Rio Says:

    I f i not mistaken,I read about this show that this drama carries the highest ratings (which are still quite low in comparison with public network numbers) of cable shows in that time slot…

    Go Fight Yoon Mi So..

  4. 129
    beamea Says:

    i’m very interested to watch this movie…hoping that this would catch my interst in korean movies more…

  5. 130
    Sandy Says:

    Rio@128, I refuse to believe this stupid, poorly written drama is carrying the highest ratings. As a matter of fact, I doubt it seriously. This drama is a waste of time. You have a pathetic lead who you think will suddenly become wise somewhere along the way, but she never does. She remains dumb throughout. Unlike Adonis, Pink Lipstick, Daring Women, etc, where the women developed a backbone and fought back, dumb Mi So never does. Also the fact that she for several episodes was cheating with a marry man (the sorry lead actor), that turned a lot of people off. She willingly pursued a relationship with a marry man, not the good girl we had hoped for. I say watch if you want to, but it won’t take long to see this should be called Stupid Love and not Crazy Love.

  6. 131
    Sandy Says:

    Jae@126 really? The words revenged were used and came out of her lips, but what revenge? Also, she’s still not using her head. This drama was so bad, that seeing anything positive is grasping for straws.

  7. 132
    loulou Says:

    @ Sandy,

    I totally agree with you. This drama had so much potential but it only keeps getting more and more ridiculous. I could understand some people being forgiving but who the hell would forgive their child’s murderer O_o??? And what about the cops… she keeps walking around town but they can’t find her loool
    I complained about When a man Falls in love but this drama is certainly the worst of 2013…

  8. 133
    Charmaine Says:

    It’s long winded and dumb. I hate long winded dramas with little development except mulling over men/women they love but cannot have or don’t dare to take action. what a waste of time.

  9. 134
    vareena Says:

    I watched over 100 Kdrama and never critizised any of them but with this crazy drama that stupid writers showed their stupid brain make me sick and almost lost my appetize. How the hell they come up with those stupid plot and make people so sick of the show. It is the end of the writers.

  10. 135
    metok Says:

    actually..this is drama is so nice…but there r many things that cannot be digest..just lie forgiving the people who r really horrible.. specially villian in drama are getting chance all the way..and the main lead actress is so pathetic…pls …the lawyer is so nice and wonderfull….

  11. 136
    Carmen Says:

    Worst drama for 2013, I agree 100%—–I keep watching this drama, but it is getting so so pathetic and keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Even the father in the hospital it is so, so…I am tired of repeating myself…I think is about time to end this ugly drama, it did start fine but it is getting so stupid… is unbelebable.

  12. 137
    mml Says:

    @136 Carmen,
    i have completed watching the whole drama and final episode ends at episode 100 . Originally, it was planned and arranged as 120 episodes, but, who knows it was shortened to 100 episodes, in fact, my personal opinion is, this is a nice melodrama with good happy ending romance with the right love.

    Since, i have completed watching the whole drama, i don’t think is the worst drama for 2013, i think is an average drama.
    If, is a bad drama ,usually i will give up in watching in certain episodes or sometimes, i will give up in watching before i can even complete finishing the whole drama.

    I love this drama is mainly because the main leading actor Go Se Won as Seo Kyung Soo did not give up his love towards Park Sun Young as Yoon Mi So and love her faithfully.

    And congratulations to myself that i also did not give up in watching this drama. I have made an effort to love and complete watching this drama.

  13. 138
    w batchelor Says:

    I have never commented on a drama before but this drama forced me to do so. The begining of the drama was fairly good the last 20 or so were totally not worth the time to watch. Seo Kyung Soo character degraded to a wimpy little cry baby almost stalker type. How Yoon Mi So kept from slapping him I will never know. All in all this drama/writer was poor. The last half of it was just pathetic and not worth watching.

  14. 139
    Rio Says:

    @MML,I Agree with you this a good drama and I watch it til the end….
    I never give up watching this drama..I love the ending….

  15. 140
    Sunny Says:

    well, I’m sure this drama has bad writers but their love story is so beautiful. I admire Kyung Soo’s love for Mi So and I never miss any ep.

  16. 141
    Sunny Says:

    A Facebook Fan Page for beautiful actress Park Sun Young – 박선영 :)
    Please continue to give your support to Sunny. Visit her fan page at:
    “LIKE IT” if you have a FB page please and invite your friends to join the fanpage. Thank you <3

  17. 142
    CodeFIVE Says:

    This is the Most Beautiful and Lovely Drama of 2013.Actually, I read an article about this show that this drama carries the highest ratings (which are still quite low in comparison with public network numbers) of cable shows in that time slot…

    FYI,…This is the most popular drama, so the management decided extend this show for a regular Mon-Thurs,..thru a Daily Drama (Mon-Thurs)..

  18. 143
    R Says:

    This drama is full of CRAP!

  19. 144
    FaeP. ^^ Says:

    I agree. It’s the best korean drama next to Missing You either. I really love it since i saw it’s trailer drama. I even bought a copy of it’s movie and decided to watch it. I really was stunned watching those characters go insane for LOVE. So i go on forward and saw it has an awesome ending though its does not barely showed what will happen sooner.

  20. 145
    FaeP. ^^ Says:

    I didnt even go to sleep at night just to watch this. I can merely say that the movie was very good. :) You’ll never regret watching this.

  21. 146
    bibi Says:

    ive watch so many korean dramas but i dnt thnk i can recommend ds series to my frens..i was riLy dsapoint wth ds drama series dat she wantd to pursue hr reLationship wth a married man. wyL she knew the feeLng of being abandoned by hr husband..

  22. 147
    ave marie Says:

    I loove diz makes our eyes open of da reality of life..CRAZY LOVE is so true:-)looooooooove diz drama congrats to d writer and d actreses gud job!

  23. 148
    suppledexplorer Says:

    I have to watch it to know if its really a good drama or not:)

  24. 149
    jasmin lofranco Says:

    Im from the Philippines…This melodrama has been shown in our country and i can say that it was the best korean drama ever done..honestly i didnt like it atfirst..but when the storyline finally came out and indicated its hidden topic..I began to be fool with it..Imagine how love changes people too much..AnD I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORY .THEY WERE ALL GREAT AND FIT TO BE IN IT..ESPECIALLY, PARK SUN YOUNG AND GO SE WON.. And FOR THE BASHERS.. YOU DONT KNOW WHATS A DRAMA REALLY MEANS….CRAZYLOVE WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED…LOVE IT!!

  25. 150
    Sandy Says:

    I watch a lot of dramas, long dramas, but this one hands down was the worse. The female and male lead were so wimpy. I also could not get behind a romance between a woman and a married man. The main female lead was trying to be portrayed as sweet and innocent when I just saw stupid and cunning for going after another woman’s husband. It really got me when she apologized to the man’s wife for going shopping with her mother when at the same time she was shopping openly at the mall with her husband.

    I gave up around episode 70 which were 30 episodes past my limit. I came back a few months later and skipped to the end. Evil continued to win almost to the very end. Someone said in an earlier post that the lead female began her revenge–I laugh because no one in their right might would turn over their company to someone as incompetent as the lead and her revenge plot was stupid.

    I recommend not to waste your time, but if you insist, get ready to be extremely frustrated and the ridiculous writing.

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