Smile Again



Title: 스마일 어게인 / Smile Again
Chinese title : 再次微笑
Also known as: Smile, Honey
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-May-17 to 2006-Jul-06
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Ban Ha Jin (Lee Dong Gun), an orphan and high school drop out, is calculating and ambitious. Even though he dropped out of high school and lives with Choi Yoo Kang (Yoon Se Ah) due to extenuating circumstances, he used to be the high school president and hoped to go to college. Through coincidence, he meets Yoon Jae Myung (Lee Jin Wook), the popular former baseball player from high school, at a bar in Switzerland. Ha Jin manipulates a series of events to become Jae Myung’s best friend. Also coincidentally, he meets Oh Dan Hui (Kim Hee Sun), the girl he loved and hurt in high school. Oh Dan Hui used to play baseball on the boy’s team but now plays softball in college. Her baseball hero is Yoon Jae Myung. All three meet again in Switzerland and again back in Korea. Ha Jin starts working in Jae Myung’s father’s company and does everything to make the rich chairman like him. Jae Myung starts working as the softball coach of his father’s company’s team but then gets transferred. He falls in love with Dan Hui who’s headstrong and optimistic personality attracts him. He asks Ha Jin for advice, but Ha Jin cannot bear to watch Jae Myung take his true love.


Lee Dong Gun as Ban Ha Jin
Kim Hee Sun as Oh Dan Hui
Lee Jin Wook as Yoon Jae Myung
Yoon Se Ah as Choi Yoo Kang

Extended Cast

Im Chae Moo as Oh Joong Man (Dan Hui’s dad)
Kim Bo Yun as Sara Chung / Jung Ye Boon
Hong Ji Young as Oh Yun Gyo
Lee Young Jin as Jung Hyun Soo
Im Hyun Kyung as Park Chan Hee
Jo Hye Ryun as Kim Ok Joo
Lee Young Ho as Hong Young Ah
Heo Yi Jae
Park Yong Gi
Choi Bum Ho

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Yoon Sung Hee
Director: Hong Sung Chang

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50 Responses to “Smile Again”

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  1. 26
    rhodenna Says:

    i really love this kdrama…sobra at tsaka grabe…
    i want a copy of it… i really do

  2. 27
    panyangbear Says:

    The first thing that caught my attention was the setting which was in Switzerland. It was such a beautiful place. The storyline was okay, the characters were good. And I would put my hands down to Lee Dong Gun for a job well done! He acted excellently on this drama! I can’t really remember how many times he was beaten to death, haha! But he’s good, he’s really good! When he’s angry, he really is. He can be good and bad at the same time. Not to mention, he has nice fingers! Hahaha! I dont really like the other guy. Sometimes he’s hot, sometimes he’s not. Looks like a fool, trying to be cute. But somehow he looked good on some angles. Kim Hee Sun is pretty, so far she’s good in this drama. But the ending? Umm I’m not really satisfied. But it’s still a good drama. If I had good English subs, maybe it would be better. You guys must watch this!

  3. 28
    melanie Says:

    lee dong gun’s such an ass in this drama
    he plays one of the worst character ever!
    still love him though!

  4. 29
    HannyBae Says:

    It’s strange drama. The bad character (Ban Ha JIn) can win over the good character. And the ending…. uuuuu! too easy.
    I like Lee Dong Gun, but Smile Again it’s not his best performance.

  5. 30
    mmlinma Says:

    Actually I think he is pretty good in this one, he can be innocent one minute, evil the next. vulnerable at first glance, fiercely obsessed beneath. I used to see him as more of a wimpy romantic, but in this one I see him has true grit. quite impressive and quite convincing. bravo!

  6. 31
    Goong Ju Says:

    It was ok drama for me. Nothing so fantastic

  7. 32
    zeL Says:

    well. nice.
    kinda weird though.
    i wasn’t carried throughout the drama..

  8. 33
    kevin trinh Says:

    Yeah this drama isn’t fantastic nor bad, the character emotions changed drastically also. I’d give it a 7/10 cause, there are some parts that do pull you in but at the same time, some parts are random and plain. Also its kinda weird seeing kim hee-sun playing a more energetic person then her previous roles in sad love story and so on. But i would recommend it if you don’t want to feel to sad =p.

  9. 34
    hohohoh Says:


  10. 35
    eugene Says:

    Oh my gosh! LDG, I cannot bear him. He’s such a hypocritical man. Poor LJW, he did not know that the one who he treated as a friend just useed him him as a tool to help that that guy have everything he wants. I don’t know that why KHS could choose that jerk instead of LJW. So disappointed! Don’t wanna watch it again.

  11. 36
    miss lara Says:

    wow!!i cnt foget dis drama….
    very intresting…cute actor n actress
    i hope i can see it again n again

  12. 37
    dewa Says:

    ada yang orang indonesia??? kalo beli kasetnya disurabaya ada gak??

  13. 38
    mutiara Says:

    Lee Dong Gun…. Sarangheoooo….

  14. 39
    mel Says:

    i like this movie… so interesting…

  15. 40
    nining Says:

    it’s a good drama,, love it

  16. 41
    dwee_q Says:

    i love this drama so much, but in my country, the television channel didnt finish it. would anyone tell me how was the last episode?

  17. 42
    f_three Says:

    I like lee dong gun oppa… but this drama is too plain, the story goes a bit flat … ehm i give 7/10.. but i still love lee dong gun oppa… fighting

  18. 43
    Lotus Says:

    to dwee – the ending is good.
    sorry can’t divulge much as it’s not proper to tell the endings in the comment section. Could be unfair for those who wanna watch it later.
    i like dong gun but just dont know why most of the characters he acts are all of ‘bad’ boys & playboys. maybe he got the look. anyway, fighting dong gun!

  19. 44
    smilez Says:

    how many episodes of the korean drama, smile again are left?

  20. 45
    Jomar Says:

    I am 68 old Carribean Queen and I love Korean Drama .I watch on Channel 35 MIND TV. June 22nd,s episode did not air and as I checked tonight to find out if it would be aired tonight I see Merry Widows scheduled. I really hate missing the last few episodes. The last one I saw was when the b…. saw the photograph and recognized it as Anna the lost daughter ..Please I have to know what happened


  21. 46
    2 angry ladies Says:

    I and my mother have been advide fan of korean tv. Smile Again is one of out favorite series. Last night episode did not show. The last episode we saw was when the evil witch discovered the picture of Anna. We have to know what happed to Anna and Carl Lake. Please aire the episoes we missed so we can rest comfortably.

  22. 47
    2 angry ladies Says:

    We turned to chanell 35 and to our suprise Smile Again was on. Thank you thank you thank you.

  23. 48
    sulli Says:

    Luv this drama…its my fav drama…i luv ban ha jin too even he was a bad guy but he changes to a good and caring guy finally..i watch this drama about 6 tomes..and im gonna watch this drama again and again..its easy cause i have the dvd of this drama..i wil support korean drama for forever….

  24. 49
    sulli Says:

    sorry 4 the spelling mistake..tomes is times i mean…:-)

  25. 50



    BAN HA JIN DIES IN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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