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Title: 49일 / 49 Il / 49 Days
Chinese Title : 49天
Genre: Fantasy, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-16 to 2011-May-19
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days.


Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung
Jo Min Ah as Yi Kyung (young)
Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun
Kim Yoo Bin as Ji Hyun (young)
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang
Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho
Jung Il Woo as scheduler / Song Yi Soo
Seo Ji Hye as Shin In Jung

Extended Cast

Choi Jung Woo as Shin Il Shik (Ji Hyun’s father)
Yoo Ji In as Ji Hyun’s mother
Bae Geu Rin as Park Seo Woo
Son Byung Ho as Oh Hae Won
Moon Hee Kyung as Bang Hwa Joon
Kang Sung Min as No Kyung Bin
Yoon Bong Gil as Cha Jin Young
Kim Ho Chang as Ki Joon Hee
Jin Ye Sol as Ma Soon Jung
Lee Jong Bak as Go Mi Jin
Ban Hyo Jung as sunbae Scheduler (cameo)
Kim Hyung Bum as another 49-days-traveller (cameo, ep 15)
Jung Da Hye (정다혜) (cameo)

Production Credits

Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Director: Jo Young Kwang (조영광)
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Producers’ Awards, Lee Yo Won
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars, Lee Yo Won

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-03-16 1 8.1 (18th) 9.5 (15th)
2011-03-17 2 8.0 9.5 (12th)
2011-03-23 3 8.8 (16th) 10.7 (9th)
2011-03-24 4 10.2 (14th) 12.2 (9th)
2011-03-30 5 10.2 (9th) 13.2 (5th)
2011-03-31 6 10.5 (12th) 12.8 (7th)
2011-04-06 7 10.0 (9th) 12.5 (5th)
2011-04-07 8 10.5 (13th) 12.8 (7th)
2011-04-13 9 10.0 (9th) 12.1 (5th)
2011-04-14 10 10.8 (8th) 13.3 (6th)
2011-04-20 11 11.0 (5th) 13.7 (3rd)
2011-04-21 12 12.3 (5th) 15.1 (4th)
2011-04-27 13 12.3 (4th) 14.3 (3rd)
2011-04-28 14 11.9 (4th) 13.8 (4th)
2011-05-04 15 14.0 (3rd) 17.4 (3rd)
2011-05-05 16 14.5 (3rd) 16.2 (3rd)
2011-05-11 17 15.2 (3rd) 19.1 (3rd)
2011-05-12 18 12.7 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd)
2011-05-18 19 15.8 (3rd) 19.4 (1st)
2011-05-19 20 17.1 (2nd) 19.9 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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956 Responses to “49 Days”

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  1. 301
    emkhan Says:

    i love this drama 4ever!!!!

  2. 302
    jeni Says:

    i feel disappointed because ji hyun died but i find this drama a good one.

  3. 303
    lady love Says:

    Honestly, I love this Drama so much. I wasn’t disappointed at all by the story.. everything makes sense. and I wont ever forget the roller coaster of emotions I felt~ from laughing, crying, getting angry at the villains but sumhow felt sad for them, and most especially fall in LOVE with SCHEDULER, KANG~A and also with MINHO. chincha~ a refreshing drama that not only top the wednesday-thursday timeslot in KOREA but also the hearts of its viewers most especially with me.. kamsahamnida!

  4. 304
    Flatcake Says:

    Freakin good plot but ending rly rly disappointed me. I wanged yikyung yisoo to end up tgt, and i definetely expected jihyun to end up with hankang.
    Still not over the fact that jihyun died… Had a breakdown at the part at her funeral….

  5. 305
    Escarlate Says:

    After I read spoiler about ending my first thought was: “Oh no! Man! that sucks!! I’m so NOT watching it!” but eventually I coudn’t take it, I had to watch it and I’m really glad I did.
    I really DO HATE sad endings, but this end… it didn’t disappoint me at all. I really hoped Ji Hyun will end up with Kang a Scheduler with Yi Kyung, but I still love this end, even thought it isn’t exactly what I wished for. It fits the storyline perfectly and it’s really touching.
    By the way, I love the fact Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun’s sister and In Jung is the one who provided her 3rd tear. Actually I always found In Jung most interesting among all characters.
    I really hated Min Ho though. I hated even his face expressions! Well, he had only like 2 – “Efron-like” expression and “I’m-going-crazy” expression.
    But I was impressed by Lee Yo Won’s acting skills. She’s amazing actress.

    Honestly, it’s ONLY drama, that made me cry really hard. I tend to get all teary while watching sad scenes, but I actually cried while watching Ji Hyun entering elevator… T.T

    Still, one of bests dramas so far!

    Idea 9/10
    Storyline 9/10
    Actors 8/10
    OST 8/10
    Overall 9/10

    I’m satisfied with this drama 🙂

  6. 306
    jo qian Says:

    i love this drama very very much~
    it is really sad but meaningful..
    i cried alot..
    lee yo won is really a good actress..^^

  7. 307
    wateverthing Says:

    Reasons why I enjoy watching 49 days>.

  8. 308
    muchadoboutlove Says:

    The best Kdrama that I’ve ever watched, with interesting plot, tireless staffs and excellent actors and actresses. I won’t forget them :
    the soft-hearted Han Gang
    the sweet Ji-Hyun
    the playful Scheduler Yi-Soo
    the strong Yi-Kyung, the mean Min-Ho
    the pretty In-Jung
    the faithful Seo-Woo

    What I learnt from the drama: life offers so many surprises to us. At times, we may feel bad about what is happening to us, but God knows the best. Everything happens for a reason that we might not know about it, but that is all given to us by Him that knows us the best, because He is our creator. I think the message that the writer wants to convey with us: life is a whole lot meaningful than love. It is true that love is what makes the world go around, but without life, love wouldn’t exist.
    49 Days fighting! Looking forward to all the actors’ next projects and writer-nim’s next drama! ^^

  9. 309
    Rayee Says:

    Beautiful drama ever seen….!Interesting storyline…..!Cried from beginning till the end:((:((:((:(( I’m going to miss this 49 days :):):):)

  10. 310
    houka Says:

    One of the best drama ever…. loved it from beginning to end.

    Lee Yowon was simply amazing!

  11. 311
    trang Says:

    the best drama ever
    i became a big fan of LEE YO WON & JUNG IL WOO after this drama

  12. 312
    miho Says:

    DAEBAKKKKK!!! gonna miss this drama
    all cast amazing ^^

  13. 313
    love*eunhae Says:

    Best k-drama I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! I know some other people said it before me, but this is how I feel…Perfect actors, plot, location, staff etc…Everything was done excellently down to the tiniest detail!!!! More meaningful and wiser than most dramas nowadays…Kudos to all those who were part of this capital drama!!!!! ^_^

  14. 314
    kdrama addict Says:

    I really cried at the part where yi kyung and yi soo separated…T.T…
    really love the ending…. sad and happy at the same time…

    really love lee yo won’s acting… she did almost all the acting of shin ji hyun aside of her real character song yi kyung in the drama…

  15. 315
    tlov3 Says:

    The writers did an awesome job. I had to pause it cause I was crying so much. ;o) Watching it again. Thnks!

  16. 316
    rey Says:


  17. 317
    nippongirl Says:

    Sad ending, but a great story. It still makes me cry. I wanted it to end differently. I was hoping through the whole last episode that Ji Hyun and Yi Soo would live somehow, but it never happened. Hate it and love it.

  18. 318
    tran Says:

    i gonna miss this drama, especially song-song so much

  19. 319
    Ugyen Says:

    i luv this drama very very very… much. its my best korean drama I’ve ever watched.. i llike Lee Yowon’s acting.. it was amazing. hope to see more drama in the future

  20. 320
    takgu99 Says:

    i was attracted by this drama…it’s amazing!!
    1-ji hyun borrows yi kyung body..
    2-love btween yi kyung & scheduler….
    3-This drama has six main actors & actress …
    usually four main only..
    not like other dramas
    4-yi kyung character..

    i love this drama…the storyline also 😀

  21. 321
    takgu99 Says:

    lee yo won very pretty!!

  22. 322
    rabbit Says:

    nam gyuri is so pretty….she does look like IU and sometimes park min young too….love this drama…

  23. 323
    Bebe Says:

    Why k-drams have to had a sad ending, if just delete the last Eps would be perfect. Many k-dramas had sad ending that doesn’t make any sense. Why they want to up make up a sad ending when everything goes fine and should be a happy ending? don’t get their culture?

  24. 324
    reiii Says:

    damn this one is good. im hoping i could find another drama with this caliber. definitely raised the bar.

  25. 325
    irgi Says:

    what a great Kdrama ever. so touchy and made me cry a lot 🙁
    4THUMBS UP!!!

  26. 326
    takgu99 Says:

    i love sad ending..its make me cry…

  27. 327
    Miimii Says:

    It’s a Drama that EVERYONE Needs to watch!!!
    unless if u want to have a little Idea about ppl in this world~~
    49Days is the Best!!

  28. 328
    maegan Says:

    Love this drama so much! Two best couples for me: Lee Yowon & Jo Hyun Jae…. Lee Yowon & Jung Il Woo…

    Lee Yowon was especially really great in this drama, best in acting & so pretty.

  29. 329
    jaslintan Says:

    I feel very sad after watching end scenes.

  30. 330
    Michael Hedges Says:

    As a writer and screenplay artist I love 49 days, the storyline and actors are superb

  31. 331
    Michael Hedges Says:

    My first favorite, “Summer Scent” My 2nd favorite “My girlfriend was a nine tailed fox” And now “49 days” !!! it just keeps getting better!

  32. 332
    Michael Hedges Says:

    As a screenwriter myself, i knew form day one that the “Scheduler” was indeed the long lost boyfriend… a fact that was disclosed just today… I’m curious, can a schedueler find true love as a human after it has been lost? I await the final episode to learn the final outcome… To the cast and crew… thank you, you are all fantanstic… Thank you for the cherry blossom scene… It moved my heart….

  33. 333
    jerry Says:

    It’s amazing. I know how valuable our time and how to live and how to share our love after I’ve watched this series. I got a lesson how to treat and how to make our parents and the others who I loved happy. Thank you to the writer of this drama series, the actors, the actresses , the director and the others who helped to finish this drama series.

  34. 334
    OK OK OK Says:

    For those who like the lead actress Lee Yo Won should watch her in Queen Seon Duk.
    All my family & friends like this period drama very much. All actors & actresses acted very well.
    This drama is about courage & who got a “better scheming brain” to be the next of throne……
    Ko Hyun Jung got excellency awards for this drama. Her acting is superb.
    Kim Nam Gil is so smart & handsome that leads him to instant stardom after acting in this drama…… Everybody wants to know who is this guy that acted as Bidam 🙂 🙂

  35. 335
    leejung Says:

    the best drama in my heart
    Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo are excellen
    I love Song couple so much.

  36. 336
    Estee Says:

    Such amazing original storyline.
    Emotions of the actors are so strong that I feel so immersed in this show!
    I love Han kang’s undying love for Song….so true n touching
    I cried buckets during the show.
    And I also found an idol in Jo hyun jae,super handsome yet aloof
    Lee yo won without any special makeup Or dressing, u can actually see who is ji hyun or Yi kyung, just by looking at her expressions…
    It will take me a while to be able to watch another Korea show without comparing and thinking about this show…
    I will watch it again

  37. 337
    Agnes Says:

    Must watch !

  38. 338
    Epakundo Says:

    numo… i recommend this kdrama. even its a sad ending
    love it!

  39. 339
    zashee Says:

    if the male main character is jung il woo,i will be more gratefull,haha
    but,this is such complicated great story ive ever watched

  40. 340
    laura Says:

    love this drama ..the best drama …i like i like and i like ….. better watch this movie

  41. 341
    she Says:

    such a great drama, n cry a lot in the last episode T.T
    love Han Kang..he is so smart in gathering the puzzle about yi kyung is actually ji hyun.

    Love the cast n the story line.. let’s see what the next drama that can be better than this, yeah, at least not losing to this drama ^^

  42. 342
    andrew Says:

    You can watch Han Kang stands on the Han river side (Same pronunciation Han Kang means Han river in korean) in the last episode.

  43. 343
    emkhan Says:

    such a great drama and i super like it!

  44. 344
    quenn Says:

    sad ending, i’m so CRY!! 🙁 but, best drama.. 🙂
    and love this ost..

  45. 345
    Selamat menyambut Hari Gawai 2011 | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] hari ni duduk di rumah menonton drama Korea 49 Days sehingga habis. Posted in uncategorized | Tags: public […]

  46. 346
    zashee Says:

    this is not fair for Song yi kyung’s life compare to ji hyun’s life
    i want to hear toward song yi kyung’s life more,haha

  47. 347
    tee Says:

    yes, this is good!!!, I found my self both laughed and cry, every roles have their interest, cute character of scheduler, very funny, ji hyun mo, omoshirokatta!!!
    Good parents, conflict of the antagonists were cruelly interesting, han kang (Gyaaaaa!!!!!! > o

  48. 348
    tee Says:

    han kang (Gyaaaaa!!!!!! > o

  49. 349
    chien sia Says:

    i think this drama had a ridicilous ending story.the whole story actually really great story but the ending why so..disappointing and ridicilous . why shin ji hyun had 49 days to make a chance to live but actually she just had 6 day think about it (especially you ,screenwriter)just 6 days to live and she must struggle 49 days to make just 6 days to live.i can imagine if i become shin ji hyun maybe i will crazy.

  50. 350
    emkhan Says:


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