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49 Days

Title: 49일 / 49 Il / 49 Days
Chinese Title : 49天
Genre: Fantasy, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-16 to 2011-May-19
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days.


Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung
Jo Min Ah as Yi Kyung (young)
Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun
Kim Yoo Bin as Ji Hyun (young)
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang
Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho
Jung Il Woo as scheduler / Song Yi Soo
Seo Ji Hye as Shin In Jung

Extended Cast

Choi Jung Woo as Shin Il Shik (Ji Hyun’s father)
Yoo Ji In as Ji Hyun’s mother
Bae Geu Rin as Park Seo Woo
Son Byung Ho as Oh Hae Won
Moon Hee Kyung as Bang Hwa Joon
Kang Sung Min as No Kyung Bin
Yoon Bong Gil as Cha Jin Young
Kim Ho Chang as Ki Joon Hee
Jin Ye Sol as Ma Soon Jung
Lee Jong Bak as Go Mi Jin
Ban Hyo Jung as sunbae Scheduler (cameo)
Kim Hyung Bum as another 49-days-traveller (cameo, ep 15)
Jung Da Hye (정다혜) (cameo)

Production Credits

Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Director: Jo Young Kwang (조영광)
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Producers’ Awards, Lee Yo Won
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars, Lee Yo Won

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-03-16 1 8.1 (18th) 9.5 (15th)
2011-03-17 2 8.0 9.5 (12th)
2011-03-23 3 8.8 (16th) 10.7 (9th)
2011-03-24 4 10.2 (14th) 12.2 (9th)
2011-03-30 5 10.2 (9th) 13.2 (5th)
2011-03-31 6 10.5 (12th) 12.8 (7th)
2011-04-06 7 10.0 (9th) 12.5 (5th)
2011-04-07 8 10.5 (13th) 12.8 (7th)
2011-04-13 9 10.0 (9th) 12.1 (5th)
2011-04-14 10 10.8 (8th) 13.3 (6th)
2011-04-20 11 11.0 (5th) 13.7 (3rd)
2011-04-21 12 12.3 (5th) 15.1 (4th)
2011-04-27 13 12.3 (4th) 14.3 (3rd)
2011-04-28 14 11.9 (4th) 13.8 (4th)
2011-05-04 15 14.0 (3rd) 17.4 (3rd)
2011-05-05 16 14.5 (3rd) 16.2 (3rd)
2011-05-11 17 15.2 (3rd) 19.1 (3rd)
2011-05-12 18 12.7 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd)
2011-05-18 19 15.8 (3rd) 19.4 (1st)
2011-05-19 20 17.1 (2nd) 19.9 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : Dhee_an Says:

    Look intereting..
    i wanna watch this!

  2. 2 : 49 Days | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama (Video) (YouTube Video) Says:

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  3. 3 : lintangprasasti Says:

    can’t wait for this drama

  4. 4 : 2011 Says:


  5. 5 : Ramlan Tjong Says:

    Wow so much great artis and actor

  6. 6 : swizz Says:

    please end Sign soon so we can watch this drama…can’t wait …hopefully it will replace my Dream high obessesion…..good luck to all cast n crew…

  7. 7 : miho Says:

    yeaaaahhhh can’t wait to watch ….

  8. 8 : via Says:

    hmmm… interesting storyline.. but I dont really like lee yo won, beside she’s already married, and her face looks boring to me.. maybe she’s trying to show her kind face but its doesn’t work, i feel tired watching her expression in Bad love and Surgeon bong dal hee.

  9. 9 : Leiwang Says:

    OMG LEE YO WON! Miss you, Princess Deokman! Cant wait for this. And Jung Il Woo!

    For #8 via, you must be not yet watch Queen Seon Deok do you?

  10. 10 : smarteez Says:

    the line story quite interesting…
    cant wait to see this drama…

    Bae Soo Bin oppa!!!!

  11. 11 : via Says:

    Leiwang: no I haven’t watch Quen Seundeok, I don’t like historical drama.. sorry..

  12. 12 : chichocs Says:

    can this drama success like secret garden??will see…can’t wait!!

  13. 13 : i luv skks Says:

    I miss leeYoWon,
    I love her historical drama,QUEENSEONDUK.
    The frst historicaldrama, i ever loved..
    I never watched hstorical before, but I found it interesting.
    Im looking 4ward to her new drama,
    Wow its fantasy, INTERESTING..
    Love deokman, Miss you so much..

  14. 14 : i luv skks Says:

    its true that BADLOVE is boring,
    But i still like LYW.
    Wow i like jungILwoo, i like him while I’m watchng MYFAIRLADY & ILJIMAE2, HE so cute.
    But i read that he’s role is a DEATHSCHEDULER.
    I hope he and LYW are couple here..
    I’m just hoping! Ha ha

  15. 15 : Kimchilee Says:

    I agree with Via.. If LYW looks anything like she did in Bad Love, then she’s really boring.. again.. she is acting with 2 young men.. again..she will look older than the actors.. just as in Bad Love… urgh.. spoil my interest to watch this.. but I do love the new girl and the 2 main actors.. ! The young girl looks more compatible with the 2 actors..

  16. 16 : pretty Says:

    im excited to see this drama……..

  17. 17 : hunnieB Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae is already back from military? awww!!
    so glad to see him back!! will watching this series for sho!

  18. 18 : jnngee Says:

    I CANT WAIT!!!

  19. 19 : alni Says:

    wow! super excited na ako to see Lee yo Won again! she is the best Queen seon deok! i dont love historical dramas b4 but i was totally hooked by Queen seon deok actually even until now i watch QSD 5x and soo excited to watch her again in a different role I love her in all ways! i cant get over her! hehe

  20. 20 : Snow Says:

    Yes! Jo Hyun Jae, I will always support you.. LOVE YOU

  21. 21 : Daemul Says:

    I m looking forward to watch this drama…. 😀

  22. 22 : ratih Says:

    so curious… (“T”)

  23. 23 : takgu99 Says:

    wow!! from shining inheritance & prosecutor princess screenwriter….
    i gonna watch this…

  24. 24 : WOW Says:


  25. 25 : nanioo chan Says:

    can’t wait this drama…. really love bae soo bin, jung il woo n jo hyun jae come back again…. hahaha… thnak uu..

  26. 26 : nanioo chan Says:

    can’t wait this dramaaa…

  27. 27 : anyhow Says:

    WOW !!!
    it’s LEE Yo WON !!

    just hearing her name makes my heart throbs…
    she’s really great actress…

    Queen Seon Deok was BRILLIANT !!
    Bad Love was Awesome!!
    Surgeon Bong Dal Hee was so GREAT !
    Fashion70s was Incredible….

    Ohh… can’t wait… can’t wait.. i miss lee yo won sooo much!

  28. 28 : kerrong Says:

    hope this drama will be translated in english soon.. i miss ms. lee yo won so much.. my princess deokman

  29. 29 : takgu99 Says:

    maybe this is the best drama for 2011….

  30. 30 : smarteez Says:

    finally the day for this drama on air….kya!!!cant wait..cant wait

  31. 31 : hallyu lover Says:

    looks like a nice drama…will watch it

  32. 32 : iPod docking station with speakers Says:

    Did you guys read about that Korean actress who killed herself then it was revealed in her diaries that she was forced to sleep with 30 different executives? Very tragic.

  33. 33 : 49 Days Episode 1 (Fzup,DL) (Ongoing) – Nubishare.com Says:

    […] Koreandrama.org Download Subtitles […]

  34. 34 : asa Says:

    When i see pictures of the girl Nam Gyu Ri, i get the creeps. It looks like it came from a horror movie. Totally similar to those frightening wax or plastic mannequins that came alive. Very creepy and unreal face. Could it be the makeup or camera angle?

    But I’ll enjoy this cos of Lee Yo Won, Bae Soo Bin and Jo!

  35. 35 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    It’s out on http://www.dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Drama30&wr_id=1

    I’d say this one best k-drama so far this year! You must watch 49 Days.

  36. 36 : Stunt Star Says:

    Salisbury, Maryland USA

  37. 37 : OK OK OK Says:

    watched ep2 – very nice drama. Looking forward to ep 3 next week. 🙂

  38. 38 : ramenb0y Says:

    First Episode of 49Days Raw

    [url=http://www.fileserve.com/file/TsDqWWJ][b]File name: 49일.E001.KOR.110316.HDTV.Xvid.TOP.avi File size: 658.09 MB[/b][/url]

  39. 39 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episode 01-02 Raw Folder


  40. 40 : KDaddict Says:

    I found Nam Gyu Ri VERY pretty in Life is Beautiful, a KD aired a few months ago. But in this drama, as asa says in #34, she does look a bit strange: the nose is bigger, the lips thicker, n the eyes tighter. It looks like she has had More work done to her face. It is too bad that some of them get addicted to cosmetic surgery n doesn’t know when to stop.

  41. 41 : sha Says:

    already finished ep 1n 2.. really hope that Ji hyun n Scheduler could b a lover.. they r cute together..^^

  42. 42 : wii Says:

    i’ve watched ep.1 & 2..cant wait for next episode..
    nam gyu ri sooo beautiful, love her <3

  43. 43 : wii Says:

    nam gyu ri really looks like dolls

  44. 44 : ADANI Says:

    Great!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to watch ……

  45. 45 : sha Says:

    English Sub is out at http://www.myentertainmenthall.com/korean-dramas/49-days 🙂

  46. 46 : constance Says:

    I did guess correctly Shin In Jung has an affair with her bestfriend fiance. The korea drama plot quite predictable nowaday.

  47. 47 : KDaddict Says:

    Feel so sorry for Nam GR, having to film in the cold wearing only a spaghetti strap dress or a flimsy silky dress when you can see clouds of white breath in the cold. It is not easy being a film star in Korea!

  48. 48 : guia0826 Says:

    Jung Il Woo ~ yey :)))))))))))

  49. 49 : Miimii Says:

    I think this drama is so good (from what I’ve seen so far) .. Really like it ^^!! umm the story line is so fresh & new ~~
    The cast r so great <3 <3 🙂
    I hope it continues as great as now ~~!
    49days Fighting!! 🙂

  50. 50 : indri Says:

    I like it !!! ep 2 already, can’t wait for the next ep…. now I know what to do every Friday & Saturday,,…. watch this drama live @ dramacrazy,…^0^

  51. 51 : indah Says:

    Love this drama.. Curious with the next episode.. Especially Jung il woo..

  52. 52 : amandalee Says:

    Wow…i can’t wait to see this series

  53. 53 : Via Says:

    this drama is very good…
    i always curious with next episode..
    i always waiting…

  54. 54 : takgu99 Says:

    wow!! nam gyu ri face like a doll…

  55. 55 : isni Says:


  56. 56 : swizz Says:

    i love this drama so much n now m hooked with this now…just finished watching ep 3 dat was best of the best so far,i mean tis is geting better n better in each ep …i like all the cast too……..hwaiting for ep 4…..:)

  57. 57 : smarteez Says:

    lol…this drama really attract me after MP…
    i cant wait for the next epi..

  58. 58 : sylvia Says:

    The actress Nam Gyu Ri is new to me and I don’t think that I will like her in the future. I was just wondering how the story will develop in the future and who will end up with Lee Yoo Won. It’s really nice to see Jo Hyun Jae in a drama series again.

  59. 59 : Cherish Says:

    Very..Very..Very addicted for this drama.. Just falling in love with all character.. FIGHTING!!!

  60. 60 : ramenb0y Says:

    49Days Ep.03 Raw


  61. 61 : ramenb0y Says:

    49Days Ep.04 Raw


  62. 62 : josey Says:

    I’m addicted to this drama, makes me want more and more. I always curious about what will happen in the next episode.

  63. 63 : [email protected] Says:

    I, Hope This Drama can end Good, And i have seen drama form SBS their Drama Very Exciting

  64. 64 : april Says:

    where are the complete episodes? plssss…were beggging,the eps 3 till end? were just finished eps 2 now were wanted in eps 3 but we cant find out were can we watch…hay…in mysujo site is not working and in youtube till eps 2 lang..plsss.

  65. 65 : begghe Says:

    april : try to watch this drama at dramacrazy.com

  66. 66 : Hamid Says:

    This drama is very,very good
    Love this drama
    from iran

  67. 67 : swizz Says:

    wow! look at this dramas rating ….its increasing Ep by Ep…Hmm i like this kind of dramas …cant wait for next ep…

  68. 68 : pei Says:

    i love u lee yo won…………

  69. 69 : Minoo Says:

    wow so beautiful
    love it

    @april and other friends:you can get this great drama here:

    (thanks to dear foreveralways for re-encoding this beautiful drama)

  70. 70 : Oyabun Says:

    The pace is a little slow and the Song Yi Kyung part does not develop quick enough. Good drama so far.

  71. 71 : tome Says:

    that drama is god

  72. 72 : Grace Says:

    Man.. should not have started this.. now I’m wanting more!!! I’m kinda sick of the same old same old Korean drama plots.. but This one! This one is so good!!! I love the character developments and everything about this! I love the Scheduler so much! haha
    I guess one thing I don’t really like is the actress that plays song yi kyung… too dead (even though she is supposed to be like that), but I feel like her character, herself and when Ju hyun is in her, could use a lot more facial expressions and life.

  73. 73 : smarteez Says:

    i just finish epi 4 n its quite interesting..cant wait to see 4 the next epi..
    u know i live scheduler charcter..he soooo cute..

  74. 74 : carmen Says:

    You can see the drama on dramacrazy.com or dramaload.com. and I like the character of scheduler .

  75. 75 : wii Says:

    i really feel so much curious about this drama.
    i am curious will ju hyun gets 3 peoples tears? how if han kang meet real yi kyung?
    really cant wait.

  76. 76 : 신지연 Says:

    i think so too

  77. 77 : 신지연 Says:

    jung il woo he is soo cute

  78. 78 : KDaddict Says:

    She has to get tears from 3 ppl, or else the show is over. But who?
    1. Hang Kan, maybe.
    2. Her other girlfriend? Who knows what she is up to.
    3a. And Yi Kyung??
    3b. Certainly the scheduler can’t cry for her. Would it count if he does??
    3c. Perhaps the girl who is in love with her fiance will repent and cry a genuine tear for her at the end.

  79. 79 : theworstme Says:

    I really love this drama.. Interesting story… excited for the next episode… i hope this drama get a high ratings in the next episodes..


  80. 80 : Thara (Myanmar) Says:

    I wish Jo Hyun Jae end up with Nam Gyu Ri .. They two look so nice together!

  81. 81 : OK OK OK Says:

    I hope Lee Yo Won with Lee Yo Won souls end up with Jo Hyun Jae. 🙂
    Hope Gam Su Ri pair up with other guys.

    Of all the girls here, I still like Lee Yo Won face 🙂

    Jong Il Woo was given a chance to act in lead role in Return of Iljimae – too bad – female partner not so attractive. Hope he get better luck next time to partner with lovely likeable lead lady and act in lead role — with success. 🙂

  82. 82 : OK OK OK Says:

    Looking forward to episode 7. Love to see Jo Hyun Jae expression when he sees Lee Yo Won. 🙂

  83. 83 : lovekdrama Says:

    i hate minho …but i love BSB.

  84. 84 : smarteez Says:

    cant wait for the next epi today…
    cant wait to see oppa scheduler… like jung il woo sooo much…

  85. 85 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-07 480p raw


  86. 86 : michael Says:

    just finish watching secret garden,and here comes another fantasy drama looking onwards on this drama.SBS has all the great drama concepts

  87. 87 : ook Says:

    @Ok, me too love LYW.

  88. 88 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-08 480p raw


  89. 89 : OK OK OK Says:

    my guessing — the scheduler Jung Il Woo is Lee Yo Won’ s younger brother.

  90. 90 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes, The Scheduler is her younger brother, who died 5 years ago.

  91. 91 : guoguowarm Says:

    Jung ilwoo is so cute! I love him!

  92. 92 : KDaddict Says:

    So, the Scheduler will end up with Nam Gyu Ri, after his 5 year term is up?
    And, Han Kang will end up with Song Yi Kyung? Han obviously loved Nam Gyu Ri’s character. So how come they couldn’t be together?

  93. 93 : sylvia Says:

    It’s a nice drama where the viewer can’t really guess easily as to how the story will progress and who will end up with who in the end. The drama will run up to 24 episodes as the story goes along, the first 8 episodes revolves around the story of Ji Hyun, I guess that the remaining episodes will focus about the story of Yi kyung. I like Lee Yo won to end up with Jo Hyun jae while Nam Gyu Ri to end up with Jung Il Woo. Jung Il Woo was given a good role here, I hope that someday he could be in the lead role. I am happy to see Jo Hyun Jae once again and I think he got more handsome now.

  94. 94 : jenz270 Says:

    this drama is freggin amazing. i cant wait till ep 9

  95. 95 : mey Says:

    i’m from indonesian.. i love this drama a lot !!!… can’t wait to see eps. 8 #jo hyun jae lop u pull 🙂

  96. 96 : noki Says:

    hi.. i’m really addict with this drama… i’m also think that the the scheduler is SYK brother..

  97. 97 : rainemei Says:

    49 Days Official facebook fanpage! click this link and like the page! Thanks!:)

  98. 98 : Mimi Says:

    To know more about 49 days !!

  99. 99 : mocnmoon Says:

    If you want to know 49days drama fashion infomation,
    Please visit my blog that posted all about korean drama fashion!!

  100. 100 : KDaddict Says:

    The character Song Yi Kyung is suffering from clinical depression, after the death of her brother 5 years ago. It means she has been depressed for 5 years now! She is even suicidal. She should seek professional help n be put on anti-depression medication. Meanwhile, it is so boring to watch her mope.
    Han Kang is in love with this girl who reminds her of his first love. The girl he sees in front of him is Ji Hyun’s spirit, not Song Yi Kyung.

  101. 101 : rainemei Says:

    49 Days Official facebook fanpage! click this link and like the page! Thanks!:)

  102. 102 : indri Says:

    I hope JH will have happy ending with HK

  103. 103 : indah Says:

    every day I feel falling in love with this drama.. So interesting and addicted.. Keep Fighting

  104. 104 : KDaddict Says:

    Han Kang’s restaurant never has any business! Not at lunch, not at dinner! Are there any such restaurants?

  105. 105 : OK OK OK Says:

    after watching ep10, it seems to me that Jung Il Woo the scheduler is Song Yi Kyung’s boyfriend because there is a scene when they are having picnic, Song Yi Kyung lying on Scheduler laps listening to music happily and they even kiss lips to lips. 🙂

    When Shin Ji Hyun enters Song Yi Kyung’s body, I like her dressing. Her dresses are so pretty. The blue and the red dresses – all so beautiful. 🙂

  106. 106 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 10
    Finally, Lee Yo Won got her 1st tear. 🙂 I really love her red dress. Very beautiful.

  107. 107 : drama freak Says:

    this drama is great!!! =) love it! but one thing… Han Kang…my god… he seriously cannot act as he is a high school student… he looks to old for tht… hahahahha XD i laugh so hard when i saw him in student look…LOLXD

  108. 108 : KDaddict Says:

    Whose tear is that??? Is it Han Kang who cried for her when he saw her name chop? Or is it her other girl friend Seo Woo? Who else will cry for her?
    Now the consciousness of Song knows that something is amiss in herself. So does Han Kang.

  109. 109 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-10 480p raw


  110. 110 : kimz Says:

    i hope one of the broadcasting stations hir in philippines will air this one…coz it makes me crazy and addict!!!!awoooooooo

  111. 111 : OK OK OK Says:

    No one cried for her. She found out that her father got tumour & also couldn’t find anyone shed real tears for her & the number of days getting lesser and lesser.
    She was very sad, desperate and crying that she begs to the God in heaven along the road side to have pity on her. I think God hears her and she got her 1st tear. 🙂

  112. 112 : Rain Says:

    AGHHHHH this is getting exciting and very interesting. I really hope that they do it like the drama who are you, where Song is going to be able to see and talk to JH cause at this point i feel that JH might be the only one who might be able to help Song get out of her slump and the only way to do that is if they are able to communicate

  113. 113 : wii Says:

    @OKOKOK i like her dress too..:D

    Damn i love this drama. i wonder who gave ji hyun the 1st tears.

  114. 114 : sachan Says:

    Watching this drama & LEE YOWON…. ROCKS!!! MY gosh she’s a just brilliant actress from episode 1 to the present episode 10 she’s the BEST!!!

    I am now a huge fan of her…

  115. 115 : sachan Says:

    @OK OK OK , Lee Yowon’s so beautiful…. especially in that red dress… she’s awesome!!! I am so excited with this drama because of Lee Yowon, she just amazed me, especially her acting… so natural & so good.

  116. 116 : joy Says:

    I think the first tear came from In Jung… just have the feeling for it.

    I am also fascinated with this drama & just don’t have any idea how the writer would end it that people will be satisfied, it’s so complicated.

    Anyway, I think Lee Yowon is really doing a great job portraying her dual role. She’s just amazingly adorable & so natural when she acts. Very convincing when she plays cheerful Ji Hyun, & when she plays depressed Yi Kyung. The transformation was played out so well that I can really differentiate the two characters. Plus she has great chemistry with all the male cast.

    I am waiting patiently for each episode every week & it’s killing me. Glad today is Wednesday & we’ll be seeing another episode tonight… gee… can’t wait

  117. 117 : Hyungjung Says:

    I like this drama…..

  118. 118 : dongol0190 Says:

    eps1 i feel so bored.. but the next episodes i am really really interesting.. actually, the main reason for me to watch this drama is LYW.. i had many expectations for her to playing the role very very well like before in queen seonduk. so amazing.. she has proved it!! she portrayed two different characters so well. both of two characters had left deep impression. bravo LYW.. aja aja fighting!

  119. 119 : mokahyun Says:

    nam gyoo ri so cute….i really2 like this drama…i cried when ji hyun /yi kyung wrote the letter….very touching…in this part…i thought she willing with her fate…nobody do not cry for her…but last part..a drop…tear…i wonder who’s tear…han kang?or her omma…appa…

  120. 120 : happy Says:

    This drama is getting exciting. Can’t wait to see Yi Kyung & Han Gang meeting each other more & discover Ji Hyun spirit possessing Yi Kyung’s body. Excited to know how are they going to deal with it. I think it will be more complicated for Ji Hyun to get her other two tears as Han Gang & Yi Kyung are now getting aware of something not right going on…

    This drama is so good & Lee Yowon is especially so adorable, can’t help falling in love with her. Plus the scheduler is adding so much fun.

  121. 121 : jojo Says:

    when is eip 11 coming?

  122. 122 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-11 480p raw


  123. 123 : ok ok ok Says:

    after watching Ep 11.
    I realised that the 1st tears came from lead actor Han Kang. Han Kang recall Yi Kyung behaviours & actions same like Ji Hyun, he is so sure that YK is JH. He is so glad that JH did not die and was so touch that JH came to look for him that he cried in the hospital.

    He even stay overnight outside Song Yi Kyung house secretly to confirm his suspicions and he got the answer. 🙂

  124. 124 : jknat Says:

    I feel like watching this drama EVERYDAY !!! xD
    oh man, but I didnt want it to end : L
    49 days FIGHTING !!!!

  125. 125 : sawa Says:

    who is scheduler?

  126. 126 : joseyusa Says:

    I’m anticipating for episode 12, more scenes of Yi Kyung and Yi Soo in the past.

  127. 127 : drama freak Says:

    i loveeeee this drama….i am hooked with it =) love love love !!!!! XD

  128. 128 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 125 Sawa

    Please read the CAST name – number 5 Jung Il Woo act as scheduler

    Looking forward to ep 12.
    I really hope that Han Kang will end up with Song Yi Kyung. 🙂

  129. 129 : honeyzin Says:

    want to see more of the scheduler !!! Jung Il Woo FIGHTING !!!!!!!

  130. 130 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-12 480p raw


  131. 131 : KDaddict Says:

    We all know that the tall guy fiance is a bad person for cheating on Shin Ji Hyun and for trying to swindle her family. But his secretary girlfriend is even more despicable for setting up Ji Hyun from the start. With a best friend like her, who needs an enemy? Now all she does is cling on to bad guy. What a low life!
    So, Sung Yi Hyung n Scheduler were Lovers? Will they get back together?
    Han Kang loves Ji Hyun; Why didn’t it work out last time? Will it work out this time?

  132. 132 : OK OK OK Says:

    I will be very disappointed if Han Kang did not end up with Song Yi Kyung but with Ji Hyun.

    Will it be possible for Song Yi Kyung to end up with the scheduler?
    If its possible, i don’t mind because they look a perfect loving couple together too.

    Ep 12
    The green dress that Song Yi Kyung wears – also very sweet & nice.
    Can anybody tells me what is the name of the boutique that sells Song Yi Kyung’s dresses. The blue, the red and the green dress. Kamsa Hamnida 🙂

  133. 133 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK:
    The Scheduler told Ji Hyung v early on that the reason he agreed to work as a scheduler for 5 years was that he had some impt business he had to get back to. His most impt business must be Sung Yi Hyung. Can he come back to life and be with Yi Hyung? Otherwise, her life doesn’t seem worth living, acc to the way she feels.

    Han Kang acts that way towards Ji Hyung who is inside Sung’s body. He is not acting that ways towards Sung.

  134. 134 : OK OK OK Says:

    @133 KDaddict

    Hope you don’t mind some minor correction. The ladies name are Ji Hyun, Yi Kyung. (you spelt both as Hyung). Others reader will be blur…… 🙂

    I know that Han Kang likes Ji Hyun since earlier days but I am hoping that the story will change to Han Kang likes Song Yi Kyung or Scheduler ends up with Song Yi Kyung.

    Or………… will the doctor ends up with Song Yi Kyung ????? I think he also likes her. 🙂
    Anybody knows where to buy Song Yi Kyung’s dresses ??? Very beautiful. 🙂

  135. 135 : eLLa Says:

    want to see more scenes of song yi kyung and scheduler.. when they have an eye contact all i can say is wooooow love is on the air… their emotion of love for each other can’t be hidden.. hope scheduler will be back in life and they can continue with their love affair( song yi kyung )

  136. 136 : wii Says:

    the rating is getting better, yay!

    i really love this drama. im so curious about sung yikyung n scheduler.

  137. 137 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Yo Won Birthday 9 April 1980
    Jo Hyun Jae 9 May 1980
    Jung Il Woo 9 Sept 1987
    Bae Soo Bin 9 Dec 1976

    When I check their birthday, I get a surprise. What a coincidence — the above 4 stars got the same birthday on the 9th day of month 🙂

  138. 138 : sylvia Says:

    the story is getting better but I am afraid that in the end Song Yi Kyung might end up dying so she could be with his one and only love Yi Soo. Yi Soo is already dead and he can’t come back being Yi Soo again in the same body so for the couple to be together again Yi Kyung has to die.

  139. 139 : awxxx Says:

    in my opinion i know how the story will end.. “ji hyun’s soul will be forever in yi kyung’s body” you all have watched it right!! at episode 12, there is a scene when yi kyung see ji hyun’s face before entering her body but she lets it. i think ji hyun will be discovered before accomplishing her 49 days, as she just got a tear, she won’t die. as punishment her soul will be forever in yi kyung’s body.. yi kyung lost her soul and ji hyun lost her body, it’s complete. perfect and rational ending

  140. 140 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yi Kyung no need to die even if she want to end up with the scheduler. Just another man that look exactly the same as scheduler with different name appear in front of her will do and start wooing her. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  141. 141 : Mizrilla Says:

    The drama is getting better and lots if suprise.. I love how Kang always right by Yi Kyung side.. That’s is the meaning of true love.. I wish these four character will find a way to meet their true love..

    Aja Aja hwaiting 49 Days…

  142. 142 : Thara Says:

    Han Kang and Shin Ji Hyun ♥♥♥

  143. 143 : hallyu lover Says:

    wow this drama has a very interesting plot..gonna watch this after I finish Midas~

  144. 144 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK
    #140: That is funny, how you like to make up the story the way you like it.
    #133: Now I know why people use initials for KD stars and characters! It is to prevent misspelling! 😀

  145. 145 : KDaddict Says:

    Well, Sung won’t have to die if Scheduler can come back to life. Isn’t that why he is serving his 5-year term?

  146. 146 : OK OK OK Says:

    @145 KDaddict

    My comments @ 140 is for @138 worries – becoz she says Song Yi Kyung might die to be together with Scheduler so i suggest another man look exactly like Scheduler to appear back and woo Song Yi Kyung. 🙂

    Your suggestion even better – Scheduler comes back to life to be with Song Yi Kyung – after 5 years of “service”. 🙂 🙂

  147. 147 : niena Says:

    the best drama ever. Jung II Woo too hot. i cant take my eyes from him. haha. this drama daebak ~ ^^

  148. 148 : Purple_Queen Says:

    I Can’t wait to watch ep 13… Omooooo fell in love with this drama..
    n I ♥ scheduler.

    saengil chukhae Nam Gyu Ri 🙂

  149. 149 : inlike Says:

    totally addicted to this~

  150. 150 : aralialeo Says:

    omo. i wondered what will happen to both of the pairs. please, i think this is the most anticipated drama of the year. as others drama you can predict what will happen just by seeing 2 @ 3 episode. but with 49 days, on episode 12 viewers know that yi soo + yi kyung had a past. the tensed is high!!

  151. 151 : vic Says:

    I really love this drama, one of the best since A love to Kill. Awesome cast!

  152. 152 : Mary Joy Del Rio Says:

    Addicted to this drama!!!^_~♥

  153. 153 : KDaddict Says:

    In an early ep, Scheduler told Shin JH the reason that he was working the 5 year term. Anyone remember how it was worded exactly?
    Anyway, working for 5 years in exchange for coming back to life is too good a deal. There’d be no dead ppl then. But, I think he might earn a short presence on earth to finish his business, i.e. to tie up loose ends with Sung, to give her closure, to help her move on. Becoz he probably died suddenly, like in a traffic accident, n they weren’t able to even say goodbye. Remember she brought the rose n picked that particular spot to kill herself? That might be where he met his end.

  154. 154 : jennny Says:

    arroqurr is cute and nature^^ love u so much

  155. 155 : ouyjai Says:

    very fun. I wait on TV.

  156. 156 : kana Says:

    we are arro fan forever..muackkk

  157. 157 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 13 ending, it seems to me that Scheduler’s memory about he & Song Yi Kyung relationship has been washed out. Scheduler appear surprise when Ji Hyun show him the photos of SYK & himself during their university days.

    Han Kang said to himself “I like Ji Hyun, not Song Yi Kyung” 🙁

  158. 158 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-13 480p raw


  159. 159 : KDaddict Says:

    Tall Guy dumps Secretary. To get even with him, she might botch the scheme that they’ve been hatching.
    Scheduler is finding out who he was in life. He may come back to give closure to Sung, n then move on.
    Tall guy falls in love with Sung. Sung doesn’t know him. My guess is he’ll continue to pursue her after 49 days are over, after she has said goodbye to Scheduler properly.
    Shin JH finds out that Han Kang loves her during those 49 days. They’ll most likely be together afterwards.

  160. 160 : Lisa Says:

    Love this dama. One of the best I’ve seen. There’s never a boring moment and the cast is so good looking. Can’t wait for new episodes to be broadcast.

    I’m happy that Jo Hyun Jae decided on this drama to make his much anticipated come back. Lee Yo won’s acting is so good and has a lot of chemistry with all three male characters. this drama (if the writer and PD don’t screw the ending) is going into my all time favorite dramas.

  161. 161 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Lisa

    I agree with you. Lee Yo Won has chemistry with all the males here. She got a pleasant attractive appearance overall, the face, the outfit, hairstyle and a cute character & her natural good acting.

    I am totally convince that the guys fall in love with her. Not 1 but 4 of them. (not forgetting the doctor)

    All other actors, actresses also perform well.

    I either hope that Han Kang be with her, if not, at least the scheduler Jung Il Woo back with her to make this a wonderful drama. 🙂


  162. 162 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-14 480p raw


  163. 163 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 14 ending scene — I love it…..

    When Kang Ming Ho gf tells him that SYK is Ji Hyun and ask him to find out her suspicions, KMH tailed SYK & went to her coffee shop (when Ji Hyun spirit is not in her body) to order coffee from her – just to test whether SYK knows him or not ……………
    He purposely calls out SYK’s name n guess what – how she responded ???

    Let you people guess, I find it scary. Ha Ha ha ……………….. 🙂

  164. 164 : KDaddict Says:

    End of ep 14, in the cafe where Sung works at night:
    Seems that that is Sung’s spirit in Sung’s body that recognizes Kang Min Ho. Wow, what gives? Has Sung’s spirit met him before? Or is it that Sung’s spirit is now linked up with Shin JH’s? There are times when Shin JH’s spirit stands next to Sung n talks to her, n Sung seems to be able to hear it or sense it. Now, we enter a new chapter in this drama!

  165. 165 : hallyu lover Says:

    this drama is so interesting and underrated in the ratings! it is as good as Secret Garden! I even think the story is better than Secret Garden 🙂 the actors and actresses are so good in acting~

  166. 166 : iman Says:

    secret garden still the best !!!

  167. 167 : Thara Says:

    Only 6 more episodes to go .. Can’t wait for the ending .. =>
    Hope it is Han Kang and Shin Ji Hyun ^_^

  168. 168 : che Says:

    Excellent story line. The actor who portrayed as the reaper is so cute. The lead actresses are both pretty as well. The last scene of ep 14 is heart pounding. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes.

    I find it way better than Secret Garden.

  169. 169 : abrielle Says:

    49 Days is so addictive. Can’t wait for the next episode to be aired. I love the plot, the actresses and actors that plays the roles. I hope this drama would have a happy ending!

  170. 170 : alan Says:

    OM dont keep me wait, i want them to air this drama 7 days a week so i wont have to wait like this 🙁

  171. 171 : Doggy.cyj Says:

    when is episode 15 coming up?

  172. 172 : lovekdrama Says:

    i can’t hate the bad guy.i’m blinded maybe because his one of my fave korean actor.

  173. 173 : joy Says:

    waiting for the next episode… I hope it’s Yi Kyung who was at the end of episode 14. It would be fantastic if it’s her cause it is time for her to ROCK the house… come on Yi Kyung!!!

  174. 174 : Grace Says:

    Really like and addicted to this drama, can’t predict the story each week. I really want Song Yi Kyung (not Ji Hyun) and Han Kang to end up together, they both have lots of chemistry. Can’t wait to see it this week:-)

  175. 175 : hallyu lover Says:

    Han kang is such a perfect man..cold outside but loyal inside…he’s also very smart to have discovered that Yi Kyung is possesed by Ji Hyun…I wish he can Ji Hyun can be together but I feel pity for the original Song Yi Kyung because no one loves her ….her body is just being borrowed..the scheduler doesn’t seem to remember her and he already died…after the 49 days, she’ll be returned to her original place..living alone just like before..hehe..but I know something might happen since this is a fantasy drama..maybe the scheduler will have a chance to live like normal human after he finish his service term

  176. 176 : madoodvd Says:

    drama series i like that

  177. 177 : ezila Says:

    this drama unique and best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. 178 : Autumn Says:

    I reli want to see Han Kang and Ji Hyun together. I am waiting for Ji HYun to find out that Han Kang is actually love her, not Song Yi Kyun!!

  179. 179 : Ei Shwe Sin Says:

    I like the series very much

  180. 180 : Grace Says:

    I totally agree with Hallyu lover that song Yi khung’s body was borrowed and it is not her that others love. I wish she will end up with scheduler or Han Kung at the end. They r both look great together.

  181. 181 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-15 480p raw


  182. 182 : Paradisefan Says:

    This is getting so good I can’t wait for episode 16 and see how the story enfolds btwn the reaper and SYK and btwn Han Kang and Ji Hyun it should be interesting and fun. I love BSB but I dislike him as Min ho which shows that he’s a great actor. Hope ev’ry is enjoying this drama it’s one of my favorites and makes me think about appreciating life more and your family and friends while your alive and can show it to them. 🙂

  183. 183 : OK OK OK Says:

    This drama is so good. Got 4 handsome guys especially Jung Il Woo, 1 cute lead actress & with good script. I wonder how they can shed tears so easily in front of camera… ?? All perform very well. 🙂

    Hope that Jung Il Woo will come back to be with Sung Yi Kyung, then she will be as lively & cute as before. 🙂

  184. 184 : mmtutuy Says:

    SYK is the most unfortunate character, hope the scripter will write an happy end for her.

  185. 185 : Lhima Says:

    I hear so much comments about this drama. I just hope I can also watch the complete episode. I facy the beaties of the actress seems so angelic while on the ohter hand guys are really handsome. Filipino people really love korean dramas and this is one of the hit drama. I wonder if 49 days will be enough to find the real trail in life. More power. I will watch til the end.

  186. 186 : fhemy Says:

    hmm. I agree with the last commentor (Lhima). I am busy person also but I cant afford to missed this very good and interesting drama. Same as her I heard so much comments and good feedback about the 49 days drama. Filipino people really waiting the complete series. Before I am not fun of korean drama but now I absolutely one of the fans. My Request please do good to everyone. at this time I already would like to congatulate the actresses, actors, and staffs you really did a great jod so far– please continue. More power.

  187. 187 : madox23 Says:

    amazing!! i love this drama..i will wait till the end..

  188. 188 : Lovemoon Says:

    @185 Lhima and @186 fhemy
    Just wondering did Filipino people believe the 49 days in your culture??? Thanks in advance.

  189. 189 : wynss Says:

    Song yi kyung end with han kang and ji hyun wIth scheduler? Is that possible for writer to do that..hmm if that so

  190. 190 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-16 480p raw


  191. 191 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 16
    When SYK can see JH in her hse & even talk to her, it just give me goose pimples automatically even i watch this drama in broad day light. ha ha

  192. 192 : abrielle Says:

    I love this series!! Only 4 episodes to go…..I wonder how the story would end??

  193. 193 : indri Says:


  194. 194 : jenz270 Says:

    Like its sooo worth watching.

  195. 195 : KDaddict Says:

    Why is Sung going to Busan (ep 16)? Is Ji Hyun’s father’s housing project in, or Near Busan? Is that why Sung has to go there, n then Ji Hyun will follow?
    The plot is getting quite complicated, n therefore interesting, with everyone finding out abt the secrets of the dead (scheduler) or near dead (Ji Hyun).

  196. 196 : karin Says:

    love it so much!!

  197. 197 : bee Says:


  198. 198 : violin427 Says:

    Honestly didn’t think I was going to like it when I read descriptions about the storyline, but since I didn’t know what else to watch, I thought, why not. At first I was kind of like wtf… They seriously made a storyline out of a concept like this?

    BUT! The storyline turned out to be a lot more complicated and twisted, and for some odd reason, I really like it. Or at the very least, it’s been interesting enough to have me hooked to continue watching!

    Personally not a huge fan of Lee YoWon, but she’s not so bad. And I LOVE Jung IlWoo! Ahhh. And I had no idea he acted so well. So.. thumbs up. If you’re deciding if you should watch or not, I suggest watching the first FEW (as opposed to just one) to decide. 🙂


  199. 199 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 198 violin

    Actually I also don’t really like Lee Yo Won because her previous drama is sad & she always cry (she acted with Kwan Sang Woo – poison love? ) And I was sad when 1of my fav actress Ko Hyun Jung was chosen to act the bad queen and LYW act as the young princess in Queen Seon Duk. I force myself to watch QSD bc of KHJ. I like LWY character there because she acted as a smart & strong person. From then on I like her. This drama 49days, she also acted cute & lively which makes me like her very much too. 🙂

    I don’t like sad movie or sad drama.

  200. 200 : mitch Says:

    just started watching this drama a few days ago, I just watching it on YouTube and now I am addicted to 49 Days.. I am so curious who will be the couples in the end.

  201. 201 : swatee Says:

    Drama worth watching,best for this year

  202. 202 : angel Says:

    BEST DRAMA EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JO HYUN JAE SO CUTE N SEXY!!!!!!!! hope it will have a happy ending ^_^

  203. 203 : Sophie Jung Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! Jung Il Woo’s soooooooo cutee!! yummy!!! has a fab six pack!!!!! he is defo mine!! LMAO

  204. 204 : nyanne Says:

    I am hooked! Filipinos don’t believe in 49 days. At least, I don’t. My folks believe in 40 days though. No one really knows the life after death, the writer of this drama is so intelligent. Kudos! I’ll be watching this ’til end. And yeah, I am super excited of the outcome of this drama…. I love the Scheduler! Super freakin’ hot!

  205. 205 : honey Says:

    cant wait to watch it in philippines..

  206. 206 : agen Says:

    i wanna watch this drama if in the ending are lee yo won with jo hyun jae,and nam gyu ri with jung il woo…anyone tell me please,jst guess it for me!!!

  207. 207 : miss n Says:

    i love the scheduler! he got a pair of sexy eyes. Cannot wait the final episode. hopefully it will be as what i expected…

  208. 208 : smarteez Says:

    cant wait for tomorrow episode

    love jo hyun jae, lee yo won and my scheduler, jung il woo

  209. 209 : tlov3 Says:

    OMG!!!!! I love the story line, can’t get over some of the things that happened… Can’t wait to watch the latest episode! GO 49 DAYS!!!!!

  210. 210 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-18 480p raw


  211. 211 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 18: She got her 3 tears! She’ll live! Great!
    But the Tall Guy & Secretary r very tiresome to watch. She was poor, the Shin family took her in, put her thru university, and she got mad cos the mother was worried abt her own daughter in a kidnapping, so much so that she plots a revenge to bankrupt them? Is there anyone who is so ungrateful? Come on. And she clings on to Tall Guy no matter how he treats her. She needs psychiatric treatment even more than Sung!

  212. 212 : Helloimys Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA!! Jung Il Woo is soooo cute!!!!

  213. 213 : Sapphire Says:


  214. 214 : paradisefan Says:

    @Sapphire I know someone posted the details of the episode but TRUST ME it’s still a good watch even if you know what happens because there’s the anticipation of how it happens and finally being satisfied of seeing it. So just watch it and enjoy it 🙂

    I cried like a baby in ep. 18 have to watch to know why but I felt of JH thinking of my favorite grandma and aunt that passed and it made me feel for JH’s tormented heart. I love this drama it is speedy and doesn’t leave you hanging on but also makes you come back to see what happens next, great writers and actors. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment I have had watching this drama. Han Kang you are so easy to look at great eye candy too…..:)

  215. 215 : Yupar Says:

    i like this drama so much…! lovely schedular…jung il woo….is sooooooooo cute…

  216. 216 : yammi Says:

    very good storyline and very few illogical flaws in the plot (there are usually so many in korean dramas that it’s painful to watch). i love jo hyun jae but it seems he’s getting too old for other people to be interested. he’s such a good actor and acted in some of the best dramas (so tong yo?, only you, etc) wonder why he’s not in more dramas…

  217. 217 : KDaddict Says:

    People come here to comment on the drama. Why bother to read the comments if you are don’t want to find out abt it??? Wait till you’ve watched the whole series b4 coming here.
    Then there are ppl who say, “Pls pls, anyone tell me what happens”.

  218. 218 : jh Says:

    ohhh.. scheduler so handsome!! will scheduler be the lead? lol

  219. 219 : joseyusa Says:

    2 more episodes to go. I’m just wondering what will happen to Yi Kyung…

  220. 220 : 49 Days Says:

    nice drama!!

  221. 221 : em Says:

    can’t wait to see ep 18

  222. 222 : minjell Says:

    the best drama this year. definitely worth a watch.

  223. 223 : KMY318 Says:

    A small review for people considering watching this drama, but are still hesitating:

    49 Days is a drama based on a Buddhism theory, although the director changed the theory in some ways to make it a bit more logical for the plot. According to the plot, a girl was about to get married, but got into a car accident. When a handsome “angel of death” (Scheduler) arrived and told her that it actually isn’t time for her to die yet, she got the chance to attend the “49-Days-Programme”. Meaning that her body is in a coma, but her soul is able to “wander around”. In 49 days, she has to gather 3 pure tears from her loved ones by using the body of the person who caused her death.

    Although this drama has some illogical flaws here and there which might be confusing sometimes, it still is one of the best dramas I’ve watched so far (this is coming from a drama fanatic!). Not only the relationships between the different characters, but also the moral of the drama makes it even more interesting to watch. A drama filled with romance, suspense and many associations to the reality is not something one should miss out. 🙂

  224. 224 : chelsi Says:

    love this kdrama!! LOVE JUNG IL WOO as SCHEDULER

  225. 225 : fatin_dunny Says:

    the best drama ever…it’s too good to be true…i don’t it to end…this movie really make my day~

  226. 226 : chelsi Says:

    love this kdrama.. LOVE JUNG IL WOO as SCHEDULER

  227. 227 : Kippy Says:

    49 days is the best \m/ 😡

  228. 228 : emkhan Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. 229 : rainie Says:

    49 days is the best korean drama i’ve ever seen and i can’t wait to see the two remaining episodes.. love jo hyun jae 🙂

  230. 230 : kris Says:

    i love Yi Soo and Yi Kyung story……. oh my!! I’m trully hooked with this drama…. i love the plot… every episodes of it.. there’s always a twist… 🙂
    i love 49 days…..

  231. 231 : karl Says:

    I really love 49 days! It’s one of my favorite korean dramas.makes my day brighter and i’ve been hooked since the first time i watch it.thank you for making this excellent project,may you continue to do more dramas like 49 days.congratulations to its staff and artists for a huge success! I love lee yo won!saranghe 😀

  232. 232 : mai Says:

    i really love Song-Song couple
    Love Lee Yo Won & Jung Il Woo
    hope that they will have a happy ending

  233. 233 : Carmen Says:

    I used to wash Mexican soap or drama, but they are so long, that since I discover this Korean drama(4-6years) what i like the most is that I live to wash short dramas 16-20-30-50 episode, twise a week I love that! the most and of course all the drama in it, I love to lear their culture, I hope I can go and visit Korea some time in my live

  234. 234 : qter Says:

    i know this drama was super amazing.. the storyline, the cast, the performing act of their actors and actresses. but i don’t know what happened to the comments.. it’s so poor to a big big big drama like 49 days. it’s just 230!!! c’mon guys

  235. 235 : jennifer Says:

    49 days is absolutely amazing.
    Before the english subtitles came out for Episode 18, I couldn’t wait and read a synopsis of what happened. After the subtitles were posted, I still cried, even after reading the synopsis. Amazing! Also, the actors just brought the whole storyline together. Lee Yo Won’s acting should be rewarded. It’s so difficult to play 2 characters with different personalities!

    Overall, I love this drama, and I would give it 5 stars!

  236. 236 : ullah Says:

    i like this story………

  237. 237 : agen Says:

    yeah this one gonna end next week!!!
    so i can watch this drama in DVD soon…

    i dont like streming,so i didnt watch this drama yet…
    im so excited for this one,but i have to wait till the dvd out!!

  238. 238 : icha Says:

    I REALLY love this drama.
    the story, the cast, the characters. OMG. i love each of them so much.
    even Shin Injung, the most annoying women in this drama, i cant help but love her too.. hahaha..
    and the scheduler.. KYAAAAA!! love him SO MUCH!! Jung Il Woo, seriously handsomeeee 😀

  239. 239 : Yupar Says:

    i love this kdrama so much…! lovely schedular ..jung il woo…is soooooooo cute…. 🙂

  240. 240 : jh Says:

    Awesome drama!! omg!!! please dont end so soon!!! more eps pls!!!!

  241. 241 : Yupar Says:

    i love this kdrama so much.. lovely schedular jung il woo is so cute. 🙂

  242. 242 : Khine Kyi Says:

    lovely couple … yi soo and yi kyaung…!lovely schedular jung il woo is soooooooo cute and nice guy… 😀

  243. 243 : lhm Says:

    ending this week. really hope this has a good ending. praying hard

  244. 244 : Thara Says:

    Only 2 episodes left … 🙁 I will be missing it forever.

  245. 245 : Thara Says:

    All the main casts are very good-looking and the story line, can’t say other word than PERFECT …

  246. 246 : Thara Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae and Nam Gyu Ri, love them ♥♥♥
    Kang ah-Ji Hyun ^_^ Perfect couple .. Hope she remembers him in episode 19. So, there can be happy romantic scenes between those two in the final episode. 🙂

  247. 247 : Sarah Says:

    The whole cast looks great n acting super good + comes with an interesting refreshing storyline… wonderful!!! Love everything about 49 days! Especially LYW!! Every time she cries, I cry too… Her cries can make me feel so sad!

  248. 248 : Sarah Says:

    The whole cast of 49 days is great!! The storyline is interesting n refreshing… Especially Lee yo won… Great acting n her cries always make me feel so sad! Whenever she cries, I cry too. Everything about this drama is super fantastic… Can’t wait to see episode 19/20!! Korean artistes are so good in their acting skills n not to mention the songs that goes along… Everything is amazing… addictive!!

  249. 249 : callista Says:

    best drama ever!!!!

  250. 250 : Winnie Says:

    love the story, the scheduler was cool I like the way he love Song Yi Kyung so cool & sweet, but I love Han Kang his more defined. my sympathy to Shin Ji Hyun to be on hard time while collecting tears, she lost two people that she love but on the other hand she also gaining a true people that love her truly. I felt sad for Song Yi Kyung for loosing her will to live just because Yi Soo are passed away. For Kang Min Ho & Shin In Jung they both

    I can’t wait for the 2 last episode so excited for ending and to their love story who will end up to who? happy that sleeping beauty is now awake but sad because she’s not remember the hard time and the people who truly love her. what will happened to Han Kang when he return if Ji Hyun dont remember the love that she felt for Han Kang. That’s make me so curious.

  251. 251 : tlov3 Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! The writers did an amazing job!!! Can’t wait for the last 2! … *super sad*

  252. 252 : 49days lover Says:

    agree with u… i have fallen with this drama.. waiting for eps 19 n 20

  253. 253 : jh Says:

    OH.. whrs my ep 19 and 20!! so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. 254 : koreanlover Says:

    ngga sabar nunggu episode 19 dan 20 nya……

  255. 255 : kdrama addict Says:

    lee yo won did a really great job! she did almost all the acting in the character of shin ji hyun aside from her real character of song yi kyung in the drama… can’t wait for episode 19 ang 20!!! must watch drama!!!

  256. 256 : Cyn Says:

    Waiting eagerly for last 2 episodes!

  257. 257 : bee Says:

    Love this drama,,,

  258. 258 : joseyusa Says:

    Watching episode 19 made me cry so bad…

  259. 259 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 19:
    The last 15 mins. were heart-breaking! When Scheduler says goodbye to Sung, when Tall guy was with his mother, when Sung visits Ji Hyun!
    The very last min. has a nice surprise. Script writer Ms. So is doing a good job keeping the audience on their toes. Looking fwd to tmr’s finale. Hope that Ji Hyun will end up with Han Kang. But what will happen to Sung? If Shin JH dies, it’ll be thoroughly disappointing.

  260. 260 : Mitch Says:

    I think the last two tears will be coming from Song Yi Kyung and Shin In Jung.. I think In Jung will be a real friend to Ji Hyun, she just become bad because of her love for Min Ho.

  261. 261 : indri Says:

    last scene on ep 19,.. when JH said she’s dying,.. I hate it,…!!
    HK & JH should be happy together,..I wish,.. the ending will be Happy ending for my fav couple,.. please,.. please…please…

  262. 262 : alya Says:

    this drama is really interesting.. i hope it will have happy ending or maybe partly happy ending for some characters.. but please let Ji hyun be with Han Kang.. arrghh.. crying.. T_T

    okay, i’ll wait the last episode patiently …

  263. 263 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 19

    So, so so…. sad, Jung Il Woo the scheduler has to say goodbye to Sung Yi Kyung. 🙁 It was a very touching departing scene near the seaside. Both acted very well. Many audience will shed tears for them.

    Will JIW be back with SYK in Finale Ep 20? Really hope both can be together again & live happily ever after.

  264. 264 : mizRilla Says:

    JH is died…. Really hate the ending… Was they must kill her???

    Poor Kang Ah.. 🙁

  265. 265 : ramenb0y Says:

    49 Days Episodes 01-20END 480p raw


  266. 266 : Bebe Says:

    so what happend at the end????

  267. 267 : kuutie Says:

    🙁 it ended 🙁

  268. 268 : OK OK OK Says:

    Don’t really like the ending even though Song Yi Kyung found her parents.

    Its ridiculous becoz with childhood photos, money, can’t her parents advertise to search for her over all these years?

    Han Kang & SYK relationship — no answer what lies ahead.
    Still prefer Scheduler with SYK. 🙂

  269. 269 : via Says:

    ahh.. so sad ending.. Its beautifull well written and solid drama but still the ending makes me cry a bucket of tears.. hiks hiks…

  270. 270 : indri Says:

    I hate the ending,..

  271. 271 : Korean fanatic Says:

    what do you guys think about the ending???
    seriously….I DON’T LIKE IT!!!! >.

  272. 272 : sara Says:

    most ridicules drama i have watched .. im sooooo regretful that i have wasted almost 2 months waiting for this drama to air ,, it started with very interesting plot .it dragged alot in the middle , they developed a love interest in the drama between 2 characters and what the hell happend at the end??? there is no even one loving moment between main leads , u wait for her to come back then die again ?? im soooooooooooooo angry , totaly none sense ,, i recomended this drama to my mum to watch and now she started watching the drama . now i dont know how to stop her bcs im sure at the end she will kill me lol

  273. 273 : ok ok ok Says:

    I really have a good laugh reading all the comments about the unhappy ending story especially from 271 SARA.

    It really reminds me of Stairway to Heaven — the whole drama was so good except the last episode – the lead actress has to die of cancer – what an ending. With good ending, the DVD will sell more right ?

    49days, whats the use of having a good script and the writer did not show us the 2 leads Han Kang & Song Yi Kyung will end up together except they have become “good friends” if not Scheduler end up with SYK also good.
    What a joke. Majority of the viewers do not like to do their own imagination whether in future both HK & SYK will end up together or not. We will want to see it with our eyes

    Now its over, what to do, we cannot change it.

    Here to enjoy Jung Il Woo’s song from 49 days – Scarecrow/Puppet

    Don’t know why is the song title name scarecrow or puppet with eng sub

    Anyway — enjoy 🙂 🙂

  274. 274 : KDaddict Says:

    Totally shitty ending! The audience watches for months, and are treated to 2 dead leads, and 2 broken relationships! What does the writer think he/she is doing?
    Any writer who comes up with such an ending betrays the trust of the audience, and should be ashamed of themselves.

  275. 275 : ok ok ok Says:

    I also like this songs very much. 🙂

    49 days OST There was nothing happen 什麼事都沒有 Jung Yeop 鄭燁(from Brown Eye Soul) (49 日) Eng. Sub. — press cc

  276. 276 : paradisefan Says:

    The ending was very disappointing and sad that the writer couldn’t at least put one couple together. I feel like the time I watched this drama was wasted 🙁

  277. 277 : Giggle Says:

    Wasting my time to watch this drama!!!,.. Hate the ending ! the rest 19 episode wasted by the finale episode !!! The writer ruined everything.

  278. 278 : lee yun Says:

    what a heck…im really dissapointed with this drama..why thus the ending be so sad..i really love the casting but the ending is to bad..

  279. 279 : qter Says:

    may be.. the writer has a plan to make 2nd session of 49 days. who knows?

  280. 280 : bee Says:

    @Giggle: me too,,, 🙁 finally, i think the ending will happy ending. waste my time,,, AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! :(( make me mad-

  281. 281 : jenz270 Says:

    i want to cry everytime i watch this. Please do not even start this because the ending will leave u dissapointed and tearing.
    my eyes are so sore after watching every ep of this drama.

  282. 282 : chris Says:

    This is the reason why I prefer watching comedy. Reality usually kills. This drama does have a sad ending but this may be the best ending. How can they forget their loved ones so quickly if they were deeply in love before.

  283. 283 : jenknight18 Says:

    we need some sad drama once in a while..
    i like how the ending went.. i gives us reason to think and contemplate..

    too much frothy rom com.. sheds us away from some of life’s bitter-happy truths.. i appreciate this drama.. like how i loved the Endless Love series..

  284. 284 : jh Says:

    Although thats not the ending i want.. but its not too bad tho… Made mi cry so much in the last 2 ep…. omg…. T_T

  285. 285 : buttercup Says:

    I just finished watch the final episode…fiiuuhh..finally after 3 months watching this with so many emotionals in it( happy,sad,curious,cry,tired,hate so on)..we got the result..jihyun die..jihyun n yikyung are sisters…n yikyung n hankang ended up become best friend..so sad but sweet ending…the most regret is yikyung n hankang not in love for each other..is 2 years not enough to get over their pain n love for someone who already die?why n why writer?? they should be together n continues their life..huhuhuhuhu…one i noticed that i love jihyun,jinyoung n seawoo friendship when their in highschool years..so touching…..however..this drama worth to watch…enjoy!!

  286. 286 : 12345 Says:

    IM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS DRAMA. the last episode, which i very much wanted to watch it, turned out to be not nice. haix. why both couples not together 🙁

  287. 287 : koreanprincess Says:

    i just finish watching it!! the ending?!! i think i will love it anyway even though they didn’t get together.. i think in all the drama i’ve SEEN this is where i cried so much ( i know this sound stupid or watever but) like seriously start to the ending of this episode i just can’t stop crying just seeing them saying goodbye( ji hyun & yi soo) wrecks my heart T_T!!! its reall sad and for the big twist LONG LOST SISTER ?!! WOW THAT REALLY SOMETHING its awesome!! Really love the love stories between kang ha,jihyun and yi soo & yi kyung

  288. 288 : alan Says:

    oh let me say this, even im a guy and i cant stand the ending, i was hoping for a miracle when ep 19 finished but then, the last ep was so sad (i guess we need this type of ending once in a while) and the long lost sister part just like another knife kill me again. Oh gosh, one of the best drama i must say :'(

  289. 289 : may Says:

    Why shin ji hyun must die after 49 days? Why oh whyyyyy.. This is not fair. She should be happy. It really really surprised one of that tears it is from shin in jung after what she did.

  290. 290 : Tarami Says:


  291. 291 : kdrama addict Says:

    i really love the ending!!! it’s sad and happy at the same time:D
    congratulation for make the top spot for the last 2 episodes… they deserve it!!!

  292. 292 : kdrama addict Says:

    i really cried at episode 19 and 20T.T the last time i cried like this was in queen seon deok…

    this is one of my favorite korean drama…

  293. 293 : alya Says:

    wow,, this is the best drama so far,,,
    the ending is unpredictable. i feel sad but happy at the same time..
    and the rating is UP, 1st… GREAT. good job ^^

  294. 294 : dicta Says:

    This drama makes me cry so much .. never thought it can be this sad.
    Poor Ji Hyun, i think what happen to her and her family is so cruel..

    now i want to cry again .. *grab a tiissue

  295. 295 : cynthia Says:

    thanks to all this comment about the ending,i dont want to finish the ending anymore, I already disappointed just by reading all the sad comment of the ending. but it is really a good drama.we Filippinos catholic christian believe on 40 days that the soul of a dead person still wandering on earth,that is why we offer prayers and mass to rest in peace for the soul.

  296. 296 : joy Says:


    Kudos to LEE YOWON… such a great actress!!!

  297. 297 : nippongirl Says:

    The ending was too sad. I cried the whole way through and I still cry thinking about it. Never saw it coming. ;(

  298. 298 : ViKa Says:

    omo omo….. shiro…. i don’t like the ending…. hua hua…. why it has to be ended like that????it makes my cry a lot. BUT overall….. it’s a great drama. JO HYUN JAE… sarange

  299. 299 : ♥ 49 Days Says:


  300. 300 : kately Says:

    For me it’s not disappointing at all. The story is interesting though it really depressed me a lot but just watching the drama gives you the thought that do all the things you want to do, love and forgive! 🙂

  301. 301 : emkhan Says:

    i love this drama 4ever!!!!

  302. 302 : jeni Says:

    i feel disappointed because ji hyun died but i find this drama a good one.

  303. 303 : lady love Says:

    Honestly, I love this Drama so much. I wasn’t disappointed at all by the story.. everything makes sense. and I wont ever forget the roller coaster of emotions I felt~ from laughing, crying, getting angry at the villains but sumhow felt sad for them, and most especially fall in LOVE with SCHEDULER, KANG~A and also with MINHO. chincha~ a refreshing drama that not only top the wednesday-thursday timeslot in KOREA but also the hearts of its viewers most especially with me.. kamsahamnida!

  304. 304 : Flatcake Says:

    Freakin good plot but ending rly rly disappointed me. I wanged yikyung yisoo to end up tgt, and i definetely expected jihyun to end up with hankang.
    Still not over the fact that jihyun died… Had a breakdown at the part at her funeral….

  305. 305 : Escarlate Says:

    After I read spoiler about ending my first thought was: “Oh no! Man! that sucks!! I’m so NOT watching it!” but eventually I coudn’t take it, I had to watch it and I’m really glad I did.
    I really DO HATE sad endings, but this end… it didn’t disappoint me at all. I really hoped Ji Hyun will end up with Kang a Scheduler with Yi Kyung, but I still love this end, even thought it isn’t exactly what I wished for. It fits the storyline perfectly and it’s really touching.
    By the way, I love the fact Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun’s sister and In Jung is the one who provided her 3rd tear. Actually I always found In Jung most interesting among all characters.
    I really hated Min Ho though. I hated even his face expressions! Well, he had only like 2 – “Efron-like” expression and “I’m-going-crazy” expression.
    But I was impressed by Lee Yo Won’s acting skills. She’s amazing actress.

    Honestly, it’s ONLY drama, that made me cry really hard. I tend to get all teary while watching sad scenes, but I actually cried while watching Ji Hyun entering elevator… T.T

    Still, one of bests dramas so far!

    Idea 9/10
    Storyline 9/10
    Actors 8/10
    OST 8/10
    Overall 9/10

    I’m satisfied with this drama 🙂

  306. 306 : jo qian Says:

    i love this drama very very much~
    it is really sad but meaningful..
    i cried alot..
    lee yo won is really a good actress..^^

  307. 307 : wateverthing Says:

    Reasons why I enjoy watching 49 days>.

  308. 308 : muchadoboutlove Says:

    The best Kdrama that I’ve ever watched, with interesting plot, tireless staffs and excellent actors and actresses. I won’t forget them :
    the soft-hearted Han Gang
    the sweet Ji-Hyun
    the playful Scheduler Yi-Soo
    the strong Yi-Kyung, the mean Min-Ho
    the pretty In-Jung
    the faithful Seo-Woo

    What I learnt from the drama: life offers so many surprises to us. At times, we may feel bad about what is happening to us, but God knows the best. Everything happens for a reason that we might not know about it, but that is all given to us by Him that knows us the best, because He is our creator. I think the message that the writer wants to convey with us: life is a whole lot meaningful than love. It is true that love is what makes the world go around, but without life, love wouldn’t exist.
    49 Days fighting! Looking forward to all the actors’ next projects and writer-nim’s next drama! ^^

  309. 309 : Rayee Says:

    Beautiful drama ever seen….!Interesting storyline…..!Cried from beginning till the end:((:((:((:(( I’m going to miss this 49 days :):):):)

  310. 310 : houka Says:

    One of the best drama ever…. loved it from beginning to end.

    Lee Yowon was simply amazing!

  311. 311 : trang Says:

    the best drama ever
    i became a big fan of LEE YO WON & JUNG IL WOO after this drama

  312. 312 : miho Says:

    DAEBAKKKKK!!! gonna miss this drama
    all cast amazing ^^

  313. 313 : love*eunhae Says:

    Best k-drama I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! I know some other people said it before me, but this is how I feel…Perfect actors, plot, location, staff etc…Everything was done excellently down to the tiniest detail!!!! More meaningful and wiser than most dramas nowadays…Kudos to all those who were part of this capital drama!!!!! ^_^

  314. 314 : kdrama addict Says:

    I really cried at the part where yi kyung and yi soo separated…T.T…
    really love the ending…. sad and happy at the same time…

    really love lee yo won’s acting… she did almost all the acting of shin ji hyun aside of her real character song yi kyung in the drama…

  315. 315 : tlov3 Says:

    The writers did an awesome job. I had to pause it cause I was crying so much. ;o) Watching it again. Thnks!

  316. 316 : rey Says:


  317. 317 : nippongirl Says:

    Sad ending, but a great story. It still makes me cry. I wanted it to end differently. I was hoping through the whole last episode that Ji Hyun and Yi Soo would live somehow, but it never happened. Hate it and love it.

  318. 318 : tran Says:

    i gonna miss this drama, especially song-song so much

  319. 319 : Ugyen Says:

    i luv this drama very very very… much. its my best korean drama I’ve ever watched.. i llike Lee Yowon’s acting.. it was amazing. hope to see more drama in the future

  320. 320 : takgu99 Says:

    i was attracted by this drama…it’s amazing!!
    1-ji hyun borrows yi kyung body..
    2-love btween yi kyung & scheduler….
    3-This drama has six main actors & actress …
    usually four main only..
    not like other dramas
    4-yi kyung character..

    i love this drama…the storyline also 😀

  321. 321 : takgu99 Says:

    lee yo won very pretty!!

  322. 322 : rabbit Says:

    nam gyuri is so pretty….she does look like IU and sometimes park min young too….love this drama…

  323. 323 : Bebe Says:

    Why k-drams have to had a sad ending, if just delete the last Eps would be perfect. Many k-dramas had sad ending that doesn’t make any sense. Why they want to up make up a sad ending when everything goes fine and should be a happy ending? don’t get their culture?

  324. 324 : reiii Says:

    damn this one is good. im hoping i could find another drama with this caliber. definitely raised the bar.

  325. 325 : irgi Says:

    what a great Kdrama ever. so touchy and made me cry a lot 🙁
    4THUMBS UP!!!

  326. 326 : takgu99 Says:

    i love sad ending..its make me cry…

  327. 327 : Miimii Says:

    It’s a Drama that EVERYONE Needs to watch!!!
    unless if u want to have a little Idea about ppl in this world~~
    49Days is the Best!!

  328. 328 : maegan Says:

    Love this drama so much! Two best couples for me: Lee Yowon & Jo Hyun Jae…. Lee Yowon & Jung Il Woo…

    Lee Yowon was especially really great in this drama, best in acting & so pretty.

  329. 329 : jaslintan Says:

    I feel very sad after watching end scenes.

  330. 330 : Michael Hedges Says:

    As a writer and screenplay artist I love 49 days, the storyline and actors are superb

  331. 331 : Michael Hedges Says:

    My first favorite, “Summer Scent” My 2nd favorite “My girlfriend was a nine tailed fox” And now “49 days” !!! it just keeps getting better!

  332. 332 : Michael Hedges Says:

    As a screenwriter myself, i knew form day one that the “Scheduler” was indeed the long lost boyfriend… a fact that was disclosed just today… I’m curious, can a schedueler find true love as a human after it has been lost? I await the final episode to learn the final outcome… To the cast and crew… thank you, you are all fantanstic… Thank you for the cherry blossom scene… It moved my heart….

  333. 333 : jerry Says:

    It’s amazing. I know how valuable our time and how to live and how to share our love after I’ve watched this series. I got a lesson how to treat and how to make our parents and the others who I loved happy. Thank you to the writer of this drama series, the actors, the actresses , the director and the others who helped to finish this drama series.

  334. 334 : OK OK OK Says:

    For those who like the lead actress Lee Yo Won should watch her in Queen Seon Duk.
    All my family & friends like this period drama very much. All actors & actresses acted very well.
    This drama is about courage & who got a “better scheming brain” to be the next of throne……
    Ko Hyun Jung got excellency awards for this drama. Her acting is superb.
    Kim Nam Gil is so smart & handsome that leads him to instant stardom after acting in this drama…… Everybody wants to know who is this guy that acted as Bidam 🙂 🙂

  335. 335 : leejung Says:

    the best drama in my heart
    Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo are excellen
    I love Song couple so much.

  336. 336 : Estee Says:

    Such amazing original storyline.
    Emotions of the actors are so strong that I feel so immersed in this show!
    I love Han kang’s undying love for Song….so true n touching
    I cried buckets during the show.
    And I also found an idol in Jo hyun jae,super handsome yet aloof
    Lee yo won without any special makeup Or dressing, u can actually see who is ji hyun or Yi kyung, just by looking at her expressions…
    It will take me a while to be able to watch another Korea show without comparing and thinking about this show…
    I will watch it again

  337. 337 : Agnes Says:

    Must watch !

  338. 338 : Epakundo Says:

    numo… i recommend this kdrama. even its a sad ending
    love it!

  339. 339 : zashee Says:

    if the male main character is jung il woo,i will be more gratefull,haha
    but,this is such complicated great story ive ever watched

  340. 340 : laura Says:

    love this drama ..the best drama …i like i like and i like ….. better watch this movie

  341. 341 : she Says:

    such a great drama, n cry a lot in the last episode T.T
    love Han Kang..he is so smart in gathering the puzzle about yi kyung is actually ji hyun.

    Love the cast n the story line.. let’s see what the next drama that can be better than this, yeah, at least not losing to this drama ^^

  342. 342 : andrew Says:

    You can watch Han Kang stands on the Han river side (Same pronunciation Han Kang means Han river in korean) in the last episode.

  343. 343 : emkhan Says:

    such a great drama and i super like it!

  344. 344 : quenn Says:

    sad ending, i’m so CRY!! 🙁 but, best drama.. 🙂
    and love this ost..

  345. 345 : Selamat menyambut Hari Gawai 2011 | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] hari ni duduk di rumah menonton drama Korea 49 Days sehingga habis. Posted in uncategorized | Tags: public […]

  346. 346 : zashee Says:

    this is not fair for Song yi kyung’s life compare to ji hyun’s life
    i want to hear toward song yi kyung’s life more,haha

  347. 347 : tee Says:

    yes, this is good!!!, I found my self both laughed and cry, every roles have their interest, cute character of scheduler, very funny, ji hyun mo, omoshirokatta!!!
    Good parents, conflict of the antagonists were cruelly interesting, han kang (Gyaaaaa!!!!!! > o

  348. 348 : tee Says:

    han kang (Gyaaaaa!!!!!! > o

  349. 349 : chien sia Says:

    i think this drama had a ridicilous ending story.the whole story actually really great story but the ending why so..disappointing and ridicilous . why shin ji hyun had 49 days to make a chance to live but actually she just had 6 day think about it (especially you ,screenwriter)just 6 days to live and she must struggle 49 days to make just 6 days to live.i can imagine if i become shin ji hyun maybe i will crazy.

  350. 350 : emkhan Says:


  351. 351 : damee Says:


  352. 352 : yak Says:

    i miss this drama

  353. 353 : Paang Says:

    Love 49days, good one to watch ~

  354. 354 : 49 Days | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Apabila seorang yang belum puas menikmati kehidupan bertemu seorang yang tiada hala hidup. Sinopsis boleh baca di 49 Days @ Korean Drama. […]

  355. 355 : maiden_Blush Says:

    Really one of the greatest korean drama ever!! Love the actors and actresses, love the storyline, love the background music, basically, I am in love with this drama… A MUST WATCH Korean drama.. 🙂

  356. 356 : Karen Says:

    I love 49 days. I can say that a hundred times.. It was good and made me cry.. It is so good I watching it again.. It is a recommended drama.. I promise you won’t watse your tie watching it..

  357. 357 : damee Says:

    amazing story! but i hate the Ending :”((

  358. 358 : ethel Says:


    The lead actress was just awesome… amazing how she pulled off two separate characters.

    I highly recommend this drama.

  359. 359 : Leigia Says:

    really nice and amazing storyline, catch my eye since trailer=) really made sure I watched every episode (eng-sub on youtube, thanks to UKCARROT and other subbers) really love the blending of the characters and lee yo won was just so amazing! really great actress! hooray and keep up the good work guys! =)

  360. 360 : emkhan Says:

    very inspiring drama! SCHEDULER is an epic!:D

  361. 361 : Lynn Says:

    Nice Movie! Female lead actress is amazing!!!
    Won’t waste your time watching it.. Good story line, good actors and actress. Thumbs up!

  362. 362 : jungilwoolove Says:

    love SONG-sONG SO MUCH

  363. 363 : rose Says:

    I miss this drama so much!
    GREAT DRAMA!!!!!

  364. 364 : Liana Says:

    I am impressed by this drama. There were so many things going on among the 5 characters but the writers are able to connect the stories perfectly and precisely in only 20 episodes. I love the song-song couple, such deep love between them that ends abruptly with misunderstanding. I wish song yisoo was brought alive too but I am in the end happy that Yi Kyung lets him go and try to find courage. I love lee yo won. Top actress! Everytime she cries, I would be moved to tears too. I like the ending although sad but the ending is real and about acceptance. Great Drama! Must watch!

  365. 365 : emkhan Says:

    i really miss watching 49 Days!:)

  366. 366 : AYEAYEWIN Says:

    i really like.wonderful story.all are actiing verygood.

  367. 367 : mona Says:

    i really like this drama…. very touching….

  368. 368 : takgu99 Says:

    best ever…..i really kdrama like this…
    have point n the storyline was superb!!
    i love it..good job!!

  369. 369 : takgu99 Says:

    the best drama…
    here the list of kdrama in my heart..
    1-king of baking kim tak goo
    2-my girl
    3-49 days
    4-ur beautiful
    all this drama was superb especially king of baking..the story really2 touch my heart…& i cried a lot when i watched this drama….
    i watched it 3 times already…still not bored at all…
    i still waiting for kang eun kyung drama…
    kang eun kyung was king of baking screenwriter…
    by the way…i also love this drama!!

  370. 370 : wang yen Says:

    I love this drama..
    49 days is the best…♥♥

  371. 371 : takgu99 Says:

    try to watch baker king kim tak gu…..amazing story!! superb!!
    10/10 n 5 stars!! love it!! XOXO

  372. 372 : min Says:

    this drama makes me cry a lot :'(

  373. 373 : william Says:

    this drama is one of the best, probably the best drama this year, i’m so hooked to it, love love love it

  374. 374 : drama freak Says:

    hehehehhee……this drama…well one word to describe…AWESOME!! love it!!!

  375. 375 : cabelita Says:

    this drama its so romantic! i love it!
    but i hate the ending part is not good!
    who watched the drama did not make it satisfied

  376. 376 : DaRQSeiRYu Says:

    While the ending a bit pity (I Think),,,

    Also the song Heosuabi (Scarecrow) that Il Woo sing is nice….

  377. 377 : mona Says:

    although the ending is f*cking sad (i need many tissue papers haha)… i love this drama. the ending is perfect… han kang only and always loves ji hyun and song yi kyung only and always loves yi soo…. 🙂

  378. 378 : william Says:

    im still at 15 and i read sad ending, i might not end it, lol

  379. 379 : takgu99 Says:

    great story…..i have done watch until ep15…..can’t wait…

  380. 380 : mona Says:

    the scenes are still lingering on my mind…..

  381. 381 : luci Says:

    i think SBS Drama’s the best most dramas i like came from that station including this one

  382. 382 : Hyungjung Says:

    I like this drama….i like this story

  383. 383 : KL Says:

    i am falling in love with this drama…A LOOOTT…the story is really touching my heart…likeitlikeitlikeit

  384. 384 : IKS Says:


  385. 385 : mona Says:

    when i think again about this drama, i wish 49 days part 2 hehehe….

    ‘cuz the last episode is an open ending…..

    hmmm maybe……

  386. 386 : sunny Says:

    Good drama but I think the last episode open ending….

  387. 387 : carol gouw Says:

    I love this drama…but I don’t like the ending..

  388. 388 : mx Says:

    this is like the 2nd best drama i’ve ever watched!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!
    haha the first was baker king though ^_^
    anyways, i recommend all who havent watch this to WATCH IT NOWW!! XD

  389. 389 : lily Says:

    sangat menyentuh alur ceritanya, i like it n sangat menguras air mata

  390. 390 : she Says:

    highly recommended!!! although sad ending, but it is acceptable n make sense.. so don’t because you know it is sad ending than u don’t watch it..

    must watch drama~

  391. 391 : takgu99 Says:

    i love lee yo won…
    she’s so cute …especially when she smiles…

  392. 392 : jamie Says:

    is this drama scary? (haven’t watched it yet)

  393. 393 : emkhan Says:

    whoa! i really miss 49 days!;(

    very nice drama!

  394. 394 : rainemei Says:

    i miss scheduler and yi kyung! They’re perfect couple.!

  395. 395 : Charmaine Says:

    This was the BEST korean drama that i’ve ever watched. Its made me cried every episode meaning the leads really had the potential to act.. Not to forget the script and director.. Good job!! I will never forget about this drama… Cheers!!

  396. 396 : E Says:

    One of the best korean dramas I’ve ever seen.

  397. 397 : trish.♥.SYS Says:

    ..LOVE LOVE LOVE this KDrama EVER ! 😀 ♥♥♥


  398. 398 : luci Says:

    just finish it and now i miss it, this is one of the drama you wish have more episode

  399. 399 : william Says:

    i always watch a drama if Lee Yo Won is in the cast, she’s my favorite actress

  400. 400 : mark Says:

    the Scheduler and Song Yi Kyung look god together, they should have a romantic drama next

  401. 401 : glittery stars Says:

    Beautiful drama !! i love and enjoy it. Jung Il Woo look great in this drama. But Bae Soo Bin’s look suit in the kind man acting more than the villain acting. i love Bae Soo Bin most from Shining Inheritance. ..fan from Thailand.

  402. 402 : phetbeo Says:

    49 days – best drama 2011
    I miss Song Song

  403. 403 : rainemei Says:

    49 days really highly recommended drama!!!

  404. 404 : lyn Says:

    great drama, congrats. I realy like lee yo won. she always make me cry with her dramas,. sad ending but that’s life. huhu

  405. 405 : OK OK OK Says:

    22 years old Choi Sung Bong – is an amazing guy. May God bless you 🙂

  406. 406 : blepotan Says:

    49 hari,
    film yang sangat menyenangkan, selama apapun saya menonton film ini saya tidak pernah merasa bosan.
    Lee Yo Wan as Song Kyung, akting nya sangat bagus dan menjiwai.
    Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hun, sedih menjadi seseorang yang dikhianati sahabat dan pacarnya sendiri.
    Jon Hyan Jae as Han Kang, Selalu setia kepada cinta sejatinya
    Jung iL Wou as Song Yi Soo, seseorang yang sangat tangguh mencintai seseorang sampai akhir hayatnya ( seandainya saya, memiliki pacar seperti dia).

    Film – film korea sangat romantis dan tidak membosankan 🙂

  407. 407 : blepotan Says:

    49 days,
    a very enjoyable film, for whatever I was watching this movie I never get bored.
    Lee Yo Wan as Song Kyung, his acting is great and animates.
    Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji-Hun, sad to be someone who betrayed his own best friend and her boyfriend.
    Hyan Jon Kang Jae as Han, Always loyal to his true love
    IL Wou Jung as Song Yi Soo, a very tough love someone until the end (if I have a boyfriend like him).

    Film – Korean movie is very romantic and not boring:)

  408. 408 : reine Says:

    surprisingly good! love this one!

  409. 409 : dot Says:

    for some reason. i want it to be happy ending, when han kang and ji hyun is together.

  410. 410 : dot Says:

    its not fair for han kang. he loves ji hyun so pure but why ji hyun die
    why dont make it happy ending? disappointing but ep 1-19 is good anw

  411. 411 : dot Says:

    if there r 2nd season, i dont think that han kang will end up with ji hyun. maybe han will end up with yi kyung, BUT PLEASE NOOO. i love han kang with ji hyun, they look cute together. and yi kyung with yi soo

  412. 412 : rainemei Says:

    very touching story indeed!

  413. 413 : rainemei Says:

    huhu. i really miss 49 days!!;( what a great drama ever!
    this drama really made me cry so much!

  414. 414 : charity Says:

    i’m watching now and intended to finish til episode 20.. nice drama.. very touching.. actors and actressess are all excellent in their acting.. congratulations for a job well done

  415. 415 : lei08 Says:

    a really nice drama!! I cried a lot in the ending but still still worth the watch..highly recommended!! I really enjoyed the story of the scheduler =)

  416. 416 : jade Says:

    two thumbs up =)

  417. 417 : irene Says:

    i love the series because han kang love ju hyun only
    very good drama i have ever seen
    cute nam gyu ri….
    cry alot while watching it…

  418. 418 : syamim Says:

    49 days is a very good drama..but i hate sed ending..I really hope Ji Hun will end up with Han Kang but……..everybody knows the ending already..

  419. 419 : trisha Says:

    reallly love this drama. good story. n i dont know what i going to tell. is great

  420. 420 : Assar Says:

    I have fallen in love with this dramaaaa

  421. 421 : Assar Says:

    I loved fantasy dramas after watching this one and secret garden .. Very good story, but the ending … :'(

  422. 422 : Mercy Says:

    love this drama verry muchhh….i cant’t say anything about this drama,..really greattt…greattttt drama……5 star for this drama

    this Drama Better than Secret Garden..believe me…just watch it..i fall in love this drama….

    hope there will be part 2 for ths drama….

    i hope that HANG KANG WILL GET MARRIED WITH Song Yi Kyung…
    in this drama, the most i like is hang kang and Song Yi Kyung….when song yi kyung cry it is look like natural…..i also like Song Yi Kyung actign in this movie…..

  423. 423 : mona Says:

    keep lingering in my mind………….. ji hyun, han kang, yi kyung, yi soo………………………

  424. 424 : rainemei Says:

    the drama that really made me cried a lot

  425. 425 : sa Says:

    this is one of of the finest drama i have seen till now ., very touching one and enjoy every moment of it as destined can’t be changed ………..
    this show shows us

  426. 426 : Nam Gyu-ri Says:

    ~ Thank You for all your votes of me. I really appreciate it. this top film drama is about: A girl named Ji-hyeon going to marry a man named Min-ho.She was so exited for the wedding to start.Not knowing that her “Sister” was going to commit suicide because of her loving boyfriend, Song I-su died while driving a motorcycle.Her “sister” was running when a lorry missed her and ran to a lamp post. While a motorcycle was going to fall, Ji-hyeon quickly miss the motorcycle but ran in to the lorry. Her soul fell out from the car but, the body was still in the car. Her body is in a coma while her soul is in the body of her sister, “I-Gyeong” . She goes everywhere to find 3 tears to live once again.Luckily, she got 3 tears! The one who gave her the tears were: 1) Han Gang. *The man who loves her most* 2)Park Seo-u. *Her one and only trusting best friend.* 3)Her mother. *actually, before she even got the 49 days, the scheduler, Song I-su told her that her family could not give the 3 tears.But because her mother cried with all her heart, a big tear came out in her necklace. But after receiving the 3 tears, she suddenly dies again because is was the real time she has to die.Before dieng, she asks Han-Gang to go out for a picnic at the river side. He accepted it and follow Ji-hyeon.after going to the picnic, she asks for forgiveness from her mother and father.Then she goes beside her hospital bed and suddenly, she feels very stange and died. When going up the elevator,she smiles to I-su and II-su cries. Now that was the real story of 49 Days. Thank you.~

  427. 427 : Roxana Says:

    One of the best drams i’ve ever watched. It made me cry a lot lolz but it was and amazing drama i really enjoyed it. In a way watching this also teaches a lesson and i think it a very good lesson.

  428. 428 : Astri Says:

    Nam Gyu-ri have you really watched 49days until the very end? your information is misleading. the 3rd tear was not from her mother

  429. 429 : Tram Says:

    I’m so surprised this is not like top 10 dramas.. haha this was really different from other dramas but SO good. I loved the characters. They each played their role so well. Man… loved this drama so much.

  430. 430 : Ninette PM Says:

    Just watched it and I really love this movie!!! my tears are fallen down! I’m crying watching this especially at the episode 20. I LOVE THIS!!!!

  431. 431 : Ying Ying Lai Says:

    the person who plays shin ji hyun ‘s soo pretty, i wish i was her but 1m70 in height,hehe~~ The schedular,Jung Il Woo is sooo cute, i wanna marry him!! haha be my hubby,saranghae jung il woo

  432. 432 : sephi27 Says:

    49 Days will replace I am legend here in the Philippines this july 11, 2011….. but the title will be not 49 Days but PURE LOVE………….

    I so loved the 1st episode……

  433. 433 : Shinyunyun Says:

    Like this so much :* Jung-il makes me faint and cry again & again.. OMG, this drama is really touching for me 😀 DAEBAK!!

  434. 434 : yoyoyo Says:

    damn i love this drama. this has become one of my fav drama

  435. 435 : Joonshu Says:

    Good Drama…i like it….the story line good…amazinggg……

    @ Nam Gyu ri

    I think the third tears not from her mother, is in it???? third tears from her friends who cheated behind her with her boyfriend ( i forget her name)

  436. 436 : frita Says:

    Love Bae So Bin

  437. 437 : mona Says:

    this drama is unforgettable 🙂

  438. 438 : fannie Says:

    i just finished the drama.i love this drama. it tackles life after death. it happens that i’ve always been interested in this subject. after you finish watching it, it makes you wonder if there is really life after death or if you can still go back and make things right, which you have’nt done when you were alive.anyway, the lead actress is so pretty. i wish that the end presents kyung and han kang end up with each other, to continue the love story of their past love.

  439. 439 : jangerr Says:

    Just completed watching this drama a few days ago. So glad that I decided to watch it. Amazing storyline with superb acting by the lead actress, Lee YW. I’m truly impressed by the way she’s able to morphed and transformed herself so effortlessly in the variety of roles that she has to play! I’ve seen her in other dramas but have not been really like her acting except for her role in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. But this one is exceptional!

  440. 440 : Pure Love « EnteRvrexWorld Says:

    […] 17.1%- HIGHEST (2nd) ,8.1%- LOWEST (no rank) Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama Synopsis: credits- koreandrama.org Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but […]

  441. 441 : varandhorn Says:

    Love JoHyunJae Love Love

  442. 442 : wilma Says:

    The story is really to die for hahaha…

    I like the unique story of it,i have a low expectation on this series before but from the epi.1 its just so magnetic, but i was mistaken its just great,one of my favorite so far this 2011,
    its very interesting,the cast are equally great,

    Very commentable to watch,worth it….awesome…more of this unique story korea not the same storyline pls……

    aja aja fighting c:

  443. 443 : Jenny Says:

    I totally love this drama! it’s my favorite so far

  444. 444 : lyn Says:

    excited to watch it here in the Philippines, entitled “pure love”. very good drama. miss it so I need to watch it again.

  445. 445 : lyn Says:

    excited to watch it here in the Philippines, entitled “pure love”.

  446. 446 : Cattus Mulier Says:

    This is my favorite drama in 2011!the casts were so great…they portrayed their role very well…I was totally impressed with the storyline and the actors involved in this drama especially Lee yo won.., who never failed to amazed me since I’ve watched her in Queen seon duk and cruel love!she’s truly a great actress!keep rockin 🙂 and lastly I love Song yi kyung and song yi soo! best couple ever! I love their lovestory it made me cry a river from epsiode 15 to 20!when yi soo finally regain his memory! hayzzzzzz truly a tearjerker drama!definitely the best drama in 2011!!! A must watch drama :)fight!

  447. 447 : Cattus Mulier Says:

    The first tear was from han kang,and the other 2 tears from her 2 friends :)definitely not from her mother or from yi kyung coz it’s her sister:)this soon be aired in PHILIPPINES and the title is PURE LOVE but still I love the original version with english sub…coz I can feel the story when I hear the voice of the casts! I can say I still have my hangover… can’t get enuf of this drama I have my dvd copy of this drama! I super duper love this:) I want season 2!yi soo’s reincarnation is needed, so he cud continue loving yi kyung hahhaha it’s kinda impossible tho…let’s just leave it with the original plot:)

  448. 448 : Nona Says:

    I watch this drama … with a vengeance, really touching …..

  449. 449 : Nona Says:

    i agree with this comment: “I want season 2!yi soo’s reincarnation is needed, so he cud continue loving yi kyung”.., i thought this drama has not really ended, waiting for the next season..seriously..

  450. 450 : 49daysfan Says:

    one of my favorite korean Drama forever……………..greatt story line….
    i hope Hang kang will fall in love with song yi Kyung..hohohooh..they Perfect couple……
    i like this korean drama………………

  451. 451 : 49daysfan Says:

    i Like,like,like,like,like this drama so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..they are perfect couple…………………………

    Hangkang so cute and Gentle…..i hate kang Ho……..i want to kill you……….wkwkwkwkwkwwkkw….

  452. 452 : haibara Says:

    great story…tell us about the meaning of life….great actress and actor who act very well…=D

  453. 453 : princess Says:

    i love the story..so unque..

  454. 454 : Yeorim Says:

    Ahh…. I really love, love,love this drama! Great actors and actresses.
    —-It’s just that the ending for me is so sad. =(

  455. 455 : liza Says:

    I love the story,but I hate the part of being able to woke up and die again for six days..It doesn’t make sense..They should have change it…sad:(

  456. 456 : avaya lopez Says:

    I love the story, after watching this series I felt so sad and want to die to and find someone who truly loves me. I’m so affected with this story. The hardest part when she woke up and tpretend that she doesn’t remember khang Mah. I cry not once not twice but i cry over and over again for this,

  457. 457 : marnellilour84 Says:

    i really like the story of 49 days… the whole story made me cry… such a wonderful K Drama i ever seen., I’ve been watching k drama since ABS-CBN (a Philippine TV network) airing k drama, and this one is very terrific, good actors and actresses, unique story and a lot of lesson to be learn.. two THUMBS UP for the cast and the staff who made this story very beautiful… Good luck!!

  458. 458 : Cattus Mulier Says:

    actually on this drama series I hate kang minho (Bae soo bin) but in Shining inheritance I love him alot…i cried alot for his character he’s very lovable in shining inheritance but in 49 days he’s truly an evil guy hahhah but still he’s an excellent actor still love him tho:)

  459. 459 : Bubi Says:

    Smack-dab what I was looknig for—ty!

  460. 460 : devi Says:

    I really likes the story, the cast, the song, and Bae so bin is a great actor, I see him a lot in many drama before.

  461. 461 : Mysteryitself Says:

    Great story but very tragic i thought after she woke up everything will be ok,,, haist! Sooo sad, I love the twist, it made me think of people who really are the people loves me

  462. 462 : DORR!!! Says:


  463. 463 : joy Says:

    i really like this drama so……………much……….. especially the scheduler i want him to be my boyfriend…jung ill woo…haha..

  464. 464 : sukkie2503 Says:

    cant explain what i really felt after watching this drama.somehow im thinking who really loves me purely.This drama is so touching.a drama that so tragic yet i find it so interesting.a must watch movie.i cried because i never imagined such kind of love really exist..i love ji hyun and yi kyung…so touching!!!

  465. 465 : Sony Says:

    Sad story… worth to watch!

  466. 466 : trix Says:

    i just finished watching it last night. it was a good story indeed, it has lots of twists and it also made me cry… its makes me realize what life is all about. i was so excited to see the final episode, but it just made me sad, it was a sad ending for han kang ang ji hyun but atleast song was reunited with her family..

  467. 467 : naz Says:

    I super like this drama…unique storyline..love love it..

  468. 468 : felymae Says:

    i really love the story… its very unique and is very touching…. i love it so much… especially the cast.. it’s just so wonderful!

  469. 469 : wdr Says:

    i love this drama! love the story! but i think it’s not a happy ending but.. sad ending.

  470. 470 : benchtoronto Says:

    i just bougth the dvd and started watching now (episode5)
    but with all your beautiful comments, i want to jump right away to episode 15-20…but NO i will watch every episode until end…korean dramas are great to watch since i’ve watched full house 1, now i am very addicted and i hate myself, because when i start to watch it i could not do anything, i just love to watch, i am not korean ( I AM FILIPINO) but i enjoy watching korean movies/drama.

  471. 471 : nafa Says:

    I’m agree with benchtoronto.
    Usualy, if I watch K-Drama, I will jump to the last episode. but no with this drama. I realy enjoy watch every episodes.

  472. 472 : Roket Says:


  473. 473 : yullieannE Says:

    likeeeeee,,,,, this drama so much!!!

    jung IL woo,,, lup yuuuuuu????

  474. 474 : mona Says:

    this drama’s totally awesome….

    i like secret garden too but this drama is meaningful… and it’s still lingering on my mind until now……. 🙂 i almost choose 49 days the best drama in 2011, but the year haven’t end yet 🙂 maybe there will be a better drama than 49 days, we’ll see………..

  475. 475 : KpOp Addicted Says:

    I Watch This Drama more Than 3 Time..Its really sad make me owez cry..Its so Meaningly and I Know Its Hard for her To Let Go The Scheduler Her Bf Song Yi So…I Cry and Cry….And Then The Girl That she Owez enter the Body is Her Sister..Lost lonG Time A go…I LUv Jong II woo Song Scarecrow Ang also Tears Falling BY Shin Jea……Its really touched mY Feeling And Luv it really so Much….

  476. 476 : nafa Says:

    WOW the best K-drama i ever watch in 2011.
    it’s so diferent story from the other romantic k-dramas.
    I Like this drama very much.
    it’s so meaning full.
    if U’R k-drama’s lover,

  477. 477 : kDRAMAlovers Says:

    I can’t express more details from in the beginning .I’m watching it with of this feelings as verry happy,sad,venom,feel like to slap HER/HIS face immediatly and beside this,In my opinion,this DRAMA was a created most feeling at the time of actions .HEHEH i’ll watch it again for future .I LOVE THIS DRAMA aka Pure love or 49 days

  478. 478 : Ella407 Says:

    every episode I always cry to see part of this drama ..
    moreover, when the Scheduler to get what he wants as long as this, is to give an explanation to the song yi so ..

    it’s the part that makes me cry like crazy … as if – I will participate in this drama …

    I remember every scene of this drama, definitely I started to cry ..

    This drama really touched my heart, and makes me know that true love does exist ..

    must watch this drama …

  479. 479 : rainemei Says:

    i love this drama!

  480. 480 : JDG Says:


    It shows second chances and teaches us how we should strive for a well-live life.
    The twist is really mind boggling. and this drama reality of fate.
    On a ligther side, I CRY, LOVE, LAUGH, HATE AND FORGIVE in this dram very good. :))

  481. 481 : Neil S. Says:

    49 Days would be my 2nd best Korean Drama i’ve seen this year after Secret Garden. It has a unique story. I also appreciate the character of Han Kang specially about his affection for Ji Hyun and his efforts to help Ji Hyun during those 49 Days. Hope SBS would still make dramas like this but with a better ending.

  482. 482 : Neil S. Says:

    Guys I’ve just observed the ff:
    SBS is good in producing such good fantasy dramas like 49 Days, Secret Garden & My girlfriend is a gumiho..
    While MBC is good in producing Period dramas like Jumong, Dong Yi & Queen Seon Deok..
    While KBS is good in producing action dramas like IRIS..

    But for me SBS is the best..
    thus, that’s only my own opinion..

  483. 483 : mona Says:

    49 days or secret garden?????

    it’s a difficult choice but i prefer 49 days 🙂 don’t know why……………

  484. 484 : mona Says:

    list of my fave drama 2011 so far……….

    49days, secret garden, the greatest love.

    the scent of a woman maybe will be in my list too 🙂

  485. 485 : jae Says:

    i already watch SEGA but when i already heard about 49 DAYS a.k.a Pure love here in the philippines .they say 49days is the best …i love also the character of scheduler Song Yi Soo he’s nice good quality of drama 🙂

  486. 486 : Caroline Says:

    I also love Secret Garden but when I knew about 49 days (titled Pure Love in the Philippines) I got interested after watching the first few scenes alone. I began to love Korean films and tv series since 2006 and I believe that Koreans are the best in the world when it comes to producing quality films & tv series. While Japan is good in making anime characters and horror films. US is good in making high-tech film effects.

  487. 487 : jharie Says:

    i have just finished watching the whole 20 episodes…and i really love it…i fall inlove with the scheduler..:-)

  488. 488 : fadli Says:

    one of my fave drama forever ….

  489. 489 : genalyn Says:

    i love PURE LOVE here in the Philippines(49 days)!!!!
    scheduler is cute and Shin Ji Hyun too,she’s like a doll…
    i love the story!it’s interesting!=))

  490. 490 : Leydra Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae is cool person, i really love him,, but why in the ending Han kang & Yi kyung just two person in business relation?,,i just hope the ending show Han Kang & Yi kyung in love together where Yi kyung can changing place Ji hyun as person who han kang love (if there is 49 days second chapter maybe can continue by SBS 🙂 ).

    49 days is best drama with best actor & actress (especially Hyun Jae & Yo Won).

    Many hope if SBS can make 49 days – 2nd chapter.. 😉

  491. 491 : western Says:

    love this drama. just finished watch it. i hope hang kang will married with Song Yi Kyung..

    Greattt…worth it to watch..

  492. 492 : western Says:

    This drama is one of the better K-drama

  493. 493 : tentakel Says:

    @neil s.
    i do agree with you. me too prefer sbs’s dramas cz until now, 10 top lists of my favorite k-drama all the time has 6 sbs’s drama and each 2 for mbc’s and kbs’s.
    but you must add another category : sbs is good too in producing many romantic-comedy dramas just like my girl, my girlfriend is gumiho, and you’re beautiful

  494. 494 : Jensfurt Says:

    49 days is the best……………every episode is interesting and full of trail stories……….. i can’t wait to know who is meant for ji hyun and yi kyung…………hope the ending is nice and worth for the story………..

  495. 495 : nurimust Says:

    49 days is the best! Cry flows and my heart ache much Such an interesting story. Magnificent! Superb!excellent so love jung il woo!

  496. 496 : fadli Says:

    i ilke the osts song of this drama….every time i hear the songs i feel so sad…
    The best korean drama…..

    Song yi kyung ( lee yo won) really great actriss……i also like her acting in fashion 70’s….

    one of my fave drama….baker king and 49 days the best foreverrrrrrrrr…..

  497. 497 : yumi Says:


  498. 498 : fadli Says:

    @ yumi

    Yessss i agree with you……….the story line was great…

  499. 499 : deeAn Says:

    inspiring drama.. so touching drama

  500. 500 : Line Says:

    Votes lee yo won at facebook korea.com

  501. 501 : gerbzz Says:

    i love it’ it is the best novels that I’ve ever seen. . .^_^

  502. 502 : shasha Says:

    i like this drama so much. the story is not bored. i like all the cast (especially the scheduller). very recommended to watch!

  503. 503 : sen Says:

    i love this korean drama!! it makes me feel sad but still happy!..the story is great and also the actors and actresses especially jung il woo..i love his style:)

  504. 504 : hanna Says:

    I love SCHEDULLER!!

  505. 505 : jentab Says:

    ths drama will make u realize h0w preci0us life is. Live ur fullestü
    Great story! Really niceü
    Love han kang and scheduler!ü

  506. 506 : mitch Says:

    …a very nice and touching story.. all the actors were good, job well done!
    ..i truly recommend this kdrama coz it really touches my heart, you could reflect on the things that happened to you or will happen in the future.. love it!

  507. 507 : Ingrid Says:

    I fell in love in this movie 45 days. All the characters especially Lee Yo Won such an amazing actress portraying a double character or split personality. I won;t forget her also whom i have seen her movie with Kwon Sang Woo in Bad Love. Also a Great Movie too.

    Now that i’ve known and admire Jo Hyun Jae and Jung Il woo.. And of course the rest of the characters in this Korean drama. Thank you so much for your Hard work and effort… More movies to come Good Luck to all

  508. 508 : cathy Says:

    this is really nice drama !!
    the best for me in 2011 (with can u hear my heart)
    nice story, good cast especially scheduller (Jung il woo)
    i watched this drama for many times just because i wanna see scheduler cute face and his act !!
    you make this drama more interesting il woo !!

  509. 509 : Cattus Mulier Says:

    I love yi kyung and scheduler yi soo!!!!SEASON 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^_~

  510. 510 : Lalin Says:

    Super Duper Nice..the best korean drama I saw this year..,love the trill and the cast especially the love story of the scheduler,…,A nice ending..,

  511. 511 : vyvy Says:

    REALLY GOOD drama, teach us many things about life and friendship .. jung il woo did a great job here to portray the scheduler, love his character 😀
    very-recommended! 🙂

  512. 512 : diah Says:

    scheduller is so HOT!

  513. 513 : diah Says:

    scheduller is so HOT! XD

  514. 514 : ariel Says:


  515. 515 : Irecah Says:

    Never in my life happened that I cry for just a television drama. But I can help this one, I’m so proud for the writer and the director of this korean dama…very intelligent all I can say is WOW! amazing! This drama made me realize that life is really so short…so live! live and be happy….

  516. 516 : coralou Says:

    I can see that the Queen (Lee Yo Won a.k.a. Queen Seon Deok) is back. And it’s nice to see her again via this Korean drama 49 days. I like the story, but as of this writing the drama is still on air and I’m still watching it. So I’m crossing my hands that this drama will end on a happy note.:)

  517. 517 : Mign Says:

    This korean drama series is so nice… we can really say that life is so precious. There are those who wanted to end their lives but those who died wanted to live again. We should always be careful in everything we do because with our mistakes, somebody might suffer for it. Lastly, we should live each day as if it is our last and treasure them.

  518. 518 : Kia26 Says:

    The best!!! My favorite.. Episode 19 made me cry a river!!!! Watch this guys 🙂

  519. 519 : Karen POntillas Says:

    love this drama so much. we should live life to the fullest♥

  520. 520 : Karen POntillas Says:

    junh iL woo was so hot in this drama. I really like him.

  521. 521 : Shyane Says:

    Though it has sad ending, but it was great ending.. Two thumbs up for 49days! You make my eyes look like real panda..

  522. 522 : @kenummaa Says:

    this is the best drama in 2011 i thought. wanna watch it again.
    love the story, love all cast and the ending.

  523. 523 : S0me Dude Says:

    Not your typical Korean drama. Plot was unique and the story, touching. An excellent makeover on what is an old fashioned Asian belief about reincarnation and the afterlife.

    One of the best K dramas of all time! Top 3 in my books!

  524. 524 : fila Says:

    asian culture is really alive believing that soul still roam around if a person dies but is not yet the correct time.

  525. 525 : jules Says:

    so much love and tears with this drama, its really one of a kind. It does not only involve with typical love story, but it’s also deals with loving your life, families and friend.A great drama,great story,great cast, I cannot forget this drama, it really leaves mark in my heart. congrats to the cast,director and sbs..more power!!!

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    a very nice story and full of love. it inspires me so much! ♥

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    love thiz drama…… lee yo won i like your acting, waiting your next drama

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    also he sings the 49days soundtrack… and it’s such a beautiful song

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    Luv this drama!!! Season 2 please…

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    this should win some award…the best drama so far…

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    Cried 3 drops of tear with this one. Disappointed with the ending but man, oh man, it’s still one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched!

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    I really…really love this drama,,,The BEST K-drama I’ve ever watched!!! Love all the main characters! Keep up!

  533. 533 : fadli Says:

    One of my fave Korean Drama After Baker King/King of baking.

    Nice story line and i never feel bored when i watched this drama. not like SECRET GARDEN and SUNGKYUNG SCANDAL the middle was boring…

    i like the osts.

    i hope there will be part 2.

    Han kang and Song Yi kyung will become couple.

  534. 534 : sephi27 Says:

    i just finished watching 49days….. i soooo loved the story…

    the twist of the story in the end was so emotional…. two thumbs up…..

  535. 535 : deamon13 Says:

    i loved it!

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    the most tear-jerking korean drama i have ever watched! i was also really affected by the story. i strongly recommend you to watch this drama! it’s really worth it… ^^

  537. 537 : Carla Says:

    pinagpupuyatan ko ‘to.. i love it!!
    i love Jo Hyun Jae..
    –“If you can’t Forget it,
    then let it be remembered”
    =) the best ever!!!

  538. 538 : Yanz Says:

    I really love this drama.. Unique, romantic and what a mind blowing story line..
    I was shocked when the Scheduler appeared again after Shin Ji Hyun woke up, and I was also disappointed when Ji Hyun decided to keep it up to herself about her feelings to Han Kang.. *sigh*

    Somehow I thought, it’s not fair.. The truth shall set you free… but when I thought about it again and again.. The ending was very wise.. by not letting Han Kang knows about her (Ji Hyun) feelings was the wise realistic decision ever..
    At first I find it hard to believe/accept.. but I finally realized that life must go on..

    Our response to the ending will determine the size of our heart and how well we can accept the reality..

  539. 539 : Nam Says:

    OMG!!! I can’t control my tears!
    WTH? She successfully got the 3 tears then just die after 6 days?

  540. 540 : Jaja Says:

    Great Story! Best I’ve seen so far.
    Great actors and actresses!
    Jo Hyun Jae oppa saranghaeyo! 🙂

  541. 541 : Jamie Says:

    Anyone interested in buying a teardrop necklace.
    Better get your reservations by now before it will get sold out AGAIN.
    Next batch will come out this September.
    For more info, go to this site https://www.facebook.com/kawaiijuu
    For those who live in the PHILIPPINES only.
    THanks. I love this koreanovela. 🙂

  542. 542 : snow Says:

    this is one of best korean drama that I have seen (romance) and I have watched probably 20-30 dramas. simple story line but very original plot and presentation. great acting by both actresses and scheduler. each character is clear and actions are logical . tears flows especially in last two episodes. and the plot twists so unexpectedly . i pitied the audience where they have to wait a week for the next episode.

  543. 543 : Audie Says:

    I love you Lee Yo Won a.k.a. Song Yi Kyung! I love you Yi Kyung! Can you suggest another good drama series? Thanks!

  544. 544 : Aralin sa Filipino Says:

    I really love this korean drama. It’s on air in Philippines now. Is there a way for me to watch this in advance? Thanks.

  545. 545 : cathy Says:


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    This is a great drama novela, but i wish to have it much happier ending. 🙂

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    i really love this drama. the best drama i’ve ever seen!

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    This is the best fantasy korean drama I never watch before, fantastic, unique, love all the casting player here, handsome and pretty, I won’t miss every scene here, tears, moral of life are delivered here.must learn from this. good luck

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    i love this drama. romantic, sad, unpredictable ending and the story isn’t boring. highly recomended!

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    i highly recommend this drama everything is here you will laugh, cry and fell in love, the actors are great they did their part so well…watch and you wont regret it…

  551. 551 : sweet Says:

    you can watch this drama in dramacrazy.com or in dramafever.com

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    I really really love this Korean Drama! It made me cry so hard. It’s a unique story with unique characters. Also, the artists of this drama is perfect for each of the characters. I really love the chemistry of Song Yi soo (Scheduler) and Song Yi Kyung. Scheduler is so freakin’ awesome! I super duper love it! 49 Days? It’s the best! \m/

  553. 553 : Nam Gyuri profile | شادفا Says:

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    very high std drama; all roles perfectly played; very comparable to film drama; lee yo won was wonderful in the drama

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    I’m a big fan of this drama 49days. Luv the characters soooo much. Everybody portrayed it well. Hoping that there’s a part 2. Congratulations to all the casts. Job well done!

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    i like it all the character

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    fiction but make sense to reality. 2thumbs up for d’script writer, great job!! this drama had different plot (not like “LIKE TO ME” or “SECRET GARDEN”) even it’s dissapoint ending.
    lee yo won acting still shed me tears ( like you did in Queen Seoun Duk ) bravo ajjumma….
    this drama recommend for koreanovela lovers

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    best kdrama in 2011 ^^

  561. 561 : yeng Says:

    i so love this Korean Drama Series. They’re all great actors and actresses in their own rights….

  562. 562 : Ananda Says:

    Very good korean drama, make me cry a lot…. :'(

    but its damn good 🙂

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    im so in love with this drama even though it made my cry lots of times..The story is so rare. I just have few problems with the ending,but it’s still believable.

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    I love it… Very romantic movie….

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    scheduler is very handsome….
    i love it..

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    Greatest K-drama i’ve ever seen!! loves the story, the caracters, the setting, the values, etc. i cried a lot, especially at the 2 last episodes… luv Nam Gyu Ri.. she’s act as pretty and lonely ghost touched my heart.. oh god, my tears are falls again while write this comment… luuuv this drama!!

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    i love it and its good enough to watch

  570. 570 : princess Says:

    this is a sad ending drama…..very touchingg huhuhuhuu i like this drama…very recomended, very sweet very sad….although the actors not very handsome, but they’re all cute…especially oppa song yi soo, the scheduler…hahahhaa

  571. 571 : nana8ton Says:

    omg amazing storyline i can smell the other great drama before my hyun bin oppa left to military the walking side by side scene remind me of that alot.another great piece of work from korea worth to see from ep 1 till the final ep 20.heartbreaking to see how tortured souls when losing someone you love.make me have second thought bout spirit world.congrats to casts and production team. chua woooooo muah hope to see more

  572. 572 : K.T.Naing Says:

    Very beautiful 49 days 🙂

  573. 573 : xhub Says:

    love this koreanovela ..love u scheduler.ur sooo cute

  574. 574 : Mommy Says:

    Very touchy story… cannot stop crying… hiks…

  575. 575 : Grumpy Says:

    I liked this show. Didn’t at first but it grew on me. I’ve never seen so much crying though and I wasn’t expecting the twist which is always nice. I’d like to know what the two programs they were advertising at towards the end of 49’s run are though.

  576. 576 : vhikyunnie Says:

    unexpected ending!!!
    i think that song yi kyung will be together with yi soo…
    also ji hyun with han kang..

    hohohoh,,, its very touching.. have a lot of moral value…
    i cant stop dropping my tears… :((

    really like (nomu chua) korean drama….

  577. 577 : Annie Says:

    love… love… this drama. Different from the usual plot…

  578. 578 : k-dramas Says:

    love this drama!!! i miss scheduler.. hehehe

  579. 579 : ronolo Says:

    it’s currently airing in philippine television

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    Jung il woo i like this drama a lot. I love the act of jung il woo schedule and jo hyun jae. Love it……..

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    very good drama from the start to the end …. gosh … i think i will remember this drama for a very very long time

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    han kang’s love is very very true ..

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    oh my god…!
    this is the last 4 days that i’m gonna watch this..
    even if still not the finale “my tears…are starting to burst…”

  584. 584 : VIVI Says:


  585. 585 : Nicole Says:

    i ♥ this drama. THE BEST! c:

  586. 586 : CJ Says:

    One of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. I love Jo Hyun Jae! 🙂

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    One of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. I love Jo Hyun Jae

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    han kang’s love is very very true ..

  591. 591 : Dimple1220, Nepal Says:

    Loved this drama…but ending is so sad….

  592. 592 : hanna Says:

    Loved this drama…but ending is so sad….

    oh my god…!
    this is the last 4 days that i’m gonna watch this..
    even if still not the finale “my tears…are starting to burst…”

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    amazing…..wonderful…..fantastic drama……
    i like this drama…..
    so touching….

  594. 594 : fans Says:

    I like smile is song yi kyung caracter
    Is so cute^_^

  595. 595 : lonely guy Says:

    it so sad because she died in the ending i felt empty inside!!! =(

  596. 596 : careen Says:

    i really like lee yo won/song yi kyung because she’s a great actress.. imagine she had 3 roles in the drama….
    1. song yi kyung
    2. shin ji hyun
    3. scheduler (although i think it’s for only 5 minutes in episode 12 or 13?)

  597. 597 : MNM Says:

    really like lee yo won/song yi kyung because she’s a great actress.. imagine she had 3 roles in the drama….
    1. song yi kyung
    2. shin ji hyun
    3. scheduler (although i think it’s for only 5 minutes in episode 12 or 13?)

  598. 598 : love Says:


  599. 599 : JOLIA Says:

    November 1st, 2011 at 10:39 pm
    oh my god..uber…is all i can say..
    uber i didn’t carry the gravity of your movie…
    shocks! expect the unexpected part..
    my favorite part and most unforgettable…is when
    shin ji hyun died ..i can’t stop crying..as in super burst..!
    and after dat part i ran to the bathroom and still crying..
    and everytime I remember this ,tears falling from me..

  600. 600 : JOLIA Says:

    oh my god..uber…is all i can say..
    uber i didn’t carry the gravity of your movie…
    shocks! expect the unexpected part..
    my favorite part and most unforgettable…is when
    shin ji hyun died ..i can’t stop crying..as in super burst..!
    and after dat part i ran to the bathroom and still crying..
    and everytime I remember this ,tears falling from me..

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    Loved this drama…but ending is so sad….

    oh my god…!
    this is the last 4 days that i’m gonna watch this..

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    49 days ilove yiy that dran=ma is nomber

  603. 603 : KIOTA Says:


  604. 604 : hanna Says:

    Loved this drama…but ending is so sad….

    oh my god…!
    this is the last 4 days that i’m gonna watch this..

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    i reallly loved this drama …LYW is one of the bests…

  606. 606 : KYBE Says:

    i reallly loved this drama …LYW is one of the bests…

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    i like 49 days very much.. this story is very ok.. thank’s to So Hyun Kyung..

  608. 608 : KH4LI5H Says:

    so……….. amazing drama……i love it….. Lee Yo Won i wait your new drama ^_^

  609. 609 : ratna Says:

    well, what can i say, im speechless.. :’)

  610. 610 : RISKANA Says:

    UUCHHH FILMNYA aku tunggu Bgt niie ,,,,,

  611. 611 : ratna Says:

    HAHA.. i fall in love with the evil man, Kang Min Hoo oppa.. HAHHAHA.. LOLL..

  612. 612 : Ligsavei Says:

    This is the best drama of all world, i cry so much. I feel like i am in love a korean mens, they are very caring of her womens , nice, reasonable. I AM SO sad becouse this drama ending is so sad and at the same time happy, i like this drama wery much. And my birthday is at the same as Shin Ji Hyun. 🙂

  613. 613 : Mj-Kyuu Says:

    I’ve had soo much tears for this drama.~! TT_TT
    Song Yi Soo and Song Yi Kyung story is the best I’ve seen so far in korean drama. So sweet and so sad T.T

  614. 614 : mime Says:

    This is the best drama of all world, i cry so much. I feel like i am in love a korean mens, they are very caring of her womens , nice, reasonable. I AM SO sad becouse this drama ending is so sad and at the same time happy, i like this drama wery much. And my birthday is at the same as Shin Ji Hyun.

  615. 615 : sanju Says:


  616. 616 : cuteNuna Says:

    i hate this drama coz make me cry a lot..
    i love 49 days coz has great cast bae so bin, lee yo won, jung il woo, nam gyu ri, soe ji hye and jo hyun jae.
    i hate this drama coz of the sad ending.
    i love 49 days coz all the girls in this drama looks chic especialy soe ji hye’s character, modern chic secretary.
    i love..love..looove 49 days coz my new crush in kdramaland, JO HYUN JAE! omo, he looks so goodlooking…!!

  617. 617 : Tiarda Says:

    Amazing !!!


  618. 618 : saung noom Says:

    I <3 this drama
    <3 Shin Ji Hyun , so sad for her
    She look like Angle
    <3 <3 <3

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  621. 621 : aenulmukaromah Says:

    for sure…this drama is amazing….le yoo won’s acting is great…she act two role as yi kyung n ji hyun… 2 person who has opposite personality

  622. 622 : Desy Says:

    a very good drama… but the ending so so so sad….
    why ji hyun cant be together with han kang???

  623. 623 : aenulmukaromah Says:

    even without telling yi kyung past life..we still knw how miserable her past life…….. from 1st episode until last episode i was crying…hiks…hiks
    although this drama telling much about ji hyun life..but i more interested with yi kyung love story…..i cnt stop my tear……..hiks…hiks
    i will wait for lee yoo won’s new drama

  624. 624 : aenulmukaromah Says:

    lee yoo won’s act explained how miserable her past life..even without telling her past

  625. 625 : fati Says:

    amazing drama , i was shucked in the ending i couldn’t stop king but it was very good drama ,keep going thank you&love you………..

  626. 626 : luluannisa Says:

    omg!! love this drama so much much much.. so sad… ;'(

  627. 627 : fitri ayu kusuma wijayanti Says:

    i like 49 days korean drama

  628. 628 : DeeAn Says:

    i like this drama

  629. 629 : nana Says:

    49 days is the best korean drama since 8 years i started watch kdramas..
    awesome and daebak !!

  630. 630 : fati Says:

    please vote for 49 days, it’s the best……..

  631. 631 : Tiarda Says:

    Love story yi kyung very sadness
    Sangat tragis /y\

  632. 632 : fati Says:

    vote to make 49 Days The Best Korean Drama of 2011

  633. 633 : chR15 Says:

    this drama is good..but to get my vote was absolutely not!!
    For best Korean Drama 2011 .,no doubt i 100% vote for The Princess Man..nice story line.,superb acting.,heart suspended.,incredible Ost.,tears jerking.,Best Ending.,powerful rating.,the most outstanding!!
    vote for Best Korean Drama 2011 should goes to:-

    1) The Princess Man/ Secret Garden
    2) Dream High/ 49 Days
    3) My Princess/ City Hunter/ Can you Hear My Heart

  634. 634 : fati Says:

    it’s not the best i know that
    secret garden is the best ,i can’t forget the acting of huyn bi & ha ji woon but i just want that 49 Days be first

  635. 635 : Heartstringsfan=D Says:

    49 Days is the saddest and one of the best dramas I’ve watched.I’ve never watched such a drama that mad me cry so much=D

  636. 636 : 49ners:) Says:

    i reaLLy reaLLy Love this drama 🙂
    it makes me cry so much T.T
    Jung IL woo ;)))))
    Lee Yo Won is my Favorite Korean Actress Ever:) since i saw her at Fashion 70`s :))))

  637. 637 : Philip Says:

    best kdrama ever!!(:

  638. 638 : sucker Says:

    OMG this drama is so nice! i thought the ending is they all get back together but then so sad! but i would vote for you’ve fallen for me and secret garden . 🙂

  639. 639 : riya Says:

    49 days is a interesting drama which deserves the title of the best korean drama of the year. please vote for 49 days.

  640. 640 : niya Says:

    yi soo and yi kyung this true love story, i really hope they happiy ending…
    they is the best couple forever, hik hik….. ok please vote for 49 days…

  641. 641 : sanju Says:

    this is my best drama i have ever seen

  642. 642 : Scar.Miracle Says:

    nice movie me best number one drama

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    Best drama,,

  644. 644 : mirna Says:

    i love jung il woo 😀

  645. 645 : lovely Says:

    i love korean…hope i can go there….

  646. 646 : tya Says:

    i loveee this drama:)) best couple forever….
    making sekuel 49 days………..

  647. 647 : ankura Says:

    t1 malnuudaa gardgv ym tawichaad yg n haruulah gd bgaaaaaaaaaan

  648. 648 : kim syafa Says:

    wah this love story is so sad :'(

    I can’t believe, even die yi soo still want to meet yi kyung, for the last time, it’s so sad,,,,,,,,,

  649. 649 : :p Says:

    It’s the best interesting drama I’ve ever seen!!!! And the most horror film :p

  650. 650 : :p Says:

    Ankura malaa chinii naad yambii ymaar ugaasaa yu gardiin. Udaj kabeltai biz dee tvgeeree uzeech

  651. 651 : Seifour Says:

    damn….never cried this much when i watched other dramas

  652. 652 : lolipop Says:

    i hope ms. lee yo won will be a winner as the best actress in any award ceremonies cz her role in 49 days.
    damn.. she’s so perfect and talented.
    trully great acting from the great queen seonduk. haha

  653. 653 : MiliD Says:

    I started watching 49 days about 7 days ago. I so loved each episode and the actors are all great and it’s the best story ever. I’m an american and the only movie that touched me so much relating to sole transition starred Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg. I can’t stress enough how great this story is and how much I enjoyed it. I never seen so much crying in a tv show and I’ve never cryed so much watching one. All the best!

  654. 654 : Ian Says:

    Best Korean drama I ever watched! So touching and great story! Well done!

  655. 655 : hani Says:

    OMG I LOVE BUT I HATE IT ALSO. WHY THE ENDING IS SO SAD BUT GREAT? i thought that maybe yi kyung will die and be forever with scheduler. but i love this drama so bad 😉

  656. 656 : hana'-' Says:

    it’s very nice i like this move

  657. 657 : Baby Says:

    the last 7 episode I watched it with cry 🙁 it was so sad !
    but i think this drama gave us many lessons about life. I do love this drama so much 🙂
    *hope there will be someone as kind as Han Kang aww :’)

  658. 658 : (^_~) penis _perempuan maniz Says:

    이런 정도로 정말 좋은 영화는 놓치고 싶지 않다 🙂 😀

  659. 659 : bucopie Says:

    I was thinking of voting 49 days as the best korean drama of 2011..but voted for Scent of a woman instead. only if the voting would allow both 🙂 49 days is a fantasy and the melancholic mood was really set throughout the drama. I too have never cried that much for a tv drama 😀 but yes, there is so much to be learned from the story. Scent of a woman was almost the same but it was a very hopeful and positive til the very end ..of course, it also helped that Kim Sun Ah is my favorite korean actress hehehe. 🙂

  660. 660 : dhya Says:

    I love this drama so much, it’s very nice movie… don’t miss it… 🙂

  661. 661 : comment Says:

    this one is starting to air in my country. there is one thing about Nam Gyu Ri that catches my attention first time i watch her – the black of her eyes, is that really her natural eyes? – because the black (pupil) of her eyes are so black and “big” or wide – usually in movies, e.g. sci-fi or horror, aliens or supernatural beings are portrayed as having all black eyes (no white), that’s why i wonder whether that’s her real eyes or being “worked on” since she is a spirit in this series. another thing, Ji Hyun is described as naive, gullible though an optimist. seems like being an optimist, implicitly, also means being a naive & gullible? isnt that a bit far fetched? also i think i often see, in korean series, a character described as having such naivete which i think in todays world, well… however, usually the “story” stems from or built on that kind of naivete which means that if the naivete is taken away there will be no story to tell..hehe. but really, i do think this naivete card has been played a bit too often – “out of this world” kind of thing.
    bae soo bin, one of the actors i like, played a mean char here, i think he did good since i dont like wacthing him anymore, being a cruel char 🙂
    i saw lee yo won in Queen Seon Duk, how come she looks ‘chubby’ here, she looks ‘dainty’ in Q Seon Duk?
    oh, another thing, apparently the angel of death/scheduler has his own hair stylist ! :)) that hair ! you cant just wake up and have that kind of hair ! haha. then, in korean series, there is always a char with unrequited love, a secret admirer who is so impossibly kind, generous – being so heroic etc..and make your heart fall and wish(ful thinking) someone like that exist in real life 🙂

  662. 662 : stefani Says:

    I like drama korea”49days”
    Han Kang… I love you
    and Song Yi Soo… You handsome & perfect…^_^
    I Love Korea… Hangul(한국.)…

  663. 663 : puji Says:

    i like 49 days becouse good

  664. 664 : triia Says:

    amazing i love it 😀

  665. 665 : Imel Says:

    It’s a great drama! I wonder how long did the writer think about the story…it’soooo complicated n unpredictable. Damn…it made my eyes swollen on the last episode.
    What I hate about it is the ending… How come Ji Hyun died??? It’s so unfair!!! But i’m glad that Yi Kyung not ended with Han Kang, cause it will be so weird and Could made me hate this drama instead. I wish that Ji Hyun n Han Kang could be together n live happily ever after, after what they’ve been through…how sad *sob

  666. 666 : Mirya Andrea Hq Says:

    This is the best drama of 2011 for me … really this story is really touching.. the actor are amazin.. I hope. le yo won wins best actress.. when she acted like ji hyun I realy believe it”!! so perfect!!

  667. 667 : lieru kasuga Says:

    I love Korean drama 49 days! moreover yi so handsome! 😛 hehe

  668. 668 : k-drama lovers Says:

    this drama is so sweet….!!!!!!!!!!

  669. 669 : Norhanan Says:

    The best drama,Lee yo won is the one of my favorate korean actress :)49 days,pure love here in philippines.. I cry a lot when Scheduller fift Song Yin on the ep.19.i love song couple.

  670. 670 : eka abinaya Says:

    i love this 49 day… the best drama

  671. 671 : bow aung Says:

    one of my fov….^_^ LOVE IT!

  672. 672 : ennaira s. won Says:

    i want part 2 of 49 days

    i love song couple!!

    my fv. character is lyw,ngr,bsb.jlw,sjy,and jhj

  673. 673 : tjen_sari Says:

    showing now in Indonesia…. in Indosiar…. love this drama… it’s a sad ending…. really like all the cast… you are so good. 🙂

  674. 674 : saranya Says:

    how can i download this…..

  675. 675 : ded4 Says:

    I Love 49 days…

  676. 676 : eliz tjung chiu Says:

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    no matter what. i love this drama…. cried all the episode…~~~

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    <3 <3 <3

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    aaaaaaaJung Il Wo………..


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    joo il woo ga ada yang gantiin tampannya..
    seharusnya mereka ga terpisahkan..
    tapi ga apa”..
    yi soo dsn yi khyun cinta kalian abadi..
    luv u full 49 days

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    pemainn nx okey okey semua….

    knpwa sihh zhen xian bisahh matii padhall zhen xian sudah susah payah dapat 3 tes tes air mata yang akhirnx dia mati kembali….

    tapi itu ngakk pa”,,,,
    sudah jalan ceritanx….

    gue salut flemnx bizahh buat orang menangiss…..
    49 dasy memeank luuaarr bbiaassaa…..

    suksesss yahh 49 dasyy….

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    Coz in indonesia now airing :p

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    So cute and handsome.

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    every day I wait for the movie is online
    his films funny, just sad exclamation
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    can’t stop my tears when song couple met T___T
    reminds me with my boys that already in heaven T____T

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    실제로 아주 재미있는 이야기 …

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    There are 2 not 49 days?
    I love you 49 days.

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    I like the same players players
    filnya exciting but also sad and sometimes I cry liatnya.hehhe

  723. 723 : sonzi Says:

    mohon bantuannya,
    ada yang tahu bhs korea (hangeul+romaji) nya kata2 ini:

    1. Bertahanlah demi aku, dengan demikian, di kehidupan mendatang, aku bisa mendapatkan kebahagiaan;
    2. Ketika kau ingin menangis, ketika keadaan jadi sulit, seperti sekarang, ingatlah hari-hari yang paling membahagiakan bagimu. Kumpulkan keberanianmu dan hiduplah.

    terima kasih! >..<

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  742. 742 : kazakh girl Says:

    I do not love it…. korean actors are all crazy,and actresses like babies, so stupid! this is just my opinion…hehe=^_^=

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    tanggal 20-01 duaribuduabelas
    episode terakhir,dmna terakhir kali.a jugak aku nonton 49days di tv ..
    film yg selalu membuat penasaran ..
    tapi darisitulah aku tau ..
    waktu,hari sangad penting ..
    karna terkadang aku lupa,
    lupa dgn hari kapn dan jam berapa aku bakal terpanggil dan tdk kembali lagi ke dunia ini 🙂 akusukafilmnya :* :* :*

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    Finally, I can finish it to watch this drama. First time I fallen in love because the recap that I read in dramabeans but when I read the last episode I didn’t want to watch it because for me the last episode story, that Yi kyung & Ji hyun are sisters, made me mad. Did their parents never try to find their first daughter??????? Last year,I tried to watch the first episode again and I fall in love again with this drama. This is one of the best drama but I still hate the story that Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun are sisters. However, I forgive it because of the beautiful story from the first until the last episode, except the story that both of them are related.

  759. 759 : dhana Says:

    ending so amazing….

    i verry like…


  760. 760 : Sung ha woo toe shenline Says:

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    -Seru bin keren-

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    full of tears,, emotional,, curios,, and many more feel..
    i love so much… <3<3<3
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    and the soundtrack is very nice…

    anyone know who's song…??

  762. 762 : winha iimoetdz Says:

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  763. 763 : Afnie Kudo Says:

    Hwaaa… The story had been finish . :'(
    hiks. . I cant watch them anymore.
    I wish SBS will make 49 Days season 2. XD
    or making love story about Lee Yo Won & Jo Hyun Jae xD
    I really hope it.

  764. 764 : zandyzain Says:

    So Dramatic, So Romantic, and So Suprizing!

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  771. 771 : vera Says:

    ada yg tau gak judul lagu/OST waktu ji hyun merayakan ultah pernikahan orangtuanya di RS (lupa eps. brapa, tp eps. terakhir2), susah nyarinya, ak mo download tuh lagu, trims yg bisa kasi info

  772. 772 : Afnie Kudo Says:

    lightless window – Nam Gyu Ri ^^

  773. 773 : feje Says:

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    sgt mngharukan

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  775. 775 : Precious mantala Says:

    I realy realy like it…….
    It so refresing to watch
    in the end of the story i cry ……

  776. 776 : radita Says:

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  777. 777 : Nui Tammy Says:

    ^^♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
    ๑۩۞۩๑ I love you ๑۩۞۩๑
    。◕‿◕。 生ㄖ快樂 。◕‿◕。
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

  778. 778 : Nui Tammy Says:


  779. 779 : Dewi yuliantika Says:

    49 sesuatu banget…
    pegen di puter lagi..
    lw bisa mah ada part 2 ya..

  780. 780 : Chimichim Says:

    I like her neckalse i wish i had one from all this drama onlly this thing made me thing alot

  781. 781 : I really love the film. Very interesting. Says:

    I love the film. It’s very touching.

  782. 782 : Kirino Hōseki Says:

    a very interesting film, leaving a deep impression to me. thanks’ve written this article. is very helpful.

  783. 783 : novy Says:

    sumpahhhh like bgt dehh …

  784. 784 : justhought Says:

    just thought : wouldn’t it be wonderful if anyone, everyone could have such a chance? a chance to straighten out all things and people before death? so everything and everyone would be all on the right track – of goodness and righteousness…
    bae soo bin played a bad char here, the 2 of his that i have seen (and make me like him): shining inheritance and dong yi – he played the good guy – and somehow i think his eyes are smaller and meaner here, hehe.. and also his face, the skin looks not as smooth and light as he was in Dong Yi and more haggard, but he looks more pathetic than menacing.. a nice closure tho, his char turned out good and so was his partner in crime shin in jung. i wonder a bit about the part about Yi Kyung turned out to be Ji Hyun’s long lost sister, perhaps the writer just want to wrap it all nicely, tying it all together – but it feels sort of forcing or pushing it. anyway it is a nice story.
    ps: is it in style in korea, that kind of hairdo – bangs, or something along that line, i notice that the men – Han Kang, Min Ho, Yi Soo – have similar hair style?

  785. 785 : saufi Says:

    I watched it, WOW, this drama Is BEST.. =) love Lee Yo Won, but the ending is touching… =( Thumbs up…

  786. 786 : Linda Says:

    the best drama I’ve seen in the last 2011. I couldn’t stop my tears watching this drama. for Jung Il Woo, I love you so much!!! <3

  787. 787 : marLindang so cooL Says:

    so Good..
    I LiKE U….

  788. 788 : Wulandari Cimot Says:

    pengen di puter lg…
    49 DAY’S ok bngt….

  789. 789 : rj lee Says:

    i like this drama…it is a story of a family,friend and a couple.
    hope to see the cast of 49 days here in the Philippines

  790. 790 : KHANZA Says:


  791. 791 : veny Says:

    film nya seru mau donk di puter lagi

  792. 792 : Jp Says:

    This is the best drama that I’ve ever watched!!

  793. 793 : vera Says:

    i like 49 days,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!

  794. 794 : danielle Says:

    Good drama. A rare gem indeed. Nice and very touching sad story. Very romantic – Yi Kyung and Scheduler being together during those earlier days. Nice scenery, too. Me, too, my eyes filled with tears whenever seeing Yi Kyung, Scheduler and Ji Hyun cry so sadly.

    This story teaches us – Life is precious. When we are on the road, we must be careful.
    Don’t take things for granted. Treasure everything that you have.
    Learn and love and forgive all who may have offended you in anyway.
    And the best part, no matter whatever happens, let the past be a memory, and never brood on it.
    Don’t wait for others to make you happy. Seek happiness your good way.

    Agree with Jooraim and justthought – Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung being sisters is a wrap-up story. Should be Ji Hyun’s parents adopt Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun gets to live another 15 years……..Then get to see 49 days Part II.

  795. 795 : rifqayani Says:

    49 day is the best…. I love uuuuu……
    gak bosen-bsen, lw d puter berkli-kali…:)

  796. 796 : park eun wook Says:

    best drama’s

  797. 797 : linny Says:

    its the bets lah??? <3 hang kang? 🙂

  798. 798 : linny Says:

    <3 scheduller O:) its the bets for you,,, O:)

  799. 799 : devi_aplisiasari Says:

    aq g spe slsay liat vlm’a jd’a aq bli kst’a dh,
    tp buat vlm’a kren bngtt, smpahh
    smga tmbh, b’yk yng ska y, biar ad siesen 2’a gtu,

  800. 800 : elli Says:

    the best drama that i’ve seen….its realy dramatic…

  801. 801 : kal Says:

    very touched drama :'( , but bad endings -.-

  802. 802 : agave Says:

    I need to find the time to watch this again because I think there are a lot of small details that I missed the first time. I love it when a drama makes me feel like this after it ends. I loved the overall theme of this drama and the characters — even though I needed a full box of tissues by the end.

  803. 803 : Nana Sonee Says:

    yeah thats sure i too need many tissues bt i enjoyed a lot the theme of this drama is sooooo…o meaningful i lyk that n the actors omo they all r so cute n attractive saranghamnida

  804. 804 : Cherrylyn Mabong Says:

    ..dz drama ws so touching,bcz d girl dn’t knw dt smeone truly lve her,,hmmm,, unless she die,,jeje,,d scheduler ws handsome..and both girls here were pretty,,

  805. 805 : saufi Says:

    nice drama.

  806. 806 : laphie syank kamu Says:

    kapan filmnya di tayangkan kembali?
    saya harap, film.x tayang sore saja.. jangan saat pagi..
    film ini bagus banget, dan saya sangat suka..
    saya harap filmnya bsa di tayangkan lagi.. secepatnya.. ya???

  807. 807 : sally Says:

    scpatx flmx d tayangin kmbali donk,,,, flmx bgus bgt

  808. 808 : Lee Says:

    I watched for two weeks and ended up feeling very sad. 🙁

  809. 809 : kuhsina Says:


  810. 810 : yanto Says:

    very good drama but i hate the ending,the ending not good,bad ending,why Han Kang not falling in love with Song Yi Kyung in the ending,why han kang always single,bad ending

  811. 811 : Aeoise Says:

    Definitely a MUST WATCH drama !!!!! Have been recommneding this to all my friends. Although it’s a sad ending but still we can learn from the value of the drama.

  812. 812 : jh Says:

    Great drama. Thought-provoking ending, just love it. Worth watching!!!

  813. 813 : rayes Says:

    OMG…. great drama…. i love it…!

  814. 814 : Selfie Kieran Rumengan Says:

    Great story….i like it…veryveryvery like it….amazing…tragedi but happy ending…I watched for two weeks and ended up feeling very sad.

  815. 815 : i love 49 days from the Philippines Says:

    I really love 49 days..I only have 3 favorite korean show.one is 49 days.. Among my 3 favorite show this is one that I really love the ending! For me it’s unique than the others.. love 49 days!

  816. 816 : aidan Says:

    best drama i ever watched…loves the storyline…

  817. 817 : kathleen Says:

    I really love 49 days. I am just thinking when 49 day’s artist will come to Indonesia… I want to see them. ^^

  818. 818 : Sara Says:

    I LOVE the drama, it kept me at the edge of my seat all the episodes except for the last one, what a horrible ending, it doesnt matter if it was a “sad ending”, dramas can have sad endings but still be a good conclusion for the show… but this ending was dissapointing in every single way… i still cant believe how such a GREAT drama, had such a TERRIBLE ending… different writers, maybe?… i dont knOw the reason why they trashed the last episode… i was so frustrated, waiting all those episodes to get to the last one and to find how they “ended” it…. that was just ridiculous!!!!! I wish they would make a good ending for the show, its not fair that a great story, with good actors, good storyline to have such a bad conclusion… so dissapointing…

  819. 819 : ellen Says:


  820. 820 : toh quan ming Says:

    last year, it was showing on ONE channel under starhub channel 823, after watching this korean drama, i found that it was interesting and nice to watch and i like Bae Soo Bin as the korean idol because his face looks like my best friend Peh Aik Keong and i like him as my best friend.

  821. 821 : Amni Says:

    I don’t know where I can say my great thanks to Kwon Oh Son who coached Brunei players until Brunei Darussalam become Champion for Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy tonight!


  822. 822 : Ralph Says:

    A very touching television series but the ending for is very disappointing still everything went good.

  823. 823 : Genta Buana Says:

    Ilove you

  824. 824 : Prita Says:

    Love this drama so much! It’s honest story about living that there’s no immortal in this world. The genre was fiction but realistic.
    i don’t agree with people whose told that the ending was bad and just junk. I think the ending was the best! Much life lessons could we take from this drama.
    Hope i can meet Han Kang in reality! Saranghaeyo oppa! 😀

  825. 825 : Gemini Magalona Says:

    I so love this Drama… It “NEVER” failed to make me cry… the sad scene is so Fatal that your heart will realy feel how it hurts.. I swear!

  826. 826 : Piseth (Cambodia) Says:

    49 Days is now available in Cambodia TV Channel. It is so amazing, I really like it.

  827. 827 : Uzie Says:

    Drama k 2 yg bikin aq nangis2 stlah secret garden..
    Love this drama very much..although the ending maked me a little bit dissapointed
    Hope that i’ll have a boyfriend like han kang ;D

  828. 828 : ژینا Says:

    خیلی سریال باحالیه دمتون گرم

  829. 829 : Peta Says:

    hauweee y did u guys come up wif a very unpredictable sad ending lyk dat????hahahaha aniwayz im kinda luuuuuv it much ey..

  830. 830 : City Hunter Says:

    great series!!! i love it

  831. 831 : [email protected] Says:

    got 2 luv ya,,,,,OPPA…..!!!!!!!

  832. 832 : Doris Says:

    one of a kind drama. highly recommended.

  833. 833 : laveleven Says:

    two thumbs for this movie..;)

  834. 834 : Prince syaf Says:

    49days one of my favorite Korean drama. Best of the best.

  835. 835 : enkhamgalan Says:

    hi my favorite drama. I like this movie

  836. 836 : bblve07 Says:

    I miss th!s drama, want 2 watch it again.. Hope 2 watch th!s knd of drama. I Like fantasy..

  837. 837 : Kimnic Says:

    I really love a fantasy love story although its a sad ending but leaves a good memory.

  838. 838 : 49 Days Says:

    Watch again and again ….. I Love you all..

  839. 839 : Viwiacemm via wina Says:

    Jung il woo
    sarang hamtamyo….

  840. 840 : erik Says:

    best drama ever

  841. 841 : erik Says:

    love this drama , amazing story

  842. 842 : miriam Says:

    the story is quite ok. i dislike only 1 thing: min ho and in jung’s anger towards the shin family is so utterly NONSENSE. it was so shallow and because it ‘s so shallow, the motive was not well-explained.
    the chinese also believe that the spirit still is earthbound for 49 days.

  843. 843 : Rita Says:

    i really love this drama i’m almost finish watching it this website and i love it is the best korean drama i ever have seen

  844. 844 : sierra Says:

    I really love this korean drama.. it makes me cry..

  845. 845 : Yupee Says:

    i have seen quite a few kdrama and this is my favorite

  846. 846 : Shaf Says:

    Excited fantasy drama. I like all cast of the players match of the story line. Make viewers a lot cry, so amazing.

  847. 847 : WitLily Says:

    nice story 😀

  848. 848 : Len Sweetie Says:

    I really love this movie…..

  849. 849 : Len Sweetie Says:

    I always cry when i watch it……. at the end very pity 🙁 so wonderful

  850. 850 : List of Korean Drama & Movies I Have, Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] 49 Days […]

  851. 851 : passion angel Says:


  852. 852 : andie04 Says:

    This is one of the amazing k-drama i must say. when i watch in the first ep. it was fantastic, so many question will enter and you would watch the whole story till the end to answer your question……. a lots of revealing secrets, and it will make you think how important life is and so family to you. lesson learn is really great. everything was unexpected and story is great, really great. if you are looking for the originality then watch this you wont regret it.

  853. 853 : miriam Says:

    i also like this series except for one thing: ji hyun borrows the body of
    yi kyung in the morning. so, she is working at the coffee shop the whole day and goes back to return the body at around midnight when yi kyung will work until 8-9. so, the physical body of yi kyung has no REST at all. she should have been dead from EXHAUSTION>

  854. 854 : ratanakkuy Says:

    so sad at the end , both of them break up :'(

  855. 855 : ayu edogawa Says:

    for the ending i just hope han kang and song yi kyung get together in love.but is wasn’t…oo.. so sad..:(
    but i love watch han kang and song yi soo at the same time..
    never get bored to watch this drama…
    @passion angel : i agree with u. this drama make me learn that life is too short n i have to appreciate everything that we have…

  856. 856 : WitLily Says:

    this drama end with open ending (hankang with syk in my version ending 😀 after 3 years …).

  857. 857 : amino logit Says:

    yey,,,, im cutie logit ,,
    nood kau ng wako wako sa abscbn~~~
    pati na rin biritera 🙂

  858. 858 : amino logit Says:

    ah bashata,
    maganda ung princess and i pati ung walang hanggan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    nakakatindig balahibo

  859. 859 : amino logit Says:

    i would like to propose to @WitLily….. ♥ i love you… will you MARRY ME????????????????????????/

  860. 860 : saufi Says:

    Best ! , follow me http://koracles.blogspot.com, and https://twitter.com/#!/HeroMSO

  861. 861 : honey Says:

    I watched this drama recently and really enjoyed it.It’s one of the best korean dramas i’ve ever seen.

  862. 862 : Lorena Says:

    The very first time I shed tears watching tv… it touches my heart. So far, the best .

  863. 863 : mary caroline Says:

    can someone please tell me who r the three person who cry for ji hyun..i was a bit confused with this story

  864. 864 : Rania Marlina Says:

    I watched this drama recently and really enjoyed it.It’s one of the best korean dramas i’ve ever seen.

  865. 865 : Grace Says:

    i love this drama…and really enjoyed and touched my heart..thank you

  866. 866 : sunny Says:

    i love this serial

  867. 867 : park jun hee Says:

    like this drama very much!!!! make me cry!!!

  868. 868 : park jun hee Says:

    [email protected]@

  869. 869 : park jun hee Says:

    go go

  870. 870 : haku Says:

    jung il woo so cute…. like this drama

  871. 871 : Swiftcloud13 Says:

    Oh my God! This was like,for real?! I have to say KUDOS to the people behind this series! You guys really nailed it! I sooooo love this series,EVER! Great story, great actors and actresses…..Really amazing! Thanks for making such a wonderful, above and beyond drama series,49 days…

  872. 872 : Matt Says:

    I’m planning to watch this drama, when I go on break(: I need a decent melodrama, been watching these comedies etc lately!!!

  873. 873 : Tanya Pritchard Says:

    Really Thankful to the creator for writing such a beautiful story. Very motivating, Inspiring & life.changing… Such great actors loved every moment cried almost every second…but what touched me most was the scheduler…teaching to live life happily so you can leave without a concious..and leave without fear & live a happy after life.

  874. 874 : asiandaddict Says:

    @ 863 mary caroline

    These are the three people who shed pure tears for Ji Hyun; Han Kang, Shin In Jung and Park Seo Woo (not so sure because I am not so familiar with the casts’ name in Korean. Her two best friends and Han Kang were the three people who shed pure tears for her. At first, I thought it was Song Yi Kyung but it turned out that she’s her sister so it can’t be.

  875. 875 : Rebba Says:

    Like this drama very much though I was not able to download ep 8, 15, & 17. I’m going to watch it again & again during weekend and I’m going to recommend it to my friends. Like the lesson that life is so short, we have to use it wisely while we are on earth.

  876. 876 : TJ Says:

    Dis drama is best….im just early end watching dis…

  877. 877 : ttxox Says:

    ive just started watching episode 1 and so far cant stop! its really addicted and sad, recommend this korean drama! different story line for once!! lovve it, shes beautiful

  878. 878 : trang Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate how this movie end!
    i want Nam Gyu Ri to be alive but at the end she dies.
    what is the directors problem!
    dont get this wrong i REALLY love this movie but once Nam Gyu Ri had to die i cry.
    i wanted Jung Il Woo to live with his girlfriend but at the end they both die. dude i dont like how the movie ended.

  879. 879 : Jin Kazama Says:

    I love the ‘Scarecrow’ song by Jung Il Woo……………..

  880. 880 : Rebba Says:

    Why? I can’t download Ep 8 & 15? I love this drama.Thanks

  881. 881 : park shin hye Says:

    a very good drama, but hopped for better in the end!

  882. 882 : shiva Says:

    the most ridiculous drama ever!!! I was enjoy watching it until episode 14 but then it gets stupid and non sense…. how the hell can doctor tell a total stranger that his patient got ghost living inside her?!! and for god sake.. how the hell human can find out so easily about the the spirit?! so childish and stupid and nonsense im so angry that i wasted my time to watch 14 episodes already…

  883. 883 : 49 Days « Justmeinwp Says:

    […] : Korean Drama Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:SukaBe the first to like […]

  884. 884 : AP 09 Says:

    Brilliant Legacy, Prosecutor Princess, 49 Days must watch!!!!
    Great the writer, So Hyun Kyung

  885. 885 : JustME Says:

    I wasnt feeling it until episode 19, i must say i never regret sticking til the end. love the ending,just love it.

  886. 886 : chrisev_little Says:

    I don’t get why this DRAMA don’t have many comment/responses.
    Believe it or not, the story is so interesting the actors as well.
    It is one of my favorite drama.
    Here in drama, you will realize how lucky you are to be with your family and your love ones. Because LIFE IS TOO SHORT.
    This is not a melodrama, its tear jerker and funny at the same time.
    I began to love JUNG IL WOO here (same with MOON EMBRACING THE SUN, BOY RAMYUN, MY FAIR LADY etc.)
    NAM GYU RI, i began to like her too, she proves her acting here. I like the cast and the story. MUST WATCHED!
    Thanks Admin!

  887. 887 : icha Says:


  888. 888 : Fans heechul Says:

    Comments 888th… I like story line n give us message that life n times very important in our lives.,

  889. 889 : Muyahmo Says:

    I watched DVD of 49days. I sat for 20 hours to complete watching since I could not get up. All the casts are excellent. So sad that Ji Hyun died. I like the end because it shows HanKang really loves Ji Hyun. I like this drama more than Secret garden.

  890. 890 : bernadette Says:

    it’s a very nice story. perfect plots, perfect artists & perfect acting but not a happy ending story.that’s just what i like with korean dramas, it’s unpredictable. well, 49 days is very heart-warming.. it caters to all kinds of audiences. kudos guys for a nice drama. thanks..

  891. 891 : togoldor Says:

    ene kino minii uzej baisan hamgiin nice kino baina.

  892. 892 : emerald Says:

    fair ending… just love it…

  893. 893 : sandy Says:


  894. 894 : rubab Says:

    Awesome drama series … Loved hang kang … Ji Hyun … I cried alot in the end …. Sad ending … Don’t feel good but great serial

  895. 895 : rubab Says:

    In love with hang kang and song yi soo

  896. 896 : Xhiae Says:

    Sad ending, but is a great drama..touching..

  897. 897 : Noel D. Says:

    Nice drama. I love it.

  898. 898 : KeviN Says:

    How can i watch this drama ??
    i dont even know what site ??

  899. 899 : tanu Says:

    i need to download this serial can anyone help me from where should i do it.

  900. 900 : nar12345 Says:

    havent start watching this drama properly..but didnt really attract me, but i saw the title of this drama keep on popping out in most discussion, thus im putting it into my KIV list..since its g0nna be sad ending..i dont know when to start..im so not into sad ending stowy..life is too much of sad stuff goin on..movie/drama series kinda of escape for a short time

  901. 901 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    I have already done watching this series but I still want to watch this .. the twists were interesting .. 2 THUMBS UP !! ♥ Lee Yo-won ..

  902. 902 : rose Says:

    this is a very well thought of plot of a story with its twists and turns. it’s a little sad as it is about life and death, but the gray area of 49 days made some people make up for what was missed in their lives. a good production with good portrayals of the characters; first time i’ve watched most of the actors except for the ‘scheduler”. the ending is not that sad as one character found her parents, and the parents found a daughter, who found friendship with the people around her. it’s a good watch. to me it’s a 9/10!

  903. 903 : Fluffy Says:

    10/10! It’s worth watching 😀 with all the twist and turns and drama. It was a well thought-out drama.

  904. 904 : Rna Says:

    잘 생긴 천사–handsome angel, Jung Il woo

  905. 905 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    This drama is much worthy to watch and must received more awards than Protect The Boss! Common the plot of 49 days are well made. Turn of events, transitions, twist are unexpectedly wonderful while in Protect The Boss, all they did was to have fun and brought comedy scenes as ever. That’s boring at the last!

  906. 906 : Cris1985 Says:

    This drama was very thought out and emotional. I didnt expect to end the way it did… and I liked that. I really recommend 49 Days.

  907. 907 : my 2012 | bubblydiaries Says:

    […] favourite drama in 2012: 49 Days  (its a 2011 drama, but i watched it in the beginning of […]

  908. 908 : tomrobort Says:

    All kinds of DRAMA SERIAL are freely available here.

  909. 909 : Florence Says:

    Love you lee yowon and jo hyun jae

  910. 910 : Florence Says:

    Nice plot drama

  911. 911 : Emen Says:

    Good story,good actor/actris,nice drama i like it.

  912. 912 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    My first korean drama modern. 🙂 I really miss this drama. 🙁

  913. 913 : ridhamn Says:

    drama yg bagussss. ngingetin kita tentang mati. meskipun sudah liat 6 kali tp masih pgn liat lagi 😀 the best drama!!!

  914. 914 : 49 Days (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

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  915. 915 : icegirl Says:

    Awesome, awesome drama! loved every minute of it! 10/10 most definitely!

  916. 916 : hny Says:

    Lee Yo Won u r great actress..great mom also…love ur act…I ♥ all ur drama..wait 4 ur new project.!

  917. 917 : ako si puto bunsotil Says:

    this is one of the great drama you should watch..it’s a must seen drama…it will make you cry, laugh and understand life…it touches the very core of my heart..it makes me realize the things i ignore, are as much as important just like anybody else…i love my life and the people around me.. kamsahamnida..

  918. 918 : wnn Says:

    best drama ever!!!!!!!!! want more drama like this!

  919. 919 : CMY Says:

    Great story lint… SUPPORT !!!

  920. 920 : han lay Says:

    this drama ,i very like,very good.

  921. 921 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

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  922. 922 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I’m a really big fan of lee yo won eonni. So, no matter what, i had done watching all of her dramas and even her several movies (not entirely). LYW eonni is my 1st fav K-actress actually. I do like her. She is extremely superb. I hope her upcoming drama Golden Empire will be great either.
    LYW eonni, best of luck! Fighting!

  923. 923 : rullysan Says:

    i don’t think that 49days is a good drama. i don’t really like it. my friend recommended me 49 days, so i watched it, but nothing special, little boring i think

  924. 924 : Clara Says:

    @rullysan u said dis drama is nt a good drama,in dat case,i dont tink dat was d drama u watched,cos dis drama is very intresting,d writer,production nd also d staff memebers really did a great job….its also a must watched film,full of leason”nevr trust all frnds around u,nd never love nd care 4 somone out of pity,i realy learnd alot…….

  925. 925 : san Says:

    A beautiful drama..!! It makes u cry and smile..!! But it’s really worth watching..!!! Got a different and an interesting storyline..!! 🙂

  926. 926 : berna Says:

    I’ve just noticed… this drama is indeed very popular. just imagine the #1 spot at the ratings!
    this is really a good drama.. the BEST! just loved jo hyun jae & lee yo won’s tandem…
    hoped they’ll team up for another drama soon…

  927. 927 : lucy argeniz avendaño velasquez Says:

    este drama es muy bonito ..me encanto verlo..sus personajes inigualables me hicieron llorar de principio a fin…su canciones son maravillosas..gracias por brindarnos doramas tan bien hechos..han trabajado duro para lograrlo y eso se ve reflejado en la calidad del producto..felicitaciones..!!

  928. 928 : d-d Says:

    I always want to watch this drama.
    Love it so much

  929. 929 : A Ting Says:


  930. 930 : gembel_doen Says:

    Best drama in many ways…..taught us many lessons….make you wanna be a better person in life….49 days….life is precious so make sure you do only good things….

  931. 931 : leo diey guitariest Says:

    i have been watch this korean drama from start until end.this drama touch my feeling..haha..i love this drama

  932. 932 : Diya Says:

    jux luv dis drama so cuul!!

  933. 933 : fena jean Says:

    i have watch this and it is really a nice one_

  934. 934 : BOOK Says:

    i want watch this drama since a long time ago…
    but i just finish watch this drama a week ago (a busy person, hehe)
    i swear this is the best drama i ever seen. so much love, lesson of live, friend, family, and always do your best for life 🙂

  935. 935 : dinklik Says:

    this drama is indeed very popular. just imagine the #1 spot at the ratings!
    so love this drama

  936. 936 : jeffrey spender Says:

    it’s been just a few days since i watched this one. however i am still really upset. i think this was a great drama, written very well and it really fired up my K-Drama obsession.

  937. 937 : ^^ Says:

    I watched this drama three years ago. I remember waiting every week for a new episode, and absolutely looking forward to it! I love everything about this drama! I shed so many tears watching this. And after I re-watched it recently I still cried. I love Lee Yo Won! When the past starts to unravel my heart broke. A MUST WATCH! It’s so AMAZING! T.T

  938. 938 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Lee yo won eonni palli dorawa to act again

  939. 939 : remember Says:

    it’s been years, 2 -3 years ago?, but the song Forever-Always still haunts me, just like the song That Man & Reason from Secret Garden….can’t really forget them…..

  940. 940 : ㅇㅇㅇㅇ Says:


  941. 941 : cars Says:

    i love this drama.. thnks for share this

  942. 942 : Max Says:

    This is a sad lovely korean story as it is sad ending, typical, and no more as korean stop doing sad ending.
    i think the editor is bad, doesnt know how to intoduce the drama, so the beginning it was boring, and so grr hence low rating. if they talked about the ghost and then back track time, then it would be interesting as people thought it was a typical spoilt brag. still interesting story and love them. the actors were good, i was surprised. there were a chemistry, and even she didnt do much, them two really pull it off. i even cried sometimes and sad moments. i guess if they are trying to portrait karma and 49 days, i guess we know the ending.
    sometimes it was long, it drag it out too long, 17 ep would be nice 🙂

  943. 943 : kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  944. 944 : Magie Says:

    Korean drama I notice alwAys emphasizes
    Sadness. I wouldn’t mind because it’s
    A drama after all , but until the last episodes ?
    It’s too much, there should be a happy ending.
    Triumph of good over evil. Reward for
    The upright. You know what I mean? That’s
    Why people lives Disney movie because it’s
    A feel good movie.. A happily ever after.

  945. 945 : 49 Days (Drama aus Korea) Says:

    […] […]

  946. 946 : Arsel John Says:

    It was a great drama :)) I mean, I was hooked until the end of the show, it gave me a mixed of emotions but mostly, I cried a lot. I suggest it to everybody who wants to learn something in life… SOMETHING to learn for. I would give this drama an infinite thumbs up if I could. Thanks SBS for producing a good drama like this, I am looking for more unique yet a heart-touching dramas :))

  947. 947 : Lei Says:

    One of my favorite k-dramas ever….i almost cried when Il Woo is about to leave her beloved girlfriend Lee Yo Won because he have to comebck to heaven….and i get so emotional when Lee Yo won beg him not to go.

    The best! 49 days 🙂

  948. 948 : 49 Days 49일 [2011] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] cast ratings trailer viki[fan] dramafever dramacool hancinema daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap koalasplayground recap couch-kimchi recap noisesfromthecloset review robinnystrom […]

  949. 949 : MayaF Says:

    Great Drama.. Great story…Great cast.. Thanks for director and screenwriter.. Hope another drama like this again..

  950. 950 : 49 days fan Says:

    a very good drama.well done in the acting side.hope there will ne a second edition too!!!

  951. 951 : dimples Says:

    Good drama. Be prepared, I have NEVER cried so much watching a drama, any drama. I watched this a long time ago but if i remembered correctly, there were several tear jerking episodes and of course I cried through the entire ending…..sad sad. BUt I was so drawn to it that I had to start a new drama right away to pull me from 49days. love it but won’t re-watch it, too sad.

  952. 952 : Random recommendations for sad dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] 49 days (2011) […]

  953. 953 : Lee yo won Says:

    K-drama 49 days wasn’t dat emotional n realistic.I wonda y pple ar comentin on it as if it’s a touchin n commendable drama u beta al be thinkin deeply b/4 commentin on any k-drama coz dey ar al fake n played 2 much luv stuffs u knw:i hate dat yuk!:

  954. 954 : big kay Says:

    de movie z jux sweet nd nyc.ji hyun ma favorite character.

  955. 955 : Megan Says:

    This is one of my favorite drama of all time, and it’s the only drama I watch 3 times. The story is really great, everything happens has its reason. I just don’t want Han Kang to be alone 🙁
    *will rewatch the forth-time*

  956. 956 : gdr Says:

    in my opinion the drama isn’t that good…somehow when I read the plot, the first thing I would think about is that the drama is kind of melodrama and the leading actress should be a mature smart character and with good acting skills especially that she’s acting as two person at once, but then it ends to be a stupid, dumb, and childish character for both the lead actresses !
    also the romance in here felt too immature..idk
    I really liked the plot but not the drama and out of 10 I’d give it 5/10 only for the plot and the villains characters acting.

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