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365: Repeat The Year

Title: 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년 / 365: Repeat The Year
Also known as: 365: A Year of Defying Fate / 365: One Year Against Destiny
Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery, Crime, Time-travel
Episodes: 12 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2020-March-23 to 2020-April-28
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is based on the 2004 Japanese novel “リピート / Repeat” by “乾くるみ / Inui Kurumi” which was published on 2004-October by Bungeishunju.

A story of 10 people who get the chance to go back to one year ago and change their destiny, But they are involved in mysterious events and face a destiny they never expected. Ji Hyung Jo (Lee Joon Hyuk) used to be part of the traffic police but was promoted when he arrested a wanted criminal. Shin Ka Yun (Nam Ji Hyun) is a webtoon writer called “Hidden Killer”. She experiences a sudden incident. Ka Yun along with Hyung Jo and eight others get the chance to “reset” their lives.


Main Cast

Lee Joon Hyuk as Ji Hyung Jo
Nam Ji Hyun as Shin Ka Yun
Kim Ji Soo as Lee Shin


Yang Dong Geun as Bae Jung Tae
Lee Shi Ah as Seo Yun Soo
Yoon Joo Sang as Hwang No Sup
Im Ha Ryong as Choi Kyung Man
Jung Min Sung as Cha Jung Suk
Jun Suk Ho as Park Young Gil
Ahn Seung Kyoon as Go Jae Young
Lee Yoo Mi as Kim Se Rin

Strong 1 team

Ryu Tae Ho as Heo Jang Il
Lee Sung Wook as Park Sun Ho
Yoon Hye Ri as Jin Sa Kyung

People around Shin Ka Yun

Min Do Hee as Min Joo Young
Im Hyun Soo (임현수) as Han Woo Jin


Kim Ha Kyung as So Hye In
Sung Hyuk as Kim Dae Sung
Baek Soo Jang (백수장) as Oh Myung Chul
Rye Woon as Nam Sun Woo
Ahn Min Young as Song Ji Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Kim Kyung Hee
Screenwriters: Lee Seo Yoon, Lee Soo Kyung

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-03-23 1-1 3.4 - 4.0 -
2020-03-23 1-2 4.6 - 4.9 -
2020-03-24 2-1 4.3 - 4.4 -
2020-03-24 2-2 4.7 - 5.0 5.2 (20th)
2020-03-30 3-1 4.3 - 4.1 -
2020-03-30 3-2 5.1 - 4.5 -
2020-03-31 4-1 - - 4.2 -
2020-03-31 4-2 - - 5.1 (20th) 5.7 (17th)
2020-04-06 5-1 4.3 - 4.0 -
2020-04-06 5-2 5.1 - 4.5 -
2020-04-07 6-1        
2020-04-07 6-2        
2020-04-13 7-1        
2020-04-13 7-2        
2020-04-14 8-1        
2020-04-14 8-2        
2020-04-20 9-1        
2020-04-20 9-2        
2020-04-21 10-1        
2020-04-21 10-2        
2020-04-27 11-1        
2020-04-27 11-2        
2020-04-28 12-1        
2020-04-28 12-2        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Han Says:

    Looks like MBC is starting to broadcast new Monday/Tuesday dramas again, only shorter. Or is this a one-time deal.

  2. 2 : Diana Says:

    Will this k-drama have English sub-titles?!!!

  3. 3 : shiva Says:

    looking forward to this drama like Nam Ji Hyun, so far she has done great in her dramas.

  4. 4 : Diana Says:

    What time does it start?

  5. 5 : insomniac Says:

    have veen watch till eps 5-2 and i think this drama would be the korean version of final destination but more complex storyline

  6. 6 : Diana Says:

    SBS 18-1 and used to have eng-subtitles but not any more.

    Will MBC 18-3 go from eng-subtitles to Korean?

    Been watching K-Dramas for 9 years. Enjoyed them a lot!!!!!

    I am sadden to see this happening!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gal from Redlands, CA (USA)

  7. 7 : Deanna Wu Says:

    Does anyone know what the English name of the book that they translated “Pieces of Destiny” is? There is no such book with that name.

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