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21st Century Family

Title: 21세기 가족 / 21st Century Family
Chinese Title: 21世纪的家庭
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-March-11 to 2012-April-29
Air time: Sunday 22:50


This drama tell the real story of Korean family who live in 21st century.


Lee Duk Hwa as Lee Duk Hwa
Oh Seung Hyun as Lee Duk Hwa’s wife
Lee Hoon as Lee Seong Gi
Oh Yoon Ah as Lee Geum Pyo
Kang Won as Lee Dong Pyo
Kim Soo Jin as Lee Ha Na
Kim Tae Yoon as Na Bong Soo
Jo Min Ah as as Lee Se Na
Lee Mi Do as Lee Eun Pyo
Kim Seul Gi as Kim Seul Gi
Jo Hyeon Kyu as Jung Yong Pil
Jung Soo In as Kim Na Ri
Kang Nam (강남) as japanese student
Han Yeo Wool as shoe store clerk

Production Credits

Director: Lee Min Chul
Writer: Kim Hyun Hee


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  1. 1 : KwanFar Says:

    why so little cast?

  2. 2 : admin Says:


    we will update the cast list when we got the info. Please check back.

  3. 3 : [Drama] 21st Century Family | Hwaiting KFDK Says:

    […] :  koreandrama  [email protected]  Share this:Like this:SukaBe the first to like this post. This entry […]

  4. 4 : Esi Says:

    no idea about this drama…

  5. 5 : MJ Says:

    21st Century Family Plot Summary / Synopsis:

    21st Century Family tells the story of clumsy married life between 50 year-old plus middle-aged man and 30 year-old plus young woman, social life and love relationship of an independent 30 year-old plus leftover lady, and the worry of 880,000 won generation in real world.

    cr: asian drama

  6. 6 : Mystisith Says:

    I will give a try for this one. I only know the actor who plays the daddy.
    TVN has not deceived me so far with its dramas (except the ending of I Need Romance). They have a fresh tone, and well written stories.

  7. 7 : Vic Says:

    i’ve seen the first episode. this got to be one of the most weird korean dramas ever made.

  8. 8 : DB5K Says:

    I watched the first episode, and I LOVED it!! It was hilarious. I will never look at WXY the same way again, lol. The editing is rather avant garde for a family comedy drama, which may be disorienting for some viewers. For example, it has these random interview segments which reminds me of The Office. The humor can be very dry and deadpan, but it can also be very silly; I love the quick pace, the swearing, the evil looks, etc. For some reason this show also reminds me of Boston Legal, but maybe it’s because Lee Duk Hwa<33 reminds me of William Shatner.

    And yes, tvN is one of the more successful cable channels in Korea. I also really enjoyed their dramas, such as Fight (Mazzang), Manny, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and Shut Up Flowerboy Band.

  9. 9 : mac Says:

    i saw like 15mins of ep one…it gaves me headache due to the camera angle…its kinda shakey and it keeps on zooming in and out… ill give it a try again once my headache subsides

  10. 10 : Nelz Says:

    If you like the American “Modern Family”, you will most certainly enjoy this show. Part drama, part comedy, this “drama-dy” has just the right level of dark and light to twist your face in laughter. It’s shot pretty much like Modern Family and has similar characters and subject matters, but the family problems are resolved the Korean way (meaning all the stuff is swept under the carpet and becomes piled up till it spills out from under in a tsunami-only to be swept back under the carpet in more clever ways). The characters are absolutely lovable and you will be left dreading that there are only 8 episodes.

  11. 11 : trish Says:

    hmm… if its a korean remake of modern family… r they gonna touch issues like sexuality? kind of like Life is Beautiful (SBS)?

  12. 12 : ayra Says:

    I love modern family …. gonna try watching this ..
    is it really only 8 episodes?

  13. 13 : clairerosean Says:

    #9 MAC:

    HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA…. that is totally hilarious!!! I’m so afraid to try watching it now… having a headache is such a terrible situation and i don’t want my self get any of it…!!

  14. 14 : freemovie Says:

    The TV is very good, there are online watch.

  15. 15 : Лучшая Дорама 2012 Года — Корея | Мираленд Says:

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  16. 16 : Joey Says:

    I am fairly new to Korean dramas and just randomly selected this show from Hulu. I’m not Korean in the slightest bit (Jewish American), but this was by far one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. The characters are easily to relate to, the family dynamic feels real, and the actors really do a great job portraying their characters as each one has a unique personality. It’s definitely similar to Modern Family, which my wife watches regularly, but I never really got into it. 21st Century Family was more my style and I truly enjoyed it. Needless to say, I was incredibly bummed to find out that there were ONLY 8 episodes!!! This should have gone on for at least 2-3 more seasons. There are plenty of ups and downs families go through, especially when you live that close and have such a huge family, so that was really disappointing. If you’re okay with such a short series, I truly recommend this show. It is very much worth watching!

  17. 17 : Arianne Says:

    where can i watch 21st century family with english sub?

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