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2020 KBS Drama Awards (Winners List)


Chun Ho Jin (Once Again)

Top Excellence Awards

Top Excellence Actor: Jung Bo Suk (Homemade Love Story) & Park In Hwan (Brilliant Heritage)
Top Excellence Actress: Lee Min Jung (Once Again)

Excellence Awards

Excellence Actor (Medium Series): Lee Sang Yeob (Once Again) & Lee Jang Woo (Homemade Love Story)
Excellence Actress (Medium Series): Lee Jung Eun (Once Again) & Jin Ki Joo (Homemade Love Story)
Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Park Sung Hoon (Into The Ring) & Lee Jae Wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol)
Excellence Actress (Mini Series): Nana (Into The Ring) & Jo Yeo Jung (Cheat on Me, If You Can)
Excellence Actor (One-Act/Special/Short Series): Lee Shin Young (How to Buy a Friend) & Lee Han Wi (My Lilac)
Excellence Actress (One-Act/Special/Short Series): Son Sook (A Jaunt) & Lee Yoo Young (Traces of Love)

Rookie Awards

Best New Actor: Lee Sang Yi (Once Again) & Seo Ji Hoon (Men are Men)
Best New Actress: Bona (Homemade Love Story) & Shin Ye Eun (Welcome) & Lee Cho Hee (Once Again)

Best Supporting Awards

Best Supporting Actor: Ahn Gil Kang (Into The Ring) & Oh Dae Hwan (Once Again)
Best Supporting Actress: Ye Ji Won (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol), Kim Sun Young (Homemade Love Story) & Oh Yoon Ah (Once Again)

Best Child Acting Awards

Best Child Actor: Moon Woo Jin (Once Again)
Best Child Actress: Lee Ga Yeon (Once Again)

Netizen Popularity Awards

Kim Young Dae (Cheat on Me if You Can)
Lee Sang Yeob (Once Again)
Jo Bo Ah (Forest)

Best Couple Award

Lee Jang Woo & Jin Ki Joo (Homemade Love Story)
Lee Jang Woo & Jung Bo Suk (Homemade Love Story)
Park Sung Hoon & Nana (Into The Ring)
Jo Yeo Jung & Go Jun (Cheat on Me, If You Can)
Park Hae Jin & Jo Bo Ah (Forest)
Lee Sang Yi & Lee Cho Hee (Once Again)
Chun Ho Jin & Lee Jung Eun (Once Again)
Lee Sang Yeob & Lee Min Jung (Once Again)

Best Screenwriter Award

Yang Hee Seung (Once Again)

Achievement Award

Song Jae Ho

Date: 2020-Dec-31, 8:30pm
MC: Jo Bo Ah, Lee Sang Yeob and Do Kyung Wan

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