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2018 KBS Drama Awards (Winners List)


Yoo Dong Geun (Marry Me Now)
Kim Myung Min (The Miracle We Met)

Top Excellence Awards

Top Excellence Actor: Choi Soo Jong (My Only One) & Cha Tae Hyun (Matrimonial Chaos)
Top Excellence Actress: Jang Mi Hee (Marry Me Now) & Cha Hwa Yeon (My Only One)

Excellence Awards

Excellence Actor (Long Series): Lee Sang Woo (Marry Me Now) & Lee Jang Woo (My Only One)
Excellence Actress (Long Series): Han Ji Hye (Marry Me Now) & UEE (My Only One)
Excellence Actor (Medium Series): Seo Kang Joon (Are You Human Too?)
Excellence Actress (Medium Series): Ra Mi Ran (The Miracle We Met)
Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Choi Daniel (Jugglers, The Ghost Detective) & Jang Dong Gun (Suits)
Excellence Actress (Mini Series): Baek Jin Hee (Jugglers, Feel Good to Die)
Excellence Actor (Daily Series): Kang Eun Tak (Love to the End) & Park Yoon Jae (It’s My Life)
Excellence Actress (Daily Series): Ha Hee Ra (Madam Cha Dal Rae’s Love) & Park Ha Na (Mysterious Personal Shopper)
Excellence Actor (One-Act/Special/Short Series): Jang Dong Yoon (Dance Sports Girls) & Yoon Park (Tuna and the Dolphin)
Excellence Actress (One-Act/Special/Short Series): Lee Sul (After the Rain) & Lee Il Hwa (My Mother’s Third Marriage)

Netizen Awards

Park Hyung Sik (Suits)
Kim Myung Min (The Miracle We Met)

Best Supporting Awards

Best Supporting Actor: In Gyo Jin (Feel Good to Die) & Kim Won Hae (The Ghost Detective, Are You Human Too?)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Hyun Sook (Are You Human Too?, Queen of Mystery 2), Yoon Jin Yi (My Only One)

Best Couple Awards

Seo Kang Joon & Gong Seung Yeon (Are You Human Too?)
Baek Jin Hee & Choi Daniel (Jugglers)
Kim Myung Min & Ra Mi Ran (The Miracle We Met)
Cha Tae Hyun & Bae Doo Na (Matrimonial Chaos)
Yoo Dong Geun & Jang Mi Hee (Marry Me Now)
UEE & Lee Jang Woo (My Only One)
Choi Soo Jong & Jin Kyung (My Only One)

Rookie Awards

Actor: Park Sung Hoon (My Only One), Kim Kwon (Marry Me Now)
Actress: Park Se Wan (Marry Me Now, Too Bright for Love, Dance Sports Girls) & Seol In Ah (Sunny Again Tomorrow)

Best Child Acting Awards

Best Child Actor: Nam Da Reum (Radio Romance)
Best Child Actress: Kim Hwan Hee (The Miracle We Met)

Best Screenwriter Award

Kim Sa Kyung (My Only One)

Date: 2018-Dec-31, 9:15pm
MC: UEE and Jun Hyun Moo

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