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2013 MBC Drama Awards (Winners List)

2013 MBC Drama Awards (Winners List) 01


Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Drama of the Year

A Hundred Years’ Inheritance

Top Excellence Awards

Actor (Mini Series): Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book)
Actress (Mini Series): Suzy (Gu Family Book)
Actor (Special Production): Kim Jae Won (Scandal), Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)
Actress (Special Production): Shin Eun Gyung (Scandal)
Actor (Soap Opera): Lee Jung Jin (A Hundred Years’ Inheritance)
Actress (Soap Opera): Han Ji Hye (I Summon You, Gold)

Excellence Award

Actor (Mini Series): Joo Won (Level 7 Civil Servant)
Actress (Mini Series): Shin Se Kyung (When a Man Loves)
Actor (Special Production): Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki)
Actress (Special Production): Uee (Golden Rainbow)
Actor (Soap Opera): Yun Jung Hoon (I Summon You, Gold)
Actress (Soap Opera): Hong Soo Hyun (Give Love Away)

Rookie Award / Newcomer Awards

Actor: Oh Chang Suk (Aurora Princess), Lee Sang Yeob (Give Love Away)
Actress: Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki), Jun So Min (Aurora Princess)

Writer of the Year

Goo Hyun Sook (A Hundred Years’ Inheritance), Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon (Empress Ki)

Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year (chosen by PDs from KBS, MBC, and SBS)

Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Best Child Acting Awards

Kim Sae Ron, Kim Hyang Ki, Chun Bo Geun, Seo Shin Ae, Lee Young Yoo (All from The Queen’s Classroom)

Golden Acting Awards

Actor: Kim Sang Joong (Golden Rainbow), Jung Bo Suk (A Hundred Years’ Inheritance), Jo Jae Hyun (Scandal)
Actress: Kim Bo Yun (Aurora Princess), Lee Hye Sook (I Summon You, Gold), Cha Hwa Yun (Give Love Away)

Popularity Awards

Actor: Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book)
Actress: Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Best Couple Awards

Lee Seung Gi and Suzy (Gu Family Book)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Han Jin Hee
Park Won Sook

Date: 30/Dec/2013, 8:45pm
MC: Lee Seung Gi and Han Ji Hye

2013 MBC Drama Awards (Winners List) 02

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MBC Drama Awards


  1. 1 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Lee Seung Gi : 3 Awards
    Congrats to everyone ^_^

  2. 2 : azra Says:

    Congrats to everyone ^_^

  3. 3 : auliadeta Says:

    Aaaaaa cukkae Seung Gi oppaaaa♥

  4. 4 : lee Says:

    it’s a joke you know.. -_-
    suzy winning over go hyun jung.. it was stiil acceptable if she wins a rookie award since it was her first drama with mbc.. but a top excellence award? just because the drama did well.. and 2 weeks being snob by mbc..

  5. 5 : Amanda Says:

    The following stars deserved for the MBC awards achievement & congrats :-
    – Kim Jae Won (Scandal)
    – Ha Ji Won & Soo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)
    – Lee Sueng Gi (Gu Family Book)

    But, drama of the year — we get a shock! A Hundred years Inheritance?? Are you sure??

  6. 6 : Priscilla Says:

    I watched “A Hundred Years’ Inheritance” start to finish and I know for a fact that it is not worthy of this award. It dragged on for 50 ep. The only enjoyable parts to this story were the villains Chae Won’s hubby and his crazy mom. The ending was the worst ever. the male lead Lee Jung Jin wasn’t even in the picture @ the end. So I’ll ask again how the heck did A Hundred Years’ Inheritance. WIN BEST DRAMA? ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY? OR DID YOU GET PAID BIG BUCKS?

  7. 7 : Logan1707 Says:

    I was actually quite dissapointed with MBC’s dramas for 2013 as all of them was not good…oh well I think one or two only were good plays but not like other TV channels such as SBS or KBS where they have a lot of dramas with the good rating or no 1 rating. I believe they have chosen “A Hundred Years Inheritance” as number one MBC drama for 2013 because the only drama who had no. 1 rating with over 30% and I know that was a weekend drama as a lot of Korean’s people loved watching weekend drama than weekday drama. Hope MBC will be picking it up again for no.1 rating in year 2014 especillaly for weekday drama.

  8. 8 : Aga Says:

    Congrats to all winners.
    Happy New Year 2014!!

  9. 9 : Lilibeth Beech Says:

    I love all the winners, I have been their followers way back our TV station here in the Philippines aired Korean dramas, and I have seen how they grow and become good actors, now that I’m watching online dramas, and updated with the latest drama air, I really appreciated the judges, knowing all the winners capabilities. Im looking forward for the next year winners and hoping to give notice to my favorite Ji Chang Wook in Empress Ki, and of course Miss Ha Ji won. Happy New Year to all!!

  10. 10 : Ramadhan Ary Says:

    Congratulations, Ha Ji Won ,,,

  11. 11 : kumon Says:

    congratulations to ha ji won!

  12. 12 : kdramalover13 Says:

    Congratulations to A Hundred Years’ Inheritance cast,to Lee Seung Gi and to all others XD

  13. 13 : tigerb Says:

    congratulations to ha ji won as she deserves the award, and to the gu family book pair as i enjoyed watching them (first time)! now i’m curious if the best drama of year is worth it. i’ll see! happy new year everyone!

  14. 14 : leila Says:

    how in the world did Lee Seunggi won an award? I watched the Gu family book.. he doesn’t even look like the main character.. his actions are wimpy, monotonous acting.. awful.. cant stand watching him won an award.. perhaps popularity would do.. but not an impressive actor..

  15. 15 : ceciliaperez Says:

    congrats to everybody.and specially to ha ji won.shes a very good actress .goodluck.more movies or drama this 2014!!!happy new year!!godbless.

  16. 16 : grace antonio Says:


  17. 17 : Park Sung Young Says:


  18. 18 : Joy Says:

    Congratulation to Kim Jae Won , and to all the winners…. 🙂

  19. 19 : bigeye46 Says:

    congratatulation all of winner 2013 and happy new year all of you

  20. 20 : danap Says:

    If “A Hundred Years Inheritance” has been chosen by the Korean people, it is their choice, but I hope to fans around the world, the choice was published on this site. It is extremely disappointing to know that our opinion does not matter. And I watched this drama and not found at all exceptional in comparison with others. If this drama rating was 30%, means that Koreans were not what else to look.
    Lee Seung Gi glad for, my favorite.
    Happy New Year to all!

  21. 21 : rumkey Says:

    Seriously suzy winning excellence award. She sucks at acting. This award is joke.

  22. 22 : hunee Says:

    There were other dramas that could got the best drama of the year. Not Hundred Years Inheritance. It was an okay drama. It was very dissapointed
    ending. So zero point for this drama. All the other good dramas, you guys rock!!!! Happy New Year to all of ya!!!

  23. 23 : san Says:

    Congratulations all the winners..!! Specially Gu Family Book cast and Ha Ji Won..!!! 🙂

  24. 24 : Arifia Says:

    Congrats ^^ For Seung Gi & Suzy couple in Gu Family Book !! and Ha Ji Won for Empress Ki 🙂

  25. 25 : rory Says:

    Congrats for all the winners..But mostly for MBC,
    High ratings = Awards guaranteed!

  26. 26 : truth Says:

    maybe it is only me that see the lead actress in Empress Ki is so ugly that she really look like man, she has no charisma with any of two leading actors,her face is so strong that i ask myself why did they have to choose her,l don’t hate her but it is what i see especially when she trying to force herself to cry,she sucks in her acting,i guess mbc don’t really see very well.

  27. 27 : taraJJ Says:

    I’m not sure about the best drama but..
    Congratz for Han Ji Won for winning the Daesang (this make me want to see your drama Empress Ki more..)… and Ji Chang Wook, finally, you won that awards after several times just being nominated,, congratz for you too..

    Joo Won, congratz my baby, even Level 7 Civil Servant is not your best drama but this drama always special for me bcoz introduced me to you.. once again congratulation!!

  28. 28 : sue Says:

    @truth #26

    Hey, I think you have tuned in to the wrong TV channel. EK is a drama that tells a story. Its not a beauty contest programme to select the ” the most beautiful actress in Asia”. Anyway it doesn’t matter what you think about HJW’s look or acting as what your think does not have any bearing on HJW being recognized with tons of awards (in particular an award for EK) and also the love and commendation from her local as well as international viewers.

    Since you sound to be such an expert in selecting actors to be featured in a drama and since the current MBC board “don’t really see very well”, I suggest you nominate yourself to be a MBC Board member so that you have a field day in choosing who and what you want. The viewer ratings for such a drama: your guess is as good a mine.

  29. 29 : rocket2014 Says:

    HJW,one of my favorite Korean actress:) Congratz!

  30. 30 : bblve07 Says:

    congrates 2 all the winners, specially to the casts of empress ki, gu family book and hundred years inheritance… happy new year

  31. 31 : Khuncho Says:

    Actress (Mini Series): Shin Se Kyung (When a Man Loves)
    Was she really good in “When a man loves”?

  32. 32 : asiandaddict Says:

    Ha Ji Won once again proven her acting talent. Congratulations for all the winners!!!

  33. 33 : kiwimango Says:

    @Khuncho, Shin Se Kyung was so boring and can’t act in When A Man Loves, I don’t know how they come up with this awards.

  34. 34 : Maddy Says:

    Only gripe is UEE getting an excellence award, sort of insults my intelligence.

  35. 35 : truth Says:

    @sue,I wasn’t addressing you,you are not mbc station,you look like an angry person,which my comments is none of your business,for your information,Korean dramas ratings is not basis on how good the writing or acting is,it is like lottery,my guess is that,you are still living in the dark ages where you pick an offense on such a comment.

  36. 36 : fan Says:

    I’m speechless ! Shin Se Kyung won excellence award for her acting in When a Man Loves ! That girl has really talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37 : She5an Says:

    What about (two weeks)

  38. 38 : g14 Says:

    i am disappointed that TWO Weeks didn’t win….
    Why did shin se kyung win?????????
    She was boring in When a man love…
    Junki oppa and se yeon unni are better…
    I feel bad, they didn’t win in MBC Awards.
    MBC Award is not fair…

  39. 39 : marissa Says:

    Shin Se Kyung doesnt deserve her award!!!!! ahe doesnt know how to act. there’s a lot of acctress out there who deserves the spot. her acting sucks!!!!!!

  40. 40 : star Says:


  41. 41 : hk fanatic Says:

    i’m not a fan of han jiwon,that’s why i never watched her dramas,except secret garden,i watched that drama because of hyun bin,sorry to say this,i don’t like her,no charisma,sorry its only my opinion don’t kill me,hahaha

  42. 42 : hk fanatic Says:

    i noticed 2 weeks didn’t get an award?why????lee junki oppa deserved an excellent award for that!duh!

  43. 43 : ilanaru Says:

    Hello everyone
    Congratulations to the winner HA JI WON!!!,she is well deserved and even more
    At first I thought to refer to the “truth” seems to me there is a mistake and it should be “Trash ” ….
    HA JI WON is one of the the few actresses in Korea that actually they can be called an actress
    HA JI WON is amazing, beautiful and aristocratic female.
    She is the reason I started watching Korean movies

    “You’ll learn if you have nothing good to say just shut up!”

  44. 44 : truth Says:

    Some people are so uneducated that if you don’t see things the way they like it ,they will start talking trash,they live in the dark ages they thought one can’t voice their opinion what a sad things.

  45. 45 : Lorna Says:

    i really love watching empress ki, HJW,i love you,

  46. 46 : ilanaru Says:

    congratulations to HA JI WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 : sue Says:

    Angry, take offence? why should I. I was amused. I was just responding to something that sounded not so tasteful and unnecessarily harsh (perhaps in almost similar vein). Living in the dark ages is not that bad as life would have been so much simpler. As for ratings, did I ever say “bad rating = bad drama”. With this note, I rest my case. You can have the last say.
    Happy New Year!

  48. 48 : truth Says:

    people see things differently,it is necessarily and tasteful for one to say how they see things without been ask to shut up.The dark ages is when kings and queens have all the right to say without no one is able to voice their dismay or disagree with them,all for the fear of reprisal or begone the next hour,that is why it is unnecessary and not so tasteful to ask someone not to voice their opinion,life will be so much simpler if we do not penalize others for saying what is in their mind.

    Happy New Year To You.

  49. 49 : malou1010 Says:

    Aigoo……. Shin Se Kyung from When A Man Loves won an award????? C’mon are you freaking kidding me? Wait…. is it April Fools’ Day already??? MBC we, the hardcore Kdrama lovers who watched her act in WAML has but TWO WORDS to her award…….. NO WAY!!!!!!

  50. 50 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh my, two of my favorite actresses won….. Han Ji Hye & Ha Ji Won…… Congratulations!!!! I’m sooooo happy for both of you!!!

    Looking forward for your projects this 2014. Saranghae HJH & HJW!!!

  51. 51 : BREGA TATIANA Says:


    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  52. 52 : drama4451 Says:

    Kim Jae Won act like Park Shin Hye: Good but NOT BEST.

  53. 53 : greentea77 Says:

    Yes, it’s true everyone should have an opinion on here whether you agree with it or not. But to tell the truth, this is the first time I’ve read a post anywhere that calls Ha Ji Won ‘ugly’ and a bad actress. I’ve never seen anything but praise for her looks and acting and I totally agree with the majority. She’s a great actress and looks pretty good for a 35 year old. She had also won more awards than most other actresses around and all the directors voted her as the actress they most want to work with. So either everyone else is crazy or Ha Ji Won is truly the best! She’s also a kind and modest person who do charity work as well. So what more do you want from a celebrity?

  54. 54 : bblve07 Says:

    congrats all of u…. empress ki casts and writers.. live u all such great great drama ever

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  57. 57 : ojeon Says:

    yes! another award again for my Hajiwon
    !no question ask for that..a great actress with a good heart..more project and award to come haha!

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