2013 KBS Drama Awards Winners List 01


Kim Hye Soo (The Queen of Office)

Top Excellence Awards

Actor: Joo Won (Good Doctor), Ji Sung (Secret)
Actress: Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)

Excellence Awards

Actor (Long Series): Jo Jung Suk (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin) and Jo Sung Ha (Wang’s Family)
Actress (Long Series): Lee Mi Sook (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin) and Lee Tae Ran (Wang’s Family)
Actor (Medium Series): Joo Sang Wook (Good Doctor)
Actress (Medium Series): Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)
Actor (Mini Series): Oh Ji Ho (Queen of Office)
Actress (Mini Series): Yoona (Prime Minister & I)
Actor (Daily Series): Kim Suk Hoon (Ruby Ring)
Actress (Daily Series): Lee So Yeon (Ruby Ring)

Netizen Awards

Actor: Joo Won (Good Doctor)
Actress: Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)

Producer Awards (chosen by PDs from KBS, SBS & MBC)

Joo Won (Good Doctor)

Best Supporting Awards

Actor: Bae Soo Bin (Secret)
Actress: Lee Da Hee (Secret)

Rookie Awards

Actor: Jung Woo (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin) and Han Joo Wan (Wang’s Family)
Actress: IU (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin) and Kyung Soo Jin (Shark)

Popularity Awards

Actor: Ji Sung (Secret)
Actress: Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)

Best Couple Awards

Joo Won & Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)
Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)
IU & Jo Jung Suk (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin)
Kim Hye Soo & Oh Ji Ho (Queen of Office)
Lee Bum Soo & Yoona (Prime Minister & I)

Best Child Acting Awards

Actor: Yun Joon Suk (Shark)
Actress: Kim Yoo Bin (Mandate of Heaven)

Special Short Drama Awards

Actor: Yoo Oh Sung (Devil & Mother’s Island) and Choi Daniel (Looking Forward to Romance)
Actress: Han Ye Ri (Yeon Woo’s Summer) and BoA (Looking Forward to Romance)

Best Screenwriter Award

Moon Young Nam (Wang’s Family)

Date: 31/Dec/2013, 8:30pm
MC: Yoona, Lee Mi Sook, Shin Hyun Joon and Joo Sang Wook

2013 KBS Drama Awards Winners List 02

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36 Responses to “2013 KBS Drama Awards (Winners List)”

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  1. 26
    Drama_fan Says:

    Congrats award winners of Good Doctor and Secret. Those are well deserved awards. Happy. :) :) :)

  2. 27
    tigerb Says:

    @admin: thanks for your response. but am still curious did not have a best drama of the year. my guess is to avoid tension between whoever gets affected! cheerio!

  3. 28
    hk fanatic Says:

    congrats to all the winners my predictions are mostly winners…so happy,congrats team secret and good doctors,you deserved that awards!

  4. 29
    jesissca Says:

    Don’t say if yoona, suzy and Psh have low standard in acting,, if they did the worst job,, so they wouldn’t get popularity and fans who loved them right now,,,IT’s not easy to be lovable and excellent actor and actress in entertainment world,,so give your support for all actors and actresses,, they did great jobs..

  5. 30
    koniziwa Says:

    @ jesissca being popular doesn’t mean they are good actress. there are so many talented actress who are not popular.some are overrated and some are underrated. Fans are just blindfolded.

  6. 31
    Dev Says:

    Wow secret winners, the best drama, and all the actress is brilliant congratulations they deserve to get it

  7. 32
    Miss Leaf Says:

    congratz to Jisung and Joo Won, they are deserved to get the TOP excellence award this year (2013)

  8. 33
    healme Says:

    IU won best rookie actress and also best couple award with jo jung suk. Congrat IU. You totally deserved it. I liked shinshin couple’s chemistry

  9. 34
    myname Says:

    i thought admine had wrong about rooky star on actress.
    not from shark drama but from TV novel Eun Hee.
    i saw that show on KBS world n i still remember who was went to the stage with IU.

  10. 35
    Imnotreal Says:

    Well deserved! Secret is the best! :) <3

  11. 36

    I VOTE for park tea hee

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