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Son Hyun Joo (The Chaser)

Top Excellence Awards

Actor (Mini Series): Lee Min Ho (Faith)
Actress (Mini Series): Jung Ryu Won (Salaryman, King of Dramas)
Actor (Drama Special): So Ji Sub (Ghost)
Actresss (Drama Special): Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince)
Actor (Weekend Series): Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Actress (Weekend Series): Kim Ha Neul (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Excellence Awards

Actor (Mini Series): Kim Sang Jung (The Chaser)
Actress (Mini Series): Kim Sung Ryung (The Chaser)
Actor (Drama Special): Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince)
Actress (Drama Special): Jung Yoo Mi (Rooftop Prince)
Actor (Weekend Series): Kim Soo Ro (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Actress (Weekend Series): Shin Eun Kyung (Still You)

Special Acting Awards

Actor (Mini Series): Lee Duk Hwa (Salaryman)
Actress (Mini Series): Jang Shin Young (The Chaser)
Actor (Drama Special): Kwak Do Won (Ghost)
Actress (Drama Special): Lee Jin (The Great Seer)
Actor (Weekend Series): Kim Min Jong (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Actress (Weekend Series): Kim Jung Nan (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Producer Awards

Actor: Park Geun Hyung (The Chaser)
Actress: Chae Si Ra (Five Fingers)

Best Couple Awards

Kim Min Jong & Yoon Jin Yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Park Yoo Chun & Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince)

Viewer Popularity Awards

Actor: Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince)
Actress: Kim Ha Neul (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Top 10 Stars Awards (voted by teenagers)

Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince)
Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince)
Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Kim Ha Neul (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
So Ji Sub (Ghost)
Shin Eun Kyung (Still You)
Son Hyun Joo (The Chaser)
Jung Ryu Won (Salaryman, King of Dramas)
Lee Min Ho (Faith)
Chae Si Ra (Five Fingers)

New Star Awards

Min Ho (To the Beautiful You)
Lee Hyun Woo (To the Beautiful You)
Sulli (To the Beautiful You)
Go Joon Hee (The Chaser)
Park Hyo Joo (The Chaser)
Lee Jong Hyun (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Yoon Jin Yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Kwon Yu Ri (Fashion King)
Park Se Young (Faith)
Jung Eun Woo (Bride of the Sun, Five Fingers)

Achievement Award

scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

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Other Awards

SBS Drama Awards
KBS Drama Awards
MBC Drama Awards

78 Responses to “2012 SBS Drama Awards (Winners List)”

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  1. 51
    chiew eng Says:

    To have a better understanding on how awards are given out, i suggest watching the korea drama “On Air” in 2008! In reality, awards are only a game. There are political reason as well as the financial strength and profile of the actor/actress fanbase! Eg. female fans are more likely to vote than male fans! Students would have more time to vote than working fans! All these would influence the final result! Thus, it is a bonus if your supported actor/actress get the award(s)! Failing which also need not be upset!

  2. 52
    tigerb Says:

    @ chiew eng #51: i did watch ‘on air’ long time ago, and i did have a headache watching, i had to stop many times, but still decided to finish it. if that factually portrayed how tv dramas are done in korea, then i would not not to be part of the industry. i should not say ‘done in korea’, it’s probably also true in other countries. you’re right, student female fans are more likely to vote, and in the instance of the recent poll in this website, it got proven with the verbal skirmishes written on both dramas’ threads fighting for the lead. i voted in the prelim round just to check if i could vote, i did not vote in the final round because i had not watched the other dramas and wanted to be objective which drama to vote. in the end, i still don’t know if the winning drama was the best in all aspects of being best.

  3. 53
    Doris Aguirre Says:

    well done. you’ve selected the best and deserving actors and actress.

  4. 54
    Paras Says:

    Dont know why korea like lee min ho?? Or most girls out there? But we r here (indo ladies) mostly never want 2 watching him (sory 4 d fans) @_^
    Handsome.., not (many guy here like him, so 4 us not “something”). Hair.., not interesting for us. Body.., aigoo.. Performance.., his not fashionable, gud style, or casanofa or flamboyan, or flower.. Acting.., I think he just know how to kiss.., but once again.. we r here not say ‘deabak’ when he kiss his coeple in kamera, haha aiigoo.. Sory 4 d fans.. We love Song Joong Ki, Jung Guen Suk, Hyun Bin n others gud actor here^,^

  5. 55
    KDaddict Says:

    To each his own. Plus I don’t believe you are speaking for the whole of Indonesia, are you now? Funny.

  6. 56
    PinoyAko Says:

    The Korean Drama are not even close to reality. The girls chasing the boys, but in reality, the girls only look for the financial aspect of the boy. The didnt even know the meaning of love and care.. Wake up guys and make a more realistic dramas

  7. 57
    Ada Says:

    Dissapointed! Where is Dr. Jin in this list?

  8. 58
    Paras Says:

    kumao for d funny as well. Me -female. Talking as female Indo. Lee min ho similar like mostly guy here, so not surprise for us female to look at him as a man or actor. We like more more n more den usually happen here. Once again, me talk as female not male. Mostly male I know here, not watching drama korea but when male here looking actor city hunter, innocent man, n mary me mary on tv, the fact they choose 2 d last. Sory for you and fans. N I think my opinion not making d actor bad for all girls. Handsome n greathest’s relatif, isn’t? Lee min ho, fighting!

  9. 59
    tintin Says:


    how dare you to say that all negative comments about lee min ho??
    and y are u bother if most of the korean girls like him!!are u scared maybe bcoz ur favorite actor is ugly and not really a great actor??hahah!!peace!

    aja idol lee min ho!!
    here in the philippines ur the most handsome actor in korea!!and very good in acting!!fighting!!

  10. 60
    yula solana Says:

    Gentleman`s dignity earned a lot of viewers here in the philippines. many are got excited and thrilled with the romance of kim han neul and jang dong gun.. We were hoping that there is a gentleman`s part 2 in continuation that showed a wedding ceremony of the couples in between Dennis and Irene, Vera and Tristan or whatever.. We were so frustrated why there is no wedding episode for Kim han neul and jang dong gun it would be more beautiful if the two are both wedded in church and year after having child same with vera and tristan.. part 2 gentleman`s dignity or another drama series for both kim han neul and jang dong gun or whatever tv drama for the two.. they are a perfect match.

  11. 61
    casatrophiarrie Says:

    dear Paras, you put indo ladies on your comment, im also indo ladies and i dont hate lee min ho as you mentioned before.. its not that i like him but you know what mock the actor not good at all, its ok if you like song joong ki & hyunbin but critism an actor based on what you think its not wise at all. i always supporting them to bring special acting and try to enjoy them.

  12. 62
    Imaobong Edison Says:

    I love to see Lee Min Ho acting,and I also love to see all my best artiste appear on the screen too,am so much impress about their movies,but am hoping to see a more reality in their movie as well. God bless planet Earth.

  13. 63
    magdalena codiing Says:

    sorry for the fans of lee min ho.But as i could watched a lot of korean dramas,lee min ho is just an ordinary actor i mean,as a viewer he is not that good in acting.But we viewers having different favorite actors.So to all fans of lee min ho keep supporting him as your favorite actor fingting….

  14. 64
    minna Says:

    I don’t know why you hate lee min ho, I think he is like a real man comparing to the flowery flowery actors. I’m not Korean but i have to say that now the Korean girls don’t like flower boy concept. they want real masculine look. that’s why he has lots of fans. considering with faith and city hunter acting there are no one to compare with him, because he is beyond to flower boy dummy.

  15. 65
    Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Congrats to all winners all of them deserved the awards since they really did great and superb acting plus great screenwriter,directors and team as well… BRAVO♡

  16. 66
    Gloryjane,nanakim yunshik Says:

    How come min-young and min-ho did not selected as best couple in city hunter,so as min-young and her loveteam in glory jane?park min-young looks great whoever her partner was in a drama.and what about Dr. Jin?its a very good drama as well and it didn’t even recognized by the korean drama .org award giving bodies?hmmm somethings wrong with them..Park Min-Young deserves to be a hallyu actress;shes great;)

  17. 67
    Gloryjane,nanakim yunshik Says:

    Park min-young and Hyun bin project pleaseeee…..!

  18. 68
    YUYI Says:

    @paras…haha, you’ re boasting about your country and people..indonesian dramas are the borest, ridiculous, longest and stupidiest…Just one drama more than 400+++ episodes and with the same song scenes when there is trouble for every indonesian drama..So crazy..the plot will get messed up, a lot of trouble awaits in every episode..the hero and heroin will only be happy in the last episode..I’m so sick..People who watch Indonesian Drama can instantly predicted what will happens..Do more creative plz..AND 10000 of your people is not as handsome as Lee Min Ho..I had seen a lot of INDONESIAN people.

  19. 69
    lee min ho idol Says:

    hey stupid paras..you don’t wht is real handsome..you lee min ho is one of the most greatest actor in his generation….you don’t have a right to say why lee min ho likes korea bcos not only korea like him also us here in Philippines we so really like him so paras stop being idiot about our idol lee min ho……………………….

  20. 70
    lee min ho idol Says:

    hey stupid paras..you don’t know wht is real handsome..our lee min ho is one of the most greatest actor in his generation….you don’t have a right to say why lee min ho likes korea bcos not only korea like him also us here in Philippines we so really like him so paras stop being idiot about our idol lee min ho……………………….

  21. 71
    flower4you Says:

    Girls…… stop fighting about who is good or who is not. I think it’s a matter of preference. Just like “I like blue, doesn’t mean that red is bad, right? I’m Indonesian, and I enjoy Korean, Taiwanese or Japanese dramas. I like Lee Minho, I’ve been watching all of his dramas. Compared to his previous dramas, Faith shows his matured acting. Several months ago, LMH visited Indonesia, and fans cheered him a lot. So, maybe it’s better for not using personal choise as Indonesian’s choise. Indonesian people like to watch daily episodes, that’s why Indo dramas have long episodes. Lee Minho is a good actor, also JGS, HB, SJG. Being very good looking doesn’t mean he cannot act, right. Peace!!!! Asia fighting!!!!

  22. 72
    armani ar1459 Says:

    His acting, I feel really good. Come on!

  23. 73
    saya Says:

    micky yoo chun 4 ever,…..

  24. 74
    saya Says:

    rooftop prince <3 <3

  25. 75
    evi Says:

    iam indonesian, but iam really really love lee min ho 🙂

  26. 76
    johanna Says:

    Congrats to Minho, Sulli & Lee Hyun Woo. You deserve it. I love “To The Beautiful You”. I watched d drama 3 times already. Love watching it over&over again. Super Nice. Minho&Sulli..fighting;-)

  27. 77
    johanna Says:

    To The Beautiful You..the cutest korean drama 😉

  28. 78
    gothika Says:

    lee min ho is the most deserving candidate his acting in faith was incredible great future he has and his acting in heirs is also remarkable

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