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2012 KBS Drama Awards (Winners List)


Kim Nam Joo (Unexpected You)

Top Excellence Awards

Actor: Song Joong Ki (Innocent Man), Yoo Joon Sang (Unexpected You)
Actress: Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)

Excellence Awards

Actor (Long Series): Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
Actress (Long Series): Yoon Yeo Jung (Unexpected You)
Actor (Medium Series): Uhm Tae Woong (The Equator Man)
Actress (Medium Series): Lee Bo Young (The Equator Man)
Actor (Mini Series): Shin Hyun Joon (Ohlala Couple)
Actress (Mini Series): Jang Nara (School 2013)
Actor (Daily Series): Kim Dong Wan (Cheer Up, Mr. Kim), Kim Young Chul (I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon)
Actress (Daily Series): Kim Ye Ryung (TV Novel – Dear Love), Seo Ji Hye (I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon)

Netizen Awards

Actor: Song Joong Ki (Innocent Man)
Actress: Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man), Im Yoon Ah (Love Rain)

Producer Awards

Uhm Tae Woong (The Equator Man)

Best Supporting Awards

Actor: Kim Sang Ho (Unexpected You), Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask)
Actress: Jo Yoon Hee (Unexpected You)

Rookie Awards

Actor: Lee Hee Joon (Unexpected You), Lee Jong Suk (School 2013)
Actress: Jin Se Yun (Bridal Mask), Oh Yeon Seo (Unexpected You)

Popularity Awards

Actor: Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
Actress: Bae Suzy (Big)

Best Couple Awards

Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)
Lee Sang Yoon & Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seo Yeong)
Lee Hee Joon & Jo Yoon Hee (Unexpected You)
Yoo Joon Sang & Kim Nam Joo (Unexpected You)

Best Child Acting Awards

Actor: No Young Hak (King’s Dream)
Actress: Nam Ji Hyun (Little Girl Detective)

One-Act Special Awards

Actor: Yun Woo Jin (Ordinary Love), Sung Joon (Swamp Ecology Report)
Actress: Yoo Da In (Ordinary Love), Park Shin Hye (Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost)

Best Screenwriter Award

Park Ji Eun (Unexpected You)

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Other Awards

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MBC Drama Awards


  1. 1 : lalala Says:

    dear admin, I think that award for Actress (Mini Series): Jang Nara is not for Baby-faced Beauty drama but for SCHOOL 2013

  2. 2 : ally Says:

    @lalala.. Yes, it was Baby-Faced Beauty..2012. She was the leading lady there with Daniel Choi as well. Love that storyline. Happy New Year

  3. 3 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won @ Innocent Man DAEBAK!!

  4. 4 : khalish Says:

    Congrats to Kim Nam Joo…i like her very much
    i’ll will wait your next great drama.^_^
    n Joo Won too…your great actor…

  5. 5 : PSH at 2012 KBS Drama Awards | Park Si Hoo Says:

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  6. 6 : lalala Says:

    nope..Baby-Faced Beauty drama was aired for 2011 meanwhile this award is for 2012 drama so it’s definitely for School 2013 and i watched this award last night…Anyway it doesn’t matter since admin already updated..
    Happy new year 2013 everyone 🙂

  7. 7 : mini Says:

    jang geun suk didnt win anything… 🙁

  8. 8 : PSH at 2012 KBS Drama Awards (Updated with video) | Park Si Hoo Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=24707  […]

  9. 9 : Joy Says:

    I’m so happy for Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won…Great actors, great work.

    And also for Joo Won!
    Happy New Year!

  10. 10 : jina Says:

    Where’s Gong Yoo? and Jang Geun Suk? both of them played two different characters and pulled it off quite nicely…. they shouldve gotten awards too

  11. 11 : sam sam Says:


  12. 12 : negisa Says:

    I disagree kim nam jo wouldnt be Daesang

  13. 13 : KDaddict Says:

    This is Kim Nam Joo’s 2nd Daesang. She got one a couple years ago from MBC already. You may disagree w that award, but two out of three stations have seen fit to give it to her.
    She is known as the Queen of tv dramas, bc they often get extremely high ratings in Korea.
    BTW, I’m not a Kim Nam Joo fan myself, but those are the facts.

  14. 14 : saraSJS Says:

    Ratings, Ratings, Ratings!!!
    Money, money, money!!!
    Acting performance? It’s not a bit important. I wonder SJK would have won any award, if NG didn’t have high ratings?

  15. 15 : Karen Says:

    @saraSJS, SJK had a huge fan base and his drama made a high rating, if he didn’t get an award for that, for sure the Network Production should be ready to get some bashing from his fans hahahaha… Now awards seems like not base on talent anymore.

  16. 16 : Rna Says:

    Best Couple Awards : Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man) congratulation ^_^

  17. 17 : ance Says:

    congratulations to SJK & MCW for Best Couple awards (Innocent Man)!

    only Yoona got an award for Love Rain? I like her but I feel that JGS deserve an award for that drama.

  18. 18 : Reivo Says:

    Yeaaaah look Unexpected You, its real drama,
    Chukha Chukha….

  19. 19 : reina Says:

    SJK for top excellence award?? i know that he did well in NG..but that couldn’t be compare to joo won’s acting in BM..joo won should be the one who get it..

  20. 20 : addylovesbwood Says:

    congrat to all the winnners.

    Speaking on behalf of all Joo Won fans…. We think he deserved Top Excellence Award.

    They could have given it to both actor. SJK was great in nice guy. But Joo’s Won character was harder and Gaksital had higher rating than NG.

    I hope they make it up to Joo Won and give him Top Excellence at the 49th Baeksang Awards.

  21. 21 : sam sam Says:

    song joong ki is the best actor.he was really excellent in NG.you should his acting in werewolf boy then you will see that he deserve Top Excellence Awards..EXCUSE ME FOR MY BAD ENGLISH

  22. 22 : VIANA Says:


  23. 23 : smile always Says:

    Congrats to Song Joong KI and Moon Chae Won !!

  24. 24 : Song joong ki - moon chae won.the best Says:

    Song joong ki and moon chae won. The best

  25. 25 : Me Says:

    I love gong yoo @big, but song jong ki was really amazing @innocent man. Joong ki is the winner yeayyyyyy

  26. 26 : India citizen Says:

    Kim nam joo congrats! U really deserved it. Though m not her fan but she is the when comes to acting and unexpected you was the highest rated kbs drama of 2012. Maybe not only in kbs but in korea.

    *söng joongki fighting!
    *lee bo young fighting!
    ~~And many others who won the awards~~

  27. 27 : India citizen Says:

    I mean she is the best

  28. 28 : Nee Agashi Says:

    Yippy.. Song Joong Ki!!!!!


  29. 29 : ahdeen Says:

    KIM NAM JOO … jjang!!~~..

  30. 30 : asiandaddict Says:

    congratsss moon chae won and song joong ki especially for sjk who have finally won a best couple with a woman and this time with a fellow who have won the same award (best couple with the same sex):)

    Congrats to KBS family, you did a great job for 2012 and good luck for this 2013.!!

  31. 31 : Paras Says:

    Chukae, Jung Ki.. Hope you’ve atleast 2 drama every year with gud n pretty actress N pliz do not choose park min young as your couple_^ dramas or movies (here we not really like 2 watching her). Korea still have go ah ra, yoon eun hye, n moon geun young n..
    N hope you’ve gud movie n drama again.. Thanks 4 d producer who choose Joong Ki for the gud drama n movie. Also congrat 4 d scripwriters korean drama. Seems like scripwriters korean drama r gud person with pretty romantic, lately..^ Even we dont believe that Korean young guy’s pretty romantic, cool, or mostly gud looking like they actors__^

  32. 32 : Paras Says:

    Forget to say thanx for d music director for all gud korean drama.. Back sound really ‘something’ for the drama. Can field the drama with your back sound.., chukae..

  33. 33 : ygar Says:

    chukae,congratz, to Miss KNJ , only one word for her G R E A T

  34. 34 : ogrenji Says:

    yes top excellence award should go to joo won,seriously a bit dissapointed,his role there is much tougher than SJK in NG,but at least he got recognition by having the long series award -_- *sigh*

  35. 35 : bblve07 Says:

    wow i’m glad to the casts of innocent man..

  36. 36 : Jasmine Says:

    I am so proud of Moon Chae Won right now. Winning the Top Excellence Award for two consecutive years, she must have set a record. Not only that but she also won the Best Couple Award two years in a row because she always has such phenomenal chemistry with her leads. Fighting Moon Chae Won..you are awesome!

  37. 37 : mira nair Says:

    well done song joong-ki. u acted 2well. bravo!

  38. 38 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Admin. i cannot see the Popularity Award for Bae Suzy (Big) here! Can you please enlighten us. Thanks!

    (@Kurayuzaki666 from admin: we just notice the error on this page and already fix it. Please take a look for the complete version of this drama awards. Thanks.)

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  42. 42 : bblve07 Says:

    c0ngrates 4 the cast of inn0cent man (s0ng jongki and m0on chaew0n) and 4 the cast of bridal mask (joow0n), and my favorite unnie kimnamjoo..

  43. 43 : paige Says:

    congrats to the cast of innocent man you guys deserve it. love you both Moon chae won & song joongki

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